Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 04 – L053A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters recounting their actions and potential consequences, including embarrassment, war, and death. It also touches on various topics such as the origin of "IT" and its meaning in various cultures. The transcript describes a promise made by Lucy Lika, Tina Lika, Mara Lika, and Xena Lika, as well as a woman named Yuna Lika who claims to be a woman from Berlin. The group discusses various topics, including war, money, and staying home.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to salia Dr. Sunil Karim, I'm about to belay him in a shape on rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem rubbished rightly so that he was silly and re watch Lula Raka Tamil melissani Yakubu Kohli urban as in

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Lesson number 53. So earlier Milan is number 186 to 200

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letto below one, surely you will be definitely tested Fie in and Wiley comm your wealth or your properties, what and unfussy chrome yourselves what and let us learn. Surely you shall definitely hear men from a levena those who who do they were given elkie taba the book men from publikum before you well and men from a Latina those who are Shaku they did dittrich associated partners other hurt harm kathira much were in and if does biru you all endure with patience what at the zoo and you will adopt Aqua fear Allah for in then indeed there Lika that main from our xmi firm resolution a move of the matters when it and when I heard he took Allahu Allah Misa a binding oath allatheena of those

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who are too They were given al Qaeda but the book led to by union who surely you all will definitely make it clear.

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make it explicit. Linda see for the people who are there and do not duck to Muna who you all shall hide it for anybody who saw the through it. What are behind the hoodie him their backs, washed out Oh, and they bartered they bought be with it. feminine a price by Lila very small fabric sir so how bad ma what your showroom they bartered or they bought?

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leather do not that's urban? You definitely think you definitely suppose alladhina those who year for hoonah they rejoice Bhima with what a tow they came. What and you have buena de love and that you may do they are praised. Bina With what? lamb not yes or do they do? feather so do not there are seven now whom you definitely think then be my faza thing at all, in a place of success in a place of refuge, main from either the punishment when a home and for them or there been a punishment a Lehman most painful. When a lady and for Allah Maluku dominion, possession, a similarity of the heavens of the skies. War and the earth will law who and Allah Allah upon goodly every che in thing

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for the urine, all powerful

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in indeed fee in config creation, a similarity of the skies while early and the earth walk the laugh and alternation and layli of the night when the heady and the day

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lay in surely signs literally for possessors lol Bab of the intellects

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and levina those who yet Karuna they remember, Allah Allah, the man while standing worker then and while sitting where I left and upon juubi him their sides. What and yet effect Karuna they reflect fee in healthy creation, a similarity of the skies when early and the earth like banner, our up man, not Hanukkah, you created Heather this battery left in vain, falsely. So the Hannukah Glory be to You, or your glory. felina so you save us or the robber from punishment, and now of the fire. Rob banner, our app in Mecca indeed you man however,

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The Hill you enter you admit and narrow the fire for God then in fact, who zeta who you disgraced him. You humiliated him

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warmer and not the soil Amina for the wrongdoers for those who do wrong main from installing any helpers Rob banner or our up in Nana indeed we semirara Now we heard manavi in a color unity he calls lil Eman to the man to the belief and let me know you all believe there are become in your rub for Amanda. So he believed

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of banana or our app for fear. So you forgive learner for us lubaina our sins, work affair and you expiate you remove it from us say he attina our sins, our evils what are our Fenner and you make us die? You recall us fully Mara with abroad the righteous ones God banner over up what and Tina you give us man what was Turner You promised us Allah upon Lucy Lika your messengers wanna and do not to Xena you humiliate us the oma en de la ama of the standing

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in Mecca indeed you learn not definitely fu you go against a myriad the promise

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faster job. So he responded positively the home to them for a boom there are many that indeed I learned not to be true. I allowed to be wasted our mother work deed Armenian of a worker one who works men come from you men from record in a male

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a female

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or a male or a female.

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Biocon some of you mean from Berlin some of others felt Latina so those who had euro they migrated work and redo they were expelled. name from the it him their homes. what and who they were hurt. They were made to suffer fee in severely my way. Wha and otterloo they fought war cootie lu and they were killed. loca Futurama surely I will definitely expect I will definitely remove I'm home from them say to him there since war and let audyssey lemna home surely I shall definitely admit them. Jonathan gardens that Judy it flows main from that the hair underneath it. And how the rivers so Ivan I reward men from rindy near Allahu Allah. Allahu and Allah in the who near him with him. Her

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smell is best as a web the reward law, not your run Naka it definitely deceive you the noble turning about an levina of those who care for Rue de disbelieved fee in albula. The lands the country's Mata on temporary enjoyment, or liloan very little, some then our home their abode, their place of refuge jahannam is *, or pizza and how bad and we heard the resting place. Lacking but alladhina those who eat taco they adopted the Aqua Papa home of their rub the home for them, Jonathan gardens, tragedy it flows, men from dirty hair underneath it and how the rivers Holly Bina ones abiding eternally fee her in it Musulin as hospitality entertainment men from rindy near Allahu Allah,

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warmer and whatever in that is near Allah He Allah. Hi urine is best lil abroad for the righteous. What in and indeed main from athlete people al kitabi of the book, lemon surely who you may know he believes biLlahi in Allah

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warmer and whatever unzila it was sent down la come to you warmer and what? In Zilla it was sent down in a him to them. How sharina ones who are humble lillah he to Allah, La not yesterday una de barter Be it with versus Allah He of Allah semonin a price Lila little when he can those la home for them a judo home they reward in the near for a be him they rub in Indeed Allah Allah said your most swift Allah He said the reckoning

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Yeah Are you here for and levena those who know they believed his guru you all in dealing with patients were and Sabu you all urge each other impatience

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and Robbie to you all be united

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also Robbie to you all remain stationed

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remain stationed

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what the goal and you all fear Allah Allah learn the comb so that you to whom you all are successful.

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That's listen to the recitation.

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Learn today.

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Paulina Gabby

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For me

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was one of the

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healthiest healthy

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mean I mean,

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una de una de

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una de una de

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la casa

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Gina I

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wanna talk

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to me.

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boom, boom.

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Dhabi. Udo visa de

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la Castillo.

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tangerine you

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already know

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what I mean?

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Me me know Bill

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a big lie

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don't beat him in

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wasabi wallet

Al-Imran 186-200 Translation

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