Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L058H

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative consequences of sickness and the use of "will" to indicate a person being sick or unable to use water. They emphasize the importance of cleanliness and wiping hands and feathers on a surface, as well as the need for proper behavior to avoid negative consequences. The speakers also discuss the potential harm of drinking water, the use of mud and dust in various situations, and the potential danger of dust being used in life. They offer advice on managing the use of mud and dust, including using rocks and mud bricks to remove dust from buildings and the potential danger of dust being used in life.
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We're in quantum model and if you are sick mother is a Florida Marine, if you are sick

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or suffering or you are on a journey, so, do unusual situations are mentioned What are they?

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First of all sickness. And secondly, travel,

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oh haddam income men alive, or one of you has come from the height from the toilet

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over here,

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this oh is for detail, meaning it is explaining what is mentioned earlier.

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So, two cases, two situations, what are the two situations? First of all, sickness. Secondly, travel. So in the state, or at home, if you have come from the toilet, meaning if you've used the washroom

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the word hire is from the root letters line, well, blah, blah, blah.

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And how can you go to is to dig or to be concealed.

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And why it is literally a hollow place of privacy.

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It is a depressed ground. It's private. Because when you're there, people who are far they can't see you.

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It's depressed. And it's also used for such ground that is soft,

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ground that is soft, and it's also depressed

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earlier and even today when people don't have built washrooms and they have to answer the call of nature somewhere outside, then the place that should be chosen for relieving oneself should be a place that is first of all depressed, so that a person is not visible in front of people, he is hidden from people there should be something concealing him and secondly, the ground itself should be soft.

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Why should it be soft?

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So that the urine does not splash back on him

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to the ground has to be soft, so not Rocky, but you can say muddy.

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So, high is the place where a person goes in order to answer the call of nature. So you can say a toilet.

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So odor hadn't been coming along it or someone among you has used the washroom and upon using the washroom what happens, a person has to do will do in order to bring

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an anastomosis out or you have touched the women, meaning you've had sexual contact with the women and upon that, what does the person have to do? Also?

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So, if what do you have to do, will do lamps of NASA What does a person have to do? Also, why in order to pray,

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now lamb esto messenger Thatcherism Lam Meem seen lumps and what does lamps mean to touch?

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We did another word for touching as well. Must.

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What's the difference between must and lamps? It is said that must is to touch with the hand

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must is to touch with the hand and lumps is to touch with some other parts of the body.

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So lumps gives a sense of physical contact.

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What does lumps mean? physical contact.

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So Ola muster Mona Lisa, it doesn't mean that literally you touched a woman and therefore your will do has now broken and No. Law mustermann nessa What does it mean that you've had physical contact with the woman and this is figurative for sexual *?

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This is figurative for sexual *. And remember, I mentioned to you earlier that it also becomes magic not just upon sexual *, but just the mere contact of sexual organs as well even if there's no natural *.

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So, two situations What are they? One of will do and secondly, one of us

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now, a person has to do either will do also to pray, but there is a problem.

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What is the problem for them that you do? You cannot find water with which you can either do will do or you can take also what are you going to do not pray? No, no, you have to pray you have to pray. So, what is the illusion that a lot of times it gives us

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but they are normal than deuterium.

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First it was mentioned that if you are sick or on a journey,

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generally a person does not find water, or a person cannot use water. In what two situations, these two situations, then you're sick. And even if there's so much water if you use it, what's going to happen, your sickness is going to get worse. Or in some situations a person could literally die.

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And on a journey, you're traveling you're looking for water but you can't find water. For example, you're in an airplane, and if it's a very long journey, 14 hour journey 15 hour journey and if the whole thing is full of money

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Everybody if they go to do will do what's going to happen eventually the water is going to run out

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correct. So, if a person is in such a situation that he cannot find Waldo or he cannot find water or he cannot use water because using it is going to increase it's going to worsen his sickness. then in this situation, if he asked you will do or he has taken hosel What should he do?

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He should do to

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further your Mo

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Mo is on the roof that was yummy me.

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And they mmm literally means an

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intention. What does it mean?

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intention we learned earlier well as a young mammal kabisa

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remember, and do not even intend to give the hubby's in the way of Allah.

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But rather only gift for you. While at the yamamo hobbies, so Tom literally is cost, intention irata to aim at something.

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And technically, the aim is a person's intention for the hora the person intends to do for her? Because if you think of it, how can you actually become physically clean? By using water?

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But if you're not using water, and you're just wiping your hands over dust and blowing them and wiping your hands over your face, is that actually physically clean? You know, it's not going to physically clean you.

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So what is it it's the intention of cleanliness of obtaining purity.

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So that I am no more than resort to making a mum how from sorry, them for human soil that is for you. Sorry, it was something that we saw during that.

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And sorry, is what will

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What is it? The surface of the earth.

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And whatever that is on the surface of the Earth is what? It's slurried

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whatever that is on the surface of the Earth is the surface of the earth.

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Whether it is dirt, or it is pebbles, or it is rocks, whatever that is on the surface of the Earth is it's Sorry, it's the upper layer.

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Now, should a person say okay, this ground that's beneath my feet is also the surface of the earth in a way.

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But the thing is, that for this, the scholars have said that as long as it's something that is more personal, meaning it is actually a part of the joint with you. You're not going to take it off. Like the building that you have. It's put on the earth.

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Yes, it has foundations that are Indian, but it's not like a part of the earth. But pebbles, rocks, grass, mud, dirt, what is it?

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It's part of the year.

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So if at the end members are even forgiven, but what's the condition that this slurry should be placed? It should be clean? It should be thought ahead. So how should you do a

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fencer who we will do

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that? First of all, you bet your hands on the sorry, don't play even? And then what do you do? From sir, who we will do he come then you wipe your hand over your faces? So what's the process that you bet your hand on the ground? And then what do you do? You wipe your hand over your face, it doesn't mean that you have to take a handful of dirt and you have to wash your face with it. No,

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you bet your hand and then mess.

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What does must mean wipe on rub stroke.

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So from there, what we will do we can begin with the face and then what ad come and also your hands. So it doesn't mean that you have to begin with your face and then you have to wipe over your hands as well an ad is a plural of yet.

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That's it I've set that ad equal. What this means is that you have to wash your hands all the way up to your elbows.

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Okay, so when you're doing famine, you wipe your hands over your face and then you wipe your hands all over your elbows. Because this doesn't work What do you have to do? You have to wash your hands all the way up to your elbows However, this meaning is not that strong. Why?

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Because only the word ad has been mentioned ad comm lol maratea has not been set

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the word yet it can apply to all the way up to the elbow. However it has to be specified.

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And if it's not specified, then you take it only up until the wrist

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like we learned that for the sadock and decided the male and the female teeth what's their punishment? photo ID oma got their hands. So the hand is cut until we're until the wrist.

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So from Sahabi would you come with a decal. So wipe over your face as well as your hands. In the law, how can our full one have a folder Indeed Allah is most pardoning and he is also forgiving. Look at the names of a loss of Paradise that are mentioned over here.

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When you do, we'll do. What do you think? that with every drop that is falling? In Sharla? My sins are also falling.

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But when you do them, or do you feel I mean, there's nothing falling off of you. And you're not really washing your arms or your feet or your head. What about the sins of my feet? What about the sins of my arms

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in the Lyra for one of those pardoning and he is forgiving.

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We also see that people just feel uncomfortable doing Tai Mo,

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isn't it?

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They're not just satisfied. What does Allah say that he is are for one or folder he himself has commanded you to do this. He is pardoning, and he is also forgiving.

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So what is the most known way of performing the demo

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that you strike your hands on dust? Then you wipe your face. And you also wipe over your hands and some have said that after striking your hands on the ground on the dust, then you blow on your hand a little bit? Because that is the son of the Prophet sort of odd isn't

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that when he struck his hands on the ground, and he blew them before wiping over the face?

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So what do we learn from this I

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learned many, many lessons.

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First part of the ayah was about intoxication that don't play in that state.

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And before that, we learned about the importance of Salah because Allah subhanaw taala has addressed the believers with what

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with their Iman

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and what is mentioned in devalaya Salah

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so if you're a believers, then you have to do this in order to persona.

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So part of your Eman is performing the other

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part of your Eman is perfecting your Salah.

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We also don't from that part about what are gentlemen, so on, that a person should not approach the masjid and should not stay in the masjid in the state of Geneva.

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We also learned that Salah it cannot be prayed without bahala

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Salah cannot be performed without the huddle without cleanliness, that's a condition.

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That's a condition.

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The person will not say Oh, I can't be bothered going to the washroom doing water spray, at least I'm praying. No.

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If you don't have to harder, if you don't know we'll do or in the absence of water. If you don't do thiamin, then Salah is invalid. Salah is invalid you have to have to hold on whether the taharah is will do or hosel or tm or whatever that is relevant in your situation.

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We also learn that for a journey, there is no specific mileage limit.

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Because over here Allah said we're in control, more or less suffering on a journey. It hasn't been said a journey of 50 kilometers. It hasn't been said because many people they get confused when it comes to traveling. That what does it mean I'm traveling does it have to be at least these many kilometers. If you look at it, there is no specific HUD that has been set. You call a journey, a journey. Correct. If from here, you're going to another city, then that is a suffer. And you're going to say I'm traveling for a day or two.

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I'm traveling for the weekend.

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So the head of suffer is what what you will call a suffer what you will call a journey. Right? There is no specific mileage limit. Or whatever you call a trip whatever you call a journey, whatever you call a travel that is travel and in that state. If you don't find water, then you do them.

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Similarly, we learned that what permits a person to perform the minimum is two conditions. What are those conditions? First of all, absence of water. And secondly, harm that a person would suffer if he used water.

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First his absence of water whether you're at home or you're traveling, you can't find water, there's no water.

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Secondly, better harm. That if you use the water, in order to do will do in order to take a bath you are going to suffer, your illness is going to increase or it's going to worsen.

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From our heads we learned that the profits are the hardest and we saw a person sitting away from the people and not praying with them. He asked him also and so what prevented you from offering the prayer with the people? Are you not a Muslim?

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He replied yes or last messenger. But I am Jacob and there is no water. I'm in the state of Geneva and there is no water therefore I'm not praying. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, perform to your mom with clean Earth and that will be sufficient for you.

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That will be sufficient for you. So first of all, absence of water.

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Without learn from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said all of the Earth was made a Masjid for us. And its dust was made clean for us when there is no water

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First of all, what is it? absence of water?

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And secondly, what is it

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harm that a person would suffer because of using water.

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For example, we learned from a hadith that are motivating to us, he said that I experienced a wet dream on a cold night during the campaign of that lesson. So basically, they were on a journey. And he woke up in the morning and he needed to take hustle.

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And I was afraid that if I did listen, I would die. Why?

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Because of the call night it was extremely cold.

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So I did tell him, and then I prayed for God with my companions.

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They mentioned that the prophets are about a Salaam and he asked or not, did you lead your companions in prayer when you were gentle? I told him what had kept me from doing was and I said, I heard Allah says, What adequate to do and full circle, don't kill yourself in the lagana become rahima. So the prophets are allowed a sudden smiled, and he did not say anything. So what is it

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that in the case of borrower that using water is really going to cause you harm, then in that case, a person can do diamo.

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But remember, we learned in the Quran in Surah Taha when I was 16, that fetac aloha must

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fear Allah as much as you can, as much as you're able.

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So, for example, if you're traveling and you say, Oh, I can't find water, doesn't mean that you shouldn't even try to find water. Does it mean that? No, you should try to find sometimes if there is some problem with the plumbing in your house and there is no water or you cannot have water after some time, then what should you do from before? What should you do? Fill up some water in a bucket in something or the other. Just as you need water for cooking for drinking? Don't you need water for will do.

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We know that the people of Cuba, they used to go to great lengths, in order to perform will do every time in order to clean themselves in order to wash themselves properly every time and which is why Allah subhanaw taala revealed that in the law, you have Buddha webinar, where you hiball mutata healing Allah loves such people who those who go to great lengths in order to keep themselves clean in order to perform will do an apostle properly.

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Let's listen to the recitation of this.

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entire we see that we can do time on from what sorry done by even

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and as I mentioned to you that sorry, it is what will up the surface of the earth. So what do we learn from this, about the permissibility of performing diamo from whatever that is on the surface of the Earth?

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Whatever that covers the ground, whatever that covers around, and as long as it is late.

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Some scholars they have said that, sorry, don't even refer to anything that's on the surface of the earth. Anything at all, as long as it is by you and others is that that no it must be dusty. It must have dust. So it has to be mud, dirt or something like that.

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However, if you look at how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did diamo What did he do? He blew the dust.

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What does that show

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that dust is not necessary. What is necessary is the sorry that you have to patch your hands on it. And then you're supposed to wipe your hand over your face and you're hence

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when I met Jeffrey Bennett was I mean he was asked about a sick person who cannot find us. Can you do to your mom by striking his hands on the wall.

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Because if you think about wall is not sorry, it's not what you will Earth.

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So, he replied that if the wall is built or something that comes from the earth, such as rocks or mud bricks, then it is permissible to use it for minimum,

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but if the wall is covered with wood or paint, if there is any dust on it, then it may be used for the moon and there is nothing wrong with that.

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So, basically if something is like speaking Spanish spotless, that cannot be used in the kind of lifestyle that we prefer these days, dust oh my god dust remove this dust. So, that you can do the demo basically.

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So, he said there is nothing wrong with that, it is like doing a meme on the ground because dust particles come from the earth. But if there is no dust on it, then it is not from the earth and cannot be used for the moon.

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With regard to the bed, we say if there is dust on it, it may be used for the mom otherwise it should not be used with a moon, because it does not come from the air.

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And we alternate shirtless lamp even taymiyah, he favored the view that it is permissible to do thiamin with things other than dust from other parts of the earth if one cannot find us.

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So basically, if you're somewhere, or rock, or rock, like let's say you're in a rocky place,

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and there is no mud, or you see muddy ground, but it's at a great distance. So you can go there and determine from there. But if you cannot go over there, then you can do to immune from the rocky ground that you're on. Sorry.

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So similarly, if you're like on ice, or on snow, and for miles and miles, all that you can see is just snow. And you can remove some snow, if you can remove it, and then you can use the mud. Good. But if it's like very, very deep, if it's not possible for you, then obviously you can't use that.

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How do you determine that like, for example, on a plane, like what opinion of ships even resembling what I mentioned, was anything that comes from the earth. So let's say what you can do is you can take some mud with you in a boat or something like that, okay, and you can keep it with you. Or maybe rocks, rocks would be safer. Because what if it explodes in your bag, then might be a problem. So you could take something like that and use that for him.

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Maybe sometimes you will find dusty, he can use that dust for don't take a chance.

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We see that the dean that allows the parents out has given us is a dean that is used, that is easy.

00:22:36 --> 00:22:41

That can be applied that can be followed in any situation, any place that a person is in.

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If you can't pray standing for a city, you can't sit lie down, you have to do will do you have Jake hosel you can't take also you can't do will do because of the absence of water because of sickness, then what do you do today with what with mud, as you can't find mud in anything that is on the surface of the earth.

00:23:03 --> 00:23:13

And Prime Minister scholars have derived this principle which is that Alma Shaka difficulty digital literacy that it brings is

00:23:14 --> 00:23:20

that any situation that is of difficulty, then a person is given allowances.

00:23:21 --> 00:23:23

And he is given choices of ease

00:23:24 --> 00:23:43

and do situations in which time is permissible his absence of water or lack of and some scholars say that it is also permissible in the case where there is shortage of time that you don't have much time left if they can also, if you do will do then what's going to happen is that you're going to miss your Salah.

00:23:44 --> 00:23:49

But the thing is that if this is permissible, then people are going to continue to delay their Salah.

00:23:50 --> 00:24:12

Like for example, a person knows that he is genuine, he should preferably take a bath before going to sleep. And if he doesn't do that, and he intends to take a bath in the morning, then he should wake up well in times that he can perform the hustle properly. Because if he just takes advantage of this term every time then people generally tend to miss you. So there is a difference of opinion with regards to that.

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Over here in the i o What do we learn, do things that in quantum mirtha and because of that Murat there is going to be done if you use water and secondly, absence of water for them that you do. In these two cases. Primarily, you will do the mo let's listen to the recitation.

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Una de la hora de

An-Nisa 36-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 43-b

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