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Lesson 17 – Chapter 33-36 Hadith 44-48

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How are y'all doing?

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Bab z edital Imani y Nakasone II Bab z yada increase of Al Imani Eamon what and Nakasone II, it's decrease

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What does it mean by knocks on it from knocks and what does not mean when something is deficient when something is less. So now is when something is incomplete when something is incomplete then it means that some of it has decreased some of it is missing. So, the editor Emmanuel Nakasone II The increase of Eman and also its decrease what is mentioned at the beginning of the book as well. Yes, that man he has he do weigh on cuso. Now over here man Buhari is clarifying a few more points with regards to this principle. And he's also presenting some ahaadeeth as an evidence before he just mentioned it as a principle and now he is proving it how with certain ladies as well as certain

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verses. Now, just before we continue, remember that there are three main opinions concerning the increase and decrease of Eman are three main groups you can see the first group which are known as the mafia or the Jamia their opinion is that

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all people are the same in their email in their belief. All people are the same in their belief, because they say that a man is only the snake It is only affirmation, it is only a cloth in your heart. So the man of, for example, you and I is the same as the man of the Prophet salallahu. Salam. Do you understand what they mean that everybody's level of Eman is the same. A person who commits a major sin even his level of Eman is the same as the level of amount of jabril. And Mika

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that everyone's level of Eman is the same. Why? Because Iran is only a crock. So even if a person commits a major sin, He knows that he has allies. The only Lord and to beat also affirms that Allah is the only Lord. So they're the same in their email. And they say event does not increase and decrease. However, Is this correct? It's not correct. Why? Because he man, first of all, is not just a clause. It's not just does the but rather it includes actions as well as statements as well as the state of the heart. And secondly, we know that people are not the same in their Eman. We learned about the Hadees in which we learned that people were taken out of Hellfire eventually even those

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who have a man that is equal to the mustard seed and others their Eman is much greater than that. Then secondly, the second group is off the Morteza or the whole adage and they say that he man also it does not increase or decrease. They say that either a person is a believer or he is a disbeliever. So if a person commits a sin, He doesn't remain a believer anymore. He becomes a cafe. For example, we learned earlier that we learned about the Quran that were employed if a tiny little mini Nakata lufa flew by in Houma. Allah subhanaw taala still calls them believers despite the fact that they're committing a great mistake. However, the more Tesla as well as the coverage, what was

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their opinion that no such people do not remain Muslim anymore? They become catfish. So they say either Eman or cowfish. Is this correct? Why not?

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Exactly. Because we're human beings and we're bound to make mistakes. We're bound to commit errors because we're human beings even Adam right? He said, I'm farnesina he forgot. But did Allah subhanaw taala not accept his repentance? Yes, he did. He turned in mercy upon him and he accepted his repentance. He blessed him, he forgave him, he taught him. So, this is why this is incorrect that either person is a perfect believer or he is a disbeliever. The third opinion is of the Ellison ultramar the setup aside they said that he man, it is not just a crore but rather it includes actions and statements as well as the state of the heart and because of that it's only natural that

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demand will increase and decrease. It's only natural that demand will decrease and decrease it has leveled everybody's level of Eman is different.

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Remember Harris's vocabulary to Allah and the statement of Allah subhanaw taala was in our home who the and we increase them in guidance.

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He's mentioning these verses and as an evidence for the increase and decrease of Eman

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This verse was it the Nahum houda? What is it about who is it about the US herbal cough innovated on Mr. Ibrahim? Was it in a home Buddha? They believed in their Lord and Allah increase them in guidance. Now what does that mean? Remember two types of guidance first of all knowledge and secondly, the ability to do action. So, Allah increased them in action, meaning he taught them he gave him the field to do something to perform righteous action. So zinna okay and with the performance of righteous action with the increase in knowledge, a person increases in his Eman. So this is an evidence that a man increases. Similarly ways that alladhina amanu imana This is very,

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very clear that Allah increases those people who have believed in their email. And then remember, he says, work Allah and Allah has said polyoma akmola convenor calm that today I have completed your religion for you XML to front canal to complete to perfect so today I have completed perfected your religion for you. Now with regard to this ayah and I'm Buhari says fader so when taraka shaken he left something me now Kamali from perfection? For who No, because then it will be deficient, it will be incomplete. They understand that Allah has said that today I have completed your religion for you. So when the religion is complete, how does it become complete when everything has been taught,

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isn't it when everything that was supposed to be revealed has been revealed? So if one thing was left out with the religion, we complete them know if two things were left out with religion be complete? No. So similarly, if a person leaves out an action, a righteous action, if he leaves out an obligation, then is his Eman completed? No. Then it will be deficient, it would be incomplete for one purpose. So the evidence of the increase of Eman is was it in a home Buddha? And then where's that? alladhina amanu imana. And what's the evidence that demand decreases aluma como tu la con de la Mata Hari. Casa Hadees had definite Muslim of no Ibrahim tala Hadouken and a shaman. Kala had the

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Santa Qatada to an NSC and in the BIA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam appall yahudi Amina Neri, he will come out of the fire, who mancala La ilaha illAllah whoever that has said, there is no god worthy of worship. But Allah. Warfield will be here and in his heart was new, his weight of share. ILA, tin share, ILA share ILA is a barley green grain of barley. So in his heart is the weight of barley green mean hiring of good mean hiring of good. So who will come out of the Hellfire, a person who has said La ilaha illa Allah and in his heart is a man that is equal to how much the size of a barley grain? Well, who do you mean a nerimon Kala either in the law and he will also come out of

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the Hellfire who has said La ilaha illallah wa if you call B and in his heart, his was new, the weight of beratan what is Barbara wheat grain men hiring of good ways through Jimena nerimon Kala La ilaha illAllah and he will come out of the fire who has said there is no god worthy of worship but Allah What if you can be he and in his heart is was new there letting the weight of that law what is it that an atom a particle mean height in upward or above the law of the law said call it a value of ansaid had that Anakata to have

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an interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I mean he man in from Eman Makana in place of Min hierin. So in this Hadith, what do we see? was new Shariati, Min hierin was new bullet in Maine, Hayden was Nunavut in Maine hiring in another version in place of Maine hiring is what minima. What does this do to us that people vary in their level of Eman and look at the difference that has been mentioned over here. Think about it. What's the difference between wheat grain and a grain of barley? Is it a great difference? Not much. It's not much at all, but still it has been differentiated. So people vary in their level of emotion. every person's level of emotion is different. Some people their

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emotion is very, very small and others is greater than that. And each person will be recompensed accordingly. And this in a way is very frightening as well. How that Allah knows the exact amount of Eman that we have, and we will be judged based on that. Not based on what we assume ourselves to be but based on our

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reality. We might think we have a lot of emotion in our hearts but Allah knows the reality. And if it's an atom's with, if it is the weight of a wheat grain if it's the weight of a barley grain, something greater than that, hopefully inshallah, Allah will recompense accordingly. Each person will be judged according to the weight of is a man had definite has an abuse of the he semirara frogner own and had definite about it or may see a foreigner place of no Muslim in thought it'd be nice to have in our normal little hobby, another jhulan that a man mineralia hoodie from the Jews parallella who he said to him, he said to Omar mahapatra de la Mourinho. So a man from the Jews he

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said to him, yeah, I mean, I mean all leader of the believers, yeah. Oh, Amir, leader, many of the believers, I atone, there is an ayah there is a verse fakie Tabby come in your book, there is a verse in your book that the Quran una that you all recite. There is a verse in your book, which you all recite, lower Elena, if upon us, us as in martial yahudi, the group of your hood, if it was upon us, nevertheless, it was revealed. In other words, if this verse was revealed on us Jews, then what would we do? Let the husband surely we would have made their nickel yom that day, redone and read.

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If this verse was revealed upon us, we would have made that day, the day of read, meaning we would celebrate that day because of that verse that had been given to us on that day, sir, model the learning of color, he said, a UI in which AI is it. Powder, the Jew replied, Allium achimota lacantina come to LA come near Mati, what a lead to locomole Islam Medina, that today I have completed your religion for you and I have perfected my favor upon you and I have approved for you, Islam as a religion. And this is in return through tonight. And from what I've learned who he said, other out of the article young, certainly we know that the meaning we certainly know about the day

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when it was revealed, while McCann and also the place and Latinas at Fie, in which it was revealed. We know about the day and also the very place when this verse was revealed. Upon who Island Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when was it revealed? Well, who will call him on and he was standing by

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at Oliver, when Yama Juma on the day of Friday. In other words, this ayah was revealed when on the day of our offer, at hedge on which day they are Friday, yo mama. There are many things that can be learned from this hadith. But primarily, what does this hadith show to us the context in which that verse was revealed? What was the context? When was it revealed at huddle, whether on the day of Hajj on the day of alpha Friday, and this verse shows that on that date, their religion was completed and perfected? Why is the mumble hottie mentioning this over here, because that is when the revelation was completed. In other words, before that, it was incomplete. So similarly, if a person performs

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all of the religion, then his event is complete. And when he leaves out something that is mandatory, that is obligatory, then it would be incomplete, his Eman would be incomplete. And if you think about it, that Jewish man, he's had to learn that if we received this if we would celebrate it, and look at the response that are moldable and who gave that? Yes, that day is very special to us. Because it's the day of the day right before read, isn't it so and the day of alpha is so special, because that is the day when the Hajaj stand and make the article.

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That is the day when Allah subhanaw taala releases many people from the hellfire. So that is a very special day. So there's a very interesting thing that we learn from this, that blessings when we receive them. How do we celebrate by Riba and not just by a party.

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I mean, there's no harm in celebrating Of course, which is why the day of read is the day of eating and drinking and remembering Allah subhanaw taala being happy. However, this ayah was revealed on a day which was very special on a day that people are meant to worship almost upon without

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The day when the rest of the people who are not performing hajj What are they supposed to do fast on that day? When the prophet SAW The Lord is and it was given victory, what was he told Elijah and Allah He will forget what are eaten as a Luna vidyalay of wotja a set behind the rock because stuff. So this is an etiquette that we learned that on the receival of blessings. What are we meant to do? be more grateful to Allah worship a lot more Bab as the cattle means Islam, the cat, meaning giving the cat is a part of Islam. Could this principle not be derived from the Hadees bonell Islamorada Hampson that was mentioned very early on in the chapter. Yes, of course it could have been but

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somebody mentioned each and every one of them separately.

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You mentioned separately and now he mentioned that that separately you mentioned songs separately as well pm separately as well. Why? Because he's giving importance to every single one of the pillars. So as a tattoo, we know Islam that is a part of Islam it completes your religion if a person does not gives it that and his religion is deficient, it is incomplete wahconah who and his statement Wilma O'Meara Ella Leah Buddha, Lucha Muslim clean Allahu Deen, Omar O'Meara and they have not been commanded Illa except meaning people have been commanded to do what Leah would allow her that they should worship Allah, but how should they worship Allah meclizine Allah who Deen making their Deen

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sincere to him and Edina over here means

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that when they worship Allah, they should worship him with sincerity. And secondly, who know what your Pema salata and that they should establish the salah data and they should give this a care was their Lika Dino Kojima and that is the correct religion. Why is it mentioned in this verse over here that when a person gives us a cat, then his Deen is a human then his Deen is right, correct and proper. Without the cat, the religion of a person is incomplete, it is not proper. So giving the cat is a part of the Nakajima. Now, in this verse, one thing that must be understood is that a dean religion over here means are better. And that includes every single command that Allah subhanaw

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taala has given any, any command that Allah has given, what is it doing? It is an act of worship, it is Riba but how is a person required to perform Riba? two principles? What are they first of all, Muslim clean Allahu Deen meclizine with Islam, the opposite of that is shake. And secondly, as Jennifer, what does mean by Hanukkah,

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Hanukkah focus devout, right? And how can a person be truly devout when he performs his worship in the right way, in the best way? When he adopts the truth, and he leaves all other ways. So in a way, this is teaching us that we have to adopt the way that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam demonstrated to us that he showed to us and leave all other ways because that is the best way. So two conditions two foundations of worship. What are they useless and secondly, following the way of the prophet SAW the Lotus

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have definitely smart a blue collar had destiny Malika blue Anderson ameche, a b suhaib. New American and a B. And o Sameera fall hottub. Nairobi delay yaku he said, who call her even Obaidullah he said that Joe Rajan, a man came to enter Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this man he came from where min ethylene editing from the people of Nigeria Niger is an area dislike hijas is an area of similarity never there's also an area it is said that hey jazz refers to the area where thought if Medina maka is this entire area is known as a jazz and nudge refers to the area of the hammer do or doc so a man came from the

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people of Nigeria

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and this man he came by he was fat you will see that it can anyone guess what the root of that it is? Sir well raw

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so okay to see you. Sir you see you a thorough use You do remember the meaning of zero to zero helps her to plow the land. Right? So I thought oh or so literally is to turn something about do route something to stir it up. So if it was stirred up, it was messy. What was messy on rots his head. So he came on his hair was everywhere. turned up into him. Messy Why?

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Do you think he came in that condition? He was a traveler, he came from the people I've met. So that Eros yusmeiro it could be heard yusmeiro this is module it could be heard what could be heard? The we use odd what is the way the way is the echo soti of his voice, meaning you could hear him talking. But while I have Kahoot it could not be understood may akula what he was actually saying, meaning you could hear that this man was talking but you couldn't figure out what exactly he was saying. had that dinner until he came close who came close the one who is narrating this hadith palha even Obaidullah because you see an ami Avi suhaila Malik and an OBE. So he's the one who heard

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a no semiotica. So he heard on her narrating this and when he narrated it, he said it in his own words. So then Paul Huck became in third person. So after dinner until he came close for either who so there he was, who that man was from the people of net, yes Alou. He was asking Anil Islam about Islam. So he was asking about Islam for Cora personalized for a long earlier center, he replied, Han Solo at in homes su five Salawat in prayers when Phil Yomi will later during the day and the night, meaning as a Muslim, you're required to pray a total of five prayers in the night and the day for color. So he said, This man, he questioned, hello, I lay here Hell is there I lay upon me. Other

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than it, meaning am I responsible? Am I required to do anything other than that? Meaning Am I required to pray any other prayers besides the five prayers? honor, he said, law No. in law except under the law that you perform voluntarily, meaning you're required to perform the five prayers, but during the day, if you wish to perform any other period Go ahead. However, it's not mandatory. Now don't think that either is not mandatory and do more is not mandatory? We're talking about the five daily prayers meaning in a day on a normal day. Am I required to pray more than five prayers? No. Except if you wish to perform voluntary prayers. Then what happened?

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To the lights on a love radio Salim was a young Ramadan and fasting in the month of Ramadan. Meaning that is also a part of Islam. Allah, this man asked Hello Alejandro. Am I supposed to fast more than that? But Allah He said no Illa and totowa unless if you do so voluntarily, Allah He said whether Corolla who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the cat and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned to him as a cat that you have to give the cat as well called Allah, Allah, yada, yada, he said, Is there upon me other than that, am I required to do more charity besides that honor, in totowa? No, unless if you do so voluntarily, Allah He said, For about on rajulio. So the man turned

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meaning he went back wahoo while he was your guru, he was saying, will lie he By Allah, let zero, I will not increase Allah Heather upon this Wella unconsumed nor I will decrease, I will neither do more than this, nor I will do less than this. Meaning, I will do exactly what I have been told, not less, not more of a pseudo lights that allow her to settle him. He said, a flower is successful in South Africa, if he has spoken the truth, meaning if he actually does what he has said, meaning he performs all of these obligations, he does not decrease any, then he will definitely succeed. What do we learn from this Hadees that we see that there is a bare minimum that is required of a person

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in order to be a Muslim, in order for Islam to be complete a bare minimum? And what is that bare minimum that he has to perform the obligations. Amongst the obligations are those that are mentioned in this Hadees. However, beyond that, a person can do whatever he wants, whatever his capacity is, whatever he can afford, whatever his diamond situation allows.

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And whoever does more, he will get more. You see, this man, he came from the people of Nazareth, and he's asking about Islam, and he's asking about what he's supposed to do. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells him just the bare minimum. He doesn't say, well, you can also do this and this and this. And you should also do that because there's great value for it. He's left it to him. There's encouragement there as well, isn't it in the statement? illa Anta Beauvoir, there's a lot of encouragement. If you wish you can do more. And the person says, Yeah, why not? I'd like to, because there are many ways of increasing. There is no limit to that, isn't it like we learned earlier?

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That you get tired but Allah does not get tired. So there is no limit to that. However, it is a very important thing that when people are coming Islam at the beginning especially we should not overburden them, because we are very excited. And we think that it's very important to perform certain actions, however, look at from the other person's angle as well. How much can they do so give to the people what they can take. Everybody's level is different. But if a person has kept have asked in the month of Ramadan, and he's done the bare minimum, it is acceptable. However, you can make your fasting even much better. by reciting the Quran. One is a person who is fasting in

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reciting the Quran praying during a car making dua to Allah subhanaw taala. Another person is not doing that, however, is the faster both people valid. Yes, it is, however, is there fast at the same level, it's not at the same level because Eman increases and decreases everybody's level is different. But this hadith teaches us that there is a bare minimum requirement and when a person fulfills that, then he is successful inshallah, in the Hereafter, but obviously your success will be according to what he has done. Just like we learned from another Hadith that if a woman performs or obligations is dutiful, obedient to her husband, then she may enter Paradise from whichever door she

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wants. But this doesn't mean that a woman should not bother praying. So not enough will and doing extra by the saying that oh, I can enter Paradise from wherever I mean, how much ever you will do. That is what you will get in the hereafter. Okay, let's continue. Bob it divulgence easy mineral even if you are following alginate is the funerals. It is minalima and this is also a part of what does it mean by following a funeral? going with it where to the graveyard? Because the janazah is it to be performed in the graveyard know, when the janazah is performed meaning when the prayers that are generally performed then the body has to be taken to the graveyard and then it has to be buried

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as well. So a person who goes and prays the janazah and then also takes the janazah to the graveyard. This action is also from Mr. Henderson Abdullah Hubner, allegion Ullman, Goofy, you all had that an arrow on Colorado Santa often and in Hasani, one more hamedan on ebihara irata and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam McCall, Manitoba, janessa Muslim in Manitoba, whoever follows Jenna's after the funeral muslimin of a Muslim, but how does he follow it? Imagine with a man Why did this happen? And also with calculation meaning expecting reward? What kind of and he is Mara who with him with who with the Muslim who has died? had that until you saw last or they have he is

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preyed upon meaning his whatever janazah is performed. He is there way up through them indefinitely her and he he Africa he becomes Freeman definitely has from its burial, whose hair refers to the person who has died for me who then indeed he yelled Giroux he will return mean allegedly with a job that is beauty play any other have to figure out what is the rod the rod is a certain weight it's a certain weight so he will return with their award off double pirot and how much is this the rod con Loki rockin each the rod myth Lou herdin in equal to mount or hurt. So just imagine a person who goes performs the janazah and then also goes to the graveyard and is present at the burial as well.

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Then you will get the reward of how much double plot each plot the weight of Mount or hurt woman Salah I lay her and whoever preys upon it sumatera and he returns over to the funnel before it is buried for in the hood and indeed he yelagiri he will return beauty raw thing only one pillar.

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Only one

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who will get only one clear out the one who only performs the janazah and who will get double clear what's the one who goes for the burial as well. Deborah Horace Mann Alma Dino Carl had the center open and Mohammedan and Abu hurayrah and innovia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a Navajo another chain. What is the show to us? That part of Eman is that a person also shows kindness towards those who have passed away that he is also concerned for who those who have passed away. Because what's the point of going for janazah praying for them? And what's the point of going to the graveyard that you have respect and care and concern for your Muslim brother or sister. This is why a person goes to

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the graveyard as well. So when a person

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Does this then this is a sign of his Eman And such an action is greatly rewardable. However, this is only for who.

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So we cannot go. But we can definitely tell our men to go. And remember Adele or the Lady caffarelli. The one who leads to goodness is as though he has done it himself, that the person who has died, can he Thank you for coming to his janazah Kenny, thank you for praying for him. No, this shows love for Allah.

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Why such a big reward? Maybe it's a reason because those people who are living, you expect something from them. But if you do good to them, maybe they will return something. But such a person, you don't expect you can expect anything. So it means you're really doing such a big deal. It shows the level of journeyman as well, yes. And every person cannot go for the burial either. People don't have the confidence to see that they don't have the heart to see that. They're afraid, they will perhaps go and sit outside the graveyard and they will not go inside. It takes a lot of courage to go there. And there is a lot of Ebola in this as well. When a person goes he learned many lessons,

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which helps him to improve his other and leave things that are wrong. You can perform salado janazah women can do that, but not to the graveyard.

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Otherwise, you can go I mean, when the person has been buried, you can go and pray for them. But not that often. I mean, it should not be a regular customer of women with me every week or every month. We're not allowed to pray in the graveyard, you can make the offer the person over there. Can you recite Fatiha hold on? Why? There has to be some kind of belief attached to it right? Otherwise, why would a person sit by the grip and recycled on and doesn't seem that it would be appropriate because if a person is thinking that the person in the grave can listen to me, that's incorrect. Okay? I mean, if you want to do something good for the person who's passed away, you can do many things you

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can give up on their behalf, you can do so many things on their behalf, and inshallah the reward should go to them. And the best thing that you can do is pray for them made to offer their forgiveness because that is what they need the most. That is what they need the most that you may offer them

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on honey. Is it okay to do that or not? That you recite the Quran and you pass on the reward to them.

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I've heard both things. But the stronger thing that I've heard that has been emphasized more is that it is not correct, because this is not something that was practiced by the Sahaba, or the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or the righteous people of that time. When we have been taught to make the offer, then not that we recite the Quran to them and parcel the reward. That doesn't happen. The reason why you should recite Quran is that you recycle and you're performing an act of worship. And when you perform an act of worship, if you make the law right after there are greater chances that you do, I will be accepted.

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So you should recite Quran with that intention, not with the intention of passing the reward to them. Okay. Let's continue. Well, hopefully many, the fear of the believer, men from a Botha omalu that his deeds are wasted, will who allow your shrew and he does not even realize the fear of the believer that his deeds may get wasted. And he does not even realize this is also a part of

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belief requires that a person should remain between fear and hope that a person should be afraid and at the same time, he should be hopeful. The one who is afraid, will he become fearful? Yes. And the one who is not afraid, the one who does not have this fear, then what will you do? Whatever he feels like doing thinking that all his actions are safe, secure, nothing can damage him, nothing can harm him. And when a person is not afraid of this danger, then there is a problem. Because it's the believer who has this fear. What does that mean? That a person who is deficient in his emotion does not have this fear. Fear that his deeds might get wasted when the ayah Yeah, you're Latina Amanullah

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ta for a sweater confocal Sultana Vg malata Chara who will colico Jerry babbacombe de Burgh Under Armour Docomo anthem lotta Sharon when this I was revealed. What does this is a that lower your voices? Don't raise your voices before the prophets Allah Allah is Allah. Don't speak to him like you speak to others. Why? lest your deeds may get wasted when this verse was revealed? What happened to Sabbath even place who had a loud voice What happened to him? He was so afraid. He thought all of his deeds had been wasted. And he remained in his house, weeping and crying.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

And he was afraid to even face people because he thought all of his deeds had been wasted and the prophets are a lot of sort of inquired about him as to where

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

He was and when he was informed that this is why he's not coming that he thinks all of his deeds have been wasted and he's ruined. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, but your issue Hamid and when you de Lucia Hayden, were the whole janitor, that Rather, he will live how hammy then as someone who is praiseworthy, and he will be killed as a martyr, and he did die as a martyr in the Battle of your mama and he will enter.

00:35:28--> 00:35:32

He was given good news when, because of the fear that he had.

00:35:33--> 00:35:51

When a person is truthful, because he was very truthful, sincere in his realization in his guilt, he really, honestly genuinely felt bad. So when a person feels like this, when he's honest, and Allah elevates him, and when a person is afraid, when he has a genuine fear, then Allah will also protect him.

00:35:52--> 00:36:35

When a person is genuinely afraid that his leads might get wasted, and he takes all of his deeds seriously. Then Allah will also protect him. So he was truthful, and he was afraid. And look at the reward that he was given. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that he will live as a praiseworthy person, he will die as a martyr and he will entertain. What do we do when we realize that we have done something wrong? we gave ourselves so many excuses, so many reasons. So many explanations, and we think all of our deeds are safe and secure. Nothing can damage them. Nothing can happen to them. He was a Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who prayed with him in the masjid, who

00:36:35--> 00:37:05

did many things with him, he saw him and imagine he was afraid that his deeds have been wasted. We are nowhere near his level. But yet we think all our deeds are secure and safe and nothing can harm us. So this is why mojari he writes a separate vibe, that hopeful movement, the sincere believer he should be afraid the true believers should be afraid that his deeds might get wasted, and he does not even realize what is it that wastes our deeds, what is it good that corrupts them?

00:37:08--> 00:37:30

You may have performed a lot of good deeds we may have. However, what is it that can damage our good deeds showing off similarly, backbiting, committing sins cubish pride, change of intention, jealousy, hypocrisy. And also you see, the state of the heart constantly changes. It constantly changes.

00:37:31--> 00:37:37

A person may be rightly guided, but his intention gets corrupt he becomes greedy Fredonia.

00:37:38--> 00:37:57

And the person who was guided becomes misguided, what you are laying him never led it now, when I atina francisella homina for atbara, who shape on for condominial horween for masala who come at a little club in LA yell has

00:37:58--> 00:38:11

and then that ruku yell has this person Allah gave him his eye at the knowledge of his verses. But then eventually what happened? He clung to the dunya lacking Allah Allah.

00:38:13--> 00:38:32

He clung to the dunya he became greedy for this world and the person who was guided, he became misguided. Allah says what oh * now not too far now will be a lack of elevated him with the dean. But he did not want the dean anymore he wanted donia his focus shifted, his heart got corrupted

00:38:34--> 00:39:19

misguidance This can also corrupt a person's deeds. And we should be very, very afraid of this. A person may appear to be very righteous, he may perform the deeds of a very righteous man, but he may end up in the fire of hell, because of the last actions that he performs. Because of the things that he says at the end, that waste his deeds, no person can say that I will remain guided forever and I will remain like this forever. Because anything can happen in the future. shaitaan is after us this dunya is full of tests and trials and temptations. Therefore, we must pray to Allah subhanaw taala to protect our demand to protect our deeds and this is what should keep us afraid all the time. And

00:39:19--> 00:39:40

this fear should make us do more and should make us Careful, careful about what we say and careful about what we do and careful about how we look and how we behave and how we respond and how we deal with others. This fear should keep a straight so hopefully many and yeah, Baba I'm Allahu wa who Allah

00:39:41--> 00:39:53

will call it Ibrahim tamie you and Ibrahim attiny is one of the scholars he said. Ma Allah to Cali Allah Amelie Illa Hoshi to an akuna mocha diva

00:39:54--> 00:39:55

Mara to

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

whenever I have presented both

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

My statements are Allah, I'm only against my actions. Whenever I have presented my statements against my actions, meaning whenever I have compared what I say to what I do, Kashi to, I'm afraid, that akuna mocha demon, I would be a liar, that I am a liar. I am afraid that whenever I compare my actions, my words to my actions, I would be a liar. Why? Because I say much, and I do nothing.

00:40:32--> 00:40:39

The words are so great, but the actions are so minimal. They are so less they're so small.

00:40:40--> 00:40:54

On the law head, there is an image of piety. under law here, there's an image of righteousness. But in reality, I know about what I do, and what I don't do. This was the humility of the people of the past.

00:40:55--> 00:41:26

They knew that their words could never match their actions. And we think righteousness is all about our words, what we say that if I can, quote, a Hadith, if I can quote a verse of the Quran, I'm so righteous, I'm so knowledgeable. Okay, you can go to for what about our actions? If we honestly compare what we say to what we do, where do we stand, or do we give ourselves excuses? Well, Carla, and he said, who said ibnu, ob mula kata,

00:41:27--> 00:41:31

even me malayaka. He said, a doc to I have met.

00:41:32--> 00:42:27

I have met who Salah seen him in us having a BIA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I have met at least 30 companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and could know whom every single one of them you have for nifa he would fear hypocrisy infc upon himself, he feared hypocrisy for himself. Mammon, whom I hadn't, there was not even one of them. Yola, who would say that in who Arla Imani do believe that he is on the man of God that his email is the same as that of jabril vomica he and the man of Mikael he said I have met over I have met 30 companions, and each one of them was afraid of becoming of being a hypocrite. And not even one claim that his Eman was perfect his Eman was like

00:42:27--> 00:43:10

that of the angels. And we see that even remotely Darren who even he was afraid of hypocrisy. He went and asked her a new manual to learn who that tell me is my name in the list of the moon African that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam shared with you. Just imagine or model Darren who he was so careful. He was so afraid that perhaps I am a hypocrite. What if I am? We know our actions. We know the state of our hearts yet we think we are perfectly safe and sound. They were the companions and they were afraid. Not even one claimed that his email was perfect. And if we are told, why didn't you do this? or Why are you not doing this? We get offended. You think I'm not religious? You think

00:43:10--> 00:44:04

I'm not sincere? You think I'm not bias. The one who's truly religious and bias will never say that he is he will never praise himself he will never boast about his religiosity and the person who was not actually like that he will make such claims. The Companions never made such claims that my Eman is perfect. Rather they were afraid they remained in that fear. Whereas guru Anil Hasani and it has been mentioned from Allison Allison Alba Sri, that marhaba who elopement, none fears it except a believer fears what that his deeds may be wasted. Well, Amina who, and none feel secure from it in lamina field except a hypocrite, who is afraid that his deeds might get wasted? The believer and who

00:44:04--> 00:44:53

feel secure that his deeds will never be wasted his demographic. This is what hasn't been said. So in this is warning against not fearing and an encouragement to fear in effect for oneself. And a person can only be like this when he constantly analyzes his actions, his behavior, his words. And if a person does not look at himself with the magnifying glass, then he is in trouble. We look at other people analyzing them, but we don't look at ourselves. And then Mr. Bahari said that woman, the woman, this is out with the chapter heading with the name of the bat that Bab COVID minimum in a year but our motto is true. And then also where are you have an alter that you should be cautious of

00:44:53--> 00:44:59

meaning a person should be cautious of what mineral is raw of Islam persisting on what Island nifa

00:45:00--> 00:45:50

On number one, ursini and disobedience, when lady Toba without Toba meaning a person should be afraid of persisting on sin and defect without doing Toba. Meaning, it's okay that a person it's normal that a person commits an error he commits a mouse here, because every one from among the children of Adam who are the capo, right, they commit errors. So committing error is normal, however persisting on it. That is something that is not acceptable. persisting on it is something that is not acceptable. And especially when a person realizes once a person realizes that I have this fault in me, then he should not persist on that sin. But unfortunately, it's as though we have the license

00:45:50--> 00:46:34

to commit a particular sin, that it's okay for us or we have a an approval, that it's okay for us. We are permitted as if we have a permit. What permit Do we have because we give ourselves excuses. Now it's different in my situation, it's different in my situation, no, whatever is wrong is wrong. And you cannot do it especially when you realize and why should a person not persist? licola Tara because the statement of Allah subhanaw taala when you say Lu, Alana falou, or whom, er the moon, and they do not persist on what they do, while they know, meaning they don't persist on wrongdoing, while they know that it is wrong. If a person does not know he does it out of forgetfulness that is

00:46:34--> 00:47:18

something different, but once a person realizes that he must change his ways, and if he doesn't, then there's a problem. Had this no Mohammed Murata, kala de nashoba or Enzo Baden call us to about Elon, I need more Jia? He said debate he said I asked a while about the merger or the merger. Those people who claim that everybody's a man is the same. And you see when they said that everybody's demand is the same. This is when even Malaika he said that I have met 30 companions and not even one of them said that my Eman is like that algebra and MCI. So he asked about the Moto G f akara. had definitely Abdullah he said that Abdullah narrated to me and then abeles on a lot earlier send him a

00:47:18--> 00:47:38

call that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, See Babel Muslim me, insulting a Muslim is pasukan it is the same work at Hulu and his PETA winning fighting a believer What is it from? What kind of cover is this? minor major? If a person fights another believer, does he become a caffeine?

00:47:39--> 00:48:24

No. Because Allah call them believers were employed if at any minute meaning of data look for us. Right. So this is minor Cofer. So Maria say that everybody's mind is the same. And your your deeds, they don't increase your email and your sins, they don't decrease your email. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No see Bible Muslim before? So if you insult a Muslim, your words, will they have an effect? On your Eman? Yes, a person becomes a facet then, and a person commits to that action. will that affect his email? Of course, he's committing coffee. Now why is this Hadees mentioned over here. The mozia did not fear that anything would affect their emotion. And this is

00:48:24--> 00:49:04

what they say that nothing can affect your Eman. You say whatever you want, do whatever you want, as long as you believe in your heart that Allah is your Lord and the day of judgment is coming. And you believe that the angels are there and the prophets were sent and the books were sent and that there is Divine Decree, you're fine. Do whatever you want, say whatever you want, you're okay. But what is this? How are these dollars? That your actions and your words impact your Eman? a sincere believer knows that and because of that he's afraid that he might say something he might do something that will waste his deeds. So you understand the connection here. The believer is afraid what he will say

00:49:04--> 00:49:32

what he will do will affect his deeds. It might waste them but they said you don't need to have this fear. But there are these shows to us and the verses and the statements also that were mentioned about the show to us that a person must have this fear. Okay, inshallah, we will end over here because the following does require a bit of explanation. Shall we will conclude over here. So panicle Lohan will be humbucker La Ilaha. illa Anta a stockbroker wanted to be like I said, I'm ready to light