All promises for Muttaqoon

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filarmonica Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salam right I should have a BA with saline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Sliven cathedral cathedral.

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Sisters we are coming to the month of Ramadan Insha Allah

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we have less than one month left we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us Ramadan al Karim

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will hire well Archaea

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in good health and with the time and ability to maximize the benefits

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as I keep reminding myself and when you

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we do not know whether this will be our last one

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just like whoever died or will die until the first hour that

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did not know at last hour than was their last.

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Right We bridge another just here so many of them did they know it will be the last no they didn't know.

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But the reality is that one hour on something whether it this one next one, whichever

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will be the last

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but we don't know which one it is. So therefore it is very important for us to make the most of it.

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Now why did Allah send Amazon library Allah subhanaw taala told us Yeah, you will have the Rama know who the Varrick who CRMO Kumar cootie Valentina and comedy calm, la la quinta taco,

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or you believe fasting has been prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may become a tahune.

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Now why should it become clear?

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Because all the promises of Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran are for the Motoki

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they're not only for the Muslims.

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When you become a Muslim when I become a Muslim, which take the shahada, we are only standing at the door.

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We have not entered

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the palace of glory of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Promises are for the month of June

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in the law of Isla Dena taco, will let you know more soon. Allah is with those who have Taqwa.

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And we're ahead of that. We're also doing things which are in the realm of ESA.

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So what is the Aqua Aqua is the fear of displeasing the one we love the most.

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As I say all the time, taqwa is not fear of Allah.

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That is not fear of Allah because fear by itself is a negative emotion.

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Fear produces hatred. Nobody loves something they fear. They dislike something they fear people who are afraid of snakes. They don't love snakes. People who are afraid of dogs don't love dogs. People who are afraid of heights don't love heights. People who are afraid of drowning don't have water. Right?

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If you are afraid you hate

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children go to school.

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There is a teacher they don't like

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they fear the teacher. Do they love the teacher? No. They will obey the teacher because otherwise the teacher will punish them. But they don't love the teacher.

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Whatever you you fear you hit but what it allows them to say about the mod the believers about them moving in. Well Lavina Armano Aisha the hobo Lila,

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Allah did not say they fear Allah they say Allah said they love Allah subhanaw taala and that also how much a shad not any ordinary love,

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love more than anyone and anything else. And Allah's Rotella gay mentioned this as a sign of the believer who is the believer who are the one who loves Allah subhanaw taala more than anyone or anything else.

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So if I do not love Allah more than anyone or anything else, if I love something else more than Allah, then I should question my own human. Am I really a believer who Allah say very clearly. Well, Athena Manu, Asha though Belinda

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and then Allah subhanaw taala zyk calling Ghana abou Khumba now convoy one of whom was to come wash era to Congo Mr. Lister of Tamara. What did your Gandak Shona Casa masa, masa masa keynoter Dona? Have balay comin Allahu wa rasuluh Heba Jihad invisibility for Tara Basu, hottie Allah we are very wala hula de hola como el Vasa clean Allah subhanaw taala mentioned eight things all of which are halal, all of which are good, all of which in other places Allah

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about Allah told us to be thankful for to serve and to honor and to write parents and children and spouses and siblings and families and halal income, halal wealth and halal trade and houses you build any martial not nothing is wrong with any of those things. But what is Allah saying? Allah saying if you love them more than you love Allah have biological diversity? What do you have invisibility if loving them is fine 100 No problem. I should love my parents. I mean what do you want me to hit paid my bro I should love my children. I should love my friend I should love it No, no problem. But if you love your parents more than you love Allah.

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If you love your spouse and your children and so on and so on, more than you love Allah subhanaw taala or Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah or struggling in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah's rather than go and wait for the love of Allah Patera bazoo Hatha Yachty Alaba Marina Allah reemphasizes wala will lie they will cover advisory Allah will not guide

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the people who are rebellious first of all,

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to create and to inculcate and to bring this level of Taqwa into us. Allah subhanaw taala sent Ramadan al Karim.

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Allah sent Ramadan for this reason and see the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala need not have sent down and why it's our job. love Allah wherever you like. If you don't love Allah, you are in trouble. No, Allah subhanaw taala sent this month.

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Allah subhanaw taala did not only send this month but he sent his month which some very special for that.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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decimated our competition, right.

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The sharpener change, the doors of Johanna Marcia, the doors of Jana are opened.

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The reward for 1/4 is equal to the reward for seven it's 70 times the reward as in other months. The reward for a novel is equal to the reward for a fork in other months.

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And then,

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in this one Talas viatera gave us the last 10 nights

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and one of those 10 Nights Allah swagger gave us the original color

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and about letters ricotta, Allah said, Hi Roman Alisha,

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better than 1000 months of continuous worship of Allah subhanaw taala

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so it's not just leveling the playing field is playing field is skewed in our favor completely.

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All of this

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so it begins therefore we must thank Allah subhanaw taala and make sure God Allah Samantha

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merman muscle Renu that the way to do that is to give ourselves time to reflect and to think.

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Just think of one simple one simple thing let me ask you the questions quickly answer me right. I don't want to go beyond my 10 minutes. thing. Where are we sitting?

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Where quickly? Must is what's the message by tolerate House of Allah? Who is around you?

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Brothers and angels

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what is the hottest

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Muslims in the baby? The hell do I know? I don't doubt that.

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You know, I know they're there if you wanted to do some do.

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What is the Hadees?

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You heard a million times

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there are angels special angels of Allah subhanaw taala which search for gatherings of the ziggu of Allah this gathering is what

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right we're not talking about Bill basketball's Allah. So Allah Sahaja what is the Allah said now, some said, angels they searched when they find a gathering which is a gathering of Zika Ebola, what happens?

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They call each other they fill the spaces, they pile up one on top of the other all the way up to the first seven.

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And when the gathering is over,

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they go to Allah subhanaw taala and of course Allah subhanaw taala knows. And this era we came from such a place and they were these people, they will mention us by name.

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Right mentioned were name being mentioned well before the age of Allah, to whom? To Allah subhanaw taala diligent.

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And that was one of the lessons I forget one of them

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On this video I don't want to narrate those Do you know that is already

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including somebody was passing by aerosol era the mayor will only pass Allah said for even if he was passing by stop for two minutes. I forgive him for that also.

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The reason I'm saying this is how many of us are aware and we're aware that you are actually sitting in these situations?

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Are you aware of this?

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Every breath of yours is about that right now. As soon as this budget is over, it will finish

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right now you're getting not only are you not accountable, you are getting rewards for this.

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As soon as it's finished, you step out of here we are accountable.

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Which do you prefer?

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Which do you prefer? Which do you want to be longer? Which do you want to be shorter?

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seriously ask you this question. I mean, you have to ask this question for yourself because you don't have you read you don't need to answer me you have to answer Allah subhanaw taala because the reason Allah is the will we ask Allah will say I gave you the opportunity. What did you do?

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Y'all I cut it short. I didn't want it. Give me this robot so long.

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Please understand, this is no this is not games. This is the reality. The reason I'm saying this is how can we love Allah by being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala How can we be thankful when we are aware of what we have

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ready for you're not aware of what we have who is thanks

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you know valuable thing right?

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Well was rather pleased with you and never be displeased May Allah protect you from everything all the evil you know and what you don't know malice rattler open the gates of his Jana for all of you and all of us and we Allah's rather a grant Allah was Ramadan al Karim and enable us to get the maximum benefit from it inshallah masala, Allah Allah Nabil Karim Allah He was named but I'm gonna try