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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim see

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so I shall pick up today from where we left off yesterday and you know by now

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this will be a continuing series inshallah we did the first four I am sorry I seen yesterday yeah seen that happening in Mecca mo serene.

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So we did these first four

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yesterday and shot a lot today we'll be doing I had number five is number five, six and seven. Are we doing three IR today inshallah. So I number five the last panel which Allah says, Does he lead ICS? Zero?

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Does he learn ICC?

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So, what we have learned previously is a last Hamartoma started sort of testing by mentioning some of the dots, which we talked about yesterday, the power and the eloquence of these, these is disjointed letters, it catches the attention of the listener in humbles even the most knowledgeable person when he was four by the wiser, the authoritative for art, in Mecca, lemon mo serene, you most definitely meaning Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, you most definitely are from those individuals who have been sent by the ultimate authority have lost power to Allah to deliver a message and what is the crux of that message to bring mankind on to the straight path so often.

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So now I have number five system demonizes

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the brief some translation of this is, it has been sent for that which has been sent from the one who is Aziz and the rahane.

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I'm using the Arabic on purpose, I'll explain what these attributes of a lot, they mean in just a minute to show up. So the first thing is like we always do, let's break it down word for word, and then try to extract some lessons from this, the word Tenzin Tenzin, this comes from the root of the word which means to send something down. Actually, the root basic root of the word means to the set to come down. In this particular form of Tenzin. It means to send something down. But here's the thing in the Arabic language, and not just within Arabic, but within the Koran there is another form of the same word, which also needs to send something down. And that is a word.

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It means to send something down, and then the means to send something now, both of these words, and both of them occur. And in fact, in today's presentation, it's all we when I started swift down here in Milan, reciting the third is the law says, necessarily, can you tell me how you suddenly have a what ends

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says NASA

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uses the word necessarily one form of it, which means he sat down. Then later on in the ayah, when I was talking about the double ra gene, again, says he sent down to the right. But he doesn't tell you what the witnesses that it says. And you can hear the difference, necessarily. And it's a different word. So what's the difference between the two? Because you and I understand we know at this point that the Quran is very defined, it's very precise. These are not interchangeable words, we get to substitute one for the other. It's not Potato, potato, tomato tomato. Rather, we're the last panel on tonight when he says necessarily what he meant. When he said unzila he meant and so what's the

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difference? Let's figure out

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exactly XSL unzila means to send something down all at once, at once to send something down the previous divine scriptures, like the total opposite eg a watchtower done, I sent them down as complete books all at once they were revealed, but was revealed all at once in the form of a book to mankind.

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It was revealed little by little by little revolution at a time over the span double almost over the span of almost 23 years.

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Almost 23 years over that entire span before was revealed little by little by little tend to be gentle, as you say the Arabic language little by little. And the word messala Tenzin is used to give the meaning of when something is sent down a portion at a time apart at a time little by little Inza all at once. That z little by little and so that's the difference. So when Allah talks about the rotten and Jesus

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when he talks about, he says necessary, but let's go into

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a step further than this, even about the Quran, the Quran itself, some places Allah says unzila some places he says,

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make sense of them about the parameter in certain other everybody knows a small sliver from Jehovah in

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and send them in an

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answer. And

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we most definitely sent it down, feel a little bothered in the night, the night of power, the night of

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another place in South America, which talks about the month of Ramadan, Ramadan, the month of Ramadan. And the

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again, the word entelechy is the word that was revealed in its entirety in in this month. But then we also know you and I know historically as a fact, a lesson down the middle. So what's the secret? How do we make sense of this? This apparent contradiction,

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intuitive, intuitive. Allah says Allah sent down the Quran in the night of power in the night of Berlin, he's talking about sending it down from

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where the Koran was preserved, the preserved tablet, where it was preserved when the lost power tele sent it down from there to December, the Sky News the earth and then from there, Djibouti, Nani Salaam would bring it down little by little to the effect

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that happened in light of that and of course, the night of others within the month of Ramadan. So that's the explanation everywhere else talks about the Quran uses the word nessa like here, as you can see.

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So that's what the word look at the depth of the word itself means the symptom, something little by little. Now, let me even explain this a little bit. What's the significance of sending them a little by little, the significance of it is Elijah giving the important the importance. He's almost teaching us allies teaching us he's showing us practically, that the Koran is meant to be digested, approached, understood, absorbed, internalized, little by little,

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little by little, the second was sanded down a little by little. So even though now we have the forearm completely preserved in its entirety in its complete form with us, we will still be able to learn, study, absorb, internalize, practice live for a portion and then see now who was distancing who it was sent down from any random person. Remember the beginning of shooting a scene is establishing the truth of the prom but more importantly, the validity the sanctity of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu

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establishing that Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah.

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So this Tenzin, this document is being sent down with a portion at a time about Mohammed Salah isn't being sent down from some random place from some anybody. Allah Aziz arriving This is referring to Allah, Allah Aziz is the attribute of Allah, which means he is the one that dominates and nobody can dominate him. He dominates but he's never done any too powerful firmstrong dominance. That is what

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our Haim comes from the ruler of mercy Lama, it means a woman who is constantly,

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constantly mercy. Now these specific attributes of a loving us are very important as well, because then in the next few I added, I had number six and seven, a loved one to talk about the people who reject the command. We're going to study right now the next two I have to study are going to talk about people who don't listen to them. They reject, they refuse, they choose not to believe in the product. So for them, not to mention that he is Aziz for them. His firm is strongest powerful, and he is dominating his warning, he's giving them a warning that his punishment will dominate these people. The next is that an iron number 11 in

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a lot talks about people who do take the message of the Quran, they listened to it, they learn it, they understand it and they live it. about them Ally's mentioning is actually

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to them you'll be very, very merciful, constantly merciful to them, then Xena

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our data sets.

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What this roughly translates to and then we'll get into the explanation is so that you may warn the people that their forefathers were not warmed, for whom love you know, therefore they are, they are completely useless. They are in a state of healing.

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wiseness Now, what does this exactly translate to weapons? I mean, the complete breakdown of desire requires just a little bit of a historical explanation. We all know the mind body,

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who was kind of considered the he's the forefather of the prophets and messengers, and from him started the two major chains of profit of which also was a dispute there at that time as well. There were some of them, but who saw the Jewish tribes, and then there were the Arabs, the Arabs who weren't Bloomsbury. So, my two cents, the who is have been who is half and then but who is married. So literally two projects we started from Ibrahim adisa, the children of his half of the children is married. The children is hard for people, amongst whom many, many messengers can, in fact, the majority of the messengers that are mentioned within the Koran, came from the progeny of is how do

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you set up insectary surname.

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They are all from

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so they all came from the children of his heart, but he did not have any messengers until the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So for these Arabs, the divine message, divine revelation that might come to them, at the least for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years, if not more 1000s of years, the message has not come to them.

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So Allah says that this book has been sent down has been revealed to you from Allah Aziza, Rahim. Why? What's the purpose of sending this book out?

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So you can warn these people who are these people mounted on their forefathers were not born. And as a result of their forefather, not being warned for

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a loss says law if you don't hit the nominal form in the noun form, they be these people are drowning and heedlessness, he lives this is kind of a fancy kind of a big word or make it simpler, a little bit simpler, people who are just unaware,

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just oblivious to a reality, realities last, just completely drowned in them, their, their their their, their, their complete lack of awareness of what's going on what's reality. Some of the scholars even mentioned that this law alone is taught is there are multiple forms of flow, being heedless, being unaware, some are just accidental. Some are a little more intention that these people they had an intentional form of guzzler amongst them as well, they chose they want it to be impervious. You know, sometimes somebody kind of lost kind of oblivious, has a lack of purpose in his life. You sit down and he talks to you, what are you doing with your life, and then he listens

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to what you're saying, he makes a change in his life. But sometimes you sit down with a person he seems lost in life, and you try to talk to him about it. And he says, you know, just, I'd rather keep it that way. I'd rather you not telling me or try to remind me what I shouldn't be doing. I kind of like the way things are. And that was, this was a bit of the situation that people would walk away saying, look, the forefathers were not warm. So guidance has not come to these people for a very, very long time. So it will take longer for the message to absorb for that for them to be able to understand what's being said. But at the same time, I was also hinting at the fact that

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listen there amongst some of them, there is this element of they like the way things are, they kind of know that they're lost. They know they're heedless, they know they're unaware, and they're kind of content to that.

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A very, very comfortable in this situation. So last time when Tara is reminding them of this last month, so in the prophets alonza This is the purpose of the revelation of the and it sort of took us aside or 4611 we said the same thing where he says you don't

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need him in public so that you can use this for on to warn a people that know Warner had come to them before you. Nobody came to warn them before you came. So that's been given to you. The last thing I want to mention about this ayah before we go to number seven is another powerful thing, a lesson what is the purpose of

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said does he need you Donegal. He gave you the time to decorate your walls. He gave you the Quran to be recited at your weddings, those are not trying to degrade or downplay those things.

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is the most beautiful thing so far. I'm going to put up a random meeting of foreigners. What was wrong with me?

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You know, and if I'm going to rather than start my wedding with a song, why not started with the recipe.

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There's nothing wrong with those things per se. But when we completely

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we basically

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we treat the salon as if that's its only functional purpose.

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We limit we restrict the art to decoration, and formality and opening of auspicious occasions. That's where we run into a problem. The main purpose of honesty

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so they can wake them up, you can warn them, what are you doing with your life, that's the main purpose of all of us. That's a relationship we need to strive to develop with 100

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let them be my own personal wake up call. And that's the same thing we need to establish within our communities and our societies as well. That that's the functional role that serves that's its purpose within our communities, which people love out of them being lost even if they've been lost for generations, as these people work. In the next day, I was kind of what Allah says,

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him for who

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I am. The brief translation of it is, most definitely the word has been confirmed upon the majority of them most of them. So therefore, they will not believe therefore they will not believe. Now one of the things from this point down is that the previous ayah the prophets or something the Quran tells us, Mama was an

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Indian Rasulullah walking the Jamia the prophets are some was sent as a messenger for all of humanity, all of mankind. But the first addresses the first people that his message was addressed to the first recipient of his dollar, his message worthy, worthy errors. And so they were the initial receivers of the message. So a lot of our data is talking about them specifically. Now he tells them and number seven, your job don't have an ID number six, your job is to warn users for under warn them, wake them up, snap them out of this deep sleep that they fall into. But in number seven, always telling the processor the reality of the matter.

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Most definitely the lobbyist for Turkey, and the bodies for further depth. Emphasis I always explain others like pounding the fist on the table. When I'm talking and I pound my fist on the podium. What does that tell you what I'm saying? I mean, what I'm saying, I'm talking about something serious the other day. And when you hear that Arabic, we even tell each other. It's very powerful sounding. It echoes. It's thick things out. That's exactly the meaning of it serves as an emphasis. So it's an emphasize the other helpful, how means the root of the word I explained this last year one of the Tafseer lessons, it means that which is stable that which is comes to that which is solid, but it

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also comes in the meaning of that which is reality. That which happens is confirmed. There's no doubt about it. Allah says that alone the word, the word are the same, the decision has been confirmed.

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Now what does that mean? The word are the same. The decision has been confirmed about what is owed that Ally's talking about. So in the last panel, Magellan tells us about the story of Adam and Eve. These are the many things when Allah created Adam alayhis salam

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alaikum, and the angels whatever you got to make sudo to Adam.

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It means shavon he refused. And he was arrogant. And he said I'm not going to any argue with

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him and

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he was arrogant, he argued you deny it. You refused, disobeyed. So lost

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and ended up asking him all

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he cast them off, Kirsten sent him away from his mercy, and requested to be given time to the day of judgment to do what he said over edge Barry, I will need all of these human beings history. This human being that you wanted me to bow down to, I commit my life

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to leading them all a straight

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Jackie, I'm going to come at them from in front of them from behind them from the right of them from a left of all do what it takes to lead them astray. And you will end up seeing that the majority of them will not be grateful to you. He sent this to a law he swore by law will be

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I swear by your power that will lead them astray. so arrogant and insistent that some stubborn ship models. So when this transpired between

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a lost power Italian in Greece and shavon lost power that ended up cursing shaper. And one of the things that I was told of this pile of help, will help to Appu he said the reality the truth, the truth that I'm telling you what it is what is it

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Time so to swap, he said, Allah says I was definitely will fill up, Johanna with you and all those people that are the following anybody that chooses to follow you, and not the path that I have laid out for them it was as I will fill up Jonathan with you, and with everybody when they're following you and leaving district.

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And so the story of Chevron occurs in seven places, it leaves another seven places in the intuitive buffer. So the

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hitter certainly saw somebody, he sort of gap sort of by and finally saw. And so in sort of saw the here, those are the five that I mentioned, and even at the end of three as seen in number 70 itself, Allah says, we hit the lotto definitely, that the punishment has been decided and decreed upon those people who are grateful in disbelief. So alone means a last decision to punish these people to cast these people into the hellfire. So Allah says nothing to happen.

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That decision has been confirmed upon majority of these people, that you are giving the dollar to that you are giving the message to, for whom like we know, therefore, these people will not believe don't expect these people to end up believing. That's what it was.

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So to kind of recap and then I'll give you the conclusion of these three is a lost power tell that told the process of this Hold on. He's telling humanity this we're on has been sent down piece at a time, from Allah Aziza Rahim, the dominating and the most merciful to constantly learn. And then Allah Sentosa prophets, awesome. Why did Allah sent unto Muhammad Salah Lisa, so that you can warn the people who their forefathers have not been warned? That's why they are lost in their heedlessness, they're straight, they're completely lost.

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Then finally,

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by the way, luckily,

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for him, the reality of the matter is that the decision, Jonathan has been confirmed for the majority of these people for whom like we know, they will not believe this is melodica. This includes the future, don't expect these people to end up believing. Now, in conclusion,

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that one question remains with a less telling the prophets a lot easier than a lot, the dominating the university will send the frog down. So you can warn people, then why tell him by the way, decisions already been made for majority of these people, majority of them are going to go to Hellfire, they'll be punished. And don't expect these people to believe. Why tell the prophets

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because these I had, as I mentioned yesterday, in the introduction, these are a consolation to the prophets allies. In Macbeth, the prophet system dealt with a lot of a lot of stubbornness. I mean, it was very hard to get traction. And

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the second, they took a few steps ahead, these people would

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just lay down a heavy bone. And these people will become even more stubborn, and arrogant, and aggressive, and even violent. So it's very difficult to keep up the morale of the Muslims, and the process of himself forever in difficult moments. So to keep up with spirits, to let him know that listen, a lot of our data is watching over these people. Nobody's making the decision for these people who are behaving in this way with you. So it says consolation to the processor. The other thing that it also does, is the reason why last time the processor, don't wait for these people to believe is because of prophecy embody an unbelievably amazing power. And this is a very special

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power, the quality to blame yourself for what goes wrong. You know, some people are different. Some people when something goes wrong,

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somebody else, anybody else's.

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And I think as a collective, the Muslim Ummah, that's the majority of our mindset, anything that goes on with Muslims, it's got to be somebody else's.

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But the person who's really special, he blames himself for everything that goes on. It's actually a great quality. It's a very selfless quality.

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It's an amazing quality of empathy and sympathy, and compassion, to blame yourself. And the process of embodying this quality like no other human being, like no other human being alive to tell the process.

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You're going to destroy yourself, because these people don't believe out of grief and sorrow that these people don't understand what you're delivering to them. You kill yourself, you'll destroy yourself, take it easy. Imagine that.

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At that at the situation of Bob, if we don't have time to get into this

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The story of bias, the bias is a very jarring, it's a very powerful moment from the life of the Prophet. So he went through a lot on the stone in the humiliated and they developed it. They made him bleed from his body, to the point where he fell unconscious eventually.

00:25:17--> 00:25:30

But when he went through this entire ordeal, and got a moment, he got a moment's respect a moments worth of rest, and peace and calm away from these people. And he had an opportunity to go out what

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did he say these horrible disgusting arrogant disrespectful people? They did this destroy them. Know the prophets awesome supplication is recorded. And so Pamela, it's Unbelievable. Unbelievable. He said Obama.

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So a lot I complain to you, I complain to you have my own weakness

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working as a healer, I complained to you of my lack of resources, creativity

00:26:04--> 00:26:25

effort, will helwani on MLS and I complained to you of the lack of my respect in the eyes of people that are not very well respected amongst people. That's why they did this. They didn't listen to the messages received something they never listened. They didn't refuse the message because of you or because the message wasn't good enough or even because of themselves.

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give me that generous that kind of forgive that's how the profits of money so that was so it was kind of rajala would have to consultant

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alone would have to sometimes

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relax alone would have to tell him you know these people they're not just they're not gonna stop killing yourself. Some just destroying yourself

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and that's what the prophets

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and that's inshallah we'll go ahead and today

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so today we did is number five, six and seven shall will continue tomorrow. We have lost the ability to practice everything that's been sent her and as a reminder since we're still in the first couple of days, and shall have only three is remember trying to stay on top of the memorization, right if you psuedo weekend's coming up, by that time it will be 1012 I happen to starts to get out of control. Three is in a very practical everybody can do it and shall try to keep on top of the target which Allah May Allah give us the ability

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to do that.