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An-Nisa 94-104 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 95-96-a

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Last I will carry dunamis mininova with a body. While Mujahideen a feasibility law, heavy and welding were unforeseen him

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not equal are those believers who remain at home other than the disabled, and the Mujahideen, who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Now, yesterday, last week's newsletter seen Well, yeah, from the word sour. What does it mean

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to be equal? So if it were to be the same leg as the Li,

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E is not equal. They're not the same.

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Who are not the same? A car, a dune? And if you read the ayah, well, mujra he don't.

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He don't. And if you read on, while Mujahideen, so alkhoury, Dawn and Al Mujahideen are not the same. They're not the same in their efforts, in their results, in their degrees in their levels. In their reward. They're not the same.

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Although they're both believers.

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What's the first group that has been mentioned over here a

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minute meaning, those who said from among the believers

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inquiry Dune as a plural of card, and card is literally one who sets from the word car either, but as far as me to sit, so far, it is one who remains seated.

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The one who is inactive.

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The person who is sitting, is he active?

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Is he? How much can you do while you're sitting.

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But if you're standing, then you're walking around, and you're active, doing something. So our ad is one who is an active, one who stays at home, meaning the one who stays at home and does not go out for jihad.

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The one who remains behind from jihad.

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The one who stays at home, he's inactive

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and Cardona minute Mini,

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viral Ali Baba birth, those who do not have any birth, meaning those who don't in particular, who are not disabled.

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Only a bottle

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of water is under federal law, and there is harm. And although possessors of lotto are those who are disabled, those with some disability,

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whether that disability is physical, or mental, or it is because of a person's age.

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It could be different types of disabilities could be physical or mental could be because of a person's age. And basically, only Dora are those who are exempt from performing jihad. Those who have been exempted from performing Jihad

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and who are older have a person cannot say oh, I have a headache.

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So I'm a dude who thought of No. Similarly, a person cannot say that I'm a doctor because I have to work.

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My house is very big, and I have to clean it. And they get very tired by the end of the day.

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I have to have parties every other day, and I get very exhausted. So I want you to know, this is not alone.

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Even though you are suffering in your physical body because of your lifestyle. We'll look back on our as mentioned instead of the Toba I am number 91

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where lots of data says laser I love Dora.

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First of all, who have door affair, who is the

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one who is weak meaning physically crippled, weak, he has some chronic illness, he has some disease, he has some physical ailment because of which he cannot go

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whenever and then mobile, who are mobile, those who are sick.

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So someone who is sick. Now some types of sicknesses are long term and some are short term.

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So even if a person is suffering from a short term illness, even then he falls into the category of

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well, now I live in a lady doing a million fionna How about you and those people who cannot afford

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who cannot afford to go out feasible in their?

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You understand? So three or who would have thought of And who are they the door affair. The marble and

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In a layer between those who do not have any means to spend.

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So over here Allah says that those people who stay behind at home without any genuine reason without any sort of stopping them,

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without any sort of stopping them. So these people are not the same as one Mujahideen if he submitted a BM when he was enforcing him, they're not the same as those people who strive in the way of Allah, not just with their wealth, but also with their own selves.

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These two people are not the same.

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And Mujahideen is a plural of Mujahid. And who has majah hit one who does a lot of jihad. And what does Jihad mean to strive to put in a lot of effort to exert strenuously

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job is to overload a camera, just imagine if a camera is overloaded, how is he going to walk with difficulty. So, job is to take an extra responsibility upon yourself and then you strive then you endeavor,

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I mean, you have the option of not carrying that responsibility, but it is to overload the camera

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and then the camera is walking with a lot of difficulty. So he is exerting himself to the extent of his ability and power. So that is, what do you add is that a person strives strenuously he exerts himself to the maximum ability that he has, why

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in order to please Allah soprano.

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Whatever that action is.

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So while mujer de doo doo those who go out in the way of Allah? And how did they go out in the way of Allah? How do they put in their effort? Be unwell to him with their wealth and also enforcing him? And their selves? What does it mean by this? That they spend their money, but they also spend their own time? Because many times we think that if we put some money in the donation box, that's sufficient, we're also doing jihad? No, that's not enough.

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Alan is that a person spends his money, and he also spends his time. Similarly, sometimes we say that, you know, I'll come and do everything.

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I'll come and contribute my enforce. But I want some compensation in return, I want some money in return.

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Now, one is that a person is needy. And because he's sacrificing his time in working in order to make money that is different. But the other is that a person has enough but still, what does he say? That I'm giving you this much time, therefore you give me some man, this is not jihad, widmann.

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of jihad, the excellent jihad is that a person spends as well. And he also spends his time.

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He doesn't take any monetary compensation in return. And he gives his best.

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This is often the head.

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You see, at the time, the profits or losses, however, would go out for battle. They would spend their own money,

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they would spend their own money. And sometimes we think that if we're working for an Islamic Institute, an Islamic organization, then they should support us. Okay, if we cannot support ourselves, then 100 if we're willing to give our time, then that's very good.

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But why is it that if we wish to go get a degree elsewhere, we're willing to spend money. But if we wish to go and take an Islamic course, we want some financial support? Why?

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It is still jihad, okay. But it is not a 30 head

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after jihad is that a person spends his money and he spent his self.

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So those people who stay at home without any disability, and those people who go out in the way of Allah who spent their wealth their time, they're not the same. They're not the same. What does Allah say? That fact that alone Mujahideen, Allah subhanaw taala, has given preference to those people who strive be unwell anymore and forcing him with their wealth and their selves upon who are then caridina upon those people who stay behind at home, the Rajasthan in a degree

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those people who do jihad there, the Raja is higher than those people who don't do jihad.

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So they're not the same.

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Well can learn and to all who does Conan refer to

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all of the believers, the cartoon as well as the Mujahideen. Both of them, all of them. Allah says where the level Allah has promised what Islam

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The good meaning for both the believers Allah subhanaw taala has promised good result reward in the alpha.

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However, we're folk but Allah Hu j Idina item Carina, Angela Lima.

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But Allah has given preference to the Mujahideen over the 18 with what a reward that is a lien a great reward,

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one person puts him solid effort, and the other person does not put in effort, how is it possible that both of them would have the same result to do,

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both of them will have good, but the person who has done extra, he will get extra reward.

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This is shows to us that those people who participate in Jihad and those people who do not participate in Jihad without a legitimate reason, they're not the same, they vary in their results.

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And this also shows to us that performing jihad is found key fire and it is not faltering

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What does it mean by 40? Fire?

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That if even a few people do it out to the community, it is sufficient

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and what is for the time that it is something mandatory when every single individual like for instance, sort of out of homes, the five daily prayers What are they for, but for the fires for example. So that will janessa

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that is 45

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and this shows to us that jihad is also found Keifa Why?

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Because of regardless as well Colin what are the loaders not all of them the car Eden as well as the Mujahideen, Allah promises them good reward, but because there is someone who is doing extra he is doing the fourth key fire therefore, because of this extra effort, he will get extra reward

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and what is that extra reward? The Rajasthan men who were more Farah 10 degrees from him meaning from a loss of pain without it what degree is what ranks are these

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this is understood as first of all levels of gender,

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they will have higher levels of gender, why?

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Because their effort is more their effort is higher, their contribution is higher.

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So therefore, their levels in general will also be higher.

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Secondly, they said the Rajasthan men who these are just refer to stations of honor.

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Stations of honor and higher rankings both in the near and dear

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to such people will be closer to Allah Who?

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The Mujahideen

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well, Mahabharata and also forgiveness, what an altar mercy. What can Allahu Akbar for Rahim Allah, and Allah is Forgiving, and he is also merciful.

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So if you look at both of these two is, what do we see

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that there are three types of believers. First of all, who are they?

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Who are the carried on those who remain at home without a genuine reason. Those who are inactive, who don't do extra, without a legitimate reason.

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The second group is that those people who are will not have

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will have a lot of meaning they have a legitimate reason for staying behind, for remaining behind

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and ever person because of a legitimate reason because of a genuine reason he stays behind. But he has the desire to do jihad to go out in the way of a loss of panel data, he will reach the same level as a major hit. Do you understand if a person because of a genuine reason is unable to go out in the way of a loss penalty. But he has the Nia he has the desire, he has the yearning to go out in the way of a loss penalty, he will be concerned amongst to the Mujahideen. Why?

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Because if he had the opportunity, he would have done it. He didn't get the opportunity. That's why he stayed away from it otherwise he would have done it. And we know from a hadith the Prophet sort of others of them said there are people who remained in Medina there are people who remained in Medina who didn't come out with you for the battle.

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But they were with you in every March you marched

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and Every valley you crossed.

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They were with you the whole time. But they're orange actually with you. They were in Medina, but they were with you the whole time. The Sahaba us while they are still Medina messenger of Allah. I mean those pillars in Medina then how can they be with us? While we're marching every March and crossing Every valley

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The prophets are a lot of them said yes, it was only their disability that hindered them from joining you.

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So the second group is a war.

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The author of now one is that of a person's of the Torah, he says, hamdulillah thank God, I didn't have to go,

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I'm free from this responsibility. No, I'm exempt from this responsibility, no,

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being older, or if a person really has the need, then you will get the same reward. And the third group is a who, and Mujahideen,

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those who go out in the way of Allah, who do their best, who spend their wealth and their time.

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So we see that those people who do jihad, who have a loss of pantalla, at the level of sacrifice, they are a degree above those who only keep to the obligations.

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So this shows to us that a person, any action that he performs, can be at two levels.

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First is at the level of obligation at the level of

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every single action that had been performed. It could be on one of these two levels, first of all, at the level of obligation,

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that for example, of the salvato homes, the five daily prayers, when is that a person just performs the fault? Is he performing the obligation? Is he Yes? Is he going to get reward? Yes, is it going to be saved from the punishment? Yes, inshallah.

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And the second is at the level of sacrifice, that a person does more than the required how, by sacrificing his own comfort by sacrificing his own health.

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He doesn't have to, he's not obligated, however, willingly

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by sacrificing he is doing. So for example, one is to perform the farfalla. And performing the futsal is a source of great reward.

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However, praying extra, like for example, the person makes sure that he prays out of the sun. Right. Similarly, he prays,

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he prays,

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he prays Salatu istikhara.

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Allah This is what extra Salah that brings a person more reward that takes him closer to a loss

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that takes him closer to a loss of prime time.

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Similarly, Zakat is 2.5% it's mandatory,

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but giving voluntary sadaqa we have read about the reward for that in South America in great detail. When a person gives voluntary

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and in order to give voluntary sada What are you doing? You're sacrificing some of the money that you have the right to enjoy

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the main that you have. As long as you've given us a cat, you have the right to enjoy. You can use it however you want. As long as it's Hillel.

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But if a person says that no, although I can spend it on myself, but rather I will use it for the deen of Allah subhanaw taala then what is he doing? He's sacrificing.

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He's putting in extra effort. Similarly, reciting the Quran inshallah it is mandatory.

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But reciting the Quran outside of Salah, to improve one's recitation to earn more reward isn't going to bring more benefit to a person. Of course it is.

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Similarly acquiring basic knowledge of the deen it's an obligation. It's a formula,

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acquiring basic knowledge of the deen how to praise for how to fast how to recite the Quran. This is an obligation and this is basic knowledge. But the other level is that a person acquires more knowledge of the Y

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in order to solidify his understanding of the and also to help other people learn that

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he is doing something extra. And if he's doing something extra, then he is sacrificing and because of his sacrifice, his level will be higher.

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So any action that a person does, it could be either the level of obligation forth, or it could be at the level of sacrifice, it's up to you, what do you choose? Is it the bare minimum? Or do you want to go higher?

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The higher you go, the more benefits you will have.

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And you'll see that sometimes we think that if I am doing whatever is necessary if I'm performing all the obligations and that's enough

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that's what we think right?

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That if I'm praying my soul, I'm giving this okay. I have done my Hajj and I recite the Quran I do my or bother my personal budget every single day. That's enough. I can enjoy my life as it is.

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But the other is that a person says that, okay, I'm doing all the Friday.

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However, I am going to choose to have a hectic routine, a tough routine.

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I'm going to sacrifice some of my own leisure time, some of my own personal time. Why?

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So that I can learn that I can help other people learn that in

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the same amount of time that you're spending, for example, coming every single day, especially those of you who are mothers, but those of you who are young, maybe you will not understand this as well.

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But those of you who are mothers, how is it that you have to come here for five, six hours every day. And when you go back home, you have to cook, you have to train you have to feed and you have to study. Now when is it when you're at home, you can live your own comfortable life.

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You're cooking in the morning, you're cleaning in the morning when the children are at school,

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or when they're at school, then you recite your own Quran, you're happy.

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But the other is that you choose to learn more. You choose to help other people learn.

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Aren't you sacrificing some of your own comfort? Aren't you?

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You are sacrificing your own comfort. And because you are sacrificing your own comfort.

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This is why Allah Subhana Allah has given preference to who

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the Mujahideen over.

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We think that why should we bother to do extra when the basics are enough? Why?

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Why should you bother to do extra when the basics are enough? Because the reward of doing extra is a lot.

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The reward of doing extra is a lot. And what is it though? ajet higher ranks.

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We are in sort of Israel number 21 a lot of times it says on the Cave of Berlin, Berlin when a hero to marudhara Jatin what actual root of Lila

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Look how we have favored some people over others in this linear in risk that how some people have more money. Some people have more skills. Some people have more talent, some people have more knowledge and others have less.

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And you think this is a big deal somebody has more money than you

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but the Hereafter is greater in degrees and greater in distinction