Taimiyyah Zubair – Tafsir Surah al Qasas #02 S28 V7-13

Taimiyyah Zubair
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I said I'm already gone What Matala barakato

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are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim with what was said Omar, a lot of Saudi and Karim la Biche, Rocky Saudi were silly emri workflow loksatta melissani yokocho Cali oligomer the quality was sadly sunny was also him at the Colby erminia robot are the mean.

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inshallah, we will continue with our study of suitable causes. And today we will begin from verse number seven.

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So we learned in the beginning of Soto Casals about how that our own and his people were basically afraid of the bunny is through you. They felt threatened by the very presence, the very existence of the bunny saw in their increasing numbers. And so they were trying very hard to finish them to break their strength and this is the reason why they were killing their children, especially their boys. And Allah subhanaw taala intended to show fit our own and his people exactly what they feared. And what is that which they feared the prevalence of Bani Israel and the end of the civilization offered our own and remember that when Allah subhanaw taala wants to make something happen then then Allah

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subhanaw taala creates and provides the means in order to accomplish his goal. Allah subhanaw taala facilitates the road or the path. And so Allah subhanaw taala intended to free the Bani Israel from the oppression of at our own and look at how Allah subhanaw taala accomplished His will. So the first part of the plan of the freedom of Bani Israel was the very birth of mossadegh is set up who would eventually lead the bunny is slightly out of Egypt. Now remember that mozzarella is Sam was born at a time when the boys of the bunny is slightly ill were being killed. Allah subhanaw taala could have said Kuhn and the bunny Israel would be free. But remember that Allah subhanaw taala is

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El moudaber. Meaning Allah subhana wa tada decrees,

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you know, he decrees a plan. And it is it is by taking things through different processes that Allah subhanaw taala accomplishes His will. And it is through that through what Allah subhanaw taala decrees that people are tested. Now, what we wish is that things should change in an instant in a moment, and a loss of Python is able to do that. But if that would happen, then where would our test be? Where would our strengths be revealed? And our weaknesses also be revealed? And how would we get an opportunity to do something? And then if we did not have those opportunities, how would we, you know, how would we have a share of the good reward that Allah subhanaw taala has to offer? So in

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these verses, we see how first of all the mother of Musa alayhis salam played such a huge role. Let's look at her contribution. So I have number seven, Allah Spanish Allah says what are hyena Isla or Mimosa? An obiri and we inspire to the mother of Moosa that you should suckle him, you should nurse him meaning your baby. Now the word that is used over here, well oh hanaa Isla Oh Mimosa oh hayner oh hey now is from where he and what he is, as as well known revelation which Allah subhanaw taala sends to his messengers. It is the message that is conveyed to the prophets of Allah, that is where he, but the literal meaning of the word way is to indicate something secretly to someone or to

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communicate privately. And the reason why revelation is called ye is because when a prophet of Allah receives revelation, the people around him are not able to, you know, hear what he is receiving. So often it would happen that from the appearance

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the people around him, the companions would realize that he was receiving revelation. So for example, on a cold night, the Prophet salallahu Urdu center would begin to sweat, you could see the, you know, the sweat trickling from from the side of his face. So they were not able to see what he was seeing, they were not able to hear what he was listening to. So this is why what he is called where he because it is to communicate privately. So as a technical term, yes, what he is the revelation that is given to the prophets of Allah. However,

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it doesn't, it doesn't just mean the revelation that is given to the prophets. It is also used for instruction or inspiration that Allah subhanaw taala gives to his creation. So for example, instead of the Naha we learn about how Allah subhanaw taala Oh, hello, buka Isla Natalie, that your Lord did ye to the honeybee. Now, this doesn't mean that if the honeybee has received what Hey, it's a it's a prophet, a messenger. No, of course, it doesn't mean that what is meant is the instruction that Allah subhanaw taala has given to the beat. And similarly, here, Allah subhanaw taala instructed the mother of mozzarella, his Salah. Now, how is this instruction given, it could have been given

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through a dream it could have been given through in ham, and this is what a lot of them have, as soon interpret this as an ill ham is basically it is it is to it is to inspire, you know, someone of something. So me, meaning the thoughts, Allah subhanaw taala just put it in her heart. And of course, the less power is able to do that, because he's the one who created us and he's the one who has full, you know, a power over us. So he's able to put something in our hearts whenever that he wants. In fact, the condition of the heart, the state of the heart changes by the will of Allah. And this is why we pray Yeah, more liberal kulu that oh Turner of the hearts subid calbee Allah de Nick,

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make my heart firm upon your religion. So this instruction that was given to the mother of Masada, his Salaam could have been given through a dream or through in him. And it could also be through an angel

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that, you know, came to her and told her directly of what Allah subhanaw taala wanted her to do. And this is something that's not unusual. I mean, we learn in the Quran about how the angel came to Miriam, and informed her about how she was going to become, you know, a mother to resort to his salon. We also learn about, you know, some men from the bunny is slightly older, three men. One man was blind, another one was bald, and another had a disease of leprosy. And an angel came to every single one of them. So just because an angel comes to a person at the command of Allah and conveys a message to them, it doesn't mean that that person has become a prophet of Allah. The point over here

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is that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who instructed the mother of masala Salaam to do something. And what was that something that something was an older IE that you should suckle him, nurse him, meaning nurse your baby and of their aid. This is from ildar which is to give her a lot of meaning to nurse a baby. So Allah subhanaw taala inspires, you know, his servants, instructs His servants to do you know good things. And here specifically the mother of most artists that I must hold that you nurse your baby. Meaning keep your baby close to you to to yourself, nurse him so that your baby is not hungry. nurse your baby so that he gets used to your milk because the mother's milk is best for

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the child. And you see here out of their ears, this is a command. This is a clear instruction. Remember that

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it is the right of a baby. It is is the right of a child that the child is nursed by the mother. Of course what when a mother is able to nurse the baby. There are situations where a mother is not able to nurse the baby and and that is different but where a mother is able to nurse the baby then this is the right of a child and in sorbitol bacara Allah subhanaw taala mentions will well either to euro they're in an Ola the Honda how Laney can relate that the mothers should nurse their their children for two complete years. And here, the mother of most artists and is instructed to nurse her baby and the

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really shows us the importance of, of nursing, the newborn, for either 50 or Leahy. But when you fear for him, when you have hope for your child, when you fear meaning for his life for his safety, that perhaps you will be discovered by the people that are own, and they will come and kill him. So in order to save his life in order to protect your baby, don't keep him with yourself anymore. That is when you have to let your child go. And how is it that you're gonna let your child go for the full yummy, then cast him into the river, put him in the water. And then while at the hoffy, while at the hazony do not fear and do not grieve? Allahu Akbar, it seems as though the people of fit our

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own would actually go looking for the newborns of the bunny is slightly ill. And if it was a boy, they would kill the boy. So this is why the fear of the mother is mentioned that you can nurse him but that it so happens that, you know, in the first few days, the baby is mostly sleeping, and you know, the the cries of a baby are not loud enough. But then over a few days and weeks, of course, you know, the child is spending more more hours awake and you know, the the cries are, you know, they become louder. So for either 50 or lay when you fear for your child, when you feel that you can no longer protect him. When you know that he is no longer safe with you, then you put your baby in

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the water. And in the Quran, we learn not directly in the water, but in a taboo. taboo is a box. So put your baby in the box so that of course the you know it doesn't drown, the box does not drown, it will float in the water, and then put that box in the water. And then for what are the hafi welaka has any two things, don't fear and do not be sad, don't fear meaning before your child's safety, because your child will be safe in the water while at the has any. And don't be sad. Don't be sad over what over being separated from your child, because very soon your your child will be reunited with you.

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Now, one thing we see over here is that, you know, putting the child in the water is really, you know, something extremely dangerous. Right? You would think that a child is safest in the arms of the mother, you would think that a child is safe at home, the child is safe in you know with the family. But that's not always the case. Sometimes, what we see is the exact opposite. If a child stays with the mother or with the parents or at home, then that could actually be dangerous for the child. So remember, that safety is actually given by Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is a movement.

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You as a parent, are not the protector of your children. Yes, you have to shelter them Yes, you have to protect them to the best of your ability. But remember that safety is not in your hands, it is not in your control, safety is from Allah subhanaw taala and you are only a means you as a parent are only a means of protecting your children, which means that sometimes you will be you know, good to protect your children and other times you won't be able to protect your children, how often it happens my loss parents are to protect us all but how often it happens that you know that that children sometimes suffer because of an accident that happens you know from the mother or from the

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Father. So remember that Allah subhanaw taala is the real protector of his slaves. We learned that the mother of Millennium when she gave birth to her daughter she said what in the UI do have beaker that I give her in your protection with the re yetter her and also her children I give them in your protection mina shaitana regime against shaytaan elegy meaning your Allah you protect my daughter and her children from shaitan ology. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say for his grandsons, just as Ibrahim Arneson, I would say for his sons that are either Kuma I give both of you in the protection of Allah

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Be Kelly Mattila hitter Mati through the most perfect and complete words of Allah mean could unleash a turning against every shape on well Hammerton and every dangerous venomous creature woman, Kalia, I know llama and against every evil I, meaning I give you in a loss protection, may Allah protect you against all of these evils. So yes, sometimes it happens that, you know, sending your children to school, especially these days, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all, any sending your children to school is extremely frightening. Just stepping out of the house even is so frightening. You know, or when your children eventually go to work, when they're all grown up, or when they're starting

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University. You know, it's hard. But remind yourself that as a parent, your children are not meant to stay with you forever. And as children also you should know that your parents are not your ultimate source of protection. Your ultimate source of protection is who it is Allah subhanaw taala so learn to put your trust in Allah, not in your parents, and as parents, not in yourself, but in Allah subhanaw taala as parents make law for your children that he or Allah, you protect my children, no matter where they are, and teach your children to the US for their safety, that when they leave the house, when they're stepping out of the house, they should say Bismillah he In the

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name of Allah, our call to Allah Allah, I put my trust in Allah Bismillah will control Allah, Allah Hello, La quwata illa billahi already and I'll leave and there is no power no mite except with Allah. So a teacher children to say these girls and as children also realize that your safety is from Allah. So the mother of mozzarella s&m she's told over here, when you are afraid for your child, then then don't keep them with yourself anymore. Put him in the box, put him in the water, and then let the hoffy will add the honey. Don't be afraid and don't be sad. Why not be afraid? And why not be sad? Of course, if you're putting your your child in the water, and you are, you know,

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letting your child goal of course you're going to be afraid and said, but why not be afraid and sad? Because in now rod do Who? He Lakey. Indeed we will return him to you. Rod Do you like it? We're going to bring him back to you rather is to return. Allah subhana wa tada promised the mother of mozzarella Salaam that we're going to

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we're going to reunite your baby with you. And secondly, what jar a luminol mursaleen. We're going to make him of the messengers, which are aluminum or sorry, we're going to make him of the messengers. What does that indicate? That he's not just going to survive, he is going to live, live and grow up to be a man. And he is going to be of the prophets of Allah. And remember that the prophets of Allah received Prophethood at the age of 40. So this indicates that most our listener he would live live to, you know, he would grow to live a long life. So in our do we like you or Jerry Lu, mineral mursaleen. So we see over here that Allah subhanaw taala gave her the instruction. And

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he also gave her the good news. And this good news was given to her from before so that her heart would be at ease, her fear would diminish, and she would, you know, be able to put her trust in Allah subhanaw taala. So we see in this verse that the mother of Masada Salaam is given two commands, what are those two commands to instructions of the UI, that you should nurse your baby? And then I'll pee and then put him in the water? Follow these two directions, do these two things nursing for as long as possible? And then when you're afraid, secondly, put him in the water. And then she's given two prohibitions don't do two things. And what are those two things that you should

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not do? Let the hoffy Don't be afraid. Let the honey Don't be sad. And II don't let your fear overcome you. And don't let your sadness overwhelm you. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala is making you two promises. So two commands, two prohibitions and two promises and what are those two promises that we're going to bring him back to you? And secondly, we're going to make him a prophet. Now in the Bible in the book of Exodus, it says she hit him being the mother of musar. On Instagram, she hit him for three months allow Ireland for how long she managed to nurse her baby, the Bible mentions three months but

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When she could hide him no longer, she got a basket for him and coated it with tar and pitch. In the Quran taboo is mentioned taboo is a box. So regardless of you know what material that box was made off in the Bible, it says that it was a basket, it was coated with tar and pitch, so that it would not you know, sink. And that's almost like a box.

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Then she placed the child in it and put it among the reeds along the bank of the Nile. So what was this water that she put the box in, it was in the river Nile. And then his sister stood at a distance to see what would happen to him to see where the basket or rather where the box ends up. So what happened fun, the other who alluvion our own. So the family of fit our own, picked him up, Alo o'clock, the mother of mozzarella, Sam is trying to save her baby from her own. And where does her baby end up with the family of her own. Now, for Takata, who elevate our own out of it our own L or L remember is the family of a person, okay? Or those who are nearest to him in because of same

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descent, meaning they are from the same bloodline or, or you could say from the same nation from the same people. So the word ad is actually very broad, it can refer to one's wife, children family, and it can also refer to one's nation, or followers. So for takato, elephant our own the family of our own, or the people of our own, whoever it was, they picked him up. And in Takata, this is a very interesting word ill Takata is to stumble upon something unexpectedly. And you're not going out in search of something, you just, you know stumble upon something unexpectedly. And as you as you come across it, you pick it up, you take it. So low copper is actually a lost item, meaning an item that

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someone has lost, they have dropped it. And so you find it and you pick it up and there are rules related to that. But anyway, here, the family of our own, found this baby unexpectedly. And what happened Leah Khun Ella whom are the one who hasn't, they took the baby. And as a result, what happened so that he would be meaning mozzarella Salaam would become to them, or do one an enemy will has an a and a cause of grief. Now out of all people that are the river Nile is is huge. Out of all people. It was the family of our own that discovered the baby. In the book of Exodus, it says his sister stood at a distance to see what would happen to him. Then Pharaoh's daughter went down to the

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Nile to bathe and her attendants were walking along the riverbank, she saw the basket among the reeds and sent her female slave to get it, she opened it and saw the baby, he was crying, and she felt sorry for him. So they found the baby, they took the baby, and they had no idea that this baby was going to become a it was going to become an enemy and a cause of grief for them. Any ultimately taking this baby would become a source of destruction for fit our own and his people, and also a source of great regret for them. But they had no idea they didn't know and fit our own was phenomenon is people were trying so hard this entire time to protect themselves. And in order to

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protect themselves their civilization. Look at the atrocities that they were committing against the bunny is sloppy. And everything that they were doing to Bani Israel was was, you know, was in order to protect themselves, right? They were killing the children of Bani Israel, why in order to control their population in order to oppress them, so that they could, you know, you know, they could make sure that their own people were more in number.

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So we see over here that a heavy metal lay and Ferro mineral cover that precaution does not help against the decree of Allah. Any if Allah subhanaw taala has decreed something that no matter what you do to protect yourself to avoid it, there's no way that you could avoid it. Meaning if something is written for you, it is going to happen. There is no way that you can avoid it. There's no way that you can run away from it.

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If something is not written for you there is no way that you can get it any fit Arlen was slaughtering the boys of any saw you why, according to you know some narrations it was because he had had a dream that you know that someone from the bunny his trailer man from the bunny is slow, you know destroyed his kingdom. So fit our own was afraid of the babies of bunny saw you. And in order to make sure that that man would never come, he was killing their babies, their boys. But no matter how many children he killed, he was not able to kill mozarella his center, he was not able to kill the baby that would become a source of destruction for him. So Leah cornella, whom are the one

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who hasn't? And this is something that we should remember that no matter what we do, we can never avoid or escape the decree of Allah. So what does this teach us? This teaches us that we should surrender to Allah subhanaw taala to the decree of Allah subhanaw taala This means that we should never do what goes against the commands of Allah, you see, fit our own over here was committing so much oppression, but committing all of that oppression did not help him. So sometimes what happens is that in in you know, out of extreme jealousy, or our or fight for power, you know, people commit such injustices even within their home, but it's not going to help if something is meant for you,

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it's going to happen. So never disobey Allah subhanaw taala in trying to, you know, in trying to accomplish your goals in trying to get what you desire.

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And Leah Kula, whom I do when we're hazard

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we see over here the family of fit our own was used to save the life of masala his celeb. Now, Allah subhanaw taala says in the fit our own our hermana would you know the humor can hardly even, that indeed fit our own, and how man and how man we discussed earlier who he was what, you know, the Homer and their soldiers, their their men, their troops, all of them can hardly even they were deliberate sinners. Now, even the soldiers of our own and her men are described as guilty over here, even though you know, they were not the ones who decided to kill the boys of Bani Israel or to torture, the people of Bunny is slightly, they were just, you know, acting on the orders that they

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were given. But they were also guilty. Why? Because they were cooperating with their own and Herman so it is very important that, you know, when we are working with other people, we don't just follow them blindly. We have to use our reason and see what was you know, the the instructions that we have been given? Are they fair? Are they just, and if they're not fair, if they're not just then we should not be cooperating over there. So enough around our hermana what, you know, the Homer can hardly even hardly even is a plural of Catholic and hardly is someone who is, you know, at fault who is guilty of, of sin of, of having done something wrong. But you see, there is a difference between

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Catholic and multi. Catholic is someone who, who does something wrong, knowingly, any killing babies is not, you know, no one can say, Oh, I didn't know it was wrong. Honey, this is common sense. This is something that everyone knows that it's a crime to do that. This is unfair. So can you hardly eat, they knew what they were doing. And they knew that what they were doing was wrong, but they did it anyway. And what this means is that they were guilty. And as a result of that, they were deserving of this outcome. Which outcome that will sorry, is Salaam, the baby that they just saved becomes an enemy to them, and also a cause of grief for them. They were deserving of this. So this

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was Allah subhanaw taala his plan against fit our own, fit our own and his people. This was Allah subhanaw taala has Cade. Right? His his plan against fit, fit our own did not know that the baby that was just going to be saved in his palace is the very baby that's going to become a cause of his own downfall. So this was Allah subhanaw taala his plan against fit our own why because fit our own was also you know, it was also committing so many crimes against the bunny israa in so this was a punishment a a consequence of his own wrongdoing.

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So, remember that the outcome of a deed the consequence of a deed is similar to the deed itself. If a person is, you know, planning to harm others than Allah subhanaw taala will plan to harm that person. So enough in our own our hermana would you know, the Homer can hardly eat.

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And also we see over here, that everything that you know, Allah subhanaw taala wants to use as his junoon as his armies become, you know, his junoon you see, Allah subhanaw taala wanted to save musala has set out, so, what happened, the water, the river, right was used to save the life of most artists. Whereas, ordinarily, if you were to put you know, a child in a basket in the in in a box in the water, what would happen, and he sooner or later, you you would you would assume that the baby would not survive, the child would not survive. So many things could have happened, you know, a crocodile could have come in and taken it, you know, a fish, there could have been a wave or

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something or, you know, a predatory bird coming from above. You need the box could have toppled over the box could have got lost or ended up in a place where nobody came, the baby could have died off heat of hunger. He needs so many things could have happened over here. But the water was used as a June as one of the troops of Allah subhanaw taala because everything belongs to Allah and is loyal to Allah. And it is controlled by Allah subhana wa Tada. When Ibrahim ran his center, when Allah subhanaw taala wanted to save him, the fire became a source of safety for Ibrahim Ernie Sena. And here when Allah subhanaw taala wanted to say Mossad has said, the water became became a source of

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safety and the family often our own, the family of the enemy, the mouth of the enemy, that became a source of safety, Allahu Akbar. So safety is from Allah, Allah is a movement. So what happened? How is it that they that they, you know, took musala Center, the the detail of that as mentioned next, a loss Pandora says what color tomorrow to fit our own, and the wife of it our own set. And this lady, she was ESEA bent muzza him because she's mentioned in the Quran as imra to fit our own in other places as well. And the Prophet sallallahu earlier Salah mentioned her name to be SEO sem into Moza him. So, she said

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to fit our own that Cora to ideally wellock that this child is Komatsu is a comfort of the eye for me and for you. Honey this baby is cooler terrain and I find this baby to be color terrain and you also find this baby to be comfortable right now what is karate karate line is McCullough to be line is that by which the eyes become cool, okay it this is a metaphor and it is the object because of which the eyes become cool become cool as it become at rest. Okay? Meaning that when you look at something, just looking at it is a source of immense joy and happiness. Just looking at it is so delightful. Just knowing that it is there in front of you or it is it has done what it has done any

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it's very presence in your life is a source of joy for you. So she says that this baby is coming to rain you need just looking at the baby is so delightful. And not just for me but also for you. She's She's telling her own that even you find this baby to be cute. You also experience happiness just by looking at this baby. monitor it Lee wellock now, all babies are cute, right? All babies are beautiful. All babies are a source of joy. But some babies soprano Allah, Allah subhanaw taala makes them such that you know that even the hardest of hearts, you need to melt before those babies. Right and we'll sorry Salaam was such a baby into the faha is number 39. It has mentioned that the mother

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of Mozart acnm was told that an equally fee fee taboo

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That put the baby in the box, fuck the fee phillium and then put the box in the river fill up helium will be sahale and the river will deliver the box to the shore to the bank. And then you who are the Willie what are the Willa and then the person who is an enemy to Allah and also an enemy to the baby, meaning that our own is going to take him in. That very enemy is going to take this baby in. And how is it that the baby would survive with that enemy? We're okay to la cama habita, mini Willie to sinara Allah Amy, a last priority said to me Sorry, Sarah, that was okay to our alayka I cast upon you Mahabharata mini love from myself and one of the interpretations of this is that Allah

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subhanaw taala made musar his son is specially adorable, that no matter who saw him, fell in love with him. No matter who saw baby Moosa, you know, found baby moose had to be extremely, you know, beautiful and cute and adorable. So that is how we'll start listening was and this is why the wife of at our own said, cotulla, to Amy Lee wellock. You know, her heart was clearly very, very soft towards baby Moosa. So she said, Let the doctor know who you are, don't kill him. Now talk to all of you. And this shows that she wasn't just, you know, trying to convince fit our own over here, she was also telling fit our own people, right? Your soldiers or his, you know, or Hammad or whoever was

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by him, that love Dr. Lu, who do not kill him. And she says, rasa, a foreigner, why not kill him, because he is too cute. And secondly, perhaps he will benefit us, if we, if we raise him. And if he grows, if he grows up with us, and he, we can train him, and maybe he will benefit us through one way or another owner, who will adopt or we may adopt him as a son. And some have said that perhaps she did not have any children of her own. And this is why you when she said this, that maybe we can adopt him as our own son, this is where you know, the heart of our own kind of softened, you see,

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first of all, what we notice over here is that even though fit our own, and his people you need, there were so

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you know, merciless, there was still among them, this lady who, who had a very soft heart, who spoke up. So this is true, no matter how corrupt a group of people are, there can still exist within them individuals who are sensible, who are good, who are soft in hearts, it is possible that among the most sedena, among corrupt people, there are solid, there are those who are righteous, there are those who are good. And as long as they speak up whenever possible, as long as they, you know, do whatever they can, even if it's just a little bit, that can minimize the evil, it can minimize, or reduce the harm in the SEO was not able to save all the boys of Bunny is slightly, but she was able

00:38:45 --> 00:39:34

to save one. And if she was able to save one, she did that. And look at what impact that had on the rest of the money is slightly. So sometimes what we think is, you know, there's, there's nothing I can do. So for example, in a group of people, everyone is bullying a certain individual. And you might think in your heart, you know, there's nothing I can do. But you can do something. And even if you speak up one sentence, even if you say one thing, then it is worth it, you might think that what you do will not make much of an impact, but it definitely can. So, as here was just defending the life of one child. And we might say over here, well, what's the point of saving this child, you

00:39:34 --> 00:39:59

know, for selfish reasons? What about the rest of the children? Yes, the rest of the children also matter. Yes, of course, they matter, but you can only do so much as as a person. So this also teaches us that you know, when we see people standing up for, you know the rights of certain oppressed people or, or you know, people who are suffering in different parts of the world. It doesn't mean

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

They only care about them. It's possible that they care about causes that concern you that are important to you. But just because they're speaking about one cause, it doesn't mean that every other causes unimportant to them. One person cannot do everything. So when someone is, is doing something good, even if it appears to be very little appreciate that, and realize that, that Allah subhanaw taala is able to bring a lot of good through even one step that a person is taking in the right direction. So let's talk sudo rasa and Fina owner Takeda who another another thing we see over here is that us here and he she's the wife of it our own look at the influence that she has on her

00:40:48 --> 00:41:41

husband. And the fact is that women do women do have a lot of influence on their husbands, they might not have complete influence of course, nobody you know has has you know, that kind of power over over others, but in general, any, we are able to influence one another. And it is important that you know, as a woman, you know, a woman helps her husband, you know, do what is right. And a man on the other hand should also help his wife do what is right now, as he managed to convince fit our own to not kill this baby. And Fedora was ready to kill him. He had given orders and people were going about killing the children of Bani Israel. So nothing really was preventing most artisan from

00:41:41 --> 00:42:31

being killed over here. Like there was every reason for him to be killed. But ESEA spoke up. Right? She said what she could say. So believe in yourself, believe in your voice. Right? And believe that you do have the power to influence you do have the power to create change. And even though it might be very little or very insignificant. Still do what you're able to do. Don't hesitate speaking your mind. And we see over here that as he expresses her wish before her husband that this is what I want for her her husband is for our own any I don't think any man is as evil as for our own. Alright, any but still she spoke she managed to convince him she wasn't able to convince him and everything.

00:42:31 --> 00:43:25

later on. We learned about how when she believed in musante Center, how fit our own tortured ESEA right and that is any extremely difficult to even imagine. But Fidel and tortured her he didn't, you know, accept what she said at that time. But here she managed to convince him. So don't hesitate giving good suggestions. Don't hesitate. You know, helping people with your good advice, no matter how hard hearted you think they are. No matter how stubborn you may think they are. But you don't know how you may be able to influence them. Well home Leia, Sharon, and they perceived not any food our own and his people did not perceive they had no idea that the baby that they were saving now was

00:43:25 --> 00:44:18

going to bring about their downfall. While home layers rune. Now what happened here, the baby off of the mother wants it snapped so. So Melissa, she put her baby in the water. Right? And she's told, don't be sad, don't be afraid your baby's gonna return to you. But when she finds out that her baby is actually with Fidel, or when she sees that, you know she can that the that the box is no longer in sight. She doesn't know where her baby is. She doesn't know what's happening. So what else behalf of Urdu Mimosa feriha musala. Sam has just been saved. Right? He's just been adopted by the family of our own. Now what's happening to the mother of most artists. Allah subhanaw taala describes the

00:44:18 --> 00:45:00

condition of her heart that her full ad and for ad it is described as lubu calm in either the the essence of your heart or the deepest part of your heart. That became fatty law that became empty. Now fatty is a very interesting word for all is to become empty, okay for all is to become empty to become unoccupied. And fidelity mat is when water is poured out fully so that there's no water left in you know in the vessel in the jug container. Whatever was holding

00:45:00 --> 00:45:57

That water, all of the water is drained okay. So, this is for all when something has become empty, it is drained. And sometimes the state of the heart is like that, that you cannot think about or you cannot occupy yourself with anything, except one thing that worries you. One thing that is bothering you, so for all her is also defined as being impatient, or being disturbed, and agitated. Why, because there's nothing else in your heart and this is something that we experienced that when we have nothing to do, right, we we just begin to feel worried. And in cases of extreme anxiety, what happens is that we cannot feel anything, we cannot think about anything else. And the only thing

00:45:57 --> 00:46:51

that is that that is preoccupying The heart is is you know, the thought that is worrying you or the matter that, that that you are concerned about. So her heart became Fatty, meaning it became empty of all elves, she was only worrying about Musa alayhis salaam, the only thing on her mind was the thought of her baby. So she was extremely upset. She was very, very disturbed. And this is even though she was told latter half a while after that, don't be afraid, and don't be sad. And what was happening over here, she was afraid. And she was sad. Because how can you control your emotions, you don't, you don't always have control over them, the feelings that you know pop up in your heart, you

00:46:51 --> 00:47:24

can change them. So almost Pandora mentions here that in care that led to the DBE she was about to disclose him. Latrobe dB, if that is to disclose or to let something be known. So she was about to disclose the matter of mozzarella, his salon, that, you know, I put my baby in a box and I put that box in the water and I don't know where my baby is. Or if she had received news that you know, a baby had been adopted by for our own.

00:47:25 --> 00:48:19

Perhaps, if that is the case, that she was about to let people know that the child is covered by fit our own was actually hers. And if she did, then what would happen, then then Fatone would definitely kill the baby. So she needed to really stay calm and quiet. And she really just needed to wait, wait until Allah subhanaw taala his promise is fulfilled. What was that promise that your baby is going to be returned to you. But her heart was fat, she could only worry about about her baby. And the thing is that when you are extremely worried about something you cannot help but talk about it, express it in one way or another. And even if you don't want to talk about it, people notice the

00:48:19 --> 00:49:22

worry on your face. And they ask you what is wrong. So she was about to let it out. But what prevented her from remaining calm from from, from letting people know what is it that enabled her to stay calm and quiet and patient over here, Lola, a robot owner or there can be her had we not bound fast her hearts. It's because Allah subhanaw taala fastened her heart because of which she was able to remain calm and quiet. And patient over here. Now the word of a batana Allah cobia robata is to is to tie something up to fasten it to bind it and the love of Allah is to tie something up in order to hold it back in order to you know, you know, for example, rubber tharla a person is to hold them

00:49:22 --> 00:49:59

back from something. Okay. So imagine if, if you know a person is tied up, it means that they're not able to go away. It means that they're not able to go far. Right? So this is Roberta so robata Allah calm and here that robots gonna allow cobia when Allah subhanaw taala robata over the heart of someone. What this means is that Allah subhanaw taala grants them patience, that Allah subhanaw taala grants them the ability to stay firm to stay put

00:50:00 --> 00:50:50

To stay grounded and calm, that even though the situation is so terrifying that a person would want to run away, or they're not able to stay, you know, composed and controlled, they remain calm. They have so much composure, so they only do what is right. So Allah subhanaw taala fast in her heart. The opposite of this condition is iterable cult and iterable cult is when the heart is crippled by anxiety, that when a person is, you know, extremely impatient, and they're not able to do what they're supposed to do in South Africa, fine. Number 14, we learn about the youths who, who hid in the cave that Allah Subhana Allah says, What about honor Allah kulu be him in camo for Kaltura,

00:50:50 --> 00:50:51

Buena Vista, Matthew,

00:50:52 --> 00:51:37

that we fasten to their hearts when they stood up before their entire nation. And they said, Our Lord is the Lord of the Skies in the earth. And even though the king of the time force that, you know, forced his people that people should worship Him, these young men, they had so much confidence, so much composure, so much courage and patience, that they were able to openly publicize their faith. So that was very dangerous, but they managed to do that, because Allah subhanaw taala fastened their heart. So remember, when Allah subhanaw taala fastens the heart of a slave? It means that Allah subhanaw taala gives them tofield.

00:51:38 --> 00:51:55

Allah subhanaw taala gives them the ability to do what is right to do what is good, even though it may be extremely difficult, extremely dangerous even. But Allah subhanaw taala gives them the ability to do it.

00:51:56 --> 00:52:12

And when a person's heart is fastened, by Allah subhanaw taala kept firm by Allah soprano. What happens is that a person does three things, or three things happen. First of all, a person engages in the vicar of Allah.

00:52:13 --> 00:52:51

This lady her heart was fatik of all else, right she was only concerned about Moosa and if a person continues in a state like that, then what would happen what is in the heart is going to come on the tongue. But when the heart is fastened By Allah, then what is on the tongue, the vicar of Allah, what is in the heart, that they could have Allah, you have your fears, you have your worries, but you remind yourself Allah is there that will come to our Allah has to be Allah, I have put my trust in Allah. Allah is enough for me, a person who remembers the names and attributes of Allah, the power of Allah in the la hora la coalition in kadhi, right that Allah is Able to do all things. Now

00:52:51 --> 00:53:10

how La quwata illa Billah there is no power no might except with Allah. So a person begins to remember, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has greatness, a loss Pandoras perfection, Allah subhanaw taala is promise and because of that viken Allah because Allah He taught my Indian guru, the heart is at ease.

00:53:11 --> 00:53:59

Secondly, when a person's heart is fastened By Allah, then a person begins to follow Allah subhanaw taala has approval or pursue the approval of Allah, meaning even in that extremely tricky, difficult situation a person thinks, what would my Rob want? What would my Rob like? What would Allah subhanaw taala like me to do? What is it that I can do right now? That would please Allah subhanaw taala so a person is not self centered. A person shifts their focus towards zu towards the last panel Tara that I want to please Allah. So even in a very difficult situation. You know, a person is, for example, praying Salah on time so beautifully. Isn't that what the prophet sallallahu already said him did

00:53:59 --> 00:54:38

whenever something, you know, difficult came his way that he would, he would pray? Right? Recently I heard about a lady who, who's a young daughter, 19 year old daughter passed away. And it was it was a sudden death. It was Subhanallah It was an accident. And the lady, she said that she mentioned that when she entered her house and she saw the feet of her daughter and she saw, you know, the feet of her daughter were all blue. And she knew that her daughter was dead because people were trying to resuscitate her. She said immediately I went and I just prayed to God.

00:54:40 --> 00:54:59

So and she began, she said, I started doing whatever I could remember that at such a time, what am I supposed to do to please might have to make the most of this situation. This is ruptal curl. This is when a person's heart is fastened by Allah. So even in a in a very deep

00:55:00 --> 00:55:52

Difficult, painful, shocking, disturbing situation, a person remembers to please Allah. They're not focused on themselves or on the loss that they have just experienced, they're focused on pleasing Allah, they have a bigger goal. So can you imagine the amount of composure that this person would have. And the third thing that happens to a person whose heart is fastened By Allah, is that their matters are all in order. Everything works out for them. There matters are not in confusion, their matters are all in order. And meaning things are working out for them. This doesn't mean that things are happening as they wish, but things are working out for them. And Subhanallah this lady also her

00:55:52 --> 00:56:42

daughter died the next day was her janessa and he even this is amazing these days, you need to to go to the masjid, you you need to you need to register in advance to go for Juma Salah, you need to register in advance you need to sign up, you can't just walk in. So Isn't this amazing that at a time like this, within 24 hours, any everything is done spawn Allah. So this is the result of ruptal call. Now, we should all pray to Allah subhanaw taala that Yeah, Allah fastened my heart, because in life, there are difficulties there are challenges. There are, you know, sudden, shocking situations, overwhelming situations, and we need the help of Allah subhanaw taala that last panel thought of

00:56:42 --> 00:57:30

fastens are hard. And on the contrary, when a person's heart is not fastened, then this is when when a person has been abandoned by Allah. Right. And this is known as Heartland, that when a slave has been abandoned, what does that mean? that a person is not able to remember Allah, a person fails to remember Allah, they only remember themselves and their worries. And then they follow their own desire. They don't fall, they don't pursue the approval of Allah, they follow their own desire, they just do whatever they wish. And this is, you know, for example, we see people turning to words, you know, because they're grieving, they're watching movie after movie after movie. And that is not, you

00:57:30 --> 00:57:31


00:57:32 --> 00:58:19

bringing them the relief that they wish for, they're eating unhealthy food. They are, you know, turning towards drugs, and and other things, that doesn't help the situation. So they're just pursuing their desire. And then the third thing that happens to a person whose heart has not been fastened, is that their matters are all in confusion. Nothing is an order. Nothing is an order. It's all confusing. And the kind of things that a person does are excessive. So we should make the art to Allah, that he or Allah fastened my heart, and every morning and evening, we have been taught such a beautiful door to say, and what is that there are Allah in the Luca Lara fiata for dunya dunya will

00:58:19 --> 00:59:18

ask Allah, Allah India's medical alpha will alfia right? fi Dini with the Neo early family Allahumma stood on rottie were Amira were RT part of this da is Allah student alati that Oh Allah conceal my nakedness and Portman and what that means is conceal my my interferes, right? Because if a person is not able to, you know conceal, or rather keep calm in a situation like this, they lose control. What are my lower RT and calm my fears? So every morning and every evening, so Lola, a robot Luna Allah Colby her, Allah subhanaw taala fastened her heart and she was able to remain calm. liter Khun amin and move me Nene so that she would be of the believers, a local she was already a believer. She

00:59:18 --> 00:59:59

believed in Allah. Of course she did. But here, this experience where she went through such extreme fear and anxiety, where she had to really put her trust in Allah and do exactly what Allah subhanaw taala instructed her to do, put the baby in the box and put the box in the water. He This was extremely difficult. But this experience this situation, she was extremely patient. She put her trust in Allah. And by that she increased in her face. Allahu Akbar, she increased in her faith. So increase in faith

01:00:00 --> 01:00:53

doesn't just happen by praying a lot of Salah or just reciting a lot of Quran. Increase in faith happens through what through real life experiences. It happens also through situations of fear, and and agony and worry and situations where you find yourself completely alone, where you you're not even in a position to share something with people who are closest to you, you you are not able to do that. So you learn to rely only on Allah subhanaw taala and what does that do? When you look back? hinny you realize how you have increased in your belief in Allah subhanaw taala your trust in Allah soprano thought so later coterminal meaning she will be of the believers meaning her Amen. increased

01:00:53 --> 01:00:55

greatly. So what did she do that?

01:00:57 --> 01:01:28

We see in the mother of most artists and um, she did exactly what she was told. She put her trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. And she also did whatever was within her capacity, whatever was within her ability. And what was that? She sent someone to go check on the baby, but very carefully. We'll call it Lea Akihiko see and she said to his sister, meaning the sister of musante Center. She said to him, as she said to her closely follow him.

01:01:30 --> 01:02:23

Or say this is from Casa Casa to go after someone meaning that you go on someone's tracks. So follow Moosa, meaning, see where the box ends up. Right? Go follow him. So what happened for bussola to be here, I'm Jr. been to the sister of musar. Listen up. She was also very intelligent. She watched him from a distance, gentle distance, meaning she stayed far away. Right. But she made sure that she could see the the box to make sure to see where the baby ends up. Well whom Leia, Sharon, and they perceived not any, they had no idea that this girl was watching them from a distance. So very carefully, in a very discreet way. She was watching where Masada Salaam ended up and what people

01:02:23 --> 01:02:25

were doing with musante center.

01:02:27 --> 01:02:30

So he was watching him. Now you can imagine a baby.

01:02:32 --> 01:03:07

Especially a newborn, even if the baby is three months or four months is going to get hungry very quickly. Because typically at this age babies are being exclusively nursed, right? And so a baby typically would nurse every hour or two, three hours maximum. So the baby was hungry. Right mozzarella is sent out he was hungry. Well, how long now I lay he'll murale there. I'm in Kabul, but there was a big problem for the family of our own. And what was that, that we had prevented him from all wet nurses before?

01:03:08 --> 01:03:18

Allah subhanaw taala had decreed that baby Moosa would not take the milk of any other woman besides his mother.

01:03:19 --> 01:03:59

And this is something that you know, sometimes we witness where, you know, for example, the mother has to go somewhere, and the baby is being given a bottle, but the baby just refuses the bottle. Right? You can do whatever that you want, but you cannot convince the baby to take the bottle. If the baby has decided I'm not taking this bottle. You cannot, you know, argue with the baby you you cannot reason with the baby. Right? And every time that you try to nurse the baby, you try to you know, give the bottle, the babies is going to get more frustrated and more upset, and the baby's going to cry even more and the baby's gonna get even more hungry. Well, how alumna la Hill morale

01:03:59 --> 01:04:52

there I'm in public morale there is the plural of motor there. And that is a wet nurse or a woman who who nurses a baby. So musante snam would not take anyone's milk. And you know, this is something interesting. A baby recognizes the mother's scent, right? So Mozart s&m he refused everyone. And can you imagine the chaos in the palace, where the Queen has just adopted a baby? And now the baby is hungry. And no matter who they bring to nurse the baby, the baby just does not latch on the baby just does not accept it. Can you imagine the chaos? Can you imagine how desperate they were to find someone to nurse this baby. So the sister of musar Allison m she's watching from a distance she's

01:04:52 --> 01:04:59

watching all the chaos. She comes to their rescue. She takes advantage of that situation. And she comes and tells them for carnate

01:05:00 --> 01:05:45

So she said, * ADO lucam Shall I direct you shall I guide you are that early biting, to a household, to the family, to a family who will yet faloona who, who will take care of him, who will be responsible for him Keifa is to be a guardian to someone to look after them. You know, you are looking for someone to nurse the baby, let me help you. I'll tell you about a family who will not just nurse the baby, they will actually take care of the baby fully, they will change the baby they will wash the baby they will feed the baby they will, you know, take care of the baby fully for you. So you won't have to go through any trouble yet. faloona hula, hula who knows your home while they

01:05:45 --> 01:06:33

are to him sincere and he they will be very sincere towards the baby. They will take care of the baby as if the baby is their own. Very nice people shall I tell you? So you can imagine how they welcomed this help this offer? They accepted that? And where do you think the sister of Masada Sena guided them to to the house of the mother of Mozart a center. So in the book of Exodus, it says that when when they found the baby, they said this is one of the Hebrew babies meaning meaning they recognize the baby to be from the bunny is hot you immediately. And then his sister being the sister of most artists that I'm asked the Pharaoh's daughter, shall I go and get one of the Hebrew women to

01:06:33 --> 01:07:27

nurse the baby for you? So she said yes, go. So the girl went and got the baby's mother. And the Pharaoh's daughter said to her, take this baby and nursing for me and I will pay you, I will pay you. So the woman took the baby and nursed him. So it is mentioned for the now who Isla amici. So we restored him to his mother. The first promise was fulfilled over here a last panel tada promised Mimosa that in narodu like you were going to bring him back to you. And that promise was fulfilled, that we returned him to his mother. Why why the mother? hen he could be any woman, right? Who would nurse Moosa or they said, um, you know who could nurse that baby? Why the mother? You know, there

01:07:27 --> 01:08:25

were so many women at that time. And if you think about it, any woman could have done the job of raising this baby. But Allah subhanaw taala made sure that it was the mother of most artisanal who raised Masada center, y. k, the cover I knew her well after isn't so beautiful. Kate the cover I know her so that her eyes would be content. Notice how cool the terrain is mentioned again. Right? The wife of it our own set. This baby's color to any level at just looking at this baby is is a source of joy for us. Can you imagine? If anybody found joy, experienced joy by looking at baby Moosa? What joy Do you think his mother felt when she saw her own baby? Right? Anybody, you know,

01:08:25 --> 01:08:38

finds a baby to be cute and beautiful and a source of joy. But the joy that a mother experiences by looking at her own baby, that is at a different level, cater to her.

01:08:39 --> 01:08:45

And she would not grieve. Look at how Allah subhanaw taala cares about the feelings of the mother of musasa

01:08:47 --> 01:09:36

and follow the dinar who Illa Omi Allah subhanaw taala brought him back to his mother. You see, sometimes you have to let something go and that is painful. That is very hard. To give up something to sacrifice something to to leave it is difficult. But remember when you leave something in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala then Allah subhanaw taala will only fill your hands with what is good. And here the mother of most artists and I was given her baby back. So trust Allah soprano Tada. Well, he tharla an award Allah He Hulk, and so that she would know that the promise of Allah is true. And he when the when her baby was returned to her, she realized that Allah subhanaw taala

01:09:36 --> 01:09:52

his promises true, she believed in it. But through this experience, she increased in her conviction that Allah's promise is true. And the bunny is strong. He needed this conviction because they were going through extreme persecution. And

01:09:53 --> 01:09:59

one is to know that yes, Allah helps us slaves, but the other is to have this conviction that Allah will help us

01:10:00 --> 01:10:50

So when the mother most artists, and I've experienced this, she was a firm believer that Allah fulfilled his promises, well, I can layer them on. But most of the people, most of them do not know. They do not know that Allah's promises true. So what happens is that people begin with, you know, some faith in Allah. But then as things get difficult, they begin to lose that faith, they begin to lose that conviction. And so they start, you know, disobeying Allah subhanaw, taala, they start doing things which are wrong, and they start, and by that they begin to lose the help of Allah, and they ruin their situation even more. The mother of most artists are now in her belief that Allah's

01:10:50 --> 01:11:24

promise is true, she had to remain quiet. She, she was not to tell anybody that yes, this is actually my real baby. Right? Because if she, if she told them, then the baby would be killed. So a lot of people, you know, they begin to lose their trust in Allah and they think, Oh, I have to do something myself over here, even if it means disobeying Allah, and when they disobey Allah, they lose the help of US law. So what are kin acara home layer alimony? What does this teach us? This teaches us that when we when we

01:11:25 --> 01:11:46

you know begin doing something right, put them then let us trust Allah subhanaw taala let us trust his plan. And let us trust his schedule. Also, we want things to happen in our schedule. But Allah subhanaw taala has the entire plan. So trust Him, what I cannot go home lay on the moon.

01:11:47 --> 01:12:40

We learn that almost pantherella says I am to my slave as he thinks of me. So we all need to think about what is it that we think about Allah subhanaw taala how firmly Do we believe in the promise of Allah, we learn in a Hadees that, that when a person gives, you know something in the way of Allah, while hoping for Allah's reward, with firm confidence that he will get it that Allah has promised this, then Allah Panthera will make such a person enter Jenna. So for example of us parents are promises us that if you're grateful, I will increase your blessings for you. Right? We also learn that, that allows prarthana says spend an adult spend on you, right, give and I will give you right.

01:12:41 --> 01:13:22

So when we are giving for the sake of Allah, we need to have that conviction that the reward of a lot the reward that Allah has promised is true. Right? It is true, that when you when you give a last point I will also give you so how firmly Do we believe in the promises of Allah, this is something we need to we need to check in ourselves. So here the first promise was fulfilled, the baby was returned to the mother. And in the following verses, we see how the second promise was also fulfilled and what was that promise with our Illumina and more serene that we will make him up the messengers. So how did most artists and become a messenger When did he become a messenger? We will

01:13:22 --> 01:13:26

see that in the following verses in sha Allah in the next class.

01:13:28 --> 01:13:45

If you have any questions inshallah, you can post them here and I can address them. Perhaps now or in the next class. inshallah we will conclude over here, subclinical lahoma will be handed a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta istockphoto kawakubo la costura more Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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