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Under a lot of black men, so a lot of salon bar kind of you know

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they may know him or a lot of data

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the book of good manners, ma'am no come on love Allah He says here a new chapter before I read the chapter it for you. Just a question when someone like myself now speak in front of you, what is expected of everybody sitting there in that session?

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To listen right? To get attention? What if someone as I'm speaking, start talking to that person next time? What would you guys consider that?

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That not manners, but etiquette and we're talking about good manners, right? There'll be bad manners. What else could that be concerning? disrespect, disrespect, eventually not paying attention, this interest in learning so I think you can eventually can translate that into many things. And perhaps one of the most annoying things for those who are around him or around her. Eventually they cannot pay attention because you're talking

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those words or even they're just whispering but that hash basically was praying also could deny those.

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So Mama Mama him Allah, Allah brings here one of those good maps and other from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in regard to listening to

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the companions or even when someone is given a talk. Carla Baba was love and Jerry's here

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is a chapter on listening attentively. When someone is speaking to you that you listen to them. They had a very similar recipe haraam provider is not speaking something Haram.

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It's not like someone speaking how long you listen to them. No. So if someone's backbiting someone is trying to create fitna those people don't listen to

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those other people don't stay away from them. But if someone is talking something that's that's beneficial to it, whether you're deep into them, then you listen to thought I was assaulted on me while Wiley Hollywood images. And also part of that is that it's permissible for the speaker. Whether he's

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on an item's column, for a while, the one who's given an advice admonition, he has the right to ask the people to pay attention, be quiet. So someone is speaking on the side of the room does not deal with a speaker myself. For example, I have the right to tell you please be quiet.

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If you don't mind that people don't want to listen.

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He has the right to say that. And here's the evidence for this jacket or the amount of material not the law that I'm caught up.

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In Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he had to deal with that responsiveness. JDM nom de la la de la la. He said that allows messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked me on the occasion of the farewell permanent during the Hajj season. He asked me to tell the people to remain silent.

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You know the hat. How does it look like?

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You're very proud of it to love people that have so many things. And some of them are already making very bad that we're there and

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other things, and other people visiting a caliphate as well talking about so so a lot of us it was time right now to give us football. Now it was a time for him to get the football. He said sensitiveness let the people be quiet. I'm going to start speaking

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before a speaker comes to the stage that the emcee does the people.

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Brothers and sisters, if you don't mind, we'll start with another program. Sharla Tara, so if you please take your seats, pay attention and then they stop. So the brothers of our Salah it took me a long time to ask the people to remain quiet or be silent to prefer to listen to the Prophet. So then he starts speaking

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the Hadith eaten he could have. He said that part of that speech, the prophets of Allah Salamis, latter, Giovanni baddeck, fallen Yoruba, Kava fanatic. In this part of that statement of the whole sermon, the prophet SAW awesome instructions, beautiful, amazing instructions related to the interpersonal relationship between people, the organization of the system and the Islamic State and family values and ethics. Among these many things are prophets Allah is Allah mentioned over here. He said Latter Day regarding follow do not revert to disbelief after me chopping the heads of one another, which means don't go fight each other.

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Now let me die and then you start fighting each other again. Because before the prophets of Allah came to them in Mecca Peninsula, how did it look like?

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people they were fighting each other they were for things that concerned nonsense and significant they will kill her. So the profits of our Salah is one it was one of them. Don't act like those people.

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Law, disbelievers Don't act like the people that you every time be treated in Islam by fighting and killing. So don't do that. The prophets of Allah Salaam, unfortunately, after he died, unfortunately, some of the people they are. So they need to be brought back the system. So that was justified one but then after that things didn't change until attendance but a man and peace are allegedly from the area until the top of it on a smile they're about to run and the knowledge about

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what he was wanting the people from doing. Unfortunately, they fell into it.

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That doesn't mean it isn't the attention to what he says

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they did. But somehow circumstance might be different for us maybe specific events that happen under what law without any question

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on topics

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Should we start

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right after salon was ridiculous after salon. If we talked about our salon general, it depends the profits of a lot of stuff did not have any specific he did not have any specific etiquette for right after he was seen sallallahu wasallam, finishing Salah, turning around to the public and being quiet for some time during the Spirit. He was seen. So a lot of a sudden I'm finishing salah and immediately rushing outside the message before even saying anything. And even though he was making the proper perhaps on his way out, he was rushing to do something important. He was so lost that I'm turning around and start speaking to the public. His mother I'm into about a hell of a hotel, also a

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dream last night after Southern project. So he stopped talking to the public. So eventually, the profits or the loss of did not have any particular territory that he followed through. And depends on the circumstance. However, he told us and he informed us that the exact right the time after you finished your Salah, these are one of the opportunities for that God has been accepted. So if you know that this is a very valuable time for God to be accepted, don't waste his time in chit chat.

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I think that the first it's not going to take forever, and then maybe your God. And after you're done then your body mind your business. And

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if you were in the position of digger or Salah itself, don't talk, wait until the people finish their dependent. That's the main those are talking to the people next to you. If you don't have to talk to them, hold them back. You put the processes

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outside on demand or you cannot disturb anyone.

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But again, there was no specific process of asking.

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It's supposed to be quiet as much as possible, so

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to speak, and make sure that you don't disturb anyone on the progress of Allah Allah. He one time he came outside, he came to the masjid and he found people they started a blog Megan salon, as they were making a lot of voices were loud.

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So they were disturbing each other. And the prophet SAW some forbidden fruit.

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So he forbade people from disturbing each other in the citation of the plan and Salah as a great individual. Can you imagine if someone were just talking about something in the outside

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the salon

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in this case that where they need to be more careful.

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If the time is virtual Stanford Law, that doesn't mean that it's okay. It's better for us to make a collective drawn document where everybody was the one who said that it's the time of virtual Stanford Law. He never did that himself some of our audiences.

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So he knew there was a type of virtual right. So if there was any virtual congregation, he would have done some a lot of himself. So if the Imam does it occasionally. That's it does it? Okay, so like what's going on? And

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can we make a doc with him put it together? Absolutely. It's not ready. Can we make all of this together? Yes. So there is an occasion.

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Yeah, that's fine. But to do that every after every single salon, I'm afraid this will be actually like an innovation more than be a sign of the profits of Milan.

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So, people finished a lot this they made the draft to play right. We talked about people under 18 years old.

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Now, so if the if there are ways that are not permitted to play a long standing last very important virtue, you know, one of the virtues that you guys, we spoke about that many times, we keep missing it.

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In the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, you mentioned that when you finished your salon, it was Sunday, to my father, he was a lot a lot. And you stayed in your position of salon in the same spot, making liquor, you keep repeating you had the purpose of all sudden you mentioned there as long as your position and that same spot, a lot of assigned angels to their will seeking forgiveness for you and see the message is that they're always seeking forgiveness a lot more.

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Asking mercy for you asking forgiveness, if you have your spot, I'm sorry, to

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the Prophet says madam Yato.

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Until you stand up this museum, you move away from your spot, or you lose your model.

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And these two occasions, they just will stop metadata. So the longer use you maintain your spot, the longer the art will continue from the angles for you. So that's why I'm saying Don't rush me to the one hour to play, or even go and make those sooner, or just whatever you want to do. Just wait, wait, even as you listen to this angle, if you maintain your spot, you have double that award for the for the record for also the angels that will descend because half of knowledge will have mercy subpoena quality. And also then

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we will know the three that

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that range. Okay, question.

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Do we know the actual fruit that Adam and Eve ate in agenda from an Islamic authentic established resources? No, we don't know.

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I would never mentioned in an authentic editor. I know a lot of the Quran not mentioned Exactly. But they ate from the tree from their extraordinary yet, which means a Judeo Christian tradition, which we've been allowed to narrate doesn't show any contradiction to what we already know from the plan. So now, Sunday says the apple tree, another interpretation, it's actually the tree of knowledge. So it's like a figurative tree. That's what they said. So a lot of data on this seems to be that they ate from

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the float and there was

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a lot of data.

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That's, that's a different

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one than

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the one that will be done in

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Milan. Question is

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Boys Boys?

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Yes, absolutely.

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The assignment of Danny, Danny will pass it. Yes. Mama was our is the one who was there and no one was involved. They will listen to me when the question is about the idea that we mentioned the other day, when the prophets of Allah cinema delivering Coca Cola is such an alpha. So as he was given the football sallallahu wasallam, there are more There are over 100,000 people attending. And under the prophets of Allah Santa was given the football without having any speakers, microphones. So how would all those people be able to hear him? So the hat is mentioned the story mentioned that a posse was done, which is the one who was near and the one who was very far from the buffet sort of Lhasa,

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they equally heard him in that same audible voice, which means that's from the last hour that was going to work so that he made his case very clear to everybody who was present at that time.

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Know, inside the muscle area. Can we talk business in a sense that can we make these speak about business in general, is okay, but to make deals, that is the thing that is not a lot. So for example, people are talking about the markets going down, you know, the prices are going up all this stuff, and that's okay. But in this talk, now, bargaining says, By the way, you guys want to answer my call. It's nice. It's good. And so now his is basically marketing. So marketing is normal. Or maybe someone was asking I'm looking for a career

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in Islam, you know, someone said

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By the end of my talk, I want to say, if you want to buy it, let's go outside talk about in this case, yes, it's permissible to talk like this. They can talk. They can just sit down, I'm talking on normal talk as a chitchat together. It's better to keep it in something virtuous for them was definitely, but it's permissible for them to talk.

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How about sure party, or if it's okay to mention our support in the Maasai has started in Tibet used to do that. And near the time of

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abominable upon

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the wonders of sodomy, reading the shirt reciting this part. So you can't get upset with him. He says, Don't do that. Don't do that. Which means I don't want people to get distracted. That

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is a follow up

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of him and

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because I used to do that when there was someone better than you in this case, and he meant by that

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