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Al-Ahzab 49-52 Tafsir 51-52

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim,

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Dorji man, Tasha, woman hoonah your Prophet sallallahu Sallam may have put aside whomever you will offer them. What do we la come and Tasha and you can take to yourself, whomever you will.

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Dorjee is from the roof fsri jeem Well,

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what does project mean?

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Hope right? But Lj eulogy, when it goes to bed, if I order your G and from your G, your G to what do you see over here to G Okay, your G, he put society difference and 30 you differ. So it but if all What does that mean? to defer to postpone to delay something

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that leads okay. And we have done this word earlier as well. ALU ology

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that the people of her own the mullet What did they say to Pharaoh that defer the affair of Musa and his brother, LG? LG. If I fail, I'm so thorgy meaning you may postpone. You may defer, you may delay, man, Tasha, woman hoonah whomever you will from them from who? From your wives, meaning you may differ, having relations with who ever you will have your lives. What do we alayka and you may receive, you may take yourself ilica mentorship or whomever you will, meaning you may have relations with whichever wife of yours that you may will, for ordinary men, what is the obligation that they must be equal with all of their wives, they must be just with all of their wives, that if a man

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gives even one thing to one wife, he has to give something equal to his other wife, isn't it so and this is with regards to financial expenditure, do housing do the time that is spent with the wives do also the relationship, the intimate relationship that is between the husband and wife, a man must be equal with all of his wives. But we see that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is being given an allowance and what is that, that he does not need to be equal with all of his wives concerning this? Why? Because remember, that the purpose of the marriages of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not to fulfill

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desire. There were other purposes as well.

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There were other reasons as well. And Allah subhanaw taala had made it mandatory on him to marry many of these wives many of these women. So this is why he's being given an allowance over here, that you do not have to be equal, in terms of sexual relationship with all of your wives, you can differ and you can take yourself whomever you will,

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one manipulator and whoever that you desire, money from who as delta, you temporarily separated from our delta einzeichnen as an as it is to isolate oneself, to separate oneself set aside.

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So, whoever that you desire, meaning any wife, that you return to having relations with me man from those wives, whom as elta, you have temporarily avoided,

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you have temporarily avoided, that for some time, you did not have any relations with her. Now, after some time, you have relations with her, Allah says phylogenet harmonica, there is no blame upon you in doing so.

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You understand? First of all, he didn't have to be equal.

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Secondly, if he deferred one for a long period of time, and then he went to her, was he at fault? No phylogenet heiliger vaniqa that is meaning establishing relations again, with those whom you temporarily separated from

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vaniqa that is Adena it is more suitable. It is better suited it is closer and Carver or you know, that their eyes would be comforted. The cover from the roof is off camera.

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And what does that mean to become stable, and also to become cool. So undercover or you know, if you resume having relations with them after some time, that would make them happy. Delica Edna and Tacoma our union well, Arizona and they will

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grief, we are buying and they will be happy. be mad at Honda with whatever that you give them. colonna, Allah will love who you are Allah and Allah knows Matthew kulu become whatever that is in your hearts. Allah knows everything that is in your hearts naturally, a person may have more love for one and less love for another. So Allah knows about what is in your hearts. What can a love where I Lehman haleema and Allah He is knowing and he's also forbearing.

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What does it mean by Helene? One who does not hasten the punishment?

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haleem does not mean one who forgives off who is to forgive. But Helen, what does it mean? Do not isn't in

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punishment, right? Do delay to defer. So what kind of law who are Lehman Halima Allah is Knowing of his creation and his name. He doesn't hasten in giving punishment.

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Now this hokum in this ayah, that has been given that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had the choice, he had been given the allowance to not be equal with all of his wives. This was given to him after it was obligatory on him to be equal with all of his wives.

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Initially, it was mandatory on him to be equal with all of his wives, in every respect.

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But then after some time, this allowance was given to him. Why? Why do you think so?

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Because there were many a number.

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And if you think about it, normally, for a man to be just with four wives, even with two wives even, isn't it a huge challenge?

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It's a huge challenge. Now the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he didn't have only two wives, he didn't have any four wives. As I mentioned to you, he got married to a total of 12 wives, and at the time that the other two of you were revealed, he had nine wives.

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So being just with all of them, a huge challenge, and he had a great responsibility was a great responsibility

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of being a prophet of Allah. There were people coming to him, asking him questions. He had to go deal with the problems of people, Medina was constantly under attack. And after that, the Muslims were fighting one battle after the of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was constantly traveling.

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Now with all of this great responsibility on him, how could he possibly maintain justice with all of his wives, it was impossible for him.

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You understand? This is why Allah subhanaw taala gave him this announce that it's not mandatory on you to be just with all of them.

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Despite this allowance, we see that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam strove to be just with all of his wives, that whenever he would go for a journey, he would take at least one of his wives with him, and what would he do?

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He would pass lots, right. That's to make sure that it had nothing to do with his personal choice, so that it would be clear to everybody, it's not that he's being biased. He would cast slots, and whoever's turn it was the prophets on the Lord. And it would take and we see that I shall have the learner she said, that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam used to divide his time between his wives fairly, and he would treat them equally. He divided his time fairly between them, and he treated them equally as well. Imagine his wife is saying, what greater testimony Do you want. And we see that after ourselves, Allah, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would go and visit all of his

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wives one by one. And he would go and ask each one of them how they were doing, he would speak to them. And then finally, he would go to the wife that he was going to spend the night with, and he would stay there. But he would go and visit all of his wives after

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you would go and meet all of them.

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So this is why I lost a parent. It says that when you return to the one that you had temporarily separated from Edna and the corner unit one, well Arizona were binary meant

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that they would be happy, they would not grieve, they would not be sad.

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And we see for other men as well, who have more than one wife, Allah subhanaw taala says concerning them intuitiveness ii 129 that Well, no, that's totally true and 30 lubaina Missa tee Willow Huddlestone, that you will never be able to be equal with all of your wives, even if you should strive to do so.

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Because it's a matter of love. It's a matter of the heart. And does a person have any control over that? He doesn't.

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So this is why a lot of times artists fail at Emilio kolel mainly, so do not inclined completely toward one further rule or common law and leave another hanging. Don't do that. Try your best to be fair amongst them.

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And we see

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was given the allowance, he didn't have to be just between all of them. However, he strove his best to be just between all of them.

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And as I mentioned to you, the reason behind this allowance was because the purpose of his marriage was not to fulfill marital needs, but it was a part of achieving his mission. This is why he was given this allowance.

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Layer Hey, Lula, kanessa not lawful to you are women, any women member do after

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meaning. After this point onwards, you are not allowed to make any other women.

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The Nine wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had at the time, those were the wives he had to keep. He wasn't allowed to make any other women after.

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As I mentioned to the prophets, that alone isn't married how many wives in total, and consummated the marriage with them? 12 but three of them passed away in his lifetime. For the Geraldine Arne Zane have been hoceima

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Zaina because she died eight months after her marriage with a profit sort of autism and that was after but

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and also Rihanna been saved. In the year off the farewell pilgrimage she passed away. So three of the wise the prophets on the oldest of them died during his lifetime. And the remaining nine lived on so now your handler can Nisa membered after these wives you're not allowed to marry any other women wanna and nor meaning even this is not permissible for you What? And with that, I begin that you take an exchange with them. mean as virgin, any wives? What does it mean by that, that you take in exchange for them? That you divorce them and take other wives in their place? No, you're not even allowed to do that. So what do we see that it wasn't that the limit was more? We understand. It

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wasn't that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was allowed to keep nine wives at a time so that he could keep these nine and if you didn't wish them, you could divorce them and take other women in place. No, it was these very women he had to marry.

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And he had to keep them. He wasn't allowed to marry any other woman but then you're not allowed to marry any woman after them. While they're antiva data behind them as much Willow are Jabba has no one. Even if their beauty amazes you whose beauty the beauty of other women, meaning, what would be the main reason why a man would marry a woman. Why? Because of her beauty. So even if you are amazed by the beauty of a woman even if it comes to this still you're not allowed to marry her.

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You're not allowed it's forbidden for you. But the only thing that you're allowed is what in lamma, Malacca to mean except for that which your right hand possesses. This is why the profits or loss of seven kept mighty okay player and keyboard for him his son, Ibrahim, little leader.

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So in MMA look at America, what can Allahu Allah, Alicia Akiva and Allah over everything he is look at is ever watchful. What does it mean by this name of Allah? subhanaw taala? It'll keep that one who keeps a close check on everything. One who observes

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because it's derived from the word Raka and Rockabye is what neck? So imagine you're watching someone's neck. They're constantly under your observation. So what can Allahu Khalifa Ito? Kiba Allah, He is ever watchful of everything.

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Now, this ayah What does it tell us that the Prophet sallallaahu Center was not allowed to marry any other women, and he was not allowed to divorce his wives and take other wives in their place. Why

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this was reward for the wives of the Prophet set of eyes. This was a reward that they received in the donor. After the eye out of the heat, they chose Allah, His Messenger and the home of the hereafter. They were willing to make any sacrifice for the sake of Allah, in the way of his religion, any sacrifice, even if that meant they wouldn't get new clothes.

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Even if that meant they wouldn't get a lot of material benefits like other people do.

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They accepted that

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was so charitable, wasn't he? He used to give so much.

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And we see that at the same time he was not obligated to spend on his wives. It wasn't that he was stingy with them. No, not at all.

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But definitely, he had a big family to support. So the wives though, as well as Yamato, Herat, they accepted the difficulties that they were

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have to face while being the wives of the prophets have a lot of them. And they sacrificed immensely for that purpose. And they chose Allah, His Messenger in the form of the hereafter. And Allah subhanaw taala, because he's the one who was greatly appreciative. This is how he rewarded

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that now you will remain his wives, no one is going to come and take your place.

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Because typically, what's the fear of any woman? What if my husband divorces me? especially in the case of multiple wives? What if he divorces me? What if you take somebody else? And what if he loves her more? So this was her award that these wives the profits that Allison received in the dunya? And after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, were they allowed to marry anyone else? No. So they were his as well in the dunya. And they will also be used as wives were intended in the hereafter. This was a reward that they got.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala is a sugar What lesson do we learn from this?

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That when a person sacrifices Something in the way of Allah, Allah

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does not have a sacrifice go waste.

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He rewards him in the dunya and also in the hereafter.

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me know.

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Certain things were obligated with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam certain others were forbidden for him as well, isn't it? So he was allowed to marry more than four women marry the women that Allah subhanaw taala told him to. But then after that he was forbidden to marry any other women. But we see that for other men. What's the case that if they get married to someone, they can divorce, isn't it?

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And if they have four wives, they can divorce them and take other women in their place.

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But for the profits on along the center, where there were certain allowances, they were also certain restrictions. where there were commands there were also prohibitions. He was also a mocha left, someone who had to observe the laws of Allah serpentine.

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And we see that these are they show to us the highest status of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, isn't it? But along with that, what do these showed to us?

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That Yes, he had a highest status, but he still had to follow the laws of Allah.

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Because what do we think sometimes, if someone has reached a particular level, then they're beyond the law. They do not need to observe the laws. They don't need to observe the rules. But we see that the prophets are allowed to summon Yes, he had a very high noble position. Many allowances were made for him that were not for other people. But at the same time, they were rules that he had to follow.

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Because at the end of the day, everyone is a servant to Allah subhanaw taala. And whatever Allah is obligated for a person, he is to observe that

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he will end over here. So Chronicle locomobi humbly Ganesha to allow Ada into the Sahaba wanted to predict assalamu Aleikum