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An-Nisa 71-85 Translation 71-85

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esalaam won't even

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get him a massage.

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Jean Bismillahirrahmanirrahim beshara he saw the way silly MD or Hello doctor may be listening you're currently

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in Lesson number 60 suited to me sir. I am number 71 to 85

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yeah are you here? Are you and levena those who am I knew they believed Who do you all take hedra come your precaution

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Thank you then you all advance go out so bad thing as groups Oh or infill you all go out Jimmy are all together

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we're in and indeed, men come from you lemon surely who lay you back and surely he definitely lingers behind

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for in then if I saw that come it reached you mostly but don't Miss Fortune corner he said but in fact and he bestowed favor Allahu Allah, Allah ye upon me is when lamb not atone. I was Mara home with them shahida a witness

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one in and surely if a Saba can agree reached you, full blown bounty fever men from Allahu Allah, Naoko Lana, surely he will definitely say that and as if lamb not the cone, it is vein a cone between you were baina who and between him my wife don't any love any affection? Yeah, or late any I wish that couldn't do. I was Mara home with them for food. So I would succeed fosun a success, a Rhema great

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failure. So he should fight fee in sabini way Allah He of Allah and Medina those who Yeshua una de Barger. Elijah the life adonia of the world. Bill aphylla with the hereafter.

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Woman and whoever you caught him he fights Fie in sabini way, Allah He of Allah for Yucatan then he is killed. Oh or young live. He overpowers for sofa. Then will soon D we will give him ajilon a reward of Lima great.

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Woman and What luck home for you learn not to RT Luna you will fight fi in sabini way Allahu Allah.

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Wa y Alamo. sterber feanor those who are made weak men from every journey the men, one Nisa and the women. When will then and the children and mahina those who Yoko Luna they say robina our up. Regina, you take us out. Men from heavy heat this and Korea, the town a run the oppressive The one who is oppressive

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to her. Its people its inhabitants.

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Why, john? And you make Lennar for us? men from Loudoun County near you when he can a guardian of protecting friend or john and you make Lennar for us men from maduka near you know Sierra a helper

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and let me know those who knew they believed you Artie Luna they fight he in surveilling way Allah He of Allah. When Medina and those who cafaro they disbelieved you Artie Luna they fight fee in Sibelius way of problems of the trouble of default ratings for art arteluce so you all fight odeya close friends, a shaitan of the shaitan in indeed Qaeda block

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strategy, a Showtime of the show Pon Ghana, it is ever very fair. We

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did not throw you see ILA to a novena, those who de la it was said the home to them Khufu you all withhold idea comb your hands, or a PMO and you all perfectly establish a sonata de Sala what I do and you all give a tsikata desica. phenom, so when katiba it was written, I named him upon them and Peterloo the fighting either suddenly for UConn a group main home from them. Yes, Shona, they fear a NASA the people the harsh reality like fear Allah He of Allah O or a shed the more severe more intense pressure then in fear

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will call you and they said Rob banner or our rub. Lima why gotta you wrote Elena upon us and return the fighting. loner? Why not? A hot dinner? You delayed for us? ILA to adjourn in a period of time. But even near close on UC Merced, our benefit enjoyment adonia of the world alone is very different. Well after a two and the hereafter how your own is best lemon for whoever it the court of law. The above the tequila wonder and not don't know moon you all will be wronged Fatimah in the least as even the thread on the gatestone

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Emma wherever the coup you will be. You'd reckon it will overtake you and moto the death wallow even if condone you were fee in barudan towers fortresses macheda one strong high wire in and if you sleep home it reaches them hasn't done any good. You know they say heavy this main firm or in the near Allahu Allah what in and if to say boom it reaches them say you don't any evil. You know, they say hello he this men from indika near you

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say could learn all men from or indeed near Allahu Allah firmer. So what we have for these alchemy, the people learn not here Kaduna. They come close to they come near. You have Kahuna, they understand had he said any speech,

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man, whatever of Sabah it reached you men from hasn't gotten any good for men. So from Allah, Allah, warmer and whatever, a far better it reached you, men from Soviet in any evil, feminine so it is from necesita yourself, but also Mecca, and we have sent you the message for the people or sooner as a messenger worker and he sufficed then there he definitely Allah shahida as a witness.

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Man, whoever up he obeys of Rasulullah the messenger for God then in fact, aka he ob, Allahu Allah, women and whoever the one may be turned away firmer than not. Oh Seneca we have sent to you and then him upon them happy as our as one who guards as if people.

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When a foreign owner and they say tartan obedience for either than when borough zoo, they appeared elsewhere. Men from indika near you, but yet he spent night plotting for effect don't a group mean home from them?

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Other than and that he that the Hulu you said or it says the corner you say not said you say or it says Allahu and Allah Yakubu, he writes. He records man what you buy. They spent night in plotting for

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So you turn away on home from them what their work done and you trust Allah upon Allah He Allah work effort and he sufficed the law he definitely Allah for kena as a trustee

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FLR do they're not yet a balloon they reflect

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on the Quran Well, no and if Ghana it was men from India near rady besides other than Allahu Allah La vida do surely they found fi in it if they laugh and contradiction tesira much plenty

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why either and when jet a home it came to them Umbreon any matter men from and the peace security Oh or and how the fear about this spread? they propagate it be with it.

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When Oh and if what do they returned it they referred it. ILA do assume the messenger. What and ILA to ruling possessors and we have the authority men home from them. Laura Lima who surely he knew it and Medina dazu the SMB owner who they did use it, they derive it men home from them. When Ola and if not fabuleux shaver Allah He of Allah La come upon you. What are my two who and his mercy Lecter? Barton? Surely you all followed a shape on the fun in there except Galena. Very few.

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Forgotten so you fight fee in sabini way Allahu of Allah. They're not too colorful. You are burdened. You are charged in there, except Neff, seca yourself.

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Well, how did they end you urge me Nina the believers. Asa perhaps? Allahu Allah. And that year cofra he refrains he withholds. But sir, might and levena of those who get through the disbelieved. One law who and Allah, I should do is most intense, but send in my what I should do, and most intense, then killer, in exemplary punishment.

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Man, whoever, Yeshua He intercedes shefa, then any intercession has an item good, you can it will be level for him. No. So you burn a portion minha from it, woman and whoever he or she, He intercedes shefa then any intercession Soviet an evil bad jaquan it will be level for him gift loaning a portion main house have from it. What can and he is ever, Allahu Allah, Allah upon calling every Shea in the Makita observing, partnership meeting.

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Ultimately that can be translated as people

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Wan alima

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I send it

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