Ismail Kamdar – Having Halal Fun With The Family

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of proving everything is understood and having fun during the holidays, as it is a practical way of life. They also share examples of people feeling guilty for things they don't want to do, such as sharing secret and causing harm. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding distractions from activities, managing time properly, and not putting too much time on certain devices. They also stress the need for responsible behavior and avoiding distractions from video games.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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a hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi Allah Karim Allah Allah He was heavy, he will begin by trading Allah subhana wa Taala and asking Allah to send his peace and blessings upon the final prophet, Mohammed even Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all those who follow his way with righteousness until the end of time.

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So today, inshallah, we're going to take a break from our series of topics that we've been discussing over the past few months. Over the past few months, we've been looking at the goals of Islamic law and how we can live our life in accordance to these goals. Today, I want to talk about something else hamdulillah the end of the school year, there are many children on holiday now some people get off from work during this time. Some people take leave from their businesses, many parents are wondering what you're going to do with our kids all day sitting at home, and just some advice today inshallah on how to enjoy the holidays while keeping it hot. Right. That's basically

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what the topic for today is, inshallah

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and really one of the reasons for this topic is

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there is a misconception amongst some Muslims, that having fun is haram. Right? This is an idea that some people have in their minds, that when you follow Islam, when you start practicing Islam, then you've got to be like, harsh and serious sin, and mean and strict, and the assume that that's being a good Muslim. He assumed that that's, that's what Allah wants from us. Well, when you study the Quran sooner when you study the life of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam, the Sahaba, you'll find that this is not Islam. And Islam is not about being harsh. It's not about being mean, it's not about proving you better than somebody else. Islam is about a very practical way of life, a very

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natural way of life. And so it caters for all parts of human nature, which includes the need to have fun. And so what I'm going to speak about today, I'm basically dividing this topic into two parts. The first part proving from the principles of the Quran and the Hadees that having fun is halal. Right would conditions and in the second part of the of today's discussion are the five conditions that you need to keep in mind while having fun to keep it Hello. I mean, if you go off one of these five things, it becomes Haram. Right? So very basic discussion, and inshallah everybody can benefit the children in attendance the teenagers apply this to the things you plan to do in the holidays,

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the parents, apply this to the activities you want to give your children during the holidays, and hopefully this will be beneficial to everybody. So to begin having fun Why do I say it's hard and not? Because of a very simple principle of kindness principle of fit is found in all of them as hubs, right? It's agreed upon. Any book of oodles of principles of fit that you open up will include this as one of its primary principles. In Arabic This principle is called an absolute feeling pill Usha Alba, which translates into English as the original ruling on anything is permissibility. I just see the fifth principle found in all the mass of the Moloch is the humble is the Sharpies, the

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canopies all agree that the general rule of anything is permissibility. What this means is, unless there is a verse in the Quran, or Hadees, explicitly stating that something is haram, or the thing is harmful, and we discussed this a few weeks ago about how anything that's harmful is haram. Right? So unless something is harmful, or the Quran or Hadith explicitly states, it's Haram. The general rule is that everything is halal. Everything else is Allah. So you don't need to bring up a Hadees to prove that using a microphone is halal. It's allowed by nature, right? By by the original ruling is hollow. You don't need a Quranic verse or Hadees. To prove that driving a car is halal, or having

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internet in your house is halal. Or, you know, opening up a restaurant is hollow, everything is halal. And this is evidence for it to be Haram. And now again, to talk about the in mindset problem that some of us have. Again, some of us in our zeal to be over religious, we we tend to label anything that we don't like is haram. Right? So you see a youngster doing something that you never used to do, but that you don't like maybe it's a new style, a new culture. And immediately you start seeing her arm and you ask why because I don't like it. That's not how halal and haram works. halal and haram doesn't work with one

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You like what you don't like to work with Quran and Sunnah?

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If you look at the early Muslims, they were very careful. They would not use the word haram unless they were completely sure that something was wrong. So we look at Mr. Malik and his books are fake. If he didn't like something, or if he was doubtful about it, he will say this thing is a waste of time. This thing is useless. I don't like this. He will not say this thing is haram. Unless he had clear evidence, he will not say this thing is haram. Why? Because the word haram means Allah has prohibited it.

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So unless you have clear evidence that Allah has prohibited, you are speaking about Allah without knowledge. So be very careful when we use this word. Like we have a lot of people during this time around for every small thing, right? You see someone dressing differently from them haraam they see somebody who looks different from them around you know, we've heard people say things like going to school is haram. I've heard people say this going to university is haram. You know, having internet is haram. It's it's not that's not Islam. This is not Islam. Islam teaches us everything is halal, unless you have evidence that it is haram to apply the same ruling to the things you do for fun. All

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forms of having fun are halaal except for those which Allah has said are Haram, which the Prophet said Haram, and those which are harmful to society, except for those three types of things. Every other type of having fun is hot. Right? That's the general rule.

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Taking this rule and let's go to the Quran. Now what's beautiful about this verse I'm about to discuss actually two verses Surah Al are off verses 32 and 33.

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All three points I just mentioned upon in these two verses, Allah begins these verses by reprimanding those people who make things haram without evidence. Then he goes on to say that he has created the good things of this world for the believers to enjoy. And then he ends the verse by mentioning the major sins, and in the list of major sins he mentioned should have and then speaking about the deen without knowledge, all of this is in one in one set of verses. Don't speak about the dangers of knowledge don't make things haram without knowledge. And Allah created the good things of this world for his believers to enjoy. So what is Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah roff verses 32

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and 33, Allah Subhana Allah says, cool, ce O Muhammad, man ha Rama Zina de la isla de Mirage, anybody who has made her on these beautiful things that Allah has created for his servants, what they give it mineral rich, who has made haram all this good sustenance that Allah has created for his servants.

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Cool. See, say to the people Oh, Mohammed, he Alina Xena menoufia hierarchy dunya these things were created for the believers in this worldly life. Whoa, whoa, whoa Elisa, Yom Okayama and only for them in the afterlife. Meaning in this world Muslim and non Muslim abode can enjoy an afterlife. It's only the believers who will enjoy Casali Coronavirus Ayatollah Khomeini on the moon to see how Allah explains his science for those who who use their brains who think no. Cool, see all Muhammad in the Mahara? murghab bill for Waukesha? Malzahar I mean, how am I better? See, oh, Mohammed, my lord has only made her on that which is immoral, outwardly or inwardly. Right? Was Islam and the

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major sins was body and hurting people behavior without any justification. When to Sri COVID Lama de sala COVID lockerby What is she Camila Milan, Donna and

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worshipping someone besides Allah which you don't have evidence for? Well and the qu o ra e Ma Ma, and that you say about Allah what you do not know. Now, there are so many rules packed into these two verses bounded just mentioned three of them. Number one, Allah starts the verse by saying who is it who is making the good things haram? I made these good things for myself as to enjoy. So why are you saying it's haram? So Allah begins the worse by condemning people who say things that are wrong without evidence. If you don't have evidence to say something is wrong, it is better to keep quiet. Because the original ruling of things is that it is hard. So if you don't have evidence, if you

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don't have a clear fick guidelines moving you in that direction, it is better to remain quiet. But nowadays, everybody wants to be the Mufti. Everybody wants to be the shear people go and spend one weekend studying fit and start passing backwards. No, keep quiet on things which we do not know. Let people live their lives as long as they are not doing something that is explicitly Hara I this is something which existed in early Muslim societies. The early Muslims had in principle that they would only

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What we call the honeymoon card right now honeymoon card forbidding the evil now these regions and everything you know you see somebody eating prawns you walk up to him so fighting with him

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right now honeymoon forbidding the evil the principle of the early Muslims was they would only do that and in Moncure on things which are agreed upon meaning in one month hub says bronzer holiday, Kwanzaa ROM and you see someone eating prawns, it's not your business, not your place to do nothing anymore. And the standard if, if one must have says cans below the ankles is around the other cities halaal and this is the case Hanafi madhhab series haraam shopping mazhab says hello, you see somebody pants below the ankles, not your business. Why? Because this difference of opinion, right? But nowadays, we want to be to feel like you're better than other people. It's actually happened to

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me the other day I was in the masjid.

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doing damage to someone. And when a man walks up to me and he points my feet and tells me your feet I need to hellfire.

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Firstly, to tell someone you need to help buy an individual from each person, right to tell someone you are in the house buyer or partner who's in the house by is enough itself a major sin. But now to go on the issue with this difference of opinion and to just walk up to people in the mastery then, you know to talk in this way completely wrong. So the last thing who is making things haram without evidence and he ends the verse by seeing the majors but look at the list of major sets, a lot takes it in order from worse to worse. So he says in morality and major sin and murder and shirk and speaking about Allah without knowledge, look what he put right at the end, even aftershock even

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worse than should according to some of the interpretations of this verse is to speak about the deen without knowledge, to go and pass out knowledge to just say whatever you want about Islam. This is a type of shellcode you are making yourself partners with Allah, where you are now making up the religion as you go along, where you are making things along which Allah has left Allah.

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And so this is a very important verse. The third point of benefit from this verse. Some of us sometimes feel guilty to enjoy things, we feel guilty to enjoy good food, or good drink, or you know or to enjoy going out with our families go into a restaurant, you know, having fun with our children. We feel guilty to do these things. Allies turning us in this verse, He created these things for us to enjoy

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a lot of saying he created these things for us to enjoy. So you should not feel guilty for enjoying the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala in your life, it should not be happening to spirit you should feel bad about because Allah has to add it for you to enjoy. Right so this verse of the Quran is the clearest evidence on this topic.

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Going through the Hadees of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. I want to mention three pieces. The first at least goes back to the principle of pika mentioned. The Prophet Muhammad Allah Islam stated, Allah has made halaal clear and he has made haram clear and he has kept silent on many issues at the mercy tree. What are the prophets loves MC? Allah has kept silent on many issues as a mercy to you. What does this mean? means Allah wanted there to be some flexibility in this area. He wanted there to be some difference of opinion in this area. He wanted people to assume hollowness in this area. So he didn't mention it in the book at all. If Allah wanted the Quran could have been 10

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volumes long, listing the ruling of everything that would be invented till the end of time flying an aeroplane driving a car using a tablet using a computer, he would have listed the ruling of every single thing until the end of time. Instead, he gave general principles and he left other things halaal as the mercy to

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further proof that there is nothing wrong enough itself we're having fun. The Prophet Mohammed Salah is Amina Hadees found in Sahih al Bukhari, it is stated that on the day of EAD Abubakar came to the house of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and he saw some young girls were playing with the German they were singing, so he began to shout him and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam indicated to him to don't see anything is different versions of this narration in one duration. He didn't told me not to say anything, another duration. He said leave them because they have he. In a third version, he said leave them so that the disbelievers see we also have fun

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that that's the one that brings you with our topic let the disbelievers see we also have fun. And then after the girls finish singing the prophets last solo some took a Chateau de la out into the masjid where the African Muslims for Abyssinia were putting on a display and his differences of opinion on what this display actually is. But it was some kind of show right with the spirit and the soldier putting on some kind of show with the spears and swords in the masjid and Rasulullah saw some studio with eyeshadow on her watching the show until she was bored. He took his wife to watch the show until she

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was bought, even if he didn't want to do it himself, teaching us how to be with our spouses. You know how to cater for the need for entertainment to this had these in Sahih Bukhari clear, clear evidence that having fun in of itself is not only not Haram, it's actually stronger. And there are many other uses like this Rasulullah boys, I'm joking with the Sahaba Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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you know, racing with his wife Rasulullah chasing his grandchildren around the masjid calling them rascals. You know, all these kinds of fun things were done in the presence of Rasulullah. Obi Rasulullah, four years ago.

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On one occasion, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sent hon Malik, who was only 10 years old out to do some work. This 10 year old boy saw some of the children playing in the masjid courtyard. So he forgot about the work and started playing with the boys Rasulullah slowlyslowly is waiting waiting for the work to get done. And the signal coming back. He goes out he sees us playing. He realized what happened and he starts laughing. Doesn't shout him. He doesn't fight with him. He starts laughing because he understands the child. He didn't see us. children playing in the masjid Get out of here. This is a place of ibadah No, he welcome children to the masjid. Rasulullah

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saw some welcome children to the masjid. Very different for many of us today. So I hope from these Hadees and this verse of the Quran. And this principle of fig is now clear. Those of us who have this harsh, angry mean version of Islam, when we think everything's haram and no one's supposed to have fun, children need to be slapped around, get that out of your head. That's not Islam. That is not Islam. That is your own cultural misinterpretation of Allah scheme. Islam is nothing like that. Islam is the religion of mercy. Islam is the religion of human nature of the fitrah. Islam came to make life easy for us not to make life difficult for us. So having said that, moving on to the

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second half of the topic, having fun is halaal with five conditions. And these five conditions are very simple, very logical. It's something which is common sense, right? Number one, the fun thing you're doing shouldn't be hard on.

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The fun thing you're doing shouldn't be images. And if you are drinking alcohol, taking drugs, going out to the girlfriend isn't enough itself, not because it's fun because it's haram because Allah listed it in the Quran, or the prophets or some listed in the hedges as Haram. That's why right? Number two, having fun is fine as long as it does not distract you from your obligations. So obviously, if going for that soccer match is going to cause you to miscella you should not go for the soccer match or find a way to pay your salon 10 meaning funds should not distract from our obligations to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number three, the thing you are doing for fun, should not

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open the doors of temptation to set meaning if you know you have a weakness and you know you do a certain thing you're going to end up singing, avoided, find something else to do instead. Number four, time management, the thing you are doing for fun, you shouldn't spend so much time doing it that you're neglecting your family and neglecting your school or your or your work. You're neglecting your body or your sleep. balance, manage your time well. And number five, avoid addiction to any form of entertainment. five simple conditions again, it mustn't be haraam. It mustn't distract you from your ibadah it must attempt you towards sin. It mustn't take up too much time. And

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finally it must not become an addiction. So let's break down all five and discuss them with some examples. Number one easiest, obviously if something is haram, if Allah or Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has listed it in as Haram in the Quran or Hadith if the Ola might have declared her wrong based on sound principles or fake avoided right so for example yes almost everything that's Haram is fun, but not everything that's fun is haram think about this right? A lot of young people they walk up to me and they say why everything that's fun is haram you know go into the nightclub taking jobs having a girlfriend all that all the fun things are Haram. No, all the Haram things are fun, but not

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all the fun things are Haram. What do I mean by this? Everything is haram is tempting, right? There's some enjoyment in it. Otherwise, there's no test. Everything has harami there's no inclination to do it. Where's the test? Naturally something haraam is going to have some element enjoyment, otherwise, no one's ever gonna do harm and there is no test and going to general will be too easy, right? But the idea that everything funny is wrong, that's wrong. Because

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there are literally 1000s of halaal ways to have fun. The problem is you're only looking at that 10 or 20 harav is there like 10 or 20

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Things that are haraam and 1000s of things that are harmful. And we look at those 10 or 20 and saying everything's wrong, no, not everything's wrong. Go play soccer with your friends, you know, read a good book,

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you'll go out with your family to a restaurant, you do something, which is hilarious. If you had to sit and make a list of halau things that are fun, I can't list them in a lecture, but they outnumber the haraam 1000 to one easily 1000 to one. So this statement is wrong. But again, in this society, people are tempted towards the haraam, people are tempted towards distinction, they need to be very clear, certain things Allah has declared her wrong, or the prophets or some has declared her wrong, because they are bad for society. They are bad for you, even though you enjoy it, it is bad for you. So those things, avoid them, avoid them completely cut them out of your life. Right? If you are in

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the habit of doing any of these things, cut them out of your life. There is no good in it in the long term. It's temporary enjoyment for long term pain. So cut out. Number two.

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The second point we mentioned was that it should not distract us from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. So for example, some people enjoy soccer, they enjoy cricket. in of itself, these things are hot. Right? It's haram the Hashimoto is in real trouble.

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It's Hello. And the people want to say it's haram again, you don't understand this.

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Right? masala hashirama. Hello, jobs in shala. Right. It's not a big deal. But what happens is some of us you watching the cricket match, the whole time goes or Sudan goes bankrupt and goes you must draw your Salah. So the cricket was was allowed for Hashim amla to play. But it became haram for you to watch not because it's haram but because you must

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understand the point. The Haram thing here is not the cricket. It's you must sing Salah. Now, if you are conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala when as NGOs, you will take a break from that match, you will pray your Salah, and you will come back, you're not gonna miss anything, everything these days is recorded everything these days have replays, you can catch up the highlights on YouTube, there's no excuse to miss your salon time. Right? So we have to be responsible, I'm not gonna tell each person how to enjoy themselves. All I'm saying is, if what you are doing is halaal. Make sure you at least paying your salary on time. Don't be that guy who gets involved in a video game starting at

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you know, six o'clock in the evening. And he only finishes playing seven o'clock in the morning. And he must, he must fudger he must sleeping and now he can't go to school the next day, right?

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focus on doing what is important. And leave fun for after that. Point number three, the thing you are doing should not lead to temptation to commit sin. So if you know a certain form of fun leads you towards it may not lead other people towards lead you towards it, then you shouldn't say that thing is haram, but you should avoid it. What do I mean, for example, you're generally a nice guy. But say playing a certain sport, it just turns you into this vulgar, verbally abusive maniac who's hurting all these friends feelings and fighting with people, you shouldn't play that sport. And instead, you shouldn't play that sport, leave it for somebody else who plays something that you can

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play without losing your temper. Why? Because your block as a Muslim is more important than a specific type of sport. Right? Likewise, in of itself, going to the beach, not easy. But you know, you have a problem lowering your gaze, right, and you choose to go to the beach on a hot summer afternoon. And you end up failing to lower your gaze, whose fault is that? you own your own fault, right? you purposely put yourself in a situation where you know you're going to sell. Right? So use your sense, you know, choose a time where there's less temptation, choose a place where there's less temptation, choosing a form of entertainment, where there's less temptation for you, you know, as an

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individual what your own weaknesses are. So choose your hobbies around it, not you know, a type of hobby that leads towards it. Right? Number four, time management and I could go on and on and time management is one of my areas of expertise. But just to put it very simply. I'll tell you what I do. Right What I do is every day I have a to do list and especially for the young people who are in school, listen to this very important advice for how to live your life. Everyday I have a to do list and only when every single thing on their to do list is ticked off. I go and relax and have fun for the rest of the day. I saw the young people out there who find it very hard to balance school and

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madressa having fun and caught up in fortnight all night and now you can't wake up in the morning and you can't go to school and you're failing your exams. Make a to do list. limit yourself. manage your time

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Tell yourself, basically what what can you tell yourself. And this advice, especially for the kids and teenagers, tell yourself that if entertainment shouldn't be my life, it should be a reward to myself for living a good life. Meaning your life shouldn't revolve around your video games or your Netflix or your sports, right? Rather, you do everything you're supposed to do in a day, pray five times a day, go to school, do well do your job, whatever it is. And if you've done all that, you can relax for one or two hours, have some fun, as you reward yourself for doing a good job. In this way, you manage your time, you get to relax, you get to have fun, but you're not neglecting any other

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part of your life. Because what happens, many of us neglect our families, when we get caught up in some form of fun. Many of us neglect you know, for the adults work for the children school. And it's not just children by the way, there are adults who are sitting and playing video games all night and not being able to go to work on time.

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It's It's, it's, it's something if you talk to adults about now, you know, managing your time properly with video games. That's where we are as a society. So Time management is important. Know your priorities. First comes work slash school, then comes family, then at the end comes your fun. I don't put fun first before everything else. And that takes us to the final point, avoid addiction. Don't be that guy who's binge watching Netflix all night. Or there's kids who are stuck on fortnight all night and all day. You know those people who who just can't stop having fun. Allah did not create you for that. He created the good things of this world to be enjoyed, but not to become the

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purpose of your life. Pray on time, to your good deeds, work, go to school, take care of your families, spend time with family, do all of this and then make time for fun. The stand

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and again, this advice is for adult and child life. Because nowadays, you know, we should be talking about this with the children and the Netflix and video games. But let's be real, the adults need this advice for their cell phones as well. Because there are so many adults, when a child is talking to my mom look at it look at either the mother sitting on WhatsApp and she can't even hear her son. Right or the dad sitting on Facebook and he has no clue his children are talking to him. And the children feel neglected. The spouse feels neglected, the family feels neglected. Why because you are addicted to that phone of yours. phones are supposed to be a means of communication, not a means of

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cutting off communication. It is getting in the way of you communicating with those closest to you put it away. I truly am advice to be adults, if you are addicted to your phone. When it is family time put it away. When it is work time put it away. Take it out only when it's necessary. Personally, if I'm busy with my right with my writings, I put my phone on silent I put it away and go check it for one hour. If I'm spending time with my kids, I put my phone away, I don't look at it, and I just spend time with them. Why? Because you need to be in the moment. You cannot be a slave to technology, you cannot make that phone more important than your work or your children or

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your spouse. So just as we may tell the children not to be addicted to the video games. Likewise, we tell the parents don't be addicted to your cell phones. Your family's more important, right? So to summarize,

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very basic advice on keeping things halaal over the next few weeks and show you the advice you can apply for life. Right I'm giving it now because it's holidays. And lots of kids are sitting at home and getting cranky and the parents are getting cranky hoping for school to start sooner than usual. Just to the kids out of the hair. Everyone's getting irritated. Right. So just some basic advice on having fun in the hallway. We started off by saying that having fun is not Haram, the Sahaba had fun. The prophets lesson had fun. What's Haram is the major sins The thing that Allah has listed the profit slice and has listed the things that are harmful to society. So you can have fun in your

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holidays, in your weekends in your after school. When your homeworks done after work, whatever it is.

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You can have fun with five conditions, you're not doing anything that's explicitly haraam. You're not missing your Salah. Right? You're not doing anything that leads you towards sin and you know your own self best in that regards. You are not spending too much time on it in a way that you neglect your family or your work or your school. And you are not allowing yourself to be addicted to it. So if we apply these conditions, there is absolutely no sin in having fun after that. And the second is absolutely no sin in having fun after that, if you apply all these conditions, and I want to end up by quoting a hadith that sometimes people must quote in this regard. Right? Is the Hadees

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with the Prophet sly Sam said that every type of entertainment is battle except for archery, swimming and horse riding and some people missing

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interpret this to mean every type of entertainment is haram, except for these three. So I've been Muslim who said want to have fun, go watch it. No, that's the only thing that's halal horse riding and archery. That's not what the Hadees means. Again, I mentioned this word at the beginning battle. Battle means there's no reward for it doesn't mean

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there's no reward for having fun. Horse riding and archery and swimming is reward because you are training for jihad, you are taking care of your body, you are staying fit to the reward there. But Hades is saying there's no reward for other types of fun. It's not saying that other types of final hurrah, Imam ghazali explained it like this. He has been very clearly he said, and you know, he also gave a similar explanation that this Hadees means that in normal forms of entertainment and fun, there is no reward. Awesome. It's just it's not everything is rewarded. So most things just are, right, there's no reward or sin for driving your car, just driving your car. Right? It's the same

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thing with most forms of entertainment, except for the ones that we have listed. So use your common sense use these principles that we have mentioned today, apply them to your life, and inshallah you can enjoy what Allah has made her out for you. And you can do so in a way that is free from sin, and wait at the same time is relaxing, and helps you to have a good holiday. And may Allah help us to understand the property may help us to be from those who bring people closer to Islam and not those who chase people away with harshness, and with wrong, fatwas. The wrong rulings, walk into one and you're hungry, Larabee alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

A reminder about the rules related to having fun in Islam.

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