Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-029D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 219-220

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various popular topics related to alcohol, including the theory that winning a large amount of money through a game of chance is luck, the use of "ma'am" in slot machines, and various diseases and diseases related to alcohol. The speakers emphasize the benefits and harm of gambling, the importance of avoiding alcohol and spending money on one's own, and the importance of managing one's wealth to avoid waste and reduce waste. They also mention legal advice and the importance of knowing one's intentions to avoid waste and make smart financial decisions.
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recitation from verse number 219 Yes,

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Hungary will amaze you will be Hema

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Gabi your mana

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born in La calidad de que la hola como

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probably way too hard to

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move see them in the Muslim world

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law hula

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law housy is thanking

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim yes Aluna Cardinal hamari will mais it, they ask you about wine and gambling, meaning the Companions asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the use the permissibility of alcohol and also playing May said that, is this permissible or not? So here the question that they asked was a question for the purpose of Islam. And he to really know whether or not this was something that Allah subhanaw taala permitted. And the reason why they asked is because, first of all, any person even if they're not Muslim, you know, they realize that where alcohol is something enjoyable, it is also something that is not that good for a person, which is

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why there are many people who will deliberately choose to stay away, right from these things because they know that it's not good for their health, it's not good for their overall well being. And secondly, the Sahaba asked regarding comedy and Mason because Allah subhanaw taala had already revealed certain verses regarding comet and Mesa, which is why they wondered whether this was something permissible or not. Now, what exactly is Hamid? What exactly is Mason? Let's talk about that. First of all, Hamid, which is translated as wine. Hamid is from the root letters ha me an RA and Hamid is basically something that covers the intellect. Okay, Muhammad, Allah Arkell. And from

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the same root is the word FEMA. FEMA is used for a head covering, right, so something that covers the head is called calmer. And calmer, in particular is not just something that covers the head, but covers the mind, meaning what's inside the head. All right, so it is an intoxicant. Okay, it is an intoxicant, because it covers the mind of a person, a person is not fully awake, basically. But there's this Arabic poetry, okay, in which the poet said that for either Sharif to fit in or near a bullhorn, it was so odd that when I am drunk, then I feel as though I am the king of castles and towers. Okay, what either so how to fit in or near a bush, you HeyWhat you will bury. But then when

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I'm awake, anyone I'm back in my full consciousness, then I realized that I'm still the master off just sheep and camel. Okay. So basically, what he's saying is that when I am intoxicated, then I'm not in my senses. Right? So Homer is what covers the intellect. Okay. And Mason, on the other hand, is gambling. And it is from the root letters. Yes, seen rock user is ease some may say is money that or wealth that a person easily acquires through a game, you know, for example, if a person has to make a million dollars, they have to work really hard for a long time. But when they play, for example, a game of chance in a slot machine even and all of a sudden they win a million dollars,

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then basically the effort that they put in was very little in order to earn all of that money, right? So may sit is gambling, and may sit originally, it's a term that applies to an ancient Arabian game of chance. So it's a game of chance that the Arabs used to play and they used to play it with featherless arrows, okay. And the way they would play it is basically instead of money, they had shares of meat, basically slaughtered camels, and then they would play a game of chance with featherless arrows, and then whoever won would win huge shares off the slide.

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uttered camels. So Mesa doesn't just apply to that particular game of chance, but it can apply to any other game of chance. Whether it is, you know, for example, a casino style card game, or, you know, poker, even electronic slot machines, sometimes people bet on sporting events, you know, there's lottery, things like that. So where there is money involved gaining money through a game of chance, then that is my set. You know, this is something that if you think about it, there isn't much skill required. You know, for example, if you're playing a game of snakes and ladders, right, can you practice that game in order to get better at it? No, you can't, because you use dice for it.

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And that is something that you don't have any control over, you could have been playing for 10 years, 15 years, you could be practicing for a very long time, but the number that the dice will show is not based on any skill of yours, right? It's entirely based on chance. So if you're playing Snakes and Ladders at home, that's fine. But when a game like that involves money, okay, it involves the use of money the loss of money or the gain of money, okay. So, where you know people win huge rewards, you know, for winning a game things like that, then this is something that is problematic, okay. So, remember any game of chance in which a person can easily gain money or lose money, okay,

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because this is what gambling does, right? You keep bringing money you keep paying, you know, $1 or two for a ticket $1 or two to play the game and all of a sudden, you have gained you have won so much money or over the years you have lost so much money. So this is mace it all right. So yes, Aluna car Anil Camry will mace it. Now I mentioned to you that several verses had been revealed regarding comma. And there are basically four verses in the Quran about alcohol. The first one is actually in Surah two Nahal verse number 67. Okay, so to know her verse number 67, where Allah subhanaw taala mentions that women so Moroccan naturally will or Nabi that if you don't I mean who

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saccharin? What is fun Hasina that from the fruits of date palms and grape wines? What you do is that you extract from them. Second, what is going Hasina two things? One is the second any a drink which is an intoxicant and respond Hasina good provision, okay. So for example, the Arabs they would make wine from dates, okay, or from grapes, but then they would also dry dates and grapes in order to, you know, get other risk and Hasina, other beneficial sources of food. So the fact that alcohol in he has been mentioned separately from this on Hasina, this made the Companions wonder that is alcohol not good. Is this something that Allah subhanaw taala does not like because remember, at the

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beginning, any the consumption of alcohol was permissible. in Macau, for example, this was something permissible there was no prohibition. So upon the revelation of this is sort of the natural number 67 The Sahaba wondered, and he why has this been mentioned separately from respawn Hasina? That means it's not good food, it's something that's not good for us. And then this idea was revealed the iron Surah Baqarah Yes. Aluna, carnal hungry will miss it. And then there is a third idea that was revealed after this, which is Surah Nyssa verse number 43 where Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu lotta caribou salata were Anton Su, Cara, that all you who have believed do not

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go near Salah while you are intoxicated. So I mean, if you have to pray five times a day, then when exactly are you going to get intoxicated, the only window you have is after a shot, because that's basically you know, you have enough time to get intoxicated and then to recover from that in order to pray Fajr properly. So we see that through this gradual revelation and gradual prohibition, it was as if the Muslims were weaned off of alcohol. And the fourth verse that was revealed regarding alcohol is the one in certain Magadha I remember 90 where Allah subhanaw taala says Yeah, are you Halina ama No, in normal, humble will may say well, Ensembl Islam would reduce luminometer shaytaan

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that all you have believed indeed, alcohol and gambling and altars were basically the people would slaughter animals for their eye

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idols, all of these are a filth and they are from the work of shaitan fudge Tenny boo boo. So, avoid it Laurila come to flee hone in order that you may be successful. So when this idea was revealed the verse and sort of Matt either the companion said entertainer, entertainer, that we will stop, we will stop. So even though the word Haram has not been used in any of these verses, it's very obvious that this is something that Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden, right? And if we look at this ayah Allah subhanaw taala says, yes Aluna perineal humbly will may say they asked you about wine and gambling on fee Hema is mancha Buren. Call you say, meaning you are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam tell the people that fee Hema in them to in what to in alcohol and gambling. There is if mancha bead, there is great sin, there is great sin in both of them. And when it comes to sin ism, remember that this is something that Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden, right? In the Quran we learn Allah azza wa jal says it no Muhammad Allah be alpha Hische that say that indeed my Lord has forbidden for wash in decencies. And in the same list is mentioned isn't that isn't is also something that my Lord has forbidden. So anything that is sinful, okay? Is something that Allah has forbidden. Now the word is sometimes is used for a sinful lead a Savior. And other times the word

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isn't is also used to refer to something that leads to sin. Okay, something that leads to sin. Because at the time when this ayah was revealed, alcohol was not haram. Okay, it was made forbidden afterwards, however, it was still declared and isn't meaning it is something that leads to a lot of wrong things. Okay, it leads to a lot of wrong things. And it happens with people that when they are intoxicated, then people do things, say things, which are very inappropriate that they regret later on, they end up doing things which they would never do when they are in their full consciousness, you know, for example, the Arabs, they would get drunk. Why, in order that they would be extremely

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generous. Okay, let me explain this, if a person is in their full consciousness, they would not slaughter a whole lot of camels and give them a charity. Okay? Why? Because they would think I need these camels in order to go around in order to travel, we need these, you know, our life depends on them. But then if a person wanted to show off, and if a person wanted to show off, particularly about you know how generous they were, then they would get drunk on purpose. And then as they would see all these camels, they would go on and slaughter them and sometimes they would go and slaughter candles that did not even belong to them. Okay. And then later on, they would regret so there is if

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one can eat, okay, there is a great sin or something that leads to sin. And at the same time, woman Afia rudeness, there are also benefits for people, okay, there are many benefits for people. So, first of all, we see that in drinking alcohol, there is a great sin the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that letter Shri Bernal hummed for inner miftah who coalition that do not ever drink wine, because it is the key to every evil. Okay, it is the key to every evil, it's going to lead you to a lot of evil. But at the same time in this idea, it is acknowledged that there is great benefit for people also manera fair Manasa is plural, many benefits for people. And yes, people enjoy, you

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know, they relax. When people engage in social drinking and they go to different places where people are drinking alcohol, they're no longer lonely, things like that they get to entertain themselves. Okay, there are so called benefits, okay, there are benefits. In fact, some may even say that there are health benefits in drinking alcohol. However, what is Maluma aka bottlemen Nephi Hema, but their sin is greater than their benefit. Okay, their sin is greater. So it's quite possible that something has benefit and harm in it. But you have to evaluate what is greater here. Is the benefit greater than the harm or is the harm greater than the benefit? So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us over

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here that the sin in both of these things is greater than the benefit of these two things. You know, for example, many people want to gamble. They play such games in order to win quick money a lot.

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If money why because they say then we can give a lot of charity right. So, yeah there is benefit, you know, if you win a million dollars all of a sudden and you give $50,000 to one mosque $50,000 to another charity and things like that, and yes, you are bringing a lot of benefit. However, you are also causing a lot of harm, right? When it comes to addiction and gambling is addictive. We see how many people they suffer because of this family suffer because of this, sometimes even companies suffer because of this it because people are stealing money from their company. Why in order to continue to gamble? So yes, there is benefit, okay, in gambling, there is benefit in wine, but the

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sin is greater, the harm is greater. All right. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala has declared it unlawful. And also, if you think about it, when it comes to wine and gambling, they're not all that innocent. Right? They're not all that innocent. I mean, okay, there may be some benefit. But there's so much crime associated with these two things. I mean, any movie crime scene, where does it begin in a casino? Right? Or, you know, there is gambling involved. So there is a lot of sin associated with wine and gambling, theft, Zina, even cheating, et cetera. And more than that, there is spiritual harm, which is associated with these two things. Because both of them are addictive. They

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affect a person's brain they affect a person's relationships, a person's habits, their Eman. So what is Mohammed a Kabbalah Midna free humor, and if we remember this rule, this principle that if the sin, the harm is greater than the benefit, then we should leave that thing, it would become so easy for us to make decisions in our lives. You know, sometimes we are indecisive because we see both pros and cons, right and something. So how to decide well analyze what is greater, the harm or the benefit the pros or the cons. So based on that, decide what you want to do. And if something is forbidden by Allah subhanaw taala, then it's very evident that no matter how much benefit it has,

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we're going to stay away from it. Then in a sad way is Aluna Camilla Yoon, feel calm, Pullela food and they ask you what they should spend, say a laughable, the excess. Okay, now, isn't this interesting in the same idea? Alright, so same idea that first they ask you about wine and gambling, and then they ask you about what they should spend? What's the connection over here? What's the connection over here, and then if you think about it, when a person has extra money more than what they need, then they think about you know, how they can have fun and a lot of times people when it comes to having fun, people begin with food or social gatherings or going to such places right. And

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when it comes to alcohol, it can be very, very expensive. When it comes to gambling. Again, it requires you to spend first only then you can gamble. So when you have extra money sitting with you excess, then you think about such forms of entertainment. So Allah subhanaw taala tells us over here, what to do with our excess money, right the extra money that we have the money that is beyond our needs. So they ask you what they should spend Polly law for. So when you have extra money, spend it, spend it on who spend it on others on those in need. And we learned earlier spend on your parents on the closest relatives on the orphans, those who need the travelers. There's a hadith and

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Sunnah necessity in which we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that start with yourself and spend on yourself. Okay, spend on yourself, begin with yourself because some people are very stingy with themselves. Okay. So, you know, like a man came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and his hair was very disheveled to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam asked him, Do you have any wealth and the men began listing the different forms of wealth that he owned? All right, so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said that, you know, when Allah gives you wealth or a blessing, then he likes to see its effects on you. Meaning your appearance should show that you are

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a person of wealth. Okay? Not that you should be decked out all the time, but that, you know, you should be looking decent, your hair should be in good condition, and your clothing should be in good condition. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said begin by saying

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Hang on yourself. If there is anything left over, then spend on your family if there is anything left over than spend on your relatives, if there's anything left over, then give it to such and such. And he indicated with his hand meaning in front of you to your right side to your left side, meaning spend on those who are around you. So Kunal alpha, so spend that which is excess, and we also learn another Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that all son of Adam, it is better for you, if you spend your surplus wealth, meaning if you have extra wealth, and you spend it in good causes, then that is better for you. But if you withhold it, it is something evil

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for you. Okay? If you become stingy with it, this is not something good for you. And there is no harm if a person spends on themselves generously. But remember, what is forbidden is rough. what is forbidden is being extravagant. Okay, being excessive, and it doesn't mean that you have to show off or you're constantly spending, you know, just on yourself, and you don't care about others. There must be moderation. Okay? When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that begin with yourself, it doesn't mean that you begin and stop with yourself. Okay? That any extra money that you have sitting with you, you only spend it on yourself? No, some of it can go on you. And then the

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rest, you know spend on other good causes as well. So where's Aluna? Canada Yun Falcone kulula For Cavalli Can you bake in Hola Hola, como el eight La La Quinta for karoun Thus does hola me clear to you the verses why in order that you might give thought Subhan Allah, ne Allah subhanaw taala is making all of these matters clear to you regarding your money, what you should spend, where you should spend on who you should spend, why, in order that you think you pay attention, you reflect, you reflect about what the next if it Dunia will ask you to this world and the Hereafter, meaning think about your dunya and your Akela that what is it that you are preparing for dunya? And what is

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it that you are preparing for your AP Euro? If you think about it hunger and Mason, alcohol and gambling, the only benefit you in this world, they will not benefit you in the hereafter. If you spend everything you have just on yourself, okay, you enjoy your dunya. But what about your IRA, so reflect on your dunya and use your reason deeply reflect over the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given and even the prohibitions that he has given? Why so that you can make the right decisions for yourself. Right financial decisions for dunya will Akela Where's Aluna, Cornelia tama, and they ask you about the orphans. Now how is this connected? Because what the Sahaba asked regarding the

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orphans was not about the age of the orphans, or about whether or not a person can be a guardian to orphan children. But rather, they asked regarding the wealth of the orphans, that are they allowed to invest the wealth, the property of the orphans in order to make it grow, and whether or not they were allowed to live with the orphans. And of course, when you're living with someone, then their property and your property is going to get mixed, to some degree at least. Right. So this is what they asked about. Now, remember that it's understood that the orphan child will inherit something from their deceased father, right. And it's not necessary that the orphan is poor. In fact, the

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orphan child could be much wealthier than you. So for example, there was a wealthy man who owned a house on the car, you know, had some money sitting in the bank, and he only had one son, and this man dies, and most of his wealth is going to go to his son, right? So that son could be just five years old. And now all of a sudden, he's a millionaire. And you're you are struggling, you know, to fulfill all your needs month to month, and all of a sudden, you're the guardian of this orphan child. So the orphan child remember can be wealthier than you, right. So the Sahaba asked that what should they do with the wealth of the orphan? Should they invest it? Or should they just save it and

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wait for the orphan to grow older and then hand it over? And secondly, if you are the guardian of the orphan child, of course, you're going to make that child live with you in your house? Right?

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And if you have to constantly spend on the orphan, well, what if you can't afford it? And secondly, are you required to spend on the orphan when the orphan is wealthy himself. So for example, if that child is going to a private school, should you spend from your money or the orphans money for the child's tuition, and then it's not just tuition, it's food, it's health care, it's different things that children need, and you need to spend on them. So when you begin to spend on the child from the child's money, then it's going to happen that to some extent, your money and the orphans money is going to get mixed up. You know, for instance, you're buying food, and the orphan child loves

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chocolate cake, for example. All right, so you buy the chocolate cake from the orphan child's money, okay, and you bring it home. Now, how much cake is the child going to eat? He's not going to eat all of it. Right? Hopefully, you're not going to let him eat all of it, because it's not good for him, but the point is that there is going to be some leftover. So are you allowed to eat it? Or should you not eat it and then throw half of it away and wasted? So you understand the companions had this question that are we allowed to mix our property with the property of the orphan, not everything, but some things especially food, because you see there is an ayah in the Quran. In surah Nisa, this

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is iron in return where Allah subhanaw taala says in a Latina yoke Luna and while Alia, Tamil woman in the Maya Karuna people Tony hem Nowra, that indeed, those people who eat the wealth of the orphans unjustly their only consuming fire into their bellies was a a slowness or euro, and they're going to burn in *. This is a very scary I a very frightening. So what the Companions started doing is that they would even prepare food separately, okay, they would prepare food separately out of fear that we should not consume the wealth of the orphan. But then what happened, that there would be a lot of waste. So where's Aluna? Cornelia Tama so Allah subhanaw taala gave the answer

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that all is LA who love him hate that say improvement for them is best? What does that mean? Is la Hola. homeplate is La means to reform something to set something, right. And what is meant over here is that as long as you are managing their wealth, all right, with good intention correctly and properly. That is good. Okay. And part of Islam, of the orphans wealth is that you invest it so that it can grow. Otherwise, what's going to happen if the wealth of the orphan is just sitting year after year after year, and every year you pay as a cat on it, or you know, there's taxes, etc? Then what's going to happen over the years, that wealth is going to diminish? Right, it is going to

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diminish. So it's slow hula hoop height, meaning as long as you consume it properly. All right, in the sense that not that you're paying for every grocery with the orphans money, no, you buy whatever needs to be bought for the orphan with orphans money and if something is leftover from it, and you're afraid that it's going to go waste and you consume it yourself, there's nothing wrong with it, because that is something that you would do with your child's money, your own money, you want a slot for it, you don't want it to go waste, okay. And secondly, is law over here also means that you invest the money so that it can grow. So it's lahar, low height. So in total an arm is 152, Allah

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subhanaw taala says well at the Karabo, Maluhia, teamie, illa biLlah TV arson, that do not go close to the wealth of the orphan, except in a way that is excellent hedaya beluga Ashada, until he reaches his maturity. So until the orphan is mature enough to handle his own money, you are going to take care of it. And you're going to do what is in the best interest of the orphan. Okay. And then it is said, what into Holly to home for a Hawaiian local. And if you mix your affairs with theirs, then they're your brothers. What does this mean? That they are your brothers, and your brother eats from your food and you eat from the food of your brother. So it's only natural that when you will

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live with someone, their wealth will, to some extent mix with yours. Right? So we're into Carlito for Equinox, so you can eat from that leftover cake, right? It's not wrong. However, what is your real intention? Will Allahu Yarlung will move Siddha mineral Muslim and Allah knows the corruptor from the mender meeting Allah subhanaw taala knows your intention. Why did you buy

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I that cake from the orphans money you knew that he was only going to eat one piece. Right? Did you buy that kit for the orphans money so that you could enjoy most of it? Is that the reason? What was your actual intention? Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. So Allah we Arlen will move Sita, middle Muslim, encircle piano verses 14 to 15. Almost parangtritis has Bilal Insano Allah Nuptse basura wallow l camara de la, that the human being is, you know he knows himself. He knows what's going on in his heart even if he offers many excuses. You know, your real intention in sort of the law field is 19 Allah says Yarlung waha inital, our unique motto is pseudo Allah knows the treachery of the

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eyes and what the chests conceal. So your intention is hidden in your heart. And Allah subhanaw taala knows about your real intention. And then it is said Well Oh sha Allah, hula aeronautical. If Allah had willed, He could have put you in difficulty, what difficulty that he could have completely prohibited you from consuming any portion of the orphans wealth. And that would be extremely difficult on you, you see the word are nuts are not is the breaking of a bone that has been previously broken and mended to imagine if a person has fractured their arm, okay. And after months and months, finally, the bone healed and the cast is off. And finally, they're doing better. And

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then what happens again, the bone is fractured, the same bone breaks again. So now what happens now the doctor says you have to be very, very careful, you cannot keep breaking the same bone again and again and again. Right because every time that it gets injured, it gets broken, it gets fractured, then the recovery in the healing etc is going to be even longer. So what OSHA hola hola Arna TOCOM if Allah wanted he could have put you in great difficulty what difficulty that imagine if you were completely forbidden from consuming even a little bit of the orphans wealth or you were completely forbidden from mixing the orphans wealth with yours, how difficult life would be any imagine if a

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person had to you know taking the same example of the cake that you know you see that the child only ate a quarter of the cake in total three quarters you and your children consumed. Now you see the receipt okay the cake was $15 All right. So a quarter of that the child consumed three quarters you consumed and so you calculate three quarters of $15 and then you take that money and put that in the orphans you know bank account any if you're constantly doing that with food especially how difficult your life would become. So when Oh sha Allah hula ornata come in Susan Bukhara last time. So the Bacara Allah subhanaw taala Says law you can live alone, Epson Illa was Arha, that Allah does not

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burden a soul with more than its capacity. This would be beyond our capacity to keep everything separate. So what's the lesson over here and that make sure your intention is correct. And whatever financial decisions you make for the orphan are in the best interest of the orphan. All right. And remember that in Allah as he is in Hakeem, indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and wise, any Allah is our Aziz, he has power over you. And he is Hakeem his judgment prevails. So fear Him when making such decisions. And we can extend this you know, the lessons from this idea to other situations as well, you know, where certain individuals are responsible for other people's wealth.

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For example, your younger siblings, you could be responsible for your siblings property, you could be responsible for your spouse's property, always have the right intention. And remember that Allah subhanaw taala knows your intention, you could be responsible for the finances of an organization. So what kind of decisions are you making? Are they in the best interest of that organization? Are they only going to benefit you? Are you causing corruption? Or are you actually making amends and making decisions that are going to benefit that organization? So Allah knows your intention? Allah could have made things very difficult for you in Allah Aziz and Hakeem Yes.

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Hungry will amaze you. Olivia. Hema.

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Gabby your mana

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Why is that

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gathered ek will be no law hula hula

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wias Luna karate

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employee a while too hard to

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remove see the Muslim

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Allahu Allah.

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Allah has he is lucky Frankie

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