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Juz’ 21: Al-‘Ankabut 45-88 – Al-Ahzab 1-30


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Look man,

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So look, look man Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Alif Lam Meem. These are the verses of a book that is wise. These are verses of the wise book, the book that is full of wisdom, as guidance and mercy for the morosini for the doers of good. This book guides and also brings mercy to who to those who do Epson, who are they, those who establish prayer and gives aka and they have the hereafter are certain in faith. These are the qualities of the more sinning those who established prayer, who gives a car who have firm faith, and otherwise we learn about the worse you know that they are also good to their relatives, the needy,

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they perform good deeds, they refrain from sin, who worship Allah, beautifully knowing that Allah is watching them. Those are on right guidance from their Lord. And it is those who are the successful woman in nassima. Yesterday Allah will Hadees And of the people as he who buys the amusement of speech. Why in order to mislead others from the way of Allah without any knowledge and who takes it in ridicule, those will have a humiliating punishment. Who is this humiliating punishment for? For the one who purchases level Hades? What is that? Well, Hades, Lena, singing and music. such stories or soap operas or drama serials that consume a person so much that he is worrying about those

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characters even in his prayer, that consume a person so much that he is wondering Should I go for therapy, or should I watch the show tonight?

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This track distracting him from good work, this is law. Well Hadees the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, from among my followers, there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcohol and the use of musical instruments as lawful. They will consider this to be lawful, the profits or losses that have said that so clearly, these things are not lawful. They are unlawful, I have no doubt about that, no matter how common it has become. Even if you find music being played with the other than

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yes, even people have come down to this level, that the event is being pronounced with music being played in the background, because that is being pronounced not for the purpose of going to prayer, calling people to prayer it is being pronounced for the purpose of entertainment. That is essentially what it is that we have been consumed by entertainment culture, we just want entertainment amusement, this is what we want. The Koran is being recited. I mean, it's amazing how you know there are so many of such events where Muslim artists are coming together and you will see different forms of art, that you will not find the art that Rasulullah sallallahu taught us which is

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the art of reciting the Quran. The Art of reciting the Quran tell me which Islamic art festival will have this truly being recognized as an art of reciting the Quran because this is what Allah gave us. And when we have left this, then we want entertainment and satisfaction through other things. And we cannot find satisfaction in anything. This is why we move on from one form of entertainment to another. we delve into one Valley and then in another then in another we're not satisfied

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Because this is something that really consumes a person, it distracts a person from what is important. And notice what is mentioned over here yesterday, he purchases like what are these meaning they're buying, they spend money on it, whether it is on big screen TVs or other gadgets, purchases, downloads or movie rentals, whatever it may be. These are all forms of buying lower Hades. The question is, why are these things this light, because the makeup person he bless the makeup person he bless. Just think,

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you know, the Quran is such that if you listen to it, if you recite it, it will naturally come on your tongue. You cannot help it but read the parts of the Quran, which really touch your soul, which shake which move your heart you cannot help but recite them they will come those words will come on your tongue. And there's something natural even children when they will hear something of the Quran and it affects them what will happen they will say it they will say little children even but when a person is being consumed by level Hadees whether it is in the form of you know TV shows or music or movies or whatever it may be what happens then it will occupy the heart and then a person will have

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no interest in reciting the Quran or in listening to the Quran.

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Because then, especially now, the deception of shaitaan is the now just put a playlist of Islamic music videos, music videos, just put a playlist just hit play. And for an hour or two you can just listen to one music machine after the other music literally. You can't understand the words but you enjoy the melody. You enjoy the tune. Now when a person has been consumed by this, when is he going to listen to the when is he going to find joy in listening to the Quran. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said two voices to a sweat. So tan, maroon and fit dunia will Akira they're cursed Indonesia and

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one music and singing at the time of blessing Miss mount or in the near la misma playing music at the time of neuroma that Allah has blessed a person with a huge blessing whether it is their engagement or their wedding or their baby shower or whatever it may be, they're enjoying a blessing and what is being played at that time. misma music that sound is cursed by Allah. So then how do we expect peace and happiness in our marriages that on the day when that sacred beautiful bond is being made? Allah's curse is being invoked also

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when we're asking for problems in our lives, and secondly, the second sound that is cursed is the wailing and screaming at the time of Muslim Baba.

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And notice how it is mentioned over here. Lele Bella and Sabina law, this law will Huggies What does it do? It misleads a person, it involves him so much that a person has no interest in in, in being so he doesn't worry about his dinner awkward or he just concerned about now. And where does he know how was what he takes the Ayat of Allah as ridiculed, meaning he makes fun of the ayatollah even meaning he begins to feel so light hearted. You know, like, if you watch an hour of comedy, then what will happen you will want to laugh at every little thing. What happens when you hear one joke after the other? You're laughing, you want to laugh more, but you can't laugh anymore? It happens,

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right? So then what happens a person is trying to be funny. And in that things that deserve respect and seriousness, even they're not given respect and seriousness. What happens when, for example, a woman is so consumed by some TV show, her children are crying, quiet, she's yelling at them, I can't hear it. Be quiet, shut the door and leave them with the toys and leave them with their own level hobbies so that a woman can enjoy her TV show. So mean yet Athena who's the one and then even when it comes to the Quran, then a person begins to really kill it. He loses respect for the Quran. Because this kind of overindulgence and entertainment, what does it do? It takes seriousness away

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from a person.

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He doesn't remain a serious individual and by serious I don't mean strict and boring. What I mean is that there are certain things in life which deserve respect, and a person begins to lose respect for them. He begins to lose respect for them, that sense of respect is lost. When he that took literally he ate tuna, and when our Verses are recited to him, he turns away arrogantly as if he had not heard them, meaning he does not take any interest in the Quran at all. It seems boring, as if there was in his ears, deafness

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Forgive him tidings of a painful punishment. Indeed those who believe and do righteous deeds for them are the guardians of pleasure. You see pleasure Janata Nari pleasure isn't what in looking and seeing and hearing and eating and drinking and wearing and talking, inserting, these are all things that we find pleasure in. But this pleasure true ultimate pleasure is where the agenda, but it is for those who are willing to sacrifice some pleasure here we're in thereby eternally, it is the promise of a law which is truth. And he is the Exalted in Might the wise, he created the heavens without pillars that you see. And as cast into the earth firmly set mountains less that should shift

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with you and disperse there in from every creature and we sat down rain from the sky, and made grow there and plants of every noble kind you see rain is being mentioned again and again. And really, I mean when something is mentioned again and again it means that we should be grateful for it over and over again. And I'm humbled Allah right now we are receiving rain.

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And this is something we should not take for granted. Because so many people in the world right now they're desperate for rain, desperate for some change in the weather. And Allah is blessing us with rain again and again. So we should really be grateful for all our the Dr. Allah. Thank you for this blessing of rain and 100 luck perfect Are you Allah

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and we have sent down rain from the sky and may grow there in plants of every noble kind. This is the creation of Allah. So show me what those other than Him have created. Rather the wrongdoers are in clear air, what are called Athena local man and haik mata, anish kuruvilla and we had certainly given look man wisdom and said Be grateful to Allah. What is hikmah? What is wisdom, that a person he's able to make the right decision at the right time. This is hikma many people have written they have the information stored in their brains. But when it comes to applying that information, they don't know how much to take, which one is relevant at what time they don't know how to apply it. Why

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because that wisdom is not their wisdom is the ability to transform the realm into Amman. This is wisdom and the prophets have a lower not just given a they were also given hokum hikma wisdom, the right to servants of Allah fortunate servants of Allah even they're given Hickman because Look, man was not a prophet. But Allah gave him Hickman, he gave him wisdom. So we should ask Allah for hikma as we ask Allah for Allah. We should also ask Allah for hikma and the essence of Hickman, the essence of wisdom is what gratitude to Allah. Because wisdom is what really understanding who you are, and who Allah is. And when a person develops the sense that I am the servant and Allah is the

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Lord, then what is the one way that he should live his life, the way of gratitude, and his coronella be grateful to Allah in every situation, whether good or bad, women, yes, cofa in them is good enough, see, and whoever is grateful is grateful for the benefit of himself. And whoever denies his favor, then Indeed, Allah is free of need and praise worthy meaning if no one is grateful to him still as deserving of praise. And he doesn't benefit from our gratitude. Who benefits we benefit This is why after every saw that we should pray along with or in nearly the creek, but show Creek our mercenary by that they will not allow me Give me the ability to really remember you and be

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grateful to you and worship you beautifully. And mentioned when Lockman said to his son while he was instructing him or my son, do not associate anything with Allah. And this is the first lesson that we need to learn and also teach children to refrain from shake in the shaker Luna alim, indeed shake is the great injustice. Why because loom is to not give someone what they deserve and share is to not give a low what he deserves the worship that he is deserving of giving it to somebody else. So don't ever do * at any cost. And this is something that we really, really need to remember and also teach our children keep away from shock and for that we have to know what is the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam, he instructed that with nine things and all of those things was, do not associate anything with Allah. Even if you are cut to pieces or you are burned, painting, suffer what loss you have to but don't ever dare allow yourself to associate partners with Allah.

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Ever. In another Hadith we learn anyone who dies worshipping others

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Along with Allah will definitely enter the fire. So the consequences are serious in the year after this is why at all costs, avoid ship villa. And we have enjoined upon man care for his servants. Why? Because look, his mother carried him, increasing her in weakness upon weakness. And his weaning is in two years more weakness among other things, during pregnancy, after birth, things will be fine. And then what happens and things get more tough. And then what happens? He thinks, okay, you know, once the baby is a little older, then nursing will become easier, no weaning when you have to make the child stop nursing. That's like the most difficult stage, most difficult stage. What is

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swallow VR mean? So initially, Valley Valley de la almasi, be grateful to me and to your parents, to me is the final destination, who's ordering us that we should be grateful to our parents. Allah is what slatina So today's Mother's Day, Father's Day, they're long gone. Every day is meant to be Mother's Day and father's day, every day, we should pray for our parents, and show gratitude to them. And gratitude is not just by saying thank you, first of all, we should learn to say thank you that if they give us a ride, don't take it for granted. We literally take our parents as if they are there to serve us. You know, they're our bank, and they're our cleaners. And, you know, they're our

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cooks and chefs and everything. You go into the kitchen. Someone says again, I want spring rolls tonight. Really? Are you sitting in a restaurant? Honestly, I mean, we order our mothers around as if they've got nothing else in life to do.

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Laundry is not done, why? I want my wife her job. Because I didn't wash it, Mom, you're supposed to wash it. It's not my job. It's your job. Literally, we take our parents for granted. We order them around. Firstly, be grateful for whatever they do, be grateful for whatever they do verbally. And secondly, through actions also, initially when you led el Masri and the fact is that a person was not grateful for a little that he's not grateful for a lot either. But if they endeavor to make you associate with me, that of which you have no knowledge, do not obey them, but accompany them in this world with appropriate kindness, and follow the way of those who turn back to me and repentance,

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then to me will be your return and I will inform you about what you used to do, being an asset of all your deeds will come to light. So what we see in this is that even though we have to be good to our parents, but if the parents tell us to do something that's wrong, then we are not to obey them. Why? Because there is no obedience to the creation in disobedience to the Creator. So I'm going to be a class with little or no this I was revealed about him. Why? Because his mother swore that she would neither eat or drink until he would leave the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So Allah revealed that no, you're not going to listen to your mother at this time. However, in worldly

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matters, keep doing good. Well, Sahaba for dunya MANOVA meaning of their back to you. You don't do bad in return. Just don't listen to them when they tell you to do something wrong. Otherwise, for everything else always be good. What happens with us is that if our mother tells us tomorrow, you cannot go further away, for example, and we really want to go we get so angry. Shut the door. You stopped me from going to the masjid angry, Moody, fussing. whining, not talking bad attitude. This is not right. Is the parents are stopping you from doing something good. Even still, they deserve that we are good to them. Look at this ayah Allah saying Well, sorry. Bula fit dunya Mara loofah

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just what they're telling you to do, what is wrong? Don't do that. But everything else you have to be good over there. Even if parents are mushnik Yes, because remember, this is true of eyeshadow, the lower on Helen her mother was coming from Makkah, and she wanted some financial help from her daughter a smell dilemma on her right when she wanted financial help from her. She was concerned to give the profits or loss I'm gonna ask that my mother is coming What should I do? Should I help her? The profits or loss I'm said slowly it would be good to your mother maintain ties with her meeting yes help her

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and not man said back to what look man said to his son, oh my son. Indeed, if there should be something the weight of a mustard seed and it should be within a rock or anywhere in the heavens or the earth Allah who will bring it for anything. If it's the size of a mustard seed hidden in the middle of a rock or somewhere up in the sky or in the earth. Allah knows its exact location. And a huge plane could be lost somewhere in the world and people of the world could not find it.

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You see her little mustard seed, it seems small.

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But what it's telling us is that there is nothing hidden from Allah, no matter how small it is, what if it is a tiny amount of pride in the heart of a person? Yes, even that is not hidden from Allah. What this I should really teach us is that we cannot hide anything from Allah. Nothing is hidden, no feeling a secret, even pride equal to mustard seed is not hidden from Allah. Oh, my son established prayer, enjoying what is right forbid What is wrong? A child has been told, forbid What is wrong? do what is right order what is right. Why? Because what happens is that we tell children This is right and this is wrong. But when they go outside in the world in the scene, people are doing something

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else, then what happens? They begin to doubt the parents who's right who's wrong. So to give somebody the confidence that what you're doing is right, then you need to give them this confidence also that when you see somebody doing otherwise, you need to stop them. You need to tell them 100 monka because this is the only way of staying firm on your principles, and be patient over what befalls you, meaning control yourself, don't be a whiner. Indeed, all that is of the matter is requiring determination. And do not turn your cheek in contempt toward people what is turning your cheek. I'm not your friend. You understand? This is turning your cheek that a person doesn't look at

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another in the eye. But you know, like typical in girls especially turn face away and I'm not your friend, or completely ignoring as if the other person was not even seen was not even noticed. So when I heard the callin, do not turn your cheek and contempt toward people and do not walk through the earth exultantly. Indeed, Allah does not like everyone who is self deluded and boastful. The prophets of Allah sent him said Allah has revealed to me that you must be humble, you must be humble, so that no one oppresses another and boasts over another, we should not boast over each other, show off to each other. I am this and I'm this, I have this and you don't have this, I know

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something you don't know. And be moderate in your pace and lower your voice, meaning don't talk in full volume all the time. Why? Because Indeed, the most disagreeable of sounds is the voice of donkeys. I mean, this example is enough as an example, you don't want to be compared to a donkey. Do you not see that Allah has made subject to you, whatever isn't the heavens and whatever is in the earth. It's all for your benefit. And he has amply bestowed upon you his favours both apparent and apparent, but of the people is He Who disputes about a love without knowledge or guidance or an enlightening book from him. And when it is said to him, follow what Allah has revealed, they say

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rather, we will follow that upon which we found our forefathers, even if shavon was inviting them to the punishment of the Blaze, still, you will do it, when they use language, in Allah will who are more sin for custom stackability or whatever was, what ilala here are people who move and whoever submits a space to Allah, Allah, I am submitting myself to you, I am going to willingly obey you, while he's a doer of good, meaning he does good also, he doesn't just say that, Oh Allah, I surrender. I love you, I am your servant, he also does good, then he has grasp the most trustworthy handhold, meaning a level strengthen him, Allah will give him the ability to remain firm and strong,

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and to Allah will be the outcome of all matters. And whoever has disbelieved. Let not his disbelief review to us as they return and we will inform them of what they did. Indeed, Allah is Knowing of that within the breasts painting, no one else knows what's going on in our mind right now. Even the person sitting next to you, I don't know what's going on in your mind right now what thoughts are coming and going, where the mind is wandering or Allah He knows that which is in the heart hidden, there is no secret from Allah. We grant them enjoyment for a little, then we will force them to a massive punishment. And if you ask them who created the heavens and the earth, they would surely say

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Allah, God in Hamdulillah, say all praises due to Allah, but most of them do not know and so they're not grateful to Allah belongs whatever isn't the heavens and the earth. Indeed, Allah is the free of need, the Praiseworthy, and if whatever trees upon the earth work bends, and the sea was

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replenished there by thereafter by seven Morrissey's the words of Allah would not be exhausted collimate of Allah would never end. Indeed Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise meaning of a person

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started writing the words of Allah the words that Allah has said, the orders that Allah has given the matters that Allah subhanaw taala has decided, the creation that Allah has created. I mean if a person were to start writing that or kalimat could be also words of praise that Allah is deserving of. You could convert the entire trees, wood that exists on this earth into pens, and then the entire water into ink, and then double that water, but still manaphy that Kalamata law. What does it show to us the power the knowledge of Allah soprano authority?

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You don't have to be Kalamata la hit

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insha. Allah arose to be Cali Murthy lay

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in the most complete and perfect words of Allah, all the words of Allah. It's not an ordinary though. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when a person lands at a place, he arrives at a place like for example, you go to a hotel, and you say this door or you go camping, after Ramadan, probably you will be going for some picnics or something. Right? So you go to a park or anything. What's this fear, we have? Jin shavon, whatever it may be, so nothing will harm him. Until he leaves that stop in place meaning, while he's there, nothing can harm him. Because this is so powerful, the words of Allah are mentioned, your creation and your resurrection will not be but

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as that of a single soul, single soul. Indeed Allah is hearing and knowing. Do you not see that Allah causes the night to enter the day and causes the day to enter the night and he has subjected the sun and the moon each running it scores for a specified term and that a lot with whatever you do is acquainted. That is because Allah is the truth, and that what they call upon other than Him is falsehood. And because Allah is the most high the grand Do you not see that ship sailed through the sea by the favor of a law and that he may show you obvious signs indeed and that are Signs for everyone ficient and grateful. And when waves overcome them, when waves come over them like

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canopies, they supplicate a lot and sometimes we also find ourselves in the middle of a storm, unable to run away what happens they supplicate Allah sincere to human religion. But when he delivers them to the land, there are some of them more moderate in faith, meaning we'll go back to how they were. And none rejects our signs except everyone treacherous and ungrateful. So Oh people. Yeah, you harness the power of fear your Lord. Fear your Lord, walk show yoma and fear a Day, fear a Day when no father will avail his son, nor will a son avail his father at all. Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth. So let not the worldly life delude you, and Be not deceived about Allah by the

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deceiver, who's the deceiver, shame upon. This is the reality of this life, that this world is green, it is luscious, that is beautiful, but in reality, it is deceptive. falletto, run nakoma hyah to dounia. It's deceptive. The profits of a loss of them said indeed this world is green luscious, sweet, whoever acquires it through how meaning through that which is right, then he will be granted blessing in it. And he who takes from the wealth of align His Messenger unjustly meaning he adopts wrong ways in acquiring this world, then they will get nothing. The day they will meet a law.

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They got deceived by this worldly life, they wanted everything here, then what will they get in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment, nothing. And the reality of this life is that no matter how much a person has how enjoyable how delicious it may be, it comes to an end. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said these are these are Muslim dharma. The food of the son of Adam is the example of this worldly life. No matter how flavorful you prepare it, see what its outcome is?

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See what its outcome is. Even if you go and eat dinner at a place where each plate is like $100. one meal could be like $60, fancy five star Michelin star something right? those fancy fancy top notch kind of hotels, you go there. And you eat the best food in the world prepared by the best celebrity chef even what's going to become of that food.

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What can you make of that food honestly, like seriously, you eat it. You enjoy it for brief moments, and then what does it turn into?

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This is the example of this world. This is the example of this world. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this is hard enough

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Muslim Burma, not making it up. This is the example of this world, no matter how much you enjoy. And isn't it amazing how sometimes especially as women, you know, we should really reflect on this. Because sometimes you spent five hours preparing some food.

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And what happens people come in 45 minutes, eat and runoff are thoroughly and there you are with the kitchen aftermath. Right kitchen Aftermath literally, dinner Aftermath that you have to clear it all up. But what happened people got to enjoy it for brief moments and helaas Indeed, Allah alone has the knowledge of the hour, he sends down the rain, and he knows what is in the wombs and no soul perceives what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul perceives in what land it will die. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and acquainted. So don't forget him. Don't be deceived by this worldly life. He knows you. He knows what you're doing. He knows your deeds. So don't forget him. deceived by this worldly

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life. Remember, your end