Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-034H Tafsir Al-Baqarah 256 Part 2

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the limits of servitude to Allah's realm and the reality of everything beyond his realm. They stress the importance of accepting and denying certain beliefs and not being violent or violent in public. The speaker emphasizes the need to reject advice and not believe in one's own values. They also touch on the difficulties of holding onto Islam and the importance of not giving up until one arrives.
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Now in Hadees, we learned that this idea was actually revealed about the unsought. Okay. The Assad as in the people of Medina, the people of Medina before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated to Medina remember, there were two main tribes, the House and the huzzah Raj, and they were idolaters. And in Medina, there were also some Jewish tribes that used to live and the people of Medina the idolaters, they would really look up to the Jews, okay, because the Jews were people of the book, people who were literate people of knowledge people of piety, people of influence. So we learn in a hadith that when the children of a woman of Osen, huzzah, Raj did not survive. So for

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example, one child was born dies, another child is born dies, their child is born dies. So any she's not able to have a child that survives, she would make a vow that if her child survived, she would convert it into a Jew. Okay? And so that child would be raised by the Jews, and that child would be basically one of them. All right. Now what happened is that when Islam came, and the Assad accepted Islam, they wanted their children to accept Islam also, but their children, and they had been taken by the Jews and they were raised as Jews, even though their actual parents wanted them to become Muslim. Those children themselves did not want to accept Islam. So this idea was revealed that LA

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ikura have a deep cut the Vienna rush the middle, because what Rebecca is Madani? Right? So there is no compulsion in religion, truth stands out clear from error. Now, it is up to these individuals to choose what they want, and they will see the consequences of their choices. So Allah subhanaw taala says, For maniac for betta hood, where you mean Billa? So whoever disbelieves into hood and believes in Allah, for me yuck for yak for Cafaro Cofer to disbelieve into root CA vote is from the root letters thought ln Yeah, and the word Tahu is derived from the word de Leon and De Leon is when something increases is that beyond its limit, okay. So for example, about the flood at the time of

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new holy sin and Allah subhanaw taala says that in their lamelle Dahal map, when the water Tala meaning it increased beyond its limit, and so now there wasn't just a flood, if there was a massive flood storm, water falling down from above was so much water that it was reaching the peaks of mountains even in so much water, this is the hull map increased a great deal. And the Lian then is used for rebellion also. So for example about fit our own Allah's pantherella says that in Notah indeed he has transgressed and how they fit our own transgress, he said that I am God hon. Como Arla, I am your highest, your greatest God StuffIt Allah. So thought is that being which increases

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in its rebellion, and goes beyond the limit of servitude to Allah subhanaw taala. Now remember that the reality of everything besides Allah is that it is MK Luke, it is created by Allah, it is an Arab to Allah, it is a slave of Allah, it is owned by Allah, it belongs to him, it is a need of Him. It depends on him. Right? So it will carry him explains that the hood is any slave that rebelled from its limit of servitude to Allah. Okay. So it can be such that it becomes an object that is worshipped or someone who was followed instead of Allah, or obeyed instead of Allah. I'll explain that again. He said it is Kulu Mata Zhao was a pillar of do her dough Mimar Boudin, OMA to boring, a

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will taurine, that this is when any slave meaning anything, all right, whether animate inanimate crosses, the limit of what of servitude servitude to who to Allah. So now what's happening instead of worshipping Allah, what is it doing? It has become an object of worship, okay, it has gone beyond its proper limit and now it is being worshipped instead of Allah or along with Allah or it is being followed instead of Allah. Okay, instead of Allah any now people are following this creature instead of following the law of Allah or it is being obeyed instead of Allah. Okay. Now you will claim rights that there are many thought, but there are five heads of

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Boteti five leaders, first of all Iblees. Now Iblees is supposed to be who he created by Allah owned by Allah supposed to be a worshipper of Allah slave of Allah. But what did he please do about what's the Kabbalah? Right? He refused, he was arrogant, he refused to obey Allah and now he is competing with Allah. Right? He is trying to make people obey him worship him instead of worshipping Allah. So the first head of Davutoglu IBLEES Secondly, it will kill you right? Any slave that is worshipped, okay. And it is pleased with that. Okay, it is worship besides Allah, and it approves of that worship, it likes that. So for example, there are among human beings, individuals, even today, who

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are literally worshipped besides Allah, and they're perfectly fine with that they travel place to place, meeting their followers, or those who show servitude to them. So this is also a hoot. Because it's gone beyond its proper limit of servitude to Allah. Now, those servants of Allah who never asked people to worship them, and who do not approve of people worshipping them, they are not among the target. So for example, SRL escena, many people worship him, but did he ever tell people to worship him? No. Is he happy with that? Will he be okay with that? No, he will dissociate from them on the Day of Judgment, he will say that in to are the boon for in the Homer Badak If you punish

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them, then they're your slaves and he Allah you have full authority to punish these people for their shit regardless that I've never asked people to worship him. Thirdly, even Okay, him says anyone who calls people to his own worship, any someone says that worship me, like for example, for fourthly, anyone who claims knowledge of the Unseen. So for example, fortune tellers, they claim knowledge of the Unseen and with that they try to gain greater control over people, or show that they are divine or something like that. Fifth, anyone will gives judgment that contradicts the law that Allah has revealed. This is also to hold any any judgment that is in clear opposition to the judgment of

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Allah, the decree of Allah that is also toggled. So we are taught over here from a yak for betta Hoot, we have to disbelieve in thought, we have to reject the truth. And that means we do not believe it. We don't accept it. And we cannot be indifferent to it either. We cannot say Oh, I don't care. No, you have to care. And as you care, what do you do you reject toggled? You see, for example, the wife of Luke Alayhis Salam, what happened to the people of Lutheranism, they were committing a sin, a deed that was clearly prohibited, but it's well known what that deed was. All right. Now, Luther is and I was told that you leave, you leave the city with your family, and the

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punishment of Allah will be upon your nation, before the morning even comes. And Luke already said, I'm left with his family and his wife also left with him. But then what happened? She turned around and she looked back at her people in compassion and pity as they were being punished. So she had a soft corner for them in the sense that she was okay with the choices that they made. She approved of their choices. She pitied them, she supported them. And it has said that when the angels came in the form of men human beings, she is the one who informed the people that there are guests in our house. So if you want to do something, this is your chance. She is the one who supported them. So what

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happened to her she became of the lobby Dean, she became of those who remain behind Allah subhanaw taala says in the home asleep whoo ha Asaba home, what reach them reached her into the same punishment that came upon the people of loot. Ernestina came upon her as well, even though she was not committing the crime herself, but she was okay with it. She supported it. So here, we're not told that don't you know, approve of the hood, or stay away from the hood? Yes, we have to stay away from it. But in addition to that, we have to reject it. We cannot be okay with it. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that you know when you see something wrong, change

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it with your hand if you cannot do that, change it with your tongue if you cannot do that, at least rejected in your heart. So we have to declare our dissociation from ta hoot All right, we're taught in the Quran cool yeah. Are you will Kathy rune say all those who disbelieve law are Buddha matar but don't I do not worship what you worship? What not unto Mojave? Do nama are both and you do not worship what I worship. We're not the same. We're not the same and sadly there's so many Muslims whose effort is what to show to the world that we're all the same. We're just like, you know, we're not let our Budo Mata balloon Wallah.

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unto Morabito nama are both Wallah and are happy to Mara but Toby and I will never worship what you worship without and tomorrow we do nama our booty lacantina camellia de for you is your religion for me is mine. Now, for me yeah, quite a bit the whoever disbelieves and thought, this doesn't mean that you have to become violent. No, this doesn't mean that you have to, you know, cause harm and injury to the other that has its own context. Qatal has its own context. However, we have to in our hearts and open the Alto we have to declare that we don't agree with certain things, and disagreeing, disbelieving and something doesn't mean that you aren't necessarily violent. No, it

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just means that you don't approve of it. You don't accept it. These are not your values. This is not your truth. This is not what you believe in Ibrahim on his son, he said to his nation that in a bra or men come woman matar Buddha Mundo Nila that we are dissociated from you and what you worship besides Allah, Ibrahim, Hassan didn't continue to live with his people, you know and say that oh, this is what you do good for, you know, he openly invited them to Islam. They're the ones who threatened him and so he had to leave for his own safety. We see that the prophets or anything was salam. They were sent to warn people against bolt into the natural Ayah 36 We learn what occurred

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Bharath Nafi Kohli Umatilla Sula, Nero Buddha Allah which 20 Buddhahood that we certainly sent in every nation a messenger saying that you all worship Allah and avoid followed this is why the prophets were sent and the people who are supposedly believers in the book of Allah in Revelation, and yet they believe in superstition and thought any Allah subhanaw taala mentioned them in Surah Nisa, I have 51 and 52 that you know in a build script you will vote these people who like a Latina Latina whom Allah Allah has cursed them. So, we cannot be indifferent to the Hoot and we cannot be ever okay with the hood. We have to reject it for my yuck for betta hoot Eman is complete. How with

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negation first and then affirmation. So, first you have to say La Ilaha there is no God. And then you say in Allah human Billa you believe in Allah, you affirm, that Allah is the only God. So, the person who rejects all forms of thought and then believes in Allah human Biller, you mean from Hamza mean known then such a person their Eman is correct. And how correct Allah subhanaw taala says fucka the stem psychobilly routine was our Lenfest automata such a person has grasped the most trustworthy handful with no break in it well lo Samia and our Lehmann Allah is ever hearing ever knowing fucka this Thumbsucker than such a person has firmly taken hold off is Thumbsucker is from meme seen calf

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we have learned earlier for him Sercombe maruf out the city home bearson him sack is to hold something hold on to something but it's them suck up additional letters means additional meaning additional emphasis. So is Thumbsucker is not just too old, it is to clutch it is to grasp very strongly. Can you there is should the over here there is intensity over here. You know, for example, there are things that you hold lightly. And then there are things that you hold on to so hard that later on your hands hurt or you hold on to so hard that you can get blisters on your fingers. This is thumb sucker. For example, if you're hanging from somewhere like a monkey bar, I'm sure you've

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experienced this in your childhood that when you went cross the monkey bar over and over and over again then what happens you get blisters on your hands because you hold tightly right and because of the friction to your finger your skin gets shaved. So, this is a stem sack to hold on with firmness any very very strongly. So such a person is holding on to he has grasped below what it was a little Wah from iron Rodwell Urawa is a handle of a vessel. Okay, like for example you have a cup and then there is a handle. Or for example there is a latch like for example in a bus. So there's those handles handholds that you can hold on to protect yourself from falling that is Urwa something you

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grab something you hold, and this handle this handhold is and with all it is the most firm was all from welfare cough and Wiscombe is something that is most secure. Any it's the feminine of orthok most secure

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In uni it is so secure and firm that it will not break and because it will not break it is completely reliable and is emphasized that Lenfest sama Lucha there is no cracking at all any it is such a strong handhold that it will never crack. It cannot crack. It is impossible for it to crack, learn for salmonella infer Simas from foul slogged meme, and it means crack, so no crack even because it is unbreakable. So, what is this firm handhold that a person is holding on to that is not going to crack at all. When a person disbelieves into Tahu and believes in Allah this firm handhold is Islam. We learned in a hadith that it is Islam, because Islam will never break. It is the truth.

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It is the natural religion. It is the religion that the creator of the world has revealed. And Allah subhanaw taala has established evidences for it, as Allah says in surah tilsley that I have 53 That's a nudey him is Tina, Phil FFP will be unfussy him had diet of a unilevel. And now we'll help that we will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves, until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. And you see the world ending there's so many things right. So many versions of people's truths, what happens to different trends, they fade away, what happens to things that are hyped up, eventually to fizzle away. What happens to lies exposed, false things that

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people cling to, they get exposed, right. So learn for Osama Lucha Islam is not like that is now is how, right it is the truth. So it will not fade away. It cannot fizzle away. It has no lies which need to be exposed. It has no fallacies that need to come to light or that will come to light. loughrea Buffy there is no doubt at all in it. So Islam is unbreaking because it is with the truth. It is the truth. We've been happy until now. Will Bill happiness of the love and salam ala de la Mourinho remember he was a Jewish scholar, and he accepted Islam. And his acceptance of Islam was very interesting. Actually, what happened is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam met the

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scholars of the Jews, their elders and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam asked him about a blood and Sunnah, that what kind of a man is he? And they're praised him, you know, his intelligence, his knowledge, his wisdom, and you know, the fact that he would never make any wrong choice and things like that. And then, as they were praising him of the lab in San Miguel de la Mourinho, came out, and he said, that I should do a Lila Illallah or shadow No, Mohamed rasuluh. He testified that he was a Muslim, and then all of those people who were praising him, you know, showing their trust in him in his knowledge and his decisions that turned against him. And our beloved Saddam any his

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acceptance of Islam is amazing. It was not easy for him, but he accepted Islam. He had a dream once. And this is mentioned in books of Hadith. He had a dream once in which he saw that a man came to him and said, Let's go. So he said, I went with him. And he took me along a great road. And then a road was shown to me on the left, and I wanted to follow it. But the man said, You are not one of its people. Then a road was shown to me on the right. And I followed him until I reached a slippery mountain. So he took me by the hand and helped me up the mountain. When I reached the top, I could not stand firm. There was an iron pillar there with a golden ring at the top. So he took my hand and

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helped me up until I reached the handhold. And then he said, Have you gotten a firm hold? I said yes. Then he struck the pillar with his foot, and I held tight to the pillar. So Abdullah bin Salam said that I told my dream to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, you have seen something good. And he explained to him, that the great road is the plane of gathering meaning on the Day of Resurrection. And the road that you were shown on your left is the way of the people of *, and you are not one of its people. The road which you were shown on your right is the way of the people of paradise. The slippery Mountain is the place of the martyrs will Amala to let the stem

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sector be here for over to Islam and the handhold that you held on tight to remember the golden handhold that is the handhold of Islam. So he said for some sick beer hat that a Moute hold on tight to it until you die. Hold on tight to it until you die. So allawah TL was CA is what it is Islam and is Thumbsucker means that you have to hold on to it firmly until your death you cannot leave it you see

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There are many things in life which are, you know, temporary, you have them, it's a phase and it goes away. There are many changes in your life, things change. You have, for example, a cat that you had for 15 years, it provided some kind of stability in your life, you have, you know, your family, because of what you have stability, but everything eventually, any because its nature is that it's unstable. Eventually it comes to an end, eventually, right? You lived in a country, your entire life, and then you moved somewhere else. You lived in a house your entire life, and then you move somewhere else. So yes, things change. But one thing that we cannot leave is Islam. Because this is

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a real battle was our most firm handhold the only way to salvation, and if a person lets go of it, they're going to fall into ruin. So the Prophet sallallahu where it is that I'm told our beloved and Sunnah, hold on to it until you die, don't leave it. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and so to Arafa, when at will Latina you must see Chornobyl kita those people who hold on to the book and he firmly hold on to it, welcome Salah in Orlando, the original Muslimeen they established the law, we're not going to waste the reward of those who do good those who do right things. So the person who disbelieves in thought who believes in Allah, then they are Muslim, because to become Muslim, you

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have to say La ilaha IL Allah and what is Islam it is the truth with a capital T. It has no crack in it. It is a religion that provides a solution to every problem answer to every confusion, and it is perfect. Well, lo Samir and Arlene look at how the IR NS Allah is Hearing he is knowing Samir seen me mine and Arlene are in law means the route any Allah here is knows everything. So the religion that he has revealed is perfect. And if you are having any personal difficulty in holding on to Islam, call upon Allah, ask Allah. And you see, there are many different kinds of difficulties a person can experience. You know, in regard to Islam, some difficulties are internal, their faith

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related. So for example, a person is literally having a crisis of faith where they read something and now they have doubts, they have questions, they came across something and now they're shocked. They are not convinced they have questions. Okay. Sometimes it happens, that you have questions about Islam, you are not convinced of certain matters, certain things are difficult for you to comprehend, to accept. Well, will Allahu Samir and Arlene, the problem is not with the truth. That is erode. Watson was calling for Samana Ha, you have to call upon Allah that Allah Allah show me the way he or Allah, grant me knowledge, clarity, understanding, give me the ability to understand it,

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like one of the scholars, he would pray that all one who gave understanding to Zulema and grant me understanding as well. Or you who taught Ibrahim Teach Me also. So ask Allah will Lo, Samir, and Arlene, then sometimes we're having problems which are not internal, or rather, they are internal, in the sense that we are struggling against our desires. So sometimes we are struggling against doubts, we have questions and other times we have internal weakness because of which we are not able to do something even when we know it is right. So for that, also ask Allah that he or Allah give me the ability to do this. Yeah, Allah give me the strength of Eman so that I can surrender to you. I

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can obey you. Then sometimes we have external challenges where people around us or the circumstances we are in the place we are in that makes it hard for us to hold on to Islam. Again, well Allah Who Samir and Aileen Allah is Hearing he is knowing he is able to change your situation he's able to give you strength so that you hold on to Islam. So Lattimore, tuna illa Anta Muslim Moon as we're taught in sort of iron Rand that do not die, except that you are in a state of Islam, you will do your part of holding on to erwarten wiska. But remember though, fear comes from Allah ease comes from Allah. So you keep asking Allah for strength, any hurdle, any difficulty, internal external,

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any kind, ask Allah Ya Allah allow me to hold on to Islam. Yeah, we're legal Islam, our le must signal Islam a Hatha Alcock, that all guardian of Islam and its owner, give me the ability to hold on to Islam until I meet you. This is one of their eyes the prophets of Allah who already sent him would make. So fuck are the stem cell COVID are what it was called. Learn for Samana. How we'll know some urine our name

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