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Juz’ 21: Al-‘Ankabut 45-88 – Al-Ahzab 1-30

Ar-Rum 21-60

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And all His Signs is that he created for you from yourselves mates, meaning your mates, your spouses are who human beings like yourselves, that you might find tranquility in them, and you placed between you affection and mercy, meaning this bond of marriage is not just for sexual satisfaction, but it is also for the purpose of sukoon affection, mercy, love, kindness, care, comfort, security, intimacy, indeed in that are Signs for people who give thoughts, who gives thought to what, who reflect on what, on this beautiful bond of marriage. The question is, that how is it that sukoon comes in marriage because Allah says that Lita, Escuela de La Hoya, marriages for the purpose of

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sukoon, so why is it that people get married, and still they don't find sukoon? Like, for example, a woman thinks that, you know, what, I'm so unhappy at my parents house, just can't wait to get out of here. Well, the only way is to get married. And then what happens? He gets married, and there's no sukoon Why, what's the problem? What's the reason because many times our focus, our attention is on receiving sukoon I want to get married so that I can be happy I, I can be happy, we're concerned about ourselves what we can get. Whereas sukoon does not come. Unless and until a person learns to give. Because it's both ways. You give and you receive, you give and you receive, can you find water

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in a glass, if you don't put water in it? Can you know, if you're thirsty, you want to drink, you have to fill your cup with water, when you will fill it, then you'll be able to drink? Can you get a beautiful flower out of a pot in your garden? If you don't put the seed? No, you have to put the seed and sometimes the flower doesn't come immediately doesn't come right away. You put the buds in one year and of the season and then what happens next year, then the flowers bloom, then the plants come out. So the fact is that sukoon love muhabba this mawatha this mercy, this kindness of Lima, it only comes when we give and sometimes we have to take the first step and giving when we give, then

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we will receive. So over here. I'm going to remind myself and all of you also about our obligation as women that in marriage, what is it that we have to give in order to get back? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, should I not inform you about your wives and gender? I mean the women of Paradise, who are they? Which women of this world will make it to Jenna, what are the qualities of the women in general? The Sahaba said yes, a messenger of Allah. He said they are well lewd, well, dude, well, Lou is a woman who has many children, and will do now of course, it's not always within a woman's hand. But you see some women, they have children, but they hate children. In

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the sense that they dislike they resent looking after children. They take it as a burden. They take it as a burden, they dislike it. They want to offload this responsibility on who somebody else does. When comes in here, take the baby, or in the night. Why should I have to change the baby or nurse the baby, always the responsibilities being thrown on who somebody else, somebody else, those who can afford nannies and maids. It's on the nanny and the maid and those whose husbands are, you know, miskeen Okay, here you go. You look after the baby. So while women who have children and who also are willing to look after children, this tells a lot about a woman's personality, how she is with

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children, what she thinks about children.

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And then not just wahluke but whether with loving, very loving, loving towards who their children, their husbands, the people who are around them will lose.

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And when she is angry, or she is mistreated, or her husband is angry with her, she says to her husband, my hand is in your hand. I will not sleep until you are happy. I will not sleep until you are happy. Meaning the woman who insists on making her husband happy, insists that her husband be pleased and happy. Who is concerned who cares about the feelings of her husband?

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And this is something that we really need to think about because many times women say oh whatever. He can be angry. I don't care. This I don't care attitude.

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What does it show that you don't care about their relationship? You don't value that relationship. Because if you truly value that relationship you don't say about your husband. I don't care if you're upset. Say what you want, do what you want fend for yourself. This is a woman who's not really concerned about the relationship. The loving woman, the loving wife, the really committed wife is she, whose utmost importance is what? that her husband be happy. Her husband be happy. Yes, there are people who just never become happy. But how do you know your husband is one of them if you haven't even tried to make him happy? Because sometimes what happens one week after marriage, two

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years after marriage, oh, he's someone who can never be pleased. And sometimes you know what the problem is, women try to please their husbands with the things that the husbands are not really pleased with. Like, for example, a woman thinks that if the house is shining, you know, floor to ceiling, everything is in place, my husband will be happy, he comes home, he doesn't even notice that you've mopped the floors. He doesn't even notice that you vacuum the carpets, he doesn't even notice those things. What does he notice your bad attitude? What does he notice your condescending way of speech? What does he notice the fact that you're stinking, or the fact that you're not

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looking beautiful for him, that is something that he notices. So we really need to take the relationship with the husband seriously, not the relationship with the house, or with the laundry or with the dishes. I mean, those are important factors. They are important. But what is more important is the love and affection that exists between the husband and wife. And that will only happen if we're willing to give in the first place.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said the best of your women are widowed. Were lewd, pleasing, meaning those women who please their husbands, and the description given over here is I mean, those who are not always criticizing, right, or who are always hesitating because for women, it's a huge challenge to not nag their husbands First of all, and secondly, not criticize everything that they're doing, or they're saying, because many times it happens that a woman begins to baby her husband, so she has to fix everything for him. She has to fix everything for him. No, you don't have to do that. Let him do things the way he's doing. Don't object that everything. You know, sometimes

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it happens that the husband will offer let me load the dishwasher for you. You're really tired. I know you want to bring it over here also. So I load the dishwasher for you what happens? I'll do it myself. You don't know how to do it property. This is not right, because this will make the husband feel that he can never make you happy.

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He will think he has failed as a husband because he doesn't know how to make his wife happy. I mean, he's working all the time bringing money home and the wife is not still dressing up with nice clothes and stuff. He takes her shopping and then when he comes home, he sees her in pajamas. He does so much but the wife is not happy.

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And also those who are caring, caring towards their husbands on the condition that they fear Allah. These are the best of women. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said hydrocodone, hydrocodone Nisa, the best of you are the best of you to your women, meaning the best man is he who is good to his wife. Now again, you will only receive when you give this is true for every relationship, every relationship.

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And also remember that Hades the witch, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that by him in whose hand is my life when a man called his wife to his back and she does not respond. The one who isn't Heaven is displeased with her until he is pleased with her. Now this Hadees is greatly misunderstood. That many times it is misunderstood that oh woman is just meant to be a sex object for the man. No, this is not how it is. The fact is that the key to a happy and peaceful marriage is a satisfied husband. And a husband is not satisfied just by eating good food and wearing clean and iron clothes and sleeping in a bed that smells very nice. No satisfaction for men comes from this. And if this is

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neglected, and everything is done, he will not be happy in a marriage and a woman will not find sukoon in her marriage, woman at home or somewhere to hang out. And obvious signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors. So many languages, so many accents. And every person's manner of speech is also different.

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I mean their vocabulary, their style of speech. It's unique. Their expression is unique. Every person isn't an amazing how you read a passage and you're like, I think I know who wrote this. Like for example, a teacher

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When she's marking test papers when she's marking assignments, and she's been doing that for some time, she doesn't have to look at the name. She doesn't have to look at the name a mother, when she looks at her children's work, she doesn't have to see the name she knows whose work it is who's writing it is because every person style expression is unique. And also the variation, the diversity in your colors. every person's skin tone is different. And what do we like to do, we'd like to conceal that natural color with the fake concealer. Allah gave to each person, a natural skin tone, natural skin tone, and that is the most beautiful skin tone in the field. ellika Ayatollah al amin,

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indeed and that are Signs for those of knowledge. And all the signs is your sleep by night and day. So yeah, there is room for sleeping in the day. Because generally when we learn about night, we learned that night is for sleep and days for work. But here we see that sometimes it's okay if you need to rest in the day also, whatever the law or Command probably but mainly in the day, you should be seeking of his bounty, indeed in that are Signs for people who listen. And other signs is that he shows you the lightning, causing fear and hope. And he sends down rain from the sky, by which he brings to life the earth after it's lifelessness. Indeed, in that are Signs for people who use

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reason and obvious signs is that the heaven and earth remain and by his command, they are in place by his command. So many times you see lakes they dry up, forests are destroyed, landscapes are changed, landscapes change, but the earth remains in place. It's not constantly moving. It's not shaking as we live on it. It's still there, as long as Allah has intended.

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Then when he calls you with a single call from the earth, immediately you will come force, what a human system are worth you will come cola who corny tune and To Him belongs to whoever is in the heavens and the earth. All are to him devoutly obedient and it is he who begins the creation and then he repeats it. And that is even easier for him. To Him belongs the highest attribute in the heavens and the earth and he is the Exalted in Might the wise, he presents to you an example from yourselves, do you have among those whom your right hands possess any partners in what We have provided for you so that you are equal there in? And would you fear them as your fear of one another

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within a partnership? meaning those who are your slaves, meaning people who are lesser than you? Would you consider them as your equals? Would you? Never you wouldn't do that. Would you fear them as you fear those who are similar to you in status knowing? Because I only confer Slidell, Ayatollah Khomeini or Cologne, thus do We detail the vs for people who use reason? So then how can you equate partners with a law? You have people who are similar to you, but yet you think of them as lesser to you? Who is similar to Allah? No one is that how could you declare someone as an equal to Allah, but those who wrong follow their own desires without knowledge, then who can guide one whom Allah has

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sent a stray and for them there are no helpers for him would happily Dini hanifa so Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all those who are listening are also addressed. Direct your face to word the religion. For up in watercolor, Dini? hanifa, direct your face toward the religion which religion the religion of tiny fee, which inclines to truth, the dean Hanif and what is that Dean, the dean which are an presents in which only Allah is deserving of worship. Oh no, here, lordship, worship, and the most perfect attributes are for who Allah alone. So your life should be according to this religion, direct your face, your focus your attention, the center of your life should be

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what this religion which Allah has given, adhered to the fitrah of Allah upon which he has created all people, meaning this, this is the natural religion of this entire universe. The natural order of this universe is what? That everything is in submission to one god one creator Allah, so you should also conform to this natural, natural religion, no chain should there be in the creation of Allah. That is the correct religion, but most of the people do not know. When he Vina la he worked aku adhere to it turning in repentance to Allah and fear him and establish prayer and do not be of those who associate others with Allah, Who are they may not

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Medina for the codina homework era, those who have divided their religion and become intersects, they have become divided into groups, every faction rejoicing in what it has. So Allah has sent one the the natural religion, the natural order of this universe and what is that submission surrender to who? Allah one, the creator, the only Lord, and leaving that moving away from that is what taking others as Gods besides Allah, and that is schicke associating partners with Allah. And when adversity touches the people, they call upon their Lord, turning in repentance to him. Then, when he lets them taste mercy from him, at once a party of them, associate others with their Lord, they give

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credit to other than Allah, so that they will deny what we have granted them, then enjoying yourselves for you are going to know or have we sent down to them on authority, and it speaks of what they were associating with him. And when we let the people taste mercy, they rejoice they're in, but if evil afflicts them for what their hands have put forth, immediately they despair. Do they not see that Allah extends provision for whom He wills and he restricts it? Indeed in that are Signs for people who believe in Allah, Cobra alcohol, Myskina webinar Sabine, so give the relative his right as well as the needy and the traveler, that is best for those who desire the countenance of

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Allah, and it is there for those who desire the face of Allah, and it is they who will be the successful many people give charity, many people share what they have with others. But over here, what are we told, give to the others there, right? Whether it is the needy, or the relative or the traveler? This is better for who? Those who desire to see the face of Allah, what should be our intention, when we're giving charity, what should be our ultimate goal, to seek a less face? You see, when we do something, anything good? When we're helping somebody, we're performing a good deed we're praying for anything we're doing.

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In our mind, what is it that we see faces of people, which people that will be happy? If they find out we're doing this? Like, for example, let me make this more realistic for you. If you're loading the dishwasher, whose face comes in your mind, your mother,

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as you're loading? Who comes to your mind your mother, again and again, why she'll be so happy, you're doing laundry, you're cleaning up the house? And who are you thinking about your husband, when he comes home, he'll be so happy, isn't it? This is something normal, that as we are working, our mind is also working, thinking thinking about who those who we want to please by what we're doing. Now, this is natural. People will be happy when they find out that we're doing this good stuff. But we cannot imagine the face of Allah. But what we really need to do is, as we think about the faces of people, we need to put a cross on them and say, for Allah, leverage Hilah This is for

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Allah space. You know, like when you do something good, you can imagine the faces of people, you know, smiling, happy, cheering because of what you have done, whose happiness whose approval and whose pleasure is it that we should be really seeking the pleasure of Allah leverage Will you read una vida Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that whatever you spend for Allah sake, whatever you spend for Allah sake, you will get reward for it. Even the morsel of food which you put in your wife's mouth. Sometimes, as women, we are feeding our children putting literally morsel of food in the mouths of our children and each bite seems so heavy, so difficult. Why because we are hungry, we

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want to eat our if thought already. So that also what should the Nia be? Ud una vida la? I want a last phase, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the best sadhaka is the one given to the relative who for some hidden enmity for you, keeps away from you. Because over here at the Del Campo haka, who sometimes the closest relative or the people who are most in need, who don't even deserve our help, but because of the bond that Allah has created between us, we should help them technically it's most difficult to help people over there to do good over there. So what is it that we should be desiring UD Luna, what do you have law and also remember when you're dealing with somebody like the Hardee's

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that's mentioned, that giving charity to a relative who for some

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Hidden enmity against you avoids you mean generally they don't care about you, they don't call you, they don't remember you. But when they need something, then they come to you. And when they talk to you, they don't really open up with you. They're like, awkward with you Why? Because there's hidden enmity in their heart. So doing good over there, it's difficult, but you read una vida LA, doing it for the sake of Allah for his face, being grateful over there that Allah and hamdulillah You made me the giving one, not the taking one, that you blessed me so that I can give them

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said the westsail meaning the one who joins relationships is not the one who recompense is the good dumped to him by his relatives, but he is the one who keeps good relations with those relatives with severed the bond of kinship with him. So added acaba gave to the relative haka who is right, so one should make is almost sincerely for whose sake Allah sake and whatever you give for interest Riba to increase within the wealth of people will not increase with Allah, meaning when you pay interest, it doesn't increase anybody's wealth. It doesn't increase your wealth, it doesn't increase the wealth of those who are receiving it. And even when you receive

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interest, it doesn't increase your wealth. But what you given the cow desiring the face of Allah to do.

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Those are the multipliers, meaning Yes, that wealth increases in the sight of Allah. What happens is that when labor is received, or given, people think our money is increasing, and ones that God has given we think our money is decreasing, whereas in reality, it's the exact opposite. This was the first is revealed concerning the prohibition of Riba of interest that this is something that Allah does not like, so keep away from it. Allah is the one who created you, then provided for you, then will cause you to die, and then we'll give you life. Are there any of your partners who does anything of that? Exalted is He and high above what they associate with him? A lot on facade to feel

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badly? Well, corruption has appeared, disorder has spread throughout the land and see why, because of what the hands of people have earned. But why isn't a law protecting them from their own actions, so that he may let them taste part of the consequences of what they have done? Why that perhaps they will return? Perhaps they will reform their actions. Because if we did not suffer the consequences of our mistakes, or the wrong choices we make, what would we do to ourselves, we would destroy ourselves, say, travelled through the land and observe how was the end of those before most of them were associators most of them associated partners with Allah. Allah is telling us here that the

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majority of the people of the world have been who mushrikeen so direct your face toward the correct religion before a day comes from Allah, of which there is no repelling. That day they will be divided whoever disbelieves upon him as a consequence of his disbelief and whoever does righteousness they are for themselves preparing fully unfussy him, he am

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beautiful I a woman, I will slowly her whoever does a righteous deed for the unforeseen him young her don't. They are in reality preparing for themselves preparing what their home of the Hereafter, that he may reward those who have believed and unrighteous deeds out of his bounty. Indeed, he does not like the disbelievers. And all the signs is that he sends the winds as Bringers of good tidings, and to let you taste His mercy. And so the ships may sail at his command. And so you may seek of his bounty and perhaps you will be grateful, one wind, it blows and brings us so many benefits, food, travel, so many things. Why learn accomplish guru be grateful, and we have already sent messengers

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before you to their people, and they came to them with clear evidences, then we took retribution from those who committed crimes and incumbent upon us was support of the believers. What can help gunner Elena Nussle, meaning this is a lost promise. So if we want Allah's help what is necessary fix our EMA and strengthen our EMA and revive our Amen So that allows help will come. It is Allah who sends the winds again and again wind is being mentioned. And they stir the clouds and spread them in the sky. However he wills however Allah wills because sometimes when you look up in the sky, you see a lot of clouds in one part and another part of the sky is blue. So the clouds also scan

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After they take their shape and their form, according to Allah will, and he makes some fragments. So you see the rain emerge from within them. And when he causes it to fall upon whom He wills of his servants, immediately they rejoice. They get happy that yes, it's raining and hamdulillah and it's raining, although they were before it was sent down upon them before that in despair, before the rain fell, how were they? They were in despair, and how quickly we give up hope funds or ila 30 Rahmatullah. So observe the effects of the mercy of Allah. What is the mercy of Allah, the rain that fell? How much rain fell? And look at the effects of that rain? Do you see the effects of that rain?

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Yes, that how everything gets washed, you get a car wash, and then the birds even they rejoice, flowers, they bloom trees, they look fresher. Houses look clean, so many effects of the mercy of Allah, how he gives life to the earth after its lifelessness. Indeed, that same one will give life to the dead. And he is over all things competent. So what's the lesson here? That no matter how you feel in your life, because of the dryness, right, because of the lack of color, there's so much pain, and there seems to be no relief anytime soon. Never, ever despair, Allah will send the rain of relief, and he will change your situation. But if we should send a bad wind, and they saw their crop

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turned yellow, meaning a storm, they would remain thereafter disbelievers meaning their despair is quite astonishing. It's ever growing, for a knucklehead to smell Mota. So indeed, you will not make the dead here, nor will you make the death here the call when they turn their backs retreating, and you cannot guide the blind away from their error you will only make here are those who believe in our verses. So there are Muslims in submission to Allah. Allah is the one who created you from weakness. What a little child You were so weak, then made after weakness, strength, strength, it's amazing how little children, there was once a time when their bodies were so soft. And now their

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heads are so hard that if they accidentally bump into you, especially on your lip, Allah protects your lip. Right? That how those soft fragile bodies become so tough, so tough. So he made after weakness, strength, and then made after strength, weakness, and white hair. Neither can you maintain any of these stages of your life, nor can you prevent the next stage from coming. You cannot prevent your body from aging, he creates what He wills, and he is the knowing the competent. And the day that our appears, the criminals will swear they had remained but an hour, they will say we only went for an hour to this world. Why will they say that? Because the hereafter will be so long that they

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were deluded. But when they were living in this world, they thought this life was everything. And you see when you're enjoying something, then what happens to time passes very quickly. Just like when you take children to a park. And then what happens Two hours later when you tell them Let's go. But we just came

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and we just came. Why do they say that because those two hours they were busy having fun. They didn't even feel the time passing by. And this is what happens with people who think this life is everything. They get lost in the play and amusement of this life. But those who are given knowledge and faith will say you remain the extent of a loss decree until the Day of Resurrection, and this is the Day of Resurrection, but you did not use to know so that day there excuse will not benefit those who wronged nor will they be asked to appease Allah. Wa laqad Bob gnarliness if he had any man Colima Thal And We have certainly presented to the people in the squadron from every kind of

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example. But if you should bring them assign, the disbelievers will surely say you are but liars in anthem Illa mobile cleadon you are but faults or fires, does this Allah seal the hearts of those who do not know false bill in noir the law he helped. So be patient. Indeed the promise of Allah is true. It is true, but still there are people who are firm in their rejection. So what is the definition let in Allah up noon and let them not disquiet you who are not certain in faith, meaning those people who are not certain in faith. Don't let them find you so huffy so light that they shake you and

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They make you give up. No observed patience and hold on to what is right. In times of fitna in times of hardship. In times when there is Cofer everywhere. Be firm on Amen. Don't let people find you weak in faith, so that they've come and say one statement to you, and you get so affected by that, that you give up. No, don't give up. Don't let them find you light, you should be firm, Your feet should be firmly planted, and holding on to faith in these times of fitna, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the Sahaba, that after you will come a very difficult time in which a person who holds on to the truth will be rewarded equivalent to 50 of you,

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he will be rewarded to the equivalent of 50 of you Why? Because holding on to truth at that time will be impossible, very difficult. So remember that the greater the difficulty, the greater that.

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When we are finding it difficult to hold on to the truth, that doesn't mean that we should give up It means we need to hold on more strongly. And for the greater effort we're exerting and holding on to the truth, the greater that you have, the greater the reward. Also, the greater the struggle, the endeavor, the greater the reward. Because sometimes we feel very sad that why do we have to live in Canada where the days are so long in the summer? I wish I could be in Australia right now. This is what people wish for were the days are so short right now and the nights are so long, you know you can fast easily and praying the night easily. Well, this is how life is it's difficult. But remember

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that the greater the difficulty, the greater that an Allah will put us in some form of difficulty. I mean, look at how things are so easy for us in so many other ways. So Allah will test us also. So when the test has come, don't give up either hold on strong.