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Al-Imran 78-91 Translation


AI: Summary © The group discusses the " olMO" book and references the Bible, while also accusations of bribery and false accusations. They also mention a womanbound on the street with a man named Moosa and a womanbound on the road with a man named Yumi. The group describes a variety of topics, including a woman named Yumi who claims to be a woman, and a group discussing their beliefs and experiences during a night shift. They also mention various people, their beliefs, and their actions. The group describes a segment where multiple speakers discuss a variety of topics related to religion, including people, their beliefs, and actions.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali Salim Karim I'm about to lay him in a shade on Nova Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for the Shah he saw that he was certainly angry.

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Dr. Millis any of Coco Lee are bananas in our

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lesson number 46 pseudo earlier non iron number 78 to 91.

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and indeed, men home from them left recon, surely a group yell wound, they twist alsina to home their tongues. Ben kitabi with the book, Lita Sabu. So, that you suppose it, you think it men from El kitabi the book warmer, while not who it mean from El kitabi the book what and he aku Luna they say who it men from or in the near Allahu Allah warmer, while not who it men from or in the near Allah He Allah wa and yaku Luna they say Allah upon Allah He Allah Alka diva the lie we're home while they are on the moon, they know

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ma not can it was liberating for amen for a human being and that you do who he gives him. Allahu Allah, Al Qaeda, the book, while hochma and the sound judgment

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one Nobu and the prophethood

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some then, Yola, he says, Linda see to the people, who do you all be a burden, servants, worshippers. Li for me, men from duni besides Allah He Allah when again, but kulu you all be properly Hina Bernie you worshippers of rub, baby Bheema because of what quantum you were too early moda, you all teach al Qaeda, the book, where Beamer and because of what quantum you were that resume, you all study

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while there and not yet Morricone, he orders you and that that Turkey Do you all take firmly? Alma he gotta be angels, one Nabina and the prophets are better than as Lourdes.

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Does your moroccon he command you, Bill kufri with the disbelief bother after it. When? And don't you all Muslim moon want to submit?

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What if and when? A further he took Allahu Allah Misa aka covenant and Nabina of the prophets. Lama, surely What are they to come? I gave you all men from kita erbin book, what and heck, mutton wisdom. Some then, J acoem. He came to you for Solon. A messenger will set the con one who confirms Lima for what? Marco is with you. Let me know No. Surely you must believe surely you definitely believe be with him, Well, and Latin surana who surely you must help him. Surely you shall definitely help him.

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Corner he said

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do occur to you on acknowledge work and a hunsdon you all took either upon that become that for you all is three, my binding my covenant

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kalu they said, A Corona. We acknowledge Allah. He said

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fesh hadoo then you all bear witness what and Anna I Marco with you mean from a share headin those who bear witness

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from him so whoever the one he turned away BARDA after the liquor that for Ola iica so those whom they are alafasy cone those who disobey those who cross limits

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do for them via besides Dini religion, Allah He of Allah, Yerbabuena they seek they desire.

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Well, why the who for him as Lama he submitted, man, whoever fee is in a similar way at the skies, while early and the earth power on willingly voluntarily war and Cohan unwillingly work and lie to him your own they will be returned.

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on same Amanda. We have believed biLlahi in Allah, wa and whatever. On Zilla, it was revealed Alena upon us warmer and what groomzilla it was revealed, Allah upon Ibrahima Ibrahim, what is married and is married. What is hacker and is hack where Google and Yahoo are the human salon

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well as well and the descendants warmer and whatever butea. It was given Moosa to Musa, where Isa and Teresa won the B unit and the prophets are leaving the salon. Men from or be him they're left not know Federico, we discriminate. We differentiate Vayner between a head in anyone, men home from them. When national and we, the who, for him, was Simone one to submit,

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woman and whoever, yeah bitterly. He seeks via besides Islam, the Islam, the submission dienen as religion felon, so never jacoba it will be accepted. Men who from him or whoever and he fee in

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the hereafter. Men from aloha serene the losers

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kafer how yesterday he will guide Allahu Allah. Omen a people care for who they disbelieved, bother after Imani him their belief, work and share he do they witnessed and that indeed, our suhler the messenger happen is true. Well and Jerry a home it came to them albena to the clear proves Allah who and Allah lair not EFD He guides Aloma the people avoid mean those who do wrong

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Bula aka those jezza whom they recompense, and that indeed, or lay him upon them. Learn letter curse, Allah He of Allah, one minute equity and the angels when I see and the people are Jim Marine, or together,

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Holly Deena ones who dwell eternally Fie her in it. They're not you have it will be lightened on home from them. Either will the punishment wanna and nor home they use our own they will be given respect

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Illa except, and Medina those who boo they repented men from body after the liquor that well and a slew they made amends. For in so Indeed, Allah Allah, Allah Fudan of forgiving Allah he one of his own merciful

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in Indeed, Allah Vina, those who care for who they respect disbelieved Barada after emailing him their belief system, then is there Do they increased confirm in disbelief?

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Then we'll never talk about it will be accepted, though but to whom they repentance. What And will there equal those whom they have born loon, those who are astray

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in indeed allatheena those who care for who they disbelieved what and motto they died. We're home while they confer on our disbelievers felon so we'll never jacoba it will be accepted men from the head of him one of them mill full or fail

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early of the earth they happen in gold well no even if if the he offered as ransom

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be with it.

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Owner aka the those the home for them or they're gone a punishment and even painful, warmer and not the home for them. Men from NASA Dean any helpers

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that's visited the recitation of these places

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una semana

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de Rita Amina kita

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kita Why are una

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mcanally bedsharing

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ma boo

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to the moon and Akita aubema

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more often

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what a

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mina shahidi

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what is

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on a

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de mein una de

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la la la

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You can see one

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cor de de la de

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da de

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da de da de la

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