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Subhanallah they've been the forces I've told those that are in the northern Gaza to evacuate northern Gaza that's happened yesterday, day before, to evacuate to the south. And really, there's nowhere to go after that. And far, there is nowhere to go. They can't go into the neighboring states, because even Subhanallah those borders have been bombed as had been bombed before numerous times to not allow them to, to move on to the neighboring neighboring countries. So there's no option and you know, that may lead those civilians that will be there. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make them with the shoe. And may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that are patient

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with his predestination. And it's a very, I think it's important for us as Muslims now, as I mentioned before, in the hotbar, for myself, firstly, is for us to be educated, of the history of Palestine, not stopping us ladina up, but starting, starting from when the Ottoman Ottoman Empire ended, how it ended. So I highly advise you brothers and sisters to look up the history of how this was established how when there was 90% Palestinians there, and there were Christians that were Jewish, that were living there in harmony in different parts of the world. But when particularly if you look up the Balfour Declaration, when you look this up, and you see the history of how this came

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about, and then what transgressed over the years, all the way up to 1948, roughly, and this year support 1948 1947 even in India, as we see, and even in the separation of Palestine and Jordan and separation of India and Pakistan, we see that there was some infiltration that was taking place, but all of that was intentional Subhanallah but understanding those revives, you look at the Balfour Declaration and also something called Nakba alone was done

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in ek ba if you look this up, to educate yourself about the history and to educate yourself as to the reason why there is so much frustration and why the frustration is part of our Imen as well. To understand why there is frustration on both ends, not to say that there wasn't oppression from the hood and what is taking place and how they came from Europe what was going on in Europe, but it does not warrant to origin Nessman data him to take people out of their homes unjustly. And when when they talk about on the media, as I mentioned before, to not equate the oppressed with the oppressor. And to understand that when they talk about babies heads being chopped off, we already it's already

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been established that that was fake news. But it wasn't fake news on the other end, that babies have been killed for over 50 years. And there's been numerous depression that is taking place with the Palestinians. So this is the time brothers and sisters mostly importantly, if you haven't, if you have even take it upon yourself tonight to go to bed about 30 minutes early an hour early to ensure ensure 90% That you will wake up before so lots of budget comes in and put your hands up for your brothers and sisters in Palestine.

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But your hands are for your brothers and sisters in Palestine and even more than that, to make Salah period so lots of tahajjud and to put your hands up in English to you'd ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect them from any oppression and ask Allah subhanaw taala if he decides to take them to have to take them upon Eman. Imagine him a managing predestination and trusting Him. And also we as Muslims we trust in the predestination of Allah subhanho wa taala. But do what you can to educate yourself and educate others of what is going on. Familiar philosophy panel with Tao is in control of all things and He does things for an ultimate wisdom. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect our

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brothers and sisters in Palestine and Afghanistan, in Syria, in Libya, in Morocco, in Niger. In Sudan. There's places that haven't even mentioned because Subhanallah a lot of them are not even getting the coverage. But we hear from our brothers and sisters in these parts of the world. We lost both Allah protect them mostly and protect their Eman in Him and allow their predestination to take place and the pleasure with these predestination to be in our hearts in who will either Alika or someone law was saying we're going to be in the Muhammad while early and will still be here.