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Juz’ 9: Al-A’raf 88-206 – Al-Anfal 1-40

Al-A’raf 88-122

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem Bharath urato Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim rubbish Rafi slithery were silly MD. Why on earth data melissani of Kahu Kohli

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just number nine let's listen to the recitation of the first few

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what's your Ramona

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Amina help.

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The eminent ones who were arrogant among his people said, we will surely evict you are charade and those who have believed with you from our city, or you must return to our religion. He said, our local nicotine, even if we were unwilling, still you force us to turn back to your religion. If we did that we would have invented against Allah Li. If we return to your religion, after Allah had saved us from it, and it is not for us to return to it, except that Allah our Lord should will. Our Lord has encompassed all things in knowledge upon Allah, we have relied, but I've been it's been an hour webinar kamina bellhawk What antiroll fatty hain our Lord decide between us and our people in

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truth, and you are the best of those who give decision. The people of Shoaib la Salaam, we see that they did not disbelieve in Allah. They actually believed in Allah. But their fault was that they had invented many things in their religion. They had altered the teachings of halal and haram their Deen their religion was merely now a way of fulfilling their desires. One of the things that they had done was that they were not honest when it came to buying and selling when it came to their trade when it came to their businesses. So sure, Avon is Salaam. As we learned in the previous if he encouraged them, he advised them to be fair in this matter. That oval Kayla will be clear that when

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you are selling when you're buying, then make sure that you give in full the other persons do. But we see that these people did not like it. Because even though they believed in Allah, they had now used their religion to legalize many of the evil practices. We see that in our Deen whatever is unlawful it is unlawful. Why? Because it is not good for people. And when something has been ordered to us. Why is it that it has been ordered to us because it is good for people. So when they invented this practice of cheating one another, they legalized it they said it is allowed in our religion when they legalized it, what happened? They thought they considered themselves to be very religious.

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And in the veil of the deen. They did whatever they pleased. And when sure a buddy said them forbade them from this and reminded them of their wrong, what did they do, they threatened to expel those who believed in him. They said, either you leave, or you should be willing to compromise just as we are compromising. And this happens today as well. That when a person takes a stand when a person says that this is something unlawful in the religion, and I'm not going to do it, or this is something that Allah has ordered, and I have to do it than what happens. They're told either leave, either suffer or be willing to compromise just as we are willing to compromise. But the fact is that

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how can a person compromise on the truth after knowing it just as your aim or they sent him and his people those who believed in him? They said, how could we turn back if we did that we would be fabricating a lie against Allah, and especially a prophet of Allah, how could he turn back from the real

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After adhering to it after calling people to it. So this is why he made it clear to the disbelieving nation that it is not possible at all for him to leave what Allah has ordered. Look at the determination over here that Allah has ordered me something I am not going to leave it. And when they didn't seem to give in even a little the disbelieving people, what happened to raver, they said I'm praying to Allah. But I've been I've been in a webinar comin I will help what under hiral Fattah hain. Oh Allah our Lord, You decide between us and our people in truth, you are the best of those who give decision, whatever you decide that is acceptable to us. So we see here that you're a

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barista, and I'm left the matter to who to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the eminent ones who disbelieved amongst his people said, If you should follow your aim, indeed, you would then be losers. They told one another, that if you buy and sell according to his way, you will never make a dime, he will never make a penny. So the earthquake sees them. And they became within their homes, corpses, fallen prone, and levina camdeboo? Sure, even those who denied your aid, it was as though they had never resided there. Those who denied your aid. It was they who were the losers? What do we see that these people were not willing to listen to? Everybody's Salaam out of fear of worldly loss. But what happened? They incurred worldly loss, definite loss. Why? Because of

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their disbelief. Many times it happens that we are afraid to follow the commands that Allah has sent. Why we are afraid that we will suffer in worldly terms. But what do we learn here? A person who does not sacrifice that at this point, then what will happen? He will suffer for eternity. So what is better suffer now or suffer later? Just suffer? No. And even that suffering? How is it it's temporary? Because it's just a test? Allah subhanaw taala is just testing us, that is my servant willing to give up what he likes, just because I said so. And when he will give that up? Yes, he might suffer a little bit. But Allah will give him much more in place of it. And he turned away from

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them. And he said, All my people I had certainly conveyed to you the messages of my Lord, and I had advised you. So how could I grieve for a disbelieving people? Meaning what you have suffered this end that you have suffered? Now? Whose fault is it? It's entirely your fault? Because you were warned. This is just like if a person has committed a crime, a serious crime, and he ends up in the prison, guilty, proven guilty with a life sentence. Is he worth 50? Is he worth 50? No, who is to blame? Only he is to blame. Why? Because the law was clear to him. He had the choice, and he chose the wrong option. So now when he's suffering, it is entirely his fault, because he has brought it

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upon himself. He deserves it. You know, this is amazing that in this world, when criminals are prosecuted and punished, we get happy people celebrate. But what happens when we learn that certain people because of their actions, they will end up in Hellfire, then what happens? We feel pity? We say Why? Why? How come? why shouldn't they go to Paradise? What do we see over here? The Prophet of Allah is saying that Oh, my people I had certainly conveyed to you the messages of my Lord and advised you so how could I agree for a disbelieving people? How can I have sympathy for people who don't have sympathy for themselves? How could I care about people who don't care about themselves?

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How can you help somebody who doesn't want to help himself? Well, now, son left Korea to Midna begin in a hudna aloha bill, But sir, he was the La, La La homie above our own, and we sent to no city, a prophet who was denied, except that we seized its people with poverty and hardship that they might humble themselves to Allah. This is the way of Allah, that before the greater punishment of the hereafter what happens, people are put through various forms of hardships. Why, so that they think about their deeds, they think about their actions. Then we exchanged in place of the bad condition, good condition, until they increased and prospered and said, Our fathers also were touched with

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hardship and ease. So we seize them suddenly, while they did not perceive. What happens is that initially when a person does something wrong than Allah sends to him, minor hardship, various forms of hardship, you know, it

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disease and accidents, something like that? Why do these difficulties come in our lives to wake us up, to wake us up. But then what happens when a person does not wake up? When a person does not realize his mistake, he doesn't think about it. He thinks, Oh, this is just part of life. And he moves on, he continues in his wrong ways, then what happens? Eventually, that difficulty, that hardship is replaced with a good condition with ease. And what happens? A person thinks, this is life, this happens in life, that each day something new happens yesterday I was suffering today I am fine. He doesn't think that this change was perhaps because of his deeds, because of his own sins,

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that Allah put him in a trial and then took him out. Perhaps he should now be grateful to Allah, still when he does not turn to Allah, then what happens? He continues in his wrong ways. And then Allah punishes him, how suddenly while he does not even perceive, what we see in these if is that a believer is very sensitive, sensitive towards what? Towards the things that happen in his life in her life. A believer does not think that okay, if I am sick, it's just because, you know, it happens. And if my illness has gone away, oh, it just happens. It's got nothing to do with me. No, it has everything to do with you. Because nothing happens except by the will of Allah. Yes,

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difficulties and ease they are all part of life. But why is it that they change? Why is it that all of a sudden, a person goes from a very happy state to a very sad state? Why is it that all of a sudden, a person goes from having a lot of money to no money? Or he goes from having no money to a lot of money? Why the sudden change? What caused this change? Allah subhanaw taala decided why. Perhaps this change is meant to wake us up. Think about what you're doing. Be grateful to Allah. Think about your actions. Willow and Cora amanu taco lava tahina, la him Baraka, Mina sama. And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah, we would have opened upon them,

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blessings from the heaven and the earth, but they denied the messengers. So we seize them for what they were earning, then did the people of the cities feel secure from our punishment coming to them at night while they were asleep? Or did the people of the cities feel secure from our punishment coming to them in the morning while they were at play? For me, Norma Chroma, then did they feel secure from the plan of Allah, but no one feels secure from the plan of Allah, except an komunikasi rune, except the people who are losers. So we see that man is tested in various ways, peace and fear, difficulty and ease, we think that only fear or trouble sometimes they are a test for us. But

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the reality is that even peace, meaning peaceful times or ease plentitude, when things are good, even that is a form of test. When the Sahaba, they spent a few days in peace, without any hardship without any trouble, they would feel worried. They would feel worried that perhaps this is the drive. This is the plan of Allah to punish me that I become even more heedless, to my sense, I become even more negligent about what I'm doing. Because you see, what happens is that when a person does something wrong, and he doesn't suffer, then what does he think? I did the right thing, isn't it? He thinks I did the right thing. It was the right decision. Because if it was a bad decision, I

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would certainly have suffered. So what happens he thinks I made the right decision. And so he's very happy about the wrong that he has done. And he continues on that. And so he increases in his sin. So the Sahaba whenever they would spend a few days of ease of plentitude of comfort, they would get worried. That is it that I am doing something wrong. And Allah is not even making me realize my sins. Because you see, when someone is beloved to you, if they make a mistake, do you tell them? You tell them, like for example, your own children? How much you tell them, even though they don't like to be told, but you tell them don't wear these clothes. Don't sit like this. Don't drive like this.

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Don't eat like this, isn't it? Wake up right now. Sleep right now. We tell them all the time, even though they don't like it. We keep correcting them. But those people whom we don't care about, do we tell them? Do we tell them off? Do we tell them about their mistakes? No. We say their life my life. Why do I care? So who is it that allows a penalty?

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also informs of his mistakes through the hardship that Allah puts him in who those people whom Allah cares about those whom he loves. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that Allah the Exalted says, By my honor, I shall never combine from my servant, do securities nor to fears What does it mean by this do securities and to fears. He said, If he feels secure of me in this world, I shall make him fear on the day that I gather my servants. Meaning if a person feels secure in this world, of what, of Allah, that Allah won't punish me, Allah cannot punish me, that what will happen, this person will be put in fear on the Day of Judgment. And if a person feels afraid of me in this

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world, then I shall give him security on the day that I gather my servants. So either we live in fear of Allah now, or we experience fear on the Day of Judgment, what do we want? We want to be at peace on the Day of Judgment, we want to feel secure on that day at that time, and for that, we have to remain fearful of Allah subhanaw taala that no matter what the condition, no matter what circumstances we are in, in our lives, never ever forget Allah subhanaw taala always remain fearful of him.

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Our lamea de la de Neri, Sunil are the member the earlier has it not become clear to those who inherited the earth after its previous people, that if we will, we could afflict them for their sins, but we seal over their hearts, so they do not hear those cities, we relate to you some of their news, and certainly did their messengers come to them with clear proofs, but they were not to believe in that which they had denied before. Thus does Allah seal over the hearts of the disbelievers? And we did not find for most of them any covenant. But indeed, we found most of them defiantly disobedient, which covenant? Is it that most people have not adhered to this covenant is a

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covenant that each and every person has made with Allah before coming to this world. And what is that there are of a lust in which we all said, each and every one of us said to Allah, that yes, Allah you are my Lord, You are my Lord, I am your servant, I am only going to worship you. So this, this realization each person was born with. And each person is born with this curiosity, or with this eagerness to know where I have come from? Where am I going? What is my purpose, people have been created thirsty, the heart has been created needy, needy, for what? For its purpose. And so we have all made this promise with Allah. And we see that to remind us of this promise of lost pounds

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artists and prophets, he sent scriptures, he has created so many signs within the creation so that we are left to Allah subhanaw taala a lot changes our situation, from one to another. Why so that we are directed towards Allah subhanaw taala we think that there is someone who has control over our lives. But what happens? There are people who pay no heed to this, the heart wonders, where am I going? Why am I here? What do they say to themselves or don't think about this, we just live and we die. And that's it. What happens? Someone tells us that we have to die one day we are answerable to Allah one day, but what happens pride comes in and it prevents a person from accepting the truth.

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Allah says we did not find for most of the people any covenant, that majority of the people what have they done, they have lived their lives contrary to of laws commands. Majority of mankind violate this covenant when they disobey Allah. Some of us Nam embody the Moosa VIII Tina, enough in our own a woman that he for London will be here. Then we sent after them Moosa, with our science to fit our own and his establishment, but they were unjust to wear them the people of their own. They refuse to believe in the signs that musala salon brought. So see, how was the end of the corrupters. In every era this happened, people strayed from the truth, they abandoned the law that Allah

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revealed. They made a covenant with Allah before they came to this world. When they left it, what happened? Allah subhanaw taala sent prophets, but the people disobeyed them and refuse to follow them. A lot change their circumstances, from peace to fear and fear to peace, but when they did not understand from any situation

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And then what happened? Then they were caught. Allah says funds or gave a Cana occupa. To move city. It doesn't matter whether it was the people of New or the people of shape, or the people of silence, or the people of Moosa. And here we need to think about our lives Also, think about how many different situations Allah subhanaw taala has made us go through times of absolute fear, terror, pain, hardship, difficulty, financial constraints, limitations, and these situations in life are meant to bring us closer to Allah. Likewise, when Allah grant us ease in life, He gives us blessings. What is the purpose so that we become grateful to Allah? But what happens? Many of us we

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don't pay heed to these things that happen in our lives. What Karla Moosa yeah for our new in Nila sudo Mirabella, Al amin and Moosa said often our own I am a messenger from the Lord of the worlds who is obligated not to say about Allah except the truth, I have come to you with clear evidence from your Lord. So send with me, the children of Israel even further on said, if you have come with the sign, then bring it forth, if you should be of the truthful so Moosa through his staff, and suddenly it was a serpent manifest, and he drew out his hand thereupon, it was white with radiance for those who saw. So we see that the prophets were sent with proofs, miracles, why, so that it

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would be easier for the people to believe said the eminent among the people of their own? Indeed, this is a learned magician, the miracles were shown to them. And they said, this is magic, who wants to expel you from your land through magic? So what do you instruct, and this happens in life, that you really wish well for people who you really sincerely advise them, but they think you have some hidden agenda, they think you have some other objective, some secret plan, and that you're not telling them off. So they don't trust you worry not because the prophets their integrity was also questioned.

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So they said postpone the matter of him and his brother and send among the city's gathers, who will bring you every learned magician, and the magicians came to fit our own. They said, Indeed for us is a reward if we are the predominant. Meaning if we defeat Moosa today in this competition, will you give us some reward? He said, Yes. And moreover, you will be among those made near to me, this had almost either you throw your stuff or we will be the ones to throw first Would you like to go first or should we go first? He said Musashi, Sam said throw you go first. And when they threw, they bewitched the eyes of the people and struck terror into them, and they presented a great feat of

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magic and we inspire to Moosa, throw your staff, and at once it devoured what they were falsifying.

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The Magicians, they produced a lot of magic, so many ropes they threw, and what happened all of those ropes turned into snakes. Allah said, tusa, you throw your one staff, one stuff you do what is within your ability? And what happened that one staff of Moosa turned into a bigger snake, which consumed the magic that the magicians produced. So the truth was established and abolished was what they were doing. You see the people of our own, they produced magic, and Musashi, salaam, what did he present? One Eye one miracle? The Quran is also a miracle. What does it have? I asked. Many times it happens that people become afraid that somebody has done magic on us. It is really powerful

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magic. Remember, no matter how powerful that magic may be, one I have the Quran is stronger than that. But we have to have this conviction that the Kalam of Allah, the Ayat of Allah are sufficient to counter and defeat that magic. Look at what happened over here for well, Carl Haku. Well, bapatla can we aren't alone. So the truth was established and abolished was what they were doing and fit our own and his people were overcome right there. And they became debased, they became humiliated. Those who were arrogant, were brought down and the magician's fell down in prostration to Allah, Olympia, Sahara to saggi Dean, they were thrown into such that it was as though something pushed them from

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inside. It was as if something push them that you go into such the youth surrender to Allah. These are the people who came to compete with Moosa, but what happened when they saw one ayah it was sufficient

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To convince them that Moosa was not a liar, he was indeed the Messenger of Allah. So they found in frustration to Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah mean, they said we have believed in the Lord of the worlds. We see that Allah subhanaw taala has placed within people the ability to recognize the truth. Allah has given this to people, those who at the time when they see the truth when they recognize it, they say love bake, they respond to the call of Allah, then what happens they receive a loss help also, they are granted firmness, they are granted stability, as we will see with the magician's that when they recognize the truth, they fell in prostration. They believed immediately

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without delay, Allah also strengthened them. But if at this time when a person sees the truth, he refuses to accept it, he delays he still leans towards that which he has been upon all his life than what happens. It is as though the ability to accept the truth is pulled away from him. It is snatched away from him, as it happened with what do you think that he not recognized? Musashi sent him to be honest and truthful. Of course he did. musala Sam's truth was evident, because he wasn't saying make me a king. He wasn't saying you do not remain in power. All he said was let the Bani Israel go, let them go. They don't belong to this land anyway. For their own demanded miracles.

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musar Listen, I'm short miracles. So what's so that in the Quran we learned that when musar listen through the staff, he showed the miracles fit our own? Yes, sir. He ran. He ran he got scared. He got terrified, because he knew this was no magic. This was something above and beyond magic. So if it all recognized the truth, but he was not willing to accept it what was preventing him his own ego, his own pride, and when he did not accept, then what happened? The ability to accept the truth was taken away from him. And the magician's. What do we see? instantly? All clear. They were thrown into such that it was so they're hard push them. Robbie musawah Harun they said, We believe in the

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Lord of the worlds who is the Lord of Moosa and Harun