Ibrahim Nuhu – Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Conditions For Nullifiers Of Fasts

Ibrahim Nuhu
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various conditions that can affect a person's ability to perform a task. These conditions include eating or drinking, having sexual attraction, and being a victim. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having knowledge and punishment in these conditions and warns against breaking one's fast and wasting it out of fear.
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These qualifiers whether eating or drinking or having sexual relationship, they cannot take place and have an impact unless a three conditions are met.

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Okay, how many conditions three, if these conditions are missing or one of them is missing the first is intact

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Okay, the first condition is

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again, the second condition is a victim.

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The third condition is

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you have an L knowledge, you have an vichar remembrance, you have an FTR freedoms, okay, the choice freedom Fastlane cannot be nullified unless if these three conditions are met. Otherwise, the first of a person is is still intact knowledge, this knowledge we're talking about the knowledge of the Hukam knowledge of the consequence and the punishment.

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This one is applicable in almost everything as long as that kind of

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knowledge is possible for a person.

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If a person is not having the knowledge of the hokum of what he did, and it is possible for somebody at his position to be ignorant, you know, we don't hold him accountable of it at all.

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Knowledge of what not knowledge of the consequence. The second one is advocate remembrance that's been during the time you are breaking your fast you should remember that you are fasting, but still you you break you eat or drink, many of us is gone. But if you couldn't remember, and you forgot, then in this case your face is is intact. That's the best opinion of the scholars because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, Men aka our shaman ASEAN, fairly new team, Soma HOCM hope

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fade them out ama Hola, Osaka was whoever eats out of forgetfulness or drink something out of forgetfulness. He should complete his fast because this is a gift from Allah subhanho wa taala. The last one is FTL. Okay, you have to do it out of FTL FTL means you have a choice. If you break your fast out of no choice, the past is intact.

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