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Another one there's suddenly a lot of sodium karimabad for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish filing suddenly were suddenly empty. melissani of common Cody are open as

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100 Allah

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with a loss of Powell, Tyler's blessing upon us, we have approached yet another Ramadan, which is just a few days away from us. And we lost a penalty that give us the ability to really reach that month and reap its benefits. Because this month, this part of the year is so unique that there is no other time of the year which is similar to it. It brings so many benefits and so many blessings, which a person cannot find at any other time of the year. When a person fasts in this month, when a person stands in prayer at night, in this month, then all of his previous sins are forgiven. Imagine his entire slate is wiped off, it is clean, it is cleared up all of his previous sins are forgiven.

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This month, is a month of mercy. It's a time when Allah subhanaw taala His mercy his blessings are visible, are clear to us are felt by us are experienced by us every day and every night.

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There Therefore, it is very important that as we approach this month, we are ready for it. We are mentally ready for it. We are spiritually ready for it so that we can reap its benefits.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala his doors are open. He sends down his reign, he showers us with His blessings. But every person does not take the exact same advantage from it. Each person takes from this blessing from this Rama according to his capacity. Just as what Allah subhanaw taala sends down rain from the sky than every part of the earth, every part of land does not benefit from it equally. There are certain parts, which benefit from it so much that you can see the soil, it becomes soft, it becomes more fertile. The soil that was apparently dead, because it was ready to receive that water that rain, you see that it's covered with foliage. It's covered with flowers that are

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blooming, blossoming, fragrant and radiant in their color. But yet at the same time, that same rainwater will fall elsewhere. But there will be no effect of that water.

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Allah subhanaw taala he gives Ramadan to all people who are alive on the earth at that time. But everyone does not take the same advantage from it. There are those who find this month. And by the end of it, they have earned a loss forgiveness. And there are others who find this month. But by the end of it, they haven't received the forgiveness from Allah soprano.

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their sins are the same. In fact, they have increased Why? Because they did not understand the value of this month. They did not benefit from it.

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Instead of use have, we learned about how use of is and when he was thrown in the well by his brothers. And the caravan came. And they found this boy in the well and they took him out. They just hit him. They concealed him as a commodity. And they sold him for just a few crumbs, and allows the panel data says about them that what can you feed him in as a dean, they were of those who had no interest in use of his center. They had no interest, they could care less about him. Little did they know that this boy was one day going to become a prophet of Allah. One day he was going to be the Minister of Egypt if they knew his value, they will not have sold him just for a few days, they

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would have given more importance to him, they would have given more value to him. So we see that in order to read in order to take maximum advantage of any opportunity that allows the panel data sends our way. First and foremost what is necessary for us is knowledge and awareness, knowledge and awareness. If Allah subhanaw taala gives a person knowledge and awareness have an opportunity that he can take a lot of advantage from it. But besides knowledge and awareness, another very important thing is preparation.

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Pre preparation and planning from before, because each person receives the same amount of time, every single day, 24 hours. But there are some people who manage to get a lot done in those 24 hours. And there are others who just waste that all day. The difference lies in planning, you may have experienced this yourself also, the day is that you are working, you get up on time, you get to do your work. Also, you come home and do your laundry even you even cook a lot. But on weekends, what happens? We get up late, we take it easy. And by the end of the day when you ask yourself so what did I get done today, you realize that you already got anything done? What was the difference

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the planning, for certain days, we have our entire day planned out. And for other days, we don't have planning done at all. If you've planned your trip to the mall, within an hour, you can accomplish a lot. And if you haven't planned it, then you will enter one door and you will be going from one bar to the other looking for things to do. And by the time you've realized where you are, you find out that you've got barely half an hour left. So, in order to take advantage do things are important knowledge and awareness and secondly, planning. And this is a reason why hamdulillah we have gathered today to remind ourselves of the importance of this month, the virtues of this month,

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the opportunities that this month brings us so that we can take the maximum benefit from it and also so that we can prepare ourselves mentally and otherwise also, so that we can take the maximum advantage from this month. Now with regards to the month of Ramadan. We learned from our Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said either cannot Amano foot the head

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that when the month of Ramadan comes in, then the gates of mercy are opened up foot the head they're open up wide, allows Mercy is in perfusion is everywhere. Everyone is welcome to come and take a share of it. And everyone is welcome to come and take as much as they want from it because the gates of mercy are open in another Hadees we learned that when the month of Ramadan begins then a caller calls out unity Muna in your belly and Heidi, when a caller calls out that all seeker of good come forward rush anyone who wants good speed up come forward. Come and take your share. How are we don't delay don't wait, keep going and keep reading keep collecting for yourself. He abellio cleaning up

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bill way earlier Shirley, oxen and all seeker of evil stop. Oh seeker, we will stop. Yes, you have been doing a lot of wrong things before but now the month of mercy has gone, the month of blessings has gone. So stop. So we see that in the month of Ramadan. Allah subhanaw taala special help is there. For those who want to do good. And a loss of handle darkness help is there for those who want to keep away from sin. Because the doors of gender are open, and the doors of Hellfire are closed, the doors of gender are open, meaning the ways that lead to paradise. There are public they're everywhere, so many opportunities to do good in order to make it to paradise. And the doors of

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Hellfire are close they're shot meeting, there's the opportunity to sin is reduced. And we experienced this in the month of Ramadan. That because there's an atmosphere of worship, of reciting the Quran, of the act of standing in prayer, that what happens is that it becomes easy for us to worship Allah soprano. on regular days, it might be difficult for us to you know, do something good in the morning, read our morning at God or read our evening of God to sit, you know, with our hands out and make God do a lot of panel data. It might be difficult for us or we don't even remember, we know that we're supposed to, and we perhaps even intend to. But we're so frazzled with all the

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things that are going on, that we don't get the opportunity, but 100 alive in the month of Ramadan. Everyone around us seems to be encouraged to do more good and that is a motivation for us.

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So doing good is facilitated for those who want to do good in the month of Ramadan and committing sin is made difficult for those who want to abstain, and also the shalina are locked up. Children are locked up. So that again, the ways of goodness are made easy and the ways of sending are made difficult.

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And remember that a lesson until a last few years there for servant

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Meaning unless and until Allah subhanaw taala gives the ability and the opportunity to serve and to do something good. No one can do good. But Allah gives the field only to those who strive only to those who put in effort. So really, at the end, it's up to us how much is it that we strive to benefit from this part of the year to earn forgiveness from a loss of panel Darla to make our home agenda and to earn a loss upon God's blessings. So in order to take advantage of this time, one of the first things that we need to do is do some pre planning, before the month actually begins, do some planning. And part of that is mentally preparing ourselves, as well as our family members, our

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hamdulillah we have come here together today, and inshallah, we will remind one another about the virtues of this month about the different things that we can do in this month, but our families at home, what about them? What about our husbands, our children, our siblings, make sure that as you prepare yourself, prepare your family, you also share with them at least one or two things. So they're also motivated to worship Allah Subhana dynamore. Because you see, worshiping Allah alone by yourself, is very, very difficult. But when you have people with you, if your husband also sits after budget, and opens up the Quran, how likely is it that you're going to go to bed, you'll also

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be motivated to sit and open up your Quran and do some recitation. If after Salah, your son or your daughter or your sibling sits down and does a God, then you are also more likely to do your God. So it is necessary that as we prepare ourselves, also prepare our family members and hamdulillah there's so many lectures out there, there's so much material out there that we can revisit, we can listen to we can read as a family in order to remind ourselves of the benefits of this month. Also, in order to make fasting easier. And in order to focus on it. One more important thing that we must do is get all of the important, you know tasks out of our way. So for example, if you have your

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major Costco trip to do Don't wait for the first day of Ramadan, do it now. If you have your eat shopping to do do it now. Don't wait for Monday to go for groceries, go over the weekend, go before Ramadan actually begins so that you're not you know, extremely tired right at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, get these things out of the way. Make sure that your house is clean things are, you know put in place so that during the month you're doing just the bare minimum in order to get by so that your fasting can be good and your evaluator can also be enjoy the profits of the lover you send them said Ramadan has come to you a blessed month. Allah has made obligatory upon you it's

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fasting. In it the gates of heaven are open and the gates of Hellfire are closed and the evil devils are chained up to Allah belongs a night in it, which is better than 1000 months, whosoever is prevented from its goodness than he has been deprived. If a person does not take advantage from the special light of this month, then he is deprived and a person cannot take advantage of the special light of this month unless he has taken advantage of every day of this month, every night of this month. What we learned from this hadith is that the month of Ramadan is primarily the month of fasting and we all are aware of that Ramadan means fasting for us. That is something that we are

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preparing ourselves for especially you know for this year we're mentally preparing ourselves that he asked the fasts are going to be long. Yes, the days are long, we're going to be tired, the Knights are going to be short that a week is going to be very late, but we keep telling ourselves inshallah you will do it inshallah you'll be able to do it don't think about it right now. When it comes then we'll deal with it. It's okay, you survived last year, hopefully you'll survive this year also. Right, inshallah. But what will make fasting easy for us inshallah this year, is if we remember the rewards of fasting.

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Yes, fasting is an obligation. It is something that we don't really have a choice about. That we don't have a choice about that we have to fast. It's something that is formed upon every able believer, every abled person, he has to do it. So, when you have to do it, you might as well do it with good feeling. You might as well do it with a good heart. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan, how will he men and women

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with faith, faith in Allah, faith in the fact that yes, fasting is an obligation not as a habit because for many people, fasting

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The month of Ramadan is a habit that every year when the season of fasts comes, then yes, that's what we do we fast. That's what we Muslims do. And why do we do it? We're doing it because we're believers, we believe in a law. We believe that Allah subhanaw taala has made it mandatory for us to bask in this one. And your doctor may warn you, or somebody might discourage you, or your friends or your co workers might be shocked at the fact that you won't be eating or drinking at all during the entire day.

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But if you remember that I am doing this because my lord has told me he has commanded me a man and

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and secondly 87

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is to hope for reward from a monster Counterparty to expect reward from Allah, then his sins will be forgiven. What does it mean by this? hoping from Allah subhanaw taala for reward, you see, there are many things that we do as Muslims. We pray, we give charity we, you know, do we do? We read the Quran and we eat with our right hand we say Bismillah right after we eat we thank Allah soprano, Garda, they're very good habits and for a Muslim, whatever he does as a believer and talent is rewarded for that. But remember that the more you look for a reward from Allah, inshallah, the more rewarding that deed will be, the more rewarding that deed will be, because the loss of I am as my

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servant thinks I am. So if you hold for reward from a loss of product or the yellow, I know these fasts are very long, and I'm already very scared. I get so thirsty, I don't know how I'm going to survive. I have to eat something every two hours, even now, what am I going to do in the month of Ramadan? Remind yourself I'm doing it to seek a closer award. And tell yourself and speak to yourself and speak to a loss upon a time when it gets difficult yellow only for you. I won't do this for anybody. I won't do it for myself. I won't do it for you know, some kind of blood work. I won't do it for anything. I will do this only for you a lot because I want reward from you. At seven. in

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Hades we learn the prophets on the love radio send them once he was asked by a companion, that all prophets have a lot of someone tell me about a deed that will allow me to enter journal

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Tell me about something that I can do. Which if I do I know that inshallah I will make it to gentlemen. There's so many things that we've been told about

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and some things we find difficult some things we find easy some things we do already in some things we don't even know about. So this man he came to the prophets on a lot of men said please tell me one thing that I can do and it will help me intergender would you like to know? Would you like to know about something that you can do so that inshallah you can go to gentlemen?

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So the prophets of the libretto Salaam told him or lake of his soul, for in the hood navicula

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on you is fasting, meaning you must fast, fast as much as you can, because there is nothing like it. There is nothing like it, no good deed that is like fasting.

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Because you see any other good deeds that you do. What happens? It takes maybe five minutes, maybe 10 minutes, maybe half an hour. Okay, even if you go to volunteer somewhere half a day, maybe two hours. But fasting is from when to when?

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The whole day basically, even if you go for Hajj, how many days is it that you have to spend in doing Hajj?

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Not many, not many at all. But think about it Ramadan, fasting 29 or 30 days in a row.

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It's quite long, so really, there's nothing like it. There's nothing like it. And other hobbies we learned the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he said that, indeed, there's a gate of Paradise called Allah Yan, Li Yan. And it will be called on the Day of Judgment, where are the ones who fast? Where are those people who use too fast, so whoever is among the fasting ones will enter Jannah through Henri Yan and the one who enters Jenna, he will never be thirsty. So in this Ramadan during fasting as we experienced thirst, especially when you're reciting your Quran, and your mouth is dry, really dry, or you're outside walking in in the heat of the sun, and your mouth is dry, and you want to

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take just one sip of water, remind yourself of this. If I fast for the sake of Allah, inshallah, Allah will make me so satisfied that I will

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Never ever experienced any thirst.

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There's a scholar in his book, Phil capullo. He writes that adonia the oral hygiene. Well, gentlemen, Tao Shahar.

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He writes that this world, this dunya is a place of fulfilling your needs, just the basics. You know, you just fulfill them because you got to do them, otherwise you won't survive.

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But gender is the home of desires. You want to have fun. You want to fulfill your desires, save it for later. Because in this dunya, really, if you want to drink something, how much can you drink? somebody gives you a big, huge cup of coffee even, which is your favorite? Let's say, after Africa, how much can you enjoy? You know, those first few steps? Yes, you really enjoy them. But after some time, you just get so used to it.

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If you got a nice cold drink when you're thirsty, like for example, you know, you get a slushie or something. The first few sips really good. But then after a couple of sips, what happens, you start getting brain freezes, right? The flavor is overwhelming in your mouth, you don't enjoy it anymore. You start having a water bottle, you have a few sips, then you leave it, which is why after every event what happens you find dozens of water bottles that are half empty, half full. Why because you enjoy it a little bit here. But then after some time, the enjoyment guys out. So when we're fasting, we're abstaining from eating and drinking in our desires for the sake of Allah, so that in the

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hereafter he will fulfill our desires. He will admit us in a place where pleasure never ends, where enjoyment never ever ends, where you will never get tired. You can never get tired, having fun, even in general, but the people who fast will be called from the gate of Allah Yan.

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In another Hadees, we learn about the reward of fasting, that Allah subhanaw taala says, could Lu RM and Ebony Adam Allah who endlessly who really was an edge Zb.

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Last Pandora says, Every good deed of the son of Adam is for him, except for fasting.

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Every good deed of the son of Adam is for him, except for fasting. That is for me.

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That is for me, and I shall reward the fasting person for it. Meaning that fasting is such a deep that is a secret between the servant and his Lord.

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You see, when you're praying for Allah, when you're doing will do a person watches you. Can they say to someone? Yes. She prayed Salah. Can they say that? Can they guarantee that? Yes, you prayed for Allah. You did? will do? Yeah, because they saw you. Right? But if you tell somebody I'm fasting, can they really guarantee that you're fasting, because you can abstain from eating and drinking in front of them. But the moment they leave, you could shut the door, get yourself a glass of water and enjoying. Who knows whether you are really fasting or not? Who knows? Only a last panel? Only a lot. No one knows. You're really fasting except a last paragraph.

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This is why fasting is a deed that is sincerely exclusively for who? Allah subhanaw taala and this is why he will reward the person for it. What is that reward? We don't know.

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For many good deeds, we have been told what that reward will be seven times more 10 times more 700 times more. But for fasting, what is the reward? We really don't know. And when is it that a person will find out what the reward is? When he meets Allah soprano part. Then Allah will tell him the reward, then Allah subhanaw taala will give him the reward.

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And Allah subhanaw taala loves this deed so much when a person is hungry when a person is thirsty. for his sake he's abstaining from food from drink from his basic needs. Only to make Allah happy, almost hunger loves us so much. in Hades we learned that when a person has bad breath because of fasting, not because his mouth is dirty, but because his stomach is empty. Then that smell is more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala than the fragrance of musk even more than the fragrance of musk. Allah subhanaw taala loves every day of the fasting person what he does in the state of fasting in another Hadees We also learned that fasting is a shield. It is a screen it is a generic

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meaning fast.

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sting is something that will protect a person from hellfire. It will protect a person from punishment in the grave. It will protect a person from falling down from the bridge when he's crossing it. It is a shield, it is a source of his protection.

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Because he is sacrificing this food and drink for the sake of a loss

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leader that when a person will be pleased in his grave,

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just think of yourself, when a person will be placed in his grave, all alone in that darkness. No friend is there, no mother is there. No phone is there. Nothing's there. No light is there. He's all alone in that grave.

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And what is with him basically his deeds and the consequences of his deeds,

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then for his sins, the punishment that he deserves, it will approach him from the side of his feet, it will approach him from the from his right side from his left side, from the side of his head.

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But for some people, a shield will come in between and protect that person. And what is that shield his good deeds. So for example, from the right side, if the punishment is approaching him, his good deeds will become like a shield. You can't come this way, there's no way for you. The punishment will be removed away from him. And recitation of the Quran is one of those deeds that will protect a person from punishment of the grave, Salah is one of those deeds sadaqa is one of those dates. And fasting is also one of those dates, or suyama. June, fasting is a shield. And you know, especially in this month of Ramadan, your last prompt are to give us the ability to see it if you're feeling

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really tired, and really thirsty. And sometimes, you know, our naps. Also, it makes us think negatively about almost a primal diet. And you might wonder why do we have to fast and why is it so difficult? Why isn't our religion so easy? Remind yourself, I'm just going to strive right now I'm suffering right now, so that I can be protected later. I'm sacrificing right now, so that I can be saved later. Now when it comes to fasting, it begins with a suhu. And it ends with a fall. It begins with suhu with the pre dawn meal that we eat, and it ends with if God which is after sunset and we break our fast. It had these we learn the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that three things are from

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the traits of prophethood. Being there were three things that every prophet did there from the lack of number one. And what are those do hasten in a thought, meaning as soon as the time enters to break the fast, break the fast immediately to delay the suhu. This doesn't mean that you delay it like with an hour or something No, meaning you eat some food as late as possible, as late as possible, and to place the right hand on top of the left hand insana. So these three things the profits did this is from the ways of the prophets of Allah.

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So we see that eating suhu and breaking your fast as early as possible, meaning immediately, this is actually something that we must pay attention to. Because unfortunately, for some people, what happens is that they want to get their sleep. So they will eat in the night, and they will just leave. And they won't care about getting up for suhu. And they will just sleep through fudger, even when they'll go to bed like 1011 or maybe even 12 o'clock because they are on their vacation. Right? And they will get up and watch some TV and maybe, you know do something just basically they're killing time. Ramadan, when we're fasting, we're not supposed to be killing time. We're supposed to

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be taking advantage of every single moment. Because even when a person gets up in order to eat, so who even in that is reward. Can you imagine we would be rewarded for eating and an odd hour of the night? Who would pay you for that? Which in a workplace would pay you for that reward you pay you for eating, you get your lunch break, but that's also because it's your legal right? Right. But other than that, think about it. Allah subhanaw taala is rewarding people for having their suhu in Hades we learn the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said he had this whole meal, Eat it, eat this whole because it is much blessing for in Memphis to hoody Baraka in his blessing. And this is so true.

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Because in regular days, if you've just had your breakfast, and then you don't get to have your lunch, what happens to you by dinnertime, you have a headache. You're extremely irritable, you feel like you're going to collapse. But what happens in the month of Ramadan for 30 days in a row, you're

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Surviving for the whole day based on what just one meal, one morning meal every morning, and that also very, very early morning. There's Baba in it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam called it the blessitt food. You know how these we learn. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, This soo Hoon is a blessing that Allah has given to us. So do not leave it. It's a gift that Allah is giving you don't leave it.

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It's a gift. So take it happening. Likewise, he said, You should make morning meal compulsory upon yourselves. mean make sure you have your spoon. So much of the prophets have a lot of emphasize that even if it's just a sip of water that you can have have it because sometimes it happens that we don't, you know, wake up on time and we realize there's literally just a minute left or the alarm is going on in our alarm clock or something like that. And there's, you know, a minute or something like then what should you do?