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An-Naml 1-26 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 6-10

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We're in Mecca. And indeed you meaning you are Prophet sallallahu wasallam led to local Khurana, you receive the Milan Hakeem and our name from one who is wise and knowing

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tilaka Tanaka is from the room veterus lamb. Yeah, and the word is actually to teleport

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the word is actually to teleport. But because there are two data that becomes repetitive therefore, one that is eliminated and this is from the law key

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and the lock cache is to receive something lufia What does it mean to meet and the lock cache is to receive something, but in particular, it is also used for learning something.

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Remember, we learned earlier that Fatah the moment Robbie Kelly met in that Adam and Islam he received some words from his Lord, meaning he learned them he was inspired those words.

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So the laco get a la parte de la ke What does it mean? To learn something to learn something formally.

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So we're in Nikola Tesla, and you are being made to receive the Quran, meaning you are taught the Quran, From who? Milan Hakeem and Eileen from the one who is Hakeem and Arlene. This book is not ordinary. This book is not something that's insignificant. No, it's something that is very great, because it's the book of who Hakeem and Eileen, the one who is wise, and the one who is knowing,

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Hakeem Ackerman, hakama, the most wise of all those who are wise, the one who is wise in his commands, the one who is wise in his prohibitions, and this wisdom is manifested in this book as well. And he is Arlene Arlen, will Allah, the most knowledgeable of those who are knowledgeable, because he is the one who knows about all things major, as well as minor.

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So if he is the one who is giving you this book, realize how special this book is.

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What an important source of guidance this book is, what an important source of instruction this book is. Then how, how can you turn away? How can you think that something else is better? How can you prefer something else over the Quran?

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Think about it.

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Because many times what happens? People get distracted from the Quran by many other things, by many attractive things of this dunya a degree here work here, isn't it?

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But what do we see that this book is from who Hakeem and are the

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people want to learn many other things? Why? Because they think if they learn to become knowledgeable, but what do we see? That if this book is from Allah, Who is Arlene, then the best knowledge, the most accurate knowledge, the most beneficial knowledge? Where is it? It's in this book. People want to learn great things. They want to work so that they can gain experience so that they can gain wisdom, isn't it? They can gain life experience so that they can learn a lot of wisdom. But what do we see over here? That true wisdom? Where is it? It's in the

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we're in Nicola de la calco, Anna, Milan, Hakeem and Arlene and the more importance a person gives to this book. The more time a person spends with this book, the more he learns this book, the more he will increase in his brain.

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Because this book comes from who Hakeem and early

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will listen to the recitation and

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p Muna, smaller

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Moo Sally Lee, when mozzarella Sallam said to his family

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now over here, the story of Musa SNM is mentioned briefly. Why? Because in this story are many, many lessons that can be learned. And in particular, there is also this Beatle called for who for the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah to strengthen the heart of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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So when mozarella salam said to his wife, in the ns dunera, indeed, I have perceived a fire. When did he say this to her?

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At the time when musala salon was traveling with his wife for Meridian, to where, to Egypt, remember that Mossad Islam he was originally from Egypt. And when he by mistake, he killed a Coptic man, what happened? He had to run away immediately in order to save his life. And obviously, he repented to Allah seeking His forgiveness. And when he escaped Egypt, where did he reach Medina. And when he reached by the end, he got married over there, and he stayed over there for 10 years. And after 10 years, he went along with his family were to Egypt.

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So on his way from the into Egypt, what happened? He said to his wife, that in the end is too narrow. Indeed, I have perceived a fire were on the mountain at a distance.

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And as to is from the root letters Hamza noon, C,

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ns and ns is to notice something, we read the word had that that needs to that do not enter houses other than your houses until you have that nice sdns What does it mean to make yourself familiar? Is the that is to seek permission and sdns is to make yourself familiar, do make yourself perceivable that you announce you're coming your entrance by saying the solemn by introducing yourself. So like for example, when you go to your house, what do you do? You can just walk in, you don't need to take permission, but what do you have to do? You have to make your presence known, why is that other people do not get afraid. So, as to ns is to notice something to perceive something to send

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something. So in the ns to narrow, I have noticed I have sensed I have seen a fire at a distance. It is said that this incident it took place in the night, because when can you see fire at a distance in the night.

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And so it was dark. And on top of that it was also a very cold and chilly night. Because they were traveling through the desert. And remember, in the desert during the night, it is quite cold.

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So in the Aniston era, so it can mean heavy harboring, I will come to you from it meaning from that fire with some news.

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Meaning stay here. I will go and see what's going on over there.

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Perhaps I can find some information, some Hubbard and I will come back to you with that cover.

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Now what could this harbor be? It is said that musala salaam had lost his way he wasn't quite sure about his route.

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So he wanted to go there to see if there's fire there is going to be people over there. So perhaps I can ask them about which way to go which direction today?

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Maybe I can see what's going on over there. I can figure out where we are where we should be going.

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And if not that, oh it can if the people over there cannot help me with regards to that. Then perhaps or at decom I will come to you be she has been a person with a firebrand why law lack of testosterone, so that you can warm yourself and this shows that it was called at that time.

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Now the word she has she has from their newsletters, she never and do you have is used for a bright burning flame that is in the fire.

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So what is it flame

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and covers from the reflectors off, but see and purpose is used for life go for a firebrand. So like for example you have a stick of fire and it has been lit on fire or alive goal which is on fire. So something like that which is on fire.

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So she has been a flame

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On what a blessing and a firebrand y la la come test alone so that you can warm yourself. That's not known from the newsletters slotland. Yeah.

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And the thought that you see over here, that's balloon, this thought was actually originally attached. But because slides is a heavy letter, this is why the death has been changed into so that it's easier to pronounce just for loon and is taller, is to obtain heat to obtain warmth from the fire.

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So I'll go, I'll try to get some information. And if not, that, perhaps I can get you some fire from there so that you can warm yourselves.

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Now, winner, something very beautiful over here. First of all, look at how the husband is caring for his wife, in a journey that he says to her, you Wait here, I'll go get some information. And if not, that perhaps I can get you some fire so that you can warm yourselves.

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Look at how concerned he is about his wife. Look at how caring he is in their journey. He doesn't make his wife walk all the way to the fire. It was the middle of the night. dark, cold. So he says you Wait here, I'll go check out what's happening. And he is concerned about the family. This is why he goes to the fire. And he wants to get some fire from there or some information from there.

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Typically what happens when people are traveling, each person expects to be served, isn't it, I should be served, I should be helped out. But we see that it's the responsibility of the man, the man that he should be looking after his family, his wife, his children on a trip.

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We also see something very beautiful over here that look at how he is addressing his way.

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If we take the meaning of a home to be his wife only as a word is used for wife only as well. It may also refer to family. But in particular, it's also used for wife. If we take the meaning of a how to be wife, then look at how he's addressing her at the comb. Now I love comb, comb floral, why? Fresh leaf for honor for respect.

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Typically what happens normally what is the culture dictate that the wife should be respecting the husband and the husband can treat the wife however he wants to.

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But we see that it's a very normal characteristic of a man to give respect to his wife.

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And this is why musasa was chosen.

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Look at how caring and concerned he is. Look at how he is serving his family. And look at how he addresses them.

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This is why Allah subhanaw taala chose him

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despite the fact that he didn't have many other skills. But because he had this concern for people, he cared for people. he undertook hardship on himself in order to help other people out. This is why he was chosen. And it demonstrates his noble character, his noble

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fellow magic. But then when he came to it, what happened? New dia, he was called out he came to the fire, thinking perhaps you will find some people over there. He can talk to them. If nothing you'll get some fire from there. But when he got there, what happened? No idea. He was called out and Boudica all of a sudden he was called out that bless it is man fanatee woman hola her blessing is whoever is at the fire and whoever is around.

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Now just imagine middle of the night you're approaching a fire. You don't know who's gonna be there. Because sometimes when you are in a place such as this in the middle of nowhere you really have no idea what kind of people you will find isn't it

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and all of a sudden he walks up he doesn't find any person he just sees the fire and he is spoken to and he doesn't know where the voice is coming from. And he is told and booty command from now. woman

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that bless it is the one who is at the fire and the one who is around the fire. Who said this to him. Allah subhanaw taala said this

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booty call from the reflectors Bera calf Baraka Baraka, meaning he is blessed that he is full of blessing.

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And what does it mean by this that Boudica month in now who does month in love refer to and who does woman How the hell refer to

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this has been understood in a number of ways. First one It has been said that month and now the one who is in the fire. It refers to musar listener

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By saying Finn now, in the fire, it doesn't mean inside the fire, but it means FEMA can and now in the place of the fire meaning place, by the fire, the place where the fire is,

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or it can be understood as manfield thought of enough, the one who is in search of the fire.

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So moosari sam came in search of fire, right? So Allah subhanaw taala, said Boudicca monofin No, bless it is the one who is at the fire in search of the fire.

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And one man Hola. And the one who is around it. Who does that refer to? It refers to the angels.

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Others have said that month in now, who is in the fire it refers to the angels and men Hola. It refers to Masada

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because musar listening was by the fire, he was approaching the fire. He was not exactly at that place.

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Thirdly, it has been said that month and now refers to both Musashi Sam as well as the angels and men hold her. The one that is around it, it refers to the area, the place which plays the area of a sham, because that is where this mount was and that is where the fire was. And that is where musar listening was spoken to by Allah soprano.

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Samantha now woman Hilda, what does manhood I refer to that the area of Russia.

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Others have said that muffin now It refers to the place of the fire.

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Meaning that which is on fire. Because the fire was not just on nothing. It wasn't just floating in the air. No. It is said that it was on a particular tree. And the tree was very bright. It was green it wasn't being consumed by the fire. And the fire was also extremely bright.

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So buoy command for now and this made musallam realize that this is not ordinary fire and this is not ordinary treat is something special that's going on over here. So he must have been curious, he must have been amazed he must have been surprised. So all of a sudden he's told that and booty come and for now meaning this tree or this place that is on fire, it is breasted woman Hola. And that which is around it again, it refers to the area of passion.

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Others have said that and Boudica month enough,

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it refers to Allah subhanaw taala

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but what does it mean by Finn now? Because whereas Allah

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Allah is on his throne

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so Finn now is understood as now it gives meaning of news

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we don't understand this as fire but rather we understand this as new light. And we understand mankind now as that the one who is calling you from the fire.

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The one who is calling you from the fire, because this fire was not a typical burning fire. What was it in reality? It was a last move that had been cast on the fire Allahu Adam so month and now refers to the one who is calling you from the fire

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and even our best for the day I knew he said that it was not a fire rather it was a shining light.

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It was not a fire rather it was what a shining light.

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So meaning the one you can hear the one who is calling you. Who is he? Allah

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so booty command for now woman Hola. And the one who is around it. Meaning Musa listener

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was super Han Allah he would have been me and Glorified is Allah The Lord of the worlds?

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Why is this mentioned over here so behind Allah he would have been me. Remember that whenever we talk about the characteristics of Allah soprano done, about the specific actions of Allah, about the light of Allah about how he has done a particular thing? We don't go into the details of how

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we don't go into the details of the kefir cave. I mean, we don't question cave how we take it as it is.

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So we're super Han Allah Subhana. Allah means perfect is Allah above any imperfection, above any fault?

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So do not start comparing him with others. So over here, it is as though we're being reminded that don't go into the details of how, how come Allah was speaking to him from that fire. How could Masada said I'm here Allah from that fire, from that knew from that

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a las panatela can do whatever he wants. However he wants in whatever way so as to handle Allah Glorified is Allah not bitter I mean the Lord of the worlds.

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So do not think that Allah has descended to that tree because this is what some people say, that allegedly descended to that tree at that moment. And this is why it has been said, Man for now. No, we cannot say that because Where's Allah? He is above his ash. And he is far above any comparison with his creation.

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Nothing that he has made can encompass him, you understand?

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So if we say that Allah was actually in that light, allow us in that tree, narrow to be less than what would it mean? That that tree that light, it encompassed Allah subhanaw taala but who is Allah Subhana Allah he's glorified he's above that. So I'm very common for now woman hella her What does it mean? That the one whom you can hear the one who is calling you out from this light, he is bless it. And the one who is around it, the one who is vive meeting musala Center, he is also bless it how that he is going to be given Prophethood was over handled lahi are a bit I mean and glorify this Allah, the Lord of the words.

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We learned this incidental costs IE number 30 as well. That fellow madeha that when musala salam came to a new dm and shelter in West LA many philbrook artel Mobile aka tea, Mina shadow tea

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over here the tree is not mentioned. But elsewhere. What do we learn that when musallam came to that fire, he was called from the right side of the valley in a blessed spot from the tree from the tree he was called.

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And over here, what do we learn the fire the now.

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So where was that now upon that tree? And where was the voice coming from? From that location?

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Yeah Moosa and what did Allah subhanaw taala Satan was our listener, that yamasa in who indeed he

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Anna, I, Allah, Allah xizor Hakeem the Exalted in Might the wise

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and we saw this and I must have been wondering that what's going on, and booty common phenomenon Hola. So all of a sudden that last panel, tada told him that in there who indeed he meaning the one whom you hear, and I am, the voice of whom you hear is Allah. And Aziz, and Hakeem, the mighty, the Wise. And then we'll start he said, he had a conversation with a loss of final data he was given Prophethood, Allah subhanaw taala told him, as we have learned in other places of the Quran, that musallam had been chosen as a messenger to be sent to who, for their own and his people.

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And we have learned all of the details in other places. And over here in particular, what is mentioned, the miracles that were given to Masada center.

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What LPR soccer and musasa was taught and throw down your staff. The destination, it's dark. There's only that light coming from the tree. And he's alone. His wife is not there with him anymore. No other person and he stole the lkr socket and throw your stuff.

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And then philomel Uh huh. And then when he saw it, that the zoo, it was moving, and the head gernon as if it was a snake.

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Just imagine if you see a snake in broad daylight. Does it frighten you? Yes. But if you see a snake in the night, in the little bit of light that you have, would that frighten you?

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Of course even more so.

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So he through the staff, and all of a sudden he saw that does that the zoo has a remember where who's de la ke budget inequality? What does it mean to shake something

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so that the zoo a disaster is when something moves when something quivers quickly as if it has been shaken.

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Like for example, imagine you have a rope and you shake it. So how's it gonna move? Quickly, right? It's gonna be like slithering, wriggling. So tanzu it was moving and hi Jan as if it was a snake.

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They were Jen is used for a snake and the verb Jana gene noon with a founder noon. It means literally to hide something from the senses when something is hidden when you cannot fully perceive it.

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And Jan is used for a long and slender snake. What kind of a snake are long and slender. Because such a snake can very easily hide, isn't it it can easily wrap

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around something and you won't be able to see it.

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You can quickly enter into some hole and you won't be able to figure it out so long and slender. And early we're at the word Serbian. Serbian is what? A huge gigantic snake. So the staff it turned into Serbian were in the quarterback room,

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circa Anna. Hi, Jan.

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So what happened then, when he saw his staff turning into a snake moving like a snake, one Lamb of the villain, he turned away, showing his back when there is to turn physically away from something so he fled mood Milan, physically showing his back. He turned around and he ran

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while you're up there, and he did not even turn back.

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He just turned around, and he ran and he didn't stop and even look back. Why? Obviously he was frightened. Your activism newsletters, ironclad bad therapy. And therapy was to look back to turn around.

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So what happened then? Allah subhanaw taala called Masada, Salaam yamasa. Let the half Moosa don't fear. Why, because in the later half of the day, almost saloon indeed I lay ahafo he does not fear that they are near me who almost saloon the messengers,

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the messengers, they don't fear near me, when they're with me, they're not afraid, they should not be afraid

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that musasa is being taught a great lesson over here, that first of all, in the latter half of the day, almost alone. What does that show that he has been made a messenger.

00:26:44--> 00:26:59

And secondly, he's been given this confidence, that when I am with you, when my help is with you, when my guidance and instruction is with you, then you should not be afraid, you should not be frightened.

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Because musasa was going to go to fit our own.

00:27:05--> 00:27:15

And he was willing to deal with your all those magicians. And he was going to deal with the sea before him and the army of fit around behind him.

00:27:16--> 00:27:21

And then he was going to deal with the Bani Israel as well. So he needed a lot of confidence for that.

00:27:23--> 00:27:40

So Allah subhanaw taala taught me a huge lesson over here, that no matter what situation you're in, no matter how vulnerable you may be, no matter how frightened you may be, but remember that when I am with you, when my help and aid is with you, then do not be afraid,

00:27:41--> 00:27:47

in the latter half on the day and moves around. So musasa was basically being prepared for the future over here.

00:27:48--> 00:28:16

Remember, when the Prophet said a lot of sudden when he received the first revelation? Was he frightened? Yes, he was. And over here also musasa when he received the first revelation, he was also afraid. What does that show that the prophets are who they are human beings. They have natural feelings. They get afraid. They also get confidence. They may also feel weak. They may feel very strong. They're human beings.