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An-Nisa 71-85 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 71-73


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The speakers discuss the importance of defense and taking precautions, being alert about one's surroundings, and being mindful of one's actions. They emphasize the need to be mindful of one's actions and not hesitant to ask for help, and emphasize the importance of avoiding negative behavior and staying behind for fear of failure. The success of the team is seen as a means of reward, and individuals are given opportunities to pursue their values.

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Are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 60 Surah Nisa I am number 71 to 85

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yeah you are living in ermanno or you who have believed

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hoodoo hit rock bottom, take your precaution produce from the root Hamza Ha. Then a further further is to take and hold who is a command and you are to do this seas adopt, adopt what hedra comb your defense your precaution,

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Heather is from the root hair then

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and hidden is used for everything

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through which defense is taken through which one defends himself everything,

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whether it is a person or it is a sword, or it is a plan. It is a building anything through which a person defends himself through which defense is taken.

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Defense from what?

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From danger

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from a calamity

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from some difficulty.

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So anything that could harm you

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something that you take as a defense that is called hate.

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And the word Heaven is from the same root as well have had their own moat.

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Fear of death. That is what to be alert and cautious. To Be alert against what again, something that could harm you.

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So Heather and Heather, how are they connected? Heather is the feeling of fear that makes you alert. And Heather is the next step what you take to defend yourself.

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Because it's quite possible if the person isn't hurt, he is careful, something could harm you. But he doesn't take any precaution any means of defending himself. So he did is the fear and how that is what one adopts to protect himself.

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So over here, Allah says Whoa, hey bro can take your percussion What does anybody take your percussion

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meaning beyond the alert, be prepared,

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keep yourself safe.

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For what? For any attack from the enemy. If the enemy attacks you, you should be prepared to defend yourself. If the enemy attacks you, you should be able to fight him back.

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So, the Hydra can take your precaution to defend yourself and also to fight the enemy.

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And then Francesco Sebastien then advanced as Sebastian

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Sebastian was deployed off. So baton and what kind of a group is sober

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a small detachment of who

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skilled soldiers

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are the many other words that are used for groups. For instance, the word June Jones is also used for an army but in particular, the word Jones is used for an army that is armed, that is very well armed that is equipped that is going to fight a battle.

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Similarly, the word folders used

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and folders used for a group of foreign army when it's very speedy, when it's very quick when it's very fast

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has been used in has been generally used for political group

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fear what is fear fear is not just an army, but it can refer to any group in which there is mutual cooperation

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because fair a few is to return to one another. So, the group mutually decides what to do they mutually do what needs to be done and over here, so baton has been used and so that is used for a small band of brave men.

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So, thank you. So back in then go out advance in small groups,

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while small groups

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to show that one after the other one after the other let a small group deal first, then if they need reinforcement, then send a reinforcement then if further reinforcement is needed, then send that reinforcement

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and secondly funds zero so that is why if that is what the situation needs.

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I will follow all of you march 4 Jimmy are on altogether. What does that mean for Jimmy and meaning all of you together? Every single one of you go forth for the battle.

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What does it mean?

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By the meaning according to the need, if the situation is that all of you must go forward, each and every single person is necessary, then all of you who and if only a small group can do then let them do the job. So we saw in the previous iottie obedience to Allah and obedience to the messenger are mentioned in great detail. And here the people of Eman are encouraged to make preparations to defend themselves to protect themselves from the enemy of the

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What do we learn from this ayah

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First of all, we learned about the obligation of taking precaution.

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Many times people think that they don't need to take any precaution why

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they say that it's the worker not to take any precaution.

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But whether the profits

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die or gamble, and then do the work.

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So if you need to take precaution with regards to anything, then it's not against event. It's not contrary to demand. In fact, it is a part of email, because Allah subhanaw taala is addressing Yes, you will lead in a manner.

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And we see that many times we think that just because we're Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala is going to help us we don't need to do anything. We don't need to prepare. We don't need to plan this is the work of a lot. This is the deen of Allah, Allah Himself will take care. But over here, yes, you are believers. Yes, you do have trust upon Allah. Yes, Allah will help you. But at the same time, you also have to do something to help yourself. You have to guard yourself.

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The ultimate from this is about the obligation of being conscious and alert about one's surroundings. the obligation of being conscious the obligation of being alert,

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a believer cannot be passive, that he doesn't care about the obvious things that are going on around. And similarly a believer cannot be you know, they use the word one, that on every little thing, you start doubting, you start getting confused, that maybe it's this maybe it's that should I should I not know.

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A person should be cautious. A person should be alert. Don't be passive, don't go onto either extremes.

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I for example, when it comes to cleaning, for instance, you know, one is that a person doesn't see the obvious stains on something, this is what being passive

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and the other is that a person keeps looking whomever is listening is there anything he keeps looking keeps looking? What is that, that is also waste of time and energy.

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So a person should be moderate. And what is the way of moderation that be cautious and alert about your surroundings.

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We also learned from this IoT obligation of taking precaution preparing for defense.

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And this includes preparing for a plan, having a plan as well as the resources ready. So two things are necessary plan as well as resources.

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Sometimes we have resources, and we don't have a plan. Sometimes we have a big plan, but we don't have the resources. Both are necessary. As part of taking precaution.

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We also learn from this idea but the obligation of being united. How, where do we learn this from?

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Because all of the believers are being addressed? Can you defend yourself alone? No, you have to be together.

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So this shows us the importance of being united because a person cannot defend himself alone. We also learn from this ayah but the obligation of responding to the situation according to what the situation necessitates.

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That if going in small groups will suffice, then don't waste your resources.

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Sometimes, if you can make do with it at all, then don't waste your money on extra.

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And if more resources are needed, if you need to spend more than Don't be stingy. Spend your resources according to what according to the need of the situation. Sometimes we go on to extremes, sometimes we give more than what is necessary and sometimes we become stingy. So we learned from this is what the obligation of responding to the situation according to the need

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for a miracle, and indeed there is among you lemon law you Bhakti

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is the one who lingers behind.

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Meaning among the believers, there is lemon surely the one who may learn about the unknown is from their own countries bar for Hamza from the word back on

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and what is to be slow. What does it mean? To be slow? Primarily the word means to take very long or to take time in walking from one point to another.

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Like you know, for instance, from here to the masjid

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Sometimes we're going. And it's as if we're strolling through a park, literally,

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over window shopping, that we will walk so slowly that other people behind us are worrying about their salad because they have to go to Whoo. And they have to go persona.

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So what is that one primarily means to be very slow in walking.

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And then found is the word that one is used for being lazy

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for delaying something unnecessarily for being lethargic,

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and are not always used in two ways. In Java, this will come again many times. So just once I'm telling you that, first of all, as long as him

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What is the lesson

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that when the person is doing an action, only by himself on himself, meaning he's not doing the action on somebody else,

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like the word sub don't realize what the sudden mean, to stop oneself? So that is one lesson. So not only is to be lazy oneself?

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And certainly it is also a user's motor it? What does it mean, to do the action on someone so sudden? First of all, it means to stop oneself? And secondly, what does it mean?

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To stop somebody else, you're doing the action on someone else? So Bocconi is also like that.

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So it is to be lazy oneself to be lethargic oneself. And secondly, but on also means do make other people lazy to make other people in authority. So it is to be a bad example for others. What does it mean, to be a bad example? For others? So that one is basically when a person does not do something himself? Nor does he encourage other people to do it?

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Neither is he active himself, nor does he encourage other people to be active. So we're in an income lamella, you bought a gun? What does it mean? That among you, there are some people who hesitate about PETA, about going forth for battle in the way the last time?

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There are those people who procrastinate, those people who delay those people who make excuses, that when it's obviously the time to go, what do they do? They don't go or they delay, they present excuses. And even if they do go, they come back, like we learned earlier than at the back of our head, what happened,

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of 11 obey and his companions, they went for the profits or of our lesson, but then 300 of them, they came back. So they didn't just hesitate themselves. But they also discouraged other people, which is why we learned that we're not taught if autonomy, and Tasha the two groups from the true believers as well, they were about to give up hope. Why? Because of the bad example that underlie renovate, and his companions were setting.

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And this is something that we see in everything, that if other people are also doing something that we're encouraged to do.

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And if other people say, No, I'm not doing it, like for example, I'm not going to that class, are you going, Franco

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Don't worry, stay at home, relax, chill out, don't go there. For example, there is a class on the weekend. When is that really a person is busy. They have some responsibilities, which is why they can't go. And the other is that you're sitting at home, you have no responsibilities whatsoever. You don't go yourself and if somebody else wants to go You have to discourage them. This is what is. So it is to delay, to be lazy, to postpone, to defer, to procrastinate, and to also be a bad example for others. So we're in the main chrome lemon label.

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For inner Sabbath, Kumasi button, then if most evil reaches you, who do you all refer to the Muslims, that if the Muslims suffer a disaster, a calamity, or misfortune and why does that misfortune like for example, defeat? Like what happened at the Battle of

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like 70 companions were killed? Allah who said, who said, this person who, who is a bad example? What does he say, are the anomala who I know you're in fact of law has blessed me. A lovely story, a huge blessing upon me, Islam, Khan ma whom shahida when I was not with them present, meaning when I was not with the Muslims.

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So first of all, he doesn't go for himself. And secondly, if the Muslims who have gone forth if they do suffer any harm, what does he say? Thank God, I was not with them. Thank God I didn't go because if I was with them, than I do, would have suffered such and such. Over here the word Shahid gives a sense of how the meaning one who is present. So he says it's a huge favor of a lot that I wasn't present with them because

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If I was present, then what would happen?

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I would also suffer the same.

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And notice the word shade has been used. And this word is very appropriate in the context. Why? Because even if the hypocrite does go, what is he going to do? He's going to watch, he's not going to do anything

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you understand, he's only going to watch, he's only going to be shy, he's only going to look, he's not going to do anything.

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Like some people, they say, okay, fine, we'll help you. But the common they only stand and watch you do all the work.

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So he says the thing that I was not present with them, because if I was, then I would also suffer.

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We suffer when the profits are a lot of a sudden when he would call people for battle,

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that people have to imagine, they would step ahead with enthusiasm, with obedient samarin, our attorney, whatever the profits are about us, and I'm told them, they would be. But at the same time, there were some people who, because of the weakness of their email, or because of their INI file, they would show laziness, they would not open right away, they would slack off, they would delay. So they would remain behind.

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And they would also encourage other people to stay behind. They wouldn't go for themselves, and they also stopped other people from going forward. So, this is something that has been mentioned over here in this area. So what can we learn from desire?

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First of all, we learn about the prohibition or at least the dislike of staying behind and being lazy, when it comes to responding, the call of Allah and His Messenger, this is something that is disliked. So, for example, if the other end goes

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now, then it said, Now, what should be the response that a person should praise Allah?

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So, if a person does not respond, if a person does not respond and he does not pray, then what is he doing?

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He is being lazy, he is staying behind and this is something that is disliked, why is it dislike because first of all, a person is depriving himself of an opportunity to do good. And secondly, he is also being a bad example for others.

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He is also setting a bad example for others,

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because then other people will tell us not going, he is not praying, she is not going so I should I go, I will go when they go.

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Secondly, we also learn from this is that it is a sign of hypocrisy, to stay behind and respond leisurely.

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It is a sign of hypocrisy to stay behind and respond easily

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without insulated Toba if 54. About the hypocrites that are well a tuna salata in our home coup Salah, and that they do not come to prayer, except while they are lazy. They only go to the salon lazy. So it's a sign of hypocrisy to be lazy in responding to the canavalia.

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Because a personalized email as soon as he as he says, Aparna, I will be and the other is that a person says maybe not now, maybe five months from now, maybe two years from now, maybe later, I can't do this right now.

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This is a sign of weak event.

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We also learn from this I about the obligation of doing the right thing, even if other people discourage. Even if you're the only one

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by for example, you want to do your lesson.

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And your sister, your friend who is also doing the course they're not doing it, and they discourage you. So at that time, what should you do?

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be discouraged by them, not your lesson not prepare for the test, not your assignment. No, you should still do the right thing, even if other people discourage you from doing it.

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also learn from this either it is a sign of hypocrisy that a person thinks that he was very lucky in being saved from the trouble and difficulty that other Muslims are suffering from

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is a sign of hypocrisy, what that person thinks that he's very lucky that he got saved from the difficulty that other people are suffering from now, it doesn't mean that a person should ask for difficulties. But you see, the problem over here is that this person is happy. That found God I did not go because if I went I too would have suffered the same. Because a trauma isn't a true believer. He feels pain when his Muslim brother feels pain. He also has a sense of loss when his Muslim brother experiences or suffers a loss. What is that how these teachers are the Muslims are like a body. They're like one body if one part is suffering, then the entire body feels the pain

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so severe.

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rarely, if one Muslim is suffering, what should you think? Thank God I didn't do it.

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Like, for example, if some people go for hygiene, maybe their head was very difficult. What should you say thank God I didn't go.

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Thank God I still haven't performed my for you though my obligation.

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If a person does suffer anything in the way of the law, it's an honor, because difficulties in calamities are part of life. And if a person does suffer them in the way of a law, it's an honor, it's a means of reward.

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We also learned that a person who loves a law he loves the work of D.

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He loves the work of D.

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He loves the deen of Allah subhanaw taala he takes ownership of it, he takes it as his personal thing.

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First of all, he is grateful for the fact that he has been chosen to serve the team to learn how to serve the team. And if he does suffer any difficulty, then what does he do? How does he feel? He is correct contented This is the decision of

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whether you are welcome. And if it reached you, have reached you in a law of bounty from Allah. So if you are Muslims, if you receive a photo from Allah subhanaw taala What does one refer to some victories and benefit both local and not surely he will definitely say, who will say the hypocrite, he will say in regret.

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As if lambda con, it was not bainer con webinar who between you and between him or what? Any affection?

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He will say, as if there is no affection between you and him?

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What will we say? Yeah, Litani. Oh, I wish that good tomorrow, I was with them as well for fools 1000 a lever. So I would succeed, a great success, meaning I would have received a great success. So we see that the hypocrite he is not sincere to the dean at all. He is only concerned about his benefit

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about his game.

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He's not concerned if the Muslim suffer.

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He is concerned if he suffers.

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He's not concerned that the Muslims overall gain benefit. He is only concerned about his own personal benefit.

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So every year Allah says that if you do receive some favorable meaning some benefit, some gain some reward, some success, some victory. He says that I wish I was with them. Why does he say that? I wish I was with them.

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So that he could also be part of that success. He could also receive some benefits.

00:22:47--> 00:22:48

What are those benefits?

00:22:49--> 00:22:53

fame, praise, joy, money wealth.

00:22:55--> 00:22:59

So in other words, the hypocrite His goal is personal benefit.

00:23:00--> 00:23:08

His goal, his personal success. He doesn't care about the team. He doesn't care about other Muslims. He just wants to benefit for himself.

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And it is a lot of hands on it has a bigger Atlanta combiner combo by numata as if there is no more water between you and between him. That is no water.

00:23:19--> 00:23:30

Mata is love, friendship, affection. And it is such a close relationship in which a person is willing to sacrifice a person is willing to give up something

00:23:31--> 00:23:40

which is from the same route to the same route. Somewhat there is such love such friendship, such a relationship in which a person is willing to give up something

00:23:41--> 00:23:46

and avail no other refers to acquaintance or friendship through the through the religion.

00:23:47--> 00:23:49

So this person is claiming to be a Muslim.

00:23:50--> 00:24:13

And if the Muslim suffer a loss, he says thank God, I was not with them. And if the Muslims gained some benefit, what does he say? I wish I was with them. So I could also gain some benefit. What does it show that there is no mulata between? He doesn't love Islam? He doesn't love the deen. He doesn't love the Muslims. Who does he love himself?

00:24:15--> 00:24:17

This is the sign of a hypocrite

00:24:19--> 00:24:25

that he is only concerned about himself. That is not his priority at all.

00:24:26--> 00:24:27

So what do we learn from this? Is

00:24:28--> 00:24:59

that a believer? He is happy at the success of the team? a true believer when is he happy? When is he happy at the success of the team. And he is sad at the loss of the unlimited the Dean of the loss Panther is always highly it's actually the believers who gained some success or who suffered some loss. So a believer is happy at the success of the Muslims and he said at the loss of the Muslims and on the other hand, a hypocrite is happy at his personal gain.

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

He is sad at his personal loss.

00:25:03--> 00:25:10

We also learn from this either a person cannot be a true believer until the success and development of Dean is more beloved to him than anything else.

00:25:11--> 00:25:18

A person cannot be a true believer until and unless the success of the dean is beloved to him than anything else.