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An-Nisa 94-104 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 102

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We're either going to feed him for a container who was falletta.

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And when you are among them, and lead them in prayer

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in this ayah the method of praying sonetel hope is mentioned, selected hope

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in the previous hour what was mentioned sonetel cos

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the shortened Salah, which a person is allowed to pray when he's traveling, whether he's in a state of fear or not.

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This is, in particular and mentioned solitude, health. And what is financial health? It is the fear prayer.

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It is the fear prayer. It doesn't mean that you pray the soldier when you are very scared. It is when the Muslims are confronting the enemy, or they are in the state of alarm.

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Or they are under fear of attack. They are under fear of attack. And this is in particular teaches how to pray. So that will help in congregation in jamara.

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Because remember, earlier in North America, we learned that when Clifton flagellin, Algonquin, that if you're in a state of fear, then you pray while writing or while walking while running. But over here, in particular, when you have so many people, we have an entire army, we have a group of people, then what is mandatory

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that they must be in congregation?

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Can you imagine?

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Can you imagine that even in this state, the Muslims are required to pray in congregation.

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That when you are in the midst of a battle, or when you are confronting the enemy,

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the enemy is camp right before you.

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So in this state, if all of you are praying in congregation together and not even one person is allowed to stay away from the congregation, then in that state, what are you going to do because if all of you are engrossed in Salah, then the enemy can just come and attack you and finish you all at once.

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So, we're either going to fee him, when you meaning when you are prophets or about Islam are in them, meaning in the Sahaba. And all of you fear the enemy, for Fontella whom was selected, then you established for them the Salah,

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meaning you are doing your karma to salah

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and how are you going to come to Salah, the economy, the Salah, and before that the end

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for a content homosassa includes giving the other end, giving the comma

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and then beginning the center.

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And this shows to us the importance of praying and congregation

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that even in war, men are required to pray together.

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Then what excuse to those who have cars, they have no fear.

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They have security. They have a day off. It's the weekend.

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And my suit is not that far.

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But still they pray at home, not in congregation.

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Just imagine that. Even in battle. The Muslim men are required to pray in congregation

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what excuse to those who have no fear, were at home they have their cars or they are it's the weekend nothing, nothing stopping them.

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But still they pray at home for upon tullahoma solid, then you establish the solid for them. And remember that amongst the conditions of the karma, Salah is praying congregation especially for men.

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So how are you going to pray together?

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The method is that felt at home. So it should stand felt performance from pm. What does the I mean? The strength so felt the calm so it should stand who should stand but if a two main home a group from them, a group from

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a group from the believers,

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meaning the army is going to be divided into two.

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One group is going to pray with the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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How are they going to pray when the whole do and they should take a sledgehammer to home their weapons.

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Meaning even when they're praying behind you in congregation, they're going to hold their weapons.

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The word asleep is the plural of Salah from the roof at her scene lamb

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and Salah is used for weapons, arms or different types of weapons that are used in battle.

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In particular, so that is used for those weapons that are used in battle.

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So when you're asleep at home, they should hold their aslha they should hold their weapons, whether they're heavy or light,

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meaning they should pray while holding them. Why?

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As defense and also to warn the enemy, that you know, we're still holding our arms

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free that said you do then when they have frustrated when they have done such them.

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Now what does he mean by this, but he does Saturday, when they are done such that

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this is understood in two ways. That first of all, when they have completed one rocker

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when they have completed one rocker behind the profits out of 107

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then what are they going to do for the economy What are equal, then this first group is going to go behind, meaning now they're going to go guard the rest of the people.

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And the group that was guarding before is now going to come and pray behind the prophets.

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So when after praying one riccar behind the Prophet sallallahu Salah

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others have said that what it means by 30 days saija do is that when they have completed the Salah

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when they have completed Asana, meaning when they have completed performing to rocker behind the profit sort of all the sudden

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you understand the two meanings. First of all, they have created one record. Secondly, they have completed the solid behind the profit side of our lesson. So when they're done either with their first car or their son, what are they going to do for the economy, what our income, then they're going to be behind you mean they're going to go at the back of the Muslims in order to guard them until they complete the prayer.

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While and it should come? Who should come?

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By if I don't throw the other group.

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The other group should now come in order to create behind the profit sort of artists that in which other group is this lamb use or Lu, who have not yet prayed? Why did they not pray?

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Because they were guarding the rest of the Muslims. So remember, the Muslim army is divided into two. The first group prays the other group guards, the first group who was praying when they're done with their first car or when they're done with their total car, what are they going to do? They're going to go behind, now they're going to be on guard. And the part of the army that was guarding before is not going to come and use a new marker. Now they should come and pray with you.

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Now they're going to come and pray behind the profits out of all of a sudden in congregation.

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Now what does it show?

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You might wonder simply have to Jamaat

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Hmm, one congregation it's finished, then you have the other congregation to be easier.

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But the fact isn't at the profit sort of autonomous there,

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then it's necessary for everybody to pray with the profits.

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And it's necessary for everybody to pray behind the leader behind the Imam.

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Because if there is any man and then there is another email there to him and what's going to happen.

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Division. So there should be no chances of creating any division in the Muslims.

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So finally you saw numerica so now they should pray with you.

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When you go to Hebron home, and they should take their precaution, their defense as well as what Asli Hata home and also their weapons.

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For the first group what was mentioned, only they're asleep. Now for the second group, it's not just the isolated that is mentioned in the results I mentioned what is heard that precaution defense, watchfulness being alert,

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why is this mentioned because because now the Muslims are further insula, more time has passed insulin.

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So the chances of danger in a way they have increased. So they should be extra cautious. They should be very careful while you're holding Hydra when we're asleep.

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They should hold their weapons and they should also be very watchful.

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What the Medina aka for why should you hold on to your weapons, why shouldn't you put it down?

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Because what the Medina cafaro the disbelievers wish loadout for Luna and ously haidakhan that if you will become heedless, the faloona from rain fella from hoffler What does overflow mean? negligence, so they wish that if you could only become heedless of your aslha of your weapons. What I'm TRT, calm and also your goods.

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I'm Tara is a Florida

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What does without mean? benefit baggage, articles of enjoyment. So basically your equipment, your stuff, necessities of life. So for example, your camps, your animals, your food.

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And just imagine everything that an army takes with them when they are in battle.

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So they want you to become negligent of your weapons as well as your onterra. And when you're negligent, what do they want?

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fire me, Luna Alaykum violet and warhead, they will just attack you with a single attack and finish you.

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That's what they want.

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So therefore, don't leave your weapons. And be very careful even Santa

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me known as when there was that was me, Mia lamb. And the word male is to incline.

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What does male mean to incline and when the word male is followed by that it means to attack.

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It gives a sense of going against someone acting in a hostile way.

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So for me, Luna eleiko, that they would make an assault upon you

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made it and we're here to just one assault, one attack, they just want you to get to at once.

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Just imagine in war, what happens that you want to know the weakness of the other. So when you know the weakness of the other, then you can get them from there.

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Now if the disbelievers they know that the Muslims, they have to pray in congregation,

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and when the premium congregation, they're not supposed to move, they're not supposed to hold anything.

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So when they're praying, then we will attack.

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But over here, Allah subhanaw taala has got a beautiful way of praying for that. So that the Muslims, they can perform their Salah properly and at the same time also defend themselves.

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When Arjuna honey come and there is no blame upon you, there is no sin upon you.

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In Canada, we come and then if you have some other what is other

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some physical harm, physical injury, may Matan motorists and the roofers mean flora. And Martha is used for rain.

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So it's raining. And because of that your clothes become heavy.

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And if you have a wound or something, then because of the rain, what's going to happen, the water is going to touch it and it's going to bleed it's going to hurt even more, it's going to stink.

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And if it's raining, then what's going to happen, your clothes are going to become heavy, it's going to be difficult for you to carry your weapons

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or come to mother or you are sick. And because of your sickness, you're unable to carry your weapons.

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So in this case, Allah says there is no sin upon you until they're gone con that you put down, you're asleep.

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What is this show?

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So far we learned that carrying the aslha holding onto the asleep even in the salon was something mandatory because for the both groups it was mentioned explicitly.

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But now Allah Subhana Allah says it if there is a genuine reason because of what you cannot carry the aslha then you may put it down,

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then you may put it down.

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Well do but you must take hit rock on your defense, your precaution

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against to against the enemy.

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So be on your guard as best as you can.

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In the law, either in Katharina Dabba mahina Allah has prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating punishment.

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So in this ayah we learn about how to pray, so that will hope.

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Now, the spirit of hope was prayed in several ways by the prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba.

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And all of those methods, they are correct. According to this ayah

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we learned that first of all the prophets that have also been prayed doorknocker

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and everyone else grade one

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in turns.

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The first group, they came in period, one rocker behind the profit side of autism, they went back the second group came in breed wonder car behind the profits that allows them to this way What happened?

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The profits are a lot of 742 and everybody else paid one. So this was one way of performing the fear play.

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Another one was that the profit sort of artists have been prayed for Raka and everyone else great too.

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Because when the first group when they came and prayed behind the prophets, that alone is not

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It says, what does it mean when they're done with their total count.

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So when they finish the profit sort of artisan sat there, in the position of the childhood.

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And then later on when the rest of the army came, he stood up, he prayed another two Raka. And the second rule of the army braid judicata behind it. So this way, what happened? He prayed for everybody else prayed to

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another way of so that'll help was that the prophets are about a certain period, one Raka.

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And he sat in the shower hood.

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And the army behind him who was praying, they stood up and they prayed the second

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minister, so he prayed one, he remained sitting, he didn't get up for the second record. But those people behind him, what do they do? They got up, they pray their second record, when they were done for it as sagittal. They went back, the second group came, the profits or losses from stood up. And again, he prayed one rocker, and the army behind him prayed wonder car with him. And when he sat in the shirt, they stood up and completed there. So you know how sometimes when you join into the congregation, and if you've missed the first record, what do you do when the man says silent? You could have been completed.

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So this way the prophets are allowed to sit and pray to, and everybody else also prayed. Do you understand?

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The third way is that the prophets that a lot of them pray do and everybody else also prayed to. So there are different ways of performing the fear, pray.

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Even a wrestle that aren't who said that once the prophets all of a sudden that the fear prayer, and the people stood behind him.

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He said, Allahu Akbar, and the people said the same. He bowed, and some of them bowed. Then you frustrated and they also frustrated.

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Then he stood for the second car, and those who had prayed the first record left, and guarded their brothers, the second party joined him, and performed bowing in frustration with him.

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All the people were in prayer, but they were guarding one another during the prayer.

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So we learned that there are different ways of performing the selected health.

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Now, what lessons do we learn from this?

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What lessons do we learn?

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You can not miss your Salah under any circumstances.

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Is shopping and excuse?

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Seriously, is it? No?

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Is the traffic and excuse?

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Nothing can be an excuse.

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When we are required to pray even when the enemy is in front of us, and we have been taught selective health What does it show that you can never ever leave your cellar? under any circumstances?

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What else do we learn from this ayah

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about the importance of

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congregation Gemma for who?

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For men,

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that even they have to perform Salah in congregation.

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We also learn about the importance of having one

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main leader, why? Because of there are too many leaders and what happens.

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You don't know who to ask, Who to listen to. There is a chaos.

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And we also learn to work on

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that, yes, we're supposed to trust one a loss penalty. But at the same time, we're also supposed to take our precaution that we do our best. And then we leave it to our last panel, that although we've done the best that we can

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now you protect us. Now you take care of us.

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We also learned about the importance of unity, that if there is an army, then you can't display individually. No. You have to pray together in congregation.

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What else do we don't want desire

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and allowance that if you have something that is very precious, or something that you cannot leave, then you may carry it even when you pray. So for example, if you're in a public place and you have your child with you,

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and your child has just started crawling to started walking, and if you just put them next to you then what's going to happen you're praying and you don't know where they're going.

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You don't know where they're going. So you are allowed to carry your child in your sweater.

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Because over here, what do we learn that you should hold your asleep and you should also be careful about your underwear. Now it doesn't mean that you're in the middle of the mustard and you have your purse in front of you but still using that normal I should hold it.

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Put it next to you. But it feels to you if you can put it in your pocket, do that.