Musleh Khan – Was Eid 2020 on Saturday or Sunday

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the need for cooperation and following locality during international sightings, particularly the Saudi Arabia's sighting of the moon. It emphasizes following laws and following locality, as well as visiting local restaurants and trying to figure out what to eat for the day. The speakers encourage people to go massages and eat at local restaurants, and to confirm sightings through technology and reading reliable information. They also mention the use of a computer and machinery to determine sightings and emphasize the importance of following laws and respecting individual opinions.
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Cinema de como de la jolla woebot occur to everybody. all morning, all last night. My phone has just been going crazy. people asking what's today read? What about the sighting that happened in Africa and in Kenya and Somalia and so on? Do we follow that or not? And subpanel this whole moon sighting thing for EAD has now been another reality check that at the end of the day, unfortunately, there are so many pockets and groups of Muslims internally within our oma

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and that simply refuse to agree to disagree. It's just really the bottom line. And so many people, men, some of the comments that you read online about people responding to moon sightings that have been confirmed in other parts of the world, and some of the the comments that Muslims have made in terms of race and culture on that part of the world, oh, it's not credible enough. So forget about it. I mean, all of these things, subpanel. This is all an indication that those Muslims that think this way, and say these things have learned nothing, in the month of Ramadan, Ramadan was an absolute waste of time for them. I mean, if it's one thing that we should have learned, is

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cooperation coming together as a unit, or at least supporting that if we have differences of opinion, if we disagree on something to respectfully disagree and move on. And coming to the issue. Now, whether it is today or not, guys, you know, scholars have already given us all the principles and direction that we need so that whenever we get confused with issues like this, we're able to navigate through them, even if you're an average layman Muslim, you don't have you know, the the background of Islamic knowledge and so on, you're not engrossed into this stuff, you can still make a sound decision how, three ways to do this an international sighting, if that's your thing, and

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that's what you followed, whether it comes from Saudi or anywhere else, is, besides the point, why do you think it's called an international citing? international doesn't mean only one country means anywhere on on earth once there's a credible citing, and it's been confirmed, not just by one individual, but nowadays, it's it would almost never, ever happen, where one person will speak on behalf of the entire oma, we have bodies of councils and scholars and committees that are leaders in these areas, and they are the ones that are making those decisions. So here's some of the things that, you know, you probably might be hearing.

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Okay, time zones are different. Okay, that part of the world see it, saw it, but it's impossible for us to North America to see it now. So therefore, we have to fast 30 days and tomorrow is read. Yes, that's if you follow local citing? Absolutely. Yeah. It's not been seen in this part of the world. But that doesn't give us the right now to discredit and ignore the fact that there was an international sighting done elsewhere. Okay, so that's the first principle, we can't just throw that out the window and be like, Oh, they got it all wrong. And Subhanallah just how absurd some of the comments were. Let me let me tell you, I've even seen and heard some Muslims saying that those

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countries like in Africa, and in Mauritania, and so on, they actually didn't see the moon, they saw mercury or some other planet in, you know, the solar system. Are you kidding me? Like, it's just unreal, that that's where it boils down to that some have actually been said, Oh, they've mistaken, and they've got the wrong planet. I don't think that that's even possible with technology with calculations, all of these supportive systems that are in place to help refine Okay, we can confirm what we've seen, or what we've calculated is just not possible. Then secondly, it's about following this international sighting. Right. If Saudi didn't announce that they've stuck to Sunday, a

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hamdulillah. It that's based on their HD had that's based on what they've decided to do. That's fine. Alhamdulillah. And if that's your thing, then you if Saudi is the the standard by which you determine when it is or isn't, then unfortunately, you're going to have to go back now and relearn and revisit it, you know, so just Islamic law, and how rulings are derived. Although what Saudi says in terms of rulings and direction of the moon sighting when Ramadan begins, when it ends, when it happens, and so on. It's quite significant. I mean, that is the place of our Qibla. But I'll tell you, that Saudi also has some of the most sufficient

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Dedicated equipment and technology and experts on the planet to determine this. So we shouldn't also just discredit them and throw them out the window just because they didn't announce it. But just understand that in basic filter,

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we are not restricted to just following one country. And that determines all of our decisions all of our Islam. It's an international body of scholarship that comprises of other alum and scholars from other parts of the world as well. And even I was there. I mean, I studied in Saudi, I used to ask for that man. What do we do when the aid rolls around? Do we follow you guys Saudi? Or do we follow our own locality? What do we do? And always I've asked, like, at least off the top of my head, I can think about more than a dozen times different scholars, professors, and show you and not a single one of them set to me, not one, and I'm just one person I know, tons of students who have asked the

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same thing for their own localities and countries and they all got the same answer, which is, follow your own locality, or follow one international sighting, make that choice, but don't depend on us in Saudi to determine what's right for you. We're making our own ht had our own efforts. So we're going to decide if you wish to follow us what will happen if you don't follow the law in hand. I mean, it really just boils down to that. So those of you who are confused, who are wondering, am I supposed to be fasting or eating today? Listen, if you have started with a particular community, you're committed to that community and their HD had their efforts and figuring this out. stick to that

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community committee. Don't now because that's where the confusion comes out is that you started off one place. And then because another opinion decided okay and international opinion said, Hey, we saw the moon today. Don't let that confuse you. It's perfectly okay, from our Deen. Just stick with your community stick with your locality, and Alhamdulillah. If today is not your EAD, tomorrow will be your EAD. If today was your EAD, EAD mobile, cool, I'm in wanting to hide, leave it at that you faster 29 days what you have, just leave it at that. And so I'm actually pleading to everybody out there that had an issue with Ramadan, not ending today and that people celebrating. The last thing

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that I'll say, and I'm done with this subject is that those who say that the moon was not cited, or it's impossible to see based on calculation and scientific evidence. That's fine. Like, that's your opinion. Are you trying to say now that these countries that confirmed their sightings got it all wrong, they missed something that only you seem to have figured out? No. Like, I would challenge anybody who questioned the validity of a today to go to those massages, and go to those places get connected with the other man. And sure you have those countries. And I would challenge you to say to them, you guys have done something wrong. It's sinful in the sight of a lie, you've misled the oma,

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and you need to make up this day of fasting, go and say that to them, go and say to the 1000s of people right here in Toronto that celebrated their eat today go and say to them that your eat was invalid, you need to make up today, and your eat is actually tomorrow. It's not going to happen. Like this is a collective effort based on certain bodies and councils. And we should just simply respect that. Now if somebody came out and said, Hey, you know, I eat is on the 27th ninth of Ramadan. At this, we're gonna fast 31 days if somebody did that, well, that's a different story. Now we can at least say okay, no, we're not going to accept that. But it's between 29 and 30 days. Our

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religion has given us a leeway of 29 to 30 days to figure this out. Some people based on their efforts on their HD had they figured out Okay, today was eight. And they did this not just pulling it out of left field, they actually confirmed this stuff. They looked at calculations. Some people say, well, they didn't they could have never seen the the the moon with their naked eye because it's impossible. Okay, fine, it is impossible. But with technology, with telescopes, with scientists and all of those things, they confirm that they could see it through the aid of other machinery. Some will say, well, that's unacceptable, it should be with the naked eye. That's an opinion. That's a

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valid opinion. But again, there's also a valid perspective opinion that you could use the aid of reliable technology to an order to confirm your sighting as well. You can use this stuff. It's reliable. It's been used for several years. And as a matter of fact, those of us who follow Saudi, they have more than a dozen telescopes that they also use to look for and determine and confirm a sighting

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So they also use the aid of machinery and technology and science in order to come to a conclusion. Okay, we've seen the moon so the point is, is that don't think and listen to some of the Muslims that say that this was an irresponsible rash decision you know, they were hurry to they were in a hurry to do this. That's why this happened. That is just simply wrong untrue and subpanel a very ignorant alright and I'm just gonna say treated very ignorant for somebody to say that somebody to determine Oh, it's never been it hasn't been seen in North America nowhere in Canada nor in America so therefore there is no such thing as he does today. Go and tell the 1000s of people who did that

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say to email them call it whatever you want, but let them know and take that hogen that responsibility upon yourself. So that's all I wanted to share with you guys if you're celebrating 88 Mobile coloman what one turn the height if you're celebrating tomorrow, eight MOBA column in one two min height a couple of women now women come Saudi Airmen. Whether when I'm celebrating eat or not, today, who cares? I'm just mostly icon some of some some of you have messaged me, what are you doing, we want to do what you're doing. Don't follow what Muslim icon is doing. Follow what the other man and scholars are doing around the world don't follow who I am and what I say and what my

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opinion is, though the man the scholars and councils, those are the people that you should follow, because they are a collective body of you know, intellectual minds and and scholarship that come together. So I am nothing with respect to in comparison to to that level of knowledge and cooperation. So let's just leave it at that in shallow turn. So just like a low height and guys, I hope that helps. If you're fasting today Alhamdulillah Happy 30th Day of fasting and tomorrow will be your eat. you're celebrating today emo Baku I'm in wanting to Mihai to caballo Minami consulted with our man. Let's leave it at that. And Subhanallah guys, let's cooperate and be respectful to

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each other. Even when we defer. Sokolow planner everyone said I'm already Kumar

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