Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 02 – L033A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a variety of conversations and struggles between speakers, including a woman named Yeshiva who was fired for being a storm responder and later fired for being a storm responder. A homeowner describes a fight with a king or woman named Carla, while a woman named Sally attempts to convince Moosa to stay home and make a deal with the army. The transcript also describes a scene where a man named Moosa of peripheralies is trying to build unity with the army and is drinking alcohol.
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So I'm really cool with

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my mother in law suite even Kareem and I borrowed firewood we let him in a shed light rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Riley assadi were Sidley and the Wagner abeta melissani yaku. Holy Robin has it in our in

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Lesson number 33. So total belcarra I am number 243 to 252.

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lm did not throw, you see Illa two words. And Medina, those who heard you, they went out men from the hymn, their homes, were home, and the Ulu for 1000s Heather, due to fear, caution, and emoti of the depth for color. So he said, now home to them, Allahu Allah, moo to you all die,

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so much, then I hear whom he gave life to them. In Indeed, Allah, Allah lebu surely possessor fallin, of Father, of Bodhi grace, Allah upon and mercy the people when their kin but accelera most and nursey of the people they're not Yesh guru, they give thanks for and RT Lu, you are fight fi in Serbia Li Wei Allahu of Allah, wa and Ariela mu. You all know and that Indeed, Allah, Allah semir on always on hearing or the moon always on knowing

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man who there is that and lady who you Korea boo, he will land he will loan

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Allah Allah carbon alone has an A good beautiful failure bar for who so that he doubled it. So that he multiplies it Lahu for him of the affine doubling, multiplying Casio Ratan many,

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one laahu and Allah Yakubu, he holds he seizes work and yerba, so, to the extent work and lie to him towards your own you all will be returned.

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Adam did not deliver. You see, either to elmen the chiefs, men from Bernie, children, Israel, ILA of Israel,

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men from Burundi after Moosa Masada his salon

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is when do they said leanbean to a profit the home for them? A birth you appoint Lennar for us? Mexican, a king? No artin We will fight fee in surveilling way Allah He of Allah color he said * is our satam probable that you in if katiba it was prescribed, it was made obligatory or they come upon you and Peterloo the fighting and that not to party Do you all will fight or lose the sale said warmer and what Lennar for us and they're that not no car dealer. We fight fi in Serbia Li Wei, Allah He of Allah wa called. While in fact of Regina, we were expelled. We were taken out. Men from the arena, our homes

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a burner ina, our sons, our children.

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Furthermore, then when katiba it was prescribed, it was written or lay him upon them, LP taboo, the fighting, the one low data turned away in there, except karelian very little or few men home from them one law who and Allah or Lehman always on knowing, bizarrely mean with those who are unjust. What kinda and he said, the home for them, may be your home their profit in Indeed, Allah, Allah.

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In fact, barossa he appointed the comb for you all, to allude to I do. Milliken as a king corlew they said And now, from where, how yaku it is, it will be the who for him, and muku the kingship arlena upon us one afternoon, while we have our more deserving or more rightful bill Mulkey with the kingship, men who, then him when and not you, he is given certain ample plenty men from an early the wealth

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corner Carla. He said in Indeed, Allah Allah is tougher who he chose him Are they come over you are upon you all. What and that who he increased him by step one, in abundance or abundantly fee in an in me the knowledge was just me and the body? The physic one law who and Allah u t. v gates Mancha, who his kingdom, his kingship, man, whoever you share, he will Allah who and Allah was the earth is all embracing or the moon always on knowing

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what color and he said the home to them? Maybe home their profit in indeed a sign Mulkey of his kingship and that yet to come it will come to you at booth two that our booth the box the chest fi in it Sakina tune tranquility men from Prague become Europe. What? And Bertie atone remnants relics mimma from what taraka he left behind a new family. Moosa of Musa, were Alou and family Haruna of Harun Salaam, definitely the room. It carries it and Mila iica the angels

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in indeed, fi in the UK, that I attend, surely assign luck home for you all. In a condom, you were meaning one to believe, or believers, fellow man so when fursona he departed, he set out to I know to try to build unity with the Army's color he said, in Indeed, Allah, Allah morbidelli come, one who tests you, one who tries you been ahead in with a river, famine. So whoever, Sherry but he drank men who from it, Felisa then he is not mainly from me, woman and whoever Lum not, Jaco.

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He tastes it for in the who

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Indeed he mainly from me in law except MN, who is terrified. He scooped in hand or takes a handful

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word fatten a handful, B or D with his hand

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for sure reboot so they drank men who from it in there except Pavillon few, been home from them.

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fellow man so when Joe was a who he crossed it, who he went to dinner and those who knew they believed, Mara who with him, pardon, they said, they're not Takata any strength, any power learner for us and the oma today or this day, BJ Luthor with

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what you knew the he and his armies? honor, he said, and levena those who you also know know they have conviction and the home that in the day malaco ones who meet Allah

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come how many men from fear attend a group? Polina 10, little ohana but it dominated it overpowered fi attend a group Cassie rotten many there is me with permission. Allah He of Allah.

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Allah who and Allah ma is with a soybean those who endure with patience when I met and when Bara Zoo they became apparent or they came for leisure Luther for jelly would you knew that he and his armies are no they said Rob banner our up until you pour our Naina upon us sobre patience with a bit and you make firm aka mana our feet when sadhana and you help us either against an only the people and carefully in those who disbelieve for his removal. So they defeated them be his knee with permission. Allah He of Allah wa Katana and he killed there would there would tell you to do whatever Who? And he gave him Allahu Allah and monka the kingship, the kingdom will hikmah and the

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wisdom were Aloma who and he taught him mimma from whatever your shadow He wills.

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What and Lola If not, the rebelling. Allah He of Allah and NASA, the people by whom some of them be barbin by some others. left sided, surely it became corrupted of the earth, when I can, but Allah Allah, do possessor fuddling of bounty of grace are the upon Allah mean the world's

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Finca that is to vs. Allah He of Allah NYCLU her, we recite it or Laika upon you will help me with the truth. We're in Mecca, and indeed you lemon, surely from an mousseline, those who are sent for the messengers

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that's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Java 11 minute

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v sakeena

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been a help

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blue in

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the corner

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uno de

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Al-Baqarah 243-252 Translation

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