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Juz’ 13: Yusuf 53-111 – Ibrahim

Ibrahim 28-52

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I'm Tara illa levina but the lunar mattala ecofin. Handle coma home Darren Burwell Have you not considered those who exchange the favor of Allah for disbelief and settle their people in the home of Ruin, it is hell, which they will enter to burn and wretched is the settlement and they have attributed to Allah equals to mislead people from his way say, enjoy yourselves, for indeed your destination is the fire, oh Prophet, tell my servants who have believed to establish prayer and spend from what We have provided them secretly and publicly before a day comes in which there will be no exchange nor any friendships. Here, I remind myself and you have the importance of perfecting

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our prayers, guarding our prayers, and also giving in charity, and this is the month the month of Ramadan in which we especially pay attention to these two acts of worship, prayer, especially in the nighttime, and also charity, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam frequently give sadaqa in the month of Ramadan, someone saw that he was described as faster than a fast wind, fast wind, how it blows, but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he gave sadaqa more quickly, more quickly than the fast one then the speedy win. So we also need to think about this, that in this month, let us in sha Allah develop the habit of performing solid firstly on time, then properly with the sunon and with assure in sha

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Allah. And also, let's focus on giving sadaqa also, why because Allah says there is a day that is coming, in which there will be no exchange and no friendship will avail either. It is Allah who created the heavens and the earth and sent down rain from the sky and produce there by some fruits as provision for you and subjected for you the ships to sail through the sea by his command and subjected for you the rivers was Sahara la como shumsa will come along the urbane and he subjected for you the sun and the moon. Continuous meaning the sun and the moon continuously. They are in orbit without even one day break. And what do we want that come on? Let's get one day off hard. Why

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is it 30 days in a row? Well look at the sun and the moon since the time they were created. They have been in orbit without a moment's rest without a moment's rest was the hola como Layla Wanda, and he has objected for you the night and the day will come in Colima, ultimo and he gave you from all that you asked of him, everything that you need, he has given that to you. He has given you everything you need over here, what in third do near mattala he loves to sue her. You think you don't have enough? Well, if you should count the favors of Allah on you the blessings that He has given to you to enjoy, if you started counting them, you could never enumerate them. Indeed, mankind

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is generally most unjust and ungrateful. The fact is that even if we spend our entire lives in frustration to Allah, thanking him for the very fact that He created us, thanking him for the very blessing of our bodies of air, it wouldn't be sufficient, it wouldn't be enough. So what is this teach us that no matter what we're going through, let's be grateful. Because even though there are difficulties and hardships, still, the favors of Allah are innumerable. There are uncountable uncomfortable, if we just start listing, the good things that are happening, the positive things that are happening in our bodies, even right for our bodies to function properly, the things that

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are working right, that are functioning properly, we could not enlist them. What happens to people who, when their eyes or their nose or some parts of their body just get slightly disturbed. They end up in the hospital, they end up going through one test after another and the doctors cannot figure out and then eventually even when they do figure out they cannot do anything about it. So Alhamdulillah Allah has kept us fine, Allah has kept us safe. So no matter what, be grateful, Allah says in Al insana, lava lumen kuffaar. What if Allah Ibrahim Allah bijur unhearable Bella the Armenian and mentioned when Ibrahim said Oh my Lord, make the city with city, the city of Mecca,

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make it secure and keep me and my son's away from worshipping idols. This is the Grateful servant of Allah Ibrahim Ali Salim who the one who his father said that if you don't go I will kill you. He was the one who when he called people to the worship of Allah alone, he was thrown in the fire. He is the one who when he did hit it off for the sake of Allah, he went to Egypt. What happened the king took his wife and he is the one who is the Beloved of Allah.

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close friend of Allah, yet his doll that Oh Allah I want children, his daughter has not answered for many, many years. But look at this servant of Allah, grateful servant. Never once is he found complaining, angry with Allah, no patient and grateful. And over here he says that Oh Allah protect me and my children from the worship of the idols. What is it Rahim? Allah has said, I'm asking for his children. What are the daughters for his children? That Oh Allah protect them from idolatry. He's concerned about their spiritual well being.

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What do we ask Allah for? When we're making golf for our children? Whether they are here or they will come later in Sharla? What do we ask for? Is it just healthy, beautiful, successful, intelligent, bright, smart kids? Or is there something more than that, that we should ask Allah for? Ibrahim Ernie Sena is most concerned about the spiritual well being of his children, that Oh Allah, keep them safe from idolatry. Have we ever made this law for our children? If we haven't, let's make it that Oh, Allah protect me and my children from Schick. Because chick is a sin. associating partners with Allah is a sin, which makes gender haram on a person. He cannot enter Paradise if he

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is committed chick. And this is the most dangerous, the most destructive sin, the most destructive sin.

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And Ibrahim alayhis salam, where was he right now? From his drive? It seems like he was in Makkah, because he's praying that Maccabee made a safe city. Makkah remember, there was no idolatry at the time when Ibrahim or listen I went there, there was nobody there at all. It was just him. When he went initially it was just him and their son. It's my real that's it. And then eventually, later on also an Ibrahim Allison and returned there was just a few people from the tribe of john. That's it. There was no sign of idolatry. But Abraham and his son had seen idolatry. He had seen how dangerous it is, how deceptive it is, how quietly and gradually it comes and it traps people blinding them. It

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turns them away from Allah subhanaw taala. So he makes the O Allah protect my children from Schick. He says, Oh my Lord, indeed they have led astray many among the people. So whoever follows me that he is off me and whoever disobeys me indeed, who are yet Forgiving and Merciful. Our Lord, I have settled some of my descendants in an uncultivated Valley, Makkah, which is uncultivated, nothing grows there near your sacred house. There's nothing great of this world in Makkah, but the only thing that's there is your sacred house our Lord. Why have I made them live here, so that they may establish prayer. The first concern of Ibrahim al Islam for his children is their aqeedah their

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belief then he is most concerned about their almost solely about their righteous actions and out of all righteous actions. The most important is which one Sunnah, remember, if a person is observing sada he is performing his Salah properly. That is a sign that yes, insha Allah, this person is guided and if a person leaves his Salah abandons his Salah, that is a big, big warning sign.

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That is a big warning sign. We don't take this seriously. We think oh, it's okay. At least they fast sometimes in the month of Ramadan, or at least they're good in their manners. know if a person does not praise Allah that is a big warning sign because Salah is the pillar of faith, pillar of faith in the salata

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evil Mancha, it is solid that prohibits people from that stops people that prevents them from evil from sinning. And once a person abandons the prayer, then remember, he will abandon many more good deeds. You see, it starts gradually. First a person says, Well, I'm not going to pray. I can't bother to pray. I don't enjoy it. He leaves prayer. Then what happens when the month of Ramadan comes? He says, Oh, well, if I don't pray, why should I fast? Why should I fast? And when there's an opportunity to go to the house of Allah, a person thinks well, I don't fast and I don't even pray, why should I bother waiting for Hajj. So you see how one leads to the other. The collapse of one

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pillar will lead to the collapse of the rest of the biters also ultimately bringing down the structure of faith the structure of Islam. So Ibrahim are they Sam is making their all that Oh Allah I have brought my children here Leo p masala. So make hearts among the people inclined toward them. Now he's concerned about their emotional needs, that how can they survive alone here. They need people around them and provide them from the fruits. Now he's concerned about their physical needs.

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Also, that they might be grateful. And this is the correct order of all of these needs, first and foremost, spiritual, spiritual well being, then emotional, and then physical. Generally what happens? It's the other way around. When children are born, or before even they're born, what is the concern of the parents physical needs? When we wake up in the morning? What is our concern, physical needs? Then we think about emotional leads, right? checking our phone immediately that someone texted me, right? What emails Do I have today? emotional needs, the need to reconnect with people. And then we think about Oh, let me pray. Right, then we think about spiritual leads, where's the

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order is the exact opposite, it's the reverse. Because the thing is that when a person is spiritually satisfied, then what will happen even if he's suffering physically, he will survive. When a person is emotionally stable. Again, if he is deprived, physically, he will survive. Has it not happened with you that you're sitting with your friends, and you've met them after a long time, and there's food in front of you The food is getting cold, but you don't eat? Why? Because you're enjoying talking to your friends. Right? So you see how the emotional satisfaction, it made you free our physical satisfaction, it doesn't mean that physical leads are unnecessary. No, they are

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unnecessary also. But what is it that needs to be prioritized, first spiritual than emotional, and then physical.

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And the thing is that when it comes to physical needs, Allah subhanaw taala provides, in Hadees, we learned that we're the son of Adam, run from His provision, the way he runs from death. The way he avoids death, his provision would still reach in just as death will reach a person. Likewise, our physical needs they will be met with no matter how much we try to avoid them. As an ever happened, we did that you tell yourself, you know what, I'm not gonna sleep tonight. I'm not gonna sleep tonight. So who is just two hours away? I'm not going to sleep tonight. What happens? You fall asleep sitting at the table, isn't it? It happens with me all the time. It happened with me the

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other day, I'm like, you know what, there's only two hours let me study. And I sit with my computer studying. And the next thing I know, my head is on the table. And it's 230 in the morning. And I'm like, well, there's only half an hour left. Okay, let me try again, started studying again. Again, I fell asleep. I got myself.

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But it happens, right? That physical needs, even when you try to avoid them, they will come to you they will certainly be fulfilled. But spiritual needs, you have to strive to fulfill them yourself. You have to do something. And you know what, when you're spiritually satisfied, then you're emotionally content also. Like for example, the moment you start having who sure in your prayer, you're you're performing your prayer, and you're really in it, you lose sense of time you do. You forget about your fatigue, when you're standing in the way and you're listening to the Imam reciting the Quran and you're enjoying that recitation because you're understanding it, you can actually

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reflect on it, then what happens? You don't even know your feet are hurting until you go into court. Why? Because that spiritual satisfaction made you free of need of physical satisfaction. But we see that all these three are necessary, but the correct order is that which we see in the doors of Ibrahim alayhis salaam. He said Our Lord, indeed you know what we can see and what we declare and nothing is hidden from Allah on the earth, or in the heaven Alhamdulillah Hilary will have Alia annelle kebari is Mariela is harc in Nabila Samira de la Praise to Allah, who has granted to me in old age is smart eel, and is how, indeed, my lord is the here of supplication, look at these amazing

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words of gratitude that are coming from Ibrahim or his son. He says, My Lord hears the DA Allah years to draw, even though the response may be delayed, but Allah hears the law, what happens is that we expect that if we have made a dog instantly, it should be answered within the next moment that should be answered. But Allah hears the dog how that either he gives us what we want, whenever he wants, which means he could give you now or he could give you 10 years later or 20 years later, or he doesn't give it to us at all. And instead he gives us something else. He stores the reward for the hereafter. And for now, we want something but Allah subhanaw taala gives us something else in

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its place. Ibrahim alayhis salam, remember he was around 100 years old when his heart was born. And just a little while before that is married or his son was born. And Abraham and his son um, was not an ordinary man. Who was he lead of

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Can you imagine? You know, even if there's a human friend, okay, human friend, you ask your human friend for something.

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And they're like, Okay, sure.

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You ask them again they say okay, sure, and you don't get it. One day goes by two days go by, what will you say this person is my friend? Will you consider them to be your friend? No. And if one year goes by, then what will happen? He won't even bother to talk to them again. Ibrahim Ernestina is given the title of Helene of Allah and Ibrahim alesana, once a child but what happens? He does not have a child. Allah does not give it to him until Ibrahim is 100 years old.

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Then it is that Allah subhanaw taala gives him what he wants. The question is, could Alok not give him a smile he is how and more sons even before Ibrahima lisanna was 100 could not have done that he could have.

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You see, we can easily deceived by this life.

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We think having children is a goal. Being happy in this life is a goal. Having money having a husband is a goal. When I have this, I'll be happy. And we're using the hour to get to that goal. Whereas it's the exact opposite servitude to Allah. That is the goal. And how do we get there by asking Allah for what we need, not just once, but many times again and again and again. A lot could have given him a lot he might have some 50 sons, Allah could have easily, it wasn't difficult for Allah.

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But Ibrahim is around when he's constantly making the wrong What is he doing? He's showing servitude to Allah. So never, ever get upset when your doors are not answered. be hopeful. Maybe Allah has stored that claim that you want now for later. You think it's good for you now, but Allah knows that it's good for you later. And we see the supper of Ibrahim alayhis salam, there is no complaint over here. He's saying on Helen and lay lady, whatever they are, then Kubilius Mariela is how, if we were in his position, what would we say? You know what I almost gave up, actually, I did give up. Finally, finally I get it. Right? We get angry because we think that we deserve these good things.

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Whereas the fact is that we are Allah servants. And we see in the door of Abraham and his son, there is no despair. He's only hopeful. And this is the etiquette of making the praising thanking Allah. And this can only be when a person is patient and grateful in his life patient over what he's not had yet, and grateful over what he has received. And both go hand in hand. Or Abidjan, Lima ki masala, tea woman, Daria tea, or have been our Taco Bell. Oh my Lord, make me an establisher of prayer. Oh Allah, give me the ability to establish prayer me and also my children that we perform so that properly and we also help others perform Sadat properly. But I've been out with a couple Dora

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and our Lord except my supplication accepted all that we are making here. You see Ibrahim are listening again his concern for Salah is coming up. Why? Because the first question on the day of judgment will be about Salah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the first matter the servant will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment is prayer. If it is good, then all the rest of his actions will be good. And if it is corrupted, then all of his actions will also be corrupted, meaning that he is going to fail the test. And also we see that the first lesson that we need to teach our children is of what though hate and then Salah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the

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command your children to pray when they become seven years old. from seven Salah is necessary.

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And this is why we see a lot bigger alima Kima sadati woman's reality Robin have a legally valid a Wilhelmina yo maya como hisab Our Lord forgive me and my parents and the believers on the day that the account is established so much faith in the servant of Allah. He is truly the perfect example of the believer, like a date palm tree beneficial for everybody look at his door Ozzy's hardly asking anything for himself. He's asking for hope for humanity, whether it is his children descendants, or the people who visit the Kaaba or all of the believers he's making the offer them he makes it offer all the believers that Oh ALLAH forgive them. He's

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Shalom Santa Heba Allah Subhan Allah Hafiz, and I'm Yara Mendoza the moon and never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a day when eyes will stare in horror. Racing ahead, their heads raised up there glands does not come back to them and their hearts are void. And oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned the people of a day when the punishment will come to them. And those who did wrong will say Our Lord, delay us for a short term, we will answer your call and follow the messengers. But it will be said had you not sworn before that for you, there will be no cessation, you thought you will suffer no decline? What deception were you

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living in and you lived among the dwellings of those who wronged themselves and it had become clear to you how we dealt with them. And we presented for you many examples, but you took no heed, and they have planned their plan but with Allah is recorded their plan, even if their plan had been sufficient to do away with the mountains falletta Subhan Allah Hama Khalifa was the hero Sula, in the la hora season, don't you calm so never think that Allah will fail in his promise to his messengers. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and owner of retribution, it will be on the day the earth will be replaced by another earth and the heavens as well. This earth will no longer remain as

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it is today it will be changed, and the sky also will no longer appear to be as it is today it will be changed, the color will change the appearance will change and all creatures will come out before Allah, Allah hidetaka ha, the one the prevailing meaning none will be able to hide their face that day, everyone will come before Allah. In our heads we learned that someone asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that on the day when the sky and the earth will be changed, then when will the people be? Where will we be? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said they will be in darkness beside the bridge, the slit off and where is the slit off? It is situated over the Hellfire which every single

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person has to cross. And so where will people be in darkness before the bridge? So whenever you are in the darkness of the night, remember that time when the earth the sky will change. And we need to think what am I going to do so that I can have light at the time when there will be darkness the prophets of the Lord is seldom said that those who go out in darkness to the Messiah did for them there will be light on the Day of Judgment this hadith in Bukhari,

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water almajiri mina Yama even macabre Nina philospher. And you will see the criminals that day bound together in shackles. Why? Because they imprison believers, they tortured the believers and so they will receive the same on the Day of Judgment. their garments will be of liquid bitch, which is highly flammable, and their faces covered by the fire. This is what they'll be punished with faces will be covered by the fire, meaning the fire will reach up to their faces the profits on a lot of that upset amongst those in the fire will be some who along with other punishments will be in the fire, ankle deep. Others knee deep. Others nose deep, some chest deep and some fully immersed in the

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fire. What are you?

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And why is it that some will have fire up to their knees up to their chest up to their nose? Why? According to the sense that they have committed, the more a person drowns in sin today, the more he will drown in the fire in the hereafter. So that Allah will recompense every soul for what it earned. Indeed, Allah is swift in account, Heather Bella holiness, this is notification for the people, this Koran This message is for all people are on is for all why that they may be warned, thereby warned of the outcome they could possibly have for eternity, and that they may know that he is but one God and that those of understanding will be reminded meaning those who are intelligent

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here, we should be concerned about their asset out there. So remind them, remind them through this Koran so that they may wake up delivering this message of the heat is the responsibility on who

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on every single one of us. So any person around us who is in check any person who is around us who is unaware of Allah even though they may say they believe in Allah, but they don't know who Allah is, what is our duty, that we introduce them to Allah azza wa jal so that they are good here and also good in the hereafter.

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So Chronicle locomobi Hyundai Kona Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Nesta, Luca

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wanted to be like Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh