Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P18 171D Tafsir Al-Muminun 5-11

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of protecting private parts and being a good husband to prevent sexual behavior. They criticize parents who are not protecting private parts and be a good husband to prevent sexual behavior. They also discuss the negative impact of sexual activities on women and the importance of finding a balance between sex and people's emotions. The segment emphasizes the need for gratitude and boundaries between reality and consciousness, as well as setting boundaries between reality and consciousness to ensure everything is done correctly. The holy grail of Islam is also discussed, with a focus on the importance of praying and setting boundaries between reality and consciousness.
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When Lavina whom leave Fuji him happy alone. And those who whom they are leave Fuji him for their private parks happy alone they guard ones who guard for who deplore Allah foliage, private part and half alone ones who guard those who have what is his to preserve, protect something?

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When do you have to preserve and protect something look after it.

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It's precious. All right.

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When you if you're losing it.

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Let me give you an example. Two people in the house. One is a three month old baby.

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And one is a 30 year old adult

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who needs to be looked after the three month old. And if as a wife, you're looking after your husband as if he was a child, you're doing it wrong. He's not a kid. He's not your baby. Many women say, Oh, the first baby, the husband, he's not your baby. Don't look at him as a baby. I've heard this from way too many women. And I hate to hear this, your husband is not your child. Stop treating him like a child. Treat him like a man.

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Anyway, that was a sight point.

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But something I'm too passionate about because I hate it. Don't view your husband like as if he's a baby. He needs to be babied all the time. He's an adult, you didn't inherit that child from your mother in law.

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Okay, he is a child to your mother in law, but to you he's not a child, he's your husband. So give him the respect that a husband deserves. Speak to him like you speak to a man, someone responsible. Give him the responsibility that he deserves in the position of being a husband so he can act like a husband.

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He can practice the authority that Allah has given him, he can look after his flock he needs to.

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Anyway, again. So three month old child needs to be looked after. Right? Why?

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It's weak. And it has needs.

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Like, for example, a three month old child needs to be fed. And if it's not fed, the baby is hungry, what is he going to do? cry and scream? Correct. So, the child needs to be protected, looked after, because there is a potential of being in danger.

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Likewise, the private parts, they need to be guarded

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attentively. We cannot take this matter lightly. People who are successful they guard their private parts. What does it mean? They guard their private parts from that which is haram. That which Allah has not made lawful?

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Which means that if the private part has an urge to do something unlawful,

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then that is where you need to guarded and protected.

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You need to stop it. Just like a six month old child rolling, rolling rolling on the bed. What do you need to do protect it? Just because he's enjoying rolling doesn't mean you let him roll off the bed. You don't let him do that. So just like that, if a person has a sexual urge that is unlawful, don't say it's natural. No,

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guard it.

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You have to guard it, you have to preserve it, you have to look after it. And before you can guard it, acknowledge it. Because unfortunately, in our families in our cultures, these things are not even acknowledged in our 20 year old daughter. No, no, no, she has a sexual desire. She wants to be married. Don't talk about it. This is not possible. And we compare 20 year old girls of today with 20 year old girls 50 years ago. And we say things like old 20 year old at that time, perhaps didn't

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even know anything. And you guys know too much.

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Well, we live in this world. So I acknowledge the fact that the private part can have urges. It does.

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And it's the parents who need to acknowledge this as well.

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Unfortunately, marriages are made impossible, any completely impossible. Because first of all we're looking for we're waiting for Prince Charming in every way. And some successful, well educated, no loan willing to pay off my loan and you know, living independently

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and all those things. And if we cannot find it, one after the other, reject, reject, reject.

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Or the parents make difficulties.

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Think about it. It

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If your child is hungry, they need food. Would you deprive them of food?

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Would you deprive them of food? No. And if as a mother, you deprive your child of good food, you are loved him.

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You are unfair. And if as a parent, you are preventing your child from performing a marriage that is halal, you are also doing loan.

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This is well, this is injustice. You know, I say this very proudly, I got married when I was 19.

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And my husband was 21.

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People would look at us as if crazy. He's still in school. You're living with your parents

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in one bedroom? Seriously, he doesn't have a job. He's still in school, you're in school? What's going on? How are you going to live? How are you going to survive?

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And I can say I had the best time of my life with my husband all these years at Hamdulillah. And I don't regret it. I don't regret it wondering if I can buy this dress myself? Or should I ask my mom? Or should I ask my mother in law? Yes, I've been through those times. I can't ask my husband. He's studying. He's in school. The little money that he makes with a part time job, he has to, you know, work on things.

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And I would wonder, I want this dress. Should I buy it? Should I ask my mom to buy this from me? Should I ask my mother in law to buy this from me? What should I do? I've been through that. And I've seen many things that I've wanted and I've not bought them because I couldn't but Alhamdulillah I had a best friend by my side.

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And I think it was worth it. So what if you have to live through years of financial hardship for some time and you feel like you're dependent on others. So what

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Allah will put baraka and those who go through hardship Alhamdulillah they learned something hardship is a part of life. What Lavina homely for Raja him Hatfields own. We tell children we tell our young adults not to do is to not keep away from Zina. Whereas we forget the fact that these desires urges are natural. They're normal.

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Well, Lavina homely Fujian half alone, and what is how long what is how long that they guard their private parts from? Haram is what? Because we have to know what is unlawful as well right? Zina, of course that is unlawful. What else is unlawful?

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homosexual relations, a person may have an urge, and that's fine, an urge is there.

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But first and has to stop. Why? Because Allah has not allowed that. Likewise, according to majority of the scholars, even * that is also unlawful. The urge is there. But a person has to stop what Lavina whom live for Raja him half Saloon in law except Allah as YG him except from their spouses from their wives, meaning they don't guard their private parts from their wives so husband doesn't need to guard his private part from his wife nor does a wife have to guard her private part

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from her husband. No. Illa Allah has YG him oh man Malacca a man whom are that which their right hands possess? What does that refer to? In particular refers to slave women not a slave man. Okay? For in the home. So indeed, the labrum aloo mean, they do not Malou mean wants to be blamed. Maluma is a Florida Mulu from the letters lamb while meme loan, what is loan to blame to report someone for a wrong action?

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So in other words, if they're having sexual relations with their wife, there's nothing wrong about it. Don't criticize them for this. Don't make fun of them. For this, they're not blameworthy for doing this.

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Because if Allah subhanaw taala has made this halal for these two people, then who are we to criticize? Because unfortunately, even these things are picked on. You know, for instance, people are told, did you shower today?

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What's that got to do with you? Why are you making someone feel embarrassed because of having relations with their spouse? This is also a kind of injustice. And this is something that we don't need to interfere in. Because unfortunately, within families also these conversations happen. People are put in awkward situations they have to answer awkward questions. Irrelevant. Men hospital Islam in Maui Darko Humala. Yarny.

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Literally, I've heard things like people complaining that people asked me I didn't hear the shower today. Everything okay?

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A family member asked.

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Who are we to ask a question like this? Let's stop prying into affairs of other people. You

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Once the prophets of Allah is no called a man, he asked that meant and this hadith is in Makati.

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And that man he was in his house somebody must have come in, you know houses of those times somebody talks outside you hear inside so that men he came and it's as if he came in a rush and water was dripping from his head.

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And the prophets Allah Islam said it seems as if we rushed you

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that perhaps you are with your family, Jana, you didn't have to come so quickly, because the water was still dripping from his head, as if he had literally poured the water on himself and just ran quickly to the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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There is no high over here.

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And another occasion we learned the prophets Allah was with Abu lado de la or new and all of a sudden Abu Dhabi. He disappeared. No, he just went. And then when he came, the prophets of Allah Islam asked him Where were you? He said, You had a sort of low when I met you in the street, I was in the state of Geneva. And I have to go take a bath and I didn't want to be with you in the state of Geneva and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said something to the effect of you know, believers

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pure. So what if you're in the state of Geneva you can still sit next to me and we can still have a conversation. You don't have to slip away and go take a bath and come back.

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This is normal. It's part of life.

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You know, our problem is we don't acknowledge these realities we go hush hush. Don't talk about it. laugh about it. giggle giggle you know, behind everybody. And then in secret, watch things that are inappropriate, read things that are inappropriate and do things that are inappropriate and let evil happen and lead bad happen but never acknowledge it.

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Who are we deceiving?

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ourselves? Who are we harming ourselves?

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Illa Allah as Where do you oh man Melaka Amen are home for inner home live room alumi. Remember this for inner home volume alumi. When it comes to any kind of, you know, sexual relation or sexual pleasure, we link it we associate it with guilt with evil. There's nothing evil about it. In fact, when a person does it the right way. What does he get?

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He gets reward. Why? Because he's doing things the right way.

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There's a website like a garment, by Chef Yasir qadhi. And it's a whole program also lectures videos, in which he clearly talks about these things. Because unfortunately, in our families, these things are not spoken about. People get married and they don't know what is halal. What is haram. Or they associate these things with guilt with evil. There's nothing evil about it. Just know your limits. And we have to gain knowledge about this. Why? Because we don't get this necessary knowledge

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from those when we should be getting from our parents. You know, there's two extremes either we cross every limit. The whole family is watching something, you know, very * on the television, no limits. Or even if you have your periods pretend that you don't have and pray in front of your father.

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pretend as if you're fasting, pretend pretend pretend because if you have periods, you are as if committing a sin. You're not committing a sin. This is part of life. Does he not know what menstruation is? You don't have to openly talk about it. But Phil hex chill. This is part of life. So we need to find this appropriate balance.

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Look at our last chromed out of removes every kind of guilt from here for in the home light on monogamy. They're not to be reproached. There is nothing wrong over here. It's halal. And when it's halal, it is good. And when it's good, you're rewarded for it. However, from inevitable but whoever seeks well as Alec beyond that, for Hola, Erica then those home they allow dune the transgressors then he has their transgressing who those who are going beyond that beyond what beyond what is

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lawful in the previous if what was mentioned Illa Allah as YG him Oh mama look at a man. So anyone who seeks other than these than that is what is that crossing the limits? Now there is a question. Husband wife, marriage, understandable, but what is this oh man, Monica to a man who? You know, we find it very strange that if a man owns a slave woman can have relations with her.

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How is that fair? First of all, remember that this is permissible only when there is actual slavery. Right? Which doesn't apply to us anymore. Remember that first of all, slavery was a major part of Arab society, not just our society, a major part of the world.

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All right, major populations almost everywhere.

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Were of slaves. Now, if a Muslim man has a slave woman, than what does it mean? If he does have relations with her than the child? Who does that belong to whose child is it, of the men, and many times that slave woman, instantly a her status would be increased in society because she is the mother of the child.

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All right, she's the mother of the child. And because she's the mother of the child whose child

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whose child a free man, her status is increased. Also remember that slavery, this is like an official relationship, just as husband wife, right? Or, for instance, parents and children, there's a bond over there, right? There is a bond. Likewise, two business partners, is there a bond, you something, a contract that is bringing them together.

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So likewise, a slave and master, there is a contract, a hidden contract that is bringing them together, which is why we see that there are certain responsibilities that are imposed on the master, and there are certain responsibilities that are placed on the slave. So for example, a slave cannot just run away, he cannot, if he runs away, you know, leaves his master, then he's as if committing a sin. The Master, on the other hand, is also responsible for the slave. He cannot

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mistreat him, misuse him, you know, hurt him, give him more than he can bear. It's not allowed in Islam. There's a relationship over here that must be respected, that comes with its responsibilities and rights and duties.

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So when it comes to a male owner, female slave, then remember that over there also there is a bond, there is a relationship. And if that man chooses to have relations with her, then he must do so with responsibility. Just as you know, when he's having a relationship with a free woman, he's doing that with the responsibility with up Nikka.

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There is an app there is a contract, there's responsibility. He's not just lying with one woman, and then walking away from her the next day.

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In two months, he changes in a five girlfriends No. So likewise, when it comes to slave women, remember that this is a relationship, and she belongs to only one master, you understand she belongs to only one master, the child that she will give birth to is the child of will the master he is the father of that child, her status is increased. She is dependent on him.

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Just as the other children of a man are dependent on him, his family members are also dependent on him.

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So don't think of it as a servant, and a man is sexually abusing her. And all this is legal in Islam. No, this is not a servant. And this is not sexual abuse. This is an allowance that has been given with responsibility.

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So what do we see over here that both of these that are mentioned over here, through marriage or through the bond of slavery? Both of these bonds what do the show do it with responsibility? having sexual relations is not a joke. Being so intimate with another person? This is not a joke. You better do it with responsibility Illa Allah as Where do you him? Oh mama look at a man whom for in the home glade woman will mean from inevitable what are they lick for Hola, Erica hormonal dune they

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are those who are transgressing when Lavina and those who whom de Leon Monetti him for their trusts. A monad is a plural off Amana. What is Amana? What's the route, Hamza mean noon, who is a mean? Someone who is trustworthy. Amana is basically anything that a person is entrusted with.

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Anything that a person is entrusted with. It could be a task,

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a task, like for example,

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any task that you have been assigned to do recently, very recently,

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okay, that tomorrow you have to bring an incident from the life of the Prophet salallahu Salam where he's giving charity. So you've been given a task. You've been entrusted with something, I told you to do this, with this faith that you will do it.

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I trust you to do it. I expect you to do it. This is a manner

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could be a task. It could be a responsibility even what responsibility like for example, a woman becomes a mother. Now she has to

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Read, and she is responsible as a mother for her children. The father is responsible for his children. It's a responsibility.

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It can also be guarding something like for example, an object, something that is given to you for safekeeping. You were entrusted with it. Someone trusted you enough to leave that with you. So you would watch over it, take care of it, make sure it's not stolen, it doesn't get lost. And then when they need it, you give it back to them.

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Like for example, you go somewhere your friend needs to go to the bathroom. She says here, keep my bag. I'll be back in a minute. So that bag is what? An Amana on you.

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Your dad gives you his car keys, his car keys,

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keys to his car, the car that only drives and he lets you drive that car. So as you're driving it realize that that car is also an Amana, the body that we have who gave it to us, Allah subhanaw taala the relationships that we have, Allah gave them to us.

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So these are all a Monette I remember that some of them are not they have to do with the dean and others they have to do with the dunya some are religious religious responsibilities, the responsibility to pray five times a day, complete the facets of Ramadan, give charity so on and so forth. These are all religious responsibilities, religious duties, we have been entrusted with them. Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to pray five times a day expecting from us that we would pray five

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times a day

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and if we do that, he would give us a reward of 50 prayers. So this is an Amana religious obligation and some obligations are also worldly meaning they are from the people. They have to do with the things of this world

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tasks responsibilities that are worldly. So whether these are religious responsibilities or worldly responsibilities, both Allah says they guard them and not just a monad also, what are the what is the promise? There is a slight difference between Amana and Amana is that which is given to you, you are entrusted

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and odd is that which you take on yourself.

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So for example, when it comes to Ivana, we don't always have a choice. So for example, five daily prayers did we agree? Yanni? Were you there? When the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to most artists, I'm not going back again, requesting for a further decrease? No, we weren't there. We have no share in that, but it's an Amana that has been given to us. Word is that what you take on yourself? So for example, a promise that is made with Allah subhanaw taala. So for example, the

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person says, Yeah, Allah,

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I promise you, I promise you that if you help me pass in this, if you let me have a license, then I will do such and such. If you let me have this job, then I will spend my first paycheck on such and such good cause. This is a Word of Promise, you took it on yourself. It could be from Allah and also with people, a promise that we make with other people.

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Could be a commitment, an appointment, could be financial could be otherwise, whether it's an Amana or an Allah says they are raw goon wanzl Guard, our own is a Florida veteran who is already a shepherd. What does the shepherd do? looks after sheep that are very independent, and can take care of themselves. Can they know what does the shepherd do? He has to take them in the morning. Watch over them the whole day, bring them back, right? That's a shepherd, always watching.

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And this is how successful believers are attentive to words, their promises and commitments mean to take them seriously. And who is a hypocrite? What's the definition of a hypocrite? When he speaks he lies when he makes a promise. He breaks it when he's entrusted with something he betrays that trust.

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One Lavina and those who home they Allah salah, YT him on their prayers, all of their prayers, Salawat explorative salah, you have Elune they guard they guard their prayers, they guard their prayers, what does it mean by that?

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That they perform all of them at the right time, fulfilling the prerequisites, performing them properly, so that the reward is ensured. What's the opposite of guarding the prayer?

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wasting it for HANA from embodying holophone Allah or salata, wasting the prayer

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What does it mean by wasting to prayer? For example, the person is performing the Salah in such a rush. He doesn't even realize he performed two or three lacar he doesn't know. He says whatever, I don't care just gonna say this Allah says the Salah, what is he going to get out of the prayer?

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Was that a waste of an effort or an effort that will count waste, right? That prayer was wasted.

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That action was wasted. Why? Because it was not performed properly. At the right time in the right way with who Sure. So when Medina Humala, Salawat team, you have your own, the gar guard, their prayers, the times of the prayers, the records, everything related to prayer, they guarded the will do.

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In a hadith, we learned evilness ruderal DE LA or New he asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which deed is most beloved to Allah. And he said prayer at the appointed time.

00:25:58 --> 00:26:02

Prayer at the right time, that is the first step to guarding the prayer.

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Part of guarding the prayer is also not wasting it after performing it. You know, for instance, we write something and then we put across on it. So what was written is wasted, or you type up an entire document and then you don't save it. It's gone. So likewise, Salah is performed and immediately after it's followed by something haram.

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So what happened good, erases bad and sometimes bad also erases good.

00:26:36 --> 00:26:44

If you notice all of these qualities of successful believers that are mentioned over here, what's the first quality?

00:26:45 --> 00:26:48

It's related to prayer? What's the last one, it's related to prayer?

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Because this is how success is determined. How Our prayers are, it matters at the beginning. It matters at the end.

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When Medina home or LA Salawat, to him you have alone, the prophets, Allah Salam said, Allah has obligated five prayers. Whoever performs there will do, meaning performs will do properly, performs them in their proper times, complete their record. And so Jude and who Sure, then he has a promise from Allah that Allah will forgive him. And whoever does not do that has no promise from Allah.

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Whoever does not guard his prayer that will do the ruku for the sujood, The Who, sure he doesn't pay attention to this, he doesn't care about the timings of prayers, then he has no promise from Allah. Then Allah will either forgive him or punish him. It's up to Allah basically.

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It's up to Allah always. But when a person performs his prayers properly, then it's as if he's in safety. He's insecurity. But when the prayers are not performed properly, that he doesn't have that safety, he doesn't have that security.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:24

Because on the Day of Judgment, what's the first matter that people will be questioned about with regards to the help of Allah salah and the Hadith tells us that if the Salah is sound, then the rest of the deeds will also be sound meaning then you pass the test.

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But if the Salah is not found if a person does not pass with respect to his prayers, then the rest of his deeds also he won't pass and there's a Hadith from October Ronnie, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in a hadith that what do you think about a person whose house is next to a stream a river and he beds in it five times a day? Was there any dirt be left on his body and the people said no, he would be clean. This is the example of the five daily prayers they clean as they purify us,

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one Medina homeless Zuccotti very alone, these people, Allah says, Allah Iike human worry. So, those will be the worry soon the heirs what is who is what is the one who inherited something at the end? He got something in inheritance. So people who have these qualities they will inherit, what will they inherit? A Lavina. Yeti thornell fit those, those who will inherit for those.

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I want you to imagine this. Think of a person who's very, very rich,

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and they write in their will, that 1/3 of their property must go to you when they die. You have no idea. You get a call one day and you're told that such and such amount of money has been given to you as inheritance. You might say, well, I don't have any relatives who died recently. No, not a relative, somebody else who made you an heir.

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Who wrote your name in there. Well

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I'm undecided that a major part of that should go to you.

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You might wonder, what did I do to get this? I'm not their relative. But you did something that made them so happy with you that they left a part of their property for you. Even though technically, you don't deserve it, why you don't deserve it because it's not your birthright. It's not because you're related to them. You're not related to them. Why are you getting it? Why are they leaving so much money for you because you made them happy.

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Whenever person lives a good life, Allah is also happy with him. When a person performs his Salah with her Sure, preparing for the meeting with Allah, then Allah is also happy with him.

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When a person is careful with regard to the most private matters of his life, the matter of sexual relationships, sexual pleasure, even there, he's mindful of Allah than Allah. He's happy with this person. And Allah will make him inherit Jana, even though we can never claim the Janna is our right, because who can earn Jana with their money or with their good deeds? Nobody can. Even the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that I don't know what will be done with me. Because a person cannot enter

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Jannah except by the mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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But we have to do something to make Allah happy. When Allah is happy, he will fill us with richness, he is the one who will grant success Allah eco humble, worthy thorn, a Lavina, Uri Sonal. For those, they will inherit with those, what is for those, the highest highest level of Jannah.

00:31:56 --> 00:32:18

Above which is the OSH of Allah subhanaw taala. This is for those right now. Where are we on the earth? And where's the earth? If you think about it, the prophets of the laws and when he went on Merrill Edge, he went from the earth crossed the first sky then crossed the second sky, then the third, then the fourth and the fifth, then the sixth then the seventh.

00:32:19 --> 00:32:27

Imagine seven skies. Above them, is the ASHA of Allah subhanaw taala. Above that, is Allah subhanaw taala.

00:32:28 --> 00:32:41

And for those wares, that beneath the ash, this is why the Scholars say it's the best guess that they can make the Jannah where is it situated? Somewhere between the sixth and the seventh sky.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:51

And don't think of the sky as the blue sky that we see. No, you know the universe that we know of? What is that? That is all the first sky

00:32:52 --> 00:33:08

because Allah subhanaw taala tells us that we cannot go beyond it. Latin for Luna Illa Busselton we cannot go beyond it. So imagine the size of this universe, how massive it is the universe that we know off. And this is all just the first sky.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:28

Those who have these qualities Alladhina Arizona for those they will be taken high up high to the highest level of Jannah. For those who don't see her, Holly Dune, they will be in it for forever and ever and ever.

00:33:29 --> 00:33:47

For ever, no depth, no pain, no leaving Jana. Nothing like that. They will abide there in eternally. The prophets. Allah Salam said, if you ask Allah for Jana, meaning when you ask Allah for Jana, then ask him for fifth dose.

00:33:48 --> 00:33:52

Don't say yeah, Allah just let me reach the door of Jana.

00:33:53 --> 00:34:28

I mean, that's perhaps what we think about ourselves and we'll barely make it to the door of Jannah given the condition of our deeds. However, when we ask Allah for Jana, what should we ask for? For those the highest level of Jannah for it is the highest part of paradise in the middle of paradise and from its spring the rivers of Paradise, and above it is the throne of the Most Merciful insults Maria Maya 63 We learn till call Jana to this is Jana allottee. No result which we shall give in

00:34:28 --> 00:34:43

inheritance. Minute Reba Dena to some of our servants with servants. Men cannot pay Yeah. Those who have Taqwa those who are fearing of Allah.

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

In total Arafa 43. We learn what to do until Kamal Jana to all these Tomohisa Vemma quantum Dharma loon. You're being given this Jana. Why? Because of what you used to do. You did something you made Allah happy.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

Be Now Allah is giving you Jana hola ecohome will very soon Alladhina URI Sunil dosa Humphrey Holly dune May Allah subhanaw taala make all of us amongst the believers who are successful

00:35:16 --> 00:35:18

will listen to the recitation of these verses

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00:35:26 --> 00:35:27


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alayhi salam team calls

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will learn enough

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will learn enough Zakah Tifa or you

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will learn enough Wombly 4g him have you oh

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gee you

00:36:16 --> 00:36:16

the man

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team didn't

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follow it he knew half

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those some fee for

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