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An-Nisa 36-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 47-48

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Parallel says here are your Medina takita all you people who have been given the book

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all you who are given the Scripture, I mean, all of you believe in what the man has done in that which We have revealed.

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And if you notice, the address is very strong that Yeah, you had Medina autokey that first one that is Yeah, it is happening.

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And what is happening that do it alerts the listener that I am being called.

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It's like if somebody just says medium

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or medium, what does that do?

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immediately it alerts you. So yeah, are you are Latina, auto keytab all you people who have been given the book, me know believe, the man has done in that which We have revealed, meaning believe in the

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belief in the Quran in that which We have revealed. And this that we have revealed is more significant it confirms what does it confirm? Lena Malcolm for that which is with you?

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What is it that you have the Torah and the NGO? The scriptures that you have this Quran it confirms them? How does it confirm them? What are the two ways I've mentioned this many, many times before? What are the two ways in which the Quran confirms the previous scriptures?

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The Torah and the Injeel mentioned the coming of the prophets all of a sudden about the last book and the prophets are of RSM in the last book as how they were mentioned in the total MDG.

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So most of the Halima Malcolm it confirms that which is what you believe. You have no reason to disbelieve. You have no reason to disbelieve. And if you don't, then there is a threat from a loss of data and what does that threat mean? Probably from before meaning believe, before a nanometer will do that we disfigure faces funner with their hair is a barrier

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and we turn them around on their backs. Believe before this happens, what happens that we disfigured the faces.

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net result is on the country star meme scene from the word pumps and pumps is to wipe off something

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it is to erase, erase, eradicate. Now what does it mean by the terms of would you? What does it mean by your thumbs up? Would you? Thumbs up? Would you have been interested in two ways First of all, in the tangible sense. What on the face? eyes, mouth, nose, on the sides, the ears. So comes is that the eyes are wiped off. The nose is wiped off the lips, the mouth is wiped off, the ears are wiped off. So literally, the face is disfigured. The eyes become blind.

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Literally the face has disfigured.

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So unless apologize warning them believe before literally Your face is disfigured.

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Secondly, terms of Voodoo has been understood in the intangible sense. What does it mean by that?

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That what is on the face does not function anymore. It's wiped off.

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So for example, the person may have eyes still. But the eyes don't function.

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And what does it mean by the functioning of the eyes? Just that the eyes cannot see. What did we learn earlier? Someone Bookman omean doesn't mean that literally they're deaf, dumb and blind. What does it mean? That they have eyes but the eyes don't work meaning they don't see the truth.

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And even if they see, they don't recognize, and even if they recognize they don't accept.

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So, in the intangible sense that what is on the face does not function anymore. So it is as if they have no eyes, no ears, no maps, because the purpose of the eyes to see. And if the child does not see the truth does not recognize the truth. And what good is that I

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the purpose of the tongue is that a person says something good

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that a person does they could have a law that a person has words in statements that are pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala that are of benefit to other people. For what good is the mouth What good is the tongue from which only swear words from which only insulting and derogatory words come out?

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What good is that?

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It will be better if that mouth is not there, if that tongue is not there.

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So, and not only as I will do both in the tangible as well as the intangible sense.

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And notice it has been said would you hand would you as a parent of which

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it hasn't been said would you have come by

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first of all in this way it ends with it, can we and this then means for the purpose of traveling

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that these phases

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Which are the most honorable parts of your body, which are so proud of that you hold up Hi, these faces, they're going to be wiped off, they're not going to function anymore.

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And they are going to be funneled to hell then we turn them

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from rather than to turn something, then we turn the faces, or the value upon its backs at bat is a part of the boat, and what is

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the back part of something the backside of something?

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So what does it mean by this fun over here, first of all, that we put the face on the backside of the purse, that literally the face is turned backwards, that the head of the person is towards the front, and the face is towards the back.

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So remember, first of all, the watch is thumbs, meaning it's disfigured the eyes, they don't work anymore. And then on top of that the head is turned other way around. So what is the person going to do?

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Just imagine if the head is at the front and the phrases at the back? Is it going to affect the balance of the person? Is it going to affect the sense of direction of a person, of course,

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you figure out your sense of direction, how by your head by your face your ears, right? So first of all, the president cannot figure out and if he's trying to walk his feet or backwards.

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So literally, the face has turned backwards so that you lose your sense of direction, your balance everything completely and you become completely disabled, crippled.

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Secondly, the set of phenomena at various means is that the front of the head is made like the back of the head,

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that it's all the same.

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It's all the same. Because on the face, if the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the nose, if it's wiped off, what do you have left?

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Just the skin.

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And the next part of the eye Oh, what does it say? Oh Nana Han Carmela as hibersap. What happened to the people of the Sabbath? They were turned into apes. So just as the apes they have hair on their face. Just like the rest of that cemetery, we would make your faces for naroda Allah at the very

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end, if you take it in the intangible sense, then what does it mean by this funnel Rhoda at barrier that you become completely lost and astray and misguided that you don't know where you're going for another advantage.

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Or we curse them? Come on, I'm gonna have a set just as we curse the people of the Sabbath.

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And what happened to them. They were turned into IPS, what kind of low hanging fruit I

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don't think that this is not serious, that command of Allah is Ever my first meeting that which is carried out that which has done that which is acted upon.

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When he commands something that no one can dispute with him, no one can resist his command.

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So we see that this ayah mentions a threat towards the unknown kita.

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That is despite recognizing the truth, you don't believe that this is a threat that believe before this happens.

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Now either this is a threat in the physical sense. And what this means is that literally this will happen. But if you look at it throughout history, it's been 1400 years. It didn't happen. A person it that it didn't happen. But remember that this threat is until the day of judgment.

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If it hasn't happened today, maybe a last parameter is giving more time. Now less fight more chance. Because what humiliation is is that a person is disfigured, literally disfigured.

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Secondly, the setback. This is in the intangible sense. And a loss of penalty over here is setting a parable for they're ignoring the truth. And they're preferring the wrong way.

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Because when a person's faculties that don't function anymore, then obviously is our going to prefer the truth. His are going to see the truth is are going to accept the truth is not going to follow the truth is going to be lost and misguided astray. And this is something that has happened. If you think of it, that despite seeing the clear to most clear signs even they become desensitized the truth that they don't accept.

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So if in the physical sense this threat is until the day of judgment in the intangible sense, we can say that it's almost taken effect. What do we learn from this is the obligation of Eman and acceptance of the truth upon realizing the truth that when a person sees the truth when a person recognizes the truth, then what should you do? Should his ego coming away and stopping? No

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There is an obligation on the person that when you know something when you learn something accepted.

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Also, we learned that when a person disobeys a law, that he should fear the punishment of Allah.

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We learned that one of the people from this tribe, later on at the time of our model that I knew he passed by

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him believe. And he said no. And the span, he continued, he went to a sham. And when he reached there, he heard a person reciting this ayah. And he got so scared that he believed immediately.

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It is also said that, when this ayah was revealed, then some people from the hood from the alligator, that is when they believed,

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because this is a very serious threat.

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It's a very serious threat.

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So when a person disappears of law, he should fear the punishment of Allah. Sometimes, just think about it, that this earth and I'm walking on, whose control is it in?

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Allah Subhana.

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Allah subhanaw taala asks us I mean, do you feel secure? When for summer? And yes, if I become a lava, that the one in the heavens, he could cause the earth to swallow you? He could cause the earth to shake beneath you? Do you have any control? Can you really save yourself? You can't. So when we disobey Allah subhanaw taala, you should feel the punishment of Allah that anytime anything can happen.

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And if I'm

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in this state of disobedience, then what am i inviting about myself.

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We also learn from this idea that nothing at all, is in the control of people, not even their own bodies. Nothing at all, is in control of people, not even their own bodies. If Allah wishes to disfigure someone's face, to they have any authority Do they have power, they can defend themselves, they cannot.

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So ultimate refuge is in refuge with

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ultimate protection is worth of loss. pantalla

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also learned from this idea that whatever lots of panels or decrees, and he decides it is always executed, because we're kind of under the law he was ruler.

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Indeed, Allah lay of Pharaoh he does not forgive and your shock, I believe, that something is associated with him.

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Allah subhanaw taala does not forgive association with him, that something else is associated with him, he does not forgive the sin.

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Without Pharaoh any forgives Madonna dyadic that which is less than that they may share for whoever that he was.

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Over here we see that a loss of healthcare is something that's very clearly that shift, associating partners with a loss of health it is a sin that is unforgivable.

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In the law, he does not forgive alone use of foul, although use of a fool.

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However, he will not forgive this sin Whitsun unusual aka be that something is associated with him.

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What this shocked me to associate who is actually

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a partner.

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And fishhawk is to associate someone with another it is to give the rights that someone has to another to include someone else in those rights

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to include someone else in those rights in those privileges, for example, there is a person, he has a business. Now, as the owner of that business, he has a right to decide whatever he wants to do. However, he wants to run the business, right? But if he has a business partner,

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if he has a business partner, then what's going to happen, the profits are going to be shared, the decisions are going to be made together.

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So those rights that were exclusively for one person initially, now they are shared. So this is what should is that the writer, Allah subhanaw taala are exclusively for him. No one else can be given those rights. So short is when the rights of Allah are given to other than Allah,

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either all or some, even if it's just one right, when the writer of a law is given to other than Allah, this is what is the exclusive rights of our last panel.

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And it is to associate with the last panel, Dinah another how, first of all, in that in being that for example, a person says No, there isn't just one a law they're actually two

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or they're actually three in that.

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Secondly, insert effect in names and attributes. What does it mean by that?

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That the names and attributes that are

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exclusively for lots of hands on, those names and attributes are given to others. Or a person thinks that another has his attributes, like for example, only Allah subhanaw taala responds to the dryer.

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So if a person thinks that he can pray to a dead person thinking that they can respond to the well, what is that?

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Giving the right of Allah to other than Allah?

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Sadly, in Ruby, what does that mean lordship, that Allah subhanaw taala alone is a harlot Malik with a bit

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of a person says, No, no, Allah subhanaw taala didn't create himself. It's actually somebody else who created or along with him, somebody else created

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Allah subhanaw taala alone is not the one who manages our affairs, but it's also something else that manages our affairs.

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So, this is what should be to be And fourthly in Oulu, here in worship,

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that a person worships and other devoted acts of worship to another.

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So, in a few unusual kbv, Allah will not forgive association with him

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well through and he will forgive Madonna Delica that which is less than that.

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what is it mean other than, generally, how do we translate donors other than, but remember, the donor also gives a meaning of less than

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and over here what is more appropriate is less than, because if you look at it, if you say that he will forgive sins other than shake, other than shake, there are sins such as coup for NFL, are they forgivable?

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The person does believes he doesn't believe in Allah, he does not believe in Allah at all. Go for rejecting. So is that person forgiving? Because you're saying other than should know. So what is more appropriate here is doing a dyadic means less than that.

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Meaning those things that are lesser in degree, those things that are lesser in degree amongst the major sense and even the minor sense

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because she is a woman as a

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member that scenes are also of different degrees, which is why we don't borrow cover it. What does alfabeto cover it me? The greatest of the greatest sins? What does it show that there are levels of sins? Yes, there is the main distinction between major sins and minor sins, but even within major sins, there are levels and even within minor sins, there are levels. So the worst sin is

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now less than she is what?

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For instance, murder, it's a major sin, but even murder. What do we learn that if a person repents from it, if a person does tell that he takes the head, he takes the punishment, then he is forgiven. But choke is something that is not forgiven except after Toba. But other less than shake other major sins or minor sins they can be forgiven how to Toba through is to fall through Guevara with or without punishment. Like for example, if a person commits theft or any other major sin commit Zina, these are major reason such a person will be punished in the Hellfire but because he is a believer, eventually you will be taken out

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by the person who did shake a personal check. The punishment of Hellfire even will not purify him. So he will never be taken out of the hellfire. So in the lower landfill unusual copy where Pharaoh Medina, Danica Lee, Manisha remember this Lima Yasha because my guys we will say, okay, you know, whatever medicines you can do, just don't do ship. Stay away from the rescuers. Because Allah can forgive and forget this condition, the mania, it's up to Allah, whom he forgives. It's up to him, nobody can force him to forgive. We do not delicately monisha

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woman you shake the law, and whoever associates partners with Allah for Cardiff, dada, when in fact he has fabricated what his men are, you know, a great

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man he has invented a tremendous, a great

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and but if there are, if our means to invent to fabricate, but it also gives a sense of lying.

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So he has invented a tremendous lie a great sin. He has committed it's a major sin.

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So what do we learn from this ayah

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that shake is the worst and the greatest of major sense. Check is the worst and greatest of major sense.

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We also learned the check is not wiped

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By good deeds, because remember, in an hasrat you don't miss a yet, but shelters are wiped off by good deeds, but rather one has to consciously repent from it. One has to consciously repent from shape, and he has to seek forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah because if he doesn't, then no forgiveness for him.

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We also learned that Allah subhanaw taala He forgives whomsoever He wills to a person should never feel content with the little that he has done, nor should he belittle since never feel content with the level that you have done. And at the same time, never belittle, censor or block and forgive. Remember the condition Allah forgives whom He wills. So you have to be worthy of his will of his machine. And how does a person make himself worthy of his mushiya by being the last parameter by not disobeying him?

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Without even even Mr. Udo dinardo. He said, I said O Allah's Messenger, which is the greatest sin. He said integer either they learned them or who will holla caulk to make arrival with Allah while he alone created you. This is the greatest sin.

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And this hadith has mentioned Bukhari and Muslim.

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In total massage, I have 116 we learn in a lower layer for a new shopper by way of doing a delicate Manisha woman you shape below for cordovan level and very

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similar ayah. But how does it end that whoever associates partners with 11 In fact, he has gone astray and described and said he's buried, insulted neither. And number 72 we learn in melanoma usually below four called the hot Roman law who

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forgot to have Roman law vorliegenden

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Indeed, he who associates others with Allah, Allah has forbidden him paradise

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genma is haram upon him, which is why no matter how much punishment he suffers and how far that punishment is never going to purify him.

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Because remember other things. For example, if a believer commits them when he's sent to the Hellfire, why is he going to be sent to the Hellfire that is purified and eventually a person will be taken up? But a person who's committed ship for cause harm a lot more it will not work.

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And his refuge is the fire one malleable aluminum and I'm sorry, and there are not for the wrong doors any helpers at all.