Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 06C Al Maidah 6 34

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of avoiding burden and not allowing others to do things is emphasized in Islam. forgiveness and rewarding others is also key. The use of God as a tool for achieving success is emphasized, along with the need for more education to help people achieve success. The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam as a legal system and the use of God as a tool for achieving success. The challenges faced by Islam include the lack of resources and pressure on others to do things, and the importance of regret and promiseing oneself to avoid regret and promise themselves to never do it again.
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Yeah, you're letting me know, all you who have believed when you rise to perform prayer, then wash your faces and your forearms to the elbows and wipe your heads and wash your feet to the ankles. And if you are in a state of Geneva, then purify yourself, take a bath, to wash off all of the impurities. But if you are ill, or in a journey, or one of you comes from the place of relieving himself, or you have contacted women, and do not find water to do will do or to take a bath, then seek clean Earth and wipe over your faces and hence with it meaning deuterium, Allah does not intend to make difficulty for you, but he intends to purify you and complete his favor upon you, that you

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may be grateful. So what do we also diamo What are they their means of purification, what kind of purification physical apparent as well as inner, spiritual of the heart. So this is why we must not find a burden in taking a Muslim or doing widow or doing to mom where necessary. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, none of you who uses water for will do and rinses his mouth, snuffs up water and blows it, but the sins of his face and his mouth and his nostrils fall out. And a person does will do his washing himself as you see the water falling down, think my sins are also falling down. When he washes his face. As Allah has commanded him. The sins of his face fall out

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from the end of his bed with water, a man when he's doing well do when the water is dripping off from his beard. Then as the water is dripping off from the last drop, also what is falling off since then, when he washes his forearms up to the elbows, the sins of his arms Fallout along with water from his fingertips. And when he wipes his head, then the sense of his head fallout from the points of his hair, along with the water, and when he washes his feet up to the ankles, the sense of his feet fall out from his tools along with water. And if he stands to pray, and praises Allah, Exalted glorifies him and chose wholehearted devotion to Allah, then his sins will depart, leaving him as

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innocent as he was on the day his mother gave birth to him, the day his mother gave birth to him. This is the benefit of making Voodoo, and then performing Salah wholeheartedly with love with devotion. So do not find this as a burden. Why? Because Allah wants ease for us. He wants that our sins should be washed off. Think about it. Do we ever take the time five times a day to consciously seek forgiveness for the sins that we are committed? Do we do We ask Allah Oh Allah, forgive the sins that I have committed with my ears, with my head with my hands with my feet, don't we just say a stop for the law or law just forgive me for everything wrong that I've done. So when we make will

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do each step we make what is happening, our sins are falling off, what guru near amatola here alaikum. And remember the favor of Allah upon you which favor of Islam and his covenant with which he bound you when you said we hear and we obey and fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Knowing of that within the chest. So in your heart, don't have resentment for these acts of devotion. Or you will have believed the persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice in fairness, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just be just be fair, that is near to righteousness and fear Allah Indeed, Allah is acquainted with what you do. Allah has promised those

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who believe and do righteous deeds that for them there is forgiveness and greater reward. But those who disbelieve and deny our signs, those are the companions of Hellfire, all you who have believed with guru near mattala here alaikum remember the favor of Allah upon you. This Deen is a favor, Allah help is a blessing when a people determined to extend their hands in aggression against you, but he withheld their hands from you. They wanted to fight you, but Allah kept you from fighting them and fear Allah and upon Allah let the believers rely because Allah protects the believers in some sort of Lucha, em soracom. So we should worry about what we have to do, we should worry about

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following the commands that He has given and Allah will protect us. Because we see over here how believers were protected from transgressing the limits that Allah had set. So Allah says, Remember, I saved you from that?

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A person can only can only refrain from sin, by whose favorite ullas favor. When Nakata heard Allahu mitsouko Bani Israel, he and Allah had already taken a covenant from the children of Israel. And we delegated from among them 12 leaders for what reason for organizational purposes. And Allah said I am with you. You have my help. If you establish prayer and gives a cat and believe

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My messengers and support them and loan Allah a good liloan you see the cat is mentioned and is mentioned, because this means that the cat is different from the car that we give to Allah, what is the cat, the portion of wealth that we have to give away? And then Hassan is what? The money that we gave in the way of Allah for the promotion for the strengthening of his Deen? Because sometimes what happens is that when we think about supporting the cause of Allah, we think I have to give the cat already gave the cat last year. Now next year when I have to give the cat Yes, I'll give some donation from that sucker. No, the cat is mandatory. But in addition to the cat separate from the

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cat, also, we should give where will occur up to Milan her album hasn't been supported in our law, I will surely removed from you your misdeeds. This is the reward This is the benefit of adhering to the commands of Allah of spending in his cause. Your sins will be finished, your sins will be wiped off. And I will admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow, but whoever Have you disbelieves after that has certainly strayed from the soundness of the way. So for their breaking of the covenant, we cursed them. The bunnies throw in the covenant was made with a loan, it was clear, Allah promised them you do this, you will be rewarded with such and such. But what did they do? They

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broke their covenant. So what happened, we cursed them, we removed them far from our mercy, and made their hearts hard, hard. When is it that a heart becomes hard from sins by committing sins, one sin after the other. Because you see, when a person commits a sin initially, what happens it breaks him It bothers him. But then when he moves from that sin to the next, then the next time it doesn't bother him that much. And the time after that, it doesn't bother him that much. Think about it. When you started driving initially, were you careful about the speed limits? Scared very much. Even if there's a lineup after you, you're not going to cross the speed limit. But then what happens that

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one time you enjoy the speeding on the road, and then what happens? Then you enjoy the next time even more and then more and then more, until it becomes a habit that a person doesn't even feel afraid of crossing the limits. Then a person will even see a police officer close by and yet What will he do speed. I've seen this myself, a person speeding with the police car, literally speeding, the police car is next to it, the police is speeding, and he's also speeding, no fear, a lower than what happened with him. But anyway, I mean, this happens that the heart becomes hard.

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And then they distort words from their proper usages. They have no respect for the book of Allah. And they have forgotten a portion of that which they were reminded of, and you will still observe deceit among them except a few of them, but pardon them and overlook their misdeeds. Indeed, Allah loves the doers of good fire for I'm homeless. In the lie, your head will mercy. We think your sign is just doing good to someone. exam is also doing suburb. When someone annoys you, your son is also being patient. Because over here, Allah says they will bother you, they will hurt you, they will make you angry, what should you do? Forgive them, pardon them, overlook them, ignore them, meaning

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Be patient, be patient because you cannot change them. But what you can do is change the state of your heart. Can we control the behavior of another individual? Can we know and what happens when we use force, they get worse. So what's the best solution than have sub control the state of your heart, and when you will do that you are controlling your tongue from saying what is wrong, you are controlling yourself from doing what is wrong, and that is also your sand. In the law, you have been more sinning. So when we are patient, we're not doing a favor to the other person. We are doing a favor to who ourselves forgiving someone is not a favor being dumped to them. When we forgive

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someone, we're actually doing a favor to ourselves, because we're freeing ourselves. And from those who say we are Christians, we took their covenant, but they forgot a portion of which they were reminded. So we caused among them animosity and hatred until the Day of Resurrection.

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And Allah is going to inform them about what they used to do. These were the People of the Scripture. They had the book, but when they forgot the book, what happened? They became disunited. So those people who come together for Allah for his book, then their hearts will remain united. But when they put aside the book of Allah, and instead they put their own personal glory and fame forward that becomes their goal, then this will lead to hate. This will lead to

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division or People of the Scripture, there has come to you, our messenger, making clear to you much of what you use to conceal of the Scripture and overlooking much there has come to you from Allah, a light and a clear book by which Allah guides those who pursue his pleasure. Yeah, Devi luminita Juana huzzah Buddha Santa Sam, where you heard you may know guru Mattila Norby Edney, where they him a la Serato. Mr. Kim, many people read the book, many people believe in the book, but there are only some people who are guided by the book, who are guided by the book, money tabara. Who, those who pursue Allah's pleasure, whose goal is to make Allah happy, whose goal in life is to meet Allah when

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Allah is pleased with them. So for that reason, what do they do? What Allah count them, they do it, what Allah stops them from, they refrain from it. So such people, Allah guides them to the ways of peace, and brings them out from darkness into the light by his permission, and guides them to a straight back

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nakatsuka for alladhina carlu in Allahu almasi herban ammonium, they have certainly disbelieved who said that Allah is Christ, the son of Miriam say that who could prevent Allah at all, if he had intended to destroy your Isa the son of money, or his mother, or everyone on Earth, if along wanted to do that, who could stop him who has the power to stop him? No one can. So no one can do that. That means no one is like a law. No one is similar to Allah. And he has no child, no partner, and to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. And whatever is between them, he creates what He wills, however, he wills and Allah is over all things competent sphere him, we'll call it

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area, one Asana nobuna, Allah He will.

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But the Jews and the Christians say, we are the children of Allah and His Beloved ones. Why would they say that? That we are His chosen people, we are His children. And so he loves us, God is all love, therefore do whatever you want. Do whatever you want no harm. There is no problem. We have the license to sin, just as many Muslims also what do we think? I believe in Allah, I believe in the profits of the Law Center. So I can do whatever I want. I can kill innocence. I can cheat others I can lie. I can take their property without permission. And generally what happens we have these double standards, especially when we're dealing with non Muslims, we can steal from their property,

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we can lie to them, we can insult them, we can backbite them. Why because we believe the or who believes something similar, that we are the best so we can do whatever we want. God is our love. He is All Merciful. He will not punish us at all. And we forget that yes, Allah is merciful, but at the same time he is also Maliki he is a rock man for him and Maliki Ahmed Deen. Say, then why does he punish you for your sins? If you are really the beloved ones of Allah, then how come you are punished for your sins. And remember, I mentioned the Hadees to you that no i quivers or vein quivers, except that it is because of a sin that a person has committed. Meaning even a slight

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movement out of pain, that movement that shake you know that movement that we feel from pain. That is what any pain we feel in our body is a direct result of the sins that we have committed, but Allah pardons much. So ask them, if you are truly the beloved ones, then why does he punish you for your sins. Rather, the fact is that you are human beings from among those that he has created, he forgives whom He wills, and he punishes whom He wills and to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. And to him is the final destination. Or People of the Scripture, there has come to you our messenger to make clear to you the religion after a

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period of suspension of messengers, because restart a Salah, after him for 600 years, there was no prophet. The next prophet that came was who Hamilton Allahu alayhi wa sallam and before he started center, there were so many prophets so much so that there were multiple prophets at a time. He started Santa was there around the same time as you're here and a seller who was also a prophet. He was the son of Zachary artisan, who was also a prophet. So so many prophets and then what happened all of a sudden for 600 years, no profit at all. And what happens in this situation? A person feels more needy, needy for guidance, he's more hopeful, more ready to accept it. Now when the prophets

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Allah Lawson was sent and the who the nesara didn't believe in him. Allah says, Oh people the scripture there has come to you, our messenger to make clear to you the religion after a period of suspension of messengers, lest you would say they came not to us any bringer of

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tidings or a warner but their has come to you a bringer of good tidings and a warner and Allah is over all things competent. Many times we do the same thing. We are desperate for some blessing in life for some ease for some help, we keep praying to Allah, Oh Allah, please give me this and then I will do such and such. If you have me married, if you give me a good spouse, I will do such and such if you give me children, I will do such and such you give me good education, I will do such and such give me money, I will do such and such, you give me health, I will do this and this, but what happens when Allah fulfills all of our wishes, one after the other, he gives us health, wealth,

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children marriage, money, food, house, freedom, car safety, security, what do we do?

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, There is none who likes that the people should repent to him and beg his pardon, then

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there is no one who likes that people should seek forgiveness and apologize from him except for Allah soprano God, have you ever felt that you say to somebody sorry. And they still don't look happy? You want to talk to them? But they're not even willing to have a conversation. You call them you text them? No response. You're trying to appease them, but no response. Why? Because they don't even want to think about forgiving you. Maybe we are those people who are not willing to forgive others who don't like to forgive. What did the prophets a lot of them say there is no one who likes that the people should repent to him and beg his pardon than Allah. And for this reason, he sent

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Warner's and givers of good news. This is why he sent prophets. So if Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam came, what was the reason? It was to give us good news to give us warning. So when the messenger has come, let's accept his message. change our ways. Beg Allah for forgiveness for the wrongs that we have been doing.

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And mentioned, when Musashi Salaam said to his people, all my people remember the favor of Allah upon you when he appointed among you prophets, and made you possessors and gave you that which he had not given anyone among the world's all my people enter the Holy Land which Allah has assigned to you, and do not turn back from fighting and allows cause and thus become losers. They said, Oh, Musa, indeed within them are a people of tyrannical strength. They're too mighty, we can't fight them. And indeed, we will never enter it until they leave it. But if they leave it, then we will enter. Two men from among them said, those two men who fear to disobey upon whom and these two men,

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Allah had bestowed favor upon them. So two men spoke up from among the bunnies, sorry, who were these two men? Yo ha phone, they feared Allah, underarm, Allahu la humor, and Allah had bestowed favor upon them. What favor of Eman. They said to the rest of the people or the Hulu, enter upon them through the gate for when you have entered it, you will be predominant. You take one step, Allah will grant you victory and upon Allah, her ally if you should be believers. The fact is that there is nothing in this life that we can do. Just with our strength and ability. All we can do is take a step and try do our best and Allah will grant success. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam at the

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Battle of better before the two armies started fighting the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took a handful of dust and he threw it in the direction of the majestic army. And that dust got into the eyes of the machine. Imagine the prophets of Allah said a man standing across from them, far from them. He took a handful of dust and he threw it Allah says wormald Amita Amita when our kingdom lahoma you did not hit the target when you through meaning you only through Who was it that made the sand reach the eyes of the people allotted

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to maintain his ramita you only Romita right you only through but who is it that made that Rami reach the target Allah. So this is something we need to remember. What is within our capacity is to make the intention to try to take the first step and keep trying keep working hard. And Allah is the one who will grant success. He is the one who will make us reach completion. reaching the end is not within our control. This is why they say that, just try hard even if you die trying it's better to die while you're trying. Then not try at all. So these two people this had just entered when you enter what will happen Allah will grant you victory. They said almost indeed we will not enter it

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ever as long as they are within it. So you go

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You and your Lord and fight indeed we are remaining right here. We're not moving a finger. masala Salaam said, My Lord. Indeed I do not possess except myself and my brother. I have no control over these people I can only tell them they have disobeyed me. So part us from the defiantly disobedient people look at the frustration of massagin ism he doesn't want to be with the bunny, any longer alasa than indeed this land is forbidden to them for 40 years in which they will wander through the land but they will never make it to their homeland. So do not grieve over the defiantly disobedient people, you pity them, but it is entirely their fault. Now there is a context to this. Remember that

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Allah subhanaw taala rescued the bunnies for you from the oppression of Iran through musala Salah. And when they cross the sea and the Bani Israel solve their own drowning with their own eyes, they crossed the sea, they made it to the other side, they were in the open desert and they were to make their way back to their homeland. Now when they reach that place where they were to enter the city, they found out that in the city, we're already some people have mighty strength willing to fight. And so what happened the Bani Israel were told you have to fight them, you have to fight them. This is a hurdle that has come in your way. So now you have to fight it. Because when a person goes in

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the way of Allah he's tested each time, the sea will not be open for you. There are times when Allah will create so much ease for you that literally you find every traffic light green, right? The city is open for you. But you will not find that all the time. There will be times when you will be tested, where you have to struggle, you have to push really hard. So they were told this is your time when you work hard. What did they do? They said, No, we're not going inside, we're too scared. We're not even going to try. We're not even going to try. So this land became how long upon them for 40 years, 40 years, they were in the desert, homeless, wandering, they were not able to get out. And

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then what happened? Most artists Allah made this Dora and musasa also passed away. While the bunny is right, we're still wandering in the desert. And then you see the two people who encourage the bunnies that get up at least try, once you will go you will win these two people among them, it is set that was also you shot even known who was the student, the servant of masala Salah, when when we saw this and I went to meet him, you shall be known was with him. So he kept company with the Prophet of Allah. This is why we see that he's encouraging the people also. So after the death of masala Salaam, you should even known as the one who led the people into the city, and he fought the

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enemy and defeated the enemy. But we see that the entire generation was replaced in those 40 years, the weak minded ones were replaced with a fresh generation fresh blood. And thus they struggled and Allah granted them victory. So what can we learn from this, that any opportunity to good that Allah sends our way? Yes, it seems difficult. It seems challenging. We wonder, how am I going to do it? I don't have much time on me. I don't have much strength in me, I don't have that much capacity. How can I deal with this? Like, for example, I don't know of any girl who's not afraid of motherhood, before becoming a mother.

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This is something natural, terrified of becoming a mother, especially now. But what happens? Once she has her baby? Then what happens? It's literally within the instance of the mother. She doesn't need to be told, okay, hold the child this way. Yes, there's a little bit of coaching. But what happens to you begins to figure things out and hamdulillah isn't it? So what is our job to keep waiting for the treasures to open up to keep waiting for the sea to split know our job is to go forward? take that step, trust in Allah, and then do our part of throwing that handful of dust and what will happen alone will make it reach the target. Leave that to him. And this is called the

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wakulla Allah, Allah will bless our strengths only if we are sincere. So never give up. Because you see what happened with the bunny is slightly less had no, we're not going. They were deprived for 14 years. And this is something serious, because it's possible that Allah gives us an opportunity to do something good. And we say, No, I can't do this. I'm not going to do this. And what happens later on, we want to do it. But we're not able to do it. We want to do it, but we're not able to

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what do I lay him and recite upon them the story of Adams two sons and tell them the story in truth when they both offered a sacrifice to Allah and it was accepted from one of them. Why? Because his Nia was correct. His intention was sincere. His methodology was also correct, but was not accepted from the other. Why? Because his intention was not correct. The latter said meaning the one who's saying

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Professor was not accepted, he said, I will surely kill you. Why? Because he became angry and jealous from his own brother, and he wanted to kill him, the former meaning the one whose sacrifice was accepted. He said, Indeed Allah only accepts from the righteous. In Nehemiah tackable Allahu Minh and with the pain, Allah accepts good deeds, efforts from who, those who truly fear Allah. And we see that when a person leaves a sin also out of the fear of Allah, then what happens Allah accepts that as a good deed also, why? Because it's the fear of Allah that prevented him from committing a sin. We learned how to use that when a person intends to commit a sin, then the angels

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are told, hold on, don't write anything. If the person commits that sin, then okay one sin is written. But if a person says no, this is wrong, Allah does not approve of this, and he changes his mind he doesn't do it, he leaves that same out of Allah sphere than what is recorded for him.

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A good deed is recorded for him in Nehemiah acaba de la mina Mata Ki and it's the fear of Allah, which must be present when doing a good deed. Like in basato illa, Yoda kita, if you should raise your hand against me to kill me, I shall not raise my hand against you to kill you. Indeed, I fear Allah, Lord of the worlds. So many times we have read earlier in this juice, that left mouth the hatred of a people lead you to transgress against them, just because somebody is doing wrong to you, and you hate them because of that you dislike them because of that, that should not make you transgress against them. This is demonstrated in this verse, that even though his brother is

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threatening to kill him, he says, even though you raise your hand to kill me, I am not going to do the same, I am going to hold myself back. Why? Because Indeed, I fear Allah, Lord of the worlds Indeed, I want you to obtain thereby my sin and your sin. So you will be among the companions of the Fire. He's warning his brother, and that is a recompense of wrongdoers. But what happened, his soul permitted him the murder of his brother, so he killed him and became among the losers. You see, one bad thought led to so many wrong things, because one sin always leads to more sense. This entire problem it started from where a bad intention, the intention was wrong. The good deed was not

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accepted. When it was not accepted, he became jealous that jealousy turned into hatred, which turned into threats of Cthulhu which turned into rejecting advice which turned into Patil also, volume murder, injustice, and this resulted in for us bahaman ha, Siri, this is why they say that What's your thoughts? Because thoughts are so important. They are the foundation, the root, they're like seeds, thoughts are like seeds.

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Because that seed what will happen to it, it will grow. So whatever thoughts we entertain in our minds, that is the direction where our actions are going to go in. This is why in terms of Bukhara we learned that if you keep something in your heart, or if you reveal it, a lot can surely hold you accountable. So we should fear a lot concerning our thoughts also. This is why the matter of intention is so so important. If lost sincerity, then Allah center curl searching in the ground, to show him how to hide the body of his brother. Why? Because this was the first death. He said, or work to me Have I failed to be like this curl and hide the body of my brother, meaning this cross

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better than me, and he became of the regretful but the regret didn't help him. Why? Because again, that regret didn't lead him to Toba. Many times. It happens that if we are doing something wrong in our lives, we feel bad about it. Like for example, we feel bad about the fact that we are sometimes very harsh with our children, or that we mistreat a particular individual, or that we overspeed when we drive, right and we're like a stop at a lot. I do that. May Allah forgive me a stuff. Now this is regret and then hamdulillah we're saying stuff with a lot at least we're seeking forgiveness. But sometimes what happens? We are feeling bad about what we are doing. But we don't change it. We don't

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fix it. We don't repent from it. This man felt bad for us by Hamming and naggy mean. But remember that regret is just the first step of repentance. First step is what regret that a person feels bad about what they've done. The second step is leave it Stop it, don't continue it anymore. The third step is that you bet a loss forgiveness your love, forgive me. The fourth step is that you promise never ever to do it again.

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Never to do it again, you make up your mind, of course, you're a human being, you might fall back. That's possible. We don't know about the future, but at least have the intention to never repeat it. And then finally, toboe also includes that if some harm was done to another because of our sin, we also make up for that it's not enough to just feel bad in our hearts. No, we also have to actively try to leave that sin for us by human anatomy. Because of that, we decreed upon the children of Israel, that whoever killed a soul, unless for a soul or for corruption done in the land, then it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. human life is precious, and whoever saves one, it is as if he

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has saved all of mankind. This is how precious human life is. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs, then, indeed, many of them even after that, throughout the land, were transgressors. Meaning despite knowing they still continued to send, indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive upon earth to cause corruption there in the penalty for who, those who wage war against Allah and the messenger, and this tribe upon earth to cause corruption, meaning, they disrupt the peace in the land, they commit acts of violence.

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The scholars have interpreted this ayah to be the legal punishment for who, for highway robbers, or even for rapists. This is the punishment of *. Why? Because these are all acts of violence. Yes, I wanna fill out the facade and they're spreading violence in the earth, people don't feel safe. And this is what you have a buena la hora Sula, who they're waging war against Allah and His messenger. How? Because when there's violence, Can people feel at ease? Can they go to the masjid and pray? Can they give charity? Can they trust another person? Can they live peacefully in their own homes? No, they cannot? And what is the cause of Allah and the messenger? What is the objective of that

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preservation of human life, preservation of people's properties, preservation of their honor, preservation of their lineage of their blood, and when all of these things are violated through acts of violence, this is in fact fighting against Allah and the messenger. Because Allah and His Messenger, the teaching of Quran and Sunnah, what is their objective, promote peace and security. And when a person does anything that will disrupt that peace, in reality, he's fighting against Allah and His Messenger, no matter how well intentioned he may be. So those people who do this what is their punishment, unless as it is nothing, but that they be killed, they kill others, they should

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be killed, or that they be crucified. They brutally kill others, they should be brutally killed, or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides. Why? Because they're using these hands and feet, to spread violence in the land. They should be the first victims of the violence, they have hurt so many people, they should be hurt first, or that they be exiled from the land. They don't let people live peacefully, they should be exiled. That is for them a disgrace in this world, and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment. Now, this is where we need to reflect on ourselves also, that are we doing something perhaps in our families and our households, that is disrupting the

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peace over there? You know, generally it's the women who set the mood of the house, right. So are we doing something? Are we overly grouchy or really rude and harsh with our children, with our husbands with our relatives, that just because we have entered now everybody's sitting scared, just because we have woken up now everybody's worried we have walked in now everybody's trying to avoid us. They're scared that now she's going to order us around, she's going to find our mistakes. This is something that a lot does not like, except for those who return repenting before you before you apprehend them, meaning before they're caught. They realize their mistake and they repent and know

00:34:09 --> 00:34:22

that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. How forgiving Our Lord is that even if a person has committed sins of this gravity Still, if he's sincere in repentance, Allah will forgive him.

Juz’ 6: An-Nisa’ 148-176 – Al-Ma’idah 1-82
Al-Ma’idah 6-34

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