Ammar Alshukry – How To PROTECT Yourself from Punishment of the Grave

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The importance of protecting oneself from punishment and the presence of a grave is emphasized, along with practicing the rule of Islam and being called into a grave. The presence of the grave provides a secret entry into one's life, and preventing harm from accessing one's grave is also discussed. The use of the "stedling of the heart" and "the use of the head" in protecting against infection and death is emphasized, along with reciting Surahtu' law for daily basics. The five types of people who die on the way to the grave are discussed, along with their potential outcomes and the importance of reciting Surahtu' law for daily basics. The speakers also discuss reciting Surahtu' law for daily basics and reminding people to stay at least 20 seconds after every mistake to avoid unnecessary accidents.
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these graves are Gardens from the gardens of Paradise are their pits of the fire. Allah protect us and our loved ones. So how does a person protect themselves from the punishment of the grave, you think of how long we stay in these grapes, I would, I would report that the progress of the light is

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had come to attend the burial of one of the onslaught.

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And he was solemnly sitting, almost hobbled the line whom were around him. And it was as if they had birds on their heads. That's how quiet they were. That's how still they were, as if birds could come and perch on them. And he had a twig in his hand, and he was scratching at the earth with it.

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And then he broke his silence by saying stay they'll be law him in other will cover. So seek refuge in Allah subhana data from the punishment of the grave,

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set a stay, there'll be like an ad that will pop. He said that two or three times. That moment is something that I want you to reflect upon the progress of the lighthouse, and I'm sitting at a grave, and he's telling the Ummah to seek refuge in Allah subhana data from the punishment of the grave, you know, these graves are our places of they're either going to be gardens of the gardens of Paradise, or they're going to be pits from the pits of the Hellfire. And one of our most constant supplications that we make in every prayer is to seek refuge in Allah subhana data from the punishment of the grave. So then how do we protect ourselves from the punishments of the grave? Stay

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tuned, Inshallah, tada, we're going to go over seven ways right now, what if there was an easy way to protect yourself from the punishment of the grave, you don't even know Dan talks about this in his book, The soul of roar, and he says, one of the things that protects from the punishment of the grave is the most beneficial sleep that a person can have. And that is, before they go to sleep, they lay down, and they think about whatever mistakes that they've made. And they repent to Allah subhana that all of the daily sins that they make, that they repent to Allah subhanaw taala, the major ones and the minor ones, they hold themselves to account, and they commit that tomorrow, I'm

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not going to return to those sins ever again. And so I've no pay him says, if that person dies, they die upon repentance. And if they awaken, they awake to a new life, with new repentance and new commitment to Allah Subhana Allah and new energy. So he says that sleep is the best sleep of a person's life. And it's the most beneficial sleep of that person's life. And guess what? It's a sleep that we can all have, every single day of our lives, that when we lay down to sleep, that we simply remember our day, whatever mistakes, no matter how long we've been practicing them and falling into those sins, that we repent to Allah subhana data, we sincerely commit, that if Allah

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Subhana Allah blesses us with another day, that we're not going to return back to those sins again. And if that person truly awakens repentant, then inshallah to Allah every single night, if they were to do that, according to them, they, that person will be shot a lot data in the state of goodness, and that will protect them from the punishment of the grave. So that's in the dunya. How do you protect yourself actually, in the grave, the progress little light is and it tells us that when a person is placed in their grave, and the grave is sealed, and the people begin to depart, that person hears the movement of their sandals when they're leaving, and then two angels enter into the

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grave. And now the questioning begins, and they say, Who is your Lord? What is your religion? And what do you say about this man? And so if a person's a believer, then they will say, Allah is my Lord. And my religion is Islam. And I say that he's the Messenger of Allah, Hama cellulitis and, and the province of Elias and him said, this is Allah Subhana Allah when Allah says you said bit Allahu livina I'm a noble Kohli third bit if it had to do novella Pharaoh and I was Hannah dialysis, Allah will give steadfastness to the believers with the statement of steadfastness or the statement of truth, in this life and in the hereafter meaning ALLAH SubhanA data will give us that fastness in

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sha Allah to Allah in our graves to be able to make the statement of truth that Allah subhanaw taala is our Lord, also the loss of advice and Mr. Messenger Islam is our dean. And so when that person answers the angels correctly, Allah Subhana Allah data will say, My servant has spoken the truth and Allah will then command for them to expand for him their grave, their grave, and that ALLAH SubhanA data close them with the gardens of Paradise is as close them with the gardens of Paradise and open for them a door to paradise. And so they will have in their grave the scent of fragrances air from Jana in their grave. And then if a person responds wrongfully and they say I don't know, I don't

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know who my Lord is. I don't know who what my religion is, I don't know who this messenger was, or this man is I have no idea. Allah Subhana Allah data will then sit Kedah apathy my service is like so

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Make his his grave a pit from the pits of the Hellfire, make for him a bed from help open for him, clothe him in the clothes of the people of Tao fire, open for him a door into the hellfire. And so the smoke and the heat of the Hellfire will be in their grave May Allah subhana data protect us. So we learn the second here thing that protects us from the punishment of the grave. And the most important thing that we can carry is to heat the belief in the Oneness of Allah subhana data, that when a person is entered into their grave, and they're questioned about a lot about Islam about or sort of lost a little light here so that they're able to speak the truth. May Allah Subhana Allah

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give us that ability. Look at all of the things that we do to protect ourselves from harm in this life, you have your seatbelt that you put on when you get into a car, see, but when you put on when you get into an airplane, the the coats and the clothes that we wear in the wintertime, bulletproof vests that people might wear, if they're out in places that are dangerous, whether they're press or whether they're officers or what have you. And yet, what do we have to protect us when we enter into the grave, from the punishments of the grave, the province level, it is setting them set, that when a person is placed into their grave, Salah is out there head Siyam fasting is out there, right Zeca

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is out there left, and charity and good character to people and kindness to your parents is at your feet. And in another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu odious, and it says that punishment approaches the head, and Salah says you can't pass from here. And then that punishment approaches the right side of the body. And then fasting says you can't pass from here. And then punishment tries to approach the left side of the body and zakaat the obligatory charity says you can't pass from here. And then punishment tries to approach the feet or from the feet. And then charity and kindness to parents and good character says you can't pass from here. And so these actions that we're doing

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every single day, also being aware and being inspired, recognizing that not only will it benefit you on the Day of Judgment, not only will it benefit you lead to Paradise, but it will benefit you in a more immediate sense in a person's grave that these actions are Charlet that will protect us from the punishment to the great, but then there are some people that don't get questioned at all and who are these people? The province of alladia said him said that of the qualities of the Shaheed of the martyr, he mentioned six qualities and one of them is is that they are protected from infection they are protected from the question and again the trials of the grave. And so in a hadith in in this at

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the province level by de Sena was asked why is the martyr Why is the Shaheed not questioned or tried in the grave, and the province of the light is sent him said guff about it. Let's assume you're seeing fitna that the shining and the dazzling of swords over his head is enough of a fitna for them, meaning they're already tested for the truthfulness and the unwavering pneus of their faith by being in the tears of a battlefield. And so they're protected from the tears of the grave for that effect. Szeklerland Banila himolla He commented on this and he said, This status of martyrdom is hoped for for everybody who intends it sincerely, due to the Hadith of the province of Elijah send

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them the statement of the province liberal ideas send him when he said that whoever intends martyrdom sincerely further from their heart or asks it sincerely from their heart, they will be written to have the status of martyrs even if they die on their bed, as reported by Muslim even if a person dies of a natural cause, but they had desired martyrdom from ALLAH SubhanA data and they asked for it, then that person shall let the other does hope that they will reach that status even if they die, in the most natural the most peaceful death in the world, but are martyrs on the battlefield? The only people who are considered to be martyrs? No, there's actually a lot more

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categories that are considered to be Shaheed the martyr, the shade is not just the person who dies on a battlefield, the province the law by day send them keeps his companions and he said Who do you consider the murderer amongst you? And they said, O Messenger will not the person who dies in the path of Allah the normative understanding of what a martyr is, and then the Prophet cellulitis, Adam said, then the martyrs of my OMA will be very few. I mean, how many are those people who die on a battlefield like that? And they said, Your Messenger of Allah, then who are the murderers, he said, whoever is killed in the path of Allah is a murderer. Number two, whoever dies in the path of Lola

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is a murder. Number three, a person who dies by plague is a murderer. Number four, a person who dies by stomach illness is a murderer. And number five person who drowns is a murderer. And there are more categories still, but this hadith and Muslim defines for us five types of people who, if they die, in that state, they die as martyrs. And so we hope that ALLAH SubhanA data protects them from the punishment of the grave, and that Allah Subhana Allah accepts them all, as Shahadat that is with regards to how a person dies. What about when a person dies? The Promise of Allah I do send him says and now I want to give you good news that it's way more frequent than later to other than it's way

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more frequent than the 10 days with an edge. In fact it is a yearly it is weekly progress cellulitis and says in Hadith answer

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By telling me that there is no Muslim who passes away on Friday or the eve of Friday, so Thursday night, Thursday night or Friday until Muhammad except that they're protected from the punishment of the grave. And so this is a great consolation. This is a great Hadith for you to know if you're ever consoling someone who lost a family member or a friend. And if they happen to pass away on Thursday night or Friday, you can tell them this hadith of the Prophet SAW Melania, set it up and make dua that they be protected from the punishment of the grave. Our seventh way is to go back to the daily basics, and that is to recite Surah mulk, the province of allied as Adam said in Hadith as reported,

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that's authenticated by ASHA and unbind Elohim. Hola. That Surah Tabarak protects from the punishment of the grave. And another Hadith reported by did me the Al Hamdulillah, the province of Elias and him said, a surah. That is 30 verses, interceded on behalf of its owner until it protected them from the punishments of the grave. And that is parabolic and lead the bat hidden work. So reciting sort of hidden work and even a team comments is on the same book, The soul he says that this surah will intercede on behalf of a person on the Day of Judgment, asking Allah subhanho data to protect them from the hellfire, and it will intercede on behalf of them to protect them from the

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punishment of the grave. So what I always imagine is that sort of add milk is like this lawyer for you on the Day of Judgment, it comes in, it reaches out comes to protect you and to argue on your behalf, and it comes to protect you in the grave. And so Java demanded the law or the law and he says that the province of the lightest and that would not go to sleep is daily habit would be that he would read the bottom of the bat and work and we'd read Aeroflot mint and Z stage that sort of such that he would recite these two shoulders every single night. So developing the habit at least Sultan work every single day before you go to sleep reciting sources of milk it's only 30 versus

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developing the habit that you'd be protected through it and show all that data from the punishments of the grave. So we ask Allah to protect us from the punishment of the grave. And the last one I know you weren't expecting a bonus but we do have a bonus and the last one is to simply make sure that you don't jump out of the salon without making that drop. Don't rush don't jump out of the salon just do the bare minimum before you get out of the salon that you say Allah who met in Yahoo they come in either be not women either Bill cover, oh Allah I seek refuge in You from the punishment of the hellfire and from the punishment of the grave woman fit in it and mercy had the

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job and from the fitna of the Antichrist, where we fit net and Melia will rematch and from the trials of this life and the next verse small dua just 20 seconds after every Salah were in the slot, but at the end of every Salah Sharla data will protect you from the punishment of the grave. We conclude this video saying May Allah subhana data protect you from the punishment of the grave Zachman will have sinned. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

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