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Al-Baqarah 284-286 Translation


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Sir morning from what I heard the law here but I got through.

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mother who went to San Diego to sue the hill Kareem a mobarak for Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim Allah Bish rightly so de were certainly angry or lonely. That Amelie Sani of coho coli probenecid in our in

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Lesson number 39. So little bacara is number 284. To 286.

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last lesson of sorbitol bacara.

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Villa he,

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for Allah,

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Ma, whatever fee is in a summer we're at the skies warmer and whatever fee is in an early the earth

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we're in and if to the Do you all reveal you all disclose ma whichever fee is in unfussy comb yourselves. Oh, or to who you all hide it. You all conceal it. You have sip gone, he will call you to account V with it. Allahu Allah failed futile. So he will forgive Lehman, for whom he or she who he will work and you are the Boo, He will punish. mn whoever, Yeshua He wills will law who and Allah Allah upon goodly, every shade in thing, buddy Ron always all able

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Amana he believed of rasuluh the messenger Bhima with what unzila it was revealed it was sent down lie to him. Men from rugby he his rub, WA and milone the believers

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could loan on Amana, he believed biLlahi in Allah

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wa and mela ekati he his angels wa and good to be he his books were and Bruce Lee he his messengers. They're not new for Rico. We make distinction. We differentiate bainer between a head in any way anyone main from Bruce Lee he his messengers, Waterloo and they said samina we heard what and Aparna we obeyed wulfrun aka your forgiveness, your pardon, prop burner or our rub. Wa and alayka to you and mislead the destination. The journeys and

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they're not you can live through. He burdens he lays responsibility. Allahu Allah nevsun any soul Illa except was our her its capacity. Law her for it, ma whatever. Casa but it earned work and I lay her against it upon it. Ma whatever it does, but it acquired. It's true to earn

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Rob burner or our lair do not to have hidden. You sees us. You catch us in if Messina we forgot. Oh or buttner we made a mistake robina our up water and do not the mill you lay or Elena upon us is one a burden gumma just as Hamilton who you laid it either upon and livina those who mean from a billionaire before us, Rob banner for our rub Walla and do not

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Not to have Milner you lay upon us. You make a scary man. What? Love not baccata any strength learner for us be with it?

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Well, and orfu you pardon? I'm not from us. What? And if you forgive Lennar for us

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well and it'll Hamner, you have mercy on us.

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And you mo learner, our molar, our protector, our guardian from sadhana, so you help us either against alchemy, the people and care feeding those who disbelieve.

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That's the recitation of

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feel only me.

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wants to sudo Bhima Zilla email Bobby

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one calls me up on

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