The Spiritual Ladder – Do Not Taunt The Sinner

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were banned. Islam is a religion that impresses upon us wisdom tactfulness and diplomacy. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said de la Madani bieneusi Kevin Fira de jan Nibbana in nursing field Gemma ferdinando Sabina, Nancy. No Amina Toby's in our bar is Dima, oh my brother, if you observe my mistake and my folly, then advise me and alert me lovingly and diplomatically, and do not chastise me and reproach me and rebuke me in public, because that will be counterproductive, sometimes in the quest of goodness and in the pursuit of reformation, where we want to effect change in ourselves and in others, we trespass the

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limits. So instead of lovingly addressing our child or our friend or colleague or spouse, by saying abandon the wrong desserts from the vise, embrace the virtue we say nasty things, you know you you're going to die in eve of death for all ik Allah will never forgive you. Wow. Who are we to make those statements? jundo graviola no makes mention of the narration it's in Sahih Muslim, the two people had an argument and one said to the other Allah will never forgive you. And Allah said Mandela de la de Nila filoli Fudan and who's deciding for me that I will not forgive for in Nicaragua for Tony Fulani, nwaba Malik, if pardon that person and invalidated all your good actions.

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In fact, in the Quran in the fourth chapter for Jos, verse number 16, where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the Reformation and the repentance of the adulterer and the adulterous. Allah says we're in

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a slump.

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Doo and Houma if they have leave or repented and reformed, then move on. Do not turn to them, Do not insult them. How often in marital feuds, when the argument comes up, then one spouse starts taunting the other spouse about mistakes committed previously from which he or she had repented. That is completely evil and unacceptable. A person once came to say the naramata the Allahu anhu. And he says that he said to say that rumor in nearly a minute and I have a daughter with to have enjoy helia unfortunately, I intended burying her as was the practice in in those times for stuff Regina, and the mood. Then I felt guilty and I rescued her just before she passed away. And of course due to

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this trauma on a particular instance, I found her that is shot for Lita, Vanessa. She had a dagger in her hand and she had seven some of her arteries and she wanted to kill herself for that way now how we managed to rescue intervene, and she was treated for adequate manner and Islam. Then she accepted Islam through metta, but back to beto, but in her center, and now she has reformed and rehabilitated herself when you're talking about Ella Tobin, and some people have shown interest to marry their son to my daughter for Akbar, to whom Misha and Neha so I informed them that look here this is my daughter fine, but these are the events in her life. Is this correct? Did I do the right

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thing? Say not Rama, Rama who said attack me do attack me Do Do you intend to unveil something that Allah has veiled? Do you want to expose something that Allah has gone concealed? If you are to inform anyone else or don't in any way a Jilin NACA NACA lol I'm sorry. Then I will deal with you in such a way that it will serve as a deterrent for everyone till the end of time. So the message is my brother, let us not have this attitude of of holier than thou when we start passing judgment on others. Remember the mothers analogy when the child messes the diaper would stool. The mother loves the child, but the mother doesn't leave the child with the diaper, change the diaper and embrace

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that child. So dislike the crime and embrace the individual