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Juz’ 17: Al-Anbiya’ – Al-Hajj

Al-Anbiya’ 34-79

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And we did not grant to any man before you eternity on Earth. So if you die of a myth for human Caledon, then would they be eternal? No, because could not have sinned the equitable mode, every soul will taste. And we test you with evil and with good as trial, what Elena told her own and to us, you will be returned, when each person has to die, then what should we do? Each and every one of us should remember death. Death is not just for the sake. Death is not just for the old death is not just for the people who are living in third world countries in war zones, no death is for everybody. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, remember more often the destroyer of pleasures, and what is

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that? death? Meaning the more pleasures you are enjoying the war, you need to remember that death is something that we should prepare for. But Robin as if he said that once we were going with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he saw some people, and he asked, Why are these people gathered here, and he was informed that they were digging a grave. So the prophets of Allah said him quickly went forward ahead of his companions until he reached the grave. And he looked into it. But he said, I also went forward and came quickly in order to see what the prophets of Allah Islam would do. And he said, I saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam crying profusely, until I saw the tears falling on the

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ground, making the ground wet with his tears. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam turned to us and he said, prepare for this day,

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prepare for this day. This is real, this is certain it is coming. So remember it, and intelligent is the person who prepares for tomorrow, not just the one who is stuck in the day to day. I mean, if you think about it, who is a successful person, just someone who was stuck in the day to day know, someone who is planning ahead, who has a plan for the future, that person is successful. And so the person who really prepares for the afterlife, then he is successful, even or modolo, and who said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam was asked which person is the wisest? Who is the most intelligent person. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the one who remembers death the most, and is

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best in preparing for it, he is the wisest. So the wisest person is not the one who has a perfect plan of buying a house of paying it off within a year or two.

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And setting it up. He's not the wisest, the smartest, the the most intelligent person who is the most intelligent person, the one who is preparing for death, working for the hero. They're not just stuck in or today, it's nice weather. So I should wear these clothes, or these clothes, and 15 minutes are spent in just picking the clothes and other 15 minutes and getting them ready and other half an hour and getting ready. And then the other half an hour and eating breakfast and then going to work and then hardly getting anything done. Because there's so many distractions, Facebook and Twitter and whatnot, chat and everything. And then at the end of the day, what what has a person

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accomplished, I got to wear these nice clothes and I got to meet with my friends and show off some of my nice pictures on social media. That's what I did. This is not what Allah sent us here for this is not the sign of intelligence, this is a sign of foolishness. The wise person is He who prepares for death, who remembers death the most and is best in preparing for it. And when those that disbelief see you or profit they take you not accept and ridicule the profits or the loss and it was laughed at. Why? Because he was telling people to believe in the law and to prepare for death. To prepare for afterlife. Are people laughed at today. Yeah, many people our children are bullied

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they're laughed at. So what is it that we can take comfort in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was even laughed at. But ultimately Allah granted him victory. Allah granted him success. They say Is this the one who insults your gods, and they are at the mention of the Most Merciful disbelievers. Meaning when their gods are mentioned they get very angry. That why isn't it that you acknowledge them? Why isn't it that you praise them? Well, what about a loss how quote about a loss right? When a man has mentioned they deny that name? Men was created of haste, I will show you my signs, so do not impatiently urge me hastiness, this impatience, haste. This is something that is part of being

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human, but to remember that this is a weakness and this is something that we have to fight against. It's a test for us being hasty being impatient. Allah says what do you call incentive mean urgent, urgent, urgent is within men. It is within people, but

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Just because it is within us doesn't mean that we unleash it. And we don't control it. No, we have to put a control on it. Because the profits are the loss. And I'm also told us that at the unley, which is tolerance, calmness, tranquility, it is from Allah, and its opposite. hastiness is from shadowclan that when a person is tolerant calm, meaning he doesn't react so quickly, doesn't get angry immediately, nor does he get very happy very quickly, you understand like that a person is always reacting, reacting hasty. This is from who, from shaitan, then in one instant, you know, all of a sudden, the person is just laughing, laughing, laughing on the floor. Why? Because they read a

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joke. And then the next moment, they're very angry. Why? Because their cup is dirty,

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their cup is dirty, it didn't get washed in the dishwasher. So they're upset, you know, this kind of switching back and forth and instant immediate overreactions? These are from shavon. And the opposite of that calmness, tolerance that is from Allah. So we have to be careful that when we eat, how do we eat, when we are walking? How do we walk? When we're driving? How to eat dry? Alright? Why the rush? Why the rush? Who do you call insano men idle. And remember that hastiness in any matter causes it to be get corrupted.

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Meaning, when a person is hasty while doing something, then that matter, whatever work he's doing, is going to get ruined, it's not going to work out properly, it's going to get damaged. Definitely, this will happen, you know, for example, if there is a machine, alright, and there's a certain speed that you can put it on, right? And then there's higher speed levels. Also, if immediately you say, No, no, I can't wait. I have to put it on the highest maximum speed immediately. If you do that within a split second, what's going to happen to the motor? It's gonna die. Right? So it gets corrupted. So od comm IoT falletta strategy Loon. And they say, what is this promise if you should

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be truthful, unless as if those who disbelieve but knew the time when they will not avert the fire from their faces, or from their backs, and they will not be aided? Is this what they're being hasty for? Rather, it will come to them unexpectedly and bewilder them, and they will not be able to repel it, nor will they be reprieved. And I'm ready, we're messengers ridiculed before you, for those who mock them were enveloped by what they used to ridicule, say, who can protect you at night, or by day from the Most Merciful, but they are from the remembrance of their Lord turning away? Or do they have gods to defend them other than us, they're unable even to help themselves, nor can they be

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protected from us. But on the contrary, we have provided good things for these disbelievers and their fathers. Until life was prolonged for them. They have forgotten death, they have forgotten the real purpose of life. Why? Because they received many blessings in this life. And they became arrogant, because of those blessings. And they were deceived by our kindness. They were deceived by our kindness, then do they not see that we set up upon the land reducing it from its borders? So it is they who will overcome no way? Now what does it mean by this, that the earth is getting reduced by its borders, this could be in the physical sense that literally the earth is shrinking in its

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size. And that's quite possible. It's quite possible that over the years, the world is shrinking, we see that lakes, oceans, I mean, all of these things, they shrink over time, isn't it? So the earth also it is reducing in its size. And then with what this also means is that socially, politically, they're losing control of the land. They're losing control of the land. Now, this was about the enemies of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. But we can also look at our lives, that there are times when we feel like we have a lot of control over our money, our body our time, but then what happens over the years, we begin to lose that control. Right? We want to get up, but our body's

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not cooperating. It's hurting too much. We want to do something, but our children consumed most of our time. Right? We want to rest, but we don't have that option, because we've got too much work to do. The fact is that in this life, no matter what we have, we are going to lose it gradually, gradually, it's going to slip away from our hands, time, money, health, power, whatever it may be. So what we have right now, let us not be deceived by it. Let us not be deceived by thinking that we can do whatever we want. No, we are still

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Allah servants and let's remember that say I only warn you by revelation, but the deaf do not hear the call when they are warned. And if as much as a whiff of the punishment of Your Lordship touch them, they would surely say, Oh, woe to us. Indeed, we have been wrongdoers.

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And we will play us the scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection. On the day of judgment, Allah will set up the scale in which our deeds will be weighed, and this is something we should believe in. So no soul will be treated unjustly at all. And if there is even the weight of a mustard seed, we will bring it forth. It's such a sensitive scale, that if a person has done something as small or has felt something as small as a mustard seed, it will be brought out.

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Allahu Akbar, this is something so frightening. Because if something is small, it's easy to hide it, isn't it? But what do we learn that on the Day of Judgment, nothing will be hidden, nothing will be left hidden, it will be brought out and every deed will be assigned weight and sufficient are we as accountant, meaning the scale is basically a formality. Allah subhanaw taala does not need the skill to know the true worth of our deeds. He knows exactly what we deserve. He can send us to our destination even without this process, but he will do this. Why for the purpose of establishing justice. Now the scales of justice, we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once a companion came

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to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he said, Yeah, rasulillah I have some servants. And these slaves of mine, sometimes they lie to me, they cheat me, and they disobey me. And then I get upset with them. So I yell at them, and sometimes I also hit them. Is that okay? How will I be treated? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, their treachery, their line, and their disobedience will be put against the punishment that you inflict on them. Meaning on one side of the scale, there lies and whatever round they've done to you will be put, and on the other side, whatever you have set to them, and punish them with will be put. And then if they're equal, if they're the same, then you're

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fine. But if you punish them more than they lie to you more than the harm they caused you, then you will be punished. So this man, he got really afraid and he began crying, said the law. But But why, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, haven't you read one of the original was in this polynomial piano for now to learn when

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we're in Canada is Karla have batterman hordaland Athena Bihar, waka Fabien aha Sabine, and this is something that we really need to be careful about, because sometimes as mothers we think, oh my son, he deserves to be punished right now, you know, the poor child, this puts one, you know, dirty shirt on the floor, instead of putting it in the laundry bin, and what happens, we yell at them more than they deserve to be yelled at.

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We mistreat them more than they deserve to be mistreated, and we punish them more than they deserve to be punished. So, we need to see we justify our anger, we justify our actions, but they will only be justified if they are equal to the wrong that was done to us. And if what we did to the other was more than we will be blameworthy. So, whenever a person is giving, taking exchanging anything, then how should he be extremely careful, take less, but give more

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meaning give up on your help give to the other why to be on the safe side, because, by by giving, if we give more here giving forgiveness or giving money or food or whatever it may be that we are exchanging with the other person when we give more than tomorrow we will cash more. All right, we will receive more. And we had already given Moosa and how long the criterion and alight and the reminder for the righteous who fear their Lord in the unseen while they are of the hour apprehensive and the spot on is a blessing message, whether the chrome mobile can answer now who which we have sent down until the human ketone that are you with it unacquainted? Why are you unacquainted with

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the book of Allah, get to know it, become more and more familiar with it, take it happily, lovingly. And as you increase in your knowledge, your awareness of the book of Allah, then what will you get in return, only Baraka only blessing? Why? Because this book is mobarak. So don't take it as a burden, take it as a blessing. And we had certainly given Ibrahim his sound judgment before and we were of him well, knowing

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When he said to his father and his people, what are the statues to which you are devoted? They said, We found our forefathers worshipping of them. He said, You were certainly you and your father's in manifest error. They said, Have you come to us with truth? Or are you of those who just He said, No, rather your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth who created them, and I to that am of those who testify. And I swear by Allah, I will surely plan against your idols after you have turned and gone away. So he made them into fragments except a large one among them, that they might return to it and question. So Abraham, listen him he broke the idols sparing only one idol, why? To teach

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his people a lesson? Why, so that they would realize that these idols are nothing? Why are you afraid of them, you should actually be afraid of Allah.

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They said, who has done this to our gods? Indeed, he is of the wrongdoers. They said we heard a young man mentioned them, who is called Ibrahim, a young man was mentioning the idols and his name is Ibrahim, they said, then bring him before the eyes of the people that they may testify. They said, Have you done this to our gods or Ibrahim? He said rather this the largest of them, did it? He didn't say no. He's not lying over here. He said the largest of them did it. See He's fine. He's not broken, he must have done it. So ask them if you should be able to speak the best thing is, why are you asking me? Why would you bother to ask this big idol as the idols that are broken? Who did this

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to them? So they return if they should be able to speak so they returned to blaming themselves they realized over there that come on these idols cannot speak, they returned to blaming themselves. And they said to each other, indeed you are the wrongdoers. Ibrahim is right, we are wrong in worshipping these idols. But what happened? their pride kicked in, then they reverse themselves saying you have already known that these do not speak. They said to Abraham, you know that these idols don't speak. He said, Then do you worship instead of Allah that which does not benefit you at all nor harm you off to you and to what you worship instead of Allah? Then will you not reason you

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can see that it will humor The sun is getting a little frustrated over here that don't you understand this, this ad burn him and support your Gods if you are to act. You see over here threats of threats and violence. blackmail is the way of who is the way of those were defeated an argument of those who are failures. Allah said oh fire, be coolness and safety upon Ibrahim Cooney Bowden, wa salam and Allah Ibrahim, were allowed to be he Caden and they intended for him harm, but we made them the greatest losers. Ibrahim Hassan was saved and they weren't saved. Ibrahim in his center when he was thrown in the fire, who was it that he relied upon? Allah soprano.

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When he did this when he broke the idols and he spoke to his people again, who was he relying upon? Allah subhanaw taala and when the people threw him in the fire again, who is it that he relied upon? A lot, even our best will deliver and who said the last statement of Ibrahim when he was thrown into the fire was, has to be a law or near Milwaukee, right? That's efficient for me is Allah and he is the best disposer so look at his trust in Allah. Allah says that I am as my servant thinks I am. So if we have trust in Allah, if we have faith in Him, He will not disappoint us. Look at what happened here the fire was turned into coolness for Ibrahim, the fire that's supposed to burn, it didn't burn

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Ibrahim, and we delivered him and loot to the land which we had blessed for the world's which land is this the land of Philistine, allottee Baraka nafi, Allah, Allah mean, there's Baraka in it, there is blessing it for who for all the people of the world, not just a certain group of people, everyone has a right to that place. Why because it has blessing, spiritual blessings, worldly blessings, also see some places all right, they are more fertile compared to the others, all right. And in these places, when you do put a seed then what will happen the tree will be very good also. Like for example, when you compare the fruit the vegetables, which are grown elsewhere, and that come and

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those which come from this region, the region of a sham than for sure what comes from a sham region of Philistine that is far more superior in quality in appearance in its taste, isn't it? So? I mean, the food of that region is something amazing. Just look at the olives, just look at the figs and not just that other fruits also, other things also, and the same plant when it is grown elsewhere. Does it produce the same kind of food the way

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It doesn't.

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My father tells us of the story about how

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when he was in university, there was this Palestinian person. And one day they were having these cucumbers, all right, my father was having cucumbers, and they're like, try some. And the Palestinian person said that no, these cucumbers, back home, we give these kind of cucumbers to our animals, you should see what we eat. You should see what we eat, meaning we have something much better. Right? So some places are more fertile. When you put a seed over there, its result will be far better. So we need to see, where am I most fertile and most productive? Where is it that I can function best and produce most which environment is most conducive to me? most mobile for me, which

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place which people which environment is best for me? What helps me to be most productive, recognize that place? recognize that time, because these days, you might be struggling with getting your work done? You don't know whether to do it in the morning in the evening in the nighttime, right? When do you do your stuff. So if the entire late morning is spent here until 11, and then you go home and you want to have a nap, and then you wake up and then it's time to prepare for some food, and then it's time for that. And then it's time for a sleep. And then it's time for, you know, something or the other, right if fatherhood, everything that takes up your whole day. So recognize what is the

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time when you have most energy so that you can get your work done? What is that time and stick to it. And we gave him his heart and iacob In addition, and all of them we made righteous and we made them leaders guiding by our command and we inspire to them the doing of good deeds, establishment of prayer, and giving up Zakat and they were worshipers of us. All of these prophets who were there. They were fulfilling the purpose of their lives will cantilena be Dean and to note we gave judgment and knowledge and we saved him from the city that was committing wicked deeds. Indeed there were people of evil defiantly disobedient were other Holland who feel mattina inhuman or slowly hain and

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we admitted him into our mercy, indeed he was of the righteous. So who is admitted in Allah's mercy? Who, the one who is righteous, the one who does Salah ama?

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When Han isn't Adam in kaaboo and vention know, when he called to Allah before, before who before Lutheran Islam long time before him. First the Jebin Allah who Fernandina who Allah who festa jabon Allah who, so we responded to him for the Jaina who Allah who and we saved him and his family. Meanwhile, Carol Bella alim, from the great distress, we saved him, and not just him, but also his family from the camp that was great. What is cold, cold is distress. And here it's understood as the great flood. But before that great flood, New Horizon was in reality in great

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distress because he wasn't preaching for nine years. He was preaching for 950 years, his wife didn't believe his son didn't believe. And after all that effort, only about 80 people believed in him. So can you imagine the distress that new listener was in that extreme worry, that anxiety, that sadness, that depression, you know, emotionally exhausting experience it was, but Allah saved him?

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When a soul now who may know Coleman leadin, aka wbI atina, and we saved him from the people who denied our signs. Indeed, they were people of evil, so we drowned them all together. So Allah save new Elisa Lam from distress. Do we also face distress in our lives?

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That sometimes we feel spiritually down emotionally down, sad and depressed, upset, maybe with our own selves, lost about what we should do? Wondering what is the purpose of my life? What am I doing here? So what should be said in the state of confusion and sadness, extreme distress, the profits or losses that I'm set to smash into remains? Should I not teach you phrases which you should utter in distress? He's telling a woman because women generally they experience more distress, right? She and she said yes yeah, Rasul Allah, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allahu Allahu Allah be wished he could be he Shea, Allah, Allah, my Lord, because in that distress, you're wondering, how

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am I going to survive? What's going to happen to me? Where will I go? What will I do? You have these worries, these questions

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What's the answer? Allah, Allah My Lord, He will give the answers he will bring the solutions he will solve the problems. Law wished he could be he Shay, I do not associate anything with him. Even our best said that the prophets have lost him used to supplicate during the time of trouble. At the time of come, he used to say la ilaha illAllah hula or Leon haleem either in the la hora bull*ter. Aleem La ilaha illAllah horrible,

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horrible, horrible shell Kareem you see the OSHA's mentioned again and again the Lord of the Throne so powerful so Mighty One of my problems before him so small he can solve my problems for me he can send the solutions and these and these are ours you can find them in the book

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and if you don't have the book you can download the free app on your phone Apple Android you can inshallah benefit from these drawers. I showed the lower until also said that the profits or losses used to do Rukia with these words mean whenever he was sick, or somebody was sick, and he would recite some Thrall for cure which one would it be IMSA Hilbert syrup bananas, be a deca Shiva, LA Galaxy fold COVID illa Anta

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that is a Hilbert set of bananas, or Lord of the people remove this, but remove the Spain room this hardship via Tikka Shiva, in your hand is the cure. Like she will come by Allah and none can remove this distress except for you. Because you see some physical pain, a physical ailment, a physical condition, it doesn't just remain physical. It becomes mental and emotional psychological also, isn't it? So for example, if in the month of Ramadan, you fall ill May Allah protect each and every one of us if you do, are you just suffering from that fever and that headache? No, you're worried from the stress? How am I going to fast? Right? How am I going to look after my family, my children?

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How am I going to do my work? Like Schiphol Cordoba Illa and

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and we saved him from the people who denied our signs Indeed, there were people of evil, so we drowned them all together, and mentioned that would answer a man when they judged when they judged concerning the field, when the sheep of a people overran it at night, and we were witness to their judgment. For him now has sued a man and we gave understanding of the case to suit a man and to each of them any father and son that would answer a man, both of them we gave judgment and knowledge. Each Prophet was given this treasure, the treasure of the treasure of hokum, knowledge and wisdom. The prophets of Lawson was also told well, Paul, Rob, visit near Alma say, Oh, my lord increased me

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in knowledge, because knowledge is a treasure, it is power, it is strength, likewise hokum, wisdom, the ability to make decisions, the understanding, comprehension, clarity, this is also a huge gift. So Allah gave these treasures to his beloved servants to the prophets. Now, this incident, what is this, we learned that once there were these two people, neighbors, one was the owner of sheep, and the other was the owner of land. So what happened? The person who was the owner of sheep, the shepherd, his sheep escaped by night, and they ran over the field of the neighbour farmer, and they destroyed his field, you can imagine what the sheep would have done. So what happened, they brought

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this case to the wood early salon, because they were the only center was not just a profit, but also a king. Right? So they brought the case to him, and they will there is a lamb he ruled that the owner of the field should keep the sheep, he should be given the sheep now, and the shepherd, what does he have left? Nothing at all. And so a man or a Senate, Allah says we gave him for him, he said, the owner of the field should be given the sheep to benefit from until the shepherd tends to the field and grows it back and fixes it. And when the field is back to how it was before, then both should return the properties to each other. Do the right owners. Now, Allah says for him, nasally

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man, we gave the farm to set a man or listener, even though he was the son. Yes, even though he was younger? Yes. Even though the older listener was the king and the Prophet at this time, yes. What does this teach us? That sometimes the one who is younger? All right, could be your own child. Right? He could be saying something that is right. And you could be wrong. Don't hesitate in accepting the better of the two options. Because sometimes it's just our ego, that How could my you know my child, barely eight years old? How could they tell me? No way and we get upset. We get angry over there we dismiss what they have said we completely ignore what they have suggested. And

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sometimes what they have suggested is really a very good option. You see, ah, it does bring excellence

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perience and with experience a person grows in his wisdom and his understanding, but sometimes a person who's younger than you can also come to a good conclusion. So never ever dismiss people who are younger than you in age, use of Ra Sam was younger than his brothers, wasn't he? Then we learned that musasa was younger than how old are they Cena and, and, and so the man or the center was younger than that would early center.

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And what we do is generally typically we divide based on ages. And this is something that's unnatural. Alright, this is something that's unnatural. Because people grow, they learn at different levels. And each is born with different skills. So we should identify the skill in people, instead of just focusing on the age that they have. I mean, amazing, I should have the lower until I was so young. And she was married to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And when you read the Hadees that she narrated, you're amazed. She was so intelligent, write the questions that you would ask her. So the loss of a lot is that really shows you her intelligence. So you cannot dismiss people just because

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they are younger in age, give them a chance, see what they're worth what they're capable of. And we subjected the mountains, to exalt us along with the wood, and also the birds meaning the wilderness and when he did the spear, when he worshiped alone, when he Glorified Allah, the mountains would join him, the birds would join him, how Allah How are them? This is not Echo, okay, because Allah does not say echo Allah says you Sabina, they would do this be what they are and also birds. What could not offer a lien? How is it happening then? We were doing it. Allah subhanaw taala was making it happen. Otherwise, can we make it happen? No, not at all.