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Juz’ 17: Al-Anbiya’ – Al-Hajj

Al-Anbiya’ 80-112 – Al-Hajj 1-11

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The segment discusses the origins and acceptance of Islam, including its use of "has" and "has" to describe actions and words. The speakers emphasize the importance of writing good deeds for one's health and preparing for upcoming events like the Day of Judgment. They also criticize the impact of extreme old age on individuals and urge listeners to use their time preparing for these events. The segment ends with a call to stop blaming the deays and focus on servitude to Allah's.

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And we taught him the fashioning of coats of armor to protect you from your enemy in baffle. So will you then be grateful for hell anthem Shakira are people and to sell a man we subjected the wind blowing forcefully. The older Islam was given mastery over iron. Well, lm Allah will Hadid Hadid was made pliable software that would earn insulin. And iron is something that is solid, firm, so strong, but it was soft for him, it was soft like wax for him. He could mold it, like dough so easily, like playdough imagine what strength he must possess. And this was especially for him. And today manner is Allah, Allah subhanaw taala subjected the wind for him. And wind is something that's not solid.

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But it's amazing what powers are lost and started gave to these servants of his and this wind would blow forcefully for seeding by Sulaiman or the synonyms command toward the land which we had blessed meaning a sham, and we are ever of all things knowing, and of the devils were those who die for him and did work other than that, and we were of them a guardian.

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Meaning so the mannerism had under him Jin, also, who did physical labor, diving in the water, extracting pearls, and precious stones from their making buildings construction work. And Allah says, Well couldn't let him have a lien. We were guarding. We were the Guardian, we were guarding everything there. What does this teach us? that anything that a person is able to do, which is potentially dangerous, and anything that we do? Has, it's dangerous, isn't it? Even when you sit in a car behind the wheel, that's potentially a very dangerous thing to do? Isn't it? Because you're going on the road? I, for example, the highway somebody could come from the right and literally

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smash you smash into you, you could lose your life. Right? And many times it happens that you're doing things which are very risky, they could be life threatening. But who is it that makes you successful there? Allah alone, he is the one who's guarding you. So never forget him and thank him for his protection. And mentioned to you when he called to his Lord, indeed, adversity has touched me and you are the Most Merciful of the Merciful This is calling upon Allah by his names. What Under Armour rocky mean, a you Bredesen didn't say, Oh, look, you're me fix me take my disease away. What does he do? He puts forth his condition. He says aneema Sania Dorf? My condition is that I have been

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afflicted with some look. And you, oh, Allah, you are? Or how old you are he mean, so when the Buddha of the servant is on one side, and the Rama of the hammer rahimian is on the other, then what is the outcome? What is the logical outcome? What is the logical outcome that the servant will be cured, right? So he's not saying over here, that although you fix me, you do this, you do that. He's just saying, This is my condition. And this is who you are.

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My condition is that I am suffering, and you are the Most Merciful. Right? So he's implying that Oh, Allah cure me, but he's not really saying it. And sometimes, you know, what, you don't even know what the solution is to the problem that you're suffering.

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Right? Like, for example, you could be in some financial constraint, and you think that perhaps getting a particular job will fix your problems for you. Right? And you say, oh, Allah, please, please, please, please, please let me have that job. I want to have that job. I want to give it to me. Well, I'll give it to me. Now, what if it's not good for you? So then whenever you are confused in a situation like that, say, oh, Allah, I'm suffering from financial constraint. And you are the one who opens the doors for his servants, you are alpha.

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Right? You are a result. So you provide me through the way that is best. I don't know which way is best, but you provide me and this is why it's so important that we know the names of Allah. What are his names, because the names of teachers who Allah is, what his characteristics are, what he's capable of. So we responded to him and removed what afflicted him of adversity, and we gave him back his family and the like, they're off with them as Mercy from Us. And a reminder for the worshipers of Allah and mentioned a smart eel and Idris and little careful all were of the patient. These were all prophets of Allah. And Allah describes them as a slob routine, and we admitted them into our

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mercy. Indeed, there were of the righteous, so who is admitted into Allah's mercy in noho Manos slowly hain again slowly

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with a known and mentioned the man of the fish units are in a salon when he went off in anger.

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thought that we would not decree anything upon him, meaning he didn't think that Allah will disapprove his action. He didn't think that what he was doing was wrong. He just did it in his anger, and he thought everything would be fine. And what happened? Allah subhanaw taala had him thrown off the ship, and had him swallowed by a whale. And he was imprisoned in that cell in the depths of the ocean. And he called out within the darknesses units, RSM called out to Allah from the darkness as darkness of the belly of the fish of the sea of the night. And what is it that he said, La Ilaha Illa and Sub Saharan Africa in the conterminous world? I mean, there is no deity except you

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or Allah. Exalted are You indeed I have been of the wrong doors. So we responded to him and saved him from the distress and thus do We save the believers, meaning this is not just for him, but for all believers, that when a believer is caught because of his mistake, he's caught in the consequences of his own wrongdoing. Then what does he do? He doesn't blame others. rather he blames himself, he takes responsibility of his mistake, he remembers he acknowledges his mistake, and he seeks forgiveness from Allah La ilaha illa Anta subhanak in me contaminant Bali me You are perfect Allah, I am wrong, and I need your mercy. I need your forgiveness. So such a person Allah who will

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save him also, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, should I not tell you about something which if a person says when stricken with distress or trial from the trials of this world and praise to Allah, then Allah will remove it from him.

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Would you like to know? The people said yes, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the draw off the moon off units on Instagram La ilaha illa Anta subchronic in the consuming of oil, I mean, it is the way out of problems. And we also learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the supplication of Yunus nslm, when he supplicated while in the belly of the whale was La Ilaha. illa Anta soprano aka in the continent of Bali mean. So indeed, no Muslim man supplicates with it for anything ever, except that Allah responds to him. So when you want your eyebrows to be accepted, this is what you have to say with your da. And mentioned Zakaria when he called to his lord, oh my lord, do not leave

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me alone with no air while you are the best of inheritors. You see, loneliness is something that's very difficult for people. Very difficult and so career Listen, I'm saying Allah Don't leave me alone, even though you are the best of inheritors. So we responded to him, and we gave to him Yeah, here and amended for him his wife. Allah says, Allah, Allah who's older, we amended for him his wife, meaning that before his wife was incapable of having children. And after his daughter, what happened? She became capable of having children. So Allah can return a person to fertility to good health, after they have lost it. Allah can fix any situation, provided that we beg him indeed, they

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used to hasten to good deeds. So what is it that made their door also acceptable? How come their doors were accepted? Even though it took long? Because Allah has a fixed time for everything. All right, but what is it that made them so close to Allah? Allah says in the home can we use at your own FL Hi, Rod, they used to hasten in doing good deeds. Meaning they didn't run from doing good deeds. They used to look for good opportunities. Do we ever avoid good deeds, like good opportunities? Like for example, there is a there's an announcement that volunteers are needed for this and we're like, well, I'm too busy. I'm not even looking that way. Look down.

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There are people who rush What can I do? Where can I help out? And there are others who avoid there's a difference in this attitude right? Those who run to Allah, trying to please Allah, trying to help a less creation than Allah also pleases them and helps them whether una nanohub en la Hubba. And they used to supplicate to us and hope and fear. Well, can Alana Hi, Shireen. And they were to us humbly submissive, and mentioned the one who guarded her chestatee magium. So we blew into her Garmin through our Angel debris, and we made her and her son assigned for the world's indeed this your religion is one religion, and I am your Lord, so worship Me and yet they divided their affair

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among themselves, but all to us will return from AR melamine or slowly how to min so whoever does righteous deeds while he is a believer, no denial will there be for his effort, his efforts

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will not be rejected. Why? Because his efforts were made with a man. And they were done properly. And indeed We have it our recorders. So every effort has been recorded every effort. So the person who does good when he man, then his deeds are accepted, even when he's sick, and he's not able to do what he used to regularly do. Yes, even then, we learn in our Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that Allah says that when I test a servant from among my servants, and he praises me in that trial also, then he gets up from his bed, like the day his mother gave birth to him clean from sins. This is when, when is it that it became

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that sickness became a means of purification, when, when a person praised and Glorified Allah, in that sickness? He didn't forget Allah. And Allah says, I tethered my servant and tested him. So record for him what you use to record for him, while he was well,

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meaning when he was healthy, he used to do certain good deeds. But right now when he was sick, he was not able to do them. And had he been well, he would have done them. So write those good deeds for him, even though he didn't do it when he was sick, because if he was, well, he would certainly have performed them. So for lack of Ronna Lee, his effort is not rejected at all. And there is permission upon the people of a city, which we have destroyed that they will ever return, until when the dam of jujin magnitude has been opened. As we learned earlier, that dude will break the wall when Allah allows, and there from every elevation will descend. Imagine every elevation on the

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earth, who's going to be seen coming down from it?

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Yeah, judgment, dude. And this is when the true promise has approached because, yeah, dude, you're one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment, when they will come out, then the day of judgment will come within a very short period of time, what without a Boulevard will help the true promise has approached then suddenly, meaning suddenly the hour will occur. And the eyes of those who disbelieved will be staring at her. While they say Oh, woe to us. We have been unmindful of this. Rather we were wrongdoers. Allah says indeed you and what you worship other than Allah are the fire would have held you will be coming to enter it had these false deities been actual gods, they would

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not have come to the fire, but all are eternal they're in for them there is heavy sighing, and they there in will not here. Indeed those for whom the best reward has proceeded from us allows right to servants. They are from Hellfire, far removed, so far, that they will not even hear its sound, while they are in that which their souls desire abiding eternity.

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They will not be grieved by the greatest terror, the day of judgment will not frighten them. And the angels will meet them saying, this is your day, which you have been promised, meaning the angels will welcome them. Those who do good here will be welcomed by the angels in the next life. The day when we will fall the heaven like the folding of a written sheet for the records. As we began the first creation, we will repeat it that is a promise binding upon us. Indeed, we will do it just as when something is closed, it's opened up and then once you're done working with it, you wrap it up. So just like that the sky is opened up and then Allah is going to fold it all up, wrap it up, and he

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will recreate the creation he will resurrect the creation after that. And we have already written in the book after the previous mentioned, which book the songs after the previous mention that the land of Paradise is inherited by my righteous servants. Everyone cannot get there. Only Allah's righteous servants will go there. Indeed in this call on his notification for worshipping people. Wilma autosol NACA Illa Rahmatullah mean, and we have not sent to you except as a mercy to the worlds the profits or the loss of them came as a mercy to save people from their destruction in this life and in the next life. So what was the mercy that he brought? Who was he? How was he mercy? For that we

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have to know what he taught how he lived. And this is why besides the study of the Quran, the study of the Sierra the study of the Hadees also should be something that we should pay attention to say, it is only revealed to me that your God is but one God, so will you be Muslims in submission to him? But if that turn away, then say I have announced to all of you equally meaning I have made the message clear to everybody I have not hidden it from anyone, and I know not whether near or far is that what you are promised meaning the kiama Indeed, he knows what is the

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clarity of speech and he knows what you can see. And I know not perhaps it is a trial for you that you keep asking for the Day of Judgment. It's not coming. You keep asking for miracles you're not showing this could be a trial for you, and you are given enjoyment for our time. So make use of this time that Allah has given you. A little bit Gumball help. The Prophet has said, My Lord, judge between us in truth. What a boon Romano masano Alana Kelsey foon and our Lord is the Most Merciful, the one whose help is sought against that which you describe, because ultimately, it is only Allah who can save us from the harm of people

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who listen to the recitation please stand up. Sure.

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at Hamlin Hamlin.

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Necesito como

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como de the wamena

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pony, marry the coup de ballet.

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de la

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sua to hedge Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah the Entirely Merciful the Especially Merciful Yeah, a Johann NASA Takara back home in Adele de la casa de shade on alim. All Mankind, fear your Lord. Indeed, the convulsion of the final hour is a terrible thing. It's a very frightening event. Anytime the ground shakes even slightly, it can cause great panic and fear. But the earthquake of the final hour is much greater either jetted Adora Jaya Allah says in the Quran, when the earth is shaken with a violent convulsion. Meaning an earthquake like that has never been experienced before. Such an earthquake such a tremor that will cause the entire earth to shake

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eventzilla till bosons Allah when the earth the entire earth will be shaken up, and not just the earth but the creation on it will also be convulsed yo mythology for Roger for the day, when the Roger for it will shake meaning the hour as it will come the earthquake the convulsion, it will be terrible, and it will be such that it will be followed by another convulsion this earthquake will not stop. These tremors will not stop one will be followed by another because Allah says that the Barrow Harada and saw the earth and the mountains will be crumbled in one blow. Like Allah says in the Quran, we're home Isla Del Oro well gee Bella, for Ducati cotton wahida, the earth will be

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picked up, the mountains will be picked up and then they'll be crumbled in one blow. And these tremors, this earthquake will not end until the hour is established. fayo may even work RTL work. This will not end until all comes to an end. So this is what we are being warned about over here. All people fear your Lord, because this final hour is coming. It is real. It is unlike any disaster that you have ever experienced or heard about. So prepare for that day. On that day, on the day you see it. Every nursing mother will be distracted from that child she was nursing and every pregnant woman will abort her pregnancy. And you will see the people appearing intoxicated while they're not

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intoxicated, than Why do they look like that? But the punishment of Allah is severe.

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No person will care about another when the day of judgment will happen. If you see the most intimate the most close, loving, caring relationship that exists between people is that between a nursing mother and her baby, nursing mother meaning a woman whose nursing or baby and her baby who is drinking her milk. This is the closest the most intimate relationship the closest, most loving, tender, caring, but what do we see on the Day of Judgment even

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A nursing mother will forget her child. The fear will be so intense that it will cause all females to lose their pregnancies, and the rest of people will appear drunk. Why? On account of falling and running and tripping and screaming, why will they do that? Because the horrors of that day are very severe. So people fear Allah and prepare for that day. wamena nassima yuja little fella Hebrew lady are in, but yet of the people is He Who disputes about Allah without knowledge without knowing Allah, they talk about Allah, and he follows every rebellious devil, it has been decreed for every devil that whoever turns to him, he will misguide him, and will lead him to the punishment of the

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Blaze. friendship with children is very risky, a person has to pay a very heavy price. Oh people, if you should be in doubt about the resurrection, then consider that indeed we created you from dust, then from a sperm drop your origin came from where from dust, other medicine was created from mud, and then from a sperm drop, then from a Klingon clot, and then from a lump of flesh, farmed and unformed. Meaning partially looks complete. But there are major parts of it which are not complete, yet, while the child is in the womb, that we may show you, and we settle in the wombs, whom we will first specify term, and we bring you out as a child. And then we develop you that you may reach your

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time of maturity, all these stages you go through them one by one, by whose permission by the permission of Allah, and then you live in this life among you, as he who is taken in young death, meanwhile, still very young, while still a child, two year old, three year old 510 15. These debts are common. A person dies when they're young. And among you is He who is returned to the most decrepit old age, meaning he lives on, he doesn't die until he becomes extremely old. Such an age in which his body does not function, the way it used to function before, is more of a burden on himself, even. And this is what we should seek refuge from that Allah protect me from extreme old

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age. You see this chart over here, these are the hours after Salah, and in them the last one, it mentions Allahumma inni, becoming an aura, the ALA aroma, that Oh Allah save me from returning to extreme old age, the prophets of Allah, I'm used to seek Allah's protection from that, because it's a huge test. It's a huge trial for the person who's living through that. And also, that a person sees himself, you know, deteriorating daily, unable to help himself and nobody can help him either. What what what can others do for you, so that he knows after once having knowledge, nothing.

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Now he knows nothing. Even the body does not function the way it always did before basic functions, basic functions, you know, the body stops working, many parts of it. I mean, a person, extreme old age, they might be completely disease free. It's possible. They don't suffer from diabetes. They don't suffer from any heart issues. They don't suffer from any any major issue. What's the problem? Well, because of extreme old age, now the muscles are breaking down, they're becoming weak, the digestive system is getting weak, and the intestines are not working. The stomach is not working the way it used to before. Lee, Kayla Jada, my brother in dementia, and also the mind, a person forgets

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what he used to know before. He doesn't remember. And you see the earth barren. But when we sat down upon it rain, it quivers and swells and grows something of every beautiful kind, that all of this happens. Why? Because Allah is the truth. And because he gives life to the dead, and because he is over all things competent, meaning justice, Allah has made this world so many people over here, then Allah can make another world as well. With so many people there, he can bring life after death, and that they may know that the hour is coming, no doubt about it, and that Allah will resurrect those in the graves. Even if somebody has been in their grave for centuries for millions of years. Yes,

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Allah who will bring people out of their graves. It doesn't matter how old the grave is, how forgotten it is, every dead will be brought to life. And of the people is He Who disputes about Allah without knowledge or guidance, or an enlightening book from him, meaning he just follows his own desire, twisting his neck in arrogance to mislead people from the way of Allah for him in this world is a disgrace and we will make him taste on the Day of Resurrection the punishment of the burning fire. While it is said that is for what

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hands have put forth and because Allah is not ever unjust to his servants, and other people is He who worships Allah on an edge?

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On an edge? What does it mean that he's neither for the end, nor is he fully out. So if he's touched by good, he is reassured by it. But if he's struck by trial, then he turns on his face where to the other direction and he leaves Islam. So basically, this person does not have full faith, full conviction in Islam in Allah, when things are easy, he follows the religion and when things are tough, he gets angry with Allah and he leaves such a person hasira dunia well a hero, he has lost this world and the hereafter remember when a person turns away from a loss order, when he turns away from Allah getting angry with Allah, Who is he going to cause loss to himself? Where casilla donia?

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that is what is the manifest error, even our best will the lower end who said that this ayah was revealed about you know, some people that he said there would be a man who used to come to Medina, do hedra expecting that, okay, now I've done something for the sake of Allah, my life should be perfect. All right. So if he his wife would have a child a son, all right, and his horse would also produce offspring, then he would say, Islam is really good. Islam is really good. You know, since I've accepted Islam and come here, my family has grown, and my money has increased. But if his wife did not give birth to a child, and his horses did not produce any offspring, he would say this

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religion is bad.

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He would blame Islam. You see, trials, problems are a part of life. So never ever blame the dean. Never ever blamed Ramadan. never blame the worship of Allah for the problems that we're experiencing in our lives. They are part of life, Allah is going to test us so we should not blame the Quran that Oh, because I go to Quran class. This is why No, no. Oh, because I'm fasting. This is why or because it's Ramadan. This is why No, don't blame the religion of Allah. Blame Who? yourself if you weren't able to cook food on time, that's your fault.

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Your fault, not the fault of fasting. Okay, never blame the religion of Allah. Why? Because then what are we defaming? The Book of Allah, the deen of Allah. We are then discouraging other people from coming this way. We are portraying such a bad image of Islam or Ramadan entire month were fasting for us. We Muslims are so oppressed in our religion, Lucky you, you can drink you can eat. For us. We Muslims. We can't do that. No, never ever do that. Never do that. Islam is meant to honor us. It is not meant to make our lives difficult. And we should not use the deen to get benefits. And whenever we suffer, we blame Islam. You know, for example, a husband and wife Do they have problems?

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Every husband and wife has issues. All right. Even the prophets of the last Adam had arguments with his wives. They had more arguments with him. He tried to solve them, but they have problems with him. It's normal. It happens. There's something natural. But what happens Generally, the moment a man starts going to some class or attends the masjid regularly. Or for example, the woman is becoming serious about the deen then what happens? who is blind? This alveda has made everybody's marriage difficult. No. Quran is not meant to do that. So let's stop blaming the deen.

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You see many times it happens that if we are doing something good, all right. Like Like for example, we're fasting in Ramadan. And by the end of the day, we see oh my stomach, you know, it's really gone in my pants fit me.

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Hi, we're so happy while my pants fit me. We're so happy. We are as if saying that my real goal was that my pants should fit me and Ramadan helped me in that. know our real goal is not worldly pleasures. Our real goal is servitude to Allah subhanaw taala. And these wins and losses, they will continue to happen. There will be victories and there will be losses, they will be gained and there'll be suffering. There'll be pain and there will be enjoyment. This is part of life. This is standard. This will always happen.

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Always whether we are worshipping Allah or not. So let's not blame the dean for our problems.