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An-Nisa 105-122 Translation 105-122

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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the mother who went to Saudi Arabia sitting in Kareem and my birth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for beshara he saw that he were certainly angry.

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them in listening you have gotten Cody, open as you are in

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Lesson number 63. Certainly Sir, I am number 105 to 122

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in there. Indeed we have Zegna We have revealed Eliza to you alki taba the book will help you with the truth Lita coma so that you judge bainer between and see the people Bheema with what urraca he showed you, Allahu Allah.

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Wanna and do not the Khun UB lil ha Nina for those who are treacherous. Cosima and advocate was still fit and you seek forgiveness. Allah from Allah in Indeed, Allah Allah Ghana he is ever the foreign most forgiving rahima are resolved merciful.

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Why not wanna and do not to juggle you dispute you argue on about and levena those who yesterday noon they deceive and fusa whom themselves in Indeed, Allah Allah lair not you hibou he loves a man who can he is Hawaiian and most deceitful, most treacherous. aseema an extreme sinner.

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Yes, the foreigner, they seek to hide, they try to hide men from a nurse the people

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wonder and not yes the foreigner they hide men from Allah, Allah whatever while he My home is with them is when you buy you dinner, they spend night plotting ma What? laughs not yoga, he approves mean from an all the speech.

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What can and he is he is ever, Allahu Allah Bhima with whatever he or meluna they do. mohito one who encompasses her anthem? Here you are, how old are he? Are these Jeddah? Do you all did you all disputed with each other? and whom about them? fee in and hayati the life of denier the world?

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family so Who? yuja delu he will argue aloha with Allah and whom about them. yoma on day and pm I think the standing

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or man who Yoku he will be our lay him upon them joaquina a trustee.

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Woman and whoever they are man he does Suan an evil Oh or your vim he wrongs nafsa who himself some Ben yes still fit. He seeks forgiveness Allah from Allah. Egypt he will find a lot of a lot of a foreign most forgiving rahima most merciful

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Why am I not woman and whoever you accept, he earns his men a sin for intimate than indeed not but the zebu he earns it either against lepsy himself or Canada and he is ever Allahu Allah are Leeman always annoying hekima always always woman and whoever we accept, he earns probably at a mistake, a fault or is man a same? Some then hear me he throws baby with it, buddy to one who is innocent. For then in fact, after murder, he bore he carried Bhutan and a slander a false accusation. What is man and is in Medina one clear

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one owner and if not, for blue grace bounty, Allah He of Allah

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eyelink upon you for Arma two who and his mercy, the hammock, surely it intended for if a tune a group mean home from them, and that you'll be Luke. They lead you astray. Warmer and not you'll be Luna they lead astray in there except and foster home themselves warmer and not be able Runa can they harm you mean from Shay in anything?

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Well Angela and he sent down. Allahu Allah, Arnica upon you al keytab the book, well, heck method and wisdom were on the market and he taught you ma What?

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Not the cone you are darling. You know what can and it is ever for blue favor bounty. Allah He of Allah alayka upon you of Lima great.

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Love not hiera any good see in casier in many men from Nigeria home, their whisperings their secret talks Illa except man who Amara he commanded beside a Putin with charity own or model even recognized good. Oh or is Lehane reconciliation baina between a nursing the people, woman and whoever you have and he does vaniqa that if they were to seek merpati pleasure, Allah he have a lot for sofa then will soon. Note D we will give him agilon a reward or Lima most great

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woman and whoever you shafted he opposes a Rasulullah the messenger men from bardi after ma What? For that, Sabina it became clear Lahu for him alhuda the guidance what and yet he follows Rayleigh other than severely way meaning of the believers. No one D We will turn him ma to what? The one that he turned Well, honestly he and we shall burn him. We shall enter him. Johanna inhealth was sad. And how bad how evil muslera a place of return a destination

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in indeed. Allah Allah La not young Pharaoh He forgives and that you sroka it is associated be with him. Well Phil, and he forgives ma whatever doula besides that he can that Lehman for who your shadow He wills woman and whoever you Shrek he associates partners. They were here with a law firm then in fact been the history but then a string where either one farm

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in not the other owner. They call men from doing the besides him in there except in SF females were in and not yet the owner. They call their worship in there except shavon shavon Merida one rebellious

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learner who he cursed him, Allahu Allah for honor and he said that he then surely I will definitely take men from Reba deca Your servants mostly been a share most roba one fixed one appointed

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what and that will be menacho. Surely I will definitely mislead them. When a woman Nina home and shortly I will definitely arouse false hopes in them

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when Miranda home and surely I will definitely order them for you but the corner so surely they will definitely cut then it is an arm of the grazing livestock. an arm of the grazing livestock. What a moron to whom, and surely I will definitely order them further. You have to know

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So surely they will definitely change, Hulk creation, Allah He of Allah, woman and whoever, yet he takes a shape on the shape on when he young as a close friend, men from dueling besides Allahu Allah, for God, then in fact hasura he lost husana in a loss. Medina one clear era to whom he promises them. Were human need him and he arouses false hopes in them

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warmer and not yet to whom he promises them a shape or a new shape drawn in there except rura deception delusion

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una eco those not well whom their abode Jehan Nemo is hell. Wonder and not big tuna, they will find on her from it. My he saw any escape

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when Medina and those who knew they believed what I may do and they did a slightly healthy direction righteous deeds center to failure home soon we will admit them, Jonathan gardens, that God it flows, men from that the hair underneath it, and how the rivers Paulina ones abiding eternity fee her in it ever there forever.

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Why are the promise Allah He of Allah helper, true woman and who is the who is more truthful men then Allah He Allah law

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in speech in actions

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we listen to the recitation of these

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any nasima was

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foun Amina

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Amina co worker

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he makina

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maybe very

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moon Academy

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long Ronnie can kita

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watching a woman in our

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a few minutes

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army turkey Russia

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saw he had

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a JD