Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 259C Tafsir Al-Ahqaf 10-15

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Call or item say Have you considered meaning say to those people who deny that have you considered in Cana, if it was meaning if the Quran really was mean or in dilla he from Allah, Waka Feltham, but you're denying it. What I found to be working full time and you were denying be with it as in you are rejecting it was Shahida and he has testified who share hidden a witness, meaning he has testified to the truthfulness of the Quran who has testified to the truthfulness of the Quran. A witness min Bani Israel eel from the children of Israel. Who are the Bani Israel in the hood. Right. And why are they mentioned over here?

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Because the surah is maki Correct. Bani Israel are mentioned because the McCanns the people of Makkah the Arabs, they looked up to the Bani Israel because the Bani Israel were people off the book. They had the Scripture. They were considered as the knowledgeable people.

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And the McCanns the Arabs who were the Oume unlettered, they didn't have any divine scripture. So, Bunny so it was mentioned. Right? That what if? Or how about that a witness from the bunny is sloth Yele, that justifies Allah myth li Allah upon myth li it, the word myth li it is that the word mythical is that it over here. And in the Quran, this is or rather the Arabic language is something that's quite common. All right, that there are words which are added to a sentence it is that it's extra meaning you're not to take that literally, it is just adding emphasis. Right? So Allah methylene, meaning Alaihe he testifies to the truthfulness of myth li as into the Quran. Or we can

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take monthly over here also in the literal sense, and then it would refer to Miss Lee. It's equivalent, as in the previous scripture, he already believes in a scripture. And what is that scripture the Torah. In other words, he's knowledgeable.

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A knowledgeable person from the Bani Israel eel believes in the Quran for Amana. So he believes was the bottom but you are sitting arrogantly, you are denying arrogantly What are you doing? Aren't you making a mistake? So a scenario is presented over here that think about it. You say the Quran is not true. Well, here are all the proofs for the truthfulness of the Quran amongst them is, think about it, that you are here denying the Quran. But what if a person from the Bani Israel eel believes in the Quran? If he believes in the Quran, then isn't his belief, a proof of the truthfulness of the Quran? Because this man is knowledgeable of what divine Scriptures are like.

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Now, this idea is taken as a prediction. All right, because it's a monkey surah. So it's talking about the conversion of Abdullah ibn Salam Radi Allahu anhu, who was a Jewish rabbi lived in Medina, who accepted Islam when the prophets of Allah Azza migrated to Medina.

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But besides our beloved Samara de la Mourinho, there were so many other people from the whole Kitab who believed in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Amongst them, we see what acaba Nofal right at the beginning, he was a Christian men, then we see under Joshi of Abyssinia when the Muslims migrated to him they recited the Quran. He accepted Islam the Joshi accepted Islam, which is why when he passed away the prophets of Allah said and prayed his Janessa in absentia, right. Then we see even Salma fallacy of the Allahu Anhu

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correct. So many examples of people of the book, recognizing the truthfulness of the Quran and accepting it for Armineh was stuck bottom in Hola. Hola, como Gali mein? Indeed Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people. Meeting you're committing zoom through your arrogance. We're Colin Medina Cafaro and those who disbelieve say Lilla Dena Amma know about those who believe Lilla Dena lamb over here for as an about concerning. So they say about the believers, that low Cana if it was meaning, if Islam was Chiron good if it was really something good, man, not sub Hakuna

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They would have preceded us who Alladhina amanu, the Muslims, they would not have accepted Islam, before us massive Hakuna Alayhi

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they would not have preceded us in accepting Islam, rather, we would have been the first ones to accept it. So in other words, they're judging Islam by the fact that they did not accept it. So arrogant. You know, for example, the person thinks, Well, you know what? This car is good because I drive it. Right. And since I didn't buy that car, it's garbage. It's useless, as if things are good if I do them, if I accept them, if I have them. And if I don't accept it, I don't do it. It's not good. And it sounds very arrogant. But really think about it. How many times is it that we look down with choices that other people make? How could you wear that dress? How could you wear those shoes?

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Right? You should just imitate me because I am the perfection of whatever, you know, I am the best, the best of the best. My choices, the best, my decisions are the best. So the wish the king of Makkah, they said if Islam was really good, these Muslims, they would not have accepted it before us. Which Muslims were they talking about?

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The people who accepted Islam first, and who were the majority of them were who they were poor.

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And this is true. You see the Roman king when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent a letter to him. He asked Abu Sufyan, but what kind of people have accepted his message. And Abu Sufyan said, it's the weak amongst us. And then the king, he responded later on, that this is exactly how prophets are that the first people who accept them are the weak of the society. Why is that? So? Because the weak of the society, they're not fettered by the chains of worldly glory, wealth, you know, their hearts are not attached to the dunya to the extent that it will prevent them from accepting Islam.

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Because they don't have any money. Right? They don't have power. They don't have fame. They don't have those friends because of whom they're not confident enough to accept Islam. No, they have nothing to lose. What Islam yesterday will be here What if and since it over here gives the meaning of because that since lamb yesterday will be they have not been in receipt of guidance, they have not taken guidance from the Quran they have not followed its guidance for say a Coruna they will say Heather if Concordia This is an ancient lie, meaning a lie that was invented by the ancients and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has revived this lie.

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Why will they accuse the Quran of being a lie? What's the reason it lemmya The Doobie? Because they have not accepted it. Because for them things are good. If they do them, and if they don't do it, then it's not good. Women copy and from before it. Meaning before the Quran Allah says was Kitab Musa, the book of Musa alayhis salam and what was that book the Torah, which was Immelmann a guide while Ramadan and a mercy for who? For those who followed it? What is Imam a leader, someone who's to be followed. So the book of Masada Sinha was like a leader a guide. What was to be followed, and those who follow them, then that book became Rama for them a mercy for them. Well, Heather Kitab

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Han, Allah says in this book meaning this Quran is Musa Deacon, it is confirming meaning it is a book that confirms the book of Musa it confirms the previous scriptures. It's not something new Lisanne and Arabi Yun as Arabic language meaning it is in the Arabic language why Leone's Zerah leadin Alana mu so that it may warn those who have done lol What one of Shrek it's in their language so that they can understand it. Well Bush file in your city and also it brings good news to to those people who do your son. So what is mentioned in this I have that Justice Allah revealed the total before as a guide as a mercy for people. Now Allah has revealed the Quran and those who follow it,

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then it will be a source of mercy for them in the Lavina Kalu indeed those people who say Rob Boone, Allah, our Lord is Allah. So muster camo, then they have istil karma, and what is the karma? Firstly, that they correct themselves they become upright. So Wrotham was takim is what the straight path

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The correct path. So thumbless Docomo, they correct themselves they fix themselves according to what according to what Allah wants them to do is to karma is what? To correct oneself. Earlier we learned that there are some who listen to the Quran, but then they carry on as if they never heard because nothing changes. Here is the camo. What does it mean? They brought about the right change in them. They corrected themselves according to Allah's directives is the follow. And then secondly, the word is the comma also means to become firm, steadfast, right? Meaning they remained firm upon their belief that Robin Allah, they don't give it up. They don't leave it.

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Yes, Eman, increases and decreases. This is something natural, but it's the combo. They become firm. You see, when we start something, when we do something? Yes, it is difficult. For instance, you begin your fast Alright, there comes a point where you think that's it, I'm done. Right? But it's the combo is what keep fasting. Hold on, be patient, and the one who tries to be patient and Allah gives him patience, isn't that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that, that whoever tries to be patient, you submit will Allah Allah gives him Subhan

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Allah makes him solve it. So So muster camo, they try their best to remain firm. So Allah Allah to grant them stability and firmness. Fela Hoefler I lay him, so there is no fear on them. Wala homea has unknown and they shall not grieve very similar to what we learned in sort of facilite that in Alladhina, Carlota, Boone, Allah, so Mr. Camo, that unnecessary delay when Mullah Iike, I let the Hafele wala has no. Right here Allah says lack of when I lay him, what I homea is unknown. What is fear? What is hope? When you're afraid of something that's going to harm you in the future? You're worried about your future anxious about the future? What is Hosen? grief? You're sad about what

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happened in the past.

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Now, when is it that we have fear and grief when there's hardships? Right? When there's difficulty? You worry about what's going to happen the next day? Right? And every hardship reminds you of what you've suffered before, doesn't it?

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Allah says that those who believe and have is the common law, how often I lay him Allah Who miracles are known. Does this mean that they will have no hardships, no problems in life, life will be a breeze for them, it'll be so easy for them. Is that what the IRS means? No.

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Just as we learned earlier, that, you know, forgiveness when it comes to forgiving someone, right? Then you have to make a conscious decision where in your heart, it's a matter of the heart.

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Forgiveness is how you view the oppression someone's been doing to you. You're not considering yourself a victim anymore, you rise above the situation and you choose to let go.

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Likewise, Hoeve and herzan is you know, fear and grief is what a person is viewing himself as a victim.

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Now how often are laying him well at home, you know, doesn't mean that they will not have any hardships, no, they will have hardships, but they will rise above them because of iman, because a man is the karma brings. It brings strength, inner strength to deal with life's difficulties.

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You know, a situation that would make someone terrified this person because of his Eman and is to coma. He doesn't have that fear. Doesn't mean that he's not in a difficult situation. He's in a very difficult situation. But that Hoeve Allah has taken away from his heart because of his the workload on Allah. Just like when the prophets of Allah Anson was in the cave, and then we seek in we're right outside. What happened? The Prophet salallahu Salam, he didn't have any fear. la joven la mala homier has unknown. Hola, Iike us horrible Jana, those are the companions of Jana Holly Dena fie her abiding there in eternally Jezza and as recompense Bhima can Oyama alone because of what they used

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to do. So if we want to be free from fear and grief, what do we need to do

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Eman and is the karma. Have faith in Allah. Do your best. Have faith in Allah and do your best doing your best that is still common, not giving up holding on? That is a steal karma. And if we have imaginista karma, only then

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Can our lives be free of fear and grief?

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Is the karma, meaning we become firm upon the deen, committed, dedicated with firm resolve that no matter what challenges come in the way we don't give up. And it starts with small things.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that Allah subhanaw taala likes deeds, which are small but consistent meaning consistency is key. Consistency is key is the karma is the key. But generally, what do we do, we start something, we do it a lot, then we leave it, we forget it, and we do it, then we leave it, then we do it, then we leave it really we need to look back at our lives and reflect on the past one year past two years, what good things that I start and then I just stopped. Just gave up on it. It's the comma. Because when you have is the comma, then you make those actions as a habit, they become a part of your life. And when they become a part of your life, it's

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a big life adjustment by for example, coming to the weekend class. Alright, I don't know about you, but for me, it's been a life changing experience. Because honestly, all my life I've been five days working two days,

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relax, right? Five days, whatever it is, school, whatever. And then two days, Saturday, Sunday, you spend the whole day doing laundry, or you spend the whole day just, you know, running errands. But when Quran class is on a Saturday and a Sunday, that means laundry has to be managed throughout the week. All right. And everything has to be done throughout the week with everything else that's going on. And 100 Allah, it's been working 100 Allah. Alright, so it changes your life. It's life altering. So this is the karma that you keep doing what you're doing and you don't give up. And we learned that after Eman, the most important matter is, indeed is the karma. A person came to the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said, that tells me something about Islam which I don't need to ask anyone about after you. And he said say I believe in Allah and then become firm, become firm. And the man said that, what should I guard myself against? And the prophets of Allah said and pointed towards the tongue, guard your tongue keep it in its cage.

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In another Hadith we learn is the theme Walter Sinhala Cook, that have is the karma be steadfast and you must beautify your character.

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Because you see, character, when you want something to become a part of your character that also requires is to call mom.

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For example, if you're very very polite and kind and nice and your words one day and the next day, you're like the meanest woman ever. Alright, and then the third day you go back to being polite and nice and kind. Is that is the comma. Is that good character? No, would you say that? Yes, being nice and kind is part of my character. No, it's the karma is about changing your life the way Allah wants you to.

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That is what is to karma is it's about developing those habits that Allah wants you to doing those things consistently part of your life that Allah wants you to. That is a sicoma

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It's not that once a month we do something good and then for the rest of the month we forget about Allah. No, it's the karma is what is bringing a change in your life.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said layers the chemo Iman where I've been had is the chemical boohoo the Eman of a person cannot have is the karma meaning it cannot be upright until the heart is correct. Until the heart has is the karma. What is the chemical booboo? What is the key Melissa and who and the heart cannot be upright until the tongue is upright. So start begin the change from where your words

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begin the change with your words.

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Then after this, after once duty to Allah is once duty to who to one's parents amongst the creation amongst the people that we live with our duty to parents. So that is what the next ayah talks about. Allah says what was slain Al Insana, WA and was saying now We have enjoined Al Insana, the human being be wild today he would both his parents their son, good treatment. Allah says we have ordered we have given we'll see you to the human being that he must treat both his parents with our son. Why

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hemella To she carried him who carried him OMO who his mother, were in her womb. How go run with hardship. Well, a lot

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Oh, and she delivered him well da to put down to deliver, she delivered him good Rohan with hardship. This is enough reason to be good to one's parents. Because the mother carried him in her womb.

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It's amazing. Pregnancy is a burden that a woman does not share with anybody else. Because it's internal, it's inside.

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She's not carrying the baby in a box in her hand. Right in a bag in her hand, for its gestation for its growth and development. No, the womb is where inside of her.

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Alright, it's not that the baby is baking in the oven. No, it's not external. Where's it? It's in her. She can't, nobody can say, let me take this load off of you. No way. She's got to carry it alone from the beginning to the end. And when she carries it, this is what gonna go from the letter scaffold, aha, cool. And come both are used for machaca for hardship. But the word color with the Fatah color is generally used for that hardship, which is due to some external burden that a person is made to carry external burden.

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All right, and gunner is my unilumin that he meaning hardship caused by what is within there's no separation from it, this just with you. You can't leave it, you can't say I need a break. You know, when you're carrying a bag, you say, I need to put it down, I need a five minute break.

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Go is what you can't put it down, you don't get a break. That hardship is there within you. It's inside of you. And also remember that the word cooler is used for dislike or aversion towards something. However, it is correct to say in the UI, do what Accra who I want it but I also dislike it. It's a love hate. This is what good is you like something, but there's also something about it that you don't like.

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And that's exactly how pregnancy is that a woman she loves it. But at the same time, the hardship and the pain and the challenges and the difficulties of it. They're also there. So how Mulatu OMO Chohan wireworld are to call her and she delivers him with hardship also, same thing. The delivery is also painful, hard that no one else shares in that pain. No one can relieve her off that pain. No one can say let me take a part of it. No. Well, we'll go on to Kureha. And with the difficulty there is also that love

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Wilhelmina who and carrying him and Hamill over here is referring to the pregnancy. Right? that entire period. What is salehoo and then weaning him meaning the baby fish oil from the letter spouse La Land fossil fossil is separation and fuss LoL is when a child is weaned off breast milk. Right. And this naturally creates Fussell a distance a gap between the mother and the child.

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Right. Naturally it does. So facade oh who. So firstly, the hammer and then the facade. Because once she conceives the baby, I think the baby is in her. And then once she delivers the baby after a couple of months, it's not over. One period is over, but another stage has begun. Right? And how long is this entire duration? Allah says the lead donor Shahara 30 months, fella attune. 30 Shahara months how, how was it? 30 months? How many years is 30 months?

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Two years and six months? Two years would be 24 months, right? One year has how many wants 12? So 12 times do 24? And then six more months makes that makes that 30. So two years and six months? How was it two years and six months? Two years for nursing. All right. And six months is the minimum duration of pregnancy minimum, somewhere between six and nine. Meaning if a child were to be born before six months impossible for a child to very, very slim chances that the child would remain alive. But six is minimum. All right. So roughly 13 months for this whole period when the mother is carrying the baby and then after that nursing the baby. This is why Allah says well we'll sign an

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incentive B Wiley de Santa.

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We have ordered the human being to do Ersan towards his parents. Why? Because bear

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Erin's make immense sacrifices for their children, especially the mother, a mother takes an immense risk when she is giving birth, giving birth is like risking one's life and well being.

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Right? Deciding to have a child or having a child is what? risking one's life, putting one's life in danger. And also, losing one's well being for quite some time. It happens.

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And if you think about it, no friend, no lover, no husband, no girlfriend, no boyfriend will make the sacrifices that a mother makes for her child.

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Did you hear me? Or were you distracted?

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No one will sacrifice for you. The way your mother has sacrificed for you. Because what happens is when we grow up, and we fall in love, we think oh, this person loves me so much. No one could love me more than him.

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Right. But the fact is that your mother really loves you more than him. Because there will be times when he will refuse to get up and get you a glass of water. He will refuse to do something simple for you. But the mother, she did it for you. She sacrificed her sleep, She sacrificed her body

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sacrificed her body.

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Her body changed forever. When she gave birth forever.

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She sacrificed her night's sleep. She sacrificed her comfort. She lost her social life. Because of her children.

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She put her career her education on hold because of her children.

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Whatever money she had me, it's mentally, financially, physically, emotionally. You know, it takes a toll.

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It takes so much from a woman to give birth.

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And this is what Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us over here recognize what your parents have done for you, especially the mother. And she didn't do this just for a day or two, a month or two? Have you ever had to take care of someone like maybe your grandparents come and stay with you. And then you have to look after them for maybe a week, maybe two weeks. And that means you have to get up and eat their food, and you have to do their laundry, and you have to iron their clothes. Right? And you have to get up again and again to do something. Is it physically exhausting?

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Is it I think it's mentally draining.

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It's emotionally disturbing. When you're on call 24/7. On Call, you cannot have a conversation. without interruption. You cannot have a train of thought without interruption. You're doing something there is interruption. It really takes at all. So Allah is making a see over here the sacrifices of our parents. Because the mother especially she didn't do all of this just for a day or two a month or two, what is mentioned 30 months, minimum 30 months. And we know that once a child is weaned it's not over. Right then a different set of challenges and a different set of hardships come for parents. It's a lifetime commitment. You know, for example, if you have little cousins, right?

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Or maybe your nephew or your niece and you love spending time with them, right you fight with other people that can I carry the baby can I carry the baby? What happens? You're carrying the baby as soon as the baby dirties his diaper, what do you do?

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And over to the well, not my job. You can have the fun.

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Right? But the work the difficult part is for who for the parents? Can the mother do this? Oh, my baby's so cute, dirty diaper. I'm not changing you. Can she do that?

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She doesn't have a choice. You can hang out with somebody and have so much fun. And then say okay, bye. Can the mother say that to her children? By?

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No way.

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At no time? Can she say bye? See you next week? No way.

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This isn't really a function or anything, but it's really easy to see like why we should be grateful and good to our mothers and whatnot. But like, I mean, this is gonna sound very ungrateful, but what about our fathers? Like, you know, how do we Yeah, I mean, see, the IRA begins with what Wiley they he both parents, right? But especially the mother sacrifices are mentioned. Because the mother, she goes through, you know, the physical sacrifice that she goes through. The father doesn't go through. This doesn't mean that the father doesn't do anything and he doesn't

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deserve your son he does deserve Air sign of course. And I think every woman knows that how her journey of pregnancy while it's difficult for her, it's somehow equally difficult for her husband to

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write. I mean, there's a big life adjustment for him also. This is why your son towards both. We learned that once a person came to the Prophet saw a lot of sentiment, he said, Who amongst the people is most deserving of my good treatment. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Oh, mocha, some Mocha, some Mocha, some evoke some at the neck at the NACA, your mother, your mother, your mother, your father, and then those who are close to you, and then those who are close to you. So it always begins with who?

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The mother meaning from both parents, the HAC the right of the mother is certainly greater. Yes.

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75% Share goes to your mom and 25% to your dad. So Suhana let's uh, logically, yeah, we should listen to your dad's right but you know, the mom, the the eventually it comes first, of course. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that a son cannot repay what he owes to his father, unless he buys him and emancipates him if he finds them in slavery.

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You got it. Meaning a person can never repay his father for his father's heir sign on him, unless he finds his father as a slave somewhere.

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And then he pays for his freedom and sets him free.

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I just wanted to add that mother is not sacrificing. At that time when she's having an own child. She's sacrificing till that child is having her own child. I'm a caring mother of three No, not till. Yeah, continues, continues. So when my daughter's children are sick, she's upset, she calls me I'm upset and I just gave her the user a few tips. And then I'm satisfied. Okay, now my daughter will be satisfied. So it's a lifetime process to get

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this children's class that I started on Fridays. I was talking to a lady about it. And when I was telling her she had tears in her eyes because her grandchildren don't live in Toronto.

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And she was wishing that somehow they could be here in order to learn the Quran. I was thinking she's a grandmother. And she's crying for her grandchildren just like a mother would cry for her children. Somali we don't have some time is peavy's Maybe teenager they talk about their mother but maybe they think their mother is she is not their friend but think twice because your mother She's everything for you like Sister thing that she said and what other sisters also what they said. So you see when others they get jealous in you your mother never get jealous in your when you're successful. Your mother She's so happy but others they become jealous in you. So no matter even your

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sister, she become jealous in you but your mother not? Yes. Even a spouse can write best friends can. But mothers will always be proud of their children's accomplishments. So I was just gonna say that the reason why the mom has mentioned I think is because every single step of my life, I have two children on Hamdulillah I have to think of two bodies before I even take one step to the washroom. You know what I mean? Just going to the gym. Hortons is so easy for my husband anytime in the day, he can just get up and leave. And when I have to leave, I have to think about are we I might taking them? Or do I have to ask him to keep them. Like there is nothing in your life you can

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do without thinking about those children like to use responsibility for the rest of your life. Like I one day I'm thinking, How come he's sleeping when the diaper is dirty? And I'm still thinking about it. How can you know what I mean? So even the parents, like the father doesn't have that kind of he has different responsibilities. But other needs, the mom has already taken on herself that this is only my responsibility, whether they help or they don't. Yeah. And even if somebody is looking after the children for her, her mind is there. Right? It's there. I mean, I've seen this with my mother till today. You know, I'm living in a different country. Whatever is going on in my

00:34:25 --> 00:34:45

life. When I talk to her she asks me about basic things like my rest and my food and how you know, a trip for the kids as if she's right there. It's her job to make sure that I'm eating and I'm looking after myself. You know, you can never separate yourself from your children. They're always on your mind.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

I'm just going to share something funny I read few weeks ago on Facebook, was that a father or husband as few people are question like When will my wife go back to normal emotionally? The answer was never

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

or, and then the other question was, When should she take epidural? And the answer was the minute she finds out she's pregnant. So there is so many other fun things it was it's it is truly like diff I mean it really makes you see that it's not easy right.

00:35:16 --> 00:35:18

So this is why

00:35:19 --> 00:36:10

what was sinal insanity Wally they here Sanan hemella to Omaha Quran wireworld are to go to her Wareham Lu who have insoluble Salah tuna chakra Hatha until either Bella should the who when he reaches meaning when a person when the child reaches his I should what is uh should maturity the age of full strength prime in terms of physical strength skill ability reasoning when he reaches that age what Bella and in particular he reaches out to Marina Senate and 40 years and this is the maximum of a should age or should it is said is between 30 and 40. So when he reaches a should Allah he says Robbie Oh Zerhouni. Oh my lord, oh zero knee enable me from the letter as well as I was

00:36:10 --> 00:37:03

there and was there is to restrain someone from doing something the word user own is useful we learned earlier. What it means is is our is to keep soldiers in their positions to keep an army together, meaning not allowing them to launch an attack. All right, keeping them in their positions. This is was our so a lot the Zerhouni Oh my Lord, keep me in my place. Keep me in my place. And this means they'll feel as and give me the ability. Give me the trophy and ash kura that I show gratitude for near Metallica for your blessing, which blessing ality anon tarraleah which you have bestowed upon me, why Allah Worley the year and also upon my parents, give me the ability to thank you for

00:37:03 --> 00:37:36

all that you have bestowed on me. And also on my parents. Why does he remember the blessings that Allah has bestowed on his parents, because at this stage of life, he is reaping the fruits of his parents hard work and effort, whatever skill we have, whatever, you know, we accomplish in our lives, whatever position we get to, you know, our parents have played a major role in that a major role, even if they didn't pay for our tuition.

00:37:38 --> 00:37:45

The fact that they instilled in us the importance or the love of education, in one way or another.

00:37:47 --> 00:38:38

So, at this age, a person sees that whatever he is, whatever he's accomplished in life, is a result of whose hard work all these years, his parents. And this is so true, as you get older, you you think about what your parents did, and how it's benefited you. What an ARMA Lasala Han meaning also inspire me Give me the tofield Oh zero money that I do righteous deeds, what kind of righteous deeds, that Allah Who that you will be pleased with? Oh Allah, because ultimately that is what matters will also literally feed the reality will slay and do is law. Correct reform Lee for me feed the reality in my children. Fix my kids for me, because they are beyond me, especially for fiddly to

00:38:38 --> 00:38:58

do there is law. Make them righteous in the top two alayka indeed, I repent to you were in the middle Muslimeen and indeed I am of those who surrender to you. What do we see over here? They're all this beautiful Dora, which we should all make regularly. It begins with Shaka

00:38:59 --> 00:39:15

for Bo Zerhouni and Ashkelon. Yamantaka. Letty and I'm Darla, right. It begins with sugared with acknowledgement of Allah's favours on oneself and also on one's parents. And it ends with what with doba with seeking forgiveness.

00:39:16 --> 00:39:59

You see another thing about the neuroma on parents, any blessing that your parents enjoy. Remember, you also enjoy it. You also enjoy it directly or indirectly, if they have been given the new form of education, right. You have benefited from that. If they have been given the Nirmal Iman you have benefited from that. If they have been given the normal of citizenship of a certain country. You have benefited from that, isn't it? If they have the normal of wealth, you have benefited from that. Whatever parents enjoy, right, whatever blessings parents get, who is it that really enjoys them? It's the children

00:40:00 --> 00:40:20

I mean, the father is working, right making money, providing a comfortable house and a car and paying for fees and and whatnot. For who? For his children. He's making 1000s of dollars, but all that money is disappearing were being spent on who aren't children,

00:40:21 --> 00:40:26

isn't it? He doesn't even get to enjoy himself what he makes,

00:40:27 --> 00:40:52

isn't it? mean it's amazing how, just yesterday I'd have to share this with you. My husband really likes a certain type of ice cream. Okay. So usually there is a small tub of ice cream hiding somewhere in the freezer. So it was hot outside. We got home my daughter was she needed to cool down. So I gave her a popsicle. She finished that. I was not in the kitchen and I came back. I see that ice cream tub is out. She's found it.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:12

And she's devouring. Okay, and the poor guy had saved it for his night snack. Right after if thought. And when he looked for it. He found barely a scoop in there. Right? It's amazing. You keep something for yourself. You can't even enjoy it because your children get to where you can.

00:41:13 --> 00:41:51

How often is it that a mother, she's got jewelry and she'll happily put it on her daughter. She'll buy clothes, but she'll happily get them stitched for her daughter. Isn't it happens all the time. She'll buy a hijab, but you happily give it to her daughter she'll buy a bag which will happily give it to her daughter. So many times we see this in our lives. So when we want to show gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for the blessings that He's given us, we must also show gratitude for the blessings that he's given to our parents. Because we have enjoyed them. We have benefited from them.

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