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Juz’ 6: An-Nisa’ 148-176 – Al-Ma’idah 1-82
Al-Ma’idah 35-82


AI: Summary © The Day of Resurrection is a punishment for non believers to steal or steal things, with severe consequences ranging from negative behavior to serious injuries. It is important to teach children not to steal or steal things and not to commit theft again. The importance of confirming one's beliefs and leaving their own plans in the book of Allah is also emphasized. The negative impact of Facebook's criticism on people, including criticizing their names and clothing, and the importance of following the Bible and following the commandments of Allah are also discussed.
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Yeah, you Hello Dina amanu it kokkola Oh you have believed fear Allah and seek the means of nearness to him and strive and his cause that you may succeed. Indeed, those who disbelieve if they should have all that is in the earth, and the like of it with it by which to ransom themselves from the punishment of the Day of Resurrection, it will not be accepted from them, and for them as a painful punishment. in Hades we learned the prophets that a lot of them said, it will be said to the non believer on the Day of Resurrection. If you were to possess gold, filling the whole earth, would you like to secure your freedom by paying that? Would you like to give all of that gold so that you can

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be saved from hell? And you can go to Paradise? He would say yes, thereupon, it would be set to him, something easier than this was demanded from you, but you paid no heat to it. So it's a lie. Meaning your yes is not accepted today. Because something easier was demanded from you in the world, not that you offer a whole earth spill of gold, but that you sacrifice your ego. That was what was demanded from you, because for many people, what is it that prevents them from accepting the truth? What, then I have to accept that I was wrong. And I'm not just talking about non Muslims. Muslims also asked also when we learn about a better way of doing something, we learn about a better way of

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dealing with people a better way of correcting our children. Why is it that we don't do it because then I'm admitting I was doing wrong previously. That's ego that is what we need to give up.

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You read una Yamuna now, they will wish to get out of the fire. But never are they to emerge there from and for them is an enduring punishment was Sarika was set equal to ask for the thief, the male and the female. Allah says amputate their hands, why? As recompense for what they committed and as a determined punishment from Allah. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. Remember that of the objectives of the Sherry are the objectives of Islamic law is to also preserve the property of people, all of the laws that Allah has given in certain made as many laws so that the Nyssa also has many laws, whether it's the law of inheritance, or the law of Casals, any law that we have learned

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over here, eating halal food, only consuming only lawful wealth. All of this is for achieving certain objectives. All of those objectives is preservation of people's wealth, so that people's wealth people's property is safe, which means that anything that will cause loss to it is something that is unlawful, and this is why Riba interest is unlawful. This is why first is also unlawful. So over here, the severe punishment of the thief has been given, that the person who steals another's property then cut his hand. Why? So he cannot even use what he has stolen. He cannot steal again. And others are deterred. Because what happens when one person does something wrong, and he does not

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have to suffer much than others take inspiration from it. They say Oh, he did it. I can also try. And the one who tries it next does it worse than the first one. He goes even further in aggression in wrongdoing. So this is why the punishment of theft is so severe, so severe, that the person was committed theft, he takes a lesson and others who are watching, they also take a lesson that never ever will adapt to the property of another without their consent.

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Many times it happens that when a person has stolen he can conceal it. Why because he just conceal it in his hand, he took it in his head, the wallet, the phone, whatever it is, took it in as an hid it. But on the Day of Judgment, it will be exposed, it will be exposed. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, and the thief at the time of stealing is not a believer. He's not a believer. His Eman leaves him. Why? Because he has forgotten or he doesn't care about the fact that it was watching him that everything is being recorded that he is not allowed to take somebody else's property without permission that he will be questioned on the Day of Judgment how he acquired his money. So when he's

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rejecting all of that through his action, what does it mean? There's no email in the heart. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah curses the thief who steals an egg.

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An egg, what's an egg? something so small, how long can you enjoy it? What will come out of it? Think about it. What is it that we can get out of this egg? Hardly much benefit right? The benefit is very, very small. Allah curses the thief who steals an egg

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For which his hand has to be cut off, or he steals a rope, what's a rule against something so insignificant, but he steals it. You see it as these small, small little little things that people steal. And then what happens? It gets worse over time. Sometimes children also they don't understand the sanctity of other people's property, that it doesn't belong to me. I cannot just take it. You see children, they don't know, this is mine. This is yours. They think I like it. It's for me, because that's how they're treated at home, right? Everything is for them anything they want, they're given it. So when they go to somebody else's house, and they see a toy, which they like they

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want, they don't even think they need permission. But it's our responsibility that we teach children from a young age. Why? Because then this can turn into a very serious bad habit, which is a major sin. But whoever repents after his wrongdoing, and part of Toba, remember is to return the stolen object. So the one who repents and reforms in what way that in the future he never repeats it. He does not commit theft again, then Indeed, Allah will turn to Him in forgiveness. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So check. What we have doesn't even belong to us what our children are bringing home doesn't even belong to them. How have I acquired this? How have I acquired that this

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is something that we need to be careful about. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, for who for the one who stops, stops, what he stops committing theft, for the one who returns returns what, what he has stolen, and he makes up for the loss that he caused the other, but the person who betrays people, hurts people disobeys Allah than the punishment is for him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said the one who repent from sin is like one who did not sin.

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It's like the one who did not say who the one who repents from it. So what do we need to do? Repent? Do you not know that to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He punishes whom He wills and forgives whom He wills, and Allah is over all things competent.

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All messenger let them not review who hastened into disbelief of those who say, we believe with their mouths, but their hearts believe not, and from among the yahood also, they are avid listeners to false hood, listening to another people who have not come to you. They distort words beyond their proper usages, saying, if you are given this, then take it. But if you are not given it, then beware. But he for whom Allah intense fitna, never will you possess power to do for him a thing against Allah. Those are the ones for whom Allah does not intend to purify their hearts, for them in this world is disgrace, and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment. They are avid listeners

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to falsehood, some merona, Lil COVID, a calluna is served devoirs of what is unlawful. These are the people whom Allah does not like who those who listen to falsehood, how they enjoy it. They listen to falsehood, a lot false things, fake lies and truth. They love watching it. They love listening to it, even though they know that it's 100%. On truth, it is far from reality. But they love watching it. They love listening to it, they take interest in listening to it, and they devour what is unlawful and they don't just devour a little bit, there are a lot of it again and again. You see when there is a man in the heart when a person truly loves Allah, then he begins to love the truth

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also. And he does cover of truth, he does not believe in

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in wrong in falsehood. And when he does not believe in it, he cannot even like it, he cannot find any joy, any entertainment, any amusement in watching how long things in listening to wrong things in listening to lies, things that are far from reality, he cannot enjoy them. So if they come to you judge between them or turn away from them, and if you turn away from them, never will they harm you at all. And if you judge judge between them with justice, Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Oh card, the flesh and blood made from how long wealth shall not enter

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the body that has been nourished on how long money, the flesh and blood that has come in our body from what how long wealth for what is unlawful, that body is not entering paradise.

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But how is it that they come to you for judgment while they have the Taurat those who consume unlawful and then they come to you seeking judgment. While they have the Torah in which is the judgment of Allah, then they turn away even after that, but those are not in fact believers because they're only looking for something that will suit their desires.

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If they were seeking the Hulk, they would have found it in the Scripture. Indeed, we sat down to Torah in which was guidance and light, the prophets who submitted to Allah judged by eight for the Jews, as did the rabbis and scholars by that with which they were interested of the Scripture of Allah. And they were witnesses there too. So do not fear the people, but fear me and do not exchange my verses for a small price. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, then it is those who are the disbelievers. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that these people, the people of the past the hood, they did not judge according to a laws law, except the poverty spread

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amongst them. So what will happen to us then when we know the law of Allah yet we do not follow it, then yes, we will complain about poverty. And we ordained for them. They're in a life for a life and eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, and ear for an ear, a tooth for tooth and for wounds is legal retribution. The law is there, but yet they leave it they come to you thinking that perhaps you will give them something else. When you give them the same law, then they turn away from you also, they're not happy, but whoever gives up his right as charity. It's an expiation for him and whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, then it is those who are the wrongdoers. And we sent

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following in their footsteps. He started his Salaam, the son of Miriam, confirming that which came before him into toto and we gave him the gospel in which was guidance and light and confirming that which preceded it of the Torah as guidance and instruction for the righteous. And let the people of the gospel judged by what Allah has revealed there in and whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, then it is those who are the defiantly disobedient and we have revealed to you or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the book in truth, confirming that which proceeded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it, so judge between them by what Allah has revealed, and do not follow

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their inclinations away from what has come to you of the truth. to each of you. We prescribed a law and a method had Allah willed, He would have made you one nation united in religion, but he intended to test you in what he has given you. So raise to all that is good for statistical hierarchy to Allah is your return altogether. And he will then inform you concerning that over which we used to defer and judge our profits on a log where it was seldom between them by what Allah has revealed, and do not follow their inclinations, and beware of them less they tempt you away from some of what Allah has revealed to you. And if they turn away, then know that Allah only intends to afflict them

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with some of their own sins. And indeed, many among the people are defiantly disobedient for hoekman Jay Haley yet a baboon, then is it the judgment of the time of ignorance they desire, but who is better than Allah in judgment for people who are certain in faith? What do we see in these verses that Allah gave the law to who do the hood in the Torah, then he also revealed the Injeel. And now he has also given the Quran. These books are not just to be learned, they are to be implemented. The people of the past the people of the previous scriptures, what did they do? They picked and chose from the book wherever they like whatever they found difficult they left it, and at the time of the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam also, whenever there was a law, in their own books that they did not like, what would they do? They would go to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saying that you judge between us hoping that his decision would be different from what was in their books. What does that show that a person believes in a book, but yet he does not want to abide by it? Is this faith, then? Is this a man then? So what do we learn that if we truly believe in the Quran, then what do we have to do? abide by it? Because a man is not just the sleep, it's not just confirming something to be true. There's another step after that. First is that you confirm something to be true. But then there's

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all you must say that, yes, this is true. And then there's armor, you must act upon it. There's action also, a man is told what it is words and actions. So if we believe in the book, then the book should not just be in our hand, it should be a part of our lives, we must also adhere to it. Because when knowingly we leave the book of Allah and we take a photo of a person, then what are we doing, we are preferring something else over the book of Allah. When the eye is clear, when the hokum is clear, when Allah said how Rama Riba, then who can legalize it, and if somebody gives us 1000 statements, that no it is lawful, lawful lawful, it does not carry any weight. Why? Because the ayah

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is there. So the person who believes in the book, what will he do? abide by the book, this is faith, this is email and saying that oh, I believe in the Quran. I love the Quran and not reading it, not applying it. This is no love. This is no love.

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This is a lie This is a deceit. So the example of the previous people is given, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is told over and over, that do not follow their desires. Because what contradicts the book of Allah, what contradicts the law of Allah, what goes against it is what the desires of the people. You see earlier we learned about the punishment for theft. Now, generally, if you even mentioned it, people don't like it, especially people who want to commit theft. They wouldn't like this at all. Why? Because it goes against their desires. So the Prophet is told do not follow the desires of people. And then we are asked of a hook manager helia to balloon is it the judgment of

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the ignorance that they desire? Meaning the law of Allah is based on what

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knowledge whose knowledge, the knowledge of Allah reality, so the law of Allah, that is guidance? That is true, that is no, that is enlightenment, true enlightenment is where

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in adhering to the law of Allah. And leaving that would be what? pursuing ignorance Jamelia? So what contradicts the law of Allah is Jay Haley. Yeah. So Allah says, What are you leaving? You're leaving the hokum of Allah, for what? For God? Yeah, for ignorance. Think about it, isn't it that if somebody tells us, well, you don't know anything? Do we take offense in that?

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Would we take offense in that? If somebody says, Oh, you don't know anything? And they ask you, what have you studied? Oh, only masters? Only this. That's it. And they're like, excuse me? How dare you say that? Right? Because if we are called ignorant, even if an ignorant person is called ignorant, he does not like it. We take it as an offense. But when we are leaving the hokum of Allah, then what are we adopting ignorance, then we are making a fool of ourselves. Yeah, you alladhina amanu all you have believed, do not take the whodunit nosara as allies. Why? Because the person is on the religion of his friend, if you will befriend them so much, then what will happen, you will dislike the law

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that Allah has given. They are in fact, allies of each other, and whoever is an ally to them among you, then indeed he is one of them. Indeed, Allah guides, not the wrongdoing people. So you see those in whose hearts is disease hastening into association with them saying, we are afraid a misfortune may strike us but perhaps Allah will bring conquest or decision from him and they will become over what they have been concealing within themselves, regretful and those who believe will say, Are these the ones who swore by Allah, their strongest oath that indeed they were with you? their deeds have become worthless, and they have become losers? Yeah, you have Latina amanu minneota

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demon Command D for Sophia Tila, who will come in you have boom when you have buena. Oh, you have believed whoever Have you should revert from his religion. Anyone who leaves the book of Allah leaves Islam, then he cannot harm Allah at all. Why? Because Allah will bring forth in place of them, a people he will love and who will love him who are humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers, this tribe in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of a critic. They do not fear the blame of a critic that is the favor of Allah, He bestows it upon whom He wills and Allah is all encompassing and knowing. You see in this just we have learned about various

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commands. So a person who adopts them who follows them, he's taking a step towards Allah. So what will happen, Allah will love him. Why? Because he has shown his love for Allah. But the person who turns away after knowing what Allah wants him to do, then what is he doing? He's showing that he does not love Allah. Like, for example, if your son says, Mama, I love you. I love you. And then later on, he doesn't listen to you at all shows bad behavior to you. What do you say to him? You love me? Is this love? Or if you don't say that somebody else will say to him that just now you were saying you love your mother? Is this how you treat the one whom you love? If a man says I love my

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wife, or if a wife says I love my husband, but there's no mutual respect, is that love? No. Because remember, love is both sided. We cannot expect somebody to love us while we are constantly turning away from them. While we are constantly disappointing them. So those who turn away from the law of Allah, what does Allah say, Allah will bring someone else in their place because Allah loves those who obey Him. And who is it that obeys Allah, the One who does not fear the blame of a critic, because it cannot happen that you do something for the sake of Allah. And people don't criticize you. They will. They will criticize your fasting. They will criticize your name. They will criticize

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your clothing, everything

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But when you love somebody, then you bear every criticism. You don't stop what you're doing just because people are criticizing you. Why? Because you love them. Have you ever seen a mother going crazy after her child? And people are saying Take it easy. Don't do this. Don't do that. Let me hold the child you take arrest. She says no, no, no. Why? in love, she has her back pain. She has hardly slept. But in her love for her child, she's also destroying herself. People say her manner of mothering her children is not right. But she bears all the criticism. She's not going to leave her children. She loves them. in Napa Valley, eucom Allahu Allah, Sulu, your ally is none but Allah, and

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therefore His Messenger and those who believe those who established prayer and gives a cat and they bow the bow down and worship they do cool or they're obedient to Allah. So who should we befriend? Those who do this those who believe in Allah who prays for Allah Who gives a cat, even angels they befriend the worshipers of Allah. In a hadith we learned that there are some people who are the old dad of the mustard pegs of the mustard maker always their regular attendance. So, when they come regularly, the angels become their Julissa who are Julissa, those who sit in the company of another? So the one who attends the masjid regularly and Sharla think about yourself also inshallah be

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hopeful, because you're coming now for the sixth day Nero. Right, inshallah. And as Ramadan will come, you'll be coming even more frequently. So the one who comes regularly, then the angels become their companions. If they are missing, they look for them.

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If one day they don't show up the angels go look for them. Where is this person? Why didn't he come? If they're sick, they go to visit them. And if they're in some need, they help them.

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The angels befriend the worshippers of Allah and whoever is an ally of Allah and His messenger and those who have believed in the the party of Allah, they will be predominant, they will be successful Allah will grant them success just as He granted success to just 313 Sahaba Oh, you have believed, take not those who have taken your religion in ridicule and amusement among the ones who were given the Scripture before you, nor the disbelievers as allies and fear Allah if you should truly be believers. The person is on the religion of his friend is influenced by his company, so don't befriend such people who make fun of your deen and when you call to prayer, they take it in ridicule

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and amusement, they make fun of the Adhan, that is because there are people who do not use reason, say, oh People of the Scripture, do you resent us except for the fact that we have believed in Allah and what was revealed to us and what was revealed before and because most of you are defiantly disobedient, say, shall I inform you of what is worse than that as penalty from Allah, it is that of those who Allah has cursed and with whom he became angry and made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Babu. Those are worse in position and further astray from the sound way. The fact is that when a person turns his back to servitude to Allah subhanaw taala then he becomes a servant to shape on

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him. Look at him, he said, that hurry boomin a little lady, hula hula who they ran away from the lip from the servitude from the bondage that they were created for. And what is that servitude serve you to Allah subhana wa Tada, who are Bulu be rich, and they were tested with the servitude to desires and shape on. So that is what happens then a person becomes a slave to his desire, a person becomes a slave to shame upon. And when they come to you, they say we believe but they have entered with this belief in their hearts, and they have certainly left with it. And Allah is most knowing of what they were conceding, and you see many of them hastening into sin and aggression and the devouring of

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what is unlawful, how wretched is what they have been doing. They do not respect the limits that Allah has set. Why do their rabbis and religious scholars not forbid them from saying what is sinful and devouring what is unlawful? How wretched is that which they have been practicing? Why is it that they cannot stop them because they themselves are indulged in it, because when a person is doing something wrong himself, then he cannot stop others from that wrong either. And it shows to us that the duty of the knowledgeable ones is what that they act upon that knowledge and they also advise others to do the same. And then you hold say, the hand of Allah is chained. Allah says chained are

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their hands, they are stingy and cursed are they for what they say? Rather, both of his hands are extended. He spends however he wills and that which has been revealed to you from your Lord will surely increase many of them in transgression and disbelief. And we have cast among them animosity and hatred until the Day of Resurrection. Every time they kindle the fire of war against you, Allah extinguished it and this tribe throughout the land causing corruption and Allah does not like the corrupters the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the last third of the night enters a lot the sense to the sky of the world, the gates of the sky

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opened up, Allah spreads out his hand. A lot spreads out his hand saying, is there any seeker? Is there anyone who asks for something so that he may be granted? And this continues until fudger? Allah hands our mobile saltwater there outstretched. He spends as he wants all the time, we just need to ask him. And if only the People of the Scripture had believed and feared Allah, we would have removed from them their misdeeds and admitted them to Gardens of Pleasure, while unknown, a tomato rato while in jail, and if only they had upheld the law of the total, and the gospel, and what has been revealed to them from their Lord, aka lumen phulka, him woman, or Julie him, they

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would have consumed provision from above them and from beneath their feet. Because what happens? Why is it that we hesitate, obeying Allah, keeping ourselves within the limits that Allah has said, What's the hesitation? What's the fear? I'm going to have less I'm going to miss out. Allah says if they had been obedient, they would have more than what they could consume. They would get blessings from every site from above from below. Because it is not possible that a person leaves something for the sake of Allah and Allah does not give them something better in its place. But they didn't prove themselves worthy of it. So we see that men whom ohmmeter Mk de Silva, among them are a people who

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are moderate. And what does he mean by moderate people who are on the right course who are just but what Garfield on main home, sir Amelia Malone, but most of them how evil it is that they do. Yeah, you have Rasulullah Baloo mountains, Illa la Camila, big. All messenger announced that which has been revealed to you from your Lord. And if you do not, then you have not conveyed his message. And Allah will protect you from the people. Indeed, Allah does not guide the disbelieving people. Yes, there is some fear. When you're conveying when you're practicing the commands that Allah has given there is fear. But have faith alone will save you a lot will protect you say all people have the

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Scripture, you are standing on nothing until you uphold the law of the Torah, the gospel and what has been revealed to you from your Lord. And that which has been revealed to you from your Lord will surely increase many of them in transgression and disbelief. So do not grieve over the disbelief in people. So what do we need to do as well? We say we love the Quran, but we also need to follow it. Indeed, those who have believed in the prophet and those before Him who weren't Jews or sabians, or Christians, those among them who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness, no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve? We had already taken the covenant of the

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children of Israel and had sent to them messengers, whenever they're came to the messenger with what their souls did not desire, a party of the messengers they denied, and another party they killed, and they thought there would be no resulting punishment. So they became blind and deaf when they disobeyed a lot of thought nothing will happen. they close their eyes and close their ears and they continued in their transgression. Then Allah turned to them and forgiveness. He did, he gave them another chance. Then again, many of them became blind and deaf and Allah is seeing of what they do. They have certainly disbelieved to say, Allah is the Messiah, the Son of money. And while the

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Messiah has said, Oh children of Israelite evil worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord, indeed he who associates others with Allah has forbidden. Allah has forbidden him paradise and his refuge is the fire and there are not for the wrongdoers any helpers. They have certainly disbelieved to say Allah is a third of the three and there is no god except one God. And if they do not desist from what they are saying, they will surely afflict the disbelievers among them a painful punishment of malaria to buena Illa, La Jolla, stuffy Luna, so will they not repent to Allah? Will they not seek His forgiveness and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. The mercy son of Miriam was not but a messenger,

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other messengers have passed on before him, and his mother was a supporter of truth. They both used to eat food and if they ate food, how could they be God? Look how we make clear to them the signs, then look how they are diluted, many times the commands are clear, evidences are clear. The blindness is where in our hearts May Allah protect us say, Do you worship besides Allah, that which holds for you know power of harm or benefit, while it is Allah who is the hearing and the knowing, say, all People of the Scripture, do not exceed limits in your religion beyond the truth, and do not follow the inclinations of a people who had gone astray before and misled many and have strayed from

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the soundness of the way. Sadly, Oliver has also become very common amongst Muslims. So what is it that Allah tells us that when you have knowledge, then don't follow the ignorant people because when you will follow them, then you will go astray. Cursed were those who disbelieved among the children of Israel, by the tongue of the world and of Jesus, the son of Maria. That was because they disobeyed and habitually transgressed. Imagine the prophets curse their own people how much they must have harassed their profits and disobeyed their profits.

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They use not to prevent one another from wrongdoing. And they did it themselves. How wretched was that which they were doing this all wrong. They didn't stop it. They indulged in it themselves. You see many of them becoming allies of those who disbelieved? How wretched is that which they have put forth for themselves, in that Allah has become angry with them. And in the punishment, they will abide eternally, disobedience to Allah, it can bring temporary enjoyment, temporary benefits, but ultimately the result is evil. It is evil. What Oh, can we mean owner Billa. And if they had believed in Allah and the prophet and then what was revealed to him, they would not have taken them

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as allies, but many of them are defiantly disobedient, you will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity towards the believers to be the hood and those who associate others with Allah. And you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers, those who say we are Christians. Why? That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant. They are not arrogant. So we see arrogance as something that Allah dislikes, even if it is in a believer, what is arrogance, rejecting the truth, belittling the people looking down at them? And this is an evil that leads to greater evils. May Allah protect us from this kibito and all other

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violations of the other limits that Allah subhanaw taala has said, so that we may be kept safe from LIBOR. So it was one backbiting thinking negatively about people bad speech, bad behavior, jealousy, rancor, hatred. Because when you put your hand up, see for una ecomondo for him, the one who is saved from the selfishness of his soul, then he is successful. So it's a skill that we need to pull out. And we ask Allah make this as part of your daily to our that Oh Allah make me a humble servant of yours because it's pride that makes us arrogant with people and pride that makes us disobedient to our Lord. So panic alarm will be handed a shadow La ilaha illa Anta esta Haruka la

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Assalamualaikum alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh