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An-Nisa 105-122 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 120-122

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You're in the womb where you might need him. shaitan promises them chalon promises them. The word here is from Well,

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what are the What does one mean promise? And it can also be derived from the word worried. And what does it mean to threaten? So your doom, he promises them, or he threatens them over here? What does it mean by that he promises them long life. That Don't worry, life is long. Enjoy. Don't worry. And the offer is too far. What's gonna happen? What's the big deal? And what if it doesn't happen? What if there is no accountability? What if there is no deadline.

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So this is what the promises of shaitan the false promises of shavonne

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where you may meet him, and he arouses false hopes, and then he fills them with desires, what desires of attaining their hopes in this world, and that there will be no resurrection, nor his have no desire afterwards, after we die. And because of this, people's desires, they never end. And they want more and more of them. More and more of the pleasures of this dunya of the enjoyment of this domain.

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Like for example, if a person begins to change his physical form, it starts from one thing, it starts from one thing and what happens, a person goes on, doesn't everything doesn't everything doesn't other thing, until he is unable to even show his face to the public.

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So you're either one where you may need him here as well talk to them doesn't matter, do it have fun? And later on a person himself suffers?

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Why am I here either Michelle Tano. And shavonne does not promise them a love Laura except delusion. Meaning all the promises of chef on our roof. What is a little deception? So he deceives people through his promises. How that in this dunya he promises people do this, do this, you will find this benefit. You won't be punished. Allah will forgive you. It's okay. This is not really a sin. But in the ACA when a person is punished for the wrongs that he has done, what's going to happen? shaitan is going to deceive the person. He's going to abandon him.

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We're learning so Ibrahim is 22 wirkkala. shavon, Willa, Mercurial omro. In the Mahara dako? Where are the

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where to come from left to come.

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And shaitan will say when the matter has been concluded, meaning when people have been sent agenda when other people have been sent to Hellfire, he will say that Indeed, Allah had promised you the promise of truth. In the dunya, what did he say? What if there is no gender? What if there is no enough? I mean, think about it. Many times our young people, what are they thinking? What are they thinking? What if there is no.

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So many young people have this doubt. So on the Day of Judgment, when people are going to be punished for the wrongs that they have done, what a shame, I'm going to say, Allah had promised you the promise of truth.

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And I also promised you, I also gave you false promises, but I betrayed you. I betrayed you.

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So why am I here even when was shaytani in level two, this IoT Jesus warning against the deception of shape and anything that the shape one inspires us with? shape on does was first off, there is no hair in it. Neither in the dunya nor India.

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Ola iica those people might welcome Johanna. Their abode is hellfire. What are you doing on hammer Hazel? And they will not find from it any place of refuge. Any way of escape.

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The word Mahesh is from the veterans hat. Yes.

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Hi, yes.

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And household is to be able to escape. It is to save oneself. What does it mean? To escape to save oneself?

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And mahina is is a place of escape. It is a place of escape and exit. Just imagine if there is a place if there is a building and there is a fire. What do you have? Fire exits. Multiple fire exits on every level, on every floor of the building. multiple ways out that is what Maria said in case of fire. This is your way of escape. This is how you're going to save yourself from the fire. Go this way this is the route but the Hellfire Allah says Allah God do not enter maheswara they will find from the Hellfire no exit. No way of escape. No escape whatsoever in certain hedge i a 22 cola or do I know what you mean?

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Herman Herman, we need to feed her widow cook.

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Every time they want to get out of Hellfire from anguish, they will be returned to it, and it will be sad taste the punishment of the burning fire.

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On the other hand, when letting me know where I'm going to slowly hurt and those people who believe and do righteous deeds, son with a freeloader net. Soon we will admit them into gardens, which gardens that dream in practical unhealth underneath which rivers flow holiday in a fee her Abba abiding there in eternity, why the law he held called the promise of Allah is true, which promise which promise in this ayah the promise of gender has been mentioned in the previous ayah the promise of Hellfire has been mentioned. This promise is true. Don't doubt it. Don't be unsure about it. Don't be confused about it. This is definitely going to happen. Woman are still coming in la de la

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and who is more truthful than Allah in statement. Is there anyone who is more truthful? No. So if Allah subhanaw taala is telling you that this is definitely going to happen, who should you believe him or shaitan? Who should you follow the commands that Allah is giving, or there was first that the chairman is inspiring.

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Now, many times, you know, when we learn about these things, for example, the leader of the Hulk of Allah, we find this very difficult, find very difficult, I want my hair to be like this, I want my face to be like that. I want my height to be like this, I want my skin color to be like that, especially when there are so many ways out there today, through which you can do whatever you want to your body. So it becomes very difficult for us, for a person to stay away from these wrong things. What should a person remember? What should a person remember? That this is not permanent. This is not permanent? Eventually, there is going to be either now or

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if I obey of law, if I obey a law, even if I find it difficult to obey a law, I should still do it. Because what are the lie hacker? The promise of a lie is true. And if I disagree on even if it's difficult to disobey Him, because it's so tempting, it's so beautiful. There seem to be so many benefits, which the person still do.

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Remember that Why are the lying hacker woman as documented Allahu Allah and who is more truthful than Allah in statement.

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So we learned that chatlines promise is of proof. chatlines promise is of deception. But Allah His premise is true. His premise is true. It is definitely going to be fulfilled.

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walk on

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for one levina

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The last one

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All woman

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long Athena

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army shavon

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when larina

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Oh god.

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I mean anybody can.

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movie I'm going to show you a lot

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of stuff. One or two really, really cool