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An-Nisa 15-25 Translation

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A new word for older Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem prohibition by the way Sidley MD

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Dr. Millis melissani.

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Open as in

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Lesson number 56 certainly Sir, I am number 15 to 25

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Okay, there's one thing inshallah Today we will go on to the fifth just as well. What you can do is keep them as have with you open it to the fixtures so that in the translation and also when you want the word analysis you don't spend any time looking for that page. So keep your Muslim ready put a marker where the fixtures begins

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out to be let him initiate energy investment Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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and Lottie and those women who yet Dina they came, they commit a reefer he shatter the indecency adultery

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men from Missa II comb your women faster she do then you all call witnesses

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or lay him against them

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or Barton for men come from you. For him. Then if share he do they bore witness for mc kohana then you all hold them confine them. fee in LWT, the houses had their until yet when it takes them for the Elmo to the derry o or yadgir Allah, He makes Allahu Allah the hoonah for them sabetha a week

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one learning and those two who get the only hair they come to it, they commit it, men come from you

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do Houma then inflict pain on them to then punish them to

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fit in. So if the other day to repent, it was Lucha and they do reformed forever if you do, then you will turn away are in Houma from them to

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in Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever the weapon greatest acceptor of repentance for Hema always All Merciful

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in Nima indeed not but a Toba to the repentance, acceptance of repentance, Allah upon Allah He Allah lilla Vina is for those who Yama, Luna they do they perform as soon as the evil be Johanna thing with ignorance. Summer, then year two buena. they repent. Men from Peri urban near

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for Allah eeka pseudos. Here to boo he accepts repentance, Allahu Allah. Are they him upon them? Well Cana and he is ever Allahu Allah, or leemon always annoying hakima always always

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when they said, and it is not a Toba to the repentance livina for those who Yama Luna they do a save the earth the evils had the until either when haidara it came it attended I had a home one of them a remote to the death on his said in me indeed I to be to I repented and Anna now wonder and nor alladhina those who you know tuna day die were home while they could fall on our ones who disbelief disbelief disbelievers aka those are threatener we have prepared the home for them. Are there been a punishment and EMA most painful?

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Yeah. Are you here for you? And the Deena those who knew they believed they're not your Hello, it is lawful. It is permissible. lacunae for you and that there is

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Soon you will inherit and Nisa the women girl her forcibly unwillingly

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wanna and do not there are Bulu hoonah you all hinder them or you all harass them little Habu so that you take the Barbie with some ma What are they to move on you all give them Illa except and that yet Deena they come they commit before he shot him with indecency mobile unit in one open

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what and Asha ruhuna you all live with them Bill Maher roof in the recognized manner

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for him then if courage to move on you all dislike them for sir then it may be perhaps um that the core of who you are this like you all hate Shay a thing where gyla and he makes Allahu Allah fi in it hiren good costiera much

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what in and if you all wanted you all intended is dividend and exchange zildjian have a wife, McKenna in place zodion have a wife, Tatum and you all gave if the hoonah one of them can fall on a heap of wealth further, so do not the Hulu you all take men who from it shake anything

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do that who do know who you are, take it. But then as slander false accusation, what is SMA and a sin Medina one clear open?

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What can you for and how the hell do you know who you all take it? were called while in fact, of the iE canggih really benefited by overcome some of you ILA to Berlin some of others or a hardener, and they took men come from you, Mr. Cohen attacked a binding oath of a lever one strong, one firm

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wonder and do not Thank you who you're married. man whom knucklehead he married about your father's men from a Nisa the women in law except ma What are in fact cellophane it has passed before in the who indeed it can. It was for a certain an act of indecency were mocked and a hateful thing was an evil sebelah away

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Have we met she was forbidden I may come upon you in my hair to comb your mother's well and Bonaire to comb your daughters. One and a half hour to come your sisters want to come and your father sisters wahala to come and your mother sisters we're gonna do and daughters and of the brother we're gonna do and daughters of the system in the head to come and your mothers and T those who have their home they circled you. They nursed you well and a Hawa to come your sister's men from a bar, the milk suckling what and Omaha to mother's Missa comb of your women of your wives

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or that you become and your stepdaughters and those who feed in her Judy comb your labs or your guardianship.

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Men from Nisa Eco, your women

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and Lottie those who the whole tone you all entered begin with them

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for him so if lamb not the Qunu you will be the whole room y'all entered. Begin with them, fella, they're not gonna have any sin or they come upon you.

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What and hello in wives, urbanite econ of your sons, and Medina, those who mean from a slur become your loins or an undead dejima Ooh, you all gather you all connect bainer between

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The two sisters in law except Ma, what are they, in fact, Senator, it has passed before.

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In Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever of a foreign most forgiving for a human on always All Merciful.

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While most honor to and those women who are fortified men from a new sir, the women Illa except ma whom Malika it possessed a man who comb your right hands

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ketover a decree, Allah He of Allah, or they come upon you

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were Hitler, and it was made lawful, local for you, man who were beyond the licon that for you all.

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And that Tabitha, who you will seek be unwelcome with your wealth. Mostly Nina. ones being chased by euro not Musashi hain once being fornicators

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firmer. So what is stamped Artem, you all benefited be with it. Men who know from them for to hoonah then you all give them a judo hoonah they are brighter money for you button, a duty

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whether and not Juna her, any sin. La come upon you. FEMA concerning what? They're all bytom you all mutually agreed? Be with it. Men from body after alpha yoga, the ordained duty

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in Indeed, Allah, Allah Cana he is ever our leemon all resolved knowing hekima always always

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woman and whoever Lum not, yes,

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he is able men come from you Tolan strength, and that Yankee her he marries, and more sun at the fortified women. Mina, the believing women, for men, then from ma whom Malika it possessed a man to comb your right hands, men from further yet become your slave girls. And minette the believing

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Allahu and Allah. Our demo is more snowing be Imani comb, with your belief by the comb. Some of you men from Berlin, some of others, Frankie hoonah. So you all married them. B is me with permission

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of their family. Well, and to whom you all give them or Judah hoonah they're brighter money been maroof in the recognized manner.

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More so no one's being chased by euro not? Mousavi hat one's being fornicators. Juana and nor muttahida one sticking up then secret friends, for either so when they're when they were taken in protection for him. Then if Athena they committed before he shatin with indecency for only hiner then upon them useful have ma what Allah is upon Allah signer, fortified women, men from another the punishment, their liquor that the man for who cashier he feared and another the sin, the stress men come from you.

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One and that does we do you all endure with patients? Hi Ron is best law come for you.

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Allahu and Allah have a folder on most forgiving for Haman always on merciful

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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when the

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mean is

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be Johanna

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una de una say

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una una

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de la Viva Asia to

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de la

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to begin

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two minutes

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bill now