Zakah Persuasion to Avoid Constipation!

Hasan Ali


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The speaker discusses the benefits of giving out one's wealth to avoid waste and damage to one's body. They also talk about the process of getting rid of wealth and the importance of avoiding heavy waste in order to achieve healthy nutrition. The curriculum is designed to appeal to various age groups and is a comprehensive program that covers various educational needs.

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brothers and sisters said I want to lie to you may be wondering, you know giving out xhaka? Why, what is the benefit of doing that? And there are people out there who think, well, I'll give the car out, but should I keep it a bit longer and then give it out. And, you know, some people don't even give it out. And they think that they're actually, they're actually getting more and more, you know, wealth by not giving the duck out. But I want is I want to say something to you to pass on as a message. You know, what Zika is, when a rich man gives his Zika out 2.5% of his wealth for his savings, he gives it out, you know, what he's giving out, the scholars have said, it's like, you've

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got a body. And you know, it's got, you know, wonderful things that you're taking in. So you take in nutrition inside your body. And what your system does, is it takes what it needs, and it sends the rest back out, back out from your behind, okay comes out. Now, imagine somebody said that I will be better off in not

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excreting my waste. Imagine somebody says that I'm going to be I want to be better off keeping the hoses all inside, it's all mine. I want to keep you inside. So the person eats and eats and eats and says, it's not gonna come out. Right? What's going to happen? He's going to constipate only constantly, if he still says, You know what, I'm just gonna send out whatever gas I've got. Yeah. And he's just gonna go fine. But he's not gonna go, you know that nothing's gonna go his mind. Soon, after a few days, he's going to need some powerful medication to take it out. If he doesn't, let's say he doesn't take that, Oh, my God, can you imagine what's gonna happen to the person, he's gonna

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feel like serious damage and pain down there, he's gonna be seriously constipated, where he's going to need some surgery. Now zakkai is the same thing. Your wealth is all halaal. And as the halaal wealth accumulates, there's a part of it, that needs to be given out, it's waste, it's got to go out, it's got to go out to, to, you know, out there to the people who deserve it fine. It's like some waste waste money. Now, if a person thinks that I'm going to be more rich by keeping it, what they're doing is they're keeping that constipation inside. They're keeping all of it inside and everything, you know, they're getting more and more rich, you know what happens in the end, that bit

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of Zakat are supposed to come out that they didn't give out, that then corrupts the rest of the wealth. Just like the system down there that wanted to get the waste out, you never laid it out, it will corrupt your body, it will corrupt the rest of the good nutrition inside your body. So Zakah is something that we want to get rid of, and as quick as you can, because it's not good for the rest of your wealth. And the people who take in soccer, if they're eligible, that's fine. They shouldn't feel bad about it. It's a waste for that other person but not for them. For them, it's good for them, it's something different for them. It's it's something that will be different. Why how do we

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understand this? Well, it's like, you know, when when a cow might sort of let out some dung out onto the ground. It smells it says the smells but then it mixes with the earth. And after a while it becomes a fertilizer. It becomes good stuff for the new plants for the new vegetation for for the soil, it becomes a fertilizer. So that's the process of soccer it's bad for the for the people who keep it but what is given it changes into fertilizer and is good for the for the poor people who take it so they shouldn't feel bad about it. But the people who keep your back bad that they keep the money back they should feel bad about it. So think about this and go and tell the people that

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this amount you give you as a cow otherwise you can steep pate, so I want to have like over I get Hey.

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