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Al-Imran 45-63 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 59-63


AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the creation of Adam and his son, the birth of his mother, and the creation of a recycling center. The importance of learning the truth from the Quran and finding the truth in order to be content with one's actions is emphasized. The speakers stress the need for actual confirmation of one's beliefs and avoiding confusion, while also acknowledging the possibility of false information and the importance of researching and researching one's deens. The recitation from the beacon suggests that if one person is born without a father, they may not be given more luck.
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I was a bit lame in a ship ideology investment.

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I number 59. Sort of earlier on

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in the method, ERISA in the law,

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indeed, the example of ERISA in the sight of Allah come up early Adam is like that of Adam alayhis salaam.

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What is that example? That hollow qaboun into Robin. He created him from dust who created him from dust. Allah created Adam from dust. So makalah who can then he said to him be fair, Kunal. And then he was, he became, because Allah said to him be and Adam came into existence.

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I mentioned to you earlier, that these verses in particular, were revealed when a group of people from Milan, when a delegation from the area of Milan, came to visit the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Medina. And this delegation was of Christians. They came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked him questions about Islam. And they also had a discussion with him with regards to restart a center, which is why the entire story with regards to the birth of restarted Center, the miracles that he presented, and finally, his being raised up to the heavens, was mentioned in detail in these verses.

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And they cannot understand as to how a human being who was created, who was given birth to by just a mother who did not have a father, how could he come into existence? Because they said, if he's the Word of God, it means that he is the Son of God. But over here, Allah explains that for him to create a human being with only one person is not difficult. Because the first human being, how is he created? Adam, it Sam, how is he created with no mother, and no father. So the example of reciting a sin in the sight of Allah is that of Adam. If Allah can create Adam, without a mother and father, he can create Risa with only a mother. It's not difficult for him. And as we learned earlier, we

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mentioned this point earlier as well, that for us to understand this is nothing difficult today. Because so many things are cloned today. For example, animals, you have a specimen of a particular creature, and it is cloned. So really, it's not something that is too difficult to understand. So for a love to create a human being from just a mother is not impossible. How did Allah create Adam, Chanukah, whom in Toronto He created him from Toronto, Toronto is from the room that was there over there. And the word thrive is used for dust that is dry, meaning dust that is not wet. Earlier, we read of the word theme, and what is that? That which is mixed with mud of Luca Lacan, mina

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minuteclinic a.

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So mean nothing clean is what a mixture of mud and water it's wet, but to rod is dust, it is dry. So, it is dust that is blown away easily by the wind.

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So, Allah created Adam, Adam and Sam from dust, some Nakata who can fire Kuhn, then he said to Adam B, and he became what does it mean by this, that Allah began or initiated the creation of Adam from dust from dust. And then he completed the creation of Adam and his son and from what from his kalama cone, he said can be leading be a human being and other money center was made into a human being.

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Now the carrier can have Allah subhanaw taala What is this? The coal the statements of a loss of data are of two types. First of all, there is a code that is coded

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with regards to the code with regards to decree

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and this type of code cannot be denied cannot be rejected by any human being.

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And no one can make it fail. No one can cause it to be ineffective. So for example, if Allah has gone, it happens, nobody can deny or nobody can stop that process. So when Allah created the creation of Adam and he sat down, he initiated the creation of Adam renesola. He completed it by his coal Audrey, which is gone and nobody could come and stop that process. Nobody could. The second type of cola velocity final data is that which is shattering. So for example, Allah subhanaw taala commands us, okay, masala. It's a command. It's called. Establish the prayer. I mean, all of you believe, but there are people who deny there are people who say no, I'm not going to do it.

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There are people who say samina or Selena,

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but the coal that is padri it cannot be stopped by anyone. It cannot be prevented by anyone. Nobody can come and make it ineffective. So, Allah created Adam and he sat down with the Kadima Khan and Allah also created recycling center with the same kelemen with the Kadima con,

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Allah said to Adam B, and he became similarly he said, Teresa is an MB. And he became

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it's not difficult for a loss pendant.

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And helcom Arabic, the truth is from your Lord,

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I'll have what is referred to meaning this truth that has been presented to you in these verses of the story of how Allah subhanaw taala selected one and how Medina Hassan was born. And how reciting Sudan was born, how he was raised up, all of these details are what they are, how they are the truth. And how do you know them? Where has this have come to you from mid Robic from your Lord, the source of this is your Lord. And your rug is the Harlock. He is the Malik he is the mood a bit of everything and everyone.

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And because he is telling you about this ferrata communal mentoring, then don't be of those people who don't. There are many people who don't. But you should not be in doubt why, because Ally's telling you about this. If somebody else was telling you about this, then you have the right to doubt. But who is telling you about this allies? The source of help is only Allah and if Allah is telling you believe in it, don't doubt in it. The word monitoring is a plural of monitoring. It is a plural of monitoring, how would you write it name, meme there.

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And under the law, you put kasatochi

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and 113 or montery is one who has media, what is media, adult media is a doubt. But what kind of a doubt is it because rave is also used for that

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media is used for a doubt that one has about something factual, about a reality, about effect.

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Something that should not be doubted. Something that you should not have doubt about media is to have a doubt about it is to be skeptical, to be doubtful about something that is true about some reality. Now over here last panatela says, Let the Kuhn minimum, Daddy, the con is singular, and the address is to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, because I'll have to mill up the Cat Cat is also singular the addresses to the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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Now was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam invoked at all. No, he wasn't. But through Him who is being addressed. All of us, all of the listeners, all of the people are being addressed through him that when you have heard this true account, when you have heard this story, and who is telling you about this loss of primal data, so when you have heard it, then don't be in doubt.

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We also learned from this ayah that the real source of the truth is a loss of control.

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Many people have many opinions about different things. How do we believe in and who do we refuse? What do we believe in? And what do we deny?

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When it comes to different stories? When it comes to different realities, people have different opinions? Who should we believe in? Why should we believe in what Allah subhanaw taala has told us? And where do we find that in the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Once we learn of something from the Quran and the Sunnah, then we should be content, we should be satisfied that this is the reality because it is coming from proper adenine, who is Arlene,

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his knowledge is perfect, who is Mohit who encompasses everything. And if he's telling us something, it has to be the truth.

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And also, we see over here, the eye ends with last minute boom. 13 113 is for Don't be amongst those who doubt Don't be of those people who doubt because the majority of the people, the majority of the children of Adam, are in doubt. They are in doubt. So many people have doubts about different things. And so many people are confused with regards to so many things. So when we even try to tell them about something, what happens they're still confused. So don't be in the company of those people who are confused. learn the truth from the Quran, and be content with that truth.

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felon hijacker, then whoever argued with you. What does it mean by

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meaning then, after knowing this, that the truth is from your Lord and you are certain about it

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You are confident about it. If men had jacket, anyone are used with you, whoever are us with you, fee concerning it concerning what concerning the Hulk. Concerning the story of a signing center. Member the my jacket, after that it came to you what came to you, man and in have the knowledge? What does their income over here refer to? What does it refer to

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the knowledge of the Hulk the knowledge of the truth? What is the truth allow us to do about it.

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And over here, in particular, first two, because it is in it a special knowledge, it is the absolute knowledge, it is the true account that was communicated to the profits out of all of a sudden through.

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So, in over here refers to

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true knowledge, correct knowledge, correct awareness, the true account after it has come to you. After you know about the truth, if someone argues about the truth with you, and what is the word had gentlemen hijacker is from newsletters had DMD from the word heard? What is her Jimmy, an argument?

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So, and it had Jeff, what happens is that both the disputing parties, what do they do? They present their how they present their argument, their evidence, why?

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To prove the other wrong, and to prove themselves, right?

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And what's the purpose, so that they win the argument and the other person is defeated? Their point is proved.

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So this is what will happen is that when two parties are disputing with one another, how, by presenting proofs and arguments,

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by presenting arguments, so if someone argues with you, concerning the matter of research a synonym, after the knowledge of the Quran has come to you, then what should you do? Should you become doubtful? Should you know don't become doubtful? Because it is from Allah subhanaw taala. But instead, what you should do is that for coal, then you should say, the ILO, all of you,

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all of you, who does it mean by all of you? Those people who are arguing with you, those people who still don't believe

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the word tylo is from the routers iron lamb? Well, what does it mean? earloop height, Allah?

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What does it mean height to be high? And the ILO is the plural of the IE, you know, how does it all come on?

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So, literally, it is to call someone to a height, what does it mean the treaty to call someone to a height to a place that is elevated. So, somebody is on a lower level, and you tell them to come on the higher level on the upper level, literally, this is the meaning of the word.

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And then it means to call someone for an important purpose, to call someone for something important.

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But then the word Tano is used in the general sense to call someone for anything.

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What is the literal meaning to call someone to a height, then to call someone to an important purpose. And then it is to just call someone generally whether you calling them on a level that is higher level that is lorises to call someone come on.

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So then you say to them that are Alo all of you come, what are we going to do? Nether we will call

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meaning all of us, you and us. Those who believe in the Quran, those who don't, we will call who will we call a Vanessa Anna, our sense of inner is a parallel even.

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And remember, the plural form of even gives the meaning of sons but it also gives meaning of children.

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So we will call this as Bani Israel. It doesn't just refer to the males, but it also includes the females. So we will call our sons, our children wubbanub accom, and your children. So we're going to call our children and you're going to call your children.

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When he said Anna and our women, we're going to call our women, our daughters or our wives, when you say accom and you're going to call your wives, your women, your sisters.

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Well, unfortunately, one full second, we will call ourselves and you will call yourself meaning we ourselves will come and you will also come yourselves and first is the plural of nuts.

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So in other words, call them to come with their families to come with their children.

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To come with their women, and to come themselves, and you also go for yourself, with your children, and also with your women.

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Remember, the Arabs would only take their women to a place or to an event, or to something that was very, very important, very major. Because, you know, if somebody dishonored her, then it's a dishonor for you.

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Okay? So they would only take their women out for something that was very major for something that was very important. So you call your women, we're going to call our women, our sons are the most precious things to us, precious people to us, we're going to bring our sons you bring your sons, and then what are we going to do?

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So whenever to heal, then we're going to pray humbly, or then we're going to curse one another.

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Financial, so we will put Lana to law here, the curse of Allah, I don't care the beam upon those people who lie. So if the truth has come, they still don't believe, then you call them that they should come with all of their families and you also go for it. Collectively, all of you pray to Allah to curse the one who is upon falsehood.

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This is what you should do that.

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Because if somebody is not accepting the truth as it is, then what are they waiting for? What are they waiting for? For the punishment of Allah for the curse of Allah invite the curse of Allah upon the gap between the wife never to him is under Rule, fetters. battlin. And the word bad, literally means to curse.

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What does it mean, to curse? Ill try to curse one another. And it's also used for Marbella fidra. It is to pray to make dua with humility, intensely, with a lot of humility, openly in front of everyone, and make a long drama publicly at the time of distress.

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For instance, if a person is overcome with a lot of, you know, grief, and anxiety, if someone is suffering from a lot, what is he going to do is the only way to make the line secret? No, he is going to make the our wherever he is, however he is. And sometimes you see people literally they're crying, and making two are openly in the masjid in front of everybody. Why? Because they are so immersed in their drama. They're so involved in making drama.

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So how do they do it, they make a long drama. They make it openly and they ultimately gradually with humanity, they're crying, they pause a lot. So this is what if they had means mobile of a figure. And then this word is used for praying for learner, against or upon each other,

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praying for curse upon each other.

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So Thalmann everything here, meaning we're going to pray for the learner of Allah, upon who idol ktb upon those people who lie.

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This is what we're going to do. If you don't accept the truth, as it is.

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Now, the delegation of Nigerian that had come to the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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This entire story of the birth of reciting some of his mission was presented to them, all of these if words it to them,

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their questions were answered, through the eyes of the Quran. All of their questions, their concerns were answered. But still, they did not believe. So what happened in this I was revealed, that if they don't believe, call them that they should come with their families. And then all of you should invoke the curse of Allah upon those people, who am I.

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So the profits are about a certain challenge these people and they said, Come and he said, Come and we will make dua to Allah. If you think yourselves to be upon the truth, then prepare for rubella.

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The next morning, the prophets are along the seven came out with his grandsons, Hasson and Hussein, and he also came with Fatima, and it will be a long run home. Why? Because they were his immediate family

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a little bit on who was also his cousin. And he was also his son in law. So his daughter and his grandsons, he brought all of them. And the Christians of Nigerian, they were taken aback when they saw that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam actually came up with his family. So they got very concerned that he's serious. And we learned that they said that, you know, give us some time, let us discuss, let us discuss with one another and then it will tell you as to whether we really want to participate in this mobile app or not.

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And they went and discussed and they refused to come forth for the mobile header and they went back home as disputed.

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even our vessel that on whose side of the profit sort of autism set that had this set out and performed the mutual cursing, they would have gone home and found neither possessions nor family.

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Now, let me tell you about the story of these people. How they came. What exactly happened.

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Mohammed bin is how bin yourself said in his famous era. He said that the delegation of the Christians from Iran came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. This delegation consisted of 60 horsemen, 60 men, including 14 of their chiefs. So 60 men came, which included 14 chiefs who made decisions. These men were aloka, who is also known as optimasi. See the name Abdul mercy, the slave of the Messiah as a youth, who was also known as an Abu hanifa Harrison within Oklahoma. He belong to the family of backrub in Wyoming, and always been on hiatus. They also include the date place he nubby, who aided Mr. Khalid Abdullah and Your Highness, three of these men were chiefs of this

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delegation, and aka their leader, and to whom they refer to for advice and decision. So they didn't just come by themselves, they came with their leaders who made decisions for them.

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A say it was another man for amongst them. He was their scholar, and leader in journeys and social gatherings. So they have their political leader, and they also had their religious leader. He was a scholar, and he would also lead them in their journeys and social gatherings.

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And I will, how did they have an outcome? He was their patriarch, priest and religious leader, so they had two religious leaders with them.

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I will How did that was actually an Arab man from the family of buckler Meanwhile, but when he embraced Christianity, the Romans and their kings honored him and built churches for him in his honor. They also supported him financially and gave him servants because they knew how firm his faith in their religion was. About how did they knew the description of the Messenger of Allah from what he read in earlier divine books. However, his otherwise ignorance led him to insist on remaining a Christian because he was honored and had a high position with the Christians. So he knew of the truth of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because he had read it himself. Samana fantasy had

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also read, but he accepted the Prophet sort of under certain when he saw the signs of the live and said I'm adultery, but he also accepted but this man, despite the fact that he knew, he did not believe why, because of the fear of the loss of dunya.

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Even as he accepted Mohammed bin Jaffa as debate, he said that the Nigerian delegation came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam in Medina, and they entered his Masjid, wearing robes and garments. They were wearing their traditional robes and garments, after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had prayed that

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they accompanied a caravan of camels. First of all, they were horsemen. They were riding horses, and they came wearing robes, and they accompanied a caravan of camels, led by Daniel Harris, even

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the companions of the messenger sallallahu Sallam who saw them said that they never saw a delegation like them after that,

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that they came with so much wealth, so much grander,

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then I will have to have an outcome and LRP or a say, basically, their leaders, the leaders of this group, this book, The Messenger of Allah, sort of autism, and they were Christians. However, they disagreed about recycling center. So everything was fine, until where the matter have restarted center. And even they themselves different concerning him.

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Some of them said, He is Allah. While some said he is the son of Allah. And some other said, He is one of the Trinity. So he is one of Trinity. He's one of the three.

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Even as he continued, he said, that when these ayat came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam, which is, especially with regards to Marbella, which is that come all of you and we will also come and we will invoke the grace of Allah upon those people who lie when these ads were revealed, thus, judging between him and the People of the Book. Allah also commanded the profits of RSM to call them to mubadala if they still refuse the truth. The Prophet said a lot of them call them to Marbella. And they said, Oh, I will cost him Let us think about this matter and get back to you with our decision to what we want to do. So decide, give us time, let us decide. The left the

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profit and conferred with an athlete who was an athlete, he was their chief, and they would consult him for advice. They said to him, or of their mercy, what is your advice? He said, By Allah or Christian fellows, you know that Mohammed is a messenger, and that he brought you the final word regarding your federal recycling center. You also know that no

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Prophet conducted mobile hella with any people,

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and the old persons among them remain safe and the young people grew up.

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No prophet ever conducted this mobile hella before. And as a result, what happened, the people who refused, they remained, and their children, they grew up meaning they lived. So in other words, he's warning them that if you do more bahala, you're gonna die and your children are going to live either. Indeed, it will be the end of you, if you do it. It will be your end. If you do move ahead with this profit. If you have already decided that you will remain in your religion, and your creed regarding your federal Isa, then conduct a treaty with this man.

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If you have made your decision that you're not going to change your faith, you're not going to change your religion, you're going to change your mind, then what should you do? conduct a treaty with him and go back to your land.

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So they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said, Oh, I will cost him, we decided that we cannot do mubadala with you, and that you remain on your religion while we remain on our religion.

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However, send with us a man from your companions, whom you are pleased with, to judge between us regarding our monetary disputes for you are acceptable to us in this regard.

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So if you can accept a person's honesty, you cannot accept the fact that he's a messenger of God. And that he's telling you something that is from Allah.

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And knowing that it is from Allah, you're encouraging other people to display because the leader, he knew he read it himself. But still he told the people don't even bother because if you do that said you're finished. So go back home. Don't do mubadala.

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In the Heather, indeed, this level will cost us will have indeed, surely it is the story. That is the truth. Meaning the story, the report that Allah has told you here about reincarnation, it is of unhealth it is free of any doubt. And what's the main lesson?

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One I mean 11 in the law, and there is no God, except

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we're in Allaha la huella Aziz and Hakeem and Indeed Allah shorty, he is the mighty and he is the wise.

00:27:20--> 00:27:37

Over here again, it has been clearly stated that Allah soprano Tada. He is the only true Illa nobody else can be either, but him because he is disease. And he is Al Hakim, and there is no one else who is a disease, and then hurricane besides.

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If you look, the attributes of a lot that are mentioned over here, the names of a lot that I mentioned over here are Aziz and Al Hakim, who is lrcs, the one who has his little cut his little cough, and there is a little intonation, what does it mean? The one who has on the one who has dominance, and the one whom none can stop, and he defends himself. If you say that he says God, if hypothetically, okay, let's say, how come in your claim, he was killed, he was crucified? could he not defend himself?

00:28:17--> 00:28:27

If he is the Son of God? If he is, how could you not defend himself? Allah is Allah Aziz. And only Aziz can be

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only an Aziz can be Allah. And he is an Hakeem. We're in Allaha, LA, who and our Caesar hacking.

00:28:37--> 00:28:44

So the conclusion of the story is that a lot depends on it is the true God. And therefore, you should submit to Him.

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And this IRF mubadala, it teaches is a very important lesson

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that you know the truth, you believe in it, you are certain about it. But there are people who don't believe in it, who create doubts, who make you doubtful, who make you wonder that How come? If the prophets or of arson was really true, then these people would have believed in him?

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So don't be doubtful. Don't get confused by these people. You should be certain, you should be sure that this is the hawk because Allah is telling you for internal, and if they turn away, who turns away? They are rare first to primarily the people of Iran, that if they turn away from what from what they're being called to, what are they called to first of all, even they refuse that, then they were called to mubadala, they also refuse them. So if they turn away for in Allaha or Lima, then indeed of his knowing of who will move city of those people who do facade.

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So what is facade over here? What is facade, turning away from the

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refusing the help

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Seeing after realizing it, after knowing it, because it leads to facade, it leads to corruption. What kind of corruption does it lead to? That, first of all, a person does not reform himself. And because he saw the truth, and he did not accept it, what happens? Other people also follow him. Other people also follow him. Just imagine, these people came from the job. They saw, they realized, but still they said, No, we're not going to accept what happened as a result, generations and generations and generations of people remained upon disbelief.

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And we know that the greatest facade is through disbelief, and through mercy, through acts of disobedience. So those people who do facade who do facade themselves, and who also create facade, who spread facade have also kind of added notice them.

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allies, fully aware of them, and he will fully required them in the studio, and also in the hereafter.

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Let's listen to the recitation of

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the law.

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Call upon

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a little help for me, Rob Baker,

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Law, hello,

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So we see here that when the truth was established, the proofs were presented very clearly. And still, if some people don't believe, then you ask for help. And what does that help?

00:32:56--> 00:33:28

That may have lost crispy upon those who lie. But remember that this cannot be applied on every small little issue. Okay. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam never did this, except for that occasion that he came out with his family to perform about hella, but it was never done. Because the people didn't show up, they refused to come. And he didn't do it again. So we shouldn't make this a habit that if somebody doesn't believe in us, we say, Okay, we have lockers, the one who is lying with me or lockers, the one who is on the pulse of

00:33:29--> 00:33:43

this in particular is when you have a debate with someone, for instance, in interfaith debate, and you're telling them about the truth, they realize, but still they don't accept, they say, we're comfortable with our religion, then only the system.

00:33:44--> 00:33:50

But remember, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam only came out once in order to perform it never again after that.

00:33:51--> 00:33:53

So it shouldn't be done in every small little issue.

00:33:56--> 00:33:59

So what have you learned from the story of research?

00:34:01--> 00:34:19

I was actually just thinking that if we know something to be true, we shouldn't hide that either. Even within amongst Muslims, we know something is right, something's true, we should actually encourage each other and tell each other what the truth is. And it could be over little things as well. You know, if you know, a rule in the classroom, this is true, then encourage others that this is actually what it is.

00:34:20--> 00:34:25

It's because hiding the truth, not accepting the truth is a part of facade.

00:34:26--> 00:34:38

It's part of facade because what is facade to corrupt things, when the truth is not going to be known? When people are not going to realize what the truth is when they're not going to find out what the truth is, what the right thing to do is, what does it mean to lead to facade?

00:34:40--> 00:34:48

For instance, a person comes, they have no idea about the rules, you don't tell them about the rules, they're gonna go against the rules, naturally, which is going to lead to facade.

00:34:49--> 00:34:56

So we learned a very important lesson from this, that when the people did not accept that the Prophet sort of opposite them insist.

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

Did he insist accept

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

You must not leave without accepting

00:35:02--> 00:35:21

invited them from avala. But they did not come even on that he did not insist. So sometimes we know what the truth is. We want to tell people about what it is. And if they don't listen, we insist that they listen, if they don't accept, we insist that they accept and still don't accept. We only have ourselves

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anything you'd like to see.

00:35:25--> 00:35:34

A loss of pantalla offers guidance to everybody like over here, all of your questions, their concerns, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam answered that so many is were revealed.

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And if you look at how the entire story has been concluded, that woman in elearning, a llama there is no god except Allah. When it comes to interfaith dialogue, when it comes to giving Dawa to other people, we get stuck in the details. For instance, about the crucifixion now with the biller of resigning center, we get stuck in that so many people will do so much research on what happened and what does it say? And what does that person say, and what's their opinion? But the fact is that that matter is in confusion. Nobody knows about it. Allah subhanaw taala himself has not told us clearly about it. He just said, What happened, that Allah raised him.

00:36:16--> 00:36:18

But watch our focus be on,

00:36:20--> 00:36:23

on the fact that there is no god except for Allah.

00:36:24--> 00:36:30

Allah is the only one who deserves worship, because he is lrcs. And he is Al Hakim,

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and those whom you claim to be God or Son of God, they're not under these, they're not attacking, so how can they be worthy of worship.

00:36:38--> 00:36:47

So always remember the focus. Always remember the focus that focuses to establish the heat, don't get derailed by other things.

00:36:48--> 00:36:57

And a very important thing that we learned from these verses is the concept of the entire family being involved in serving the deen of Allah.

00:36:58--> 00:37:03

That in Ron was himself, the man, his wife, dedicated her child,

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and the child dedicated herself. And then she had a son, see how all of them are connected, it's a family, they're together, doing the work of being alone.

00:37:17--> 00:37:28

So as unsaddled law, we need the help of each other. And we also need the support of our families. Because if one person alone is trying to do something, what happens

00:37:29--> 00:37:42

if the rest of the family, their objectives or goals are completely different, then there's a constant strife, one person is going one way and the other person is going the other way. But when both come together on the same platform, then what happens? They can do so much more.

00:37:43--> 00:37:53

So it's very important to cooperate with each other, as families, when it comes to learning the deen of Allah, practicing the deen of Allah and also spreading the deen of Allah.

00:37:55--> 00:38:03

And the drive that she made was the integral and persevere that you are all hearing. Because for listening, you have to be even closer to a person.

00:38:05--> 00:38:22

So it shows a close connection that they had with the loss of data or how much pain they had in the fact that a loss primadonna would hear their prayers. They're there as their supplications. And he knew about their state. We need to establish the opinion in the last panel.

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Anything else?

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If you look at it, recently, Sam's birth, it was miraculous how that he did not have a father. And around the same time who was born your Harrison, he was born to parents who were extremely old, a woman who was barren. We learn about the career Lisa and Maria, that was starlet that my head has become my hair has become fiery gray. Like I've become so old. So he was extremely old. And him having a child was also a miracle. So how come one is called the Son of God. One is given divine attributes restart incident and the other who was also born of a miraculous birth is not given divine attributes.

00:39:12--> 00:39:14

Anything else before we conclude the lesson?

00:39:15--> 00:39:45

There is a beautiful argument that Allah subhanaw taala has taught us over here, that if you can't accept the fact that somebody could be born without a father, and because he was born without a father, he has to be God, than somebody who was born without a father and mother should be given more divine attributes. But the unfortunate thing is that they say that we are all children of God. So when a person does not, you know, accept one thing then he goes on to denying many many things and fabricating things to support his belief.

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Let's listen to the recitation from the beacon

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