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Al-Baqarah 60-62 Word Breakup


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The transcript describes a scene where a man named B obtains a drink from a cow, but it turns out to be a command for everyone to drink. The commandments encourage people to do things they want to do, including drinking and not drinking. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding committing abuse and being mindful of words, but the transcript is a jumbled mix of unrelated sentences and phrases.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim let's go over the word breakup

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what is and when is thus far he sought water he asked for water he prayed for water

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the word is stressful, if you look at the scene and the letter at the beginning that gives the meaning of seeking asking for demanding. So, instead of he prayed for water, he asked for water who asked for water Musa masala Salah for who live only for his people live for our people he is the only for his people for call Nat So, we said why is it we said because of the

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brave use strike with it the word Yubraj earlier in Allaha la yesterday a yo yo believer he strikes a brave is a command and it means you strike you hit

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so if you strike beer or soccer with your staff B is with Arsenal is the staff and yours so beer soccer with your staff, what should you hit with your staff and hedgerow the stone the rock is the anhydrous rock fun Fragile X then it gushed forth make sure you write it then it goes full. Because at that at the end that indicates it or she so it gosh for what gosh for men who from it meaning from the rock is netta do I shorter than his meta means to have you heard of his name? Why he is named from his name is Natasha. I shot that

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is Natasha. Do you intend to

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I know Sprint's is a sprint and it's also useful I

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odd in fact alima Keanu Why is it he? Why is it he

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because there is no other letter indicating anything else there is no while which would indicate oil there is no death which would indicate your shear it so I leave it in you.

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Now you may wonder that you also have your animal, right? Which means he knows that also he an animal is also he what's the difference between the two year level is for present or future and there are Lima is he knew in the past. Right. So for the Lima. In fact, he knew who you could lose all every owner, same people. We did the word unasked before warming and messy and from among the people. So there's a word unless and there's the word onerous. What's the difference between the two? Unless is with us, which is why we're translated as the people. And this is not with us, which is why the word is just owners people. So annacis actually, owners, the people,

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so owners and people mush about whom they're drinking this much Rob is drinking this and whom is there? Notice the word mushroom. It begins with the mean, doesn't mean and what did I tell you about words that begin with me? It's a noun.

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Some words that begin with me more of one who is doing the action, isn't it? But there are other words as well that begin with mean and there are nouns, but there's something else going on? What is going on inshallah we'll discuss that.

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I just want you to notice the name over here. My SRA is drinking place and home dance

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kulu all of you eat. Again, this word is an instruction it's a command. All of you should eat wash Robbo, and you all should drink as well. Men from this provision, we have done the word roseacre now.

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So eat and drink of the provision of rule of Allah one and do not die. So you all commit abuse. So begins with that, which is why it's you ends with well, which is why it is you all die so you are committed abuse law is coming before it's what does it mean? Do not commit abuse do not commit evil, were filled only in the earth mursaleen as those who do as ones who do mischief, notice the word most It begins with me. One who is doing the action of Assad and explore because it's

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Ya know

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what? And when all all of you said, Why is it all of you?

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Because of the term happiness? If it was just cool to

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use it.

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So cool Tony, you all said yeah, oh, man never not below we will have patience. We did the word before very solid is patience. Not bill, we will have patience. If it was Yes.

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He will have patience. So now, we will have patients, either upon Parliament food, we're having one. Today you're eating a lot of numbers. Why is Natasha so I had one further so you can again the word order is an instruction it's a command you should create you should make the learner for us meaning for our sake of Becca, your Lord, make to offer us from your Lord. What are that your fridge? He should bring out? We did the word which word for alhaja

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so your fridge he brings out Lennar for us mimma. From what mingma is a combination of men meaning from and man Meaning what? So many men don't be too It grows. Why is it it because of the tab which tab over here it's at the at the beginning okay because the routers are known better.

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So to me too, it goes up to the earth men from Baku via it hurts Baku hurts her it preserves What does the hi refer to

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the earth?

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What is it and it's cucumbers were for me here and it's garlic will read Where are the c hat and it's lentil? Well buffalo Leah and it's onion

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corner he said do thus Thurber de Luna you all seek to change Why is it seek to

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because of the scene and better

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Do you all desire that it should be changed and nobody that which who it is Adena inferior at dinner is that which is inferior that which is less. So do you all wish to exchange that which is lesser been ladee in place of that instead of that who it is higher and better?

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In other words you wish to give that which is better in order to gain back which is lesser

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a bill to all of you get down have we done this word before? Yes we have in the story of administering

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a bill to all of you get down and the word is

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an instruction. Right It's a command

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you will notice that a lot of the words which are fairly similar to yesterday that the technical term is

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it's an instruction it's a command most of these words begin with a Hamza you see the Elif at the beginning

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most of them begin with this Hamza order is bill to issuable

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so if people miss run any city remember this is not Egypt

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This is a city for inlet So indeed Luckily for you man that which dome you all asked for

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el dome Why is it you all because of the to answer the question so often y'all asked for

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what booty baths and it was struck

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Why is it it

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because of the fact at the end

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brewery but it was struck I lay him upon them a villa to the humiliation.

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Well must gonna do and the poverty.

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Notice Alma scanner to Android timer, Buta, a villa to Android download Buddha. What are the words that end return to

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their feminine?

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so blurry back to LA uma Villa to well mask Anna to notice the verb that was used for them booty baths, it was struck, she was struck.

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So it's not goodie bag, but instead it is goodie bags. Why? Because the words dinner and macka are feminine

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werebear Ooh, and they returned. Why is it day

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because of the wild with an explorer. So bear all of the returned be Robin with anger. We did the word mount earlier. So Baba is angry. Men from Allah velyka that be unknown because

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Indeed they be because a net indeed home they cannot they were Yuk funa they disbelief. Be it left with verses of Allah, wa Jaco to Luna and they can see again, Jaco to Luna Yeah. And while noon de unabie. You Nabila the profits. Why is it profit?

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Because of the Yamuna?

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What's the singular of the word and the biggie?

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And maybe

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so under begin the profits variety without an hectorite velyka FEMA are so they disappeared? Why is it there? Because of the well, what can I know? And they were Yata Duna their transcripts?

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In the indeed, and levina those who am I know they believe, when levena had do and those who became Jews, how do they became us? Why is it there? Because of the one

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one nassarawa and the Christians were Fabi in and the Sapiens again the unknown indicates the man whoever I am and I've been there believed in Allah was yo male. And the last day where Amina finally her and he did righteous deeds for the home so for them eduroam their reward is reward home there in the year will be him their Lord, whatever and not kofun any fear I lay him upon them with whom

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they were very few words that were new. So inshallah from next week what we will do is that we will incorporate this word breakup within the lesson. So whatever main words whatever new words come up, and

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let's listen to the recitation.

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What is this

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me know.

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wasabi Naaman