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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu How's everyone doing today?

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Is everyone ready for another session? Alhamdulillah so today we will try to go over another important aspect of Ramadan and that is forgiveness and then inshallah we're gonna try to memorize do more there are others also ally enabled us to do that inshallah in today's session, so let's begin in sha Allah and also Leonardo souligne Karim among those Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Ronnie surgery were Sidley Omri, bajo de de melissani of taco Ali Robin as an iguana Allahumma popping up with Deen, May Allah give us the correct understanding of the mail enable us to get forgiveness this Ramadan and Today our topic is shadow from the men

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month of forgiveness. So Ramadan is also a month of forgiveness, and Alhamdulillah there are so many Hadees about it as well. So let's just go over them one after the other and also some IR from the Quran. So as we know that Allah subhanaw taala he is most forgiving and he's most merciful. His forgiveness is vast and he loves to forgive. And it is His promise that anyone who feels remorse for having sinned and repent sincerely shall be forgiven as it comes in serotonergic I number 32

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Levine is Danny Boone and Kava era is the word for that fish Illa lemon in Rob Berger was your own mouth for those avoid the major sins and a moralities. Only committing slight sins are lighter ones or minor ones. Indeed, your Lord is vast in forgiveness. So we are human beings, we end up committing mistakes, we keep committing sins, even though we make resolve even though we plan but still we slip but Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah that Allah subhanaw taala He is the one who keeps forgiving if we are sincere in our repentance if we are regretting if we feel guilty about it. So every human being wants to get forgiveness Alhamdulillah especially believers, we want forgiveness

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and Allah subhanaw taala he makes it easy for us by giving us the opportunity especially in Ramadan there many other opportunities opportunities as well. Hamza Ramadan is one of them. And Ramadan is actually one of the best opportunities as we know from our Hadees from Sahih Muslim

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Ramadan Illa Ramadan one Ramadan from another Ramadan is McAfee right is the one which expatriates. So one Ramadan experience to send still an extra Ramadan provided that the one who avoided the grave major sins. So if we don't commit major sins, that Allah Subhana Allah forgives the minor sins for us. So Subhanallah you know, if you think about your past Ramadan, and now fast forward to this Ramadan did we come? Did we come in any sense? Did we slip? Did we make any mistakes 123 or many, many rights panela we can't even count them. So Allah subhana wa Tada, he will forgive us. That's the beauty. That's the beautiful part as long as we try to stay away from major sins. So what are

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some of the major sins the acts of ship magic, and rubber interest? And like you know, there are many more so I'm just going to mention the very hard one so that we have some hope in Sharla also like being indulged and her arm of any sort anything which can get us some type of you can say, which incurs a loss mother's curse is a major sin. So if he stayed away from all of that then hamdulillah we have you know another Ramadan here and we can get the forgiveness or we can inshallah get expiation of all the persons for this year of hamdulillah. Also Ramadan when we fast in it, it experience the sins for not just one year but more as it comes in this Hades man sama Ramadan he man

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and practice urban warfare Allah Walmart aka Domine zombie whoever fast during

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Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain a less reward than all of his past sins will be forgiven to Panama. So we all are here with Eman and inshallah already. We are fasting because we believe in Allah and we believe that it is an obligation. So that is sorted. And we also should have this intention correct. Or we also should, you know, fix our intention before it's too late, that we are fasting so that we can get the reward from Allah we're not fasting to lose weight, you're not fasting so that we can show off to people we're not fasting so that we can also look like Muslims, but you're fasting because you want Allah subhanaw taala is reward for all of this fast and

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inshallah our past sins will be forgiven. Also it comes in the Quran, the quality of believers, the ones are going to get Jana so and also the quality of believers we're going to get more Pharaoh so the fasting men and the fasting woman are promised forgiveness in Surah has a was a Mina was saw Emad Allahu Allahu Allah Farah was run alvina Allah subhanaw taala has prepared for them my fear of forgiveness, and other an azima. Sorry, well as you're an azima and great reward. What is great reward it is Jenna. And Pamela, there's another longer Hadees but from that we find that there was one clause we're just gonna talk about one part of it. So one day Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam He

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ascended his pulpit, and he said amin, amin, amin, and when he was asked, Yasuda Allah, you ascended the member, and you said amin, amin, amin, then why did you say that? Then he responded that Jabri ra Salaam he was there. And he said, Yeah, Muhammad Ali Muhammad Sallallahu said, Whoever finds Ramadan, then dies and is not forgiven. He will enter help, and Allah will cast him far away from his mercy to mean so because gibreel commanded him to say amin so he sallallahu wasallam cerami. So what does it show? It will be very unfortunate, it'd be really, you know, sad that we got Ramadan and we still did not get forgiveness. So what does it show? It's very important for us to seek

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forgiveness, this Ramadan, and inshallah remind others as well, so that we don't get this door against us. It's like $1 against us, somewhere, let's save us and protect us from such a draw against us. And what is the best time to do

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stuff? Or what is the best time to ask Allah for forgiveness is the time First of all, it is the time of the head. And in the hours before dawn, they would ask forgiveness who the people last minute that is praising in the Koran. Well, Bill as Harry home, yes, the movie room. So May Allah enable us to get forgiveness. And there's another Hadees which talks about this time as well. And let's just look at it it is from a deryni when half of the night or 2/3 of it is over Allah subhana wa tada he descends

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to the lowest heaven and he says, Is there anyone who invokes me that I may respond to his invocation? Is there anyone who asked me for something that I may give it to him? Is there anyone who asks my forgiveness that I may forgive him? And Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala continues saying that till it is the time for Daybreak it is the time for the morning Subhana Allah to budget.

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So Allah subhana wa poda he is encouraging us to seek forgiveness to istighfar Alhamdulillah so inshallah This is the time to do so far. I'm just going to fast forward and show you other offers this part is beautiful, there are there are many there are others that far inshallah we're going to request your course in jarred sisters IRA Dean to to upload, you know, a DR card for all of you especially which has all the subfolders for you. So inshallah that will be something to cherish because until you can pull that card out, make all of those vials at suhu time every day, and that will inshallah help you and seeking forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala This door is very

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important why because this talks about

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a situation which is considered a major sin, fleeing from a battlefield is a major sin. But if a person makes this Dora and seeks Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness with these words that person is forgiven. So you can say in other words, this is other art to seek forgiveness from major sins as well to Panama and Allah Subhana Allah forgives. So let's look at the words as the federal law has been, I seek the forgiveness of Allah, Who is he the great Alevi Allah Illa Illa Who is the one besides him there is no one who is worthy of worship, and how you will consume the EverLiving and

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The eternal but a to LA and I repent to him so inshallah easy word I think we already know them but if we know that it is that important that we can even get forgiveness for good then inshallah we will never leave these words he can make this right in our Salah as well and outside salah and inshallah keep making this raw meal like set it from all of us will be a checklist for the month of forgiveness first of all we should feel regret for all the person so maybe sit one day on your own and think about all the sins and then accept that these were your faults and then cry over them and pray for forgiveness for yourself and not just yourself also make dua for your family your friends

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and also all the Muslims around

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and also make the offer forgiveness of all the non Muslims alive because any as long as anyone is alive we can make dua for them right when it comes to non Muslims also is there far at Soho time so we have talked about it remind your family to do is that far as well as the whole time so maybe you can have reminders set up you can just send a reminder to all your family like maybe on phone if they are with you, then you can inshallah maybe just you know remind them when it's time for us to fart Or how about this dog card here we go. How about you go over them one time inshallah

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the DA cards are live now will be uploaded soon. It's already uploaded. Very good. So it's just as mentioning it's already uploaded. It's called forgiveness to our card.

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And praise Allah Toba. What is the lotto Toba do fresh will do it is from an authentic Hadees. Do fresh Voodoo and then pray to record and you should be you know, you should pray with full focus with full concentration and then inshallah your sins will be forgiven. So it's it's a beautiful salah and it's it's highly recommended that if you think you have committed something major as well. For every major sin, you can just praise a lot of Toba and ask Allah for forgiveness and plan to not ever do it again inshallah. And that will be great. And the last but not the least, ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah for forgiveness for at least like 100 times as it was the Sunnah of our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and until you can divide it, you don't have to do it in one setting. Because you know, sometimes when we try to do something in one city, we lose its spirit. Right? So don't rush it. Don't try to do a circular circular circular like auto mode. It should not be like that. Alright,

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sister Bhisma inshallah, we'll try to explain it next time. So let's do our eyes now. So our we have to the US today inshallah, we are easy, so it's not going to take long. So one is about taqwa. And we all need that. And it is also a way to get purification of souls while having the less like a beautiful dog, we can add to our istick bar in sha Allah. So Allah Oh Allah, the enough see that Allah has grabbed my soul, it's piety was that Kiha and purify it, and the high Romans that you are the best to purify it under while you are, you are its Guardian romola. And you are its master. So May Allah enable us to seek this forgiveness. And this study, which was taught by zibin are calm.

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And he said that I'm going to teach, I'm not going to teach you anything. I'm not going to say anything with Rasul Allah, so son did not say, so whatever I'm telling you, it is a Hadees. And he actually made a longer we are just memorizing a benefit from this. So if you look at the breakdown, we asking Allah for dupois we all understand what that was now. Alhamdulillah right. And zakia is purification. So we want our soul to be pure from all the ill feelings, anything negative, anything bad. And we are acknowledging here that Allah You're the only one who can purify me. So that's why I'm asking you all. So it is showing our humility as well. Do our number two for today. A love

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matter warfare now mostly need or lawmakers die as Muslims will Hina muslimeen and keep us alive as Muslims. Well, I'll help now destroy the need and make us among the righteous ones. away era Hosea wanna Mcdo Nene? neither let us be disgraced. Sorry, neither let us be disgraced and nor afflicted. So Oh Allah, we want to be with righteous but not after some affliction, not after going through some trial. So let's look at the breakdown of the surah Allah Allah the welfare no muslimeen card has to do I die as Muslims because somehow the way this world is moving the way everything is so fast, sometimes we feel a dip in our email. So we want to die as good Muslims we don't want to die

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as just average Muslim or you can think you don't want to die as a non Muslim stuff philomela fevers, and May Allah grant is good ending because we want to,

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you know, we want to have a good ending, right? So there's a beautiful dog for that as well. But inshallah, let's just keep that for another day.

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So all Allah causes us to die as Muslims were enormously mean and keep us alive as Muslims. So as long as I'm living I should live like a Muslim. I should add like Muslims. I should not just claim that I'm Muslim but I should be a real Muslim inshallah. Well, I'll help another sorry. And Oh Allah join us with the righteous, give us the company of righteous people in this dunya and also in the hereafter. A lot of people they take it as a future, right? A lot of scholars explain it that well Allah join us for the righteous in Jana. Why you know, Hosea, well muthoni because you know, Subhana Allah, sometimes we get Jana, not because of her actions, but because of the trials we go through.

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And that is hard. That is hard when we do several 100 trials and 100 that also gets us raise in our ranks. But that's not an easy way so we are asking Allah subhana wa Taala for good ending, but we don't want to go through any humiliation in this dunya embarrassment any type of you know painful emotional torture and then when I'm off Tony we don't want to be tested in a way that a test is so hard and then because of her test, we make it to Jana so these two inshallah remember and keep making this draw so that our paths are now becomes easy. And we go we don't go through tough trials in this world. I'm

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sister Harvey, these are in English Do you mean

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transliteration? inshallah we can add them to, if you want that desire Komodo hanga servants pangalan will become the eyeshadow ma Illa Illa under as that we recover to relate Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Law law long, long,

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long, long, long

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a long way.

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said Mr. Lee camara de la barakato

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are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim wa Salatu was Salam marinaro Sunni Hill Karim rubbish roughly Sabri were Sidley Omri. watlow. look that up data melissani yufka, who Cali Allahumma de Colby was sadly Sani wersal Sophie moto Colby amin uribl alameen

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, in nahu, local and on Karim, that indeed it is a noble Quran, meaning this Quran is very noble. It is very honorable. It is very respectable, and amorphous. You don't say that the word Karim, which is generally translated as noble is a comprehensive word, which is which describes something that is being praised. And the Quran is Karim because it contains what is worthy of praise. It has guidance in it, light, clarity, knowledge, and a lot of wisdom. So the people of understanding they take evidence from the Quran, they derive rulings from the Quran, people who are wise derive help proof and evidence from the Quran. And a

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person who teaches manners meaning a person who teaches others, they also benefit from the Quran and gained strength through the Quran. And every scholar gains the foundation of his knowledge from the Quran. So the Quran is very generous in its benefits. And then the Quran is also called Karim. Because contrary to other books, and especially other scriptures, the previous scriptures, the Quran can actually be learned by the old and the young, those who are very intelligent, and those of us who are average, and a person is also able to memorize the Quran. This is how noble the Quran is. And it is said that if a speech is read again and again, then the listeners get bored of it, and

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they begin to view it with little importance. The ears also get wary of it. But the Quran is Kareem, it is honorable. So even though a person recites it a lot, it's it's frequent recitation does not diminish its value. And referring to the Quran repeatedly does not make it old and worn out and erect.

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relevant and boring, nor do the listeners get bored of it, nor does it become heavy on the tongue. Rather it remains fresh for every moment, every era and every day. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to benefit from the Quran. And may our ears and our hearts never ever get bored of the Noble Quran. Amin just number 14

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Surah tahajjud any flam rah digga Ayatollah kitabi will call Ernie mu bien, le flam rah, these are the verses of the book and a clear Hold on. Perhaps those who disbelieve will wish that they had been Muslims, let them eat and enjoy themselves and be diverted by false hope. For they are going to know when it is said that they will wish those who disbelieve will wish that they had been Muslims. When will this happen? This will happen at the time of their death, when they will see the reality of what they had been denying all along. And at every stage thereafter, when they will meet the consequence of their denial, they will regret over their

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disbelief that we wish we had not denied. We wish we had believed in Allah, we wish we had obeyed Allah so that we would not find this humiliation and punishment now, and especially when they will see the Muslims whom they look down upon and ridiculed in the world. When they see them entering paradise, then their regret will increase even more. See, the fact is that when people will enter hell, after some time, those with a man among them will be taken out of hell. So we learned that Allah subhanaw taala will allow the prophets, the righteous the angels to intercede for them. So any person in whose heart is faith, that is equal to A B now a coin, or even half of a dino half a coin.

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And then we also learn about an atom is smallest end meaning very, very tiny amount of faith, that person will be taken out of hell. So at that time, those people who had no email at all will be filled with regret, that we wish we had also believed, so we too, would have been taken out of hell. You see, denial is something that has never benefited anybody. If momentarily, a person feels good in themselves by denying someone's rank that Allah subhanaw taala has given them or refusing to give what is due on them, then eventually, a person is brought to their knees, to face the truth and accept it. We learned this in the story of use of earning a synonym, when his brothers refuse to see

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the good in him. Eventually, they were forced to see it and acknowledge it. So in the Hereafter, also, those who lived in denial of the truth in denial of Allah, no matter how confident they are right now, no matter how pleased they seem right now, eventually, they will be filled with regret. So two threats are given over here that'll home that, first of all, leave them let them be. And then the second threat is given first, so fire Allah moon, that soon they will know. So how could the life which is in between these two threats ever be pleasant? But why is it that they're so distracted right now, on the day of judgment, they will be so regretful but why is it that right now

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they don't believe? Why don't they get it right now? What is it that turns them away? It is yet kulu where tomato, where you'll hear him will ml it is they're eating, they're enjoying themselves and their long hopes, meaning they're too preoccupied with the present life. So it has become their ultimate concern. And if they do have any plans, goals, or dreams, they are for long, worldly life, and they are for worldly things. They have unrealistic on ending expectations in this life, that a person fulfills one desire, one wish and then they have another three. No matter how much they get, the more they get, they want even more. So they have the desire to live longer and healthier and

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safer lives, that they enjoy what they are in forever so that they keep pursuing worldly goals and pleasures until they have exhausted their lives, and they have run out of time. The thing is, that no matter how much of this world a person enjoys

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No matter what a person accomplishes in this life, its reality is that it is ill meaning it is not meant to last. It is like melting ice that a person wants to enjoy forever, it is not possible. So if a person focuses on fulfilling their desire only, then remember that there is no mountain of gold that can fulfill the desire of a human being. Because we learned that if the son of Adam had a valley full of gold, he would like to have two more valleys. And we are in a Hades at the heart of an old man remains young in two respects, his love for the world, and his incessant hope, meaning his ml. So when a person has such expectations of this world among meaning, incessant desires, then

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and hasn't basally said, Man, autolab done an AMA, in a sir Allah, Allah Allah, that the servant never extended his worldly wishes, except that his actions became corrupt. So when a person makes this world his ultimate concern, and he just wants more and more and more over here, then such expectations and hopes and desires, make them forgetful of the Hereafter, that a person does not think about the hereafter they don't prepare for it. So we learn from these verses that seeking worldly pleasures, living in worldly comforts, and not preparing for the hereafter. This is not the way of those who seek salvation in the hereafter. So we must make use of today, not for the

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fulfillment of desire, but to prepare for what is coming ahead.

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Wilma, lucknam in Korea tiene Illa Weller her keytab Omar loom, and we did not destroy any city, but that for it was a known decree. And this is for both individuals and for nations, that for everything, there is a time limit, no nation will proceed its term, nor will they remain thereafter. And they say all you upon whom the message meaning the Quran has been sent down. Indeed you are mad. Why do you not bring us the angels? If you should be among the truthful? Allah subhanaw taala responds man who knows Zillow mela ekata illa bill help. Walmart cannot either Monza rain, we do not send down the angels except with truth and the disbelievers would not then be reprieved, meaning

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then they won't have any more extended time in the National asila vichara. What in Allah hula? Have you loon? Indeed it is We Who sent down the Quran, and indeed we will be its guardian. Remember that Allah subhanaw taala is the Hatfield meaning the Guardian, the preserver of the Quran, so he will protect it against any change any alteration. We see that every scripture before the Quran was changed by people. Why? Because it was people who were entrusted with it. And this is mentioned in the Quran. Bhima starfield, lumen Kitab Allah, they were entrusted with the book of Allah, meaning they were required to guard it. But the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala has taken the responsibility to

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guard it and to preserve it, meaning he will ensure that it is not changed, that it is not edited, that it forever remains perfect, because it is the word of Allah. And it is not just preserved in writing, but also in memory in the chests of so many people. So this is a proof of the truthfulness of the Quran. It is a miracle of the Quran. The preservation of the Quran is truly a miracle. You need the fact that it was revealed to an unlettered nation, where only a handful people could read and write, were writing materials were next to nothing. And were Muslims were under threat from the very beginning. And its revelation was spread over 23 years. Yet the Quran survived. Yes, it was not

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lost, it was preserved. And today it is in the hearts of so many people. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala has preserved the Quran. It is Allah who has taken the responsibility to guard it for as long as he intends as he wants people to benefit from it. But remember that close to the Day of Judgment, the Quran will actually be removed from this earth by Allah subhanaw taala we learned in a Hadees while I used to our lucky tabula he has the vajilla field a Latin in one night the Quran will be taken away for now. Yup, coffee, all the men who are here, so not even a single verse of the Quran will be left on earth. So it is necessary that we benefit from the

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And today, we learn it, we memorize it, we teach it to our children, any this should be a part of our family, any don't just be satisfied with some people knowing the Quran with the Imam of the masjid, you know knowing how to recite the Quran beautifully, because as we can experience these days, and each person is only able to benefit from the Quran as much as they know it. Any we cannot, we cannot recite the Quran in Salah unless we know it. And so it this is a huge wake up call that we better strengthen our connection with the Quran. We better learn it for ourselves, we better make it a priority for ourselves. Don't just be content with you know, praying behind people who recite the

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Quran beautifully. You deserve to recite the Quran beautifully as well. And you might say that I have a horrible voice. I never learned it in my childhood. How can I learn it right now, when the Quran was revealed on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was 40 years old. That is when the revelation began when he was 40. There were people among the companions, who were not Arab, whose first language was not Arabic. And the Quran is the word of Allah subhanaw taala. And it is for all people, it is for you and I It is not just for the perfect for those who are Arab, it is for all of us. So every single one of us deserves that we that we spend time with the Quran learning its

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words, learning its meaning, memorizing portions of it, so that we can benefit from it, because this is truly a blessing. And a blessing of Allah should not be taken for granted. And we had certainly sent messengers before you among the sex of the former peoples, and no messenger would come to them, except that they ridiculed him. Thus do We insert denial into the hearts of the criminals, they will not believe in it. While there has already occurred, the precedent of the former peoples and even if we open to them a gate from the heaven, and they continued there into a sense, they went up to the sky themselves, they would say our eyes have only been dazzled. Rather, we are a people affected by

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magic leading these people have made up their mind that they're not going to believe so no matter what miracle they're shown, they're not going to accept because if they needed a miracle than the miracle of the Quran is ever clear. And we have placed within the heaven great stars meaning in the sky, Allah subhana wa tada has placed bhuj stars that are very bright and very visible, and we have beautified it for the observers how caring is Allah subhana wa tada that he has made the sky beautiful for us, so that when we see it, we can see beauty. And we have protected it from every devil expelled, except one who steals a hearing and is pursued by a clear burning flame, meaning the

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shower clean the devils they actually go up into the skies in order to listen to the conversations of the angels. Because when Allah subhanaw taala gives certain commands to the angels and the angels, they discuss them amongst themselves. Because when the commands are being given, angels are overcome by the fear of Allah. So then later on, they confirm with one another, they ask each other so as the conversations are taking place between the angels, the jinn try to go up and listen to them in order to find out about the matters of the unseen about the news of the future. So when they try to do that, then they are struck by what by these shooting stars as mentioned over here, and the

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earth we have spread it and cast there in firmly set mountains and cause to grow there in something of every well balanced thing. And we have made for you there in means of living sopran Allah look at the variety of creation that Allah subhanaw taala has placed on the earth as sustenance for us as a source of benefit for us. And we have made for you there in means of living and for those for whom you are not providers. meaning there's so much creation that lives on the earth and human beings don't provide for them. We don't sustain them. It is Allah subhanaw taala who provides for them

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and there is not a thing but that with us are its depositories. What a min Shea in Illinois, Indiana has no any everything its treasures are with Allah subhanaw taala and this idea is so comforting. Because anytime we feel like you know I don't have this or I don't have that or we begin to feel worried that you know it's been so long and I still don't have such and such blessing. Maybe I'm not going to get it. No, remember that Allah subhanaw taala is has that in in his treasures are vast and there is not a thing

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Except that Allah subhanaw taala has its has its depositories, meaning its treasures, there with him. Woman on a zillo who Illa be covering Mar loom, and we do not send it down except according to a known measure. This is what we fail to comprehend, that Allah subhanaw taala has the things that we want, whether it is, you know, knowledge, or it is children, or it is health or it is wealth, whatever it is that we desire, Allah subhanaw taala has that he's capable of giving it, he doesn't have a shortage of supplies, he doesn't have any limit in his ability. No, he has a lot to give, he is capable of giving. However, he has set it decreed time for everything, and a known measure also

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for everything, meaning according to his wisdom, and according to his knowledge he gives to his servants. And sometimes what happens is that a person wants something immediately or at a certain time, but they're not given that particular blessing at that time. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala knows when that particular blessing is best for the person. And other times what happens is that we desire certain things, but we don't get them. Why. And we learn that when a person prays for something, and he doesn't get exactly what he asked for Allah subhanaw taala gives them something else. And there's different substitutes that Allah subhanaw taala has. So why is it that Allah

00:36:35--> 00:37:21

subhanaw taala does not any fulfill every single wish and desire of ours in this life, because then what would be the difference between this life and Jenna. And secondly, the thing is, that if everyone was given everything that they wanted in this life, then this earth would be a complete disaster, because we see this, that people become very abusive, very abusive, and they become very corrupt, even with the little that they have. So imagine, if people get everything that they desire, than what would become of this world. And we have sent the fertilizing winds and sent down water from the sky, and given you drink from it. And you are not it's retainers, meaning people don't have

00:37:21--> 00:38:06

control over rain, and Alhamdulillah we don't have control over rain. Because if we did, then again this, this world would be a mess, the things that we do have control over, look at the chaos that we have created in the world. So there are some things that Allah subhanaw taala has taken out of our control, what in lonato nahi, when you need one national worry soon, and indeed It is we who give life and cause death, and we are the inheritors will occur the limnol moodstruck demeanor men come What are the elemental muster hearing, and we have already known the preceding generations among you, meaning those who came first. And we have already known the later wants to come, meaning those

00:38:06--> 00:38:55

who will come later on in this world. And indeed your Lord will gather them all together, whether they came early in the world first or later, the earlier generations or later generations, all of them, Allah who will gather them, indeed, he is wise and knowing. And we did certainly create man out of clay. This is the origin of human beings. As Rene said, I'm the first human was made of clay. But what kind of clay was it? It was from an altered black mud, meaning clay that had been sitting wet for so long that it began to decay, it turned black and smelly. So this, you know, our origin is something that we need to remember, so that we stay humble, so that we don't become proud of

00:38:55--> 00:39:32

ourselves. And the gym we created before meaning before human beings from scorching fire. And mentioned when your Lord said to the angels, I will create a human being out of clay from an altered black mud. And when I have proportioned him, and breathed into him of my created soul, one of us to feed him his ruhi Then what should you do, then fall down to him in prostration, not to worship him, but to show him respect to understand that the human being has been given privilege over the rest of the creation.

00:39:33--> 00:40:00

So we see that even though the origin of human beings is decaying, altered mud, Allah subhanaw taala has still honored the human being, by putting rule, the noble rule of the soul into the human being. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala describes as rule Hey, my rule meaning the special rule that a lot created and when something is missing,

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

This way, my soul, my servants, Allah's house. He this is a way of giving that particular object that particular creation, honor above the rest. And this is why we see that the angels were actually commanded to Prostrate to Adam, after the soul was breathed into him. One a fact to feed him a ruhi *er Ola who said at meaning after the soul has entered the body, then you prostrate to him, not just when Adam is still a body, no after the soul has been admitted into the body. So we see that this is what makes human beings better than the rest of the creatures. And the reason why Iblees was jealous. So we see that the room that we have the soul, this is from who this is from Allah subhanaw

00:40:48--> 00:41:16

taala and its nourishment is also from Allah, its life and its satisfaction is in turning to Allah, in loving Allah, in submitting to Allah. And this is why in the month of Ramadan, we are trained to focus not on the body but on the soul. And this is why we feed the soul in the month of Ramadan. How with the Quran, because the Quran is nourishment for the soul.

00:41:17--> 00:42:04

So the angels prostrated all of them entirely, except a blease about he refused to be with those who frustrated, Allah said, Oh Iblees What is the matter with you that you are not with those who prostrate, he said, Never would I prostrate to a human, whom you created out of clay from an altered black mud. So he believes belittled human beings, because of the origin of human beings. We learned that at least actually used to be very righteous. But remember that Allah subhanaw taala, does not accept the apparent piety of someone, Allah subhanaw taala examines the heart, he tests the state of the heart, he wants the dukla of the heart, the piety of the heart. And remember that the reality of

00:42:04--> 00:42:51

the heart and its weaknesses in their hidden, they're concealed. And tests, reveal them. Tests bring those weaknesses to the surface. And this is the time when we must acknowledge our weaknesses and seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala for them. Because remember that Allah subhanaw taala, when he puts us in a test, it is not to set us up for failure. No, it is to show us our true selves, so that we can improve so that we can purify ourselves. I mean, if you think about it, other than Islam did not really need that. prostration. Right. It was a test for those who were asked to prostrate to him. The angels did not have the choice to refuse, but a police did. And a police

00:42:51--> 00:43:12

refused. So we see that many people you know, they're very nice in general normal circumstances, but when their ego is attacked, that is when they get triggered. So we see that it believes his pride, he thought very highly of himself. That is what surfaced when he was commanded to Prostrate to Adam rd center. So remember,

00:43:14--> 00:43:30

it is our responses, our words, our actions, that show whether we are humble or we are proud. And remember that when it comes to pride, then this is something with which a person cannot enter Jannah It is only with submission to Allah.

00:43:31--> 00:44:19

It is only with submission to Allah, it is only with humility, that a person will be qualified to admit to enter into paradise. So this pride needs to finish and these tests, you know, they they allow us to see ourselves and and that is a reminder that you know what I should be humble over here. So Allah subhanaw taala said, then get out of it, for indeed you are expelled, and indeed upon you is the curse until the Day of Recompense meaning forever, you are deprived of Allah's mercy. He said, My Lord, then reprieve me until the day they're resurrected. Allah said So indeed you are of those who are reprieved, meaning your request has been granted, you may live and you may have

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

freedom to do what you want, until the Day of Judgment until the day of the time well known meaning the time that is known only to Allah subhanaw taala. So we see that at least got what he wanted. But in fact, this was not beneficial for him. What was beneficial for him was to repent, to seek forgiveness. So we see that the acceptance of his request actually became a further problem for him. So this is why we see that you know, sometimes when our wishes are not fulfilled in this life, perhaps Allah is protecting us from our own evil call or a bema away attorney, he blamed Allah. He said, My Lord because you

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

have put me in error, I will surely make disobedience attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all. Any This is displaced aggression, right? Instead of taking responsibility Iblees became vengeful, towards not just Adam, but all of humankind. It's like, you know, some people, they've had a bad experience with a certain individual, and they hate all human beings. They've had a bad experience with a person wearing hijab. So they dislike all people wearing hijab, they've had a bad experience with, you know, a woman so they hate all women, right? They've had a bad experience with someone of a certain ethnicity. So they hate all people from that particular ethnicity. So he

00:45:45--> 00:46:41

This is unfair, and this is also Shay pania. Any Iblees blamed Allah subhanaw taala first, and now he's executing his revenge against Adam, as if he's blaming Adam as well. That Because of you, I was because of you I failed. And so look at his evil any it exploded, that any Look at his anger and his vengeance that he wants to mislead all human beings. And he said let Jose Yin and mela home fill out. I will beautify for them on Earth, beautify what for them, the glitters of this world, I will make them attractive, so that they get so busy with worldly life, that they are not able to obey Allah. And then secondly, let Jose Hina know Yanni I will beautify for them sin so that they will

00:46:41--> 00:47:28

sin even though they know what they're doing is wrong, but they will find sin to be attractive, except among them your chosen servants Illa eba come in hamal McCullough scene, you see Mukhlas is the thing which is pure from any mixtures. Pure, honest people who are sincere, those whose intentions are sincere, whose actions are also good. Then such people are chosen by Allah, meaning they're saved by Allah. So it is effortless. You bring about sincerity in your action. And then you will be rescued by Allah soprano Tada. Allah said, this is a path of return to me that is straight meaning the way of airfloss is the way to Allah indeed My servants no authority will you have over

00:47:28--> 00:48:11

them except those who follow you have the Divi eaters, so who are Allah servants who hold on to his rope, the Quran, who's one side is with Allah, and the other is with you, so who so hold on to it. And indeed, hell is the promised place for them all. It has seven gates, for every gate is of them a portion designated as the federal law, any Hell has eight gates, and sorry, hell has seven gates as we see here Lucha sabar to avoid and for each gate is decreed. It is decided as to who is going to enter hell through it.

00:48:12--> 00:48:22

Meaning which level which section in hell they're going to end up in. And this will be according to the crimes of people. So we learned that hypocrites will be in the lowest level of hell.

00:48:23--> 00:49:11

In nonmotor, cane, indeed the righteous, those who lived carefully, they will be within gardens and springs, having been told, enter it in peace, safe and secure. And we will remove whatever is in their chests of resentment, meaning any little resentment, bad feeling that they had in their hearts for each other, that will be removed. Why, so that they can be brothers in general on thrones facing each other. Because if you have any resentment in your heart for someone, then even if they're in front of you, you cannot look at them in the eye, you cannot make eye contact with them. When there is bad feeling in the air, then you cannot truly enjoy. So this is why before people have genda

00:49:11--> 00:49:47

entered into their hearts will be cleaned. So we learn in the Hadees that the believers after being saved from the Hellfire meeting after crossing the bridge over help, they will be stopped at another bridge between any before agenda. And that is called Alcantara, the name of that bridge that place is called Alcantara. And over there mutual retaliation will be established among the people of gentlemen meaning before the agenda there will be pithos and what is that pithos that if someone has hurt another, then they will have to make up for it.

00:49:49--> 00:49:59

So that justice will be established, and then their hearts will be cleansed and purified. So the Prophet sallallahu earlier said I'm set either with vebo we're not

00:50:00--> 00:50:52

Who, when they are cleansed and completely purified? Then they will be admitted into Jenna, what a relief. And for this, you see, it is important that we start practicing forgiveness right now. We don't bear resentment in our hearts for other people, because this is something that will delay entry into paradise. And what if any, that resentment is something for which we end lose our good deeds. And it's also important that right now, we don't do things to hurt other believers because on the Day of Judgment, any they will demand revenge. No fatigue will touch them they're in nor from it, they will ever be removed. This is happily ever after nabire body and me an unlawful Rahim,

00:50:52--> 00:51:38

inform my servants that it is I who am the Forgiving the merciful will and are there be who will either I will leave and that it is my punishment, which is the painful punishment. So Allah forgives, therefore rejoice, and he also punishes therefore fear. This is why we should neither despair nor become fearless. We learned that once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to some of his companions, and they were laughing. So he said, by the one in whose hand is my soul, if you knew what I knew, you would laugh little and cry more. And then he left. So people began to cry. Allah subhanaw taala revealed His messenger that oh Muhammad Sallallahu earlier Salah, why did you

00:51:38--> 00:52:23

put my servants in despair? So he went back to the companions, and he told them, receive good news. do good deeds properly, sincerely, and moderately. So we see that we should always remain between fear and hope. And we should also give that same message don't make people so fearful of Allah that they begin to despair, they begin to think that they will never be forgiven. When a bit Homer and Lavie Ibrahim, and inform them about the guests of Ibrahim, when they entered upon him and said, Peace, Ibrahim said indeed we are fearful of you. The angel said Fear not. Indeed we give you good tidings of a learned boy. We learned earlier that when Ibrahim or listen I'm served them food and

00:52:23--> 00:53:09

they refuse to eat it, that is when Ibrahim on his son on felt afraid. So then the angels told him that we are the angels of your Lord and we have come to give you good news of the birth of a child. That child is going to be our leam knowledgeable learned. He said have you given me good tidings? Although old age has come upon me then of what wonder Do you inform me What kind of news are you giving me? How is this even possible? Ibrahim when Islam was old, his wife was old so any hearing this that ever I hear I said I was gonna have a child this receiving that news itself was so shocking. It was so any almost unbelievable. And this is what you need. A lot of people also feel

00:53:09--> 00:54:03

that you know what now I'm past 30 now I'm you know, almost this age and now perhaps this is not going to happen. He have hope in Allah. Cordoba Chateau NACA will help. They said we have given you good tidings and truth for that a camino Ponyo clean. So do not be of the despairing. And we see over here that sometimes, even the most believing sincere servants need reassurance. Ibrahim Ali Sam had not despaired of Allah's mercy, but he needed reassurance. So he said, and who despair is of the mercy of his Lord, except for those who are astray. So this is why no matter what, we should always have great expectations from our Lord. always expect the best from him. Ibrahim said, then what is

00:54:03--> 00:54:45

your business here Oh, messengers, meaning, meaning you must have come for something more than just giving me this good news. They said Indeed, we have been sent to a people of criminals, meaning to carry out punishment upon them, except the family of loop. Indeed, we will save them all except his wife, Allah decreed that she is of those who remain behind. And when the messengers came to the family of loop. He said, Indeed, you are people unknown. So we see that neither Ibrahim Arneson, I'm nor loot Arya Salaam recognize the angels. Why because the prophets of Allah are human, and they did not possess knowledge of the unseen. They said, but we have come to you with that about about which

00:54:45--> 00:54:59

they were disputing, meaning your people didn't believe that the punishment would come. And now we have brought it and we have come to you with the truth meaning for real, and indeed we are truthful, this is going to happen. So set out with your family.

00:55:00--> 00:55:44

During a portion of the night and follow behind them, meaning the Prophet of Allah Lutheranism should walk at the back and his family should be in front of him and let not anyone among you look back and continue on to where you are commanded. So, you see it as mentioned here, when I yelled or fitmin Come on, once you have left, the none of you should look back, keep going, where you have been commanded to go, do not turn back, why, because the one who looks here and there is not able to focus on his goal. And the one who looks here and there shows that, you know, he is reluctant, he is not fully convinced, he is hesitant. And here and he This was from Allah subhanaw taala. So why look

00:55:44--> 00:56:23

back at looking at people who are being punished will bring about feelings of pity for them. So who side are you on, and also when you are moving towards the future, the next goal, then don't keep looking back. Because if you keep looking into the rearview mirror while driving, you won't be able to focus on what what is ahead of you, you won't be able to look in front of you. And especially when you have left something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then don't keep looking back at it. Don't grieve over it. Because when Allah subhanaw taala when you have left something for the sake of Allah and Allah will certainly replace it with something better. So look forward to what

00:56:23--> 00:56:24

Allah is giving you.

00:56:26--> 00:57:13

were called Ada la he Valley Cal. And we conveyed to him the decree of that matter, that those sinners would be eliminated by early morning and the people of the city came rejoicing little earlier Salaam said indeed These are my guests, so do not shame me and fear Allah and do not disgrace me because the men they wanted to end enjoy these these guests that had come. So he said have some higher any bees are my guests. Don't do harm to them, and fear Allah do not disgrace me. They said have we not forbidden you from protecting people, meaning don't bother to protect these guests from us, hand them over to us so that we can do whatever we want. So this shows that these

00:57:13--> 00:58:03

people didn't just commit how long acts there were also violent. Allah hula evenity in Canton Fair, Ilene Lord Ali Salaam said these are my daughter's Meaning, if you wish to marry them. Go ahead if you would be doers of lawful marriage by your life. Indeed they were in their intoxication, wandering blindly, meaning their lust was uncontrollable. So the shriek sees them at sunrise, and we made the highest part of the city its lowest, and rained upon them stones of hard clay, indeed in that are Signs for those who discern. And indeed, those cities are situated on an established road. Indeed, and that is a sign for the believers. And the companions of the thicket. Were also

00:58:03--> 00:58:48

wrongdoers, so we took retribution from them. And indeed, both cities are on a clear highway, and certainly did the companions of the mood, denied the messengers, they lived at a place called unhedged. And we gave them our signs, but from them they were turning away, and they used to car from the mountains, houses feeling secure, they felt so secure in their lives, that nothing is going to happen to us that if the wind blows, we will hide in the mountains for a harder tomorrow so I had to misbehave but the shriek sees them at early morning. So they were destroyed by a loud noise. So nothing availed them from what they used to earn warmer Hello corner summer where it will old warmer

00:58:48--> 00:59:39

bainer humor Illa bill Hello. And we have not created the heavens and the earth and that between them except in truth. Any This world is not for planning and amusement. It is for adjust reason. And indeed the hour is coming. So forgive with gracious forgiveness fosse for his self help Jamil. Earlier we learned about sovereign Jamil beautiful patients and here we learn about SFX Hello Jamil beautiful forgiveness and what is that? If forgiveness and pardon in which there is no display of annoyance or anger in a burqa who will holla cool alim, indeed your Lord He is the knowing creator when it NACA sobre aminul methoni. Welcome Anna Aleem And We have certainly given you a prophet

00:59:39--> 00:59:59

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seven of the oft repeated verses and the great Quran. What are the seven oft repeated verses it is the verses of Surah Fatiha, which are verses that are recited in every Salah in every locker. In fact, if you don't recite it in your soul, your Salah is not valid. So the fact is

01:00:00--> 01:00:49

That sort of fatty hair is such that you cannot repeat it enough. It is meant to be repeated again and again and again. In Salah we repeat it for Shiva, we recite it and the great Quran, meaning if the opening of the Quran the big the beginning of the Quran is worth repeating, than what do you think about the rest of the Quran? It is truly a great Quran. So when Allah subhanaw taala has given you the blessing of the Quran, which is better than everything else who will hire me Maya my own, then what is it that befits you? If Allah has given you the Quran, then what should you do? Latin would deny na, do not extend your eyes to word what to word that by which we have given enjoyment to

01:00:49--> 01:01:41

certain categories of the disbelievers, meaning do not look here and there from what Allah subhanaw taala has given you focus on the Quran, not on the worldly enjoyments that some people have been given in this life. Why? Because the Quran is better than everything else that people have. So don't be in awe of the money that people have gathered off, you know, their wealth, or off what they're enjoying. Don't be in all of that. And don't keep looking at it. Because if you keep looking at it, remember what the eye admires the heart desires, and che Pon beautifies this world for us, so that a person forgets the hereafter and and begins to feel greedy for this world. So you see what so so you

01:01:41--> 01:02:23

see over here first, the blessing of the Quran is mentioned that it is worth repeating over and over again. And then it is mentioned, don't look at the enjoyment that certain people have been given. Because that enjoyment is temporary. It is not everlasting. And it is less than the blessing of the Quran. And then it is said well, Phil, Jenna Hakka, lit. Well, otter has an IRA him, Well, Phil, Jenna, Hakka Lil momineen, and do not grieve over them. Meaning the people who are just busy in enjoying themselves in this world, don't grieve over them that they don't believe. So don't waste your time over them. And sometimes we make this mistake that people especially on social media, you

01:02:23--> 01:03:01

know, we're just concerned about looking at what others are doing. So okay, now they went here, and now they're eating this, and now they're wearing this. And now they're dressed up like this. And then we start judging people and we start commenting over everything. Well, Who told you to go look at that in the first place. And he will let them have dinner. I'm like, Don't Don't stare at what people have been given. Don't look at it. Don't distract yourself from the Quran, from the blessing that Allah has given you to what others are enjoying. Yes, of course, you should do a bit more over here than Monica but only when you're in a position to do that. And the problem is that when people

01:03:01--> 01:03:02

give, you know,

01:03:03--> 01:03:46

unsolicited advice all the time, then people get very annoyed by that. So what I've done is an array here, and if it really hurts you to see someone doing something wrong, then First of all, don't waste your time looking at every photo that they've posted and every story that they're sharing that Okay, let me see what other sin they're committing. Because nobody appointed you as a guardian over them. What you should do is that you make law for them. And well after has an early him, don't just witness you know, waste your time grieving over them because that's not going to help anybody. What you should do is, well, Phil, Jenna, how can meaning lower your wing to the believers, meaning focus

01:03:46--> 01:04:24

on the believers be compassionate towards them? You see the things of this world, they are beautiful, but the Hereafter is more beautiful. So yes, this world is attractive, but don't be completely impressed by it. We learned that once the Prophet sallallahu earlier son was given his silk garment as a gift and the people began touching it with their hands and he they were they were admiring it so they wanted to touch it. You know sometimes it happens that you see something with someone and you like it so much. You want to touch it you want to hold it in your hand and this is very normal and he chose that you admire it and it's it's okay. But the Prophet sallallahu earlier

01:04:24--> 01:05:00

said I'm set at that time are you amazed at this so the companion said yes, he said the handkerchief of SAR the bit more of in Jana are better than this. Any the handkerchief that saw them and more odd is given in general that is way better than the silk that you're admiring. So anything in this world that you find beautiful, whether it is you know, someone's jewelry or their nice clothes or their nice hair, or you know, they're beautiful makeup or, or whatever it is that they have the food etc. Any okay? It's normal to feel attracted towards it and admire it but

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

It remember the blessings of gender at that time. And ask Allah subhanaw taala for that, because Allah whom Allah raesha elaboration, Allah there is no true life but the life of the hereafter. We learned that Abu Dhabi loved one who was once planting the sapling, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came by, and he said, Oh, Buddha, what are you planting? And he said, a plant for me, and he a sapling so that it can grow into a tree and I can benefit from it. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, shall I not tell you of a plant that is better than this? He said, of course, what rasulillah he said, says Subhan, Allah will hamdulillah well, ilaha illallah wa

01:05:39--> 01:06:26

Allahu Akbar, for each one is a tree that will be planted for you in Jannah. So instead of just focusing on worldly beauty and worldly things, and just admiring, you know what other people have focus on deeds that will last forever. And, unfortunately, our problem is that we have made even religious, you know, the practices as times have, or as, or as, you know, moments of worldly decorations. You know, for example, when it comes to the month of Ramadan, sometimes our focus is more on Ramadan decorations, the clothes that we're going to be wearing, and the food that we're going to be eating, and the way we're going to be decorating our house. And there is less importance

01:06:26--> 01:07:18

that has been given to ibadah. So we need to balance that out. And we need to pay more attention to what's going to last forever. And then it is said well with Jenna hacker will move meaning lower your wing to the believers. You see half lol Jenna is when a flying bird lowers its wing. And why would a bird lower its wing in order to descend in order to land. So now it is no longer up in the sky, distant and high. So hostile Jenna, is the opposite of being arrogant. So lower your wing to the believers means that be humble with them be welcoming, Be kind, be gracious, don't be harsh and arrogant towards them. Because the believers, you see they were already weak. They were mistreated

01:07:18--> 01:08:03

by the people of Makkah. So you'll be humble with them so they feel at ease around you, meaning let them feel safe around you. And really this was the case the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was definitely very welcoming. So much so that everybody was welcome around him. The companion said that people were not pushed away from him, lay you the pharaoh on who nurse. People were not pushed away from him. And he himself would approach the people and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam especially paid attention to those who were weak in the society. He would visit people in their homes, especially when they were sick. And he would also perform their funerals. When people were

01:08:03--> 01:08:42

traveling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would be in the back in order to support the week so that they don't feel that they have been left behind. He will also let people ride with him and he was so approachable. He would make the offer them and assadullah horn who said canon abuse of Allahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Haman, the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah was very merciful. He was very kind. So he would listen to people, he would fulfill their needs. He didn't mind going into any alley of Medina, any area of Medina to listen to people and to help fulfill their needs. He helped them he cared for them. Remember, there was a companion by the name of JB radi Allahu anhu. He was

01:08:42--> 01:09:20

any hunchback and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he got him married. The Prophet sallallahu earlier said I'm proposed on his behalf. So that July, July, Bob would have a wife. And then we learned that related once you participated in one of the battles, and after the battle, the Prophet sallallahu Ortiz, and I'm told the companions that are you missing anybody? So they went and checked in dimension or so and so has died and so and so has died? And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that is there anyone else? And they said no. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I am missing July. So the companions, they went to look for him, and then they found him. The uni.

01:09:20--> 01:09:59

The thing is that the competitive job was like a Nobody. Nobody even noticed him. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam noticed him, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, he made sure the delay they've gotten married. And then when Jacob was killed in one of the battles, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he made sure that he was found at that and that he was buried properly. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam carried his body and he said, that he is from me, and I am from him, meaning he is mine and I am his Subhan Allah wellfield Jana Hakka. lindamood meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was truly like that

01:10:00--> 01:10:42

Say indeed I am the clear Warner, just as we had revealed scriptures to the separators. Who are they? Those who have made the Quran into portions, meaning they believe in what they like, and they leave the portion which they don't like they're rejected. So this kind of attitude towards the Scripture is not correct. So by your Lord, we will surely question them all about what they used to do, then declare what you are commanded and turn away from the polytheists Indeed, we are sufficient for you against the mockers, who make equal with Allah, another deity, but they are going to know and we already know that your chest is constrained by what they say. You see, the Prophet sallallahu

01:10:42--> 01:11:29

ordesa was mocked at people denied him falsely accused him, they misrepresented him. And any person would feel this trot, would feel distraught by this constant bombardment. So Allah subhanaw taala comforts him that we know what they're saying, we know how you feel because of what they say. So then, how do you help yourself for sub B behind the rahbek workqueue, mina saggi, the two things are mentioned over here. First of all, do this be of your Lord exalt Allah with praise of your Lord, and secondly, be of those who prostrate to him. So this is one of the best ways of dealing with anxiety, dealing with stress, you see, there are things that we can change. And there are things that we

01:11:29--> 01:12:13

cannot change. When it comes to the unchangeable things, for example, what people do, we don't have control over it. So we have to accept it. But then there are things that we can change and that is what we can do. So we must focus on that. So change the changeable, and accept the unchangeable. So what changes can you bring in this situation where people are saying hurtful things to you do this B. And B with those who do such though, first of all, do this b, y plus b because it is the remembrance of Allah. And the remembrance of Allah certainly brings intimate Nan to the heart, it brings contentment to the heart, allow biblically lay, tell to my inner kulu. So your heart will

01:12:13--> 01:13:00

feel at ease by making because we learn specifically Subhan Allah He will be humbly he, he This is something this is a vicar that helps against fear that people have of darkness, fear that people have a face in the enemy of spending money, any any kind of fear, anxiety that a person has, they should increase in saying Subhan Allah, He will be happy. And then secondly, communists, sadly, then be among be of those who make such a to Allah, meaning, pray together, pray together, because the benefit of praying together is that you actually end up praying them. You see, even these days when you're at home, make it a point to pray. For example, pm would lay the throwaway prayer with your

01:13:00--> 01:13:39

family, because then you will actually end up praying, if you tell yourself that you know what I'm going to pray eight records on my own, it's quite possible that after four you fall asleep, but when you're praying together, then you actually end up completing the entire Sunnah. And then when you pray together, this gives you an opportunity to bond with like minded people. So you're no longer alone in your sadness. And when you're praying and you're making such a communist saggi, Deen, such as mentioned over here, in such the you are close to your Lord, and you make this be in it Subhan, Allah, Allah and you may draw in it, you make Vicar in it, and that will also bring comfort to your

01:13:39--> 01:14:24

heart. So this is how you deal with hurtful words, or the anxiety that people feel because of the things that people say. And these days, you know, especially with the current situation, you need, there are so many disturbing, you know, news that we hear almost every day. And if we keep talking about, you know, okay, this is what's happening in this country, and this is what happened in that country. He This can cause a lot of anxiety. So how do you deal with that? focus more on the remembrance of Allah and now that it's the month of Ramadan, focus more on praying Salah, especially in the night, where Buddha Baca and worship your Lord had died, to kill your pain until there comes

01:14:24--> 01:14:46

to you the certainty and what is eliakim death, because death is certain. So worship your Lord, until the very end of your life. So worshiping Allah subhanaw taala is a lifelong matter. It's not something that we do only when when we're younger, or only when we are in the month of Ramadan, but it is throughout our lives

01:14:47--> 01:14:59

surah to nahal surah for now, national is also called pseudo neerim the pseudo of blessings because many blessings of Allah subhanaw taala are mentioned in the surah

01:15:00--> 01:15:46

Remember that when Allah subhanaw taala mentions his blessings to us, it is to help us see those blessings and recognize them. Because only when a person recognizes a blessing and recognizes the giver of the blessing. This is what produces feelings of love in the heart feelings of submission and obedience towards Allah subhanaw taala. And this is what leads to sugar. This is what leads to gratitude. So it is part of the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala his blessings, that he hasn't just given us blessings and then just left us know, he has given us blessings. And he also tells us about those blessings. So that we see them, we remember them, we acknowledge them, so that we can be

01:15:46--> 01:16:41

grateful for them. And this shows us that in general also, we should mention, we should talk about the blessings of Allah, not to you know, make people feel bad, but to bring about feelings of sugar to bring about feelings of gratitude Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim at Umrah Allah He fell out a star g Lu, super Hannah who What are alarma usually Khoon the command of Allah is coming. So be not impatient for it. Exalted is He and high above what they associate with him. The command of Allah is coming, the day of judgment is coming. So be not impatient for it. Because for everything is a set time and remember, no situation in this life is permanent. It will change but how we respond to it

01:16:41--> 01:17:33

is what remains permanent. Unit zero Mullah. He gotta be Rahim in Emory he, Allah Yasha woman, everybody, and the rule and the hula ilaha illa Anna Fatah, Khun, he sends down the angels with the inspiration of his command upon whom He wills of his servants telling them, Warren that there is no deity except me. So fear me, we see that in Sunita neerim, the pseudo of blessings. The first blessing that is mentioned here is of Revelation, the Quran, the fact that Allah sends inspiration on the prophets that he chooses. So we need to understand that yes, Allah subhanaw taala he has given us many blessings. But there are certain blessings which are better than others, there is the

01:17:33--> 01:18:19

blessing of life of the fact that he created us, then there is the blessing of material things, worldly things, health, food, etc. And then there is the blessing which is for the heart, and this blessing, Revelation, guidance. This is something that's going to outlast outlive this world, meaning it is going to be a cause of permanent eternal blessings. So learn to see things as they really are. Because sometimes, you know, we we become very eager for certain worldly blessings. And we feel very proud if we have them. And if we don't have them, we pity ourselves to death. So recognize the worth the value of each blessing.

01:18:21--> 01:19:00

Call up a summer worth he will Allah will help Darla and usually Kuhn he created the heavens and earth in truth. Hi is he above what they associate with him? He created men from a sperm drop, then at once he is a clear adversary sopran a lot of people argue about everything, even about Allah subhanaw taala and the grazing livestock He has created for you or humans in them is warms from their skin and fur and wool and numerous benefits food and clothing and from them you eat. So we see that there that the blessings that Allah Hurghada has given us any

01:19:01--> 01:19:54

it's not that one blessing, that one thing one object is a blessing for us in only one way. No, these are, you know, multi purpose thing things. So for example, animals that are mentioned over here grazing livestock from them, any there's so many blessings that we enjoy, not just the food, the meat, not just the drink the milk, and not just the fur, but also, you know, leather and Guinea there's so many blessings. So sometimes we are very limited in our perception. We think that a certain thing is a blessing and only one way but you don't know in how many different ways it is a blessing for you. What are comfy had Jamal on and for you in them is the enjoyment of beauty when

01:19:54--> 01:19:59

you bring them in for the evening. And when you send them out to pasture, meaning livestock when you take

01:20:00--> 01:20:42

them out in the morning when you bring them back and they follow you. They're so obedient to you. And as you see them, just in looking at them, there's so much beauty. So we see that animals are not just for food, but they're also for beauty. You you feel like you feel a different kind of a blessing. When you have a pet and it follows you around the house, what the hamilo Earth color comb, and they carry your loads to a land you could not have reached except with the difficulty to yourselves, indeed your Lord is kind and merciful sopran Allah, one animal and so many blessings. And he created the horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride and as adornment and he creates that

01:20:42--> 01:21:27

which you do not know. Meaning he creates other means of transportation for you, which you don't know right now, because they will come later. Or meaning there are other blessings are other animals that are lost pound God has created other creatures that Allah has created and you don't even know that they exist. He Subhanallah every so often we find out about the discovery of a new species, a new kind of a frog, a new kind of an insect, any Allah has created things that we don't even know about. So when Allah subhanaw taala mentions these blessings to us, especially the blessing of animals, any What does that show us that these are blessings which we should use carefully properly.

01:21:27--> 01:21:55

And we should also be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for them, and we have to be considerate of these creatures to there for us to use not to abuse. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said right on these animals when they're healthy, and leave them healthy also meaning don't use them to a point that they are any emaciated and they are, you know, completely destroyed. And don't make them chairs for yourself that you make them stand and you sit on them

01:21:56--> 01:22:42

and upon Allah is the direction of the right way. And among the various paths are those deviating and if he will, he could have guided you all. It is he who sends down rain from the sky from it his drink and from it is foliage in which you pasture animals, he causes to grow for you thereby the crops olives, palm trees, grape vines and from all the fruits. Indeed and that is a sign for people who give thought again, so many different blessings resulting from what from one thing rain and he has subjected for you the night and they and the sun and the moon and the stars. All are subjected by his command. Musa Han autumn be Omri indeed in that are Signs for people who reason. So we see

01:22:42--> 01:23:12

that stars you need the sun, the moon, all of these celestial bodies up in the sky. These are not independent of Allah subhanaw taala they are Musa hora to be Omri. They're subjected to his command, just as we are. So the stars any they don't determine our fate. stars are assigned for us a means of navigation on Earth, but they don't indicate our future to us. So horoscopes etc, remember these are not from Islam.

01:23:13--> 01:24:02

And he has subjected whatever he multiplied for you on the earth of varying colors. Indeed and that is a sign for people who remember and Subhanallah because it is spring right now mean we can see different colors in trees in plants in grass. And it is he who subjected the see for you Subhana Allah See also has been subjected for us how so that people we are able to sail on it, we are able to dive into it, we're able to make use of it even though the sea is so massive to eat from it's tender meats. So people we are able to fish and eat that meat and to extract from it ornaments which you wear pearls. And you see the ships plowing through it. And he subjected it that you may seek of

01:24:02--> 01:24:43

his bounty, you're able to travel from one place to another coast to coast and perhaps you will be grateful. So this is something we need to think about being able to travel, being able to go overseas, whether it is for business, or it is for making money, or it is for you know meeting people, any these are all blessings of a lot that unfortunately, a lot of us take for granted. And now that we're not able to travel around and now that you know the economy is getting affected. This is when you know we're getting pinched. So this is the time to humble ourselves before Allah subhanaw taala and show even more gratitude. We need to thank Allah subhanaw taala even for the

01:24:43--> 01:25:00

pearls that we were well unconfident or the are aware See, and he has cast into the earth firmly set mountains, lest it shift with you and made rivers and roads that you may be guided meaning through the earth so that you're able

01:25:00--> 01:25:43

To reach different places on earth, meaning there's natural pathways, natural roads, so that people are able to explore different places reach different places, and landmarks so that people can navigate through the earth, they know where they are. And by the stars, they're also guided. So on Earth, you need there are landmarks landmarks, so that people have a sense of where they are. And if they feel completely lost, like, for example, in the open desert where there is no mountain or tree, then how do you figure out which direction you're going and look up into the sky at night, and the stars will tell you. So, honey, it's amazing mountains and oceans, and any rivers and pathways, you

01:25:43--> 01:26:33

know, gorgeous, and even stars, all of these massive creatures are subservient to Allah subhanaw taala so the question is, what about you and I? What are we doing? FMA Yo, loco kamalaya? Look, I found out other Cameroon. That is He who creates like one who does not create, so will you not be reminded? And if you should count the favors of Allah, you could not enumerate them. Why? Because within every object are multiple blessings, multiple usages, multiple benefits for us. So then, how could we ever list even the number of blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us I remember once in a in a class, we came up with the idea that we will count we will list the blessings that

01:26:33--> 01:27:22

are mentioned in the surah and I tried to do that and honestly, I couldn't because there were so many every I I would get stuck. I will try to go faster, but I couldn't go faster. Because within every verse that is mentioned in the sutra, there is multiple blessings. So what interra do near Matala, he laughter So her you cannot count them. So Allah subhanaw taala does not ask us to count the blessings. What he wants from us is gratitude for blessings in the Lahore folder, Rahim Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, will love ooyala mama to see Runa mama totally known, and Allah knows what you conceal and what you declare, he knows all of your sins, yet he keeps giving you when

01:27:22--> 01:27:49

levena de una min Daniela, and those they invoke other than Allah, they create nothing, and they themselves are created. So we see that all of these blessings are mentioned over here. Why? So that we recognize the perfection of the Creator. We recognize his generosity, and we recognize the fact that he is one there is in reality, only one God, not multiple gods

01:27:51--> 01:28:37

and worten are here they are, in fact dead, not alive, and they do not perceive when they will be resurrected. So anything that is worshipped besides Allah, ne it is creation, it is created by Allah. And we see that they are dead end they're lifeless. Or if they're given life right now, they will eventually become dead. So why would you dedicate worship to them? ILA who Camila who were head, your God is one God, but those who do not believe in the hereafter. Their hearts are disapproving. And they're arrogant. They don't want to accept the oneness of God. They are persistent, very arrogant about believing in multiple gods. assuredly, Allah knows what they

01:28:37--> 01:29:21

conceal. And what they declare, indeed, he does not like the arrogance. This is arrogance towards Allah soprano Tada. And Allah does not like arrogant people. Even people do not like arrogant individuals. So if we want Allah to love us, we have to get rid of his thick bar. And when it is said to them, what has your Lord sent down? They say legends of the former people's stuff that Allah when they're asked about the Quran, that what is the Quran? They say it is just stories. That's it, but as the Quran really all stories, no, it is not. It is way more than stories and even if there are stories in the Quran, or the just legends, no, these are true stories, real stories that are

01:29:21--> 01:29:59

mentioned in the previous scriptures as well. So it's factual. And these stories are not just for entertainment, they're for lesson. So these are legends. These are in the Quran is more than just stories. So they say that the Quran is legends of the former peoples. This is the response of those people who don't understand what the Quran is. This is why they don't value it and by such statements, what do they do? They go astray, and they lead others astray. So it is said that they may bear their own burdens and full on the Day of Judgment, and some of the burdens of those whom they misguide.

01:30:00--> 01:30:49

without knowledge, why, because the person who calls others to error will have to carry the burden of their sin also, not just his own sin, but their sin also, unquestionably evil is that which they bear, those before them had already plotted. But Allah came at their building from the foundations. So the roof fell upon them from above them, and the punishment came to them from where they did not even perceive, meaning the people who plotted against the truth, what happened, they became victims of their own plots. The punishment came upon them at a time, and from a place. When they were they felt very secure. Then on the Day of Resurrection, he will disgrace them and say, Where are my

01:30:49--> 01:31:34

partners for whom you use to oppose the believers? Those who were given knowledge will say, indeed, disgrace this day and evil are upon the disbelievers. Who are they? They're the ones whom the angels taken death, while wronging themselves and who then offer submission all their life, they were committing injustice, they were committing sin. And then when they see the angels at the time of death, they play all innocent. So they offer submission, saying, we were not doing any evil. But yes, indeed, Allah is Knowing of what you used to do, you can't lie. So enter the gates of hell to abide eternally they're in and how wretched is the residents of the arrogant, how wretched.

01:31:35--> 01:32:27

Remember, we see these verses, that the punishment for a criminal begins from the moment of death onwards, and this is mentioned in Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, that when the angels come to take the soul of an evil person, they, they say, Come out, or impure soul that inhabited an impure body come out, blameworthy, and congratulations, because you will be receiving boiling water, and Parul and matter and other forms of punishment. And this has continued to be said, until the soul leaves the body. So remember, death is not termination. It is not termination, it is not resting. No, this is now the beginning of a new life, in which there is either punishment or reward.

01:32:27--> 01:33:15

So remember, with death, punishment begins, just as you know, people are you know, we are in the world, but we feel the heat of the sun, the sun is miles away. And just like that, when a person is in the grave, and if they're worthy of punishment, the heat of hell will reach them. So the punishment will reach them even before they enter hell. Wonder Yeah, the Billa were clearly Lavina taco, and it will be set to those who feared Allah, mother ends a lot of book home. What did your Lord send down? When they're asked? What is your opinion of the Quran, they say that which is good call to hire. Ah, the Quran is all good. For those who do good in this world is good, meaning Allah,

01:33:15--> 01:33:36

Allah will bless them with good things in this life. Allah will bless them with a man and other blessings. And the home of the Hereafter is better. And how excellent is the home of the righteous gardens of perpetual residents, which they will enter beneath which rivers flow they will have their in whatever they wish, Thus does Allah reward the righteous.

01:33:37--> 01:34:27

So we see here, that the reward for righteous servant begins from the moment of death, as it is mentioned in the next idea, and leadin at our fellow human mela iica totally been the ones on the angels taken death being good and pure. The angels will say, peace be upon you enter paradise for what you used to do for what you used to do. So we learned that a righteous person when the angels of death come to Him, they say, yeah, a year to an absolute, they say, Come out also and so welcome. Oh, good soul that lived in a good body, enter praise worthy and receive the good news of mercy and fragrance and a lord who was not angry and this has continued to be said, until the soul leaves the

01:34:27--> 01:35:00

body. And in the Quran we learn. Yeah, a year to have enough Sugimoto, my inner ear Ruggieri. Illa Allah be Kira Leah to model the year for the holy theory body where the Holy jannetty The good news is given at the time of death and the reward begins from that moment onwards and this will be perfected were in Jeanette are the in gardens of perpetual residents and what kind of places that it is a place where they will have whatever they desire, whatever they wish for. The thing is as human beings

01:35:00--> 01:35:43

We really have too many wishes and he our desires are endless. And this world is such that you need this is a place where our desires cannot be fulfilled, they can never be fulfilled because you cannot get everything you want over here. But there is one place where all desires will be fulfilled and that place is Janna with a comfy hammer touch tea and fossil comb, you will have in general whatever that your souls desire, while a comfy hammock or their own you will have in general whatever the to ask for. And remember that in general, there is no waiting even meaning just when a person wishes for something desires for something before even he makes a request for it places an

01:35:43--> 01:35:49

order the wish will be fulfilled in this world what happens you can skip the dishes but you have to wait for the delivery.

01:35:50--> 01:36:21

In general we learn that a person will wish to eat a bird and he will immediately find it in his hand prepared and cut up even cut up carved so that any there's no effort now that the person has to exert he just has to enjoy instantly. In another Hadees we learned that one of the people of general will ask Allah to allow him to farm to cultivate the land. Last part I will ask him what are you not living in the pleasures that you like? Meaning Why do you need to you know

01:36:22--> 01:36:34

have plants and agriculture any Why don't you have everything that you need? He will say yes but I like to farm I like to cultivate the land you know some people that just love gardening

01:36:35--> 01:37:17

I like for example there's you know enough food Mashallah that is available, you produce but still people like to grow their own tomatoes and you know, vegetables etc. So, in general also person will wish for that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when the person will be put will be allowed, he will sow the seeds, and plants will grow and become ripe, ready for picking, and so on until they will be as huge as mountains within a moment. Hennie, the harvest will be so much within a moment. In this life, what happens if you plan something and then you have to take care of it, you have to work on it every single day. And then finally, after many weeks, sometimes many months and

01:37:17--> 01:37:57

sometimes many years, then you'll see the harvest. So, a person in general, and he will wish to farm and immediately when he will start he will see the results right away. So there is no waiting and Jenna, we learn that when a believer will want a child in Jannah, he will enter the child will be conceived and born and grown up in a short while according to his desire. In this life, what happens, people have to sometimes go through fertility treatment, and then they have to wade through the pregnancy. And then finally the child is born. And then the first few months are so difficult. And then eventually when the child is able to sit up, you know, respond to you, then you start

01:37:57--> 01:38:44

enjoying that cute stage. But then very quickly as a child begins to crawl and get into your stuff and then you know then there is another challenge. So panela So in general, remember, every single wish will be fulfilled, whatever that wish is. So this is why we should aim for agenda because you see a lot punctata says De La Nina Sanofi had he dunia Hassan, for those who do good in this life will be good. However, when Adele irati hide, the home of the Hereafter is better. So don't just aim for, you know, worldly blessings. Don't just ask for that. ask Allah subhanaw taala for permanent blessings in the home of the Hereafter, which is better than it has said, do the disbelievers await

01:38:44--> 01:39:22

anything except that the angels should come to them, or there comes the command of your Lord. Thus did those do before them and Allah wronged them not. But they had been ragging themselves. So they were struck by the evil consequences of what they did, and were enveloped by what they used to ridicule. And those who associate others with Allah say, If Allah had willed, We would not have worshiped anything other than Him, neither we nor our forefathers, nor would we have forbidden anything through other than him again, they blame Allah. And remember, we discussed this earlier that just because Allah subhanaw taala has allowed something, it doesn't mean that he approves of

01:39:22--> 01:39:59

it. He has given freedom to people as a test to see what they will choose to do. So don't blame Allah for your choices. Thus did those do before them they presented similar excuses. So is there upon the messengers except the duty of clear notification, and we certainly sent into every nation a messenger saying, worship Allah and avoid bah hoot, and among them were those whom Allah guided, and among them were those upon whom error was deservedly decreed. So proceed through the earth and observe how was the end of the deniers, even if you should strive for their guidance in detail

01:40:00--> 01:40:40

law does not guide those he sends a stray and they will have no helpers. So, if we want guidance, we have to take the first step, we have to desire that guidance, we have to ask for it. Because some people you know, they look at such verses and they say what is my fault? Or what is such and such person's fault if Allah does not want to guide them? No, Allah has offered guidance to everybody. And he This is why he created people on fitrah. He has put all of these signs he has given all of these blessings, he has revealed scripture as he has sent prophets, he has offered guidance. Now it is up to you whether you accept or not. So, if you turn away, then Allah is not going to force a

01:40:40--> 01:41:30

person to be guided. And they swear by Allah, their strongest odds that Allah will not resurrect one who dies, any there are people who, who are so strong, so adamant about their disbelief, they're so confident in their denial. But yes, meaning why would Allah not resurrect, he will resurrect the dead, it is a true promise binding upon him, but most of the people do not know it is. So he will make clear to them the truth of that wherein they differ. And so those who have disbelieved may know that there were liars, indeed our word to a thing, when we intended, it is sorry, indeed, our word to a thing, when we intend it is but that we say to it be and it is gone fire code in it, this is

01:41:30--> 01:42:13

how easy it is, for Allah subhanaw taala. And those who emigrated for the cause of Allah, after they had been wronged, we will surely settle them in the world in a good place. So this shows that when a person sacrifices something for the sake of Allah, that sacrifice is temporary, you need that separation from what you like, is momentary, because Allah subhanaw taala, will replace it with something better, this is his promise, but the reward of the Hereafter is greater, if only they could know that is the real reward. And that is what we should be aiming for. You see, for example, if a person is fasting, when you're fasting, you're not able to eat, but what does that mean? Are

01:42:13--> 01:42:58

you never gonna be able to eat again, no, you break your fast, and then with a little bit of food that you eat, you feel so satisfied, you feel so good, you feel so nourished, that hamdulillah And just like that, when a person leaves something for the sake of Allah, Allah will not leave them empty handed. This is any how almost puntata has, has created the the creation, right? We see that for example, when a child is born, the umbilical cord is cut off, and that umbilical cord was the one source of his Yanni sustenance. But then after the child is born, the child is given the mother's milk and he doubled supply now. And then when the child is no longer able to have the

01:42:58--> 01:43:36

mother's milk, then there's food and there is drink, there's solids and there is liquids and there is different flavors. So again the food, the food sources are multiplied. And then when a person leaves this world, then remember that for Jenna, Allah has made eight gates. So, anything that is taken away from you, remember, what you get will be doubled, it will be doubled. But for that a person must have a man and duck or an SSN and do what is within their capacity. So when a general authority Akbar, low can we are alone, if only they knew

01:43:38--> 01:44:24

levina suburu were allowed to be him yet our cologne there are those who endured patiently and upon their Lord, they relied Subhana Allah sobor and tawakkol this is necessary. You see, any sometimes when a person gives up something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala it is painful. And over that pain, a person needs something. And then there is fear that what if what if I don't have anything in the future now, so for that you need to work cool, you need reliance on Allah subhanaw taala that if Allah gave me before, he will give me again, I don't need to fear and you know, there's different types of original one which is for those who you know, leave a city a place like the Muslims left

01:44:24--> 01:45:00

MCI and they went to Medina, that is original, but then there is another digital also a minor hedra which is to leave something sinful to leave what is unlawful, like for example, a bad habit? And yes, it is scary. It is frightening, it is painful, but the results are worth it. and lettino suburu were allowed or Bohemia to work alone. They put their trust in Allah and we sent not before you except men to whom we revealed our message. So ask the people of the message if you do not know And who are they? It

01:45:00--> 01:45:32

As the people who have the scripture bill by here it was zoobel. We sent them with clear proofs and written ordinances. And we reveal to you the message meaningful Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we revealed the Quran to you. Why? That you may make clear to the people what was sent down to them, and that they might give thought. So we see here that Allah subhanaw taala revealed the Quran to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and also instructed him to show people how to follow it

01:45:33--> 01:46:17

lead to obey Hina leanness, his responsibility was to clarify to the people how to follow the Quran. And how did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam do that? He explained it through his words through his actions through his approvals, etc. And so the explanation of the Quran is in the Hadees, it is in the statements in the actions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because after all, he was the embodiment of the Quran. So we cannot correctly understand the Quran simply by looking at the word meanings of the text. No, we have to see how the Prophet sallallahu where it is that I'm explained how the Prophet sallallahu has acted upon it. One is that a person interprets the Quran

01:46:17--> 01:47:03

based on you know, their own understanding, okay, Masha Allah, you may be very knowledgeable, you may have a lot of, you know, experience, you may be very well read, you may have a lot of knowledge of Arabic language, etc. Excellent. But who is more knowledgeable of the Quran? You are the messenger sallallahu Are you a seller? You see, the person who was given the Quran is more knowledgeable of the Quran than we are. So this is why we cannot give preference to our opinions over the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When it comes to the matters of the religion, remember, this was his duty, this was his obligation to make the message clear to the

01:47:03--> 01:47:04


01:47:05--> 01:47:47

So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when it is something to do with your worldly affairs, you know best about it. But when it is the matter of religion, then refer to me, then do those who have planned evil deeds feel secure, that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them, or that the punishment will not come upon them from where they do not even perceive, or that he would not sees them during their usual activity. And they could not cause failure, they could not escape them, or that he would not seize them gradually, in a state of dread, where there's gradual decline, where something dreadful is coming closer and closer and closer as you see it. And he This

01:47:47--> 01:48:27

is so scary. You see, there was a day when we heard all there is a new virus. And then we heard Oh, there's so many people now were infected. And then we heard that, oh, it's reached such and such country. And then we heard all there's a lockdown in such and such country. And then we know there's a lockdown where we are also Guinea it's getting closer and closer and closer. This is where we ask Allah subhanaw taala for protection, or that he would not seize them gradually. But indeed your Lord is kind and merciful. This is why we should make draw oligomer in the rules to become Enzo. Well in arithmetic, what the How will your Aafia tick, were Fujairah teeny aquatic? Would you marry sahab

01:48:27--> 01:49:09

like that, Oh Allah, I seek your protection from the decline of your blessings and, and your protection, and I seek your refuge that your protection of me is changed and the suddenness of your punishment and all that which displeases you. Have they not considered what things Allah has created, their shadows incline to the right and to the left prostrating to Allah, while they are humble, and to Allah prostrates whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is, and whatever is on the earth of creatures and the angels as well. And they're not arrogant. So we see that sajida Kenny, this is something that the entire creation does, all of them prostrate to Allah. And if people don't

01:49:09--> 01:49:54

prostrate to Allah, their shadows humbled themselves before Allah subhanaw taala. So, what should you do? What should we do? We should also make sense though, in fact, such that is one of the most beloved actions near Allah subhanaw taala, one of the companions asked that which deed is most loved by Allah and the Prophet sallallahu. Earlier Selim said, are they can be castrati sujood that make frequent prostrations to Allah for you will not make a single such without it, raising you a degree and removing a sin from you because of it, meaning for every such that your level is raised, and your sin is erased. The angels who are not arrogant before Allah, how are they they fear their Lord

01:49:54--> 01:50:00

above them, and they do what they're commanded. So these are the angels and this is why when

01:50:00--> 01:50:51

We recite this idea or when we listen to its recitation, we should also make such that such stuff to our to be among those who are humble before Allah. And Allah has said, Do not take for yourselves two days and if two is not allowed, this means more than two is not allowed either. Why? Because he is but one God, so fear only me, and To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth. And to him is do you worship constantly, then is it other than Allah that you fear? Why am I becoming near Metin Femina law, and whenever you have a favor, it is from Allah. Then, when adversity touches you, to him, You cry for help Subhana Allah, in blessings, you forget Allah, and in difficulty you scream

01:50:51--> 01:51:34

out to him, then when he removes the adversity from you, at once a party of you associates others with their Lord, meaning you begin giving credit to so many different people and medication and systems etc. and you forget that it is aligned reality you protected you who saved you who brought you out of this difficulty. So they will deny what we have given them. They won't even recognize the giver, then enjoy yourselves for you are going to know this is a threat. And they assign to what they do not know a portion of that which we have provided them by Allah, you will surely be questioned about what you use to invent this is what they dedicated to their idols who have no

01:51:34--> 01:52:18

reality whatsoever. And they attribute to Allah daughter is Exalted is He and for them is what they desire. And when one of them is informed of the birth of a female, his face becomes dark covered and gloom and he suppresses grief, he hides himself from the people, because of the ill of which he has been informed. Should he keep it in humiliation, or bury it in the ground. unquestionably evil is what they decide, as the ferula any this is the this was, you know the behavior of some people amongst the Arabs, that they would assign daughters to Allah subhanaw taala they would say the angels are Allah's daughters, but they never want to daughters for themselves. If any of them had a

01:52:18--> 01:53:01

daughter, he would be instantly upset and embarrassed, and he would think about it he should I keep this daughter alive or should I kill her. This is what they would debate. This is what they would think. And this attitude is being condemned over here that do not dislike daughters. Remember, the believer loves the gift that Allah subhanaw taala has given him the believer is pleased and happy with the decreed of Allah with the decree of Allah and having a daughter is not something disgraceful. In fact, it is a privilege because there are so many virtues associated with raising daughters. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said do not dislike daughters led to cruel

01:53:01--> 01:53:43

Burnett do not dislike them. And some people any they give preference to their sons over their daughters even in treatment. So in a Hadees, we learn whoever has a female child, and he does not kill her, does not disrespect her. He does not treat her poorly, and does not favor his son over her than Allah will make him enter Jannah. For those who do not believe in the Hereafter, is the description of evil meaning what terrible things they do, and for Allah is the highest attribute and he is Exalted in Might the wise and if Allah were to impose blame on the people for their wrongdoing, he would not have left upon the earth any creature, but he defers them for a specified

01:53:43--> 01:53:50

term, and when their term has come, they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they proceed it. So we see that because of

01:53:51--> 01:54:37

because of oppression, people become worthy of punishment. Valeria Billa Allahumma in nanus, Luca raffia. And we see that if people were punished for the wrongs that they do in this world, the creation, any Not a single creature would remain alive on Earth. So we see that a man once said that indeed, the oppressor only harms himself, a Buddha, it'll be a lot more on who he said this is wrong. A bird in its nest, dies because of the oppression of the oppressor, meaning the effects of injustice are far reaching, they go beyond the oppressor. So there are many who suffer because of law. This is why we should keep seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. And they attribute to

01:54:37--> 01:54:59

Allah, that which the dislike meaning the dislike daughters for themselves, but they attribute that to Allah, and their tongues assert the lie, that they will have the best from him. assuredly, they will have the fire and they will be there in neglected left and abandoned by Allah. We did certainly send messengers to nations before you but shame on made their deeds attractive to them, and he

01:55:00--> 01:55:28

The disbelievers ally today as well, and they will have a painful punishment, he will be their ally because they obeyed Him. And we have not revealed to you the book except for you to make clear to them, that where they have differed and as guidance and mercy for people who believe, and Allah has sent down rain from the sky, and given life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness indeed, and that is a sign for people who listen, you see sound, the sound of rain is heard.

01:55:29--> 01:56:03

And indeed, for you in grazing livestock is a lesson we give you drink from what is in their bellies, between excretion and blood, pure milk palatable to drinkers any amazing. The other any, it's all fat, flesh, blood. And yet there is milk coming out, and that milk is white, and it's any it's in, it's coming out from the cow and inside of the cow, there is so much other stuff. And there is no traces of that excrement or blood in the milk, it's so white, so proud of It's a miracle,

01:56:04--> 01:56:47

we see that there is no food, that suffices better than milk, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, I know nothing that suffices in place of food and drink, except for milk. This is why there is reward for giving milk to others any as a gift or as a charity. This is one of the best things that that a person can give in a heartbeat aren't the three things are not to be returned. a pillow, meaning bedding, perfume, and milk, we learned that we know that if somebody gives you a perfume, you don't reject it. But we also in the same Hadeeth has mentioned milk and bedding also, any if that gift is given, you don't refuse it. We also learned that whoever gives a gift of silver or a

01:56:47--> 01:57:28

gold or gives milk to someone to drink than it is as though he said a slave free SubhanAllah. And he This is a form of charity that many of us are unaware of. And so we should make it a point that wherever we are able to, you know donate milk to people who cannot afford it children, you know who are malnourished, and he makes sure that you contribute in this regard also, because remember that freeing a slave any, it is a way of freeing yourself from hell. And this is an opportunity that we don't have today. So we should make use of this opportunity and give milk to people who are unable to afford it. Or even if people are able to afford it if you're able to, for example, do someone's

01:57:28--> 01:58:12

groceries and you know you pay for the milk. So this is one of the best gifts that you can give someone one of the best forms of sadaqa. And on drinking milk we have been taught to do we should say Allahumma baddeck and IV he was even I mean who that Oh Allah bless us in it and in an increase it for us. And from the fruits of the palm trees and grape vines, you take intoxicant and good provision. And he This is what you do. Indeed, and that is a sign for people who reason? Well, hello Booker, Elena Hill, and your Lord inspired to be meaning Allah is the one who trained the honeybee and what did the honeybee do, it's working away so obedient, what is the command that Allah gave to

01:58:12--> 01:58:58

the bee, take for yourself among the among the mountains, houses, and among the trees and then that which they sorry, take for yourself among the mountains, houses, meaning make your house where somewhere up in the mountains, and also among the trees, and in that which they construct meaning in, in the buildings that people make. So first, the hive should be at the right place, it should be secure, then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down for you and we see that the honeybee does not fly at random, it flies in a very particular way. So its flight is also determined by Allah. There emerges from their bellies a drink varying in colors, in which there is

01:58:58--> 01:59:20

healing for people honey, indeed and that is a sign for people who give thought amazing such a tiny body and this honeybee does such amazing work which is only possible at the inspiration of Allah soprano Tara. You see, we learn that honey bees must gather nectar from 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey.

01:59:22--> 02:00:00

And one bee has to fly about 90,000 miles which is basically the distance of three times around the globe to make one pound of honey. And the average bee will only make around 112 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. You just think about that. 112 of a teaspoon. That's the honey that one bee will make in its entire life. It visits 50 to 100 flowers during the collection trip. And any it can fly so fast. So Pamela, such a tiny creature working so hard and making all of this honey why we see that

02:00:00--> 02:00:21

Bees actually make more honey than they need. And this shows us that they make this honey for who for us, fee shifa leanness in it is healing for people. It will help him set that honey is food, it is medication, it is drink, it is sweet dessert, it is ointment and it is delightful.

02:00:22--> 02:01:05

We learned that in Hades healing is in three things drinking honey, the glass of the copper meaning cupping, and culturalization with fire but the Prophet sallallahu already said I'm forbade that, indeed and that is a sign for people will give thought Kenny learn from the honeybee from its work. And we learn in Hades that the believer is like the honeybee that it does not eat anything except what is good and it doesn't produce anything except what is good. And it's also a very careful meaning when it eats when it takes you know, for example pollen or nectar or whatever that it eats from flowers. And he when it lends it does not break the flower and it does not ruin it in any way.

02:01:05--> 02:01:42

So, this is how a believer should be use, but do not abuse right use carefully be ethical. So we see that cattle produce milk. And then what people make is mentioned that from the different fruits people make, that is Cunha Santa good provision and also intoxicants. And then the honeybee is mentioned that the honeybee produces honey. So the question is what what is it that we are producing with the resources that are lost puntata has given us how useful are we for the people? What is it that we are making? Or are we just consuming, consuming and producing nothing.

02:01:43--> 02:02:27

The honeybee is so useful that the Prophet sallallahu Urdu sent him actually forbade the killing of bees. So if a honeybee any if you're scared of it, then move away, but don't kill the poor bee. And Allah created you, then he will take you in depth. And among you is He who was reversed to the most decrepit old age, so that he will not know after having had knowledge a thing. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and competent, any, in old age sometimes because of dementia, for example, a person cannot remember anything. So they're completely dependent on others after having so much independence, they're financially dependent, they're physically dependent, they're mentally dependent. And he and

02:02:27--> 02:03:05

this is something that we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from. And if ever we see someone in a state like that someone, sometimes our loved ones are suffering from a state like this, then we should treat them with a lot of mercy. And we should pray for them rather hungama that Allah have mercy on them. And Allah has favored some of you over others in provision, sometimes within one family. There is such a huge difference. Some people are so wealthy and others are not. But those who were favored would not hand over their provision to those whom their right hands possess, so they will be equal to them they're in then is it the favor of Allah they reject any as people you

02:03:05--> 02:03:46

would not want those who are lesser than you financially to be completely equal to you? This is not something that you would accept. So then why is it that you put the creation at the level of the Creator and Allah has made for you from yourselves mates, and has made for you from your mates, sons and grandchildren, and has provided for you from the good things that in false hood do they believe and in the favor of Allah de disbelieve? Subhana Allah, any spouses are mentioned over here the fact that you have your children through your spouse's. And this shows us that we must value any A man must value and be and be appreciative and be grateful for his wife. Sometimes what happens is that,

02:03:46--> 02:04:33

you know, people love their children, but they mistreat their wife, people love their grandchildren, but they mistreat their daughter in law, any How is it that you love these children but you don't love the source from where the children came? The the very place where the child was born from uni was was developed, in how is it that you love the child, but you love you dislike the mother of the child and their worship besides Allah, that which does not possess for them the power of provision from the heavens and the earth at all. And in fact, they're unable, so do not assert similarities to Allah. Indeed, Allah knows and you do not know so do not go on describing Allah as you please. And

02:04:33--> 02:04:59

don't set up equals to him. Allah presents an example a slave who is owned and unable to do a thing and he to whom we have provided from us good provision. So he spends from it secretly and publicly, can they be equal Praise to Allah Alhamdulillah but most of them do not know any of this is the difference between people of different social status, then there is a huge difference between the creator and the creation

02:05:00--> 02:05:02

So how could you worship the creation?

02:05:03--> 02:05:45

And Allah presents an example of two men, one of them mute and unable to do a thing. While he is a burden to his guardian, wherever he directs him, he brings no good. Is he equal to the one who commands justice while he's on a straight path? Is there any similarity? Is there any gaming candidate to be the same? They're not. And to Allah belongs the unseen aspects of the heavens and the earth. And the command for the hour is not, but as a glance of the eye or even nearer, because sometimes the glance also takes a moment. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent, and Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mother, as the womb is mentioned here, not knowing a thing, and

02:05:45--> 02:06:29

he made for you hearing and vision, which are the windows to the heart and intellect, that perhaps you would be grateful. So how can you not have regard for that womb? So, honey, this shows is that we must have respect for our mothers, and be good to them? Do they not see the birds controlled in the atmosphere of the sky, none holds them up, except Allah, indeed, and that are Signs for people who believe so look at the creation, reflect on it, and learn from it. And without all dilla horn who said that we left the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, while in a not a bird would fly in the sky, except that he would mention something to us of knowledge regarding it, meaning there was

02:06:29--> 02:07:14

reflection, and there was something to learn. So contemplate, don't just overlook these amazing things that are around you. And Allah has made for you from your homes, a place of rest of hamdulillah and made for you from the hides of the animals tents, which you find light on your day of travel, and your day of encampment, because a lot of Arabs, they were Bedouin, so they would travel around, and they would have to, you know, pack up their homes and travel with them. So these homes were or these tents were easy to take around. And from there wool, fur and hair is furnishing and enjoyment for a time when a tower and Isla hain not forever. This is why we should not get too

02:07:14--> 02:07:58

attached to the things that we have in our homes. Sometimes what happens is that we purchase a couch or something and we love it so much. And God forbid if a child spilled something on it, we get so upset. Any these things are a source of enjoyment, but they have any limits. And Allah has made for you from that which He has created shadows, and has made for you from the mountains, shelters, and has made for you garments, which protect you from the heat and garments which protect you from your enemy in battle. Thus does he complete his favor upon you that you might submit to Him. So use these blessings and show gratitude to Allah. But if they turn away, then only upon you is responsibility

02:07:58--> 02:08:40

for clear notification. They recognize the favor of Allah, then they deny it, and most of them are disbelievers. Remember, on the day of judgment, we will be asked for aina Shakur with Alec, where is the gratitude for this? When Allah Allah gave you all of these things? What did you do, and mentioned the day when we will resurrect from every nation a witness, then it will not be permitted to the disbelievers to apologize or make excuses, nor will they be asked to appease Allah. And when those who wronged see the punishment, it will not be lightened for them, nor will they be reprieved, they will not be pardoned, or just allowed to go away. And when those who associate others with

02:08:40--> 02:09:20

Allah see their partners, they will say, Our Lord, these are our partners to you, whom we used to invoke besides you, meaning these are the beings that we used to worship. But they will throw at them the statement indeed you are liars, meaning we never asked you to worship us. We are not gods and they will impart to Allah that day, their submission, meaning they will try to somehow try to please Allah by surrendering completely, and lost from them is what they used to invent those who disbelieved and averted others from the way of Allah, we will increase them in punishment over their punishment for what corruption they were causing, and mentioned the day when we will resurrect among

02:09:20--> 02:09:35

every nation a witness over them from themselves, and we will bring you as a witness over your nation. And we have sent down to you the book as clarification for all things and as guidance and mercy and good tidings for the Muslims

02:09:36--> 02:09:59

in the La Jolla Marbella as well as CERN, what he taught in Cordoba when her an infection he will moon curry will barely hear a local law law come to the Quran. Indeed, Allah orders, justice and good conduct and giving to the relatives. This idea is the most comprehensive I have the Koran. Three commands are given and three, four

02:10:00--> 02:10:44

submissions are given, the three commands are what first of all Allah orders you to do, or to be just and this is referring to the obligations, meaningful fill your obligations, because that is what maintains justice and balance. If only one person is fulfilling their duty, and the other is not doing their part, then there won't be any justice there won't be balanced. So our other justice is that each person focuses on their obligations and fulfills them. And then his son, your son, is to do the recommended deeds, meaning what is preferable, even though it may not be obligatory. And when people focus on Exxon, then this compensates for where they have fallen short in their

02:10:44--> 02:11:26

obligations, or for where others have fallen short in their obligations. So do Exxon. And then specifically eata, a little quarterback give to the relatives, and out of all the ways in which you could be good to your relatives, especially spend on them, give them show them favor, because charity begins from those who are closest to you. So give them something and when you will give them something then Allah subhanaw taala will bless you in your wealth as well in your life as well. The thing is, we find it easy to give gifts to our friends, but when it comes to relatives, we become a little stingy there. But Allah orders us to give to our relatives. So let us obey this command of

02:11:26--> 02:12:13

Allah. And Allah forbids immorality, shameless things and bad conduct and oppression. These are things Allah does not allow. He admonishes you, that perhaps you will be reminded, will obey the law either Hatoum and fulfill the covenant of Allah when you have taken it, and do not break Olds after their confirmation. While you have made Allah over you a witness, Indeed, Allah knows what you do. So do not take false oaths, just to get some benefits, and do not be like she like the woman who untwisted her spun thread after it was strong. There was a woman, it is said that she had some, you know, mental issue. So all night long, she would spin the wheel and make yarn and in the morning,

02:12:13--> 02:12:55

she would break it all up, Kenny, sometimes people undo their own work, they destroy their own work. Instead of building one another. Sometimes people bring each other down. Any as individuals, people do this, that they have worked so hard for something, and then they destroy their own work, because they're very angry. So person is very upset, and they take their computer and throw it down any let's train expression of anger. So don't Don't be so foolish that you destroy your own work with your own hands. And then sometimes, as groups when people are working together, any, we should be supportive of each other not that one is working so hard, and the other is working hard to bring him

02:12:55--> 02:13:38

down, build each other up, don't bring don't bring each other down. Taking your olts as means of deceit between you because one community is more plentiful in number or wealth than another community, Allah only tries you thereby and He will surely make clear to you on the Day of Resurrection that over which we used to differ. And if Allah had willed, He could have made you have one religion, but he causes to stray whom He wills, and guides whom He wills, and you will surely be questioned about what you use to do. And do not take your old as means of deceit between you meaning don't swear oaths to deceive others or take unfair advantages. Why? Because then yes, you will

02:13:38--> 02:14:22

suffer you're the sin of your crime. But there is another impact of this, lest a foot slip after it was once firm, meaning now there will be mistrust. Now that relationship is ruined. Now the person who thought you are a Muslim, and you're supposed to be honest, is now going to believe that all Muslims are dishonest, and you will taste evil in this world, for what people you for what people you divert it from the way of Allah and you would have in the hereafter a great punishment, and do not exchange the covenant of Allah for a small price. Indeed, what is with Allah is best for you, if only you could know whatever you have will end, but what Allah has is lasting, and we will surely

02:14:22--> 02:15:00

give those who were patient their reward, according to the best of what they used to do. So remember, whatever we have in this world will eventually disappear. What we deposit with Allah will remain, and the dunya is little, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam compared the likeness of this world to the hereafter. He said, it is like that of one of you dipping his finger into the sea, let him see what he brings forth. And he just to drop, this is this world compared to the hereafter. And whatever is left of this world is also very little. This is why focus on what is eternal focus on what is better. Whoever does righteousness will

02:15:00--> 02:15:42

whether male or female, because there is no gender discrimination, while he is a believer, there is a condition, we will surely cause him to live a good life, and we will surely give them their reward in the Hereafter, according to the best of what they used to do. So the one who does good is not deprived. And what is the good deed that leads to a good life in this world and in the Hereafter, it is your connection with the Quran. This is why so when you recite the Quran, first seek refuge in Allah from chez lon be expelled. Why? Because radon interferes with the recitation of the Quran so that you don't recite correctly, you don't reflect on it, you don't pay attention. And then you

02:15:42--> 02:16:22

forget about it, you don't act upon it, so that you don't recite any shaitaan is after you trying to distract you. So when you say our auto Billa, this is a way of cleansing the mouth, and this is the way of keeping shaitaan away. And if this is the case with the recitation of the Quran, then what do you think about other good deeds is shaytaan not going to try to distract you and try to, you know, corrupt it for you, so you don't benefit from it that much. This is why it's necessary that we keep asking Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from the evil of shape on. Indeed, there is for him no authority over those who have believed and rely upon their Lord. So when you say, when you say are

02:16:22--> 02:17:06

rubella, this is a way of putting your trust, placing your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. His authority is only over those who take him as an ally. And those who through him associate others with Allah initiate upon does not have power over those who remember Allah shaitan has power over those who abandon the remembrance of Allah. And when we substitute a verse in place of a verse, And Allah is most knowing of what he sends down, they say you are but an inventor of lies, but most of them do not know. Say, the pure spirit has brought it down from your Lord, in truth, to make firm those who believe and as guidance and good tidings to the Muslims. So the Quran is rule. It is food

02:17:06--> 02:17:25

for the room. And the angel who has brought it is also rule headquarters. And we certainly know that they say it is only a human being who teaches the Prophet. And there were people who said that there was there were some non Arab, you know, slaves in Makkah, for whom the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had learned to all of this,

02:17:26--> 02:18:08

tell them the tongue of the one who they refer to as foreign, meaning they barely know Arabic And this Quran isn't a clear Arabic language, so eloquent, how is it possible? Indeed, those who do not believe in the verses of Allah, Allah will not guide them, and for them as a painful punishment, they only invent falsehood, who do not believe in the verses of Allah, and it is those who are the liars, whoever disbelieves in Allah after his belief, except for one who is forced to renounce his religion, while his heart is secure, and faith. Any only verbal only external, in the heart is still a man. But those who willingly open their chest to disbelief upon them is wrath from Allah, and for

02:18:08--> 02:18:50

them is a great punishment. That is because they prefer the worldly life over the Hereafter, and that Allah does not guide the disbelieving people. So we see the huge mistake that some people make where they prefer worldly life over the hereafter. And remember, when a person seeks worldly benefit, even when they're doing something good, then it's any it really is pathetic. Abdullah bin Mubarak said, How many a great deed is reduced to nothing because of ill intention? Any because the intention is bad, something that was so rewardable becomes useless. In fact, it becomes a source of punishment. Because we're in normally equilibrium manner, each person will get what they intend.

02:18:51--> 02:19:37

Those are the ones over whose hearts and hearing and vision Allah has sealed, and it is those who are the heedless, assuredly, it is they in the hereafter who will be the losers than indeed your Lord, to those who emigrated after they had been compelled, and thereafter fought for the cause of a lion were patient, indeed your Lord after that is Forgiving and Merciful, on the day when every soul will come disputing for itself and every soul will be fully compensated for what it did, and they will not be wronged. sopran Allah each person will fight for itself on that day. And Allah presents an example a city which was safe and secure. Amina tan multimonitor notice Amman, security safety is

02:19:37--> 02:19:59

mentioned before intimate Nan Amman is to be safe and intimate Nan is to be satisfied because of having plenty. But safety is mentioned first, before the abundance of blessings. Because if there is no safety, people cannot enjoy what they have. They cannot be content they cannot be satisfied. So these people were safe and they were

02:20:00--> 02:20:43

secure its provision coming to it in abundance from every location mcca but it denied the favors of Allah so Allah made a tasty envelopment the clothing of hunger and fear for what they had been doing. You see, libero sell jewelry will have Libous clothing is something which is visible, it's all over you, it's your identity. So they were covered with and they became visibly poor and afraid. Why? Because of their kofun. They're in gratitude and their denial. So we should ask Allah subhanaw taala for safety. We should make Toba to Allah from our in gratitude, and we should replace our in gratitude with sugar because sugar is truly a huge blessing.

02:20:45--> 02:21:24

And there had certainly come to them a messenger from among themselves, but they denied him. So punishment overtook them while they were wrongdoers, then eat of what Allah has provided for you which is lawful and good and be grateful for the favors of Allah. If it is indeed him that you worship. He has only forbidden to you that animals blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah, but whoever is forced by necessity, neither desiring it nor transgressing its limit than Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, and do not say about what your tongues assert of untruth. This is lawful and this is unlawful meaning those meaning don't go on

02:21:24--> 02:22:06

making these claims yourself to invent falsehood about Allah. Indeed, those who invent falsehood about Allah will not succeed, it is but a brief enjoyment, and they will have a painful punishment. And to those who are Jews, we have prohibited that which we related to you before. And we did not wronged them thereby, but they were wronging themselves. And it was because of their own wrongdoing, that good things were made unlawful for them, then indeed your Lord, to those who have done wrong out of ignorance and then repent after that and correct themselves. Indeed, your Lord thereafter is Forgiving and Merciful. This is so encouraging that okay, even if a person has suffered now, because

02:22:06--> 02:22:49

of their ingratitude and because of their own wrongdoing, there's always a way back as long as you're living, you have the option of turning back to Allah, making Toba making a slur and take the example of the righteous before. Indeed, Ibrahim was a comprehensive leader. He was an oma oma is actually a nation. He's called a nation why because he was a nation on his own. He accomplished what a nation would accomplish. He was devoutly obedient to Allah inclining toward truth, and he was not of those who associate others with Allah, Shakira, Lee and Ruby. He was grateful for his favors soprano law. If you think about it, Ibrahim rightly said, I've lived a life of great difficulty,

02:22:49--> 02:23:36

great sacrifice, yet he was grateful. So gratitude does not depend on the presence of abundant blessings, or having things in your life as and when you wish. Gratitude is a disposition, it is the ability to see a lust favors in the situation that he has put you in. So he was grateful, Allah chose him and guided him to a straight path, and we gave him good in the world, and indeed in the Hereafter, he will be among the righteous, then we reveal to you to follow the religion of Ibrahim inclining toward truth, and he was not of those who associate with Allah said the Prophet sallallahu Urdu sentiments to follow his example. We have to follow his example as well. The Sabbath was only

02:23:36--> 02:24:20

appointed for those who deferred over it and what was the Sabbath, that good things were not lawful for them on a particular day on the bunny is slightly and indeed your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that over which they used to defer. invite to the way of your Lord meaning to Islam. How with hikma with wisdom, why because all people are not the same. Some people need logic. They need deep points, so call people to Allah by presenting solid evidence, wisdom, one molar little Hasina, and good instruction. So there are other people who need things that touch their heart. So use effective stories examples, encourage them by mentioning virtues and

02:24:20--> 02:24:37

rewards and giving warnings by mentioning punishment. molar little Hassan would do humility here is an argue with them in a way that is best because some people have questions they need to discuss, so discuss with them, but in the best way, don't turn it into heated arguments.

02:24:39--> 02:24:59

Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from his way and he is most knowing of who is rightly guided. And if you punish an enemy, punished with an equivalent of that with which you were harmed, meaning if you must retaliate, then retaliate fairly, don't become the aggressor, in taking revenge, but if you are patient, it

02:25:00--> 02:25:46

Better for those who are patient. So we see that there were times in the Prophet sallallahu where it is that him took revenge for the sake of Allah. But he gave preference to patients so he said nurse Viru well Hon, we will be patient we will not take revenge will spit when our sub Luca ilhabela and be patient and your patience is not but through Allah and do not grieve over them and do not be in distress over what they conspire. So sobor can only be from Allah through Allah. So ask Allah for sub because he is the one who gives it. A person can only be patient by Allah Sophie, by the ability that Allah gives, and Sabir is only Sabri any real suburb is when it is when it is done for for the

02:25:46--> 02:26:30

sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is what allows a person to be patient because they're able to put their trust in Allah, that he or Allah, I will bear this difficulty and I expect the best reward from you. Indeed, Allah is with those who fear Him and those who are doers of good in the lahoma i levena taco, one Latina who Marcy known. So if we want the help of Allah, then we need to have these qualities. We need to have cyber, we need to have patience. And specifically, we need to have Taqwa and Hassan because the one who fears Allah and obeys Allah who listens to Allah than Allah also helps him and the one who is who does ersan meaning who does good uses the blessings that

02:26:30--> 02:26:52

are lost Posada has given them they are grateful for those blessings that Allah subhanaw taala also helps them and increases those blessings for them. We lost count Allah allow us to be grateful to be patient and to be among the mercy known. I mean Subhana Allah humo the hammock eyeshadow Allah ilaha illa Anta a stone Furukawa to buoy Lake a ceremony como Rahmatullahi wa barakato

02:27:05--> 02:27:17

was a reliable initiate on urging Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim from their left completed another beautiful gestures ocular fan sister Tamia May Allah spent Allah allow us to absorb and act upon everything we have learned. I mean,

02:27:20--> 02:27:23

inshallah so I'm going to enable chat and let's have a quick review.

02:27:26--> 02:27:35

He allowed us to get him a massage I was relying on shaytani r rajim. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Chef Lisa Do you silly a muddy water look that Emily sunny of

02:27:40--> 02:27:41

ages 14.

02:28:02--> 02:28:12

Is there word by word put on translation of Yes. word by word. Current translation is available by overdub. You can check our

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online bookstore.

02:28:16--> 02:28:19

It's alpha online books.com.

02:28:21--> 02:28:26

Okay, so let's look at our review for today.

02:28:37--> 02:28:46

Yes, inshallah, we can send the link our or if you don't get it, you can just email us and we'll send it to info at alhuda us.com

02:28:50--> 02:29:05

perfume shimo perfume. Okay, so let's look at our lesson for today. Okay, so the iron numbers are not given but it's from cirtl hedger okay. And I think you all remember this story.

02:29:06--> 02:29:19

Okay and mentioned on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam when your Lord said to the angels I will create a human being out of clay from an altered black mud. Okay, so what was the first human being that was created?

02:29:23--> 02:29:24

Shahada No.

02:29:25--> 02:29:26


02:29:27--> 02:29:33

Okay, so yes, other than asylums last para Bella we see in this idea, who is he telling

02:29:34--> 02:29:37

that a human being is going to be created?

02:29:41--> 02:29:55

Yes, the angels, right. So let's inform the angels. So we learn an etiquette here. It's best to inform others who are involved, right. So last month, did he have to tell the angels

02:29:57--> 02:29:58

just gonna say

02:30:00--> 02:30:06

Fatima? No. He didn't have to tell them. But would it have affected the angels?

02:30:12--> 02:30:18

Exactly. It doesn't have to do anything. Yes, it affects the angels, right? The angels are responsible for so much the panel.

02:30:20--> 02:30:20


02:30:24--> 02:30:29

if they were not told, right, they would still have obeyed. But Subhanallah

02:30:30--> 02:30:38

it is against etiquette. Right? And what is the benefit? Good communication helps matters to go smoothly.

02:30:39--> 02:30:45

So when we let others know what's going to happen, then everyone is mentally prepared.

02:30:46--> 02:30:54

Yes, it makes one feel good as well. Right? So they're mentally prepared, and then they're ready for what is to come?

02:30:56--> 02:31:08

Yes. And then everyone, they feel responsible. They feel like they're part of the plan. Right? They're open to inshallah helping and getting things done. Right. Yeah, carry people along.

02:31:12--> 02:31:56

Yeah, they feel confident, right. And they feel respected as well, that you thought enough to inform them. So sometimes it's parents who are not informing the children. They think the kids are too young. But then the kids misbehave. And then the parents are upset that the kids misbehave, but you know what you never told them. You never told them, the guests are coming over you never told them where you're going, and what you expect for them from them. Right? So we have to inform others and then the same way children sometimes they do something after school or they go somewhere after work and they don't inform the parents. So then the parents are worried and waiting again. You know, it

02:31:56--> 02:32:01

has to be a two way street. So both sides need to inform each other.

02:32:06--> 02:32:26

And when I have proportioned him and breathed into him of my created soul, then fall down to him in prostration Okay, and then unless Mandela he commanded the angels that they should prostrate and so what do the angels do? All of them prostrated

02:32:27--> 02:32:28

and all of them.

02:32:33--> 02:32:39

Exactly they did as they were commanded. Okay, not one was left behind. So panela.

02:32:40--> 02:32:59

So the command was fall down in prostration. And they prostrated right, so they immediately responded to the command. Yes, except it lease. He refused to be with those who prostrated, right, so he did not fall down in prostration. Instead, he refused.

02:33:02--> 02:33:12

blease was a gin from the beginning, he was a gin. It's just that he worshiped a less paddles so much that his status was raised to live with the angels.

02:33:13--> 02:33:16

Okay, so Subhanallah

02:33:17--> 02:33:19

now his reality has been exposed.

02:33:24--> 02:33:48

So, uh, last time that said, Oh, Elise, what is the matter with you that you are not with those who prostrate? So then the last panel of questions at least, he sent a command. He didn't follow. So he asked him, right, so he gave him a chance. So should we be giving people chances? Or should we immediately jumped to conclusions and punishment? Subhanallah?

02:33:49--> 02:34:14

Yeah, we need to give people a chance, right? Oh, that's fine. They give you at least a chance of annaleigh. So we should also give people a chance to explain themselves before taking any action. I ask someone if they do something, whether they're someone older, younger, ask them what happened, what what went wrong? And it's possible that they had a very good excuse. Okay, but we jumped to conclusions.

02:34:15--> 02:34:17

And we didn't we never gave them a chance.

02:34:19--> 02:34:21

Yes, find out what's the matter?

02:34:22--> 02:34:43

Exactly. Then only we can do justice. Any police tells the reason which Subhanallah wasn't a very good reason. He said never would I prostrate to human who you created out of clay from an altered black mud. So these are just different the process of the clay that that it went through to get to a human being.

02:34:45--> 02:34:59

Yes, it was made out of fire. Exactly. So his arrogance showed right all this time. What did everyone think that he is so pious. He is extremely pious.

02:35:00--> 02:35:06

And all he does all day is please Allah subhanaw taala. And then one thing came in his way.

02:35:09--> 02:35:14

Yes, one thing came in his way. And then Subhan Allah, He showed his true colors.

02:35:16--> 02:35:22

Right? This is why he was put in this test, sometimes the last one of the testers to

02:35:24--> 02:35:24


02:35:27--> 02:35:36

Right? Yes, pride before for. Exactly. Yeah, our real self shows up right? When we're putting into different situations.

02:35:40--> 02:36:11

And so then last part, Bella, what was his response to him? Then get out of it for indeed, you're expelled. So till now, he was living in Subhanallah in the seven sky right with the angels. And here he is told that you need to leave right? Get out of this place. And this is the punishment for arrogance that he was expelled. Right? So his status fell Subhanallah from something so high to something so low.

02:36:14--> 02:36:35

So arrogance exactly leads to destruction. So when we are arrogant, then it's possible we're not caught right away. But eventually, eventually, our arrogance is exposed. And we fall in the eyes of people, Allah subhanaw taala and everyone else as well.

02:36:38--> 02:37:24

Yes, instead of seeking forgiveness, this is what he does, and indeed upon you is the curse until the Day of Recompense, right until a less pantalla establishes the Day of Judgment, there is curse upon him. So our choices well, either we can be under the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, or we're going to be under the curse of Alas, pantalla if we're under his mercy, then that means inshallah we're going to be able to enter Jannah those who are cursed, that means they're very far from a less pentos mercy. They have no mercy from Allah Subhana Allah, then, of course, their end is going to be john. Right? So our choice? Do we want to be like Adam alayhis salaam who sought forgiveness? And

02:37:24--> 02:37:31

came under the mercy of a less panatela? Or do we want to be like a police shake on? Who is doomed forever?

02:37:39--> 02:37:40

And then,

02:37:42--> 02:38:01

yes, so then let's see the conversation, very interesting conversation between the police and Alas, pantalla. He basically said, My Lord and reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected. So he said, Okay, I'm expelled. I'm doomed. I'm not going to turn back. I'm not seeking forgiveness.

02:38:02--> 02:38:11

This is it. So give me a chance until the day of judgment. Right. Let me do what I please. So what do we see? Who is the police asking?

02:38:13--> 02:38:15

Is he just making up his mind and leaving?

02:38:18--> 02:38:29

No, he's asking Allah subhanaw taala. He's basically making the law. He knows that, unless less further permits him, he is not going to be able to do what he wishes.

02:38:30--> 02:38:37

So even if he understands that when you need something, you have to ask Allah, Allah for it.

02:38:41--> 02:38:47

And so what is the less panda tell him? So indeed, Europe, those reprieved? He says, okay, you have my permission.

02:38:48--> 02:38:52

Head, yes. So is this do I accepted?

02:38:55--> 02:39:02

sanaulla Sanaullah? Yes. So many times people say I'm so sinful last month is not going to accept my doors.

02:39:03--> 02:39:08

But no, we need to ask, turn back to Allah ask.

02:39:11--> 02:39:16

If last part of that can give him at least what he wants, why can you not give us

02:39:20--> 02:39:28

right? And so he is reprieved, until the day of the time well known which is the day of judgment.

02:39:30--> 02:39:32

And then look Sibley Subhan, Allah.

02:39:33--> 02:39:49

It Lee said, My Lord, because you have put me in error, I will surely make disobedience attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all. So now it leaves. What does he do? He blames a loss panda. He says, You put me in error.

02:39:51--> 02:39:59

So do we blame Allah just like you please do we say Allah made me sick? Allah put me in this terrible situation. Allah

02:40:00--> 02:40:01

doesn't give me money?

02:40:03--> 02:40:06

No, because these words would be just like you please.

02:40:08--> 02:40:33

Whatever Allah, Allah does is because it is good for us. We have to know this. We have to know this. And if we want more, we need to ask, right be grateful. Like we said yesterday, be grateful for what we have a last part that will increase. And like the, I think it was two days ago, if we see something we like, ask Allah Subhana Allah for it.

02:40:37--> 02:40:42

Yes, and the plan of release is exposed. Now we are in

02:40:43--> 02:41:10

some kind of like, given he believes his plan, his plot, we know what it is. And if we still fall for his Subhanallah tricks and trickery then it is our own fault. Right? What is the plan of release? His plan is to make singing easy and attractive. So a lot of times people say, well, it's so easy to sing, or it looks so good. Yes. Because this is his plan.

02:41:12--> 02:41:19

Yes, his plan is to make sins easy and attractive to beautify them.

02:41:21--> 02:41:26

And so what happens then, then the right thing to do looks difficult and hard.

02:41:28--> 02:41:32

But the reality is, is if we find shade on off, it becomes easy.

02:41:35--> 02:41:46

Right? Except among them your chosen servants. So he's going to be able to beautify sins for everyone except for

02:41:47--> 02:41:54

the mandalas. Right? Those who have sincerity who have your class. So the exception

02:41:55--> 02:42:04

even shaytaan knows his limits. He knows that if there is someone who is sincere. He's not going to be able to stray them.

02:42:06--> 02:42:31

Yes, a step closer to Allah. Bring Allah comes 10 steps closer Subhan Allah. So the secret of success? What's the secret of success? It's sincerity. It is effortless. So what is a class? A class is that every deed we do, we expect to reward only from Allah subhanaw taala. So that means we do it only for him.

02:42:32--> 02:42:41

Not to show off. Not so people can give us something in return. Right? We do it so Allah subhanaw taala accepts the deed from us.

02:42:43--> 02:42:43


02:42:45--> 02:43:33

Okay. And then I lost panda said this is a path of return to me that is straight. Okay, so those who have a class, they're going to find their way back, no matter how much shaytaan tries to distract them. They're going to find their way back because they have a plus because they're sincere, Allah, Allah will guide them right. And so indeed My servants no authority will you have over them except those who follow you have the gvh eaters. So those who are sincere to Allah shaitaan cannot deviate them, right? So if we ever find ourselves falling for the tricks of shaitan just inshallah, come back, seek forgiveness. And last panda Allah will guide us to the right way. Right so to be safe

02:43:33--> 02:44:03

from the traps of shady keep our intention for Allah only always. Angela loss panda will continue to guide us and protect us from shavon Yes, insha Allah. Okay, so we'll conclude here. Okay, and inshallah we'll meet again, tomorrow, may last month, I'll keep everyone safe, healthy, and May he accept our fasts mean? Okay, so how long will be humbling? I shouldn't lie and stuff. You're not going to be like Islam oligomer to lie.