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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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our other bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Karim proper shortly Saudi were suddenly Emery wash Lula Okta melissani of Kaho Kohli. Allah Matthew Colby was sadly Sonny was through Takimoto Colby I mean you're blind I mean

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what either said Allah carry birdie or knee for any curry Ouji Buddha or water they're either on full yesterday Bulli, while you may know be learner whom y'all should own. And when My servants ask you concerning me, indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon me. So let them respond to Me, and believe in me, that they may be rightly guided Allah azza wa jal, our Lord, the Lord of the universe, the Lord of the Worlds, Allah azza wa jal, our Creator, He hears us and he responds to us. When we call upon Him He answers we learned in a hadith, that when a person prays salah, and in salah they recite Surah Fatiha and they say Alhamdulillah Europa aalameen

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Allah subhanaw taala response. Oh gee boo. He responds, he says how many Danny or buddy my slave has praised me. When the slave says of Romana Rahim Allah subhanaw taala says he responds he answers he says ethna Allah Yeah, our buddy. My slave has praised me. When the person says Maliki Yama Deen Allah subhanaw taala responds he answers he says Majid honey or buddy. My slave has glorified me.

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When the person says a yak and our Buddha yak anus Therrien Allah subhanaw taala responds he answers. Heather benei webinar, by the way are the Mersa that This is between me and my slave and my slave will have what he asked for. And when the person says a dino slaughter, Mr. Team, slaughter Ladino, Ananda underlay him later in Moldova or lay him while abroad lean Allah subhanaw taala response. He says heatherly OBD Wilier Abdi Mercer and this is for my slave and my slave will have what he asked for.

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You see, Dora is that a person calls upon his Lord, for what? For relief, for guidance for aid for fulfillment of any need or wish. And this call is not just a call for help. But it is an act of worship, a great act of worship, that is very honorable in the sight of Allah. It is something that Allah subhanaw taala loves. It is so important before him, that if a slave abandons Dora, Allah subhanaw taala is displeased with that person. And the foundation of this act of worship this dua is no hate. It is belief in the Oneness of Allah, belief in his absolute perfection, His power, His mercy, His knowledge. And so God is something that draws a person near Allah subhanaw taala and it

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brings sincerity in the heart of the person. And the more a person begins to know Allah and draw near him, the more he begins to call upon Allah. And he begins to ask Allah for every little and big thing, and he learns how to depend on Allah subhanaw taala how to trust Allah subhanaw taala his decisions and DA is something that detaches the slave from the creation from depending on the creation and it makes the slave depend on Allah alone. How you see when you make Dora you place your hope in Allah. And you know, that that Allah is Able to do all things he can say can fire Kuhn, he can say Be and it will be and so you feel confident, you feel hopeful. You place your trust in

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Allah. Allah subhanaw taala tell us and so the baccarat 256 That for maniac for bitter route, where you mean biller?

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*a the stem psychobilly Oh wattle with our landfill salam ala herb Willow Samir on our Alim that whoever disbelieves in the Hoot and believes in Allah, the person who believes in Allah, then this person has grabbed on to a handhold that is very strong, very firm, and it has no crack at all, it will never break and Allah hears he knows. So as a person increases in their hope, their faith in Allah, then the stronger their worship becomes the stronger their, their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala is and then a person begins to find joy and comfort in Riba in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And this is so amazing. A person begins, Dora. Why in order to ask Allah subhanaw

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taala for something, but then eventually that leads to such a strong connection with Allah. So the slave find closeness to Allah more pleasing than the than the thing that he was praying for any da it brings you the fruit of God, the real fruit of the raw is not the thing that you were praying for. The thing that you were asking Allah subhanaw taala for the real fruit of the raw is that you find closeness to Allah, you find joy in talking to Allah, in showing humility before Allah in spending time remembering him, but glorifying Him, praising him doing things to earn his approval. That is the real fruit of the raw that it brings you closeness to Allah you find Allah urllib

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and Allah azza wa jal, he hears and he has the power to do whatever he wants, and he can give whatever he wants to his slaves. So when we are certain about this fact, then we will be more eager to call upon Allah subhanaw taala. You see through there are when we call upon Allah, our troubles are taken away, our needs are fulfilled, and we receive numerous blessings. But typically what happens people only call upon Allah when they're in some difficulty. Allah subhanaw taala says into Esau is 67 What either Masako Magoo, Phil burry, when lamented una Illa Iya. That when some harm reaches you at sea, meaning when you're traveling through water and there are some storms, hits or

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you feel some danger than what happens, you forget everyone except Allah. You do not call upon anyone. The only one you call upon is Allah. Philomena Jurco illegible. But then when Allah subhanaw taala delivers you to land he saves you he rescues you are allowed to you turn away what kind of insane Luca fora, and the human being is very ungrateful. So we should continue to call upon Allah subhanaw taala at all times, in times of difficulty, and in times of ease, and the person who attains the real fruit of God, the real benefit of the up, then they will continue to call upon Allah subhanaw taala even when things are easy, and even when they have received what they prayed

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for, they will not forget Allah because they found closeness to Allah by making dua to him. And that brought them so much joy that they will continue to call upon Allah subhanaw taala even when they don't have a problem, or they're not experiencing any difficulty for which they need to call Allah subhanaw taala for they will still call Allah they will still talk to Allah. So we should be of such people who continue to call upon Allah subhanahu wa taala and remember that there is no fixed time for that you can only make dua at a certain time of day or at a certain time of night. No you can call upon Allah at any time. There is no action you know a certain action required for making up for

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example, when it comes to praying Salah you have to stand in one place you have to face the Qibla you have to make will do and you have to perform certain actions. Da is something that you can do while sitting while standing while laying down when you have will do or when you don't have will do when you're in your bed clothes or you are dressed up for a wedding. Any you or you are in your work clothes you're working in the kitchen. No matter what state you are in no matter what your condition is. No matter how you are feeling. No matter how busy you are or free you are doesn't matter you can call

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upon Allah subhanaw taala at any time in any state, and there is no restriction even with regard to language, so you can call upon Allah subhanaw taala in any language and if you find it difficult to say the words of the Torah, you can write it because some people feel that they are better able to express themselves when they write, so you can write your DUA also, you can call upon Allah in any language and you can know for sure that there are reaches Allah because Allah subhanaw taala says over here that we're either set a look everybody or knee for any query, I am near and the one who is near hears you, the one who is near cares about you, the one who is near is, is paying attention to

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you. In sort of fatter I attend Allah subhanaw taala says La yes or dual Kalamata year, good words are sent to him, and off good words is the words of Dora. So when you say words of Dora, those words rise up to Allah, Allah hears them. And through the era, the gates of Jenner are opened up for the slave and through the a person is protected from painful punishment. So we should continue to call upon Allah or Silja. Now there are three forms of door. First of all, there is the era in which the slave praises and glorifies Allah subhanaw taala and declares the Oneness of Allah. For example, you raise your hands, and you say, Yeah, Allah, or Allah, La ilaha illa and there is no god but you, you

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said a burner local health, our Lord For You is all Praise. So you just say words of glorification, words that declare the Oneness of Allah, the perfection of Allah, you say such words this is also Dora. For example, on the day of Arafa, the best Dora the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said is La Ilaha illa Allah Who were the hula sharika lahu will MOLKO Allah who will hand were who are Allah cliche in Cadiz. And in this torah, you are declaring the Oneness of Allah, you are praising Allah subhanaw taala you're not asking for anything. We learned a YouTube earlier Stella when he was in difficulty when he was experiencing illness for such a long time. He said a knee misogyny Uluru

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enter of Hamill Rahimi that my Lord harm has touched me and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. So in this thorough he didn't ask for anything. He just declared the perfection of Allah that You are the Most Merciful. That's it. We learned in sort of earlier one some doors are mentioned of those doors is on a burner in the car. germier Nursey Leo Mila Reba fi in hola hola. yokley for me, that our Lord, indeed you're going to gather people on a day about which there is no doubt any you're not asking for anything. But you say Rob burner our Lord. You're praising Allah, you're declaring his perfection.

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in distress. One of the best things we can say the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught is Allah who Allah Who not be law, wish he could be he shade? Allah, Allah, my lord, I do not associate any partner with him. So again, you're not asking for anything. But all of this is a form of draw a form of calling upon Allah subhanho wa Taala that You declare His Oneness, you praise and glorify Him. Secondly, the second form of their art is the art in which the slave seeks forgiveness from Allah and asks Allah for His mercy. So specifically, you are asking Allah for mercy, you're asking Allah for forgiveness. So for example, you say Allah mo fiddly, or Allah forgive me. Thirdly, is the

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era in which the slave asks for something, something of dunya something of an era something, you know, Indien something big, something small, anything, whatever it may be, you are asking for something. For example, you say, Allah homos opener, or Allah provide us sustenance. This is a form of DHA in which you are asking Allah subhanaw taala for something. So all of these three are forms of Dora. Now, the prophets of Allah, they are the best example for us. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions their stories in the Quran in order to teach us many lessons and all of those lessons is that we learn how to call upon Allah subhanho wa Taala

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You see of the stories of the prophets in the Quran, you know within those stories is also a description of how they called upon Allah, the words of Dora that they used, the kind of things that they prayed for, they're preserved in the Quran, because Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us that this is how you should call upon Allah, the prophets. Their example is to be emulated. So what was the way of the prophets of Allah, we learned in the Hadith, that can either for zero for zero no Salah that the way of the prophets was that whenever they were, they they experienced some worry, when some some trouble reached them, they would, they would pray, they would immediately attend tu

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tu tu words salah, meaning immediately they would turn towards Allah subhanaw taala that, Oh Allah, you help us. This was the way of the prophets. And this is a habit that we also need to develop, that the moment something happens, the moment we feel anxious, or worried or afraid, or we feel stressed out. We sense panic, we feel sad, we feel overwhelmed, immediately turn towards Allah subhanaw taala ask him for help. And if you don't even know what to ask for, because, for example, when you hear some, some news, for instance, someone has passed away someone you love has passed away or, or that you know that there is a major accident or something like that. We learned in the

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Quran, that we should say in La La he were in LA you Roger, that indeed we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return. This is also a form of dog The first type of Dora. And in this we're not asking Allah for anything in you know, we're not asking for anything specific. Rather, we are simply declaring the perfection of Allah, the fact that we belong to him the fact that we returned to him, so the way of the prophets was that in every difficulty they would turn towards Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is a habit that we should also develop, that the first words that come out of our mouths are words of dark words in which we are, we are reaching out to Allah subhanho wa taala. Now,

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the example of Adam Alayhis Salam, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the story of Adam really Salaam in SOTL baccarat right at the beginning. And in that story we learned about how when Adam and his salaam made a mistake, for the luck or the mummy rugby kalimat that Adam Alayhis Salam received from his Lord some words, meaning he learned how to how to call upon Allah, and how to seek forgiveness from Allah, how to repent to Allah. So what happened Adam earning his Salam said those words and Hawa also both of them and what are these words? They said Rob burner Whelan and fusina What a long term fit learner with our Hamner, learner Conan nominal ha serene that our Lord, we have wronged

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ourselves. And if you do not forgive us, you do not have mercy on us, we will surely be of the losers. And at times, we feel the same way that we have really messed up. We have really made a huge mistake. Sometimes you sit you have that realization soon after you have made a mistake. And sometimes you have that realization after months after weeks after years. The moment you realize you have messed up, you have done something wrong. Turn to Allah. Don't just sit with that guilt. Don't let that guilt eat you up from inside. rather ask Allah or Bernabei alumna and Susana, what a length of a learner. What are Hamner Linda? Coonan? Nominal ha serene. What happened when Adam early Salam

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called upon Allah? Allah subhanaw taala tells us fertile barley, Allah subhanaw taala accepted his repentance, Soprano Allah, Allah accepted the repentance of Adam Alayhis Salam and he think about it. Either Mali Salam,

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Allah subhanaw taala made it very clear to him that Heather or do we look that this Chapin is an enemy to you? Do not let him expel you from paradise for Tushar because if you are expelled from paradise from Jenna, then you will you will fail you will be miserable.

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So, I've already said I was clearly warned, and he was clearly told do not eat the fruit of this tree,

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clear prohibition, clear warning against a pond, but still he was human. And he forgot. And shaitan tricked him. And so he slipped, and he made the mistake. But then he turned to Allah. And he called upon Allah and Allah subhanaw taala accepted his repentance, ALLAH forgive him. This is the benefit of the raw. This is the benefit. You see, when it comes to people if they give us a clear warning, clear instruction, and then we mess up. Then a lot of times we see no forgiveness, no mercy. Allah subhanaw taala is not like that. Allah subhanaw taala forgives, He is at the web. He is the One Who accepts repentance over and over again. He is the One Who accepts repentance from His slaves, even

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for sins which are huge which are major. So turn to Allah ask him for forgiveness. Now let's look at the example of new Hurley his salaam no harder you Salam had been calling his people for 950 years. And his people not only rejected Him, they ridiculed him. And they called him Majnoon they called him crazy. And they treated him very harshly as Allah subhanaw taala describes what called Luma Junoon was digit. So what did know how he said I'm doing that condition in that state, when he had been rejected and ridiculed and called names by his people mark that, what did he do? He called upon his Lord. And you see, sometimes it happens, that we get bullied by people whom we should feel safe

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with our own friends, sometimes our own family members, they put us down. They call us crazy. They are very harsh with us. They drive us away. What it no hi Sal, I'm doing that condition further out of blue and Mima. Luban fantastic. He called upon his Lord, that that indeed I have, I am defeated. Fantastic. Sorry, fantastic. So you help you help me out. I am defeated. You help. Sometimes you also feel like that. Sometimes you feel defeated before your children before people who are not listening to you people who are not cooperating with you people who are making your life very difficult. You don't know how to convince them. You don't know how to make them understand. So Call

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upon your Lord, just as no Alehissalaam called upon Allah. What happened when No, Elisa Lam called upon Allah. Allah tells us when a katana Donna new Han fella Nirmal Mooji Boon no called us. So how excellent Are we at as those who respond meaning Allah subhanaw taala responded to his dua. Allah subhanaw taala says festa Jebin Allah who we responded to him fun Egina who level and we saved him and his family mineral Cabela Alene from the great distress. He when you are when you when you're feeling isolated, when people are ridiculing you, when people are bullying you and this has been going on for a very long time. This is very very distressful. You feel suffocated. So Allah subhanaw

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taala saved him from that suffocation what mineral curricula are the infinite Gina who, so in a condition like that call upon Allah. Let's look at the example of Yunus Alehissalaam. You know, Sally is Salam also, he made a mistake, where he got impatient with his people, and he left them before he was told to leave them, and he was angry with them. Allah subhanaw taala says whether noon is the harbor Mojave been fallen, Alain naka de la la, and the noon when he went away angrily and he he thought that we would never create constriction for him, meaning he didn't think he was doing anything wrong. But then, as he boarded the ship, and then he was thrown into the water, and he got

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swallowed by the fish, and he was in the darkness. What did he say? La ilaha illa and super Hanukkah in the container worldly mean. There is no god but you you are perfect. Oh Allah. Indeed. I am of those who do wrong. So what happened? Fuster? Jebin. Allahu Allah tells us we responded to him when Ajay now who Manila hum and we saved him from distress book early Cannondale Mini and that is how we save the believers. Sometimes it happens that you become here

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St. in responding to people in dealing with people, you become impatient. And then you say things you do things that are very damaging, and then there is regret. So and in that regret, you feel like you are in darkness, that people are angry with you. And you worry that maybe Allah is also displeased with you. And you feel so sad, so worried. So guilty call upon Allah even in that condition. La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in the continent of early mean, look at a YouTube earlier Salam, a YouTube early Salam experienced illness according to some narrations for 18 years. Any imagine? If you are suffering from any illness for 18 hours, even that is hard. If you

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experience it for 18 days, that is hard, 18 months is hard. 18 years, that's like a lifetime. And he didn't just experience illness in his body. He also experienced loss of wealth, loss of his children, his family and look at his daughter he called upon Allah and Mima sanea liberal will enter our hemraj He mean that Oh my Lord, do harm has touched me and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Allah subhanaw taala says festa Durbin Allah Who so we responded to him. *a Schaffner. So we removed we took away my bohemian burden, whatever harm that was with him, whatever difficulty he was experiencing, in his body, in his family, in his wealth, whatever he was suffering

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was taken away, while at a national level, when with Lahoma home, and we gave him his family, and also along with them more in his children increased. Rama terminer in dinner, and his wealth also doubled. All of this was mercy from Us with a kraly RBD. And this is a reminder for the worshipers, for the worshippers for those who make dua to Allah. That Allah hears Allah response. And a you've earned his Salam O Allah subhanaw. Taala says about him that in their widget, the Navajo Saburo near MALABU, Inaho a web, we found him to be patient, what an excellent worshiper he was, and he was a web, he was someone who turned to Allah repeatedly. And this is how we should be. Because sometimes,

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you know, when we're in some kind of difficulty, and the first thing we make dua, things don't get better. The next day we make Dora the next week we made Dora and we see that the difficulty that we're experiencing is just going on and on and on. Sometimes we feel it's getting worse, instead of getting better. And shaitan says, see your eyes not being answered. Don't ever think like that. Allah answers to say that Allah does not answer. This is a false statement. This is a statement that contradicts the statement of Allah. Because Allah says OG boo, I answer I respond. So we should not say ever that Allah does not answer. Allah does not respond, because Allah responds to his slaves,

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his worshippers. So a ueber alayhi salam was patient throughout his ordeal, what an excellent worshiper, he was that he continued to call upon Allah in a web. This means that he didn't just make their own once, at the end of the 18 years, no, he continue to call upon Allah, he continued to make dua. And you know, like I said earlier, that the real fruit of that is not what you were praying for. But it is the closeness to Allah that you experience, the comfort, you experience in crying before Allah, the love that you feel in your heart for Allah.

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That is the real fruit of the

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pen. Look at the example of, of Ibrahim alayhis salam, Ibrahim alayhis salam also Allah subhanaw taala describes him as a well known highly aware is someone who is very, you know, soft hearted, someone who, you know,

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sighs Allah to basically being someone who continues to call upon Allah and continues to humble himself before Allah. And this shows us that Ibrahima Listen, I've experienced great difficulty in his life. And in every difficulty, he called upon Allah. Look at how his own father treated him, his own people treated him that they threw him into the fire. So what did he say at that time, he said has been Allah who are near metalworking sufficient for us as a

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Allah and what and what an excellent trustee he is. Anyhow, excellent. Allah is as someone to rely upon someone whom you can depend upon. And what happened? Yes, he landed in the fire but the fire Allah subhanaw taala turned it into coolness and safety for Ibrahim. It did not burn him. It did not cause him any pain. Rather, it became a means of safety for him. And it was not just his family who mistreated him. Look at what happened. His father actually said leave or I will stone you to death. So Ibrahim alayhis salam said in me there, he put a lot of be safe Dean. He said, I am going to my lord, my lord will guide me and he made Dora of the herbally mean asylee he and all my Lord, grant

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me, children from those who are righteous meaning grant me righteous children for my shop now who be who lambing Halim. So we gave him good news of a forbearing child forbearing boy, meaning his son is smart enough to his Salah was a very forbearing son. And this is an excellent quality in children, that they are forbearing towards their parents, meaning they're not

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impressed, impulsive, they don't respond harshly. They don't get angry and annoyed. They don't disobey their parents. They are, you know, kind towards their parents. They listen. And sometimes it happens that parents, you know, they they yell at their children. And sometimes the way that they yell is not really fair. It can come across as very harsh. But some children, they're so patient with their parents, that they listen to everything. And they say okay, they don't raise their eyebrows. They don't they don't roll their eyes. They don't show any attitude. They don't answer back. They don't get angry, upset. No, they show so much him so much tolerance, so much patience

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towards their parents. This is how his marine or the salon was. And this is the reason why when Ibrahim alayhis salam said to him that I have to slaughter you. He said yeah, but if Alma took my or my father do what you have been commanded, so obedient, so obedient, any This is so amazing. Look at the father of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. He was so intolerant that he said you go I don't want to see you. If I see you. I'm going to kill you. He was so intolerant. And Ibrahim is Allah made dua to Allah, Robbie Hubballi Minister Allah and Allah subhanaw taala gave him such a righteous, obedient patient child who Lamin Halim.

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So Allah answers doors, Allah subhanaw taala hears his lives. And we see how Ibrahima his Salah was not just given one son, but also another one is how are the Sunnah Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the daughters of Ibrahim, where Ibrahim is an upset Alhamdulillah he led the way her belly I ll kebari. Ismar ILA is help in neurobiol SME or dua, that all praise is for Allah, who bestowed upon me in in my old age is Mary and his her. And he this shows us that Ibraheem Alehissalaam did not become a father at a young age, he became a father at a very old age. And so he, you know, it's possible that he made doll when he was younger, but his girl, you know, was fulfilled, when many

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years later and look at him he sang in Robina. Semi or Dora indeed my Lord surely hears the US. So do we say this about Allah? subhanaw taala. If we have been praying for something since five years since 10 years, since 15 years, since 20 years, do we say in little Bella Samir, or Dora? Unfortunately, a lot of times people say things like, my daughter is not heard. Allah doesn't hear my dog. Allah doesn't give me what I'm asking for a stuffy little law, we should not say these kinds of things about Allah. Allah here is Allah says that he answers and he knows when to give you what you have prayed for, he knows whether he should give it to you or not even he knows better than you

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do, because He created you and he wants the best for you. You see, you know parents there know about their children. What you know, they should give their children what they should not give their children. You know, for example, sometimes children are very eager that their parents should get them a cell phone. For example, a child turns 13 years old, 14 years old, some children mashallah even at the age of 10. They start asking, I want my own phone. I want my own cell phone

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I want my own laptop, I want my own computer, I want my own iPad, etc. Do parents fulfill every wish? No, they don't. Why? Because they know that this is not the right time. It's not that they're saying that I will never get you a phone, I will never get your computer, nothing will. But there is, you know, but at a time that is that that is better when they know that their child will be able to use it properly. So Allah subhanaw taala knows us better than our parents know us better than we know ourselves. So believe in the timing of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala is never late. His timing is perfect. So until you see the results of your job, have faith in Nabila Samira Dora. Indeed, my

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Lord, is surely listener authorized, he listens to the eyes.

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And Allah subhanaw taala answered the doors of Ibrahim Ali Salam so beautifully, that he not only gave him righteous children, he made him the Father of Prophets, all of the prophets After him came from his progeny. Subhanallah look at the example of Iacob or the his sinner or Cobra Islam loved his son, use of early sinner and look at what his children did. They through use of our history lamina well, and they lie to their father that a wolf ate him.

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And jacobellis lambs response was what for Suburu Jimmy will love will Mustang or Isla moto slay phone. So, beautiful patients is what I will observe and Allah is the One whose help is sought. I will seek the help of Allah against what you are saying. And later on, he said in nama Eshkol Bothy were Hosni Illa. I complain of my worry and my sadness to Allah, any my grief, my sadness, I'm complaining to Allah subhanaw taala about it. And what happened, his daughter was accepted. There came that day when the bearer of good news came from and Jaya Al Bashir who Allahu Allah wa Ji for Tata basura. jacobellis had become blind, he lost his eyesight, because he wept so much for use of

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early Scylla. And he lost his eyesight probably probably because he was also very advanced in his age by that time, but by the time that he found use of rds Scylla. So the day came when the bearer of good news came to him, and brought him the shirt of use of a sinner. So Allah subhanaw taala accepts the hours. Look at the example of use of early setup. Use of early slang wasn't another difficulty, where all of these women were coming at him, and they wanted him to do evil. And what did he do? He asked a lot of decidual a horrible MMO the Rooney like that, Oh, my Lord, the prison is more beloved to me, put me in prison. So panel, there are some people who are praying, get me out

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of prison use of our s&m was praying, get me into prison.

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Everyone has different needs. Everyone has different desires, different goals, different ways of thinking. So Allah subhanaw taala, is able to give you the opposite of what He has given someone else. It's not that Allah subhanaw taala is only able to do one thing. He's able to do many different things, all things he's able to give you what you are in need of look at Musa alayhis salam, when he accidentally killed them in and then the people were plotting to kill him. And he had to flee Egypt, we learned that he reached Monday and and before he reached Madeon, when he was was going towards Medina, he said ourselves or B and yet the sower Acerbi I hope that my Lord will guide

00:39:10--> 00:39:57

me to the right path Subhanallah he, he is fleeing as a refugee basically, empty handed, unprepared. And what does he do in that condition? He places his hope in Allah. He asks Allah for guidance. And then when he reaches Madeon imagine that condition. He's tired, he's afraid. He doesn't know where he's going to sleep, what he's going to eat, where he's going to be what his future is going to be like, in that condition. When he sees that two women are struggling with their flock he goes and helps them. Imagine if in a condition like that, someone asks us for water. What would we do? We will become so impatient, so angry, so irritated. Musa alayhis salam gets up, and he goes and offers

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

his help. And what happened then?

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

He made the rugby in Nilima and Zylka ilium and Hayden *y Oh my Lord, I am fatigued. I am in need of whatever good you can send down my way. I am in desperate need, I can take anything that you send my way. And what happened then Allah subhanaw taala accepted his there. He got not only a home, but a job, a wife and security. So Allah here is the US and we need to call upon him. No matter what condition we are in, no matter what our history is, no matter what kind of wrong things no matter what kind of mistakes we have made. We are human, we are not perfect.

00:40:44--> 00:41:26

You see, the hypocrites we learned in the Quran, that when they were called to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that come the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will make dua for you. He will seek forgiveness for you from Allah lo Russa home. They just shrugged. You know, they just turn their heads away, arrogantly and they said, No, we don't need to seek forgiveness. We don't need the door of the Prophet sallallahu or do send them. This is arrogance. The prophets of Allah were so humble. They admitted there shortly that they're their errors, right? Their mistakes, even though you see the mistake that Musa alayhis salam did where he accidentally killed a man that there

00:41:26--> 00:42:14

was an accident. It was not intentional. It was a complete accident. But he realized that this was something wrong. And so he asked Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness. He asked Allah subhanaw taala for guidance. He asked Allah subhanaw taala for goodness, and Allah subhanaw taala gave him so much. And you see, Musa alayhis salam continued to call upon Allah at every stage when Allah subhanaw taala granted in prophethood and he sent him to fit our own. Musa alayhis salaam prayed or Bishr his surgery. Oh my Lord expand my chest for me. Why a silly Embrey make my task easy for me. workflow look that Amelie Sani untie the knot in my tongue. You have a whole coli so that they understand

00:42:14--> 00:42:50

what I'm saying what your ollie was zero min Li and a point for me a helper from my family. How Runa Aki and he specified how long my brother I want him to help me and what happened. Allah subhanaw taala said that a booty the suit Lakia Musa, or Musa you have been given what you asked for. So how long are you Santa was made a profit his helper both of them went to fit our own and together they they invited around to worship Allah and to set the Bani Israel free.

00:42:51--> 00:43:45

Look at the example of Zachary Charlie's Santa he was old and he was he did not have any children and he saw the condition of his nation but he is sloppy and he realized that there wasn't anyone among them whom He could you know have some hoping that okay this person will lead the money is for he this person will you know will command what is right for bid what is wrong, it cetera. So he called upon Allah. Allah subhanaw taala tells us was a curry Yeah, it nadar. Bahu probe B let me follow the word and the Hebrew word 18 when he called out to his Lord, that Oh my Lord, do not leave me alone. Do not leave me childless. We're under Hiral worry theme. And what happened? Faster

00:43:45--> 00:44:37

Giovanna. Allahu we answered him. We responded to him. What what happened? Allahu Yahia. And We bestowed to him yeah, here, Allah subhanaw taala gave him a son. Yeah, well, I'll slap now Lozada and we reformed for him his wife, because his wife was barren before that, and now she became pregnant she gave birth to yeah, here are they sent out? So, sometimes it happens that maybe the fertility issues are really, you know, severe that you know, people basically tell you, you cannot have a child. You It's not possible. You may be at the point of even losing your your uterus or something like that. And Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is able to do miracles. Allah subhanaw

00:44:37--> 00:45:00

taala is able to give you things through us Bab through means and also without any means because in Allah, Allah cliche in Cadiz, he is able to do all things. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam look at his example, how much he used to call upon Allah, how much he used to make Dora in if you look

00:45:00--> 00:45:52

had the, you know any collection of prophetic prayers, how lengthy is that collection there are draws from, you know, for all the 24 hours of the day. Think about it, when you wake up there is a door when you sit up and you are rubbing your eyes, right because we learned the prophets of Allah who earlier said when he would wake up for tahajjud wild sitting, he would recite the last 10 verses of sort of earlier Amman and within those verses are many doors. Then there is the for making wudu before entering the bathroom when exiting the bathroom. And then Salah is all Dora after Salah is there between sunnah and fall there is Dora. Then there are account in the morning or hours in the

00:45:52--> 00:45:53


00:45:54--> 00:46:09

And then there are for entering the market Subhanallah there are four, you know after eating, after wearing clothes, he the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would always call upon Allah subhanaw taala.

00:46:11--> 00:46:28

And when you are in the habit of calling upon Allah, then you will call upon Allah, even in the most difficult circumstances, and even when you are in ease, look at the difficulty the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam experienced at the Battle of bedroom.

00:46:29--> 00:47:22

And we learned in a hadith, that when the Prophet sallallahu lucidum saw the army of the enemy and he saw how many there were, that he turned towards the Qibla and then he he extended out his hands, alright. And he began calling upon Allah. He said Allah who enjoys li malware attorney or Allah accomplish for me what you have promised me Allahumma anti malware attorney, or Allah give me what you have promised me. He continued to call upon Allah. And he he did so for so long. That his mantle his his upper garment is shot, it slipped down from his shoulders, Abubakar de la Martin who came to him and he picked up his shawl and put it on his shoulders. And then he embraced him from behind and

00:47:22--> 00:47:58

said, Oh prophet of Allah, this prayer of yours to your Lord will suffice you and He will fulfill for you what he has promised you. And what happened then? Allah subhanaw taala did fulfill his promise he did answer His messenger. We learned Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran is the study sooner of bacame when you were beseeching your Lord, when you were desperately calling upon your Lord, you were asking him for aid for relief for help, faster, dzambhala Calm, he answered you, he responded to you. And Allah subhanaw taala sent angels to help the Prophet salallahu already he was sending.

00:47:59--> 00:48:32

And this is not just with the prophets, that they call upon Allah, in their difficulties in their hardship, but even the righteous before we see their example, they call upon Allah and Allah subhanaw taala answered them. There are so many stories like that, the story of you know, the three men who got trapped in the cave, each one of them made Dora to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala delivered them to safety. We learned about that, that child who,

00:48:33--> 00:48:34

who was

00:48:36--> 00:49:23

you know, calling people to Allah and the king basically sent his men to kill that boy, that he sent his men that take him to the top of a mountain and throw him down. And when they reached the top of the mountain, the boy said, alang, mfine him Bhima Schechter, or Allah suffice me against them with whatever that you want. Meaning you help me against these people, however that you want. And so there was an earthquake, and all of them fell except the boy, the king tried again, and he sent him a sent the boy with his men to to the sea. And they told him that when you are in the middle of the water, then throw him off the boat off the ship. And when they reach there again, the boy prayed

00:49:23--> 00:49:44

Allahu mfine him be my shaper, or Allah suffice me against them with whatever you want. And so there was a storm, all of them drowned except for the boy Subhanallah so no matter what difficulty you are in, call upon Allah, look at ESEA fit our own head

00:49:45--> 00:49:58

about fit our own head, tied her up in such a way that on both of our hands and both of our feet there were giant nails like pegs basically, the through which he had

00:49:59--> 00:49:59

you know,

00:50:00--> 00:50:47

fastened her to the ground or or whatever that he was torturing her on. So she could not sit up she could not walk away. She could not run away. She was an if she even tried to get up. Imagine if there's something piercing through someone's hand. If they move a little bit, it's gonna hurt even more. And she called upon Allah. She said Robin in here in the debate and Phil Jana, when a gentleman for Oh normally when a genie mineral qawwali me and Allah subhanaw taala showed her her home agenda. Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled her Dora. Look at the example of sod up the wife of Ibrahim Ali Silla, when the king basically captured her and he wanted to he wanted to,

00:50:48--> 00:50:49

you know,

00:50:50--> 00:51:40

be intimate with her. He would for for a woman. This is extremely hard, extremely, you know, sexual assault. It is is traumatic. It can cause PTSD, any it is, it is, it is a it is a crime. It is a form of great violence against a woman, and Sarra the wife of Ibrahim or Islam the king captured her. And he wanted to do this to her. And what did she do in that condition? She made dua to Allah, Allahu Allah in con to a man to become a bureau Zuleika were our son to 4g Illa Allah Zoji Fela to sunlit Alejo cafe, through Allah, if I've truly believed in you, and in your messenger

00:51:42--> 00:51:46

and I have a garden, my my private part,

00:51:47--> 00:52:37

do not let this disbeliever have power over me. And so what happened? That king as he tried to approach her, he felt paralyzed basically. And Sarra was afraid now that people will think that I killed him. So the king got up. And then again, he tried to come to her. And again, she prayed and this happened multiple times. So he was not able to touch her. He was not able to harm her at all. She called upon Allah, that Oh Allah, do not let this person let this man have power over me. Do not let him harm me. Look at the example of hola robiola, her and her, her husband said very abusive words to her. And those words were very damaging to their relationship to their marriage. So she

00:52:37--> 00:53:23

complained to Allah with the sticky ILA law, she was complaining to Allah, and what happened, Allah subhanaw taala to reveal the verses that brought a solution to her problem Subhanallah we learn about this woman at the time of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam who had some goats and she had a spinning wheel also. And she used the spinning wheel to make yarn and, and basically, she would make her earnings through that. And at one occasion, she participated in a jihad meaning she went along with the army in order to assist do whatever was within her capacity. And when she returned, her goats were gone and her spinning wheel was also gone. So she called upon Allah, that

00:53:23--> 00:54:08

Oh Allah, you have guaranteed security for the one who goes out in your way. And I have lost one of my goats and my spinning wheel. So I beseech you regarding my goat and my spinning wheel, and what happened. Allah subhanaw taala responded to her in Hadith, we learned that the following morning, she got back her goat with another goat like it and her spinning wheel with another one like it SubhanAllah. So you see, sometimes your what you want, what you need may be very insignificant before someone else. Like if you find out someone is praying for a missing goat, and you would laugh, right? We would love that, oh, a goat, a spinning wheel. But it might not be significant to

00:54:08--> 00:54:27

us. But it was something very important to her. So she called upon Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala answered her. And you see, we can only call upon Allah. When we know that Dora is the strongest resource we have the most effective

00:54:28--> 00:54:59

way of helping ourselves that we call upon Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And this is how the Sahaba were. We learned that or model de la Mourinho when he was the Khalifa, the Muslim empire basically expanded a great deal. And they were victory after victory, conquest after conquest. And I'm one of the Longhorn who whenever he would send an army, he would say to them that you are not given victory because of your great numbers. Rather you receive help

00:55:00--> 00:55:12

from up above, it is Allah who aids you, Allah who helps you. So this was his way of telling his soldiers that made their up, ask Allah for help,

00:55:13--> 00:55:58

and has an adversity or the long one who, once he mentioned the different types of people who recite the Quran, and one of them, he said that there is the one who recites the Quran, staying up in the night. And he he, he remains thirsty in the day. And he controls his wishes because of the Quran. You know, he wants to eat but he doesn't because he is spending time with the Quran. He wants to just lay down and relax, go somewhere, talk to his friends chill out. But he doesn't do that because he's spending time reciting the Quran. So he can control his wishes because of the Quran. And he sits on his knees this person and he remains in his place of worship, reciting Quran calling upon

00:55:58--> 00:56:50

Allah. And he said that it is because of such people, that Allah keeps our enemies away from us. And it is because of such people that Allah sends rain on us. Subhan Allah, that people who call upon Allah, because of their doors, they're the entire community benefits. So we should be those people who call upon Allah. And no matter what need we have, even if it's financial, we should call upon Allah. There's a beautiful story about Zubaydah. Tila Horne, who you see is the barrel, the Longhorn, who he was going to a battle and he had a feeling that he he would not be able to survive. So he called his son of the law and he told him that

00:56:51--> 00:57:16

I am afraid that I will not survive. So I have all of these debts. So make sure you pay them off and he told him that sell my property and pay off all of my debts. And he said that if you're not able to pay off the debts by selling my property, meaning that there's still more to pay off, then seek help from my master seek help from my molar

00:57:17--> 00:57:43

and molar is basically someone who has set a slave free Alright, so are the law was startled, he said, Who is your Mola Mola, aka in your I know your slave once upon a time who set you free? Who is your master? He said, Allah, Allah is my molar Subhan Allah, so are the law. He said, by Allah.

00:57:44--> 00:58:38

Whatever difficulty I experienced in paying off debt, that one or any other. I said, Yeah, mola zubaid, if clear and who they know who all molar of zubaid pay off the debt of zubaid. And he said, that whenever I did, that, the debt was paid off so easily. So this is how we should call upon Allah. That yeah, Allah, you are my molar. You are my guardian. You are my master. I need your help. You helped me with this. You take care of this matter for me. So again, authority, Rahim Allah, when he would make, he would say, all you who loves the slave who asks you a lot beening from all of your slaves. You love that slave who asks you a lot.

00:58:40--> 00:58:55

This is how you would call upon Allah. And we learned that some self in some people, some righteous of the past, they would make dua for every little thing. Even if they needed salt, they would make dua

00:58:56--> 00:59:43

Allah Akbar, we think Da is this for big things, right? Big problems. That is when we make Dora know even for the little things, you know, for example, you have an itch in your foot maybe and you're not able to reach your foot because you're driving. Okay? How are you supposed to scratch your foot while you're driving? You can't. And if that itch is there, you can't exactly drive easily comfortably. So, at that time, also call upon Allah, every little big thing. Ask Allah and teach your children remind your family that they should also call upon Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Now, you see when Allah subhanaw taala accepts daraz he accepts the US in different ways. There are levels of

00:59:43--> 00:59:59

acceptance. In a hadith we learned that Allah subhanaw taala certainly accept the rise as long as the slave does not become hasty. And what is it to be hasty, it is that a person becomes impatient.

01:00:00--> 01:00:46

And he gives up making Dora. So Allah subhanaw taala response. Our job is to keep asking to continue to ask and to not despair and to trust the way that Allah subhanaw taala chooses to respond. Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala gives us exactly what we prayed for, like Ibrahim Ali Center. He said Robbie Hubli masala him from a sham now will be alarming how he prayed for children. Allah subhanaw taala gave him children, good children. Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala gives us something even better than what we prayed for. Allahu Akbar. You see the wife of Enron, she made the odd that but that my child, I will dedicate my child to you, oh my lord, and she was hopeful that it would be a

01:00:46--> 01:00:57

boy. But it happened to be a girl. So having a girl was much better for her than having a boy, because that girl was money, the mother of rissalah His son,

01:00:59--> 01:01:06

sometimes Allah subhanaw taala removed some hardship from us because of our Dora

01:01:08--> 01:01:21

protect us against some calamity because of our Torah. In a hadith we learn that when a person makes their up, then Allah subhanaw taala gives him one of these things, what

01:01:22--> 01:02:07

either Allah subhanaw taala gives him what he prayed for, or Allah subhanaw taala preserves the reward for him in the hereafter. or Allah subhanaw taala remove some difficulty from him because of that dog, a difficulty that is in proportion to the dog to the thing that he prayed for. So the Sahaba said, when they heard this, that then we will make a lot of Torah. Meaning we can ask for a lot. The prophets of Allah who already has said himself, Allah has even more Allahu Akbar, Allah has even more. So don't think that you have exhausted the number of things that you can pray to Allah for. There is no limit. You know, the genie, there's three wishes. That's it, and you cannot make

01:02:07--> 01:02:25

the wish that I want more wishes. Of course, all of this is not true. But I'm just saying that these kinds of things are embedded in our heads. These kinds of things we are taught from the beginning, that you cannot ask for a lot. You only have three chances, you only have two chances, you only have five chances and that's it.

01:02:26--> 01:03:16

But without calling upon Allah subhanaw taala there is no limit, you can continue to ask Allah. And sometimes Allah subhanaw taala makes our draw a means of expiation for our sins. When we call upon Allah. Allah subhanaw taala forgives our sins because of them because of our drop. So we should call upon Allah, we should not be of those people who don't make thorough, because such people are called Alladhina, yester Corona, and Reba T. Those who are too arrogant to worship Allah, you see, derives worship because Allah commands us to call upon Him, it is obedience. And those people who don't call upon Allah, they are refusing they're disobeying. They're showing arrogance. So not making dua is

01:03:16--> 01:03:59

arrogance. And there's nothing worse than arrogance. And it's so crazy. How can a person be arrogant and proud before the One who created him, brought him into existence, and provides them and gives them gave him life and will cause him death? So we learned that, I'm sure Kenny, you know, in writing about this kind of arrogance, he says that pride is a form of insanity. It is it is a form of madness, that a person is too arrogant to make dua to Allah. He says, No, I am not going to ask Allah, I am self sufficient. I am not going to make door because I don't want to be disappointed. I'm not going to make Dora because God doesn't listen to me. This is pride. And this is a form of

01:03:59--> 01:04:21

madness. How can you be proud before the one who made you before the one who gave you the ability to breed? Who gave you a brain who gave you the capacity to do what you're doing? And who can take everything away from you in an instant? How can you be arrogant toward the One who created everything who owns everything? You have no escape from him.

01:04:22--> 01:04:59

And pride is a form of ingratitude. So we should not be of such people who don't humble themselves before Allah, because this is a sign of, of the hardness of the heart. And the prophets of Allah who already said and said that the weakest of all people is the one who was too weak to pray. And this is how defeated a person is how weak, how miserable he is that he is not even making dua. So make dua and do not despair. We learn in a hadith that of the major sins is that a person despairs of relief from ALLAH and he gives up hope of Allah's Mercy

01:05:00--> 01:05:31

This is of the major since. And sometimes what happens is that people become too impatient. And you know, they're making the raw. They're they're not seeing what they're praying for. And so they want a quick solution. They say, Oh, do our takes too long. We want a quick solution. Just as if I have a headache, I put some painkiller in my mouth, I swallow a pill, headache is gone. I want a quick, immediate solution. So tell me what I can you know what grave I can go to what string I can tie what,

01:05:32--> 01:05:46

you know, spell I can read, you know, something quick. And these are all forms of Schick, of associating partners with Allah. And this is foolishness upon foolishness. Because in Quran, we learned that the people who

01:05:48--> 01:06:29

rely upon other deities, then they're like a spider, which has made its home. And it's its house and the house of the spider, the web is the weakest house. So similarly, those who call upon someone other than Allah, are relying upon something that is extremely frail, very weak, it's not going to help, it's not gonna work. We learned in the Quran, that who could be more astray than the one who calls upon someone other than Allah, and someone who will not respond to respond at all. And they don't even have any idea that they're being called upon.

01:06:30--> 01:06:50

Any, when a person calls upon someone other than Allah, for example, someone in a grave, they don't even hear you that, you know, they can't even talk. That's why they're there under the ground, they're buried. How can they hear you? How can they help you, if they could help you they would first help themselves.

01:06:51--> 01:07:42

So don't make that mistake ever. That you become hasty, and you want a quick solution. So you think about turning to someone other than Allah, know, continue to call upon Allah. And in these days of Ramadan, as you're fasting, continue to make grow. When you break your fast make Dora in the night Mater, after salah, make dua take advantage of these special times and call upon Allah subhanaw taala Inshallah, in our next session, we're going to talk about the etiquette of the, the external etiquette, the internal etiquettes the best times and also the best way of making the insha Allah Subhana Allah homo be handed a shadow Allah Illa Illa and a star Furukawa to booty lake was salam Wa

01:07:42--> 01:07:44

alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakato