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Al-Maidah 82-93 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 92-93

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Turns out it says well through your level wealthier of us who obey Allah and obey the messenger

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meaning obey the commands of Allah subhana wa tada and obey the commands at the messenger. So the Lotus Adam gives you why.

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And be careful, be cautious, meaning Be cautious against disobeying Allah and disobeying the messenger. Be cautious, be careful for interval later and if you turn away, furthermore, a numa node Assouline albula will move in the know that on the messenger is the duty to convey clearly

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and remember the profits are allowed to sell them, he was obligated to convey the message clearly. How the words as well as the meanings, remember, but

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what does it mean that convey the words and also convey the meanings?

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So what does it show?

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That if you want to look at something whether it is halal or haram, what are you going to see? You're going to see the ayat of the Quran and then you're going to see how the prophets that a lot of Salaam explained it.

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Some people say all the word heroin has not been used in the Quran.

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But do you find the word Haram in the Sunnah?

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Clearly you do, do you find the prohibition of hunger in the Sunnah? Clearly you do. So look at the ayah how it comes right after the ayah to compromise it that obey Allah and the messenger. And if you turn away, remember that the duty of our messenger is to convey openly the words as well as the meanings

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so let's look at some of the statements of the profit sort of autism. With regards to alcohol.

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Even a model denardo said that the profits are the loudest Adam said loreena till humble earlier I stood at the OD.

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Den matters related to Harmon have been cursed.

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First of all, the hammer itself is cursed.

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Secondly, the one who drinks the hammer is also cursed. Thirdly, the one who serves the hummus.

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The one who serves the hummus is also cursed. The one who sells the hummus.

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The seller is also cursed, then the buyer is also cursed.

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Then the brewer

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so for example, the one who works in the brewing factory where alcohol or drugs are produced.

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Then the one who asks for it to be brewed. The one who just has his business, he doesn't brew it himself. But he asks that it should be brewed. he hires someone that you do this dirty job for me.

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Then whoever carries it, whoever transports the alcohol, whoever transports the humbler, not just alcohol, but any kind of intoxicant. So for example, if there's a person who is a delivery guy,

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let's say he has a van through which he delivers people's parcels.

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And if he is delivering something, how long then he is involved in this. Whoever it is carried to meaning whoever Harmer is delivered to,

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and whoever consumes its price. Whoever consumes its price, all these 10 are cursed.

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The prophets all of those who have said loreena they have been cursed.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said munchetty will hombre dounia sama Lamia took minha Halima halfhill acido.

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Whoever drinks humble in this life of this world and does not repent from it, that he will be deprived of it in the hereafter.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said kolomoisky in Cameroon, were kolomoisky rainha Rahman defined the word haram now

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you have it.

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Woman cherryvale hombre Mata Hua Hua, you may know her what I'm here to mean her lemmya schlub has

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every intoxicant is Hummer, and every intoxicant is unlawful. Whoever drinks Hummer and dies while addicted to it, without repenting from drinking it, he will not drink it in the Hereafter, he will be kept thirsty in the hereafter.

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So what do we learn from this I in particular,

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that the prophets are allowed a solemn his obligation is to explain the Quran

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to convey the Quran clearly the words as well as the meanings.

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From this we also learn about the obligation of referring to the statements of the prophets autoloaders

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Send them with regards to every matter.

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So for example, sometimes people disregard some commands in the deen saying, Oh, it's only a Sunnah.

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Like, for example, the command for men to keep a beard. It's not mentioned in the Quran the command.

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However the Prophet said a lot of them clearly said, grow your beard.

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People say Oh, it's a Sunnah

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Okay, the prophet said a lot of them said it. But what does Allah say over here up to year over Sula, obey the messenger What does it mean that if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it? It was a command? What does it mean? It's magic. It's mandatory. It's an obligation. You cannot say that Oh, it's so not only

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what do we learn? that we have to refer to the statements of the prophets are allowed us Allah when it comes to the matters of the deen

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when it comes to the matters of halal and haram when it comes to the matters of that which is why I do and that which is not magic.

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And obedience to the messenger is something that is mandatory on us. So if the prophets or a lot of them gives a command, which is not found in the Quran, still it is an obligation and you cannot call it Justice O'Connor and their severe warning against disobedience to Allah and His Messenger as a last paragraph it says why a little

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laser Latina M and y Min asylee had the genome there is not upon those people who believe and do righteousness, any blame

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those people who believe in their hearts and they do it in their bodies, and they perform our monocytic mean those deeds that are in accordance with the show here. There is no blame on them, meaning they're not sinful female 30 more with regards to what they consumed the word 30 miles from their own soccer star, I mean, what the thymi food. But remember the word Tom also applies to drink, anything that a person eats or drinks consumes,

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we read earlier, well millimeter angle for inhumanly. Whoever does not drink of it, then he is off me.

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So the word farm is not just used for solids, but it's also used for liquids.

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So, female 30 more of what they consumed meaning of alcohol, of the money that they earned through myself.

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So 30 ml refers to what? Whatever they consumed. of that which is unlawful that is mentioned in the previous ayat. Whether it is homage, or masive, through unsought or through Islam.

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So female 30 Mu in what they consumed.

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When before the prohibition,

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either man as long as they eat the coal, they feared Allah

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meaning they feared a loss of panel data with regards to what

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observing his comments.

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So they abstain from other forbidden things.

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What am I no and they also believe, meaning they believed in Allah in the way that they must believe in

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because it is a man that keeps a person away from committing that which is how long and it's a man that makes the person accept the commands of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So there is no blame on them on what they consumed previously, as long as they had the core.

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And they had even what I mean assignee had and they also did Ambleside. So three conditions have been mentioned thus far. Some of the fourth then again, they had taqwa, what am I know? And they also believed what does it mean by that? That they continue to have the quote, and they continue to have even

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they were perseverant.

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They were persevering on their core, and there's

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so much of our arsenal. And then again, they had the quad and they did arson. Meaning they were persevering. They were consistent with their Dakota, they stayed away from heroin.

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And what Arsenal and they performed various types of good deeds

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will lower your hibben Merci. And Allah loves those people who do ersan.

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Basically, this ayah is speaking about two types of people.

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First of all, those people who died before the final prohibition,

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remember that that dream of hunger and nature was revealed in stages. So what about those people who died before the final prohibition? they consumed alcohol. Right, and later on it was made heroin.

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So does it mean they committed an act that was heroin and they will be held accountable for it? No. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala says there is no blame upon them, because they were believers. They were righteous. They had the core. They had a man they did your son

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So therefore, they're not going to be held accountable.

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They died before the prohibition. Yes. And they died in the state of drinking alcohol. Okay. But because there were sincere believers, you cannot hold them accountable. They're not punishable.

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Secondly, this is speaking about those people who consumed her arm in ignorance.

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Let's say there is a person

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who was not a Muslim before.

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And because of that, they were involved in hunger, they were involved in Mesa, etc, etc.

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Now, once they become a Muslim,

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ama knew what taco and then they continue to be believers, they had st karma, they continue to stay away from heroin.

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And they also did exam meaning they perform various types of good deeds. So obviously good deeds, erase the bad deeds. And when a person becomes a Muslim, then what happens all of his previous sins are forgiven

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seminary if there is a person who claims that he's a Muslim, but he's not, as we say, practicing.

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Now, one day he realizes what I'm doing is wrong. This is not right.

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And this is something Haram, I should stay away from it.

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So how do you get out of that state of guilt?

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Allah subhanaw taala says, There is no blame as long as now after that, after you know about the prohibition, what do you do? You stay away from it.

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And you increase in your good deeds, and you stay away from other problem acts as well. So basically, this is talking about two people who are the first of all those who died before the final prohibition. And secondly, those who consumed heroin in ignorance.

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And it also includes those people who continue to drink before the final prohibition.

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who continue to drink before the final prohibition. Because just imagine, the first command came, some people stopped, other people continued.

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The second command came, more people stopped, other people continued.

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File command came, everybody stopped.

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Now those people who had continued even after the first and second comment, imagine how guilty they must have been feeling.

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Can you imagine?

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You know, how if there is a difference of opinion, and later on, you find it Okay, what the right thing to do is what do you say? See, I told you, I was right. And you were wrong.

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So obviously, the person who was doing wrong, he's going to feel guilty. What does Allah say? There is no blame, you're not going to be held accountable. Why? Because you stayed away from those things, which were How long?

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What you knew was how long you stayed away from it. You had the core, you had a man, and you did so. Therefore, you're not going to be held accountable.

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recitation of these

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For more

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if you notice the last idea that so matakohe so matakohe, this is mentioned. This is repeated and Eman is also repeated. And this shows the continuty and steadfastness

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that they had on Eman and taqwa on their correct Eman because a man is what makes a person accept the commands of Allah. The core what the stuff

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Refer to staying away from how long? How long did they knew for sure.

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And your son, what does their son refer to?

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What does their son refer to doing good deeds. So Dakota is staying away from heroin, and your son is doing good deeds. So they continued to have the court. Therefore, if they were here today, especially those people who were died before the final for admission, if they were alive today, they also would have not consumed it. And we learned that even our vessel Darren, who he said that when karma was prohibited, some people said, Oh, Allah's Messenger. What about our brothers who died while still drinking kombucha?

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Then it was a panel data sent down the side

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that No, they're not going to be held accountable, because they had the code and they had email and if they were alive today, they would have stayed away from it.

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So panicle locomobi Home Depot. Not sure they were there either. illa Anta Mr Haruka wanted to be a Santa Monica.