Musleh Khan – Tafseer of Surah Nahl V103 – 110

Musleh Khan
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah were buried. So we are at verse number 103. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he tells us while Naira Lambo inami aku Luna in NEMA you are Lima who shall listen, let's say you're in LA or Jimmy young, we're heatherly San Juan Otto be young, Moby. So the first thing here is that this is athlete keytab now talking to the Prophet Ali's subtle Sam or at least talking about him, and the first thing they say is we know and Noemi aku. Luna in NEMA. You are Lima, who Basha. So the first claim they made against the prophecy settlements, they said, it has to be that he's learning this stuff from someone

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else. This poor egg can't be from the Arabs, because they were never this sophisticated, they were never this intelligent. So he has to be learning this elsewhere. It's got to be coming from a foreigner or from an outsider, in ma you I live in Bashar. So the first thing is that they claim that he was being educated either by someone or someplace by another group outside of Mecca and Medina, or at Site of Mecca in that case, because this is a monkey sorta. So here's the first benefit behind this, because of how eloquent and beautiful this poor n is. And the first time I'm hearing it, isn't this claim, actually in favor of the poor n? Because they're saying we've never

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heard anything like this, this is too good to be true. And there's so as a result, there's no way it could come from this man sallallahu alayhi wasallam, it has to have come from somewhere else outside of the city. So it's actually it, it actually validates what the Quran is claiming what the poor man is calling to it being the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. it being a revelation from Allah, the fact that you're saying that this is too good to be true, and it has to be coming from elsewhere. In and of itself, it validates what the Quran is. And then it continues. The sanllehi EULA, he do LA, they said that he has a tongue that probably went off course, if you don't comes from the word l had

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an l had is when you shoot an arrow, and somehow it steers off its duration towards the target, it steers off and it hits another target. So they're saying maybe he was trying to say something and he ended up saying something else, or he's trying to learn something and then he learned it in a different way. So that's what this port is. So that's the second claim. So again, they're saying that this can never be from him. Or maybe he was trying to say something and it just came out it was by fluke and then la he or Jimmy you will have a listen on Otto Vu movie in the third claim they made about the core and after hearing it as they said that this was our Jimmy our Jimmy is like

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saying to somebody in a condescending and in a rude way just to put them down that there's no possible way you can even put letters like this together, you can't spell you can bring about this knowledge so eloquently so perfect and so beautiful. And so they claimed it was activity so our Jimmy is when you're trying to tell somebody you can barely spell you can barely speak properly and you're going to speak like this. No, no, no, no, this is what Hadley sent out will be you will be and this is Arabic at its highest level in the most eloquent way, there's no way that it could have been from you. So everything in this area although it's coming off where they're trying to criticize

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and put down the end and they're trying to alleviate as much attention at towards the end towards the Prophet Allah socialism as possible. It's actually having the opposite effect. They're actually now raising the level and the status of this book. Because why it was so different, yet so perfect, that they tried every possible way to say there's just no way it could be from you. Then a lucky thing is in the lesbian Allah you mean wanna be a Tila s for those who don't believe in the idea of Allah so the aim of Allah is here the Prophet it subtle Salaam as well as the core and so they don't believe in this stuff. Leah de him Allahu Allahu Mirza boon elene Allah will never give them

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guidance and for them as a painful punishment So in other words, you can't believe in the A yet that are right in front of you What makes you think that you're going to get any guidance to something other than what's in front of you meaning the meaning to Islam meaning to submission to all of these things that the core and calls to you can't even trust the message where it's coming from from this man, you don't trust him. So what makes you think that you'll get anything else? So the lesson here for us Muslims is very, very simple. If you don't love this

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Religion to the point where you submit yourself to its teachings, then what makes you think that you're going to get guidance and direction from Allah to where he wants you to be, which is your ultimate destiny as you're working for an afterlife, you're working to receive blessings, acceptance from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what this is teaching us is for you to get all of the things that Allah will give you, you have to submit yourself to what the Quran is calling to, you don't get to twist and turn and come up with your own versions of what you think the core and is trying to say. We don't get to do that. This is where scholar scholarship comes from. This is where that redemption

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come from. This is where all of that knowledge, bodies of knowledge, generations of knowledge come together. And they come to conclusions and they give us some direction as a prophet on a skeletal system told us scholarship is or the scholars themselves they are the ones that will MBA. They're the ones that are the inheritors of profits, what did they inherit? they inherited the knowledge of these prophets and messengers, and then they pass it on to you and I now we can just come along and be like, well, I don't think I should look that way. I don't think I should follow this. Well, I don't think this applies to 2020. I don't think that this applies to my culture. We don't get to do

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that. And because what that does is you develop this very skewed version of Islam. And that in of itself is a separate problem. And we're actually coming to that in a couple more verses. in the mail yesterday Mackenzie Bell Latina la mina, Biya Tila, as a matter of fact, however, those who make up lies, and let Latina la you mean will there be a tiller so they made up these lies? And they don't believe in the Ayat of Allah? What will he come home with Kathy boy, bat, but in fact, they are the ones that are the true liars. So they made up all of this stuff about who they think the profit on social selling is aware this poor end was coming from and unless is what would you call home care?

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They won't actually as a matter of fact, they are the true liars. Now listen to this verse. Men cafardo Billahi min bury the man he whoever disbelieves in a lot after they've been given faith in them and aka rehab, except if they were coheres. Or they were forced, will call boohoo. motoman in numbers, email, or their hearts were filled with Amen.

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Well at kinman shahabi recovery sadara This is a really like, unbelievable verse. However, those who found shutter has been suffering sadara they found peace, calmness and contentment in their disbelief. This is talking about those who found peace, in atheism, in another religion, or just believing or making up your own God or making up your own way of life, they found peace in this and this is a question lots of non Muslims bring up, you know, if Islam is the true faith of God, and if that's where I need to be, then how come I find peace? And I find tranquility in my own religion or my own way of life. Or if I don't believe in a God, how can I still feel at peace? That's actually

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part of the A, that's what a lesson Oh, you will find your peace, you're just not going to find the piece that Allah expects. It's not going to be the piece that Allah is calling for. You know, so in other words, somebody will follow a different path and be like, man, I like this life. You know, I can say what I want, I can do what I want. And nobody has to bring me to accountability. I don't have to stand up to nobody. I don't have to follow any rules, men, this is the life that I want. And that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala is referring to. So what we learned from this is that it is very normal and possible for somebody to get used to things that are unpleasant or wrong, whether it be

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in the sight of Allah, or in life in general. How many of us we know people that just love to lie or love to stir up drama? And they don't see any problem with it? They're just like, yeah, that's just the way I am. Yeah, I don't care. I don't hesitate. If I have to lie, even if it's about like, you know what color my shirt is? Or you know what food I ate for the day? I don't care. I just live on it. Still big deal. So what? Who's going to tell me what, who's gonna say what, what's anybody going to do about it? So when they start talking like this, that's when that's the first indication you've gotten accustomed to such a filthy and pathetic lifestyle, that you can't see anything wrong with

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it. You know, some people are just like, Yeah, I don't like a particular minority. You know, I'm a racist, or I love to, you know, I don't care about this group or that group or that religion. So what, who cares? And that's where you start seeing these mass shootings of people that could actually commit these vicious crimes take the lives of peaceful people based on their affiliation with either religion or race or culture, and still go to bed peacefully at night, or they'll just be safe.

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rotting in jail. And there's just no remorse and no regret. That's what Allah subhanaw taala is referring to. So this lesson here encompasses all of the things that people that human beings and that's our nature, Allah created us as human beings that we can get accustomed to things, you know, for when COVID began in the lockdown begin, everybody was so worried, including me, were just worried about how are we going to get used to this new way of life, how I'm going to wear masks every single day, wherever I go, how am I going to be able to adjust now where you know, it's going to be limited in stores and in grocery stores and things like that I have to line up I have to

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literally restructure my life to accommodate that this presence and what we're dealing with. And now it's been about five six months later. And I have tons of friends that say things now like I don't mind wearing the mask it's no big deal as a matter of fact that kind of feel nice and private to myself. So it's it's not a it's not a big deal anymore. I'm used to that's the way we are we're human beings and we can get used to things and unfortunately part of that is we can get used to the awful things the wrong things as well. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from the lahoma me finally hemoglobin min Allah He was neither a boon for these individuals that got used to this level

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of disbelief. They get look a number of things number one of all the boom in Allah they get the anger of Allah hubbub is one of many words in the Quran, to describe anger. And the love is the kind of anger that you do something about it, you don't just get angry with the emotion and you bottle it in. But that emotion now manifested into some kind of action. So when Allah says lovable mean Allah, he's not just going to stay angry with you and just kind of leave you alone or ignore you. That's going to manifest into some form of punishment. So hubbub of Allah means that Allah is angry, and He will punish as a result of that anger. One of whom are the banal team, and secondly, they get a

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painful torment, then it can be in the homeless to have will hire to junior and this was all because they had preferred doing me a life over the athlete or the afterlife or en la la de la Komal caffeine, Allah azza wa jal will never guide those who had disbelieved will that he can live in October. I love Marilla kulu be him listening

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to him, Well, we'll let you go home we'll have you don't listen to what happened here. Now Ally's going to literally paint in detail for us how somebody got accustomed to a foreign disbelief, or all the wrong things in life. Number one, Allah says, These are the individuals that we stamped their hearts with number one, we stamped their hearts with a hot item or a stamp and ignore Mr. Udo the loved one says that this stamp is kind of like a rust. It's a black spot or a stain on the heart. Number two, was semi him also on the IRS number three, what have assadi him also on the eyes? What will ecomondo hafi do and these were people that were heedless. They were insensitive. When you said

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to them stop being a racist? It's not the right thing to do. They look at you like you're the one with the problem. What do you mean treat everybody equally? What do you mean being nice to people? I'm only going to be nice to the people I want to be nice to not have to be kind to the general mass No way. So they look at you like you're the one with the problem. This is the individual a les says we stamp their hearts, their ears and their eyes. I did a whole session on this in the previous series called spiritual growth, not the previous but the one before that called spiritual growth. Those of you who have the time just go on the YouTube channel. And you'll see that there's a series

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called spiritual growth. And there is a lecture there or a reminder called ella hoffler. heedlessness. Listen to that episode, because I break down every one of these areas. What does it mean when you have a stamp on your heart on in with your ears with your eyes. And we mentioned this particular verse as well as other verses and suited to lead off in other places. So we go into detail about this whole concept of what the hustla and heedlessness is how to cure it how to recognize it all of those six so check that out in sha Allah, lead gentlemen in the home Phil authority homolka zero and by no means indeed they in the theater will be amongst the sore losers ha

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see your own costs your own is not the same as hustled

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where Allah subhanaw taala says while as in insane lfv hustle. You know, by time indeed mankind was suffering from a great loss. Hustle is not the same as hustle, plural, hustle. Hustle is when this is this is who that individual is. It's defines that individual and

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Arabic We call this a sim ferry right? It's the name of the individual that has this quality in them. So this person didn't just become amongst the losers. They are by definition, a loser. That's what hospital is. So may not have Becca Lee Latina hi Jerome, this is the last verse in shot love. And also then indeed your master as for those who migrated men back emf Cuttino after they were tested. So this is talking about in the second phase and this is one of the hints that suta Tannahill is a mechi Sutra because it's hinting towards the Muslims went through great trial, great hardship in Mecca, and they began to prep themselves for migration to the city of Medina. So hi,

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gentlemen, back at my foot, you know, thumb major hurdle was suborbital and they struggled. And during that struggle, they were patient, in Nadeau, Beckham embarrass the * of a photo Rahim after indeed your master. After all of that trial, those trials of those pains, those struggles, you gain the forgiveness and mercy of your Creator. subhanho wa Taala. So it paid off at the end, when they had to listen to that criticism, when they were being targeted when they were being persecuted. When they were being thrown out tortured, beaten, campaigns all over Mexico were happening against them when all of these things were happening. They remained firm, but sabato, they were patient,

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then as a result, Allah says you definitely get my forgiveness as well as my mercy. May Allah subhanaw taala give all of us that alone. I mean, I'm going to pause here because tomorrow in sha Allah will be the second last. So tomorrow, we'll do the next page as well as a little bit of the last section. So tomorrow, we're gonna probably get to around one verse number 120, in shallow Terra, and then the following day, we will conclude that sorta so that's it, guys, some hamdulillah just two sessions left, and we're done this sorta. So remember, also tomorrow, we will have a live q&a inshallah. So whatever your questions are, gathered them, get them ready. If you have kids, or,

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you know, teenagers, young adults that have a bunch of questions, I know that probably tomorrow, they might be in school, so at least get their questions and I'll answer them live for You inshallah. And then you can have them listen to this or you can relay some of that information to them, whatever works for you. So just keep that all together in mind. Insha Allah, if you know anybody else that can benefit from a live q&a, let them come online, just tell them to tune in around this time or give them you know, the heads up once you see me online, let them come on board, let them ask whatever they can and we'll do our best to address inshallah hotevilla any of their

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concerns Bismillah hytera Allah so with that being said, my life so which will bless you all I know that a lot of you might have your kids that have started school. My kids are starting school tomorrow morning as well. So I don't even know how I'm going to sleep tonight. But, you know, let's hope for the best in sha Allah that Allah protects all of these kids and their families. Insha Allah, Allah, Allah home and I mean, just from a low height and everyone And may Allah bless you Until we meet again was solimar alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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