Hasan Ali – Test yourself on Riya (showing off)

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of letting people know whether you're in a position of showing off or not. They suggest that people should ask themselves whether they want to be in a position of being emotional or not, and that they should stop themselves from shedding their emotions. The speaker also advises people to let their emotions control themselves and try to control themselves as best as possible.
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You want to find out? Imam Ghazali Rahim Allah has has a wonderful way of of knowing whether you're in a position of showing off or not.

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So in one of his one of his parts he writes is he says that you know, sometimes you're in, let's say for example as an Imam, Imam of the of the of Salah, he gets emotional as an imam of Salah he gets emotional. And you know, sometimes emotion comes over him and he feels like crying.

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Imam Ghazali Rahim Allah said at that moment, it could be you that your baby, maybe you're reading Quran and you're getting emotional, but there's other people in front of you that are watching you. It could be you're in the DUA, and people are watching you, you become emotional at this time. Okay? In other words, it says, At that moment, ask yourself

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if I was

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on my own, would I really be like this? Or is it because there are people around me?

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Would I have become so emotional on my own? Yes or No?

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Do I ever do this on my own? Am I able to shed tears and become emotional? You know, when I'm on my own and shed tears for the sake of Allah? Because no one's watching me at that time. Yes or no? That's the first thing you ask yourself. If it's a no, then you should stop yourself because you're not doing your privately. So why should you do publicly? Okay, if it's a yes. If it's a yes, that yes, sometimes privately, I also get emotional like that.

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Then remember, as Ali says, ask yourself, can I control myself? Can I have this moment stopped myself from shedding my tears becoming emotional? Because people are watching me? The eyes are on me.

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You know, right now they're gonna look into it and say, Oh, my should I hate my Shala nationalists, the cream is crying our brother, our brother, who saw you saw most of our brother, give you a nice,

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lift you to the seventh heaven. That's really my friend. That's Ria. Now the sport that made the put you in a big trouble. Because first you doing it for Allah sake. And now they come and hug you and they praise you and so on. And now your mind goes towards people then then you've you've lost it. So even Amazon says, Can you stop yourself? Can you stop yourself? If it's a yes, then stop yourself. If it's a no, you're so emotional, that you just can't stop yourself and you just have to, he said, hide it as best as you can.

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And if you can't do let it come, because you're already doing it privately. Now you're in a public place, you're not doing it for people. It's an emotion that has come you know, over you just let it out. But try and control it as much as you can. So that it's not something which you know, tomorrow you might look back and think Wow, I did that and people looked at me and so at another one people sometimes do good action

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and others praise You for Your action.

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Do you love it when people are praising you for your action of the deal that you've done? Or do inside you kind of you'd rather say I'd rather you not talk about this what happens to you in your heart if at the moment and people say to all mashallah realize so you praying Salah such long Ruckers you did Masha Allah, may Allah bless you, your Roku was was done with longer than my roku. If they're doing that and your heart is like, Tell me more. Tell me more. If that's what's going on in your head, then then you're INRIA you just showed off. But if you in your head is like you know, I don't want you to speak about this. Look the outcome. Okay, brother, thank you. You just cut the

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conversation off. You don't want him to praise you, then you've done it for Allah sake. So test yourself in different positions and different places. If you really don't, if you really want to do it for Allah sake, then do it as secretly as possible that nobody even knows

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