Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 048A Translation Aal-e-Imran 110-120

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh national who want to Sunday Allah rasool Allah, good Karim and my bad for OTA bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi r Rahman r Rahim

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for Beshara he Saudi UAE, Sidley, Emery, Washington octet and Lily signing up for who called the openers.

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That's number 48. Sudha earlier and Bon Iver number 110 to 120 translation, calm tone, you were Hira best in Metin people who reject it was brought forth, Lin Nursey for the people

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that Morona you will order Bill Maher roofie with the recognized right. Wha, and then Hona you forbid, I'm from La Mancha, derecognized drunk,

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wah, and took me noona you all believe Billahi in Allah

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wa Hello. And if Armineh he believed a Hello, people elke 30 of the book. Like Anna, surely it was how you run best law home for them. Men home from them, and move me noona the believers, those who believe well, and Excel to whom most of them Alpha sukoon those who disobey those who cross limits.

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Learn will never your guru calm they harm you Illa except other an injury we're in and if you call T LUCAM they fight you, you will LUCAM they will turn away from you and at the battle the backs. So then let's not use Arun, they will be helped

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body but it was struck. I lay him upon them. A villa, the humiliation, a nama wherever, so before they were found

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Illa except be huddling with Arab men from Allah He Allah wa and Hublin Eero men from a Nursey the people were bad Oh, and they returned or they incurred

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below Durban with anger men from Allah He Allah will * but and it was struck or they him upon them and Miss Ghana, the poverty

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there Lika that be unknown because indeed they can do they were yet Furuno they disbelieve bat with vs. Allah He of Allah wa and Jaco to Luna they kill a Gambia the prophets below 80 without helping any right vaniqa that Bhima because of what I saw, they disobeyed what can you and they were Yatta Don't be transgress.

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Lay Sue they are not. So we're equal. Men from a holy people. I'll Kitabi of the book. Oh madonn A group BA in Mattoon. One standing one upright. Yet Luna they recite a T vs. Allah He of Allah and dimes hours and Layli of the night were home and they yes June the prostrate you may know now they believe Billahi in Allah will Yomi and the day and a theory the best way out Morona and they order Bill Murphy with the recognized right way and Hona and they forbid I'm from an mancha the recognized wrong where you said your honor and they hasten with each other fee in a hierarchy the good deeds

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were hola Iike and those men from a slightly Hain those who are righteous warmer and whatever yeah for our do they do men from hiding any good felon so whenever you look for who they will be denied it

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will Allah Who and Allah or naman always all knowing Bill Murthy

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with those who adopts taco

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in indeed, and Medina those who care for rue de disbelieved learn will never Donia it will profit it will avail on home from them and while home their wealth, their properties, wala, and Nora hola to whom their children men from Allah He Allah che anything what Allah Iike and those as horrible our companions and natty of the fire, whom they fee her in it Kali dune Wanzhou abide forever. Massa Lu example ma of what you and Fiona they spend fee in heavy this and hayati the life at dunya of the world. Camera Telly like example reihen have a wind fee here in it sled run excessive cold or excessive heat

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cold or heat excessive cold or excessive heat

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a saw but it reached Hausa field harvest Coleman of a people run a move they did wrong and Fusa home to themselves for a halacha to so it destroyed it warmer and not one of my home he wronged them Allahu Allah when I can but and foster home themselves have removed they do wrong.

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Yeah Are you her? Oh and Medina THOSE WHO? Manu they believed law do not that definitely do you all adopt you all take Bitcoin eaten as close intimate friends.

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Men from Dooney calm besides you

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learn not yet Luna calm they will fail you

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Habana any corruption any ruin

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what do they wished ma that which I need to you all suffered but in fact, but that it appeared al Baba the hatred men from of where he him their mouths warmer and what to fee it hides it conceals sudo room their chests Akbar is greater. But in fact by Yana we express clearly locum for you Elia at the verses or the signs in if quantum you were dark balloon you understand

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her and Tom here you are. Hola e are these are those to hit buena home. You love them. Wala and not you hipbone a calm they love you.

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What took me no no. And you all believe Bill Kitabi in the book called Lee all of it. Were either and when local calm they met you Kalu they said and we believed

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what either and when. Hello there we're alone. Our boo debit or lay come upon you. Al Anam Isla the fingertips, men from Allah usually the anger, the rage phone, you say Moodle, you all die belatedly come because of your rage or in your rage. In indeed Allahu Allah or anyone always all knowing be dirty with possessor or sudo of the chests in if dumpster scum it touches you hasn't done a good to whom it grieves them. We're in and if totally become it reaches you say you've done an evil bad year for who they rejoice, they become happy. Be here with it. We're in and if does be true, you will endure with patients what that call and you all adopt the core law not your Bukom it will harm you.

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Okay to whom they're plotting che anything in indeed, Allahu Allah Bhima with whatever Yama Luna they do Movietone one who encompasses

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that's the sort of the recitation of these verses

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met in Oak Ridge at Lynn

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Malone I believe

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carry with me

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leukemia I really

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mean hormone me

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On our

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own layover Rupam

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ye Ovaltine on for me one loop

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on Butina Charlie remote village two people in

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a lab we had him mean a lot he were having him

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be a lowball being mean Allah he will do the Bachata he will miss Ghana that he can be

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a clone heavy it

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be a Anttila he went up on to Luna be

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at how then he got the mouse on one can we are doing goon laser oh so I

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mean little kita heavy metal ball Hema tui at LUNA I Anttila yet Luna

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Laney Wahoo means Judo Oh don't you mean oh nebula you are Leo.

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wire Wi

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Fi Wi

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Fi was at

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in Camino Saudi and he even

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though O Allah who are

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healthy in a lady and I

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mean Allah He should.

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else have

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we have Adi Dawn method

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he had he he'll hayati dunya gamma led Gomez led

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the house your bull now saw that's how

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whose homes

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one hour long what I came

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home meals on

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gonna tell me Tony

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Turkey will be gone I

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don't even know

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what Doom doom for the

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law owning up why he him one

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or the other here

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into hip bone

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bone and want to meet on Eddie Nikita IV or E then up Oh come on. Oh.

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We're either follow wild born evil Anna Amina, I mean I didn't want

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to be liable in the law honeymoon be that is so dull. It says hasn't

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done so at home. We're in to say to me for a

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while it does feel like that double I elbow book. Okay. You do home che in LA Habima. I am Luna Mahi.

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