Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 292D Tafsir Al-Jinn 11-17

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "has been there" in various aspects of Islam, including the importance of following guidance and not fearing from the Lord. They also touch on the historical significance of "has been there" in various context, including the use of "has been there" to describe different ways of life, and the weight of the weight to avoid settling and keep search for the truth until one finds it. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding the right guidance and staying true to Islam, as well as the potential for blessings from the Lord. They also discuss the potential for hesitation to increase obedience and loss of joy, and the difficulty of life and hesitation to create suffering and loss of joy.
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Alright, let's continue with the speech of the jinn. What did they say? First number 11? Allah subhanaw taala says that the Jin said that what nm in NA Solly? Hone? Well, Ana, and that indeed we mean now from among us are a Solly hone the righteous ones, that there are among us righteous ones meaning there are among the Djinn those who are righteous, obedient, believing

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one minute and among us are doona VALIC, other than that,

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which is the opposite of solid, and who would that be? absurd, right, one who is corrupt, 5g, one who commit sin, but notice how they say Wamena Duna Dalek, there are amongst us those who are different. Those who are not so righteous, those who are not righteous. Again, in their speech, we see that they were very respectful. I mean, yes, they called a bliss Sufi, right. But when they spoke about Allah subhanaw taala, how they said that they didn't associate evil directly to him, right. And then we see over here, that they're very respectful in their speech, we're nm in the salehoo women doona Dalek, calm now we are Farah eco vida del Farah. We are off ways that are needed

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that are divided that is a plural of burrito. And what the study call mean way method, you heard of the term madhhab Alright, the methodology the way people do something. So we are off ways that are kidded. pitted is a part of the word pick. And pick that means that which is different, diverse. And remember that the root of this word is off dal dal, remember the story of use of a listener if the shirt is the if it is ripped. So that is to rip something lengthwise. Now if you tear or rip something lengthwise, you're taking both pieces were in opposite directions, something that was one is now do so clearly. Now for all eco Kidada we are of divided different ways.

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Just as human beings are of different types, different kinds meaning of different religions. There are amongst the jinn also those who are of different religions, some are Muslim, and some are not. There is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim in which we learn that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to the people that in Medina, there are Jinn who have become Muslim who have become Muslim. What does that mean? That previously they were not there were something else they followed a different religion. They were on a different buddy. And now they have accepted Islam. Well, I'm now gonna now the Gene said and indeed we we used to think that I learned that never Norges Allah Phil,

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have we one you see the word one when it's followed by an what does it mean? To assume and think? Is that what the meaning is? No. One it's followed by um it means we were certain certainty. So unknown one now. Meaning we are certain we know this for sure that Allah Norges Allah fill up, that we can never cause Allah, any failure upon the earth, no ridges.

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Era Jas is to defeat someone to cause them failure to make them fail. So we know for a fact that we can never cause failure to Allah upon the earth upon the earth because this earth belongs to who? Allah so we can never outrun him. We can never escape from his grasp. We can never avoid his decree in the earth. And yes, the jinn they can go beyond the Earth also, they can go in the skies also. So they say well learn Nora jeiza Who and that we can never escape him by Harada by flight by running away by fleeing Ha ha ha. What does Herat mean? It's basically running away. And it's used for when a criminal runs away after having done something wrong. And when somebody has done something wrong,

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how do they run?

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Can you pictured in your head how a person is running after they have done something wrong?

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This is hot up. So they say that we know for a fact that in the earth we can never run away from Allah. And if we try to leave the Earth, go somewhere else, even then we can never run away from Allah. In other words, we know that we are

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are in Allah's full control we can never escape him. We cannot run away from him. We could go up to the heavens but we can never escape the heavens and instead of the Rockman Ayah 33 Allah subhanaw taala says this that yeah martial Genie well NC n is the partum and 10 foot dome in UK forest summer worth, you will have fun voodoo that all assembly of gin and men if you're able to escape the boundaries of the heavens then go ahead and try Latin for Luna. It'll be so fun you will not be able to do that, except with Sophia meaning the ability that Allah gives you. So Allah Norges ahava,

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so here we see the jinn, admitting their weakness before Allah realizing that they are Allah servants within his grasp.

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And this is why they say that what analemma Samir alHuda and indeed, when we heard guidance, Amma Nabi we believed in it. Because when a person realizes that they are Allah servant, that they belong to Allah, they are Allah slave. They are you no property of Allah, then it's easy to submit to Allah. It's easy to surrender to Allah willingly. So the jinn they say that once we heard Guidance, we believed in it. We didn't have any difficulty in accepting the guidance that Allah sent, which guidance is this, the Quran when they heard the Quran, they believed in it, and then they say from a yoke member of B so whoever believes in his Lord, fella yo ha foo, then he will not fear boss son

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any deprivation, wala and Nora Raha ka any burden?

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Because what happens is that when a person wishes to believe in Allah wishes to believe in Allah's command, obey Allah follow the guidance that Allah has sent, then does he have some fear? The Shaitan put some fear. Yeah, what is that fear, you're not going to get anything out of this. You're only going to suffer. This is such a huge risk that you're taking. So what are the jinn saying that the one who believes in his Lord, then he is doing something that is risk free, because he will not fear from his Lord, any boss, what his boss boss is loss, reduction, diminishing of something. So he should not expect from his Lord any reduction of what a reward for the good that he has done? He

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should only expect good and more good from his Lord wallarah haka, and he should not fear from his Lord, any luck. What is it a hawk burden. We did this word earlier also in the Surah. That further ado, who Raha and what does that mean? When people sought refuge in the gym, they were afraid of the jinn this increase them in their oppression, or in their rebellion.

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So while other haco, meaning he will not fear, any oppression, any injustice from his Lord, his Lord will be fair towards him.

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This statement of the jinn, what does it show? How their belief in Allah is so positive? So correct, that we heard Guidance, we believed in it, and you know what, whoever believes in their Lord, then they should not expect any loss? Because who are they believing in the master of this universe? Who are they becoming obedient to the Lord of this universe? So why should they expect or fear any loss and they should not fear any oppression from Allah either, that Allah will be unfair to them, that he will not reward them that He will punish them without reason. Falaya half of Buxton, wallarah hochkar. Now this is something we need to ask ourselves. When I am doing something for the sake of

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Allah, then what do I feel in my heart? Do I expect good from Allah? What kind of thoughts do I have about Allah subhanaw taala because Shavon threatens us right? You will do this life will become difficult, you will do this. Allah won't help you know if you're doing something for the sake of Allah expect only good from Allah than the jinn say what nm in non Muslim own and that indeed amongst us are and mostly more than those who have surrendered to Allah those who are in submission to Allah feeding those who have believed

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were mineral Persephone, and among us are also casiotone. Those who are unjust now

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acetone is a plural of costs and costs it is from the root cause sample, can you think of another word from the same root? Base? And what does this mean? Justice? And here we're translating gossip as what's the translation of this word?

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Those who are unjust. Now, isn't that kind of opposite? This is justice. So you would think that gossip Farrell would be one who does? Justice? Correct. Now the thing is that Casa Yong Soo subtle from the same root means to act unjustly. So this is a characteristic within Arabic words that how one root will give the exact opposite meanings depending on the structure of the word. This is why it is said that Arabic is lured to Abu Dhabi, Abu dad, I live by the left opposites, meaning one word can give the exact opposite meaning depending on what the structure is, okay, so women no casiotone casiotone. Those who do not do this meaning those who do not act justly. What is justice?

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And why is this word used? Because what is justice? What is fairness? What is correctness for a creation, to submit to his Lord, isn't it? So when he does not submit to his Lord, then what is he doing? He's being unfair to himself. You understand? He is far from fairness and justice. So what a nominal Muslim woman Nell casiotone. Isn't this like a repetition of what was said previously? It seems like it but if you see earlier they said khanapara A Kakinada. Meaning gin are of different ways, different religions, they have different Creed's different beliefs, meaning all the jinn are not exactly the same. Then they're talking about themselves.

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That when we heard the Quran, we believed in it. So after the revelation of the Quran, now there are those who are Muslim, those who have submitted and believed in Allah, and they have followed the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then there are those who are casiotone, who have refused to believe so they are unjust to themselves. They're harming themselves by rejecting Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam famine, a slammer. But whoever submits whoever surrenders to his Lord, for Hola, Iike, then those the whole row Russia,

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then those have sought out the right course, the Hello Russia, you see the word the hello from how raw Well, or Yeah, the heavy, the heavy is to look for the best and most suitable option

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to look for what the best and most suitable option

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and to keep searching for it, until one finds it. And then once he finds it, he doesn't say Oh, nice.

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No, he adopts it, he takes it.

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This is the hurry. So the heavy is basically to not settle with less.

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You understand? To not settle with less, to not compromise, to keep searching until you find what is best. And then once you find it, you actually adopt it, you take it, the thought will help the one who is seeking the truth. Then what does he do? He seeks it out. He doesn't settle with anything less. Look at the story of Salerno Pharisee Radi Allahu Anhu his life was what a life of the hurry of searching the truth, looking for it. And then once he found it, he adopted it and look at what he had to give up in order to find the truth. And in order to adopt it,

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how much he had to struggle. You know, the story of Saddam Malfatti, right.

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His duty was what do keep the fire lit the fire that was worshipped by the people. That was his job. And one day when he goes out, he comes across a group of Christians who were singing their hymns, and he found it beautiful.

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And he found it very meaningful. He liked it so he would secretly go and attend those gatherings.

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And then what happened? His father locked him up in the house when he found out that his son is interested in something else. He locked him up. And then he found about a group of people who were traveling and he

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managed to escape with them, he left his family in order to join those who he thought were upon the truth. And then from there, he went to priest after priest or Bishop after bishop. Right? This is the hurry. And then what happened when his last teacher died, he told him, I don't find anyone else who was upon the religion. So you have to go to a place that is such and such, and wait for the final messenger to come. He is coming very soon. And so he wanted to go to Medina. And what happened? The people that he was traveling with, they basically sold him as a slave. That is how we ended up in Medina. And he wasn't a young man by then he was quite old. He was quite old, we think

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and malafide as he was a very young man, you know, this is why he had the strength to travel and work as a slave and then, you know, give the idea of digging the trenches. Some have said at the time of the Battle of Hundal, he was about 100 years of age. Yes, some have said that this is how old he was at that time. Alo Arlen but he was advanced in age. But what is his life not settling with less the heavy searching out the truth? What are we wait for guidance to fall on our laps? Right? That if I had to learn the Quran, it should come like this. I want to learn the Hadith, it should come like this. And you know, when I'm free, then I will learn something when I'm completely

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free, then I will go and do something.

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The Hello will I show that from an Islamic whoever believes in Allah and surrenders to him than those who have sought out Russia what is Russia? Right course right guidance. So we all need to see that how well or how strongly do I desire guidance? Because you see, when we come across for example, a person who has converted to Islam, we say oh, wow, Mashallah. That's amazing.

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But do you realize how much they have given up in order to embrace Islam? Firstly, they have conquered themselves

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by admitting that they were wrong all their life.

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They were not upon the truth, the Hello Rashida.

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And then we need to see ourselves that what am I doing in seeking the truth in adopting the truth and living it in practicing it? How much effort Am I putting it? How am I striving for hola Iike Halawa Shuddha.

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What Amilcar Seatoun they say as for the unjust meaning those who refuse to accept Islam for cannoli Jehan nama Hapa, those who refuse to surrender to Allah, then they will be li Jahannam for * help firewood fuel, how far that hilltop is dry wood and things like that that is used to light fire. One one or two hammer mallet will help.

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What is this? I assure us that apart from the unjust humans, even the unjust jinn will become the fuel of the fire. Allah subhanaw taala says know what and that low if meaning and see or messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if it's the camo, Marika is the camo. If the people had is the camo upon the way, is the karma. What does that mean? Remember the two meanings of is to karma. What's the first meaning to become upright, to correct oneself to become straight, mean literally to become straight because karma to stand. So something was laying down, it was bent, it was crooked. So it's the karma is to make it straight to make it upright.

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So it's the karma meaning had they corrected themselves meaning when they heard the Guidance when they heard the Quran, if they had corrected themselves secondly is the Kama is also to remain steadfast meaning once a person becomes upright and he doesn't

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fall back down again rather He remains steadfast and firm remain remains upon the right course.

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So, what I love with the combo, I look Marika, if they had remained straight up on the way, which way for the equal holder, the right path, the right guidance, then what would happen? Let us play now whom surely we would have given them to drink. A Steena seen Coffea

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to give to drink to irrigate

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To provide water. So we would have given them water, how much how much blood or call water that is blood that is abundant. Ladakh means Cathy's ample in perfusion.

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What is this ayah talking about? Remember this is an early makansutra. And when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited the Quran to the people, what was their response off rejection? Here the example of the jinn is given that how this group of jinn when they heard, they believed, they submitted and they have discovered and they are upon the right course. So they are as if presented like an example. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told that if the people meaning the Meccans, if they had believed and followed the guidance given to them, then we would give them abundant water.

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What does that mean? We would have given them abundant water to drink? I mean, how much water can you drink? Ma? I'm hudec. You see, what it means is ample provision.

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Because when there is rain, there is produce. There is food, there is commerce, there is income. Right? And when there is no rain, there is drought than what happens. No produce no farming, no jobs, right? No workers nothing to sell, nothing to buy, isn't it? Food become so expensive? What happens when there's drought, many issues. So man, whether QA is not just a lot of rain or a lot of water to drink, but it symbolizes worldly provision.

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And the meaning here is that if people believed in the Quran, and followed it the way they should follow it, then Allah would not deprive them. Allah would bless them abundantly in this world also.

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He would enrich them, he would bless them with abundant blessings.

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Again, this is a reiteration of what was mentioned earlier that how the jinn said that whoever believes in his Lord Falaya Hafele buxom, he should not fear any bucks from his Lord.

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Allah will not deprive him, because these are our fears, right?

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That if ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has commanded this and if I do it, I'm going to lose my job. If I do this, I'm going to lose this, I'm going to lose that no, you are drawing closer to the Lord of the worlds and if you're pleasing him,

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the one who gives all blessings the one who has created everything, you fear deprivation from him, this is wrong. Just the other day I was at somebody's house and somebody was with me and they were appreciating the layout of the house and the setting of the house looks very nice, beautiful, Mashallah. And the lady said that, you know, Allah subhanaw taala gave this to us.

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She said, I didn't have to do anything, haram anything unlawful to get this house. We had no ability to get this ourselves only Allah gave it only Allah gave it. And this is true, that when you take one step to Allah, Allah will take, Allah will take 10 steps towards you. You make up your mind you become determined is the karma, that I will do this because my Lord wants me to do it. This is what pleases my Lord and I will leave this because this anger is my Lord. What does Allah promise let us by now Houma and whether

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we would give them abundant water abundant blessings. But this blessing would also be what? Lena fina whom fee

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amazing. Lena fina home, so we may dust them, fee there in in it meaning through that mountain reduc. There will be another test, isn't it? I mean, increase obedience, Allah will increase His favours. But you know what those favors? What you receive? Is what? Another test? How is it another test a test of what? That will you be grateful? Or will you become ungrateful? Will you continue in your obedience? Or will you become relaxed? Will you use these blessings to draw even more closer to Allah? Or will you get lost in these blessings? Lina Tina one fee. This will also be a test where my urdal been Vickery Ravi. And as for the one who turns away

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From the remembrance of his Lord,

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remembrance of his Lord, the message of his Lord, he turns away from it what does it mean? He forgets it after learning it, he denies it.

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Upon becoming aware of it, whoever ignores it leaves it refuses obedience, then what will happen? Yes. Look, who will he get my camera duck? Not necessarily. No. But what is certain is that yes, look who he will put him, meaning Allah will put this person into what into our other bone Sarada into a punishment that is solid, solid, hard, difficult, severe solder and then screw this to ascend, right to rise. So are that one side, meaning a punishment that will only increase a punishment that will be increasingly hard. Over time, it won't get easy, it will become harder. What has been mentioned in these two verses, that when a person becomes obedient to Allah, it doesn't

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mean that he will suffer in this world.

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Yes, there are tests there are trials. But when a person becomes obedient to Allah, that Allah will bless him. Allah will enrich him Allah will give him but what Allah will give him will again be a test for him. Like say a man or a Salam said hi them in fugly rock be clear blue Annie ash, Guru, m aG, for this is the blessing of my Lord, so that he may test me whether I am grateful or I will be ungrateful, but the one who turns away from obedience, then what will he get? Worldly ease No, not necessarily. In fact, life will be very difficult for him, it will not be a pleasant life, there will be difficulty and in the Hereafter, there is other than SARS, what do we think?

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What do we think generally, that if you become religious life will become hard. Right? And if you just you know, stay away from religion, you know, just do the bare minimum, take it easy, life will be easy. But is that the case no.

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Is is not with things. It is not with money.

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Remember the Hadees Hadees quotes in which we learned that Allah subhanaw taala says that all son of Adam, the Faraglioni riba that he make time for my worship, become free from my worship. And if you do so, I will fulfill your needs, and fill your heart with richness and remove your poverty. And if you do not do so, you're too busy chasing the world and what will happen, your poverty will not go away, and your work will never end and your heart will never feel satisfied.

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So the thing is that when a person chooses a path of obedience, then Allah creates ease for him.

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And when a person chooses a path of disobedience than what happens, the difficulties of this life won't go away. You know, like we talk about first world problems, what are they?

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What are firstworldproblems I ate so much now I don't know which tea to have.

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Right? And I had tea and then I want to mint but that Mint is making me feel weird. So I'm thinking I'll have chocolate but which one? This one that one that one?

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Alright, these are our first world problems. Just the other day I was talking to somebody and she was talking about you know, some difficulty that she was having to like, you know, you think about so many people who are suffering so much right now. And here we are living in so much ease. So if I am suffering from some illness, well I have to be tested in some way.

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There is going to be some test some difficulty because this is life. This is dunya. This is the home of being tested. So the thing is that refusing obedience to Allah will not make life easy for you. Rejecting Allah's command will not make life easy for you.

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It is obedience to Allah that will create and bring ease in your life.

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When you entrust your affairs to Allah,

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that Allah subhanaw taala creates ease for you

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when you're ready to earn victory or be he has look where are they on Sir either even our best for the Longhorn who said that side is a slippery mountain in *, which the people of hellfire will climb but due to its slipperiness, they will fall. So there'll be made to climb but they will keep falling. This is our job on Sarada. And you see something very similar in this world. That how when a person badly desires something he strives he works so hard to get it but it's always out of reach. Always. He thinks he's almost there, but

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I need a little bit more almost here know a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more no satisfaction

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into a QA i 124 Woman Aragorn victory for Inilah humare Schatten Bonka a difficult life

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intro to my ADA is 66 Allah Subhana Allah says well under whom account metadata will injeel wanna unzila la Hemera became a Coloman focal him, women 30 are duly him if the people had upheld the laws of the scripture that were revealed to them, that these people would eat from above and below, meaning this worthy provisions would come to them from where from everywhere, so many blessings that they wouldn't know what to do with them.

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In total out of i A 96 Allah says Hello Anna Al Quran Allah know what taco luffa Tana la embora katomina sama you will if the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah, we would have opened the doors of blessings of the sky and the earth gates of blessings would be opened up on them

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in sort of no higher 10 Also what did we learn? Know how they said um said seek forgiveness from your Lord He is Ever forgiving. He will send upon you the sky with abundant rain.

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So what do we learn?

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Obedience is a means of blessing and disobedience and denial, or a means of deprivation.

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And what does shaitan say to us a shaitan or URI the Kemal fakra Shaitan says you do something for Allah you will become poor or you won't become poor.

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