Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 017B Tafsir Al-Baqarah 113-114

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What is the proper etiquette of listening to the Quran listening to the recitation of the Quran? What does Allah subhanaw taala say that when the Quran is being recited, how should we listen to it, that we should pay close attention? How can you pay close attention? How can you do that? By being silent? First of all, that's the first step because if we're talking, then there's no way we can listen attentively. So the first step is to be silent. And the second step is to pay attention. We

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learned that the jinn when they heard the recitation of the Quran for the first time, they had no idea about what the proper etiquette was. But they said to one another, that Be quiet and listen attentively. These are the words of ALLAH, this is something serious and out of respect, even if we don't understand what it means, what should we do? Be silent and listen attentively. So Inshallah, whenever the recitation of the Quran has been cleared, please make sure that we do that. Be silent,

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and listen attentively. And it's quite possible that the person sitting next to us or behind us or in front of us is talking to us. So at that time, what should we do? Tell them also to be quiet. And there's one simple way, just put your finger on your lips, because it's quite possible we forget, and we start talking. At that time, we should remind one another as well. Instead of talking with other people, what should we do? Remind one another? Because what the vessel will help me with the

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vessel this lunch?

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Let's begin our lesson. I do want to slowly Arla was to the Hill Kareem and Robert Ferraro, the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Lesson number 17 Surah Baqarah number 113 to 121. We'll call it Ilya who do under your hood said lays that in Nevada or Allah shake, the Christians are not upon anything. We'll call it Lea hood. Notice the word color let's call it is a feminine of color. Color is he said and Carlat, she said and over here we see color Delia who they

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are who would say but what does it mean by bilateral Why is she being used Why is the feminine being used doesn't mean that all of the Yehudah females know in the Arabic language remember that every noun is either masculine or feminine. In the English language, we refer to things as feminine or masculine when they are people or living objects living beings. But when it comes to nonliving things, we just refer to them as it. However, in the Arabic language, every object, every noun,

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whether living or nonliving, has a gender, meaning when you will refer to it, either you will use he or you will use xi. Now when it comes to names of people, when it comes to groups of people, nations tribes, their names they're always referred to as sheep, most of the time they're referred to as sheep. So this is why Alia hood is being referred to as sheep. So we'll call it Ilya hood, the hood said lay certain Nosara lays that lay set is the feminine of laser laser. He is not laser that she

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is not. Again, why is she being used because it's referring to Nosara and we're in Assata, a group of people. So the you who would say that the Christians are not Allah che in upon anything, they are not upon anything, meaning they have no basis, they have no foundation. In other words, whatever beliefs they have, whatever religion they have is false is wrong. Who says this about to look at the verse that you who would say this about the Christians? Why would you who would say this about the

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Christians, what was the belief of the Christians? Their belief was in who is on Islam, they believed in him and the Jews, on the other hand, they rejected in him, the Christians they believed in the Sharia that was brought by a silence Allah so the Jews they rejected recited sunnah and his Sharia. So how would they describe them? We'll call it Rio who lays it in the surah Allah che they are not upon anything their religion is false because of their belief in in who in a starless.

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On the other hand, we'll call it the Nevada and the Christian said that lay settle your hood or Allah che that the Jews are not upon anything, meaning the Christians say that the Jews are wrong, their religion is wrong, their beliefs are wrong. Why would the Christians say this about the Jews? Because the Jews rejected the scientists and and they did not believe in him. So in other words, both of these groups, what are they doing? negating each other? negating one another saying that the

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other is wrong? Allah subhanaw taala says we're home and they yet Luenell Kitab they recite the book yet Luna Tila de la was from the root letter Stella Well, de la always recitation. So both of them meaning the Jews as well as the Christians, both of them recite the Scripture with Scripture is this the Torah right the Jews they recited the Torah and the Christians

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What did they say? That the Torah as well as the Injeel, the Christians recited both the Torah and the Injeel. However, the Jews they only recited which book, only the Torah. Today, their book is known as the Bible. And you have the First Testament, which is a thorough and the second testament, which is the injeel. And we see that the Jews refer to the First Testament, but the Christian as they refer to both of them, Allah subhanaw taala says, well, homea Clune al Kitab. Both of them,

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they recite the Scripture, the same scripture, but look at them, they are rejecting one another. Both of them are saying that the other is wrong. It is said that this verse was revealed regarding a particular incident, once there was a group of Christians who had come to Medina, to the Prophet sallallahu sunnah, and as you know that there were also Jews who are residing in Medina. So some of the Jews, they came where the Christians were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and both

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the Jews and the Christians, they started having an argument, and both of them started negating one another you can imagine if there's ever an interfaith event, many times it goes very pleasant, and many times it goes very unpleasant. So the same thing happened over there, the Christians and Jews started negating one another, started saying, No, you are wrong. The other said, No, you are wrong, you are wrong. Allah says we're homea Clune al Kitab. They are the People of the Book, if anything,

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they should have respect for one another, they should have respect for those who read the Scripture. And they should not be denying negating one another like this. And especially with regard to the Christians, they believed in Musa Lisanna however, at that occasion, just out of their hatred against the Jews, they said bad things, or they completely negated Musar Islam whereas in fact, they believed in Him, they rejected Him whereas in fact, they believed in him if they believed in the

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First Testament, that meant that they believed in mozarella Sena. And if you think about it in their scriptures, so many of the prophets are mentioned. And we know that a scientist that I'm when he came, he did not bring a new law completely, but rather, he came to remind the Bani Israel. And we see that despite this, the Jews and the Christians, they were negating one another. So Allah says, well, homie at Luna, Al Kitab, and they recite the book. And also if you think about it, people who

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are knowledgeable than what is expected of them, that they should have respect for others. If you go to a workplace, and if there is a person, let's say your boss, even he doesn't know much about Islam, he doesn't know much about any religion, and he just doesn't like the fact that you pray. He says something wrong about your religion, tries to insult okay, you're like, nevermind, he doesn't know anything. Okay, you ignore what he says. But imagine if the same words come from an academic,

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from a professor from someone at a university. What would you say that these people have no respect. It's not expected right? That a person who is academic who has knowledge, he must have tolerance, but if he does not have tolerance, then this shows how degraded that person is. So similarly, when the Jews and Christians when they were insulting one another like this, it shows that they had no tolerance whatsoever. So well, homea tunel Kitab, Allah says Karateka likewise, the exact same

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thing, Allah He said, who said Alladhina those people who lie you're on a Munna, who do not know, the people who do not have any knowledge, they say the exact same thing, meaning they say the exact same thing about the followers of other religions that they are wrong, meaning those people who have no knowledge, they consider themselves to be right, and they consider everyone else to be wrong. The question is, Who are these people? Alladhina Elia and among those people who do not have any

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knowledge, they are those people who have not been given a scripture, the Jews were given a scripture the Christians were given a scripture or was not given a scripture, then wish the king the Arabs, so they also considered themselves to be 100%. Right, and everyone else, including the Jews, the Christians to be wrong. If you think about it, you ask any person in this world no matter what he believes in, what will he claim that he is right, and others are wrong?

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Every person claims that so can Alika call Alladhina lair Ala Moana, Miss LA County him. Others have said that Alladhina lair and a moon this refers to those people for among the Jews and the Christians who did not have any knowledge of the book. I mentioned to you earlier that when it came to the people of the book, you could literally divide them into two segments. First of all the scholars, those people who had knowledge of the scripture, and the other group, what were they

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completely ignorant of the book? Just like within the Muslims today, there are some people who know everything and there are others who know nothing. So Alladhina Elia Ramon, who does it refer to those from among the Jews, the Christians who did not have any knowledge of the book, they said the same thing that lays it in Masada, Allah che or laser Talia who do Isla che Kinetica call

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Edina Leia and I'm gonna miss Lakota him. Allah says for La Jolla, como baina home so Allah who will judge between them yeah como haircalf mean how come what is her coming judgment so Allah will judge between them when Yeoman piano on the Day of Judgment cough well meme FEMA concerning that which guy No they were fee in it yesterday phone they used to defer yesterday phone is the laugh ha learn and if the laugh is to defer with one another, all of the differences that people have today, when will

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they be resolved? On the Day of Judgment, Allah will judge between them. What does it mean by this that Allah will judge between them? Has Allah not clarified the truth today? Of course Allah sent His final messenger sent his final book why in order to show the truth in order to clarify the truth. So what does it mean by this judgment hokum? Remember that when it comes to the home of Allah, the hokum of Allah is of three types. The first type of Hurricane was Hurricane a shattering

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hurricane machete legal commands that Allah subhanaw taala gives the commands which are about the religion like for example, we have been commanded by Allah to pray to give this occur. So what are all of these commands? Hurco a shattering say that word Heroku a shattering the second type of commands that Allah gives are hukum Alcone. What is her Gamal Kony commands or decisions of Allah which are with regards to the creation, like for example, Allah besides concerning someone that they

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should be born, or they should become sick, or they should become healthy, or they should become wealthy, or they should die? All of this is what hukum Alcone we know that use of artisan homes brother when he was in Egypt, his younger brother was trapped over there. So he said that I'm never going to leave this place. Until either my father allows for me Oh, yeah, como la holy or Allah decides for me. So what kind of decision is that? herckel Alcone. And the third type of hokum is her

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como el Jezza II, meaning of Jezza the judgment of Allah concerning someone's recompense? And when will this be on the Day of Judgment? Allah who will judge between them, which kind of judgment is this, the third one, meaning he will recompense them, he will recompense them, those who are upon the truth, he will give them the reward, and those who are upon falsehood, they will get their share of punishment. And when people will be given their reward or punishment on the Day of Judgment, then

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will the truth not be made very clear? Of course, in this world, it's confusing, meaning people get confused with regards to what the truth is, what the falsehood is, why, because of how people are, like, for example, people judge what Islam is by what the behavior of Muslims, but can you say that Islam is what Muslims are? You can't say that. But people get confused with regards to the truth because of other people and their faith seminary, a person who was very wrong, who was being very

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oppressive, he's so successful, he's so wealthy. Does it mean he's right? No, he's not right at all. When will the truth be made very, very manifest and very, very clear on the Day of Judgment, how when every person will be given what they deserve. So for Allah who Jacobina homeo Wilkey, Amity female kennel fee of 30 phone. What do we see in this if we see in the side that Allah subhanaw taala is highlighting the difference that is between the Jews and the Christians, the Jews and the

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Christians, they are known as the people of the book, people who believe in the same profits, the only difference is of a scientist and otherwise they believe in the same profits. But yet look at the division that is amongst them to the point that they were negating one another, to the point that throughout history, if you look at an even until the time of the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam, there were so much division between the two. For example, we learned that the Christians, even in

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the life of recited sunnah, how much opposition they face from the Jews, how much opposition they face from them. And if you think about it, they were the people who even even Musa and it sounds the same prophet that the Jews believed in, but look at their division. This is despite the fact that there were people of the book, they had knowledge with them. And Allah subhanaw taala equates them with who, those who do not have any knowledge. If you think about it, people who have knowledge, a

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certain behavior is expected of them. And when they don't fulfill that, then they are equal to who those who are ignorant. And at this time, we should reflect on ourselves. It's quite possible that within Muslims, there are many differences. One prays in one way or another person prays in the other way, but does it mean that as this difference we start calling one another cafe, that so and so praise like this, so they are not on the truth and they are disbelievers? Does it mean we should

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do that?

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Not at all. Because when the followers of the same book believers in the same book, start looking at one another like this, then this leads to great division. This leads to great division, hatred and such division. What does it do? People forget the main purpose and they get lost in the tangents. What's the main purpose that we should be worshipping Allah? subhanaw taala. When it comes to Salah, what's the focus? What's the purpose? Worshiping Allah? Yes, we should be very concerned about the

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proper way of praying. But just because someone did not raise their hands up to the same level as yours, you start thinking them as lowly and you think that their Salah is going to be rejected? No. So when people get lost in negating one another, then what happens? They forget the rule of religion, the spirit of religion, which is the worship of Allah. And this is exactly what the next ayah tells us that a woman has lemmo who is more unjust mimma than the one who Menara masajid Allah,

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He forbade the misogyny of Allah, a youth Gaddafi has moved that the name of Allah be remembered in it be mentioned in it. Great division between people have knowledge between religious people, what does that lead to preventing people from the worship of Allah, their division? What does it lead to preventing people from the worship of Allah? So women of Allah mu and a person who prevents others from the worship of Allah, there is no one who is more unjust than him. Woman of Lamu of Lambo is

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from La Land memes. And what is lol mean? injustice? Literally the word zone means next to fall short in giving the right of the other to reduce their right. And if you think about it, this is what injustice is, that a person who deserves something when he's not given that that is loosed upon them. So woman Allah Moo and who is more unjust than such and such person. This style is very common in the Quran, you will see this many times in the Quran that who is more unjust than such and such

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person and this expression does not mean that above this person, there is no more volume, but rather it means that this is the height of injustice, this is the height of injustice by for example, if you say to someone I cannot agree more than this meaning, I agree 100% similarly, who can be more unjust than such and such person meaning he is at the height of injustice. So women have a lot more money than the one who the word men man is a combination of men and money. Men meaning from and man

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meaning who do you know the difference between the tuna men is from and man is who there's a difference only have one halacha but the meaning is different. So men man than the one who manera manera mean no nine Munder is to stop to forbid someone to prevent someone from doing something. It could be either through one's words or through one's actions. For example, somebody's doing something to tell them to stop how verbally you tell them stop. So, you stop them how through your

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words. Another is that a person is doing something wrong and you go to them and you take their hand and you put it away. So this is stopping someone * by your actions. So the one who stops the one who forbids masajid Allah He misogyny is the plural of masjid and Masjid is from seen Jeem than any other word from the same root. Such that what does that mean? Frustration. masjid, Masjid, this is Islam.

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What is Islam dot? I think I mentioned it to you before it tells you about the place or the time where or when an action takes place. So Masjid is the place where what takes place? What do you do over there? Such them so Masjid is the place of sadaqa meaning it's the place that has been fixed. That over here people will only pray Salah. So the one who forbids from the Messiah of Allah from the mosques of Allah what does he forbid over there? And that youth gara it is mentioned youth Cara

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Val Caframo vicar. We have read the word youth guru, youth Quran it is remembered fee had in it meaning in the masjid in the mosque is smooth his name whose name the name of Allah. And the word Islam is from Hamza seen meme or even Wildseed me remember Bismillah AR Rahman Rahim so he forbids that the name of Allah be remembered the mentioned in the masjid in the mosque. He stops people from remembering Allah in the masjid

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Either he stops them verbally or he stops them by his actions. He turns people away from the masjid of Allah. So they don't come to worship Allah and if they do come, they don't remember Allah but they remember other things Menara masajid Allah He a youth got off he has smooth wasa and he endeavored saya seen Iron yet sorry is to run. Do you know about sorry, when you go for umbra, when you go for Hajj, what is sorry, when you go between the Safa and Marwah mountains, right. And there

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is a particular area which is between two green lights where men are required to run. So Surrey is what walking fast running. And the word sorry is not just used for literally running, but also being very active in doing something being very diligent in doing something, struggling to do something endeavoring to do something. For example, if a person is really struggling hard to fix up his resume to get a better degree to study hard to work better. So what is that sorry. Similarly, if a person

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is working very hard to promote a particular belief to promote a particular concept, he's advertising something. So what is that? Sorry.

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So this person, he is striving, he is very diligent in doing what Phil hobby has, in the distraction of the massages. Ha ha ha ha means facade. What does Herat mean? facade, and it is of two types. The first type of kharab is that which is tangible, so, physically destroying, physically demolishing ruining the massage. Can you think of something physically destroying them aside it ruining them, harming them, for example, making the masjid so dirty, that it doesn't even look like a masjid

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anymore. Going to the masjid with filthy socks, so that the floor so that the carpet it stinks, it smelled so that people don't want to pray Salah over there was awful corabi Her destroying the masjid ruining the masjid, ruining the paint ruining the walls, bringing food on the carpet to the carpet gets completely ruined. Not even taking care of the Masjid. Like for instance, in your house, you will be very particular about having a clean carpet, cleaning your house cleaning the washrooms

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making sure that everything is nice and bright and painted. But when it comes to the masjid old carpet that somebody just you know, took out of their basement when they were renovating it. So they just donated it to the masjid so they put it in the masala. When was the wall painted? Oh, never. When was it clean? Yeah, the volunteers come and clean whenever they feel like it is I will redo their houses.

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Haram spoiling ruining the Masjid.

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The second type of Haram is intangible Korab, which is to do such things in a place so that that place becomes empty. No one comes there. It's empty, it's barren. The word crop is used for when a crop is line desolate. Nobody's there to take care of it. So that field is empty. No farmer is coming. No person is going to look after the crop. No, it's empty. So similarly, the HaRav of the masjid is when a masjid is empty. There are no people over there to worship Allah.

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So what's our Avi Karabi? Ha? What does it mean then? That he's struggling, he is striving to destroy the actual building. And secondly, he's trying to make sure that nobody comes there to worship Allah. People stay away from the masjid of Allah wasafi habia Allah says Allah Ecuador's people Mercan Allah home it is not permissible for them. A year the Hulu had that they should enter it here dokolo datacolumn The whole is to enter. They should enter the masjid except ha ifIm as ones

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who are afraid. Ka If Enos florala. Ha if was five one who has how far well for one who is afraid they should not enter the masjid except with fear. When a person has done something wrong, then he must never dare to step into the muscle except with the fear of Allah. Forget about entering to destroy the masjid Willa Ikoma cannula home and you're the Hulu her inner heart if an in general also when we enter the masjid how should we enter with fear? Because that is the place where we are

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supposed to worship Allah and how do we know if our worship is going to be accepted or not? They should be afraid this is just that if you ever enter an examination hall How do you enter with fear? The home fit dunya his Yun for them people in this world is his Yun what is his Yun humiliation disgrace Jose? Yeah. welcome Phil Irati and for them in the hereafter.

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is are there one or leave a great punishment? Why? Because they're preventing people from worship of Allah from remembering Allah in the masjid and secondly, they're striving to destroy the Masjid. What is a masjid? What is a mosque? Why is it built? Why is it constructed? What's the purpose? Or mull it it's built it's made wise that people go the shop, a masjid, what is the purpose of the Masjid? To worship Allah to perform Salah and congregation to worship together? So the main MCSA The

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main objective of a masjid is the worship of Allah. Over here we see a youth Gadhafi has smooth, the vicar of Allah.

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And secondly, the purpose of the masjid is also thoroughly the Prophet salallahu Salam in the masjid, he led people in Salah and secondly, he also taught people in the masjid, so that they could have Allah is the main objective. And they could have Allah is done in two ways. By worship and by Darlene by education by knowledge, knowledge of what? Of the deen This is the main purpose of the masjid ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says that the one who is striving, striving to do what to ruin the

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masjid and he is preventing people from remembering Allah is the One who is the greatest unjust person, the greatest unjust person, the one who stops people from remembering Allah in the masjid. My question is, how can people be stopped from the worship of Allah in the masjid? How can people be prevented from that? Sometimes we see that literally people are stopped. For example, somebody wants to go to the masjid, they're stopped. For example, the husband wants to go pray Salah in the masjid.

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And the wife says no, no, don't go. Stay with me. I don't want to be alone at home. Literally stopping people from remembering Allah in the masjid. Secondly, if such things happen in the masjid, that repel people from the masjid, that instead of wanting to come to the masjid, they want to run away from the masjid. And this could take many shapes and forms. Like for example, one could be that people, every time they come together, mostly they're always arguing and fighting, always negative

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things are being said. So the person never wants to go and listen to any lecture. Listen to any hotbar because they know that the moment they're going to go there, people are going to start saying negative things to them or about them. When a person has insulted in the masjid, they don't want to come back again. For example, if a woman walks into the masjid and she is not wearing her hijab, if she's told Sister, how can you come here? Why are you here? I remember this lady came up to me and

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she said that one of her sisters, she is somewhere in the states and she was with her friends and they wanted to see how Muslims pray. So she told her friends, it's Friday, you know, I was thinking of going to the Friday prayers, why didn't you come along with me? So they all went with her. All of them went, none of them was obviously wearing the hijab. And when they went there, the lady who was in charge in the women's section, she said, you're not allowed to come here. But on your hijab, only

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then you can come and these girls are not Muslim, they cannot come she literally literally turn them out to the masjid. And they don't want to know anything about Islam.

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If somebody comes in, they appear to be not a Muslim or they appear to be somebody who doesn't know much. How should you treat them, welcome them, greet them with a smile, tell them hey, I help you, sister, you know, are you here to visit somebody, you have some questions, you know, whatever you can do welcome them nicely so that they feel like coming to the mosque not running away from the mosque. So people are being prevented from remembering Allah from worshiping Allah from learning

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anything about the deen.

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Similarly, when people come in and they are forced to give charity, like for example, somebody standing at the door, Sister before you step out, put something in this box. You know, when you never want to go there again. You never want to go there again.

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Similarly, sometimes such things are done in the masjid, for example, the machine is so dirty, it is so filthy that you don't want to go. For example, you know that a particular muscle there washrooms are very filthy. I'm not going there. The washrooms are very filthy, their carpet stinks. Now, who's the one doing this? Many times it's us. Who goes to the masjid we do when we go to the masjid washrooms. If we don't bother to flush the toilet. If we don't bother to clean the counter. What are

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we doing? We are turning people away. Tell me when you use your washroom at your own house. Do you flush? I hope you do. Because many times it's unfortunate when you go to a masjid washroom, it's filthy. It's wet, the counters are all wet. Nobody wants to come there then. So we have to be very careful that it's quite possible that because of our actions, people are being turned away from the mosque. People don't want to come and pray. People don't want to come and learn.

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Similarly, if we're sitting over here and if we don't take

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hear of our bodies, like, for example, we're sitting here and we haven't showered or we haven't brushed our teeth. And as a result, every time we speak, we have bad breath, or the person sitting next to us can, you know, smell our clothes, because it's stinking of food because we've been cooking and we didn't bother to change, we didn't bother to take a shower. We didn't bother to freshen up. People don't want to come again. They don't want to come and sit in that modulus and

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learn. They don't want to stand and pray right next to you. So we have to be very careful with regards to the cleanliness of our own bodies of our clothes, of the places that we sit in the places that we use everything, because you never know because of our actions, other people might be turned away from the worship of Allah.

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We should be calling people to the worship of Allah, not turning them away.

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It could be our bad behavior, it could be our bad actions. So we must become very, very careful. Woman have a look at the ayah Allah says who is more unjust than this person. He is the greatest criminal, the one who prevents people from remembering Allah in the Masjid wasafi corabi her people should not enter Masjid except for how? With the fear of Allah Allah econo Canada home and here the Konoha Illa HA aefi HA if you know who fearful of who of Allah.

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You know, when you go to, for example, Amal, you're not going to throw garbage just like that. If you are drinking something, are you just going to leave the bottle on the side? Know you're gonna go fine the garbage can and you're gonna throw it over there. Similarly, tissue, what do we do with it? We hold it, we keep it on our bag until we find a place where we can discard it. But why is it so that when it comes to the muscle, it doesn't matter that we're sitting on a desk we're eating and we

00:31:47 --> 00:32:19

leave the leftovers even over there? This is not right. We should have fear of Allah, in the mall in other public places. Who are we afraid of? people? What are they going to say? Oh, we're afraid of somebody who's going to catch us doing that. It says don't litter, this many dollars fine. And we don't even dare litter because we're afraid that will be caught and we will have to pay a fine. But when it comes to the masjid of Allah, there may not be any cameras, video surveillance, but you

00:32:19 --> 00:32:46

should know that there is video surveillance over here. So anytime a person is doing something wrong, yeah, they should be afraid. Secondly, we shouldn't be afraid because who is watching us? Allah is watching us. This is the house of Allah and we should be afraid of Allah who is Samir who is bullied. None of our actions are hidden to him. And none of our words are hidden from him. So whenever we do something in the masjid, say something in the masjid, leave something in the masjid.

00:32:46 --> 00:33:04

Who should we fear? Allah He is watching us and okay, he might not catch us immediately. But in the Hereafter, look at the verse. Allah says that the home fit dunya his Yun welcome Phil Yachty. Aleem for them is humiliation in this world and a great punishment in the hereafter.

00:33:06 --> 00:33:31

If a person ruins destroys dirties the masjid of Allah, there are great consequences. If a person stops people from the worship of Allah in the masjid, there are great consequences. Allah says in surah TL and find that one Allahu Allah you're a diva whom Allah will whom you also do not and must either haram. Those people who prevent others from the masjid Allah subhanaw taala will punish them a great punishment in the hereafter. Let's listen to the recitation and there are some lessons that

00:33:31 --> 00:33:37

I want to discuss with you well all the doula is not law

00:33:40 --> 00:33:46

malting barley setting DeWanna Shane

00:33:47 --> 00:33:49

Loon And Peter

00:33:51 --> 00:33:52

galley cup all

00:33:55 --> 00:33:58

love owning belong we

00:34:03 --> 00:34:05

can feel that a

00:34:07 --> 00:34:08


00:34:12 --> 00:34:16

is a law he us coffee has moved

00:34:28 --> 00:34:30


00:34:31 --> 00:34:32


00:34:33 --> 00:34:36

don't she's you

00:34:39 --> 00:34:41

know we

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

do you know the story of Ebola. The man who came with his army of elephants in order to destroy the Karva intellectual field we learn about that what's our offy hobby? He was striving in order to destroy the masjid in order to remove people from there so they don't worship

00:35:00 --> 00:35:26

lava there but rather they should come to His temple. Then the Mushrikeen of Makkah, what did they do? They also drove the Muslims out of Makkah. There were times when if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would be worshiping Allah in the Haram near the Kaaba, what would the machine do? They will come and physically harmed him physically harassed him. And it came to such an extent that the Muslims had to leave Makkah and they had to migrate to Medina. And when they came in order to

00:35:26 --> 00:35:59

perform their Umrah, what happened they did not let them enter and that is when the Treaty of Abia took place. So they were preventing others from the masjid from worshiping Allah in the masjid. Some people do this deliberately, actively, and other people do this without even realizing. We might not do this deliberately stopping people from worshipping Allah in the masjid, but we might do this on intentionally. We might do this because of our careless attitude, because of being negligent, but

00:35:59 --> 00:36:12

the consequences are severe. So we have to become very careful and a person can only become careful in the masjid when he has COF of Allah. When he enters the masjid ca if even then he will be careful, then he will not be negligent.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:41

We learn from a hadith that there was once a Bedouin man who came to the masjid and he went onto the site and he urinated imagine the must sit clean place to perform Salah and he goes on, urinating in the masjid, for the people ran in order to stop him the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Leave him Don't say anything to him. When he finished. Then the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to him that in the hurly heel masajid let us literally che him in handle Bolu will cuddle that these massages. It's

00:36:41 --> 00:37:16

not right that we should urinate here defecate here no this is not what the masjid is for in nama here Liddicoat Allah azza wa jal was solid, working to Quran that these massages are for what the remembrance of Allah and for Salah and for the recitation of the Quran. So this hadith tells us that the purpose of the masjid is what these three things the could of Allah, Salah and Kurata Quran. We also see in this verse that it is prohibited to stop people from remembering Allah in the masjid. So

00:37:16 --> 00:37:41

we cannot stop people from performing the Salah in the masjid. We cannot stop people from reciting the Quran in the masjid in any way, shape or form. It's quite possible that we go to a masjid and we want to be in the front. So what do we do? We put our bag and our friend called us I'm coming as well. So please reserve a spot for me. So you reserve a spot for them as well. And what happens there are people coming in in order to recite the Quran in order to personalize the Torah we but

00:37:41 --> 00:38:11

what happens? They don't find any empty spots because all the spots are reserved. When we are reserving those spots. Are we not preventing people from worshipping Allah in the masjid? Yes. Because in the masjid who has a greater strike? The person who has come first? He has the greatest right but if we reserve a spot for our friend for our mother for our sister who is not even here yet, and for an entire hour, that spot is empty but it's reserved and there are people praying

00:38:11 --> 00:38:41

outside. Are there people praying with great discomfort? Then what are we doing? You know some scholars they have said it is not allowed to reserve any spots in the masjid and I'm making this very clear to you because the month of Ramadan is coming Salado taraweeh is coming. So when we go please in the masjid people get their spots on what first come first serve basis. This is how you get your spot. Because if we're preventing people, then we could be committing a great crime. The

00:38:41 --> 00:39:04

thing is that if a person is in the masjid, for example, you came early you came and sat in the front chairs but you have to go to the washroom to make will do so you go to the washroom but before you go you can leave your bag over there why because you are in the masjid you did come first. But if you book a spot, if you reserve a spot for someone who's not even there, then that is wrong. That is not great.

00:39:05 --> 00:39:37

Then we also are in this verse that the massage at the mosques Who are they for? Who do they belong to? Allah subhanaw taala because Allah says masajid the Allah He the mosques of Allah and when such is the case, then whose name should be exalted in the masjid Allah, who should people be called to Allah, certain names of other people or promoting your own sect that is not permissible because there are many sets out there and the Muslims a lot of division, a lot of sectarianism. So you

00:39:37 --> 00:39:59

cannot be promoting your own sect calling people to listening to or following one particular scholar only, or one particular Imam only. No that is not the case. When it comes to the masjid, it belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. So people should be called to the worship of Allah. Then when people are there whose name should be exalted, the name of Allah

00:40:00 --> 00:40:32

Then we also learn that when the massages are for Allah, then the massage should be kept very clean. We learned that Allah subhanaw taala commanded Ibrahim alayhis salam to hit Beatty clean my house, keep it clean. So it's not an obligation on the cleaners to clean the masjid my dears. Whose obligation is it? All of us. So this means that when we come to the masjid, what do we do? We don't create any mess first of all, if it does happen, be responsible. And please clean up after yourself.

00:40:33 --> 00:40:59

And secondly, if we ever come to the masjid and we see some mess, don't think that yeah, the cleaners will come and they will clean it up. No, what should we do? Pick it up ourselves. At your house? What would you do? Leave the mess? You wouldn't do that. You would pick it up, you will clean it up. Nobody likes to have a dirty house. Why are we okay with having a dirty Masjid? The massages are for Allah and if we have respect for Allah, this means that we should have respect for the

00:40:59 --> 00:41:29

Masjid. Then we also see that all people are equal when it comes to the masjid because Allah says masajid Allah He the mosques of Allah. And people come to the mosque, why? To worship Allah, all people are required to worship Allah. So whoever comes in the masjid, whether it's the President or it is the garbage man, any person, all people are equal. This is why we see that at the time of the Sahaba, even even after that, and even today, when people go to the masjid, what are they supposed

00:41:29 --> 00:41:59

to do? Everybody prays together, whether it is slaves or their owners, standing shoulder to shoulder. I remember, I saw one scene once. And I was so amazed by that. I was visiting somebody's house. And this was in Pakistan. And those of you who are familiar, that in such countries, people hire others to work in their house, to dry for them to guard their houses. So there are many servants in the house. And these people who I was visiting, I looked out the window, and I saw that

00:42:00 --> 00:42:27

the man whose house it was, he was standing leading salah, and all of the people who were working for him, they were praying with him right behind him. And I was amazed by that. I mean, here's a man who has hired all of these people, and they're serving him cooking for him cleaning for him watching for him driving for him doing everything for him, but they're praying in the same Salah together, he perhaps knew the most Quran, this is why he was leading all of them. But when it comes to the

00:42:27 --> 00:42:45

worship of Allah, all people are equal. And when it comes to the masjid of Allah, again, all people are equal. This is why also we're not allowed to reserve any spots for others because everyone has equal right? Then we also see that in the masjid, and youth coffee has smooth, what's the purpose of the Name of Allah is mentioned.

00:42:46 --> 00:43:21

If you think about it, it hasn't been mentioned that a youth gruffy had that Allah is mentioned in it, what has been mentioned that Allah's name is mentioned in it, I want you to notice this, look at the ayah and youth Gara. Fie has smooth is smooth has been mentioned. Why? Why has his name is isn't been mentioned, because Allah is remembered how? By the mention of his names. So when we pray salah, what do we mention his name Subhan Allah BL or leave Subhanallah be similarly, when we do any liquor

00:43:21 --> 00:43:56

then what are we to do? mentioned the name of Allah. Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah has to be Allah, all of these ADKAR what do they have in them? The name of Allah and Allah. So Allah is remembered how? By the mention of his name. So if a person just says he is at remembering Allah in the right way, if you're saying he you're not mentioning the name of Allah. So there's some people who say that when you remember Allah say Hua, when you say Hua, is the name of

00:43:56 --> 00:44:09

Allah mentioned in the know. How is Allah remembered by the mention of his name a youth Gadhafi here is smooth the ISM of Allah has to be mentioned, because that is the way of remembering Allah.

00:44:10 --> 00:44:21

Then we also learned this verse that it is forbidden to do anything that would cause destruction of the masjid, whether tangible or intangible, wasafi kohlrabi.

00:44:22 --> 00:44:28

Allah subhanaw taala called as a greatest injustice. So this shows that doing any club in the masjid is forbidden

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